Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Private Educational Institutions Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ÖZEL ÖĞRETİM KURUMLARI KANUNU

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Kanun No. 5545


Accepted Date: 26/9/2006      


Purpose, Scope, and Tantas

Purpose and scope

MADDE 1- The purpose of this Law is the actual people of the Republic of Turkey, to be provided by legal entities that are governed by the provisions of private legal entities or special law, to grant institutions an institution, transfer of the institution, transfer of staff, and financial support to the institutions and to the institutions of the institutions. With my education, management, supervision and supervision. The institutions of special education, which are opened by foreigners, are to regulate the principles and essences of education, administration, supervision, surveillance, and personnel.

This Law is based on the provisions of real persons, legal entities, or private law of the Republic of Turkey. includes private education institutions, which are managed by managed entities, and private institutions that have been opened by foreigners.


MADDE 2- passed in this Law;

a) Ministry: The Ministry Of National Esecation,

b) Institution: Pre-school education, education, secondary education, private school courses, distance education, distance Organizations, courses, motoring drivers, courses in service, education centers, special education centers, special education and rehabilitation centers, such as the installation of other private education centers,

c) School: Private schools of pre-school education, education, private education, and secondary education,

d) Wild schools: Private schools opened by foreigners,

e) The minority schools: the Greek, Armenian, and Jewish minorities were founded by the Treaty of Lausanne, and the pre-school education of the Republic of Turkey, which is a minority of its own, is the continuing education of the Republic of Turkey. The private schools of my education and secondary education,

f) Dershane: To prepare for the others; to prepare for the entrance to a top school or higher education, in the courses they want. Private education institutions that operate in order to grow and improve their knowledge levels,

g) Conflict courses: Knowledge, skills, skills, and experiences in social, cultural and professional areas of the people Private institutions operating to improve their free time according to their arrival or request,

h) Special school of education: Serving individuals who require special education, privately-made personnel an institution of special education, which is the implementation of the advanced education programs,bulunduðu

i) Engines course: Engines and traffic results by ability to drive a motor-to-port I have special education, which I have to pay for.

j) The important center of education: The help of other people to study, pay and project their lessons. with interest, request and capabilities, and special education institutions that are engaged in the activities of the country,

k) Special education and rehabilitation center: The housing and language development of individuals who require special education, sound To eliminate or minimize the effects of mental, physical, sensory, social, emotional or behavioral problems, maximizing their abilities, basic self-care skills, and maintenance work. to develop their skills and to ensure compliance with the community operating private education,

l) My private institutions of private education: my private education to which foreigners of strangers can continue. agencies,

m) Founder: Actual or legal entity that owns the enterprise and is organized by the name of the permit to open an enterprise,

n) Founding representative: name of legal entities managed by private law legal entities or special law provisions selected port,

o) Distance agency: With all kinds of communication tools for those who cannot maintain their life for reasons of conflict I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-

refers to.


Agency Open, Founder, Institution Buildings, MilletlerarsPrivate Institutions of Pay,

School of Foreigners Schools and Azotics

Install permission

MADDE 3- Permission to open an enterprise in order to be able to address the organization in an organization It is mandatory. The fire department is the director of the relevant national office. As a result of the review, the institutions are allowed to open institutions to the institutions that are deemed to be eligible to open. The schools, which are considered to be open to the Governor's office, are sent to the Ministry to be granted permission to open the institution.

Your requests by the founder or its founding representative if the request for open permission is rejected by the governor. As of the first day of the reddine, the Minister may appeal to the Minister within the day of the day. A decision is made within the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the United States.

Without permission to open an enterprise, the organization cannot be enrolled in the organization.

GrantingKurumEnterprise clearance is appropriate and adequate to the use of the building and to the standards set up in the Ministry Replacing the following with the following:

A) Identify with a report that the class tool-widget is sufficient for the purpose and needs of the organization.

b) the organization, the number of employees, other personnel, and the number of other personnel, and in this institution the documentation that you want to work with.

c) The agency's regulations are reviewed and received by the Minister.

An institution that is given after the thirtieth day of the year of education, secondary, and private education. The permissions are valid from the following course.            

The guidelines for granting names to organizations are determined by regulation.

From real and legal entities, activities that are covered by the in-service scope The specified activities cannot be made without the consent of the competent authorities according to this Law.  

Military schools, schools, schools and other institutions that have made anti-religious institutions, such as the same or similar My education cannot be opened.

nitelikleriFounder/co-founder ' s qualifications and institution buildings

MADDE 4- The actual enterprise will open or take over an institution Representatives of the entities are asked to be convicted of a crime, whether they have been convicted of a crime of a hundred months or more, of a crime, even if they are in an amnesty, or if they are not convicted of a criminal offence.

Institution buildings are standards for all kinds of facilities and equipment with institutions that can be opened in these buildings. It is determined by the Minister.

Open alcoholic beverages with public places like

Meyhane, coffee house, racathane, bar, electronic game centers. It is mandatory that the places sold are at least 100 meters away from the door to the door. This obligation is not sought in the institutions of my private education, which are the institutions of the other than the institutions that are in need of private education. However, the following kinds of private institutions cannot be found in the same building as specified above in the building.

Tourism is a holiday where schools are vacatable, with the top sites listed above There are no more than a hundred meters away from the schools.

Experts on the basis of the experts, national and ministry of culture, tourism, Culture and Tourism It is determined by the regulation that they will be prepared.

Milletarasa private education, foreign schools and minority schools

MADDE 5- Milletarasi private education institutions, foreign schools and It is stated in the guidelines of the minority schools.

a) Millet’ s special education institutions:

1) My special education in the higher education that other foreign-born people can continue The institution may be opened with the permission of the Council of Ministers within the framework of the Code of Foreigners, real and legal entities of foreign nationality, or by the path of a partnership with the Turkish citizens and the Republic of Turkey by 4875 of the ordinary Foreigners. Real persons of the Republic of Turkey, legal entities that are governed by the provisions of private legal entities or special law, can also open a private institution of private law in which they are provided for the same purpose as their names.

2) In the institutions of this education, the country and nation of the Turkish State shall not be divided into its entirety, trust and interests. I will not be able to testify against the Turkish nation's national, moral, human, spiritual, cultural and cultural dearth.

3) My education, education and education activities in these institutions, and the actions of the other aspects of the They are executed according to the administration and approved by the Ministry.

4) The rights to the Ministry are saved in these topics.

b) Strangers:

1) With the permission of the Council of Ministers, they can acquire new land and increase their capacity by up to five times.

araziler2) The land on which they are installed is not being grown, and the building on the existing land with the permission of the Ministry, It can increase or refresh the capabilities of the other and the hardware so that they do not exceed a maximum of one port.

3) With the permission of the governorate in need of existing buildings, it can be remodled.

4) In this way, foreign schools cannot expand their buildings, cannot expand their lives, are available. The buildings cannot be rebuilt to replace the buildings. No property can be acquired or rented for this purpose.

5) The uneducated property of foreign schools, the proposal of its founders or officials, the Ministry or the installation It is possible to transfer the foundation of 4721 to Turkish Civilization Laws with the permission of the Council of Ministers, which is established according to the Turkish Civilization. The management of these delegated institutions is identified as the Ministry of the Ministry of Education, which is used to consider protection from consideration of the characteristics of my education.

c) The Azaluk schools:

1) schools dated 23/8/1923 and numbered 340 related to the Articles 40 and 41 of the Anthem It is determined by the regulations that need to be made. This regulation is prepared by the consideration of the respective countries ' subsequent legislation and practices in these matters. Formal schools legislation is implemented in the regulations that are not specified in the regulation. Only the people of the Republic of Turkey can read the children of the Republic of Turkey.



Et-Pay, Management, Power Off, and Staff Operations

My education and management of institutions

MADDE 6- My education and management in institutions, 1739 It is carried out in accordance with the general purpose and basic principles of the Turkish National EEU, which is expressed in the Basic Law of the Evitim.

The curriculum and the memory course schedule to be applied in institutions, and the principles and principles applied in the official institutions is specified in the In the case of the Minister, it is possible to apply different programs and a memory lesson schedule.

The institution or its administrations are managed by a manager who is a member of the organization. The management of the administrations is determined by the guidelines and guidelines for which the institutions are to be established.

A person can be the founder of more than one organization. The co-founder/founding representative, who has the required qualifications, may also be the director of the institution. The founder/founding representative, who does not have a principal task on it, cannot be involved in the institution-education and related management of the organization.

Organizations that have multiple organizations within

can be assigned a general manager and a general manager help.

The cancellation of the installation of the installation, closing the institution, and transfer of the organization

MADDE 7- Install within two years of institutions that are allowed to be installed Agency open permissions are revoked when the identified institution is being used with non-reseer.

My private education institutions have lost or failed to lose any of the agency's power-ons. If the number specified in the legislation is not to be stolen or the legislation is stolen, the advertisement and the advertisement are not replaced by less than ten days, depending on the severity of the behavior, if necessary, not less than ten days tentaically, the general public of the 1739 Basic Law of the National Eu And those institutions that do not comply with their basic principles for their specific purpose, who do not comply with the legislation, temporarily shut down, and those who repeat the same de facto, are repeatedly closed by the authority that grants the power to open the institution.

School cofounder/founding representative; Minister, administrator, teacher, specialist, expert, teacher and If reporting to the trainees/trainees at least three months ago, and the Ministry of Necessity is appropriate, I will be able to shut down the school at the end of the year.

The founder/founding representative of the other institutions in the schools is governor, manager, teacher, expert, expert, expert It may close its institution at the end of the semester, if it is necessary to notify the other and the trainees/trainees at least three months prior, and if necessary, the governorate is available in the governorate.

The closed or closed institution; its seals, managers, euremen, and all their notebooks related to the other It is required to transfer and deliver the files and other documents to the relevant governship. The 32 nci provisions of the 5326 Code of Mumps are applied to the founder or founding representative who escaped the transfer and delivery or to defend this mission.

The case against closed institutions is the case against the general provisions of the trainees or their guardians. The rights to open are saved.

The government and the transfer of the institutions are determined by the regulations.

personelStaff personnel to be stolen

MADDE 8- En-education and management services of institutions, assay The task is to run with the administrator and the other staff who are in these institutions.

The number of current course hours from the date of the next time that an institution has occurred, a third of the installation process, Three years after the installation, it is mandatory to read at least two-thirds of them in those institutions, as well as to be educated by experts, experts or veteran officials.

In order to be assigned to institutions of governance and education, at least as well as to be assigned to institutions of the institution. Those who have the necessary qualifications and conditions, the institutions that do not have an official balance, and the qualifications and qualifications that are specified by the regulation in the services of my education and education are assigned.

in order to avoid accumulations and reclining duties on official schools, the official schools have said. A number of paid lessons can be taught by the number of hours that are required to fill out the hours of the week course, and only in schools, to the half of the hours of the week of the week that they have been charged with the consent of the month of the week. The total number of hours of the total number of classes of lectures cannot exceed thirty hours per week.

Expert, veteran, and other government officials who are involved in the quality and experience of making a professional and more important. With the permission of the units, a paid lesson is required not to exceed ten hours per week.

The lesson time is determined by the regulations that are related to those who are assigned to be paid.

The directors of

Institutions, by the founder/founding representative, are director and teacher, expert and expert. Others will be selected by their principals and the work permits are submitted to the permission of the governor. Without the permission of the governor, the manager and the other manager, the expert, the expert and the expert experts, cannot be started.

Permission to play valiant for administrators, professionals, specialists, and proficient professionals who are required to take the necessary action. will be edited. The cancellation of the permit to play will again be done in the valilicity.

The provisions of this Law, the provisions of the Code for Foreigners Stealing 4817. It is deployed in the course of the document.

The founders of the schools that made my language from Turkish and opened it by the founders of the schools, The Republic of Turkey proposes to the governor of the Turkish or Turkish cultural courses, and one of the other languages, to be held as a vice president, is required to be licensed as a member of the Turkish principal.

If you do not have Turkish or Turkish culture lessons that know the language of my life, you can see the special area in the language of the school, and that can be given to other members of the Republic of Turkey who are national.

A proposal that did not make the proposal in a month to warn Turkish director of the Turkish director's office, Selects and takes time to valorize from among the other people.

haklarýRights rights and responsibilities

MADDE 9- An executive, teacher, expert, expert and expert in institutions The business promise of a constituent or co-founder or co-founder is written according to the guidelines specified by the regulation, including at least one calendar year duration. For less than one year, the administrator, the administrator, the other and the others who are transferred to the place of other people who are leaving the organization and other people who are left out of the organization due to their excuse can also be done with the business promise for less than a year.

schools are in formal schools where they serve as management and education, according to their status (except for pensioners). There is no charge of additional payment amounts under social assistance with the monthly payment.

The additional payments under theSosyalSocial aid are equal to the budget laws and the rights to the staff and staff. It is also paid to the schoolchildren and their staff. Income tax is not cut from additional payments covered by social assistance.

The amount of additional course fees in institutions cannot be less than the amount determined for the official schools. However, the amount of additional course fees to be given to those who are charged with the fee from official schools and institutions under the 8th clause cannot exceed twice the additional course fee identified for the official schools.

The administrator, the teacher, the expert and the expert who served in the institutions, the provisions of this Law are to be saved. to

ÝþA) Social Security and Social Security Law (506) of the Code of Social Security, and a Code of Law of 4857,

b) From the application of liability, awards, and penalties, and the implementation of these, 657-year-old Code of State, 1702 The Law on Terfi and Techies of the British and Middle Tandeses, 4357 are the Promotions, Promotions and Punishment of the Israeli Military, and the Dignity And Importance of Turkish Dignity and Punishment. Help Sandman Sandman Sandman and Other The Law on the Law of 4483 and Officers of the Law, Law on the Creditors, and Law of the Dignity of the Law,

It is relevant to thehükümlerineprovisions.

However, 657 is the number of verbals that require the decision to stop advancing the level of Public Officers by Law. In case of a decision to stop the move forward, instead of stopping the level of toast, the Maaşus cut penalty is issued by the authority that grants the permit to play. A repeat of the mission is an end to the mission.

1702 According to the law, the state is civil or 657, according to the State Officers Act. In the process of de facto retribution, the authority of the personnel is given to the task of the personnel by the office of the Minister, and the authority of the personnel is given the final.

The authority to implement, liability, reward, registration, discipline and penalties will be imposed on the basis and the will to be played is determined by the regulation.

Administrative, teacher, expert, expert and veteran who served in the institutions, criminal charges in their duties For crimes against them due to their duties, the number of offences against them is the result of the implementation of the Turkish Penal Code and the public servant from the maintenance of the ticket.

The cancellation and temporary assignment of the Chinese permission

MADDE 10- detected at an inspection rate at a time of the two-time period The permission of the executive, the teacher, the expert, and the permission of the veteran other people is cancelled by the issuing authority.

The executive, teacher, expert, expert, expert, who is seen as a resident of the

Service according to the 9th of the clause And the duty of the other personnel is to be dismissed by the issuing authority.

This status is communicated to the organization to be notified of the interest. It would be enough to make sure that the dissolution of the word and the interest in the institution is cut off.

The governor's inspection and audit of the institutions, and in cases where there is a need, the administrator, the supervisor, the expert He can relieve his fellow teacher and his fellow euretyas. In this case, the governor will take the necessary measures by tentaging.


Audit, Reclamation, Financial Provisions and Charges

Administration, reclamation, and policy

MADDE 11- The institutions and the personnel in these institutions are It is under the supervision and supervision of the Minister.

In audits of education-education and management, the agency's private management is also considered.

Institutions, however, may give appropriate publicity and policy to the purpose of their purpose. These institutions are not found in the record and the truth in their advertising, and they cannot be advertised and advertised on television.

Service provisions

MADDE 12- Institutions only to profit their activities they cannot edit. They may, however, be able to improve the quality of the education for the purposes of Turkish national education, to provide services and services to improve the quality of the education, and to provide services and services that will allow them to develop.      

The Ministry may obtain service from the institutions within the framework of the provisions of the Law on Public Dignity of 4734.

Schools are applied through the tariff imposed on water, natural gas, and electricity, applied to formal schools.

Pay fees and other charges, free of charge, and a foreign national Others

MADDE 13- The fees and other charges are determined by the institutions From January to January the latest is the latest in the month of January.

The basis of the charges is determined by the determination, determination, and regulation of the charges.

Institutions are obligated to read toll-free, not less than three per cent of the number of other people who see my life. This rate could increase to ten percent.

The percentage, choice, and acceptance of other people who will be free of charge, with guidelines and guidelines for acceptance from the

Institutions can grant a scholarship of my life. It is determined by the regulations that are given to the scholarship of the other.

The number of foreign nationals who can be taken to a school is a student of the Republic of Turkey who is studying at that school. Thirty percent of the numbers don't work.


Transitional and Recent Provitions

Laws, regulations, and non-convictions that are in effect

KanunuMADDE 14- 8/6/1965 and 625 count of Special Institution Institutions Law Current status is removed.

The regulations that are specified in this Code will be effective in a year from the date the Law is entered. They are.

In the non-provision of this Law, the provisions of the legislation applied to the institutions of the official business are enforced.

INVALID ARTICLE 1- These are the current regulations until the regulations stipulate in this Code are effective. Continuing the implementation of provisions that do not have the violation of the law.

INVALID ARTICLE 2- Before this Law is effective, official schools are held to provide paid tutoring in institutions. The teachers can continue their duties in institutions until the end of the day of the work permit.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 3- The 12th clause of this Law is applied from 2006-2007.

MADDE 4-  2828 has been granted the provisions of the Law on Social Services and Child Protecation The special education and rehabilitation centers, which are in accordance with the Ministry of National Innovation until 31/12/2007, are able to open their open permissions in accordance with the conditions set out by the Ministry of National Education.


MADDE 15- This is the date on the release date of the Law.


MADDE 16- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.