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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE YATIRIM DESTEK VE TANITIM AJANSI KURULMASI HAKKINDA KA

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Law No. 5523:9/6/2006 the aim and organization Article 1-(1) the purpose of this Act; the country's economic development and boosting investments in Turkey for the needed investments to encourage the investment support and promotion strategies and established for the purpose of enforcement of Turkey investment support and promotion agency, duties, powers and teşkilâtını.
(2) ensure the implementation of this law and to fulfill the tasks given to him by law to public legal personality, administrative and financial autonomy and cover Premiership do related Turkey investment support and promotion agency.
(3) the Prime Minister's powers related to the Agency's management considers it necessary, you can use the hand of a Minister.
(4) the Agency, referred to in this provision are subject to the provisions of private law in cases which are not included.
(5) the Agency is headquartered in Ankara.
Definitions article 2-(1) this law passed;
a) Agency: Turkey investment support and promotion Agents, b) President: Turkey investment support and promotion agency President, c) Board: Advisory Board, d) Investment: foreign direct investment and domestic capital investments.
The Agency's tasks article 3-(1) the Agency's tasks include the following: a) at the national level, investment support and promotion strategy, development agencies and other related organizations to determine and implement in cooperation.
b) public institutions and organizations, development agencies and private sector organisations, carried out at the international level to coordinate the activities of the investment support and promotion and support.
c) informational and design and routing services for Investors; before investing, investors, investment during and after their investment they need information and referral service to provide in cooperation with development agencies.
c completion of the approval process and allow for trade now) support with relevant institutions and organizations to ensure that development agencies in this process to keep track of.
d) by the Council of Ministers domestic capital investments with foreign direct investment, including investment type, different or identical to, instead, will provide the investment capital or employment opportunities will be determined according to criteria such as permission and approval processes of investment-related institutions and organizations with development agencies on behalf of the investors to conclude and execute.
e) Investors may face obstacles and problems to solve problems by identifying the relevant authorities are to make an attempt at.
f) Turkey will contribute to an increase of investment in all kinds of information and data from related institutions and organizations create or collect, update, and deploy, national and international organizations to cooperate in this regard.
g) investment support and promotion activities of the event in order to give the relevant authorities as to the creation of the necessary policies are to make an attempt at.
ğ) to contribute to the reform process for improving the investment environment, develop suggestions in this regard.
h.) in topics in the national and international congresses, seminars and similar meetings to contribute to the technical and financial support, to organize and join them.
I) the Agency's task in the field of Turkish and foreign language subjects publishes and printed and electronic form in such publications.
n.) other Laws do tasks.
Special organization Article 4-(1) the Agency's organisation; The Advisory Committee notes that the consultation with the main service units and auxiliary service units.
Assembly and tasks article 5-(1) the Advisory Committee; The Prime Minister is determined by the Ministers and representatives of the private sector. The President is a member of the Board's natural.
(2) the Board shall preside over the Prime Minister.
(3) the Board requires quality and features of the topics I'd see you in the case of other public institutions and with representatives of non-governmental organizations can be called the meeting at the invitation of the Prime Minister's representatives.
(4) the Board at least annually once the Prime Minister to call upon. The Board's secretariat services of the Agency.
(5) the Board's tasks include the following: a) develop recommendations on investment support and promotion strategy.
to improve the effectiveness of the activities of the Agency to conduct b) advice.
evaluate the Agency's annual operating plan c).
ç) is located in the Agency's annual activity plan issues to corporations and organizations can make contributions to the application.
President article 6-(1) General of the Agency the Agency's top administrator, President, is responsible for the management and representation.
(2) the President, giving a minimum of four-year higher education institutions or adopted by the Board of higher education the higher education institution graduates abroad, public personnel a minimum Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (80) score or equivalent accepted internationally in terms of the document and has sufficient knowledge and experience professional, public or private sector in relation to the profession for at least five years will be assigned by the Prime Minister from among those who worked.
(3) the President, in accordance with the Agency's services, the Government's overall economic policy, in accordance with the advice of the Advisory Committee and the Agency's activities in the field of topics with other public agencies and institutions in charge of ensuring cooperation and coordination and is responsible to the Prime Minister.
(4) the duties and powers of the President are as follows: a) to fulfill the Agency's functions required for the investment support and promotion strategy, to present the annual plan and budget to the Prime Minister and ensure the implementation.
b) Advisory Board meeting at least 15 days before the annual report of activities and preparing the subsequent year activity plan to present to the members of the evaluation Advisory Committee.
c) Agency personnel hiring and other operations to provide the Prime Minister's approval.
ç) of the Agency's task topics with other public institutions to ensure the necessary cooperation and coordination.
d) suppliers of the Agency's task editor operations put into effect.
e) Service units-compatible, efficient, disciplined and to work on a regular basis.
f) Agency official and private organizations representing in.
(5) Agency teşkilâtının at all levels managers, they are obliged to service or tasks, the President's orders and directives in accordance with the direction, plan and organize and conduct in accordance with the program really is a top level is liable.
(6) the Chairman and Agency managers at all levels, provided that you explicitly specify in writing the limits of authority may transfer a portion of their subordinates. Does not remove the responsibility of supervisor disabled authority devolution.
Main service units article 7-(1) the Agency's main service units include: a) investment promotion Services Department.
b) Investor Services Department.
(2) investment promotion Services Department, the country's investment climate and investment opportunities to inform investors about and to route in the country and abroad to program any activity, execute and similar works issued by the President is tasked.
(3) Department of Investor Services before investing, investors, investment will need during and after their investment in a variety of support services, design and execute and similar works issued by the President is tasked.
Advisory and auxiliary service units article 8-(1) the Agency's Advisory Unit, Counsel; subsidiary services in several human resources and support services while the unit Circle.
(2) Counsel;
a) President, agencies and other public institutions and organizations by laws, rules and regulations submitted drafts with other legal issues by providing feedback about, b) the Agency's interests in preventive legal measures of protective, disputes take time, and in accordance with these principles of contracts helps to, c) prepare the information required in judicial and administrative proceedings, is a party to judicial and administrative cases to represent the agency or Agency by which represents the cases through the purchase of service monitoring and to coordinate , d) will be given by the President, making other tasks.
(3) Department of human resources and support services;
a work on the Agency's human resources policy and planning), to offer and personal point of view, the operations staff, b) to establish the Agency's information technology infrastructure, operating and developing, c) making all kinds of needs of the Agency, the purchase, hire, maintenance and repair, archive, health and so on all kinds of administrative and financial services to conduct, c) the Agency's movable and immovable property, keeping records of d) will be given by the President accused of other tasks , is in charge.
Budget and control article 9-(1) the budget of the Agency is composed of the following sources: a) the Agency by a variety of services may be provided for a fee revenues in return.
b) Prime Minister's budget will be launched for this purpose from the general budget appropriations.
c) legal entities and individuals provided help and donations.

(2) the revenue of the Agency budget, expenses and accounting principles and procedures to the Agency with services charge will be based on principles of which will be provided, a regulation to be issued by the Agency. Year of the Agency's accounts for the fiscal years. Since each account for at least six months before the Agency next year to make things work in the program and budget of the Prime Ministry to be balanced against the costs to be paid the amount demanded by the Prime Minister.
(3) the Agency is essential to meet the expenses of their income. Agency revenues, will be opened in the Bank President approves accounts. This income does not go to waste money by the end of the account of the Ministry of Finance has been declared, then the Agency is transferred to the income account, the following year. The Agency's costs are met from the budget approved by the Prime Minister.
(4) the financial transactions of the Agency are subject to the Sayıştayın control. Sayıştayın report of the Prime Minister and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey into the control.
Personnel provisions article 10-(1)-Agency services, to exceed the total number of 30, sorted by business legislation employed professional staff and support personnel are executed by hand. Secretary, public relations, administrative, financial and personnel archive, related operations, such as the number of support personnel who will run things, the Agency cannot exceed 20% of the total number of personnel.
(2) expert staff, a minimum of four years of higher education institutions providing education or higher education Board accepted the higher education institutions abroad have graduated, public personnel a minimum Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (80) score or equivalent accepted internationally recruited from among candidates with the document.
(3) from working in public institutions, referred to in this law they themselves request that carries qualities and institutions prior to the head of the President, or at the Agency with specialized personnel can be employed as well. These institutions by making the employment relationship ends. These wages with other financial and social rights will be determined by employment. In this way they employed, at the end of the Agency tasks, education status, years of service and by considering the results of the previous title of institutions in accordance with their careers or status an empty staff assigned in three months at the latest, or position and without the need for any processing starts the task at the latest within a month. However, these individuals are not assigned administrative titles earlier in the institutions is not taken into account. Returning to the previous institution in accordance with this paragraph the persons vested last Agency services are evaluated monthly degrees and levels. In this case, seniority compensation shall not be paid and these periods shall be taken into account in the pension account. In this way the number of personnel shall not exceed 30% of the total number of personnel.
(4) the Agency's staff pension and social security in terms of 17/7/1964 and covered by Social Insurance Act No. 506.
(5) the Chairman and all of the personnel to be employed in the Agency;
being a Turkish citizen, b a)) are not deprived of public rights, even though they have been State c) Forgiveness personality of crimes committed against, embezzlement, ihtilas, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of faith, honor and dignity as disgraceful or dishonourable offences bankruptcy demolition charge or using and consumption of istihale except for the smuggling, trafficking and trading in official tender rigging, revealing State secrets to crime convicts due to be found the terms are searched.
(6) other personnel with the President delikleri and other financial rights and free day upper limit is determined by the Prime Minister.
(7) the agency personnel in all disputes related to the Labour Court.
(8) the Agency, the temporary nature requiring special knowledge and expertise in the power of Attorney, or a service contract with domestic and foreign consultants and experts can be employed.
(9) the Chairman and other personnel during the performance of their duties, expenses can be met from the budget of the Agency to which the said principles and procedures determined by the regulation.
(10) Public Financial Management and control law No. 5018, Chairman Act assigns an internal inspector qualifications specified.
Contract research, survey, project, remodeling article 11-(1) the Agency's duties as research activities, within the scope of the survey and project preparation, and other things will be prepared within the framework of the principles in regulation with Turkish or foreign natural and legal persons can be enforced.
Request information and privacy in compliance with article 12 (1) Agency, research and analysis on issues related to the scope of this law for the tasks required, any information is authorized to request from public institutions. They requested information public institutions and organizations, and to respond to the request in question are responsible for showing ease needed. All kinds of personnel of the Agency, the nature of secrets from the information provided in this way can explain what happened, will not be able to use their own or others ' interest.
Regulations ARTICLE 1-(1) this Act shall be based on the principles and the implementation of the regulations, within six months, based on the opinions of the relevant institutions and bodies are prepared by the Agency and placed into effect.
It won't take effect provisions of article 14 (1) in the implementation of this law, Public Financial Management and control Law No. 5018, public procurement law No. 4734 and the provisions of Act No. 6245 per diem Code.
Entry into force article 15-(1) this Act enters into force on the date of promulgation.
Execution article 16 – (1) this Law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.