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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE YATIRIM DESTEK VE TANITIM AJANSI KURULMASI HAKKINDA KA

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Kanun No. 5523


Accepted Date: 21/6/2006      


Purpose and installation

MADDE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is; in the economic wake of the country the mission, authorization, and support of the Turkey Agency for Support and Support Agency, established with the identification and implementation of yacht support and introduction strategies to encourage the development of the areas needed in Turkey to increase the requirements of the requirements. To edit the event.

(2) Public legal entities to ensure the implementation of this Law and to perform the duties given to it by law. The United States Department of Support and Support for the Secretary of State has been established, with respect to the government and financial autonomy of the Minister.

(3) The Chief Minister may use the authority of the Agency to use it with a Minister if necessary.

(4) The Agency has special law provisions in the states that are not convicted of this Law.

(5) The agent is in central Ankaran.


MADDE 2- (1) Last in this Law;

a) Agency: Turkey's Agency for Support and Tanitarism,

b) President: Turkey's Head of Support and Tanitem Agency,

c) Board: Board of Danes,

ç) Direction: Native-owned yachts and foreign yachts,

refers to.

Tasks for


MADDE 3- (1) The agents ' tasks are:

A) National level of yacht support and recognition strategy, deployment agencies and related other organizations to determine and apply.

b) Public institutions and installations are conducted at an international level with the agency and private sector installations to coordinate and support the activities of the support and service of the service.

c) To design and deliver information and guidance services to the competencies; sleep, yachtwork Before doing so, the information that you need after you get to sleep and to remove the referral service, if you are working with the agency, is working with the agency to take care of the agency.

 c) related institutions and installations to support the completion of permissions and approvals for the entitlements To follow these steps in the wake of the agency's agencies.

d) To be different or the same for foreign yachts with domestic capital yachts when the Council of Ministers has been established. to execute and approve permits to be determined by criteria such as the nature of the yacht, instead of the amount of capital or employment opportunities to which you will be able to sleep, and to execute the agencies in order to use the agencies to name the agencies and to use the appropriate results.

e) concerned about solving problems by identifying barriers and problems that they might be involved in To be present in the body of the mercians.

f) to create or create any information and data that will contribute to the increase in yachting in Turkey. Collecting, updating, and deploying from installations, doing business with national and international organizations.

g) The necessary policies are being generated in order to gain activity in support and diagnostic activities To be involved in related mercists.

) The implementation of the competency environment is to contribute to the reform process, making recommendations in this context.

h) Technical and international meetings of national and international congresses, seminars and similar meetings on issues that enter the task area To support, support, organize, and contribute to the contribution.

) printed and electronic publications in Turkish and foreign languages on topics entering the agency's task area. to support types of publications.

i) To do other tasks that are provided with the law.


MADDE 4- (1) The agent has been made available; The advisory board is one of the main service units and the consulting and assistance service units.

Board and tasks

MADDE 5- (1) Council of Danes; Ministers determined by the Bafminister and private sector representatives. He is a member of the Board of the President.

(2) The installation of the Enterprise will be made contact.

(3) Public enterprise and installation if required by the convention requires the nature and characteristics of the Representatives of non-governmental organizations and representatives of the civil society can be invited to the meeting at the invitation of the Minister.

(4) The Secretary of State convenes at least once in the year of the assembly. The Agency executes the secretaries of the board of the board.

(5) The tasks of the board are:

a) To develop recommendations on support and the strategy of entitlements.

b) recommendations to increase the activity of the agency.

c) The agency's annual activity plan is to be deused.

) where agency and installation related to topics in the agency's annual operating plan may be available for practice. to determine the contribution.


MADDE 6- (1) The chief executive of the agency, the president, is public. is responsible for the management and representation of

(2) My Higher Education Council, which provides at least four years of education or higher education, is the current From the institutions of higher education in the country accepted by the institution, Public Personnel received at least (80) points from the Foreign Language Information Level Detection Site, or the internationally valid document and occupation of the with sufficient knowledge and experience, the public or the public in relation to the profession or At least five people in the private sector are appointed by the Başaminister among those who have been in the field.

(3) President, the agency's services, the government's general economic policies, the advice of the Council of Danes are responsible for the appropriate execution and coordination of the agency and coordination with other public institutions and organizations on the issues that are in the business of the Agency.

(4) The service and entitlements are available:

a) The necessary appropriate support and identification strategy for the replacement of the agents of the Agency, operating the year to present the plan and budget to the balance and to ensure that it is implemented.

b) At least 15 days prior to the meeting of the Board of Danes, and the following year's activity to prepare the plan by preparing the plan for the members of the Dance Board to detest.

c) Offer the work of the Agency staff and present the other works to the minister's approval.

), necessary and co-ordination with other public institutions and organizations on issues related to agency tasks to be seen.

d) To put the regulatory actions on agent tasks, and so on.

e) To ensure that service units play in a compatible, efficient, disciplined, and orderly manner.

f) To represent the agency in public and private installations.

(5) The service or tasks that are responsible for making administrators at every level of the agency's business, President is responsible for organizing and executing them in accordance with regulations, plans and programs in the direction of orders and directives.

(6) The President and Agency administrators at each level are authorized to express their results in a written statement. They can transfer a girl to their subordinate. The delegation will not remove the responsibility of the delegate supervisor.

Major service units

MADDE 7- (1) The main service units of the agent are:

a) The Services Department of Management Services has been installed.

b) The Agency Services Department Is In The Office Of A Service.

 (2) The Department of Competence Services, Department of Tantrum Services, is about the country's sleep environment and yacht facilities. It is engaged in programming, conducting, and conducting similar activities in the dormitory and at home to inform and guide the yachts.

(3) The Department Services Department is in and out of bed before the yachchers lay in bed. They are assigned to design and execute the support services that they may need after they have been made, and to do similar work by the President.

Dances and service units

MADDE 8- (1) The agency's advisory unit, Legal Counsel, and service unit, the Department of Human Resources and Support Services Department has been started.

(2) Legal Constion;

a) Law, statute, and regulation issued by the President, Agency units and other public institutions and organizations with their drafts and statements about legal matters,

veb) to take the interests of the Agency in the time of preemptive, preemptive legal measures, and to be helpful in doing so, in accordance with these guidelines,

C) to prepare the necessary information in both the administrative and administrative cases and to represent the Agency in cases of administrative and administrative cases. or coordinating and coordinating cases that have been represented by the Agency through the purchase of services,

) doing other tasks that are to be issued by the President,

is the task.

(3) The Department of Human Resources and Support Services Department;

a) To conduct, offer, and engage employees on human power policy and planning. by executing the self-service process,

b) to build, process, and develop information technology substructure,

c) any construction, purchase, lease, maintenance and repair of any agency that is required by the agency, all kinds of things, and repair, and all, and so on. by conducting administrative and financial services,

), while keeping the agency's current and unta-ed records of the goods,

d) doing other tasks that are to be issued by the President,

is the task.

Budget and control

MADDE 9- (1) The agency budget is available from the following sources:

a) revenues from the Agency will be obtained at the rate of charges that may be charged.

b) The budget to be placed on the budget from the general budget to the Department of State.

c) Real and legal entities, and assistance from real and legal entities.

 (2) Revenue, expense, and accounting of the agency budget, and fees from the Agency and services The guidelines will be regulated by the Agency, which is likely to be played by the agency. The agency's account has been set up. The agency reports the amount paid by the Department of State budget for the next year, at least six months before each account, to the program and the amount of money it will be paid.

(3) Agency revenues are based on the expense of their expenses. Agency revenues are held in accounts that will be opened in banks deemed suitable by the President. Funds that are not spent by the end of the account are reported to the Ministry of Finance and transferred to the next year's account. The agency's expenses are made from the budget approved by the minister.

(4) The agency's assets are in control of the respect of the number. The report of the audit is presented to the Minister of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Turkish Parliament.

hükümlerPersona provisionshükümler

MADDE 10- (1) Agency services, not exceed 30, of total are carried out by the hand of specialist staff and support staff employed according to the legislation provisions. The number of support personnel that will run the business, such as the secretarial, public, administrative, financial, and personnel-related process, cannot exceed 20 percent of the total number of personnel in the Agency.

(2) Expert staff, at least four years of education, or higher education, or higher education Graduated from the institutions of higher education abroad, Public Personnel received at least (80) points from the Foreigner Grammar Level Detection, or candidates with the internationally valid document corresponding to it. will be employed from the search.

(3) People who work in public institutions and organizations, who are described in this Code, want their own And with the muvafakti of its institutions, Ajansta can be employed as a President, an agency, or an expert staff. It ends with the execution of the business with the institutions of those who have been. The fee for which they will be given is determined by the current financial and social rights to which it will be made. In this way, the people who are employed will be assigned to their careers or positions within three months of the latest in their careers or situations in their previous institutions, regardless of the status of their service, service and title, while the duties of the Agency have ended. They will be deployed within one month at the latest. However, in the appointment of these people, administrative titles in their previous institutions will not be considered. The current services in the Agency are expected to return to previous institutions in the Agency for which they were returned to the previous institutions. In this case, the severance pay is not paid, and these durations are considered in the account of the pension bonus. The total number of personnel that will be deployed in this way cannot be 30 percent of the total number of personnel.

(4) Agency staff, dated 17/7/1964 of retirement and social security, and Social Insurances of 506 It's the law.

(5) All personnel who will be employed in President and Agency;

a) Being a Turkish citizen,

b) Not being deprived of public rights,

c) For crimes against the state of the state, even if they are an affin, the embezzable, the conflict, the liaison, the dream, the Anti-trafficking, fraud, fraud, indignity, fraud, insolvability, or criminal and mischief trafficking, including fraud, fraud, abuse, abuse, abuse, government abuse, government, government and criminal trafficking, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, and Not to find fault for the fact that you open the line of fire,

searches for the results.

(6) The top of the country's personnel, with salaries and days, and the upper end of the financial rights from the

(7) All disputes related to agency personnel are seen in the ive courts.

(8) An agent, exception or service has accened in temporary private information that requires special information and expertise. Domestic and foreign consultants and specialists can be employed.

(9) The costs of an employee and other personnel from the Agency budget for the expense of the expense of their duties. It's determined by the regulations and the guidelines that you can get.

(10) The qualifications specified in the 5018 number of Public Goods Management and Control Law are a haiz internal auditor to the server.

My call with the Glossary, etus, project construction

MADDE 11- (1) pertaining to activities within the scope of agents The operation, etus and project preparation and other works may be made to Turkish or foreign real and legal entities within the framework of the guidelines in the regulations to be prepared.

Do not request information and comply with privacy

MADDE 12- (1) This is the Law for Agency, investigation, and review is authorized to ask for public institutions and organizations for any information that is required by the scope of its tasks. Public institutions and installations are required to respond to the request, and they are required to respond to the desired facilitaposition. Any personnel of the agency may not use, nor use, the benefit of themselves or the interests of any of the information provided in this path.


MADDE 13- (1) The implementation of this Code is fully and essential The regulations are set up by the Agency and are to be used by the Agency to receive the relevant institutions and installations within the six month period.

provisions that will not be applied

MADDE 14- (1) In the implementation of this Law, a Public Service of 5018 is The provisions of the Law on Management and Control, the number 4734 Public Dignity Law, and the Harchayrah Law of 6245 are not applied.


MADDE 15- (1) enters the current date of this Law.


MADDE 16- (1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.