The Text Adopted By The Plan And Budget Commission Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park Law

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Kanun #4533    Date of Admission: 17.2.2000 



Purpose, Scope, Tantas, and General Esasas

Purpose and scope

MADDE 1. - The purpose of this Law; 1915 The history of the National Park of the Çanakkale Sea and land combat, the history of the National Park, the preservation, development and management of forest and vegetation with cultural dears, the main and procedural basis of its original to serve the international peace as a beautiful example of the Turkish homeland and the natural state of the country.

Measures to sleep in the work that will be made in the specified purpose, to take place, The controls to be made, the incentive to be made, and the legal and criminal provisions to be subject to .Tanks

MADDE 2. - In this Law;

a); Ministry of Forestry;

b) Minister; Ministry of Forestry;

c) National Park Directorate; National Park Director of Gallipoli; National Park;tarihlid) National Park; dated 26.5.1973 and numbered 7/6477. The Gallipoli Museum Historical National Park,

e) Fund, which has been identified on the map; The National Park Fund of the National Park of the Republic of Gallipoli,

f) The plan for a long-hander; the protection of the National Park and the protection of the National Park by the provisions of this Law, management, the planning guidelines for the identification, the protection that is envisioned with this plan, and Implementation plans,

g) Implementation plans that determine the basis of implementation plans to prepare for development zones, and plan for a long-term development on a map of the National Park preservation and development zones. Based on the guidelines, property, protection, use, construction, and delivery of construction, planning, and repair plans,

h) the day of use for the day; National Parka day visitors, excluding lodging, rest and ÖzelA) Special management of the facilities to meet the needs of the other plan; the plan, which regulars technical interventions to be made in the National Park forests,

ÝfadeGeneral guidelines

MADADE 3. - To sleep in accordance with the protection, recovery, development, and long-term development plan of the National Park area,

a) The national park, historical and cultural deportations, harmonisation of harp historical and environmental is protected and developed.

b) Culture in the National Park area of 21.7.1983 and under the legislation on applications to be made under the Protection Act of 2863 and the Nature Nature Protection Act. Minister of the Ministry of Forestry on the construction of this and the facilities The provisions of this Law and the long-handed development plan, prepared according to the provisions of this Law, are applied.

c) the provisions of this Law in the areas of the forest in the National Park will be conducted by the Ministry. New construction and facilities are not available for long-term development plans to be arranged so that no results will be included. This is based on the provisions of the self-convicts in accordance with the current state of pollution.

d) in the field of National Park; military-made structures, and construction and facilities in the national park. It cannot be done, facilities cannot be established by municipalities, and coal and fuel tanks, shipyard, industrial and similar facilities cannot be established, nor can they open the roof, sand, chakus, marble, lime, and so on. In these areas, the mine search and construction activities are subject to the permission of the Council of Ministers.

e) For the state forests located within the National Park, the National Park Special Amanager Plan is made and implemented. In the protection of forests, in the fight against the fire, the disease and the damages, the provisions of the Forest Law dated 31.8.1956 and numbered 6831 are applied. A special fire is planned for the National Park and is implemented.

f) The village areas within the National Park and the Treasury lands in the municipal border are not subject to the Ministry of Forestry, to be used in accordance with the National Park purpose. The house is built and the house is registered as a forest. In the field of National Park, land cannot be won through zilyness and imar-ihor. In the National Park, dated 31.8.1956 and 6831, the Forest Law does not apply 2 nci applications. The national park cannot be narrowed for any reason, for whatever reason.

g) In the field of agriculture, special property in the first-degree archaeological sites in the National Park, agriculture and animal subjects were not applied to the development of advanced techniques. And the special issues are very much appreciated. In order for these purposes to be true, the Ministry and the Ministry of Tarism and Peasants will work and support the Ministry of Agriculture. The basis for building and establishing facilities in these areas is indicated in the long-term development plan to be held in accordance with the provisions of this Law. Integrated facilities are not included.

h) According to the principles of the National Park long-hander development and the current zoning legislation, the implementation zoning plans of the village areas are made primarily by appropriate vision from the National Park Directorate. Lodgings and other tourism activities are offered with the aim of leaving the people of the veterans in the national park.

i) According to the current zoning legislation, the preparation and revision of the zoning plan of Eceabat was dated 9.8.1983. and 2873 are made to the National Parks Act, the National Park, and not to the Law.

i) The renewal of the National Park ' s long-term development plan or the proposal of the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Ministry of Ministers It will be done. National park implementation plans are conducted or done by the Ministry, based on long-handed development plans.

Control, destruction, permit and irrave

MADDE 4. -The control of all kinds and structures of construction and structures in the National Park area of Eceabat and villages is conducted by the National Park. The basic and the procedures related to the audit, The ministry is determined by the regulations to be prepared.

The National Park area and facilities are listed as or are required by the National Park Directorate:

a) Any structures and facilities that are made to the provisions of this Law.

b) Village Construction and facilities that are not licensed to the site areas.

c) The construction and facilities of construction, construction and supply parts and construction, andyapýd) Construction and facilities, after they are permitted to use it, and the facility Additional details and additional details.

e) dated 21.7.1983 and 2863 any structures and facilities made in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Protection of Culture and Nature.

The authority is determined in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry.

In accordance with the provisions of this Law, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Culture and of the Republic of Turkey. the structure specified in the plans to be made and the remaining infrastructure and upper construction facilities of the facilities are not allowed. There is no structure and squatter in the field of national park with the path of feral or cooperable.


Financial Provisions and Punishment

Fund-related, revenue, and use

MADDE 5. - To make the stated purpose of the National Park in item 1, on the Ministry order, the "National Fund for the National Park of Gallipoli" is set up.

The revenues of the Fund are:

a) The amount to be transferred from the General budget,

b) to the Benefit of Gallipoli Historical National Park entry fees and museum and identification center entry fees, daylight camping site revenues, rent and execution revenues,

c) All kinds of tantrums, editions, and release revenues,

d) revenues, interest, and other revenues.

The Fund's revenues are collected in an account that will be opened in the T.C. Ziraat Bank.

Fund; From the data of the institutions, the tax and the indent tax are exempt from the taxes, the bank and the insurance treatment tax.

The Fund is used in the services of the National Park Directorate. At the center, the Fund's first-level officer is the chief minister. The Minister may transfer this authority to the lower levels by means of determining the discretion of the people. At the time, the Fund is the second-degree ita supervisor of the National Park. In addition, the supervisors are authorized to sign up to the Fund and manage the Fund's interests and manage the Fund's interests.

The Fund is assigned to the Ministry of Finance on the Minister's bid. Two of the above, counting, and tahakkuk officers cannot have the same.

The use of the Fund is dated 26.5.1927 and with 1050 Accounting-i Hope Law dated 21.2.1967 and the number 832 is the visa of the Law. Subject to the provisions of the law. The audit of the fund is made by the Supreme Supervisory Board of the Department of State. The fund-related case and executive followings are executed according to the provisions of the Law No. 4353, dated 8.1.1943.

Expenses to be made from the Fund are:

A) National Park etus, inventory, planning, project work, health services, National Park topographic feature and protection of the general character without deterioration, fighting fires and damages, of course, development of resources, regulation, The renovation, construction, and environmental identification required any activities to be made according to the specific plans and projects.

b) The allocation of the law and the allocation of the required details in the areas covered by the law, and the appropriate actions. public, with certain times to sell the right to an intifa, with lease related expenses.

c) The construction, identification, recreation and sports facilities in the National Park, sub-structure, upper structure, administrative building, social buildings, museum, visitor center, tangidity center, memorial, company, field exhibitions and all kinds of activities related to such activities. expenses.

d) All expenses related to business charges, clothing, food, overtime, compensation, bonuses, social assistance and representation-including

e) of the National Park services, all types of tools, equipment, equipment and similar expenses purchase, rent, maintenance, repair, repair, all related expenses.

f) expenses related to Demirbaşar and consumer materials.

g) Expenses such as tax, levy, levy, interest, PTT charges related to the administration of the Fund.

h) Fire control to those who show superior to the fire in the fire suppression. The approval of the supervisor and the approval of the Minister's approval upon the offer of the supervisor will be made to avoid 40% of the fund's revenues to be collected each year for the incentives and supports specified in the readme of the 3rd Article (g) and (h). expenses.

This Fund is in Budget coverage and has never been cut off from its revenues. It cannot be done and it cannot be saved in the General Budget. The allocation and use of funds for the fund is regulated by the Ministry of Finance, and is regulated by the Ministry.

Prohibit and punishes

MADDE 6. - In the health of the National Park;

a) Overnight Nights from the designated locations, other than where the legislation is allowed to offend, relax and disturb the peace, and

b) at the specified locations Leaving the neighborhood to burn fire or burn out fire in permitted sites,

c) Cigarette Smoking or dispose of all kinds of fuel,

d) within the National Park water and four kilometers from these slits, or similar vegetation or similar vegetation. fire,


In the first instance, (a) the actual people identified in the self are less than two years of imprisonment, (b) and (c), two years of imprisonment, but not more than two years of imprisonment, from hundreds of millions of lira to an eighth of a million liras ($1m) The fines, (d), are fined for up to four billion pounds in prison, eight hundred and four billion 8m euros in prison, including four people who have been identified in the statement.

Reckless and uncautious in the national park. the lack of recklessness and forest fire were caused by more than ten years in prison and It is punished with fines of up to eight billion eight billion liras ($1 billion) up to eight billion liras ($1 billion). Intentionally, the forest is sentenced to fines of up to ten years and more than eight billion liras ($10 billion) from eight billion liras.

Due to the execution of crimes in the second and third fives, the burning forest area is three years old. If more than the hectare, the penalties will be increased by one floor. If there is a danger in the life of a verb in the second fir, the penalties will be at a quarter of a quarter; if death occurs, it will increase in the half. If there is a danger in the life of a verb in the life of the third party, the penalties will increase; if death occurs, life sentences the life of life.

An organisation with a terrorist intent and/or a forest of people who burn forests From twenty-four years to thirty years, the amount of imprisonment of up to eighty billion liras of money is sentenced to a fine of $1 billion. The burning forest is more than a physician, or a life sentence is sentenced to life in prison if there is a danger of danger. If death occurs due to the fire, the death penalty is given to those who have been operational or who are pushing the death penalty. The State Security Courts, dated 16.6.1983 and 2845, are looked at by the State Security Courts for the purposes of terrorism purposes, and the State Security Courts Act of 2845.

National Park snarls;

a) The Forest Code dated 31.8.1956 and numbered 3167, dated 5.5.1937 and numbered 3167, and was banned in the Water Products Act of 1380, dated 31.8.1956, and numbered 3167, dated penalties increase two times.

b) dated 31.8.1956 and numbered 6831 of the Forest Law An order of compensation and compensation to be requested according to the Articles 112, 113, and 114th increases a mission.

For penalties shown in the three and fourth phases, 647 were the 4th and 6th clauses of the Code of Punishment of 647. does not apply.

Human penalties and judgment procedure

MADRID 7. -The 6831 dated 31.8.1956 to extinguish the fires in the National Park by authorized officers and forestry services to the scene of the fire and to be declared with neighborhood mutad vastasteas. In the 69-th article of the law, a hundred million liras in fines are imposed on the people who have been instructed to extinguish the forest fire, and those who do not, and those who do not, and those who do not, are given property. The crimes stated in this Law apply to the place and time record of the provisions of the Reasoning Provision of Law, dated 8.6.1936 and the number of 3005 Dignity Crimes.


Sovereign Provisions

Military needs

MADDE 8. - In the areas stipulated by the General Staff in order to use the Ministry of National Defence in order to use the Ministry of National Defence, the provisions of this Law are not applied.

The Ministry of National Defence and the General Staff are based on the purpose of defence and defence purposes. The Ministry of National Defence, which does not need to be used by the Ministry of National Defence, is allocated to the Ministry of Forestry, with the facilities that have been reported, to be used in accordance with the objectives of the National Park, as well as the facilities that are reported to the Ministry of National Defence.


MADE 9. -The graveyards and moments of Lausanne Barışınşi have provisions of the provisions of articles 124 to 136.

The provisions that will not be applied

MADDE 10. - In places that enter the scope of this Code, dated 9.8.1983 and the number 18 (b) of the National Parks Act of 2873 (b) are not enforced.

People who are not convicted in this Law

MADDE 11. - The provisions of the Code of National Parks, dated 9.8.1983 and of 2873, are enforced in this Law.


MADDE 12. - Regulations on the implementation of this Code are issued by the Ministry within the next six months, with the relevant ministers coming in at the latest.


MADRID 13. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.


MADDE 14. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.