The Text Adopted By The Plan And Budget Commission Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park Law

Original Language Title: PLAN VE BÜTÇE KOMİSYONUNUN KABUL ETTİĞİ METİN Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. GELİBOLU YARIMADASI TARİHİ MİLLİ PARKI KANUNU

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Law No. 4533:17.2.2000 SECTION ONE Purpose, Scope, definitions and general principles article 1 aim and scope. -The purpose of this Act; land and sea battle of Gallipoli in 1915, which concluded that the Gallipoli peninsula historical National Park with historical, cultural values of forests and vegetation, preservation, development and regulation of the principles and procedures for the management of the Turkish vatan as a fine example of nature's defences and international peace is the introduction to the Nations of the world to serve. Will be held in accordance with the purposes set out in the guidelines and regulations for work, measures, controls, to be provided will be subject to legal and coordination and is programmed with the terms. Identifies the article 2. -This law passed; a) Ministry; Ministry of forestry, b). Forest Minister, c), Directorate of the National Park; Gallipoli peninsula Historical National Park Manager, d) National Park; 26.5.1973 within the framework of the Council of Ministers No. 6477 and attachment/7 on map limits specified in the Gallipoli peninsula historical National Park, e) Funds; Gallipoli peninsula historical National Park Fund, f) long circuit development plan; prepared in accordance with the provisions of this law and the National Park preservation, development, management, introducing relevant planning with facets, this plan will be prepared for the protection and development of the regions envisaged implementation plan determines the construction of bases and onanan the Ministry plan, g) implementation plans; Certified for the protection and development of the National Park zones base map on the long circuit development plan according to the principles, ownership, protection, use, construction, infrastructure and transportation-circulation, as guidelines and onanan reforestation plans, h) Day use area; The National Park except for the accommodation of visitors coming for the day, when other needs, and the rest of the field, ı) specific management plan; Will be held in the forests of the National Park plan to regulate the technical interventions, will Testify. General principles article 3. -The protection of the National Park area, developing, improving and structuring according to the development plan of the long circuit match these principles include the following: a) the National Park natural, historic and cultural values, is maintained as a historical basis and environmentally compatible Military Academy and developed. b Act No. 2863 dated 21.7.1983 in the parking lot) national cultural and natural heritage within the scope of the law on the protection of immovable cultural and natural riches to be made in the relevant legislation in the Ministry of culture within the scope of application; other buildings and facilities shall be the opinion of the Ministry of Forestry, the provisions of this law and prepared in accordance with the provisions of this law is based on the long circuit development plan will apply. c) made by the Ministry in the areas of the forests of the National Park day use areas and provisions of this law, the results will be held to include recurring development plan based on long, except where he considers it necessary, when new build and cannot be made. Will be held in accordance with the provisions of this clause structures visual pollution to bring nature occur in accordance with construction is essential. d) National Park area; having been in the military out, except for the monumental arrangements cannot be made contiguous municipalities build and also cannot be, coal and fuel oil field also stores, shipyards, industry and others facilities cannot be established, stone, sand, gravel, marble, lime quarries and the like cannot be opened. The area in question will be held in mineral exploration and business operations is the Cabinet of Ministers is subject to permission. e) National Park is contained within the State Forest Management Plan for the National Park is made Special and applied. Protecting forests, fire, disease and tackling harmful, 31.8.1956 provisions of the forest Act No. 6831 dated. Special fire-fighting plan for the National Park, and is applied. f) National Park within the residential areas and the city limits other than the Treasure lands, for the purpose of the National Park, to be used free of charge is made and the allocation of the Ministry of Forestry, the title deed is registered as the forest House of qualifications. In the possession of the National Park area and zoning of soil will not be won through ihya'ul. 6831 dated and numbered Forest National Park 31.8.1956 article 2 of implementation cannot be made. The National Park area for whatever reason cannot be collapsed. g) National Park in the first degree archaeological site which is the subject of private property other than agricultural areas areas, agricultural and livestock issues, implementation of enhanced technical and private reforestation encouraged. For the realization of these objectives the Ministry with the Ministry of agriculture and Rural Affairs provides support and cooperate. In these areas, building and plant construction principals, will be held in accordance with the provisions of this law, long circuit is indicated in the development plan. When integrated in. h) National Park long circuit is based on the development plan and zoning regulations in force according to the residential areas of the village implementation plans, based on appropriate National Park Directorate opinion first. Located within the boundaries of a National Park, with the goal of the development of the people of the village of gazi pansions and other tourism activities is encouraged. According to the Applicable zoning regulations), revision and preparation of the development plan of Eceabat, 9.8.1983 within the framework of the objectives of the National Park National Parks Act No. 2873 and not contrary to this Act on a date defined by. n.) the renewal of the development plan of the National Park long circuit or alteration by a decision of the Board of Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Ministry of forestry. National implementation plans, the park long circuit is made or by the Ministry in accordance with the principles of the development plan. Demolition control structures allow and servitude, article 4. -National Park outside Eceabat and villages in all types of constructions and buildings made use of control National Park Directorate. Principles and procedures associated with the control, is determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry. National Park area and the National Park Directorate following structure collapses or yıktırılır: a) this law made in against all kinds of buildings and facilities. b non-building construction licenses outside of residential areas) village and facilities. c) structure and the facility, based on construction permits and attachments and structure made contrary to sections. d) structure and facilities, after permission to use, contrary to the principles of the structure and also changes and additional parts as well. e) 21.7.1983 of cultural and natural heritage protection law No. 2863 provisions were made in all kinds of buildings and facilities. Demolition will be prepared by the Ministry are determined by the regulation principles and procedures. In the National Park, will be held in accordance with the provisions of this Act specified in the plans outside of the structure and also when infrastructure and superstructure are not allowed and their appurtenances. Individual or cooperative way within the National Park area with buildings and slums. The SECOND EPISODE of Fiscal Provisions and Penalty Provisions and may not be used for the establishment of the Fund, income article 5. -The objectives specified in article 1, the National Park to perform the Ministry order "Gallipoli peninsula historical National Park Fund" has been established. Proceeds of the Fund are as follows: a the amount to be transferred from the general budget), b) Gallipoli peninsula historical national park entrance fees Museum located in this area and promoting the Center with entrance fees, rent and business daily camping revenues, revenues, c) any promotion, printing & publishing revenues, d) Donations, interest and other income. The Fund's revenues are collected in an account will be opened in T.C. Ziraat Bank. Fund; donations and grants from corporate tax, inheritance and gift tax, due to all kinds of operations thus incurring interest, shall be exempt from the tax on Bank and insurance transactions. Funds used in the National Park Directorate of service. This refers to the head of the Fund in the first degree at the Center, ita. The Minister shall determine the limits of that authority is clearly interested in the lower levels. In the country, the President of the Fund's Chief of national parks of second-degree ita. ITA chiefs, is authorized to sign in the first degree, the purpose of the Fund to be used within the scope of the legislation and provides protection of the interests of the Fund and manages the Fund. Assigned to the Ministry of Finance upon the proposal of the Ministry, Treasurer of the Fund. Mandator, accounting and accrual are combined on the same one white-collar. The use of the Fund, dated 26.5.1927 and 21.2.1967 with the law numbered 1050 Ledger-I Umumiye dated 832 are not subject to the provisions of article no. Court of Auditors regarding visa requirements. The Fund is made by the Prime Minister's Supreme Audit Board control. The trial and execution proceedings of the Fund, dated 8.1.1943, and is executed in accordance with the provisions of law No. 4353. Will be held in the Fund expenses are as follows: a) National Park survey, inventory, planning, studies, consultancy services, the National Park topographic general character properties and protection of intact, of course, to fight the fire and harmful to the development of resources, arranging, restoration, reconstruction, reclamation and landscaping, according to premium plan and any project requires expenditure of activities. b) fall within the scope of the law on the allocation of immovable property required in accordance with the plans and in accordance with the expropriation of immovable property, usufruct by certain time buy regarding the leasing expenses. c) National Park management, recreation and sports facilities, the promotion, infrastructure, superstructure, administration building, social buildings, Museum, visitor center, promotion center, Memorial, martyrdom, and any expenses such activities. d) Worker fees, clothing, food, overtime, compensation, bonuses, social benefits and representation-are welcome any and all expenses. e) National Park Service imposed by all kinds of tools, purchase, rental of equipment and so on is moved, any maintenance, repair, operation expenses. f) inventory and consumption materials-related expenses. g) Fund Administration-related taxes, fees, interest, fees go such as PTT. h) fire-fighting work interested in outstanding Fire Administration chiefs and the consent of the Chief civil authority upon the proposal of the Minister with the approval of the prizes. I) of article 3 (g) and (h) promote and support specified in bend are collected each year to fund will not exceed 40% of the proceeds will be made to expenses. This is outside the scope of the Budget Funds, income from deductions in any way and general budget revenue cannot be saved. Collection and use of the proceeds of the Fund-related considerations, to be issued by the Ministry taking the opinion of the Ministry of Finance regulation. Prohibitions and penalties Article 6. -Within the bounds of the National Park; a Designated place to spend the night somewhere else from), except as permitted in accordance with the legislation in place, people will be offended, to disrupt the peace and comfort openly drinking alcohol, b) except where Specified fire or turn out the fire burned in places that are allowed to leave the scene, c) throw any cigarette or burning substance Quicklime, d) within the limits and boundaries of the National Park four kilometers away to burn stubble or similar vegetation , Is prohibited. The first paragraph; (a) the actual functioning of sixteen million pounds set in light fines, (b) and (c) functioning verbs specified in the bend are not down to two years in prison, up to eight hundred million pounds yüzaltmış million pounds heavy fine, (d) the specified verb in that process are not less than four years in prison, eight hundred million pounds, eight hundred million pounds as four billion will be punished with a heavy fine. Culpable negligence and carelessness within the boundaries of the National Park and forest fire giving rise to imprisonment up to ten years to five years and four billion eight hundred million pounds will be punished with heavy fines up to eight billion pounds. The twelve deliberately forest burning years heavy imprisonment for fifteen years and as much as eight billion pounds sixteen billion pounds is sentenced to heavy fines. The handling of crimes specified in the second and third paragraphs due to burning more than three hectares of forest area will be given if the penalties are increased by one level. The second paragraph of the verbs to be given a way through high danger if a person appears in penalties plus a quarter; death occurs at a rate of half is incremented. The third paragraph from the verb consists of a person will be given penalties if a way through high danger times is incremented; death occurs shall be liable to imprisonment for life heavy. Members of an organization with the goal of terrorism people and/or persons they twenty-four years that set fire to forests heavy imprisonment for thirty years, forty billion pounds eighty billion pounds heavy fines is convicted. Burning more than a hectare of forest area or if there is a way through high hazard life heavy person/provider shall be liable to imprisonment. The actual death occurs due to functioning of fire or to be given the death penalty. The purpose of the terror case about this crime with the 16.6.1983 organization and State Security Courts Law No. 2845 dated the trial Procedures in accordance with the Law of the State Security Courts. Within the bounds of the National Park; a) enumerated in article 6 of the verbs 31.8.1956 outside and within the framework of the law of the jungle, dated 5.5.1937 and numbered 6831 3167 numbered Black Hunting Law and Act No. 1380 dated 22.3.1971 Aquaculture Law prohibited from processing of double penalties if the verb is incremented. b Act No. 112 of the law dated 31.8.1956 and 6831) Forest, 113 and 114 will be asked to compensation according to article and afforestation expenses increased by a times. Two, three, and the fourth paragraph is shown in the penalties for 13.7.1965 About the execution of penalties Act No. 647 dated 4 and 6 do not apply to the article. Article 7 administrative penalties and judging style. -National Park within the boundaries of the strike to extinguish the fires of future officers and forest organization authorized by emrolunma or go to the scene of the fire scene, despite being declared a habitual means 6831 dated 31.8.1956 and numbered from taxpayers specified in article 69 of the law of forest fires on that refrain from going to turn out, given the failure to make the job go, went out and as the civil administration chiefs by a hundred million liras if he applies. Offences referred to in this law, 8.6.1936 law of Crimes numbered 3005 dated Famous Reasoning Procedure provisions and apply regardless of the registration time. The THIRD PART of the other Provisions in article 8 the military needs. -The Ministry of national defense for assigned national park or of the Director of the Joint Chiefs of staff be used for defensive purposes in the areas stipulated in the provisions of this law do not apply. The Ministry of national defense and the General staff dedicated to be used for the purpose of Defense is no longer needed by the Ministry of national defense reported the Ministry of finance will not be moved, when dropped on the National Park, as well as suitable to be used free of charge as is allocated to the Ministry of Forestry. International obligations Article 9. -Cemeteries and monuments for the peace agreement Lausanne 124 136 with the provisions of article reserved. It won't take effect provisions of article 10. -This Act shall be liable within the scope of Act No. 9.8.1983 dated in places, and the National Parks Act, article 18 2873 (b) does not apply to the provision. Not contained in the terms referred to in this law, article 11. -The provisions in this Act in cases that are not dated and 9.8.1983 provisions of the National Parks Act No. 2873. Article 12 of the regulation. -The implementation of this law statute, based on the opinions of the ministries concerned, at the latest within six months, it will be removed by the Ministry. Enforcement article 13. -Enters into force the date of promulgation of this law. Article 14 execution. -The provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.