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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. DAHİLİYE MEMURLARI KANUNU, İL İDARESİ KANUNU, İÇİŞLERİ BAKANLIĞI

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Law No. 5540 Date: 1/7/2006 article 1-9/6/1700, dated and numbered (1930), the following additional items have been added to the civil servants Law internal medicine.
"First class conditions for leaving second addendum-Civil Administration Headquarters services class district administrators with this adjective has been won in the Central and provincial organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees from the following requirements of the civil administration, is decided in the elevation to the first class: a) the Civil Administration Headquarters services class; District Governor nominee effectively, including fifteen years of being in the first degree and vested pensions.
b) Id notes, the civil administration officer evaluation reports, secret special report and evaluation müfettişlerince the ownership documents, commendations, awards, tecziye and foreign language skills by taking into account the criteria based on the evaluation profession to do to succeed.
c) which are defined by the Constitution of the Republic, violating the basic qualifications for being convicted or even stopped by the forgiveness of this nature to break away to the first-class civil administration for crimes hurdle has not received a disciplinary action.
d) incompatible with dignity or personal dignity of the profession and dignity and disrepute to a criminal conviction.
e the penalty for cutting or stopping the progression of Aylıktan) didn't get to be the tick.
Evaluation method APPENDIX article 3-determination of first class will be held for the purpose of the Civil Administration supervisor review and evaluation, Ministry of Internal Affairs Encümenince made in November each year. As a result of this assessment, a perfect face to be successful at least seventy five points you get. First-class civil administration master status in the list to be awarded to the Official Gazette is published.
Their names are not included in this list, those concerned, from the date of publication of the decision within thirty days, shall refer to the status of Partner of the Ministry in writing by once again discussed. Council within sixty days from the expiration of the appeal period.
First-class civil administration headquarters, from the date of the decision that has not been upgraded to the status of two years and are subject to first class review again. Evaluating principles and principles of work of the Council and with the determination of the weight of the evaluation criteria of success points and issues for an appeal by the Council of Ministers by the Ministry of Interior prepared a regulation instituted.
Assigning to some missions ADDITIONAL ITEM 4-Department of the Interior, general managers, Committee Presidents and First General Counsel, first class and first class after you upgrade to first class promotion hasn't lost the quality of the civil administration supervisors are assigned among.
Additional payment for ADDITIONAL article 5-the Interior Ministry headquarters and Headquarters located In rural teşkilâtında the Civil Administration personnel Services, the highest civil servant of (including additional indicator) will not exceed 200% of the additional payment. The ratio of additional payment and with rhythmic cycles; personnel at the scene, working conditions, the degree of the task title, monthly, taking into account criteria such as the approval of the Ministry of Finance is determined by the Minister of the Interior upon. the provincial Administration Act No. 5302 28 Pearl and according to article 63 payees with other legislation according to beneficiaries incurring the added title of precedent under the specific rates can be detected or no additional payment rates to determine in General. Additional payment for acquiring the right of civil servants Law No. 657 monthly and payment provisions and related to this, without paying any tax and excluding stamp duty deduction is taken. This is the payment, 27/1/2000 and article 5 of Law No. 4505 (c) I was with 4/7/2001 and Decree No. 631 16 provisions do not apply. Benefit from this payment to staff 27/6/1989 and wrap-up of 375 numbered Ka has an attachment according to article 3 of the payment is not done. "
Article 2-included the following Act No. 1700 temporary items.
"PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1-the date of promulgation of this Act, the Governor's Office, Deputy Undersecretary, Chairman of the Board and General Manager served as the First Law Consultancy, are considered elevated to first-class civil administration.
The date of promulgation of this Act the civil administration master class with fifteen years of service the services and those who are vested pensions be upgraded to first class in the first degree relating to the transactions completed within a year.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 2-article 3 of the law, from the date of the publication provided for in regulations by the Ministry of Interior is put into effect by the Council of Ministers was prepared in six months. "
Article 3-10/6/1949 Provincial Administration Act No. 5442 dated and article 6 of the first paragraph has been added to the following joke to come after.
"The Civil Administration Chief to be appointed as Governor in the class of service; After you upgrade to first class and first class first class promotion hasn't lost the quality of the Charter be searched. "
Article 4-14/2/1985 and law on the Organization and duties of the Ministry of Interior No. 3152 27 the second paragraph of article "after the Ministry Partner" on the way "to increase the civil administration to first class to detect and evaluate the supervisor and" phrase has been added.
Article 5-14/7/1965 and the civil servants Law No. 657 152 of the Indemnities "portion of the" E "II-) Civil Administration Headquarters Special Service Compensation" section (e) has been changed as follows.
"e) of the others;
-1st degree for monthly% 290 ' INA,-2 and 3rd degree at 280% for monthly from fields,-4 & 5th degree for monthly% of 260 ' INA,-other degrees to those who have purchased 240% per month of the INA,-Governor candidates for the title of Governor of the drill-175% winners, excluding district after winning the title of the Interior Ministry, where he worked with the Central teşkilâtında Central Governors in addition 30%, "article 6-Act No. 657 attached (I) of the ruler," VIII. Civil Administration Master Services Class "section (b) after subparagraph (c) below to come and present (c) subparagraph (d) as third parties.
"c) first class 1 Pearl River-5800" Civil Administration There-from fetal 4th rin (General Administrative level set for the same task In titles such as additional Services-strengthen tax administration are low numbers of not) article 7-Act No. 657 (IV) Compensation Cetvelinin (4) the following, in order of number (c) and (6) of the sequence number (a) of subsection (1) in the event the child I was has been changed as follows.
"c) first class Civil Administration supervisors" "1. First class except for district administrators and supervisors Civil Administration District after winning the title of Department of Internal Affairs, where he worked in the Central and provincial, "article 8 of this Act;
1700 added with article 1 a) in article 3 article 4 of the additional article one year after the date of publication, b) other provisions shall come into force, the date of promulgation.
Article 9-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.