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Kanun # 4546


Accepted Date: 7.3.2000


MADDE 1. -"The Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia under the Republic of Macedonia" signed the "Social Security Glossary of the Republic of Macedonia" signed in Skopje on 6 July 1998.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.









"Republic of Macedonia" (Text) with " where "Party" will be referred to as countries.) social They remain mutable in order to edit topics that cover the security area.



Article 1


(1.) In the implementation of this Glossary:

1.1 "Country "

From the balance of Turkey, the Republic of Turkey,

Macedonia, Macedonia,

1.2 "Mevzuat "

Article 2 has the laws, statutes and regulations specified in Article 2 Other legislation,

1.3 "Authorized Makam "

Related Ministers from Turkey, with the Ministry of Conflict and Social Security,

View from Macedonia, Grasp and Social Policy The Ministry of Health with the Minister,

1.4 "Authorized Institution"

The Institution or Institutions responsible for the implementation of the legislation specified in Article 2,

1.5 "Insured"

someone who is subject to the specified legislation or may not be able to 1.6 "Insurance Time"

Prim or dispaid and paid time,

1.7 "Family Ferdi "

The following are defined by the organization of the parties or are not. no one accepted,

1.8 "Business "

Continuous complainee,

1.9 "Provisional Workout"

No one who complainin in one of the countries is temporary in the country location,

1.10 "Help "

Terms of cash and mirrors defined by their own legislation or their media


(2.) Any term not defined in this clause is attributed to it in the applicable legislation term.

Article 2


(1.) Apply to the following legislation:

1.  From the Turkish side:

1.1 People (including Tarim, Anger, High-Accidents, Occupational Accidents, Casualty, and death) legislationkapsayan

1.2 Government officers and The legislation, (Government, and Death)

1.3 Esnaf and art, which includes the services of the Retired T.C., and the people who are working in their own name and account in the field with the works, (Malûlity, Near and Death)

1.4 506 Social Insurances Legislation on the temporary 20-nci clause of the law,

2.  From the Macedonian balance:

2.1 Safe insurance and protection,

2.2 Insurance and disability insurance,

2.3 accident and occupation insurance coverage,

2.4 Uninsured,

2.5 Additional payment for children,

(2.) This Pseudo, 3rd paragraph provisions, in order to remain stored, replace the legislation identified in paragraph 1, bringing the drugs, It applies to law, charter, and other legislation that replaces or replaces the law.

(3.) Regulations on a part of a party and rights coverage are reported to the other party within three months. This notice applies within three months as of the date of notification of the notification.

(4.) legislation for a new social insurance arm, with this intention between the Parties. Implemented by doing a commitment.

Article 3

The following of the followingUygulamanýn

This Glossary is from two countries, whether one or both parties have a problem or if they have reason to do so. the family members covered in the scope of the applicable legislation and the remaining Applicable to rights holders.

Article 4

Business Business

People who are defined in the 3rd item will see the right and obligation of rights and obligations according to the compliance of the parties.

Article 5

Help for help

(1.) Benefits to be paid to anyone identified in the 3rd item, including the benefits of this Pseudony="JUSTIFY"> (1.) No one, any discount due to the fact that the other party is complaining in the country of the other, stop, cancel, or volume, and these benefits are also paid in the country of other parties.

(2.) The 1st paragraph provision of this Article is also applied in the case of a third country.



Article 6

If no provision is found in terms of 7 and 8 clauses,

A person employed in a Party country is related to that as, only to the legislation of that Party,

, which is a Party No one who complaes about in his country or in the country of the other Party or both in his own account in his own account in his or her own country is the subject of the subject,

the subject.

Article 7

(1.) A person sent to be employed for a period of time not to exceed 24 months in the country of the party who is subject to the legislation, does not make these services in the first-party country Only the First Party will be subject to the country's legislation. With the prior approval of the competent authorities of both Parties, this 24-month period may be extended not to exceed 60 months in total.

(2.) A person in the territory of one of the countries, who has stolen from their own nam and account, is a temporary The legislation of the first country, such as the first country, is implemented in the first country, as the second Party goes to this country to be real, in the country's territory. With the prior approval of both authorized authorities, it may be extended with a record of not passing 60 for this 24 months.

(3rd) air, land, or telecommunication firms headquartered in one of the countries, by sending it to the country.

(4.) The ship crew and the other passengers on board are subject to the country's legislation, which represents the holiday part of the ship.

(5th), employment or representation of one of the countries in the country of one of the countries Parties to the country's legislation.

(6.) A party is a citizen of the country's state and public services, official representatives, or people who are employed in the establishment of a public service. They are subject to the legislation that they are. People who were employed in these parts, if they were citizens of the other side, or the country of the country where they would otherwise complain in that country, would demand within three months of the country's compliance with the country's regulations. yerel

Article 8

The Diplomatic and Consulate Representatives

(1.) The local government and consulates in diplomatic and consular offices are local. the number of people who were sent to staff as staff, who sent them uygulanýr

(2.) In a party country, the country's legislation is applied to the right of people who are not sent by their country.

(3rd) 1 and 2 of the following are the ones that are specified in the People who are citizens of diplomatic or consular representatives who are citizens of diplomatic or consular representatives, or their requests for people in the country, are subject to the implementation of one of the party countries within three months of the date of the beginning of the date of the start of the transaction. preference.

Article 9


The authorities and authorities are based on claims by both of us, authorities, or the authorities identified by these authorities to the 6th and 7th clause of the Glossary of the Glossary Exceptions are provided.





Article 10

Insurance Process Times

One of the parties according to the legislation, a Party's authorized institution is fully insured by the legislation of the other, as well as to the completion of certain insured times, according to the legislation. regardless of their time.

Article 11

The benefit of the charges

(1.) The complainants on the Side of the temporarily found and is entitled to help with a Party legislation The insured, the insured, has the right to help. This benefit is temporary or according to the institution of this institution by the institution of the country that is being held.

(2.) to the country of provisional duty for the invention of a particular business The country's Social Security Institution account, which is located at the time the insured requires the treatment of their status, will benefit from the health of the country's Social Security Institution, including hospitable or hospitable assistance.

(3.) According to one of the parties ' legislation, the people who are insured are temporarily the country's authorized social security institutions account for the country's authorized social security institutions, including the hospitable assistance, when they were found in the country of the other Party, requiring immediate treatment, including the hospital's authority to the hospital. They will benefit.

(4.) 1, in the 2nd, 2nd and 3rd paragraphs, may resume their treatment in the country where they are registered.

(5.) 1, 2, 3, and 4 The provisions of the provisions of the insured or the complainable and the undersecretary of the law. applicable for family members.

Article 12

(1.) Family members who are eligible for the health of the country in accordance with the country's legislation, which is eligible for assistance in the country of the country, They benefit from the health of the country in which they are complaining about the right to benefit from the country's legislation.hastalýk

(2nd) family members mentioned in the 1st storm. When they transferred their complaints to the country where the authority was found, or They benefit from the health benefits of this party, from the health benefits of this party.

(3rd) is determined by country legislation that is not eligible for the health benefits of the insured.

(4.) Family members who are complaining on the other side of the insured benefit the authorized agency account from the health benefits of this insured country.

(5th) Eligibility, family Who their ferns are and their help is to the authority of the competent institution Is determined.

Article 13


How to HelpSaðlýk

(1.) Both parties are separate or revenue based on the legislation of the country The assistance of anyone is only according to the country's legislation.

(2.) No one who is responsible for the legislation of either party, or an income person, is otherwise known if the country complainant in the country The help of the country's competent authority, the reputation of the country's authority, and the complaint. kurumca

(3.) The competent authority of the country of the government, when it requires immediate (immediate) assistance in the country of the persons identified in the 1st paragraph of Article 1 of the Article They take advantage of the health benefits of being in the account.

(4.) The provisions of paragraph 1, 2, and 3 are also applicable to the family members of the month owner.

(5.) the identification of the duration and family members of the aid, month or income, with the loss of The authorized institution of the country that is paying by the country's authorized institution is determined and the competent authority is located at the site of the complain.

Article 14

Payment of Helpful Expenses

This is the following 11, The cost of the health benefits of 12, 13, 20, and 22 items are paid for by the agency, which makes the loss of interest, and is paid to the country's social security institution within the principles and principles to be identified by the Islamic State.

Article 15

Protheses and Important HealthYardýmlarý

Benefits with Benefits

(1.) Protheses and other important health benefits are the lives of interest that is covered by 11 items, and is in danger of (urgent) state It's a warrant. Procedural and essentials are determined by Human Meaning.

(2.) The payment of money assistance (daily allowances) is sold according to the legislation of the institution where the interest is concerned in the cases specified in item 11.

(3.) If the party country legislation has the provision of respect to the number of family members for the insured, family members who complain in the country are also under consideration.

Article 16

Analot Help

(1.) One or both of the insured If the party legislation does not have the right to take advantage of the analtic benefits, it is the only current state in the country where it has been found to have found uninsured times, if necessary, by the 10th clause. regulatory provisions.

(2.) Benefits of health benefits if not insured.

(3.) A number of health benefits that are made to a person who is eligible for analgesia, According to the situation, within the framework of the Articles 11 and 12 of this Pseudo karþýlanýr



Article 17

Unification of Insurance Processes

(1.) By a Party legislation to be eligible, protected or eligible to be eligible for assistance again, with a record of not having the same amount of insured times on the other side unless otherwise stipulate in this Glossary of the parties authorized by the Neutral agrees with its own legislation.

(2.)  For anyone who does not qualify for the benefit of applying the 1st paragraph of the Article, the relevant institution will also include the insured durations in a third country where the Parties have signed the social security promise.

(3.) The durations on the other side and the first time when one of the parties is required to be insured, whether they are eligible to be insured or have been insured again, or if they have been insured against the other. enter.

Article 18

Less than 12 Months Ininsured Times

(1.) If the insured period that is required to consider when a Party is required is less than 12 months, no assistance will be made for these durations except for the duration of this insured and the benefit of the benefit.

(2.) periods specified in paragraph 1 of the Clause, which are not considered to be insured by a party, are eligible for assistance, protection or retrial of the relevant institution, the relevant institution, the relevant institution. the amount of help and the quantity of aid, if necessary, to take this time to are subject to the legislation.

Article 19


(1.) If a benefit is not applied by a side, then this side is authorized The institution will only be able to determine its assistance when considering its own legislation.

(2.) 1% of the right to not be available for the benefit of the race, according to article 17, the insured times are under consideration. The help is calculated by getting help.

17 The agency calculates the total insured durations as if they were to be implemented. The total amount of time after which the calculated total is based solely on the amount of time it takes to determine the amount of the help.

(3.) If there are provisions regarding the reduction, stop or cut of the separation of parties, In the implementation of this provision, this provision also applies to:


Article 20


(1.) Insured a number of people who have experienced or become involved in an occupational accident. It is the third time that the insurance is made from the half. Chapter 1. Benefits according to the legislation that is insured in accordance with the provisions of the Department.

(2.) A person who is involved in an accident or is being held for a job is a person who is subject to an occupational disease. When transferring to his country, he will continue to take advantage of those benefits, obtaining the permission of the competent institution where he was found to be registered. This permission may be extended to the related install report and may be extended by the authority of the authorized institution.

(3), in the case of an accident or profession after someone transferred the complaint to the other person, it was previously registered are eligible to benefit from the institution's account, this institution account, and the health and treatment benefits of the insurance and treatment benefits.

(4.) 1, 2, 3, and the benefits of the institution, the authority of the authority account is granted according to the legislation that is valid on the side that is found temporarily.

(5.) The prosthetic, larger device, and more significant other than the prosthetic, larger device, and more significant other than the number 15 provisions of the coins.

Article 21

According to the legislation of a side, an ive In the course of the current degree of relativity, which occurred as a result of accident or occupational disease, the accident and occupational diseases that have come to vukua in accordance with the legislation of the other, including the time of their own legislation, have been received as a result of the accident. 2 nci paragraph provisions of Article 23 to determine the benefits of the English language.

Article 22

Related Benefitsile

If anyone is working in the country that may cause the disease in both of us, the help of the rights holders in the event of insurance or death, the latest on the issue of the legislation that is the subject of this legislation, is the case. It will be registered to replace the next.

Article 23

An insurance policy of one of the parties is required to receive assistance from the subject of an occupational condition in the country of the other party, while the following are the rules of the application.

1.  If the insured was stolen in the first country, the company said, the insured would be required to take account of its legislation if it had been stolen in the first country, which could cause the new country to cause a new country to be infected.

2.  If the insured is otherwise working in the country where the new complaint is made in the country, the institution that is being registered in the first country will take part in its own legislation; the institution that has been registered in the country where the new complaint is located, the difference between the amount of help that the insured has to pay for its own legislation and the amount of help that it must pay after it has been transferred will pay after the amount of help that it will pay after it has occurred in its own country.



Article 24

Setting up the help

(1.) The right to pay for children is identified when the country is insured, including children who are complaining on the other side, and the country where the person is insured.

(2.) The right to pay additional for children is entitled to the legislation of both parties, only the legislation of the child is required.

(3.) The provisions of this Article 1 and 2 of this Article are the retired people applies to fields.



Article 25

People's Necessary Conditions

People's unemployment benefits are done within the framework of the legislation being implemented in the country where the insured is being played. The common, format, and methods that are envisioned in their own legislation, regardless of the expiration of the insured on the other side of the trial.


CONTROL control

Article 26

The financial controls stipulated by a Party in order to determine the availability of persons or persons residing or found in one of the countries, at the request of the competent authority and the account of the authority of the authority, yapýlýr

Eyer-financial controls, It will be done by the institution and the institution costs the institution and the expense of the agency if it is done to enforce the regulations of both Parties.



Article 27

Islamic Expression

Any procedural and essential for the implementation of this Glossary is determined by the parties involved.

Article 28

Information Dec and Decision

(1.) The competent authorities and institutions responsible for the implementation of the promise:

1.1 Legislators inform each other of any information necessary to implement this Glossary;

1.2 This is a Glossary or if you are interested in the implementation of any assistance or for the implementation of this benefit, they are helpful to each other, and

1.3 is possible. at the most recent times, all measures taken for the implementation of this Glossary Or, if the commitment affects the implementation, they notify each other of their own legislation.

(2.) The benefit of this Article (1.2) is that of 27 nci items for reimbursement of certain types of expense. Any special provisions in the appropriate state of Israel are exempt from the fee, with the record of being withheld. Declares the amount to be paid as US Dollars ($), as a party's authorized agency wants to pay it from its authorized institution. On top of this, the second enterprise pays this amount to the first cent.

(3.) Any information that is sent to the other party is confidential unless it is to be described in accordance with the legislation of a party. This information is used only for the purposes of implementing this Promise.

(4.) A third party is required to receive compensation from a third party, and that is the case in the country of the other. If the country's competent authority is notified and made a request to be notified of its results, the country's authorized institution will meet the request and make the request, if it is to request the following. Provides information to the authorized authority of the party.

Article 29

Tax, Fee, and Allowance For Allowance or Allowance

The provision of any document or documentation required for the implementation of the legislation by that side is the subject of the provision. taxes, consular fees, or any discounts on or related to any of the administrative expenses, also cover the necessary documents and documents relating to the implementation of the other Party regulations. Any document required for the implementation of the pledge is exempt from the approval or similar formalities of the diplomatic or consular authorities.

Article 30

Reporting Language

This The competent authorities and institutions of the Parties and their institutions communicate in Turkish and Macedonian for the implementation of the promise.

Article 31

Claim, Notice and ReceiveÝtirazlarýn

(1.) One of the according to the legislation, within its legal term to the competent authority or institution of Any claim, notice, or objection to the payment of a race, or to determine the right of aid, is considered to be presented to the competent authority and institution of the other party. The same applies to petitions and appeals to other topics.

(2.) A request for assistance in a party legislation is accepted as a request for a fair benefit under the legislation of the other

(3.) 1 and 2 nci in any case where the paragraph is applied, the competent authority or institution that is presented by the request, notice, or objection transmits it to the competent authority or institution of the other party without delay.

Article 32


One The authorized authority of the party replaces any monetary obligations with its own currency in accordance with this Glossary.

Article 33

Means Solution

(1.) authorities to handle the interpretation of this Glossary among the Parties and the way they negotiate the cause of the exercise.

(2.) If possible, it is not possible to resolve the following in six months, in this case The solution is not to be used by one of the parties. will be transferred to an arbitrator delegation.

2.1. Each country, which is a party, is appointed an arbitrator within a month, starting from the decision of the arbitrator to be resolved by the arbitrator's delegation. The two arbitrators appointed in this way will elect a third party as the third arbitrator of a third state within two months of the country's declaration of this assignment.

2.2. In the event that one of the states, which is a party, does not appoint an arbitrator within the specified time, then the European Court of Human Rights asks the arbitrator to appoint an arbitrator. If they are unable to reach the selection of the third umpire to be appointed, the two arbitrators will be placed in the European Court of Human Rights in the same way.

2.3. If the European Court of Human Rights is to be of the nationality of one of the President's Party, the duties given to him are the highest in the court, in which case the trial of the court may be in question or the same. degree to the right.

(3.) The Hakem delegation decides with the majority of votes cast. The decision of the delegation is of the right nature for both states. Each state that is a party to the expense of the arbitrators appointed by the arbitrators will be paid. Other costs are left at the rate of countries that are part of the word. The arbitration panel determines the procedures for which they are played.



Article 34

Provisional ProvisionalHükümler

(1.) This is the current any of the insured time that was completed before the date of the entry will be considered in the detection of a help for this statement.

(2.) A benefit was paid for a period of time prior to the date of this Promise. vermez

(3.) 2 nci fikra provision is about to remain saved, any of the help except for any of the sum payment assistance; this is also applied to events that have occurred prior to the effective date of this Glossary. However, the written rights are two years away from the effective date of the Glossary, two years after the end of the date, two years after the end of the term, and two years later, the time of the settlement. it is paid.

Article 35

The Effective Enter and Feshi

(1.) Each of the parties will notify the other of the necessary internal legislation to enter the Client's effective entry. A statement follows the first day of the second month following the final notification.

(2.) Apply from the date the date is effective. The Promise, however, can be annulled by a statement from one of the parties to the other. The annulment will be effective at the end of the sixth month following the notice date.

(3.) If the Word of Eater ends, the rights to be won will continue under the terms of the Glossary, and the decision is made about the claims that are not in effect when the Word is resolved. The negotiations are to be entered. Claims that cannot be handled are resolved within the framework of the 33rd clause.

This Glossary is in Turkish and Macedonian, with both text valid in Skopje on 6.7.1998. is edited and signed in their language.








Prof. Dr. Nami ÇAçan

Naser ZIBEKEkum


The Ministry of Occupation and Social Security

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy