Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms Of The Convention On The Protection

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. İNSAN HAKLARI VE ANA HÜRRİYETLERİNİ KORUMAYA DAİR SÖZLEŞMENİN OL

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Kanun No. 5512


Acceptable Date: 1/6/2006      


MADDE 1- signed on 13/5/2004 within the European Council and The approval of "Protocol 14 Protocol" is appropriate for the approval of the "Control Mechanises" which was signed on 6/10/2004 in the name of our country, "Protocol 14 Protocol".

ARTICLE 2- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.










European Glossary #194






ÝnsanThe Human Rights and Freedoms, which was signed in Rome in 1950, To be protected ("Glossary") The Member States of the Council of Europe, who signed the Attachment,

The European Ministers of the United States of Britain, who were gathered in Rome onKasým3 and 4 November 2000 By taking into account the 1-number Decision and the Notice accepted at the Conference;

The Committee of Ministers of

on November 8, 2001, November 7, 2002, and 15 May 2003 by taking into account the Billings accepted in the 109, 111 and 112 sessions;

kabulon 28 April 2004 by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe by 251 (2004), taking into account the number of times;

European Court of Human Rights and European Council Committee of Ministers ' workload long-term control of the control system and the need for immediate effect of the specific provisions of the Pseudo to be developed;

In particular, the Court's superior role in the protection of human rights in Europe the need to maintain the ability to keep it continuing,

meanings in the following:

Article 1

The 2nd item of the Glossary of the Glossary is removed.

Article 2

The 23rd clause of the Glossary is as follows:

" Article 23-Task durations and removal

1-The benefits are selected for nine years. It is not possible for them to be selected again.

2-The task durations for the following tasks expire at 70.

3-The judges resume their tasks until they are selected. Once they're in position, they continue to look at cases that have been airlifted to them.

4-No judge has met the required conditions by other judges. It cannot be removed unless it is decided with two-thirds of the total. "

Article 3

The Glossary of the Glossary is removed.

Article 4

Section 25 of the Glossary, Article 24, and the text in the way of the text System:

" Article 24-Print Business Unit and Rapporators

1-In the Court, a set of the tasks and a set of Summer People who are set up in a court order It has a manager.

2-Under the jurisdiction of the Court, which is set up in a single-judge order It is helped by the task of the task. The Vectors form a part of the Court's Print of the People. "

Article 5

Article 26 of the Glossary, Article 25 (To be collected in the General Assembly of the Court) The example of the text and text is:

1-(d) the comma at the end of the end, which is the semicolon, and is "and" It will remove the word.

2-(e) the dot at the end of the end is comma-separated.

3-Add a new (f) to the same as the one in the following:

" f 26. 2. Request the receipt of the quote. "

Article 6

Article 27 of the Glossary, Article 26, and the text in the way of the System:

" Article 26-Single yarn layout, committees, Circles and Large Circle

1-Court, single-judge order to examine cases in front of him, three-judge The committees, the seven-second Circle, and the seventeen judges are gathered in the Grand Circle. The Court's Circles will be committees for a period of time.

2-Upon request of the General Assembly of the Court, The Committee of Ministers is able to begin with a unanimous decision, and for a certain period of time, the number of judges in the circles may be able to begin.

3-When a single-judge order is set up, the High-benefit State is selected to be selected. It cannot examine the associated press.

4-selected High-market, Circle, Circle, and Large-subject The agency includes re-yourself in the absence of this utility or in cases where it is not possible to contribute to the current state's pre-present list with a key judge selected in the Court.

5-In the Grand Circle, the Court of Justice, the Chief Justice, the Department of the Department, and According to the Court's Racism, there are some other judges to choose from. Circle judges who have made this decision cannot take part in the Grand Circle, except for the first half of the Department and the associated High-in-Party, when a suspect is shipped to the Grand Circle at the time of the 43rd. "

Article 7

New 26. 27, as a new substance, after the item was made. item is added:

" Article 27-Single judge authorizations

1-In the case of a reexamination, the only judge is the one-judge, In accordance with Article 34, the Court may find or may not be able to agree to an application that is forwarded to the Court.

2-The decision is final for a single judge.

3-Does not agree or agree to a one-judge lead If it does not rule from the recording, it transmits it to a committee or an apartment to review the shooting. "

Article 8

Section 28 of the Glossary item is as follows:

" Article 28-Committees authorizations

1-With a committee vote on a product that is appropriate to Article 34,

a. may be able to find or be unregistered in the case that the decision may be taken without reexamining: or

b. The problem with the basis of the case is whether the implementation of the Promise or its Protocols is related, or if it is already settled by the Court, the case may be acceptable and the case is based at the same time the case has been decided.

2-1. The decision and the provisions of the fund are final.

3-The committee is elected as a member of the High-Party Policy Party, and the committee, by taking into consideration all relevant aspects of the implementation of the duly mentioned section in the 1.b issue, may invite that judge to replace one of the members of the committee. "

Article 9

Section 29 of the Glossary is as follows:

1-1. The statement said: " If the article 27 or 28th is not decided or the 28th is not convicted, an Apartment 34th article will be considered and essential to the acceptance of individual cases of the warning. Returns. It may also be considered a decision month to be acceptable. "

2-2. A new sentence has been added to the end of the storm: "The court is given the decision to decide on exceptional circumstances, except for the decisions that otherwise have been made."

3-3. It will be removed.

Article 10

The Glossary of the Glossary is known as:31.maddesi

1-(a) the word "and" at the end of the end of the name is removed.

2-(b) has been me (c) and is added to the new (b) end in the following state:

" b 46. 4. Decisions submitted to the Tribunal by the Committee of Ministers in accordance with the statement of the Minister; and "

Article 11

of theSözleþmeGlossary. Item (s), as follows:

1-a comma is added to the end of a self, and 46 is added after 34.

Article 12

The Glossary is 35. 3. As well as the one in the storm:

" 3 Court 34. will find it unacceptable in the public place where the individual message is transmitted in accordance with the material:

a. whether or not it is due to the provisions of the relevant Protocol or the relevant Protocol provisions of the individual or the individual, or;

b. The need to examine the basis of respect for the human rights stated in the Verbal and Protocols should be investigated, except that the case has not been inspected sufficiently by the internal law court. It doesn't have to be important. "

Article 13

of theSözleþmeGlossary. It's the new third in the matter. plug-in:

" 3 All cases seen in a Circle or Large Circle, Council of Europe The Commissioner of Rights may be able to see the author and endure the hearing. "

Article 14


Glossary of the Glossary is 38. Item (s) in the following:

" Review of Article 38-Davann

The court examines the case with the representatives of the parties and, if necessary, related It makes it a question that the High Convenience Parties will be able to provide all the necessary easy to execute. "

Article 15

The 39th Word of the Glossary Item (s) in the following:

" Solutions 39-Dostane solutions

1-In any case of the attack, the Court is in the office of the President's Dictionary and Protocol. It can serve the parties concerned to result in a friendly solution, with respect to the human rights that have been identified.

2-1. The operations that are executed according to the provisions of the fikra are confidential.

3-If the Dostane solution is resolved, the Court will deal with events and the current solution A decision that includes a description of a decision is made from the record.

4-This decision will control the execution of the friendly solutions identified in the decision It is forwarded to the Committee of Ministers.

Article 16

of theSözleþmeGlossary. Item (s), as follows:

" Article 46-Decisions and implementation of verdics

1-High-life Parties to the final decisions of the Tribunal in each case They'll be charged.

2-Court's final decision, the Committee of Ministers to oversee the decision It will be forwarded to the system.

3-Decision of the Committee of Ministers to review the decision of the final decision In his view that he has been blocked by an issue, he can submit the issue to the Court for a provision on the issue of comment. Delegates who are authorized to submit to the Committee should be given two-thirds of the vote.

4-The Committee of Ministers is certain to be given in the case by which a High-level Contact is party At the time of his refusal to comply with the decision, after a formal notice of the relevant party and the two-thirds of the representatives of the competent representatives to bear the Committee, the relevant part is 1. It can help the Court to address the issue of whether it has fulfilled its obligation to prevent it from the air.

5-Court 1. If it detects that the company has been compromised, it will send the case to the Committee of Ministers to address the measures to be taken. Court 1. If the fund detects that it has not been breached, the case will submit it to the Committee of Ministers, which will finish the investigation.

Article 17

The 59th of the Glossary. Item (s), as follows:

1-A new 2, as well as the other. plug-in:

2-"The European Union can be folded into this Glossary."

2-2, 3, and 4. 3, 4 and 5, with the friars. They are the fans.

Final and temporary provisions

Article 18

1-This is the protocol of the member states of the Council of Europe, which signed the Glossary He'll sign it. These states may refer to the Glossary in the following years of approval:

a. a signed signature, regardless of approval, acceptance, or appropriate find code; or

b. approval, acceptance, or proper find execution, and subsequent approval, acceptance, and appropriate find execution.

2-Approval, acceptance or appropriate find documents to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe It is tevdy.

Article 19

This Protocol, 18. Under the provisions of the clause, the first day of the month following the release of the three-month period following the date of which all of the Glossary's Parties are notified by the Protocol will take effect on the first day of the month.

Article 20

The provisions of this Protocol as of the date of the date of entry, European Rights All of the people who are being seen in his court apply to all of the decisions that are audited by the Committee of Ministers.

The 12th of this Protocol. The 35th issue of the Word of the Word. 3. The new acceptable code that is added to the b does not apply to any of the applications that are considered acceptable before the protocol is entered to be effective. For two years, the new adoption code can only be applied by the Office of the Tribunal and the Grand Office of this Protocol.

Article 21

During the first period of its tasks on the date that this Protocol is effective The task durations of the judges will be extended to a total of nine years of completion. The other judges complete the task durations that were extended for two years from the other.

Article 22

Secretary-General of the Council of Europe:

a. every signature,

b. the tevdiini of each approval, acceptance, or appropriate find document,

c. this is protocol, 19. the effective entry date, and

d. Any business, notification, and writing of this Protocol,

bildiririnforms the Member States of the Council of Europe.

has approved the above provisions, signed up and duly authorized. The delegates will sign this Protocol.

On the 13th day of theMayýsýnýn2004 Mayday, in Strasbourg, British and French are arranged in a single copy, to be preserved in the European Council and to be equally valid in both text. The Secretary-General of the Council of Europe shall send the drafts to each of the members of the Council of Europe.