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Kanun No. 5546


Accepted Date: 27/9/2006      


ARTICLE 1- The European Social Bank (s) dated 1961 and its provisions in relation to the control system. It is appropriate for the approval of the "Protocol on the European Social March" signed on 6/10/2004, dated October 21, 1991.

ARTICLE 2- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.













Torino, 21.10.1991

signed on October 18, 1961 in Turin, and later called "February". Member states of the European Council who signed the European Social Bank's protocol:

is particularly active, especially the administration mechanism's business considering specific measures to increase, taking into consideration;

considering that some provisions are scheduled to be defered. ;

The following provisions are mutabled:

Article 1:

The number 23. The item is as follows:

" Article 23-Report and observation how to send your samples;

1-Each of the countries, 21 pearls and 22 nci, as per General While presenting a report to the secretary, it will send one example of this report to its own national organisations, which are members of the international organisations and companies that will be invited to the Government Committee meetings, to which the 27th article is required by the 27-nci. These organisations will send their visions to the General Secretary, which may be the reports of the countries ' reports. The Secretary-General sends the relevant Party to the countries, which will report one instance of these observations.

2-Europe provides a sample of the countries ' reports It sends the government's advisory status to the government and the government, which is in charge of the issue, especially on the issues that are reviewed.

rapor3-21 articles and 22 nci Maders, and report and report observations can be given to people. "

Article 2:

is as the 24th clause of the February 24;

" Article 24-Reports Tetkiki;

raporlar1 through 21 and 22, reports the General Secretary, It is examined by the Committee of Experts, which is based on Article 25. At the same time, the Committee will be able to obtain all observations submitted to the General Secretary, the 1st paragraph of Article 23. After the execution, the Department of Experts will prepare a report containing the status of the Committee of Experts.

As a result of reports that are prepared by

2-21, we do not The Committee of Experts shall determine the compliance of the regulations, legislation and national practices with the content of the contractual obligations for the countries concerned with the Bank.

3-The Committee of Experts provides a means to the country to demand completion of information and statements. He'll be able to fight If necessary, the party will be able to arrange a meeting with the representatives of the country at the request of the country or the country at the request of the Party. The organisations specified in paragraph 1 of Article 23 will be notified.

4-The decisions of the Committee of Experts are made public, and the Secretary-General is to the Government Committee, It is sent to the Parliamentary Assembly and to the organisations specified in the 2nd of Article 1 and Article 2 of the Article 23 of the Article. "

Article 3:

The 25th Article of the February is as follows:

" Article 25-Experts Committee;

1-The Committee of Experts is a superior character and national and international social candidate nominated by the Turkish Parties. The list of experts from the list of experts on issues of problems is at least nine members of the Parliamentary Assembly, elected by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Parliamentary Assembly. The exact number of members shall be determined by the Ministerial Committee.

2-The members of the Committee are selected for a period of time. They can be elected again once again.

3-A member of the Experts Committee, selected to replace a non-task member, is a member of the The member stays on as long as the remaining term.

4-Committee members contribute to meetings with individual titles. Members of the Committee of Experts will not be able to undertake other tasks that cannot interfere with their duties when members of the Committee of Experts are on duty. "

Article 4:

is as follows in Article 27 of the February:

" Article 27- Government Committee;

1-The 3rd paragraph of Article 1 and the 3rd paragraph of Article 3 of the countries 'reports prepared by the countries' reports, observations and information are sent to the Committee of the Government of the Committee of Experts to the Committee of Experts.

2-This committee is composed of each representative of the Party countries. He invites the international organization of the nation and two international organisations to send observers to the meetings and send an observer. The government may invite representatives of the European Council to receive their visions, especially in areas where the European Council is working, and especially in the areas of the city's review.

3-The Government Committee specifically, the Committee of Experts on the social and economy of the Committee of Experts and the countries of the Party Based on the policy observations, along with their justification, in accordance with Article 28 of the February, each of the relevant parties regarding their vision determine the state of the recommendation that is intended for the country. It presents a report to the Committee of Ministers to be made public.

4-The Government Committee provides social services to the Committee of Ministers based on observations of the application of the February general application. will be able to provide advice to address issues and to review the material that can be updated by the Bank. "

Article 5:

is the 28th of February. The item is as follows:

" Article 28-Ministerial Committee;

1-The Committee of Ministers is only about two-thirds of the vote states with the right to vote. Based on the report of the Committee, the party will be able to accept a decision that covers the entirety of the audit period and includes individual recommendations given to the respective Party countries.

2-The Committee of Ministers, under the 4th paragraph of Article 27, considers the recommendations of the Government Committee. He will take decisions that he sees fit. "

Article 6:

is the 29th of February. It is as follows:

" Clause 29.-Parliamentary Assembly;

The Secretary-General of the Council of Europe observed that all members are in preparation for the period of time, The Committee of Experts and the Committee of the Government of the Committee shall submit to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Committee of Ministers ' decisions. "

Article 7:

1-The member states to the Council of Europe as a member of the Council of Europe (s) in the United States Protocol:

a) approve, accept, or sign without proper eyesight;


b) approve, accept, or see fit to approve, accept, or appropriate see. signing.

2-The approval, acceptance, or appropriate vision documents are sent to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

Article 8:

The protocol is to use the Protocol to ensure that all countries have the provisions of Article 7 of all countries. The thirtieth day after the date they declare the number of people will be in effect.

Article 9:

Council of Europe Secretary-General to all members of the Council;

a) each signature;

gönderilmesinib) send each approval, acceptance, or appropriate vision document;

c) the effective date of the protocol in accordance with the 8th Article;

d) declares all kinds of progress, such as any notice or document related to the Protocol.

As a result, those who have signed up for the entitlement in this matter will sign this protocol.

On October 21, 1991, both texts signed up to be equally muteber and signed into English and French languages as the only one to hide in the European Council's further years. Approved by the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, the member of the European Council is sent to each State.