K4536 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Seas And The Surface Seen Abroad, Explosives And Suspicious Cisimlere Governing Esaslara

Original Language Title: k4536 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. DENİZLERDE VE YURT YÜZEYİNDE GÖRÜLEN PATLAYICI MADDE VE ŞÜPHELİ CİSİMLERE UYGULANACAK ESASLARA

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Kanun #4536


Accepted Date: 24.2.2000


Purpose, Scope, and Tanks


MADDE 1. - The purpose of this Law is to be seen on the ground, in our waters, in the sea areas under our territorial waters, under the rule of international law, in the fields of the sea and the sea, or on the surface of the sea, or to be captured or patting on the surface of the country. to examine the basis and procedures for the review and damage of materials and robes.


MADDE 2. - This is the law that will be seen on or on the surface of the sea, in the waters of the sea, in the land waters, in the sea areas under our control of the international rules of law, or on the surface of the country or at the surface of the country. and covers the duties and responsibilities of both public and private institutions and organizations that will be involved in these activities with all kinds of public and private institutions and organizations.


MADDE 3. -From statements that pass through this Code;

a) Explosion matter: All of the explosives used for the cost of Harp are the weapons of weapons, including military equipment and nuclear weapons and chemical materials that are detonated; aircraft bombs, harp women, guided and ballistic missiles, grenades, rockets, fire weapons, mines, hand-made explosives, torpedoes, water bombs, vandals, payrotechnic materials, cutter or sediators, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic equipment, electronic death or injury in the form of explosions similar to those of explosives, objects that may cause damage to equipment and buildings,

b) (s) the unknown objects that are threatening or unknown to the environment where they are thought to be explosive material,bilinmeyen

c) Zararyz:hale




In the Seas, in the Kmany and the Home Objects Seen on the Surface

Seen in the Seas objects

MADDE 4. - In our waters, in our territorial waters, ships in the sea areas under our sovereignty and control under the rules of international law, ships, all marine vehicles and air vessels, all of which are visible to the air. From the location of the explosive material and other familiar objects, other information about their direction, color, speed, ebat, quantity, and other information, immediately, if possible, would be the first to arrive at Sea. The Joint Chiefs or Coast Guard Command said it was a sea-union or other. If they do not have military units, military units or regional directorates or ports of ports; regional directorates, or port statements, they notify the authorities.

Explosive matter and servicemembers. The authorities, who received the notice regarding possible drag and departure directions, immediately announce the situation to the sailors, the nearby naval units, the Department of Syed Hydrography and the Office of the Office of the Department of Okinography. Security measures to be taken with regard to these objects are immediately enforced by the military authorities.

The objects seen in our concerns

MADDE 5. -If there is no military unit either directly or by the people who see or find the explosive material, objects, things that are seen or found in our lives, the military unit is not in the military unit, or the authorities are notified of the property. If the declaration was made to the authorities in the military unit, the situation is immediately announced to the military unit nearest to the authorities. The reported explosive material and other objects are inspected by the Navy's authorized teams.

The objects seen on the domestic surface

MADDE 6. - The explosive material seen or found on the domestic surface is notified by the people who have seen or found the celestial bodies, personally or with the most appropriate reporting, the main property. The reported explosive material and robative objects are reviewed and made harmless by the authorized teams of the Ministry of State.


Intervention, Technical Help and Information



MADDE 7. - The necessary intervention is required by the authorities of the relevant force commanders, all types of explosives in the facilities or areas of the Land, Marine and Air Force Command, and any explosive device and aircraft that are located in the area of the aircraft.

Intervention of all kinds of explosives in the facilities or areas of the Gendarmerie General Command, all kinds of explosives found in area and at-site areas, and necessary intervention by the authorized teams of the Gendarmerie General Command.

In facilities or facilities belonging to the General Directorate of Police Any explosive material in the area of responsibility, and any explosive material in the area and at-site areas, are required by the authorized teams of the General Manager.

Explosive matter and robed objects The environmental safety measures required for protection with what they were during the period of time until they were intervened by the units.

Technical help

MADDE 8. -The force commanders, Gendarmerie General Command, the Coast Guard Command, General Command and Dianer, if necessary to make any interference and resuscious activities to be made to the explosive matter and to the violent objects. Public institutions and organizations, including tools, tools, documents, personnel, and technical information are provided.

Information export

MADDE 9. - To obtain technical intelligence from explosive materials and technocrats, and to take necessary measures, security forces are involved in the areas of their teams or in the areas of the underground, where they have been made harmless, intelligence and Examples of objects that are exemplary are informed at the time of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Security forces seized by security forces or explosive materials that are not bomb-related. samples and technical information from explosive materials; to be examined, in the event It is also sent to the General Directorate of Security to be reconciled with those used.



Supply of tools, widgets, and personnel

MADDE 10. - The military and property authorities are responsible for the necessary tools, equipment, personnel, and the need for the detection, transport, inspection, preservation, or damage of any explosive material and servicemembers.

Real and legal entities taking advantage of tools and widgets

MADDE 11. -If the vehicle and equipment are not found for any reason for military or property authorities, the site will benefit from the real and legal entities and tools and equipment of the largest property management supervisor. For those who accept service from these people, rent costs or daily fees are paid at the latest ninety days by being determined by marketing by neighborhood rail.

The neighborhood is the largest property if it is not willing to service the service. The necessary tools are confiscated and delivered to the personnel personnel. Owners of these confiscated vehicles will be paid at least ninety days at the latest price to be determined by the cost of the board to be determined by a board whose rental costs or daily fees will be negotiated by the local rail or by the board in which it will be incurred.

Compensation for damage or equipment that will cause damage or loss of tools and equipment shall be paid within 90 days of the latest ninety days by determining the duty of the local authorities by a board to be established within thirty days of the property that serves. This is the board; the city's largest commodity officer or delegate is authorized by the provincial traffic commission and an authority representing the chamber of commerce.

The tool and the widget owners who do not find enough to pay are set to go on the road. rights reserved.

You may be asked to help with the appropriate public setups of this purpose.


Financial Provisions

The injury caused by the task, injury, do not pass

MADDE 12. - Public servants and public servants who have been injured or mutilated by the task of formally documenting the investigation, transport, inspection, preservation or damage to the materials and rosters that are officially documented by the authorities. Law provisions are applied to the legal heirs of those who passed away with the non-resident, the Transnational Indemnity of 3.11.1980 and the 2330 and the Unlawful Compensation and the Ritual Settlement. The rights of these people in other laws are withheld.

Those who are injured, mutilated or vulnerable due to the failure of these tasks do so at home, if necessary, to the relevant institutions of the dormitory.


MADDE 13. - The people who saw and found the explosive material and the violent objects, fully identify the location of them and make the necessary substitutions, when they inform the authorities, to themselves, the technical intelligence aspect of the object that is addressed to them. according to the benefit of the General Staff, dated 14.7.1965 and the highest number of State Officers (including additional indictlines) as specified in the State Officers Act of 657, on the record of the General Staff's bid. Awards are given from the Minister's budget.


MADDE 14. - Each expense, charge, transfer, and compensation for the detection, protection, extermination, damage, or inspection of explosive materials and objects, national defense and benefits, shall be issued in order to cause damage. It is paid from their government budgets.



MADDE 15. - The tools and tools of real and legal entities that are needed to use the explosive materials to inspect or damage the objects, and to avoid any reason to accept the interference, the intervention of the human and the legal entities. At the request of the commander of the military unit, the chief of the United States, or officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the district's largest property administration officials say the officer, shown in every year's budget law, would be hit by the 5 000 figures. the amount of money to be made.

Public enterprise And they are obligated to provide their own tools and widgets to them in request of their own. Even if it becomes a criminal act, a civil servant who does not meet that obligation, the commander of the most important property of the military unit, on the offer of the intervention of the commander of the military unit, who is the military commander of the United States, or officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The decision is to pay as much as the amount to be generated by the officer's 5 000 figures, as shown in the budget code.

The explosive material and robative objects that are covered by this Law are considered. For those who do not inform the authorities, the neighborhood is the largest property supervisor. The decision is to pay as much as the amount of the officer's salary multiplied by the 5 000 figures shown in the budget law.

The decisions made are numbered 11.2.1959 and the Law of Tbligat is dated 11.2.1959. It is based on the provisions of the law. The sentence may be appealed to the competent court within seven days from the date of the temblor. The course does not stop the fulfillment of the cezilin order. The decision on the course of the course is final. It would be the most important time to review the paperwork through paperwork in unseen halves. The administrative fines issued by this Code are collected according to the provisions of the Law on the Allowance of Amme 6183.



Chechen Provisions

Current verdictkaldýrýlan

MADDE 16. - Law on the Destruction of Başıbok Mayın, Explosive Matter, and Issuer Objects, dated 17.5.1948 and 5202, are withheld.


MADDE 17. - Based on the implementation of this Code, the Ministry of National Defence, in accordance with the Ministry of National Defence, received a regulation that will be issued within six months from the date of entry of the Act. edited.

MADDE 18. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 19. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.