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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun # 4518


Accepted Date: 1.2.2000

MADDE 1. - signed in Paris on December 17, 1997, the "Dream Prevention Commitment to Foreigners Public Servant in International Business" is appropriate to be approved.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. -  The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.






The Involved Parties,

The dream of international trade, including the areas of commerce and yacht, is serious and political. caused by anxiety, affecting public administration and economic development and

Taking into account that the responsibility of the fight against international business is expected from all countries,

Internationalized the international competition, taking into account that it is a phenomenon that has been a common phenomenon. The detergents of the dream, given to foreign public officials, have taken effective measures to prevent and combat the struggle, and especially the basic law that can be applied in every country with the principles of a dream, common elements and authority. to claim that they can be punished in accordance with their principles. Ýktisadî

Bilhassa, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, World Bank, World Bank, World Bank, World Bank, World Bank, and the United Nations (OECD), 23 May 1997, and December 23, 1997, and the Development of the Development (OECD). The Organization of the United States, the Council of Europe and the European Union, welcomed the alliance and its recent entry into the fight against public officials, as well as those executed by the European Union, and The founders of organizations, organizations, and radical organizations, and other governments Bu

As grateful to the role of governments, individuals and organizations in the fight against the aforementioned demands on international business,

This is the case for the government's efforts to fight the international community. The precautions that are required to takeönlemler

The measures are necessary to ensure that all kinds of people in the field require not only countries, but also a multi-party level of action, control, and monitoring. It will affect the language of the denkair between the two and the other.

understands the country's topic and its purpose without leading the effort, but in the sense that it has }

Article 1-Foreigner "> Article 1-Foreigner is public. blame for their agents

1. Each of the countries involved a foreign public servant to avoid acting or acting in an effort to obtain an act or a right to conduct international trade, and to avoid acting or acting in the guise of official duties with the preservation of the country. For the person who has offered, promised or given the money or other benefits that are not qualified through the network or through the vehicles, the public servant or third party will take necessary measures to ensure that criminal charges are included in the scope of criminal law.

2. Each of them takes the necessary measures to make a criminal offence to a foreign public servant, including a regular, judicial, or authorization process, to make the case for the common law. It would be a crime to give a foreign public servant a criminal act, as well as a criminal act, as a crime, and to the extent that a national public servant of the crime was committed to the national public servant.

3. The crimes specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of the above will then be referred to as "Dreaming of a foreign public servant".

4. In accordance with the objectives of this Glossary,

a. "A foreign public servant" is a foreign country, elected or appointed, to make a public mandate for a foreign country, including a public institution or its organization, which holds a legislative, administrative or official mandate, including a public institution or its establishment. specify the officer or agent of a public installation;

b. The phrase "wildland" covers all levels and subsections of the Government, from the national level to the local level;

c. Specifies whether or not the public servant's official position is used to act or ignore the official position of the public servant.

Article 2-the purpose of the public servant's official position. Liability for legal entities

Each, in accordance with the principles of its own law, measures the liability of legal entities in the event of a commitment to a foreign public servant.

Article 3-Leaves

1. A foreign public servant would be fined, effective, proportionate, and punished with criminal sanctions. The punitiveness of the criminal sanctions will be in the case of the effective sanctions, with the effective sanctions and the extradition of the city, in the event that the Peacekeeping Party has been given a dream of its own public official. It will include penalties.

2. If criminal liability can be applied to legal entities in the legal system, he said that if foreign public servants were given a dream, legal entities would be effective, proportionate, and deterred, including fines. They will be exposed to the sanctions.

3. Each of us is required to either dream of the dream of a foreign public servant, or to ensure that they are subject to the benefit or the benefit of the acquisition or the same effect that the acquisition of the goods, whether or not, with the profits arising from it, or its earnings. to receive the measures.

4. Each of us will observe the implementation of additional civil and administrative actions for each party, subject to a complete disservice of a foreign public servant.

Article 4-Authority

1. In order to ensure that a complete or part of the crime of granting a foreign public servant to a public servant in its own country, each Party will take the necessary measures to authorize the judiciary.

2. Each of the people who are authorized to fire their citizens for the crimes they committed in the dormitory will take the necessary measures to call for the same authority on a foreign public servant, according to the same principles.

3. If more than one of the following are the presence of the benefit of more than one, interested parties in this Glossary, interested parties will be in the direction of determining the best authority for the prosecution to determine the right of jurisdiction.

4. In the fight against the granting of a dream to foreign public officials, each Party will review whether the current status of the judiciary is effective, effective immediately compensating.

Article 5-Application koyma

If a wild public servant is given a dream, the questions and prosecutions are made according to the applicable fate and principles of each of the Agents of the World. The excitations will not be affected by the national economic exit interviews, the potential implications for an individual State, or the identity of the real or legal entities.

Article 6-Timealýgn="JUSTIFY">

Strangor the time that can be applied to a civil servant to be applied to a charge of a public servant will respond to sufficient time to be charged and fired.

Article 7-Money laundering

It is responsible for the implementation of the money laundering legislation. In a crime that makes it a crime, it will apply the same to the place where it is real, and apply it to the foreign public servant with the same.

Article 8-Accounting rules

1. For the effective fight against foreign public officials, each of us uses false documents, subject to its own laws and regulations, to give a dream or to conceal the dream, to give foreign public officials a dream or to hide the dream. Ledgers and records, financial and records, to create an account, to avoid any existing expenses, to avoid any non-existent debt entering, to avoid any unlisted expenses, including the financial and registration process. to maintain the accounting and audit standards of your own will take the necessary measures within the framework of the laws and regulations.

2. In the notebooks, documents, accounts, and financial balance sheets, each of us is effective, proportionate, disproportionate, disproportionate, disproportionate, disproportionate, disproportionate and deterred.

Article 9-Nameyardýmlaþma

1. To the extent that its current laws and international documents are unfavourable, each of the other states, including non-criminal cases filed by the entity, are subject to criminal charges and criminal cases. It will provide an effective and effective judicial assistance. The requested Party shall be based on the claim, aware of any data and additional documentation required by the requested party, and upon request, without delay, upon request, without delay.

2. If one of the countries sees the crime as a punishable crime in both countries, if the crime is the subject of this commitment, punishment will continue to exist in both countries.

3. The request for a help in this glossary is not rejected by the request by the parties.

Article 10-IAde

1. A request for a foreign public servant to be granted, the law and the extradition of the Parties shall be referred to as a crime.

2. One of the parties involved in the presence of an extradition statement, if a request from a non-restitution party, received a request from a foreign public servant to plead guilty to a request for a restitution of the promise of a foreign public servant. as a legal basis for the legal basis.

3. Each of them takes the necessary measures to prosecute or extradite their citizens on the charge of giving a dream to a foreign public official. For the charge of granting a public servant to a foreign public servant, the party must contact the authorities in order to make the case dismissed because of the sole cause of the extradition request.

4. The extradition of a foreign public servant is subject to the charges, which are determined by the applicable commitment and reconciliation of the national law and to each of the Azois. If one of the parties is to be punished in both countries, the crime is a crime, and the crime is one of the first. For crimes written in the item, this is the result of a replacement.

Article 11-Responsible authorities

4. 3. Your direction in paragraph 9, paragraph 9. It was the first amendment and the 10th place. In accordance with the objectives of the return stipulate in the material, each of the Necessary Parties, the OECD Secretary General, is a responsible authority or authorities responsible for the submission and acceptance of the requests for the Party to those matters, as separate from the existing regulations. bildirir

Article 12-Control and follow

The parties to establish a regular follow-up program to check for full implementation and development of this Glossary will perform. Other than a decision, other than the decision of the party, it would be either in the organisation of the OECD 's Dream Occupation Group at the OECD' s International Trade in International Business, or the agency's duties, or the agency's duties. It is fulfilled by an institution that may be able to take over. The parties charge the program at the expense of the applicable rules of this institution.

Article 13-Israel and the multiplicity

1. This statement will open up to the signatures of non-member countries, who are fully invited to the activities of the OECD Member States and Trade-Up Group on International Trade, until they are fully invited.

2. After the effective entry, this statement will be open for contribution to non-American OECD members and to those who are fully involved in the DREAM Group or its location in the International Trade Agreement. For non-users, the Glossary will enter the following subversion of the contribution document.

Article 14-The tevdii.

1 of the approval and approval documentation. This Glossary is subject to acceptance, ineligible, or disapprovability of any of the United States.

2. Acceptance, recognition, approval, and contribution documents are available to the OECD Secretary General, which is the Depositi of this Glossary.

Article 15-Do not dropYürürlüðe

1. From the ten countries with the largest export share envisioned in this statement, the country representing at least one percent of the total exports of the ten countries is the sixth day following the date of acceptance, appropriate find or approval documentation. It will be effective. After the effective entry in this way, the Glossary will enter the following day of the platform following the tevdii for each omnication of its document.

2. Promise, no. 1. If entered in accordance with paragraph 31 in accordance with paragraph 31, 1998, each of the signatures of the acceptance or approval document is available to the current country, and the current number 2 is available. They can notify the Depositor in accordance with paragraph lu. A statement will enter the following subversion of such a statement following at least two of the United States.

Article 16-Desection

Each Party may offer this Word to be made. The proposed deportivity will be presented to the Depositere, which will forward it to at least sixty days in advance for an invitation to a meeting of the Parties. Either party or a method of determining by a means to be determined by a method of acceptance of each party's approval, acceptance, or identification documents by either party or other party after the party's acceptance of either party or the party. .

Article 17-Attraction

A Withdrawal may be withdrawn from this Word by providing the written notice to the Depositere. This withdrawal will be a year after the notice will be received. It will continue after the withdrawal of the withdrawal and withdrawal requests submitted prior to the expiration date of the withdrawal.

Onseven Arluk binnisnins\ncvsseven In Paris, French and English are available in English.

Germany Federal Republic name

name of the Argentine Republic





Australia name

name of the Austrian Republic





name of BelgiumKrallýðý

name of the Federative Republic of Brazil





name of the Republic of Bulgaria

Canada name





Name of the name

name of the Republic of Korea





name of the Danish Kingdom

name SpanishKrallýðý





name of the United States

name of the Republic of Finland





name of the Republic of France

name of Helen Republic





name of the Hungarian Republic

Israel name





name of Republic of Israel

name of the Republic of Italy





Japanese name

Luxembourg name





name of the United Mexican States

Norwegian Kingdom name





New Zealandadýna

Dutch Kingdom name





name of the Republic of Poland

Portuguese Republic name





Great Britain and Northern Israel


name of the Union Kingdom

name of Slovak Republic





name of the Swedish KingsName

name of Swiss Confederation





name of Czech Republic

The name of Turkey




is the proper example of the highest number of the OECD Secretary-Secretariat.

Paris, 22 December 1997

Legal DirectorBaþkaný













Million US





meeting of the OECD

greatest 10’un


287 118




254 746




212 665




138 471



The Union Kingdom

121 258




112 449




91 215



Korea (1)

81 364




81 264




78 598



The largest export share


top 10 totalssahip

1 459 148







Million US




meeting of the OECD



42 469




40 395




36 710



Mexico (1)

34 233




27 194



Denmark *

24 145



Austria *

22 432




21 666




19 217




17 296



Poland (1) * *

12 652




10 801



Turkey *

8 027




6 795



New Zealand

6 663



Czech Republic * **

6 263



Greece *

4 606







OECD Collection

1 801 661



Notes: * 1990-1995, ** 1991-1996, *** 1993-1996

Source: OECD, (1) IMF

Belgium-Luxembourg The trade statistics of Belgium and Luxembourg are one thing. The confirmation document of one of the ten countries with the largest export share, provided that Belgium or one of the Luxembourg and both agree, find appropriate or consent documents, in the 1st paragraph of the 1st paragraph 15 of the article 15. They are considered to be a total of two countries }

, which is considered to be a total of the ten per cent of the ten countries in which the total exports of the ten countries are required for the word to take effect.