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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. UMUMİ HAYATA MÜESSİR AFETLER DOLAYISİYLE ALINACAK TEDBİRLERLE YA

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Kanun No. 5511


Date of Admission: 31/5/2006      

ARTICLE 1- dated 15/5/1959 and The 7269 said it was the seventh storm of the Law on the Law on the Measures To Be Carried Out With The Measures To Be Brought To Life By The Disaster Disaster, and the other funds to come after the seventh fisher. is added.

" Debt of non-paid instalments is annual for each day that is delayed. You are collected with 5 delay interest. Two years before the end of the term, the owner of the owner who paid off the current debt at the time of the current debt is held at a discount of 20%. "

" I sleep with the help of building the home or the construction of a residential or residential building For reasons, the rights of those who have been killed in the program are due to the death of the property in two years without an excuse for the reasons specified in the article, which is subject to the 29th clause, without an excuse for the reasons. The reason why he had an alibi was because he had no reason to. will be out of the program for eligible holders, guests or people who are not able to continue the construction after the date of the week after they have started the company or the service of the other, which is not continuing after the date of the other. It's over.

A loan from the eligible rights reserved by the the rights holders, who have completed the execution and the remaining part of the initiative, in accordance with the project in accordance with the science and the arts and arts, and the rights holders who have completed it in accordance with the rules of the arts and arts;

a) up to 20% outstanding loans are no more than defaultless by

b) The first two years of the loans used to be more than 20%. non-payment, non-interest for residences, seven years for residences, seven years and 4% interest in annual installments, without any payment of any kind,

is collected. For days that are not paid in the case, a 5% delay fee is collected for days.

has not caused any reason to leave the block, but two years. the rights holders, who do not continue the execution, and the current loan;

5a) up to 35% defaulty and year-on-year for example,

b) The credits of using more than 35% of the 35% slice are in the following years and in installments of year-on-year, 5% interest,

is collected. For the amount of installments that are not paid in the maturity date, date 4/12/1984 for the days from the date of the tebligat to the date of the allocation, and the default interest rates of 3095 are Law of Interest and Emerald Interest in the Blood of the United States. "

MADDE 2- The additional item in the Law of 7269 is added.

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 12-The Department of Mass Housing has been reported from the Ministry of Public and Human to this Law or disaster. The provisions of the relevant law may be made available to families who are entitled to their right to the right to receive housing or to buy housing or housing.

In addition to the relevant terms, the relevant tertifes of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Housing from the transfer of the source. "

MADDE 3- To apply 2 nci items of this Law, 1/1/2003 The number of other items in the release date will be in effect on the release date.

MADDE 4- The provisions of this Law The Council of Ministers executes.