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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. HÂKİMLER VE SAVCILAR KANUNU İLE BAZI KANUNLARDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPIL

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Kanun No. 5536


Accepted Date: 29/6/2006      



MADDE 1- dated 24/2/1983 and 2802 Honors and Savors It has been reported in the form of Article 102 of the law.

" MADDE 102-These are the property rights of the Code 2, which may be the sum of the total and judicial rights of this Law. It's the law of the law.

In this Law;

a) Benefits: Any payments that are being made to the highest state officer in the scope of property rights the gross amount of the total,

b) The benefit of the benefit: calculated at the rate shown in article 106 of the gross language as the task is qualified and required

refers to. "

MADDE 2- The Ninth Section of the Code 2802 is the first part of the "The Aylük Table and the Rituals" are to be found in the same way, together with the article 103.

" Table of the month table:

MADDE 103-Each payment element that makes up the status of a month;

a) Constitutional Court President, Chief Justice of the Republic, President of the Republic of Turkey, President of the Court of Appeals, The Republic of Turkey 100% of the Attorney General and the Public Prosecutor's Office,

b) The Constitutional Court's Chief Justice, Constitutional Court Members, Judge and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, 86% of the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Justice and the Department of Justice, 86% of the Republic of Turkey's Attorney General's Office,

c) 83% of the members of the judiciary and the Danitarius,

x) 79% of the first person and prosecutors,

d) First-left judges and prosecutors 65%,

e) of the first degree, and 55% of the DA' s

f) 53% of judges and prosecutors who are located at a number of degrees,

g) Third degree judges and 51% of prosecutors,

) The fourth-degree judge and 49% of the prosecutors,

h) the number of judges and prosecutors at the second degree, and 47% of the

)-45% of judges and prosecutors located at the bottom level

i) A seventh degree judge and 43% of prosecutors,

j) 41% of judges and prosecutors in the eighth degree,

The rate of

is paid for the month. In the bonus account of the payment elements covered by this clause, one of the total amounts of the total amount of the bonus in the bonus month of the bonus in the section is considered.

The first rate of judges and prosecutors is the ratio that will be based on the monthly rates that they are receiving. As long as they do not lose their ability to be elected to the Yarotay and Danes, they will be added by a score of two per three years, as long as they do not lose their ability to qualify for the benefit of the judiciary and to the Dandantas.

The judges and prosecutors, who are ascending and ranked, are the subject of new temperatures and degrees. They are eligible from the beginning of the month following the validity dates of their upgrade.

Those who do not receive taxes and other deductions from payment elements that make up

Ks will be made according to this clause The payments are not in the same way as taxes and other deductions. "

MADDE 3- 2802, with respect to 106 of the Law It has been reported in the following way.

" Yard pay and additional payment:

MADDE 106-103% of the gross monthly allowance for the same item as: 10% of the same item as: They are given a half-time.

Cancer, tuberculosis, mental illness, disease, hunger, and disease permits placed upon the report of theSaðlýkinstalled report in a calendar year, with the exception of patients who are infected with the need for a long-term treatment, such as heart surgery, and the treatment times they see by lying in bed-treatment institutions due to their illness and illness. The number of sick leave times used will begin on the day of the day It pays 50% of the time that hits the days of the week.

Judge and the prosecutor candidates are paid additional 25% of the time of the date.

In additional payment of 5% of the gross monthly amounts being paid according to the Office of Justice (s) of the 3rd will be found.

To those who are paid by this item and the 103rd clause; 375 are covered by Law Rule. Payments are not paid by the payments, the paper and the supreme court compensation, and the 152-nci clause of the State Officers Act of 657 is not paid.

The provisions of this clause apply to the right of the payments, except for the stamp tax It doesn't have a tax on it.

The benefit of the benefit is not considered in the calculation of a daily payment, no matter what the operation is. "

MADDE 4- 2802 "Colleague" Clause of Law 112 is " Clothing, Book, and Computer Help: " added to the current and the same item in the same item.

" A computer can be provided as a ziti iron for use in the tasks of the officers and prosecutors. Computers and prosecutors are set to be given to judges and prosecutors, and they are determined by the Justice Department on the vision of the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Finance. "

MADDE 5- The temporary materials that are in place of the number 2802 are added.

" MADDE 16-Social Insurances and General Health Insurance Law in the 103rd clause until the law is effective. The reticketh and benefits of subverts and their bonuses with the retired chests and benefits of those who have been specified will continue to apply to these provisions prior to the effective date of the item.

Qualification ARTICLE 17-Second phase of article 17-103 to be elected to the members of the Yargatay and Dancytay. As long as they do not lose, the additional scores for judges and prosecutors projected to be given every three years for the arguments are three years from the first number of times that this material has been entered, and the first time they are still in the profession. depending on the service slices, they are added from themselves. However, for the implementation of this application, they must not lose the right to be elected to the Judge and the Dannşatay member as a review date of the interested. The number of judges and prosecutors who are still on duty before 24/12/2005 and are still in office as of 22/12/2005 and are still in office, as well as the number 5435 of the Law, dated 13, It is corrected according to the 15 and 32 nci items. The first review of judges and prosecutors to rectified the first set and date of being the first time must be the first time that they have been given the first time, and they must be first.

These applications do not qualify for migration.

ARTICLE 18-Until a new edit is made, the attached (I) additional indicator roster is provided by the 103 For additional fields, continue to be applied in the direction of the Harcirah Act of 6245. "

MADDE 6- 2802 is the first of the additional temporary 2 nci of the law The phrase "all," to come after the phrase "until" has been added, as well as the same period (b) and (c) people.

" b) After the first step was passed, it completed three years in this section and its military high-judicial memberships. the military judges and prosecutors who have not lost their election qualifications; 2802 are the judges and prosecutors, under the provisions of the Law of the Prosecutors and the Prosecutors,

c) is a military officer who has not lost the right to be elected to military high-party members. Judges and prosecutors are the judges and prosecutors, who have won the right to be elected to the First and the Tomorrow-Danitans. "

MADDE 7- 104 with the final of the 54th item of the Code 2802 For example, the 5th and the 105 items are now in effect.

MADDE 8- dated 8/5/1991 and in 2/A of the number 3717 "The Justice Academy (excluding criminal and execution institutions)" was added to the "Justice Academy of Turkey" clause followed by the "two-fold" clause in the same clause, as well as the "three layers" of "three layers". The end clause is added to the end of the matter.

"The payment of this article shall not be subject to any taxes except for the stamp tax."

MADDE 9- dated 27/1/2000 and 5 of the Code 4505 (c) bendine is added to the next sentence after the second sentence.

"However, the provisions are carried out based on the provisions for the damages applied to the task reparations."

MADDE 10- This Law takes place on 15/7/2006.

ARTICLE 11- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.