Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. (Revised) Of Suitable For Ratification Of The European Social Charter

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. (GÖZDEN GEÇİRİLMİŞ) AVRUPA SOSYAL ŞARTININ ONAYLANMASININ UYGUN

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Kanun No. 5547


Accepted Date: 27/9/2006      

ARTICLE 1- dated 16/6/1989 and eligible to be approved with a Code of 3581 In order to replace the European Social Bank of 1961, it is appropriate for the ratification of the "(Revised) European Social Bank", which was adopted by the Council of Europe in 1996 and signed on 6/10/2004 by our country.

ARTICLE 2- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.









Republic of Turkey, 1996 " (Reviewed) by the European Social Bank of Turkey, III. As part A is required, it's the anterior part of the heart of the art department. It represents the department's acceptance of the material, the fikra, and the self.

1st clause

2, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 nci featsmaddenin

3rd clause

2nd, 3, 4, and 5 feats of the 4th

7 to 31 percent of items






































Strazburg, 3 Mayans 1996


Member Governments for the European Council that sign this February;

The realisation of theidealCouncil of Europe goal, which is the common legacy of their own. and the protection of a stronger union among its members in order to ensure that social and economic development is facilitated, especially through the realisation and resumption of the rights and freedoms of the United States.

The European Council of Europe Member States was first signed in Rome on November 4, 1950. And in the Additional Protocols signed in Paris on 20 March 1952 with the European Dictionary of Protection of Fundamentable freedoms, taking into account their public acceptance of the civil and political freedoms set out in these documents;

On October 18, 1961, the member of the European Council of Europe signed the European Council of Europe. Social Bank and its additional Protocols consider their public acceptance of the social rights stated in these documents to raise the level of investment standards and social welfare;

at the Ministerial Conference on Human Rights held in Rome on November 5, 1990, All human rights, whether they are personal, political, economic, social or cultural, are protected by means of maintaining a new level of support for the European Social Bank, on the other hand, by selling the emphasis on the European Social Bank. On

21 and 22 October 1991, the Ministerial Conference in Turin was determined to be determined. , in particular, as a result of updating and customizing the February content to take into account key social issues that have occurred since the acceptance of the text in particular.

to add new rights in February and to secure the country with the same as the 1988 the benefit of the benefit of the Additional Protocol, as well as the benefit of the benefit of the European Social Council, as a result of the benefit of the United States;

will remain mutabled at the time of the month.


Parties to the right of all rights and policies in all appropriate national and international thanks to policies that are effective in an effective way:

1-Everyone has an example of how freely they can acquire it.

2-All the stolen people have the right to have fair play.

3-All of the stolen people have the right to have safe and secure stolen conditions.

4-All churning is fair enough to give a good level of investment to themselves and their families. the right of charge.

5-All churn and employers are national and national, to protect their economic and social problems. The international organization has the freedom to organize at the level of installation.

6-All churn and employers have the right to collective bargaining.

7-Children and young people will be entitled to special protection against physical and spiritual hazards. is available.

8-The Chinese women have the right to special protection if they are mothers.

9-appropriate to help everyone choose a profession based on their personal interest and capabilities It has the right to provide professional guidance.

10-Everyone has the right to have the appropriate facilities for professional education.

11-Anyone will be able to take advantage of the highest level of health that can be delivered has the right to take advantage of the measure.

12-All of the people who are stolen and are obligated to look up are entitled to social security.

13-Anyone devoid of sufficient resources has the right to receive social and medical assistance.

14-Everyone has the right to benefit from social welfare services.

15-Outreach to social work, social integration and social life folding It has the right to it.

16-Family as a base unit of family, suitable social, legal, legal and economic protection.

17-Children and young people have the right to appropriate social, legal and economic protection.

18-Citizens of any Site Party based on the social and economic causes of faith With the record of staying hidden, in the country of a member of the other Country of America, it has the right to make any profit-making under the conditions of the country's citizens.

19-Immigrant workers who are citizens of a Site Party and families of those who are citizens The party has the right to protection and assistance in the country.

20-All churn, employment, and professional issues are the result of gender-related discrimination It has the right to be treated and treated.

21-The stolen items have the right to be notified and consulted in the process.

22-The stolen media and the playing environment in the process of the operation and It has a right to bear the recovery.

23-Every single person has the right to social protection.

24-All stolen rights have the right to protection in the event of an end-of-air battery.

25-All stolen items will not be protected if their employers are becoming inactivated It has the right to it.

26-All churn has the right to dignity.

27-Anyone who has family responsibilities and who wants to play or to play, any Has the right to make it real when it can be, without being exposed to it, and working with family responsibilities, when it can happen.

28-People's representatives are protected by actions that harm them. They have the right to do so and they must be supported with appropriate means to perform their tasks.

29-All stolen people to be notified and consulted in a batch-out process is available.

30-Everyone has the right to be protected from poverty and social protection.

31-Everyone has the right to acquire housing.


The parties themselves, III. Do not count on the obligations contained in any of the following materials and fireplaces, as specified in the section;

They commit to


Article 1:


To ensure effective use of the SIT Parties;

1-A high and stable employment when it is possible to actuate full employment level, and not one of the objectives and responsibilities of this level, including:

2-An effective way to ensure that the people have been able to live with the company that they have freely acquired protect;

3-Do not install or maintain free i2 find services for all people;

4-Appropriate Profession of routing, education, and rehabilitation services, or service to:

They commit to


Article 2:

Rights to fair play

The parties have effectively used the right to have fair play. the number of times;

1-Efficiency increases and other related factors allow for the time of week-to-week churn. the reasonable daily and non-memory hours to be reduced as a result of a decrease in time;

2-Paid formal vacation is possible;

3-A minimum of four weeks of paid time allowed;

4-The risk of dangerous and hazardous risk is not taken away and is to allow paid attachments to or to reduce the hours of the work that are being played on if the risks have not yet been reduced or removed enough to reduce the risk of a paid additional time or time of the risk of those people who are playing.

5-Day considered to be a day of rest according to traditional country or local customs as it may be, the week of a week of rest, to be seen.

6-In two months from the date of the bush, immediately and at the latest date, to be notified of writing about the asli elements of the business or business;

7-Night plays will be taken into consideration of the features of the people who made it. handling measures;

They commit to


Clause 3:

Safety and safe play-outkoþullarý

The World Parties to the organisations and organisations of the United States are safe and secure. Effective use of the right to have conditions;

1-There is a consistent national policy for security, safety, and churn. application, and reviewing it with specific searches, the basic goal of this policy, to improve safety and safety, and to minimize the causes of danger, especially arising from the environment of the working environment.             the disease and accidents that occurred or have been caused by the accident. to prevent;

2-How to prepare regulations in security and storage areas;

3-Do not apply these regulations through control;

4-For all stolen, originally protected services with protection and advisory work to support the development;

They commit to


Clause 4:

Fair fee

Business Parties to ensure that a fair charge is used effectively;

1-Has the right to pay for a good level of investment in themselves and their families is not recognized;

2-Exceptions for exceptions are paid for when people are working overtime. receive the right to receive;

3-Do not know women with stolen men are entitled to a maximum charge of each other;

4-All stolen rights should be given a reasonable notice period before they are finally due not recognized;

5-Only dictation or collective commitments with national laws or regulations or allow an interrupt to be cut within the measures and measures determined by the arbitrator decision;

They commit to


Use of these rights, freely structured public commitments, legal fee determination procedures, or In accordance with national conditions, it is possible.

Article 5:

About the organization

The parties are local to protect the economic and social benefits of the people and the people who are stolen. to set up national and international organizations, and to prevent or support the freedom of membership of the national law, to prevent or prevent this freedom from being a member of the national and international organizations;

They commit to


The extent to which the assurances stipulate in this material will be applied to the extent to which security forces are applied by law or by regulations. The principle that these assurances apply to members of the armed forces is determined at what level this segment is applied to, again with national laws or regulations.

Clause 6:

About the aggregate market

Business Parties to ensure effective use of collective bargaining;

1-How to resolve common visions between the respondents and employers;

2-In cases where necessary and appropriate, charges and execution of charges through a collective commitment are To encourage people who work with organizations or organizations to have their own visions of working with their organisations;

3-Adequate Mediation for the solution of the business and the arbiter of the arbitration system power to install and process the business;

is committed and

4-Menfaat is in a sleep state, and employers have previously been made public. Identifies the right of collective action, including the right to strike obligations that may be related to the obligations.

Article 7:

The right to protect children and young people

The parties involved effectively use the right to protection of children and young people. with the purpose of:

1-Children may not be harmful to their health, morals, and their education. the 15-year-old minimum wage in the event of the execution of a minimum number of times;

2-In the case of dangerous or health damage, the minimum age is 18 countsaðlamayý;

3-A full sense of the required number of items that are currently required. whether to prevent them from being blocked;

çalýþma4-18 years of work, development, and primarily professional training to release requirements as they are needed;

5-The Chinese youth and output are entitled to a fair charge and benefit from appropriate payments not recognized;

6-Young people spend hours in professional training with the permission of the employers the number of times that the duration is counted from the duration of the daily work;

do not have at least four of the four-week paid leave for those operating under 7-18 years;

8-18 years of under-18 matches, national laws and regulations. the number of times that they were not to be played in the event;

9-United under national laws or regulations, under 18 years of work regular health check-up;

10-The dangers that children and young people are especially direct from or indirectly. To come to the United States, they would not be specifically protected from the physical and spiritual hazards;

They commit to


Article 8:

About the protection of the stolen women from theanalýðýnýn

The parties are effectively responsible for the protection of women in the state of motherhood. with the purpose of using the

1-Before and after cadre, paid leave, or adequate social security assistance or public from a total of at least fourteen weeks in total, through the use of resources;

2-How the employer has permission to notify a woman that she is pregnant with the person whether the period within the period between the period or the duration of the period in which the duration of this period is likely to be found in the notice;

3-To allow mothers to take a sufficient time to take a time for this purpose in the Emzirme period;

4-Pregnant, new docs, and children's night work during a breastfeeding period edit;

5-Pregnant, new docs, and children in nursing home mines during breast feeding and are not eligible for compliance with dangerous, harmful or environmental qualifications, and take appropriate measures to protect the right to steal;

They commit to


Article 9:

Rights to profession

To ensure effective use of the right to the profession, to provide a service or service that will be helpful to everyone, including the disabled, to choose their qualifications and to improve the business of their profession, including those with disabilities, in order to improve their business. and teenagers, including the school children of this aid. to be made free of charge for the capabilities;

They commit to


Article 10:

About professional eI

Business Parties to ensure effective use of professional training;

1-On the grounds of the need, everyone, including the disabled, to the organizations of the people and people of the people To ensure that I have high technical and professional education and experience with technical and professional training, and the ability to see a university, and to see a point of view of personal capability, and to see a higher technical and university experience;

2-A lockout system for girls and all young people to be eliminated when they are working in a number of people and how to encourage or reconstruct systematic regulations;


a-with sufficient and easily available delivery capabilities for the Chinese-to-play capabilities;

b-ring as a result of technological improvements or new stealing private convenions to help address the need for redistribution of capabilities; or to encourage them;

4-Realignment and realignment of long-term remains, as needed. To ensure that special measures are taken to ensure that they are sold; or toteþvik

5-a-All tuition and expenses are reduced or removed,

b-Do not make financial assistance if applicable,

c-A normal amount of time spent in additional time when the company saw the request at the time of the business. the number of times it was not counted from the time of the execution,

d-By means of adequate control, consulting with employers and working organisations, leaving and leaving to encourage the full use of the appropriate measures, such as the effectiveness of other organizations in relation to youth education, and to ensure that young workers generally do not have adequate protection,

They commit to


Article 11:

How to protect itSaðlýðýn

The World Parties may use the protection of the protection of the following, to use the the following measures, either directly or in public or private organisations,

1-When possible causes are caused by corruption, but eliminate them;

2-To develop a sense of responsibility and develop a sense of personal responsibility in the topics of the health Services for education and consulting;

3-To prevent the outbreak from being able to become a local and local disease, as it has been in the accident. the appropriate measures designed to be designed for;

They commit to


Article 12:

About Social Security

Business Parties to ensure that social security is effectively used:

1-Do not install or maintain a social security system;

2-From the level required to approve the social security system for the European Social Security Code maintain at a sufficient level, not to be more qualified;

3-Do not try to migrate the social security system to a higher level;

4-The appropriate binary or multi-party commitments are in the process of following or in other ways. As a result of field conditions, do not enter into the process to provide the following;

a-Location of the protected kians, regardless of the surface of the party, The benefits of social security rights, including the housing of social security legislation, are subject to the treatment of their own citizens and their own citizens, including the housing of social security legislation,

b-The insurance and churn times that are completed by each of the Parties Social security rights, resuming, and reintegration of social security rights through the integration of

They commit to


Article 13:

About social and medical assistance

The parties to ensure the effective use of social and medical assistance with intent:

1-A social worker, not enough, and from resources or other sources. using the security system to provide adequate assistance to anyone who may not be able to provide such an opportunity, and to provide a care that is required in the case of the disease;

2-Those who see such help, therefore, have no political and social rights to be affected. to prevent;

3-To prevent, remove, or mitigate everyone, personal or familial or family-related the ability to receive advice and personal help with the appropriate public or private services, which may be required;

4-1., 2, of this Article. and 3. The provisions of the other countries, which are legal in their country, are legal to their citizens by holding their own citizens, with the European Social and Turkish Outreach Commitment signed in Paris in 1953, December 11. application within the framework of obligations;

They commit to


Article 14:

Right to benefit from social welfarehizmetlerinden

Effective Parties effectively use Social Welfare Services to benefit with the following goal:

1-Welfare of individuals and groups in the community by taking advantage of social service methods communicate or sell services that will contribute to their development and to social environment;

2-Individuals and volunteers or other organisations have the right to install and maintain such services. To encourage them to fold;

They commit to


Article 15:

Do not be in my social life, social About integration and folding

Parties, regardless of the reasons and the nature of their apologies, their apologies, their apologies. to be able to effectively use the right to social integration and to contribute to social development:

1-Within the framework of the overall plan when possible, or if this is not possible, public or private take the necessary precautions to ensure the orientation, education, and professional education of the disabled through the experts;

2-To employ and maintain the self-employed in the normal working environment and to adapt to the needs of the handicrads, or to encourage the people to encourage them to create a safe employment type according to the level of apology, or to create a safe type of employment according to the level of apology. To encourage them to be employed by all measures;

In some cases, these measures do not refer to the services of specialized deployment and support. is required.

3-In particular, overcome communication and motion blocks, including technical assistance. to be fully integrated with the community and to contribute fully to community investment through measures aimed at reaching out and using the business, hosting, cultural events and the use of the bobbam;

They commit to


Article 16:

About family's social, legal and economic protection

The parties to ensure the full arrival of the family, which is the core unit of the community, Social benefits and family assistance, financial regulations, housing, new marriages, assistance and protection from the economic, legal and social care of the family, with appropriate means of assistance

They commit to


Article 17:

Social, legal and economic protection of children and young people right

The full range of physical and mental capabilities of the children, children and young people. They pledge to use the right or public and private organisations to take all appropriate measures to ensure that they are effectively using the environment in an environment that will cause the development of their development:

1-a-children and young people, whose parents are entitled to their rights and homework to help build and maintain services with adequate and adequate institutions, especially for this purpose, with the help, assistance, and the benefits of the benefit, the purpose of which they are:

b-protect children and young people from neglect, violence, and exploitation,

c-children who are temporarily or absolutely deprived of the support of their families

Protection of

and youth, and to receive special assistance from the state,

2-When children and young people are encouraged to attend school, the money is the first and the middle I'm scared to death.

Article 18:

In the countries of the industry, revenue is a revenue revenue. the right to acquire

Akkit Parties a revenue-making business acquisition in the country of any of the other Stakeholders with an effective use of the right to use;

1-Do not implement existing regulations with a democratic understanding;

2-Simplifying and churning out the current formalities, or those who stole them reduce or remove any of the images and other expenses paid by it;

3-Single or collectively resiliency regulations governing the employment of stolen foreigners. They promise to bring you

4-to obtain a revenue revenue revenue in the countries of their own countrymen They'll know about the country.

Article 19:

The protection and assistance of stolen migrants and their families right

Akite Sides, the protection and assistance of stolen migrants and their families in a foreign country. with an effective use of the right to use;

1-sufficient and adequate assistance to such people, in particular, to the convenience of information. take all appropriate measures to support free services or to maintain these services, and to a country where national laws and regulations allow the country to take part in the country's propaganda and to the country's propaganda;

2-In their own jurisdiction, their families and their families had their journey from the country. obtain appropriate measures to facilitate their decision and to provide adequate hygiene with the appropriate services and health care and medical care in their own jurisdiction;

3-Private or public social media in countries receiving migrants, to the extent that it is appropriate To encourage the service between the services;

4-This is legal in its own country, with laws or regulations. to be organized or controlled by administrative authorities;

a-charge, other employment, and business conditions,

b-benefit from union membership and public marketplace offerings,

c-should not be less favourable to their own citizens than they are of their own citizens. countsaðlamayý;

5-Such stolen people in their own country are for the people who are playing Employment taxes, which must be paid, will not be subject to less favourable treatment than their own citizens, from tuition and premiums;

6-In the country, a family of foreigners who are allowed to take part are reunified in the family. as it may be;

7-The issues identified in this clause of such stolen people in their own country. the fact that they are less likely to be subject to treatment than their own citizens, from the maintenance of the judicial system;

8-The threat of national security, such as those who are legally residing in their own country Ensure that no public benefits or public ethics are found to be insofar as they are not involved;

9-It is legal for such employees to transfer as much as they wish. allowing them within the seperes;

10-The extent of protection and assistance provided by this matter, the measure of which is applicable, To include immigrants who have been stolen from us;

11-As immigrants and their families, the national language of the state that has accepted them, or if there is more than one national language, it is not possible to encourage and facilitate the use of one of them;

12-To the extent to which children are stolen as migrants, to the extent that they are elated. To encourage and facilitate the language of the native language of the person;

They commit to


Article 20:

Gender-based separation in business and profession About how to treat and receive treatment from an application

Parties, employment, and professional issues are at the same time that gender is done. to ensure effective use of the right to be treated and treated effectively, and commit to taking appropriate measures to ensure that they are implemented and implemented in the following areas;

a through entering, reinstalling, and redoing the job again;

b-Professional orientation, education, redistribution, and rehabilitation;

c -Israeli conditions and charges of churn, including pay;

d-Progress in the profession that includes the upgrade.

Article 21:

About information about being notified and consulted

The World Parties are effectively informed about the information and information about the operation of the people. to use, national legislation and implementation within the framework of national legislation and enforcement;

a-whether or not to remove any information that may damage the execution. the economic and financial condition of the execution of which they are subject to the economic and financial situation of the government, and to inform them in a manner of understandable and understandable manner; and

is the employment of the business, especially the employment of the people who work. to address or emulate the measures that will have a significant impact on their time in the nature of the nature, the decisions that allow them to address them in their time.

They commit to


Article 22:

How to organize the deployment environment and to organize and recovery

The World Parties to organize the operation of the people in the event of the operation and to organize the National legislation and enforcement, representative or representatives of national legislation and enforcement, to ensure effective use of the recovery rights;

düzenlenmesia-organize the organization, organization, and play environment, and to recover;

b-management protection and protection;

Organizing social and socio-cultural services and offerings in


d-take precautions to control compliance with regulations in these topics or encourage them;

They commit to


Article 23:

Rights to social protectionYaþlýlarýn

The Parties to ensure that the following are effective use of social protection By doing business with intent, public or public or private organisations,


-To the following,

a-time to drive a good investment and take public, social and cultural life effectively. enough resources to allow;

b-services and convenience services that are available for services, and benefits from them to be able to remain a member of the community with all rights for a long period of time, through information on information about how they are expected;

-ToYaþlýlara Comply with

a-requirements and the appropriate residences or residences. provides sufficient support to bring

My own investment through the maintenance and services required by

b-states. to freely choose their forms, and to allow them to continue as long as they can and as long as they can, in the environment;

-In respect of organizations, in respect of their private investment, the appropriate help and assistance receive or encourage measures aimed at making decisions about the investment in the institutions of the institution.

They commit to


Article 24:

Rights to protection in the event of an end of the weekÝþ

The parties have an effective way to ensure that they are protected in the end of the day when the work is over. in a format;

a-see or process all of the stolen, capabilities, or behaviors. The failure of the installation or service is not terminated without the current reasons, depending on the requirements of the installation or service;

b-ibres are sufficient compensation or compensation for the terminated workers without a valid reason. Do not recognize the right to receive appropriate help;

They commit to


For this purpose, the Fuel Parties believe that the iflow has ended without a valid reason. Ensure that you have stolen an organ in a different way;

They commit to


Article 25:

Rights of people who are stolen in bankruptcy protected

The parties will receive their requests if their business becomes insolvent. To ensure effective use of protection, a guarantor's claim of employment, a guarantor, or any other form of effective protection from employment, a guarantor, or other unmasseuse,

They commit to


Article 26

Rights to honorçalýþma

The parties have effectively used all of the stolen rights to honor the rights of the honorable By consulting the organizations and the people of the people who are working with the purpose of trying to save the world's work,

1-Awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace or in-person sexual harassment, know all appropriate measures to be informed and to prevent it from being blocked and protect the people from such behavior;

2-The stolen people will be exposed as individuals, or in use with the business Or take all appropriate measures to protect, inform, and protect against repetitive actions, awareness and support of recurring actions, and to protect the people from such behavior as they are clearly or otherwise.

They commit to


Article 27

Families with family responsibilities are at the same time. and the right to be treated

Parties, women and men who are family responsibilities and other people who are playing with them to ensure effective use of the right to treatment; andmuamelethe ability to use the following treatment effectively;

1-They are committed to taking adequate measures in the following topics:

a-familial orientation, including measures to be taken in the topics of professional orientation and education employment and employment of people who are responsible for their employment and are re-employed because of these responsibilities.

b-Ignore the need for social security and social security requirements.

c-Public service, especially regulations for care and maintenance of other children. or to develop or regroup private services.

2-National legislation, batch commitments, or implementation of each parent, duration, and conditions to be given family permission to look after the child at a time after the dock’ s permission;

3-This type of familial responsibility is to ensure that you do not have a valid reason for ending a valid business.

Article 28

Protection and protection of the representatives of the Chinese people Benefits from the convenience

The parties are effectively entitled to perform the duties of the representatives of the business in order to ensure that they are used in a format;

nedeniylea-due to activities or status as a representative of the people in the process to take advantage of effective protection against damaging actions against them, including their expulsion,

b-requirements, size, and capacity of the related push and the country's industrial information that may be appropriate to allow them to perform their tasks immediately and efficiently by keeping the system in mind;

They commit to


Article 29

In the process of bulk processing of the stolen people information about being notified and consulted

The parties are entitled to be notified and consulted in the process of mass execution of the stolen to ensure that they are able to use effectively, the purpose of preventing or rebooting bulk-to-conflict prevention or reposition of the sample associated with the example. the tool and the tool to reduce the results through measures. to allow people to consult and provide information to representatives of the people of the people for a period of time prior to such mass conflict of the ways.

They commit to


Article 30

Anti-social protection and poverty prevention right

The World Parties effectively address social issues and poverty prevention. with the purpose of using the

a-in a state of social condition and poverty, or in danger of being considered Take precautions within the framework of a general and co-ordinated approach to enable people and their families, especially employment, housing, education, culture, culture, and social and medical assistance.

b-review these measures in the event that it is intended to be customized;

They commit to


Clause 31

About housing

Business Parties to ensure that housing is effectively used;

1 to encourage the acquisition of a housing with adequate standards;

2-homeless, to prevent, reduce, and reduce, with time, to remove;

3-to make home prices available for those who do not have adequate resources take precautions;

They commit to



Article A


1-under the provisions of Article B, each Party;

is the appropriate section of this section, as specified in the entry of this section, as well as in the entry of this section. a notice of the targets to monitor with tools;

b-increase this February II. In the section of the section, the number of nine listed items (1., 5., 6., 7., 12th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 19th, 19th, 19th, 19th) and 20 items), with at least six of them, not to mention the least.

c-Feb II. In addition, the total number of items and number of numbered fans in the section, including not less than three or three gold coins, commits itself to a number of other items and numbers with numbers that are numbered from the section, including not less than three or three.

2-Articles and ficans selected in the section 1 of the 1st of this Article, b, and c.; approval, acceptance They will be notified to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe at the time of issuance of the appropriate find documents.

3-Any party, at a later date, with a notice to the General Secretary, yet It is not accepted in accordance with the 1st friar of this material, the result of the February II period. He can explain himself to the material in his department and his numbers with the numbers of the numbers. These obligations, which were later accepted, have the same effect as approval, acceptance, or ineligible finding, and after the first day of the month following the termination of a month period after the notice of notice. will be done.

4-Each Party will set up a system that is suitable for national conditions that will control the operation.

Article B

European Social Network and Additional Protocol of 1988 Baboons

1-Nothing by the European Social Network or by the Additional Protocol of 5 Mayans 1988 The Party may not endorse, accept, or comply with any of the provisions of the European Social February and where applicable, the Additional Protocol at the time, with the provisions of the United States that are in line with the provisions of this February.

2-The acceptance of any obligations that have been brought to you by any of these terms, as of the date that the obligations are effective from the relevant party, the European Social Bank and the applicable provisions of the Additional Protocol of 1988, where applicable, are not related to the first or both of these documents. will end the application.


Clause C

How obligations are not applied to the February administration

Compliance with the legal obligations in this February, It will be subject to the same control as in the European Social February.

Clause D


1-The provisions of the Protocol, which bring the collective system of the Additional Protocol to the European Social Network, this Protocol It will also apply to the obligations arising from the United States, which are approved by the United States.

2-Non-media with the Additional Protocol, which brings a collective system to the European Social any State, when giving the approval, acceptance or appropriate find document of this February, or at a later date, In the audit of its obligations arising from this February to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, it may open with a declaration that the protocol agreed to use the procedures stipulated in the given Protocol.


Article E


The right to take advantage of the rights in this February include color, gender, language, religion, political, or The visions will be subject to no discrimination based on such reasons as national or social origin, health, national origin, legal, or stale status.

Clause F

Service is in violation of war or failure Precautionsalýnmasý

1-Any in the case of a war or any other threat to the nation's existence. The party may, however, take measures against its obligations, which are foreseen by the situation, to the extent that the situation requires not to be allocated to other obligations arising out of the international law.

2-Any Reasonable Party that uses the right to take part in its obligations over time, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe gives full information about the measures and the reasons that require them. In the same way, the Secretary will notify the Secretary of State for the end of the planned measures and the date of the completion of the Bank's provisions.

Article G


1-The effective realisation of the rights and policies that are understood in the Section II and II. Effective implementation of these sections, as stipulate in the section, is the protection of rights and freedoms of the people in a democratic society, or the public benefit, national security, and public health, as predicted in these sections. for the protection of the moral or moral protection, but can only be subject to the law and the protection of the law.

2-In the framework of the provisions of this February, the following rights and liabilities are made They don 't use them for a purpose that they' re foreseeing.

Clause H

Internal law or international understanding with February with the media in the search

The provisions of this February shall be subject to a more favourable treatment of the relevant kibors; the single or binary or multi-party commitment, agreement, or agreement or national law provisions that are to be entered or not to prevent the implementation of the national law.

Article I

Refulfilment of accepted obligations

1-The provisions of this Protocol II, Section 1 of 31 of the Division, stipulate in these articles without having an impact on application methods,

a-laws or regulations;

b-issuers, or organizations, and people of the business community. with words;

c-a mixed method from these two methods; or

d-can be fulfilled with the appropriate tools.

2-The II of this Protocol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of the division of the department. And the 7 nci seals, 7 nci, 4, 6. and 7 nci seals, 1, 2, 3 of the 10. , and the provisions of the 5th and 22nd and 22nd clauses, the provisions shall be considered fulfilled if the provisions are applied to the majority of the relevant instruments in accordance with the 1st of this Article.

Article J


1-Proposed by the Committee of any Party or Governments, this is the 3rd and IV of this February. As they are in any other way, I. .. and II. In any case, the proposal will be forwarded to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, and the Secretary-General will transfer it to the Party Parties to the Secretary General.

2-Any current proposal for the product of the above, Parliamentarians It is examined by the Committee of the Government, which will present to the Committee of Ministers for its approval of the text that it accepted after the consultation of the Assembly. After the approval of the Committee of Ministers, it is presented to the acceptance of the Parties.

3-This is the Department I. Section and II. Any other version of the section will follow the first day of the month following the end of a period of time after the three parties reported that they agreed to this state of the General Secretary. It will enter.

For any Party that will later approve it, It will take effect on the first day of a month following the end of a period of time after the date that the party has reported that it has agreed to this statement.

4-This is the February III. Department and IV. Any desection of the section will take effect on the first day of a month following the end of a period after the date that all of the Parties have reported that they have agreed to this information.


Article K

Do not enter a message, check, and walk

1-This February opens the signature of the member States of the Council of Europe. This February is subject to approval, acceptance, or proper discovery. Approval, acceptance or appropriate find documents will be given to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

2-In this case, the Council of Europe Member States of the three State will have the will of the previous one. It will take effect on the first day of the month following the expiration of a month after the opening of the month of the month.

3-Approval, acceptance, or appropriate find for each signed State that will later approve it. will be effective on the first day of the month following the expiration of a period after the date of the date of the date of the date.

Clause L

Country application

1-This February applies in the main country of each Party. Each signed State, in its signature order, or in giving the approval, acceptance or appropriate find document, specifies the territory of the main country for this purpose, in a statement made by the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe.

2-Any signage Party may sign or approve, accept, or contribute to this to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe at any time, or at any time, at any time, the main country in charge of the international relations or the national responsibility and the main country in which the name specified in the notice the entire country or country in the country or country in which this is It can be applied to. In this notice, this is the February II. Specifies the number of times that the department is looking at the item or items that are specified in the notice from the item.

3-Feb This is the Secretary General in the territory or territories at the notice specified above will be effective on the first day of the month following the end of a period of time after which the notification is received.

4-Any of the parties, at a later date, are the 2nd of this Article. In accordance with the rules of the United States, the Council of Europe, or the Council of Europe, considers itself the number of other countries or countries that have not yet agreed to the terms of this country in accordance with the rules of this country. He can open it with a notification that he sent it to his secretary. These obligations, which were later accepted, will be a not allocated part of the first notification of the relevant territorial direction, and the first day of the month following the end of a period after the Secretary General received the notice. It will enter.

Article M


1-Any Party is available for this period, but is not effective from the date of the February at the end of a five-year period, or at the end of each subsequent two-year period, and in both cases, under the notice of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, it may be dissolved by notifying the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.      

2-In accordance with the provisions of the previous furs, this February II. The number of substances and funds that the department accepts, the number of substances and funds that are likely to be based, less than ten below the maintenance of items, and the same number of materials and fasts selected by the Party. Clause 1 of Article A can be dissolved by the fact that it contains substances that are specifically assigned to it in the form of a b.

3-Any Party, matter L' s 2 nci, will be notified when the notice is made In any territorial direction, this is the result of the conditions in which the conditions specified in the 1st section of this Article are based on this period or increase in the period of the February II. It can dissolve any item of its division.

Clause N


The Attachment for this February item is an unreserved part.

Article O


Secretary General of the Council of Europe

a-each signature;

b-approve, accept, or grant the appropriate find document;

c-The effective date of this February when the Article K is used;

d-Item A 2. And the third fives, the 1st of the matter D' s. and 2 nci seals, with the 2 nci of the substance F and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd. and implementation statements for the 4th Fars;

e-Articles related to Subsection J, any current statement;

f-Any basil that is made under Article M;

g-any other information, notice, or message related to this February to the Council member States and He will notify the Director General of the Department of Internationalor.

A number of representatives who signed up to theyetkiliduly authorized company are now available. It will be signed.

Both text to be stored in the European Council of the Council ofAvrupaare equally valid. Three Mayans in the English and English languages were signed in 1996 in Strasbourg, and copies were approved by the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe to approve each member state, the non-member states and the non-member states that are able to prepare it for this February. will be sent to any state that has been invited.

Attachment for the European Social Spark (European Social)

Related kits for the current European Social Spark yönünden

1-12 of the 12 articles of matter, and the provisions of the 4th section of the 13th Article to remain withheld 1 to 17 nci items and 20. The following are the ones specified in the 31st of the month, these items are 18. And with the interpretation of the 19th Amendment provisions, it covers the citizens of other Parties who are legally seated or regularly held in the country of the relevant party, in relation to the conditions of interpretation.

This comment may be similar to any of the Parties. It does not prevent propaganc.

2-In the Glossary of the Status of Refugees signed in Geneva on 28 July 1951. And to the refugees who were identified in the protocol of January 31, 1967, and were legally present in his country, in favour and in all of the other countries that were to be applied to those refugees who were to be applied to the public. are treated in favour of not less than obligations is to be found.

3-In the Glossary of the Status of the Patriots in New York on 28 September 1954. Not to be less than the obligations that have been identified and legally found in his country, in favour and in all, by the document above, and the obligations that are to be applied to these countries with the documents that are legally applicable. It will be treated as a beneficiary.

SECTION I, FIkra 18 and

SECTION II, Article 18, Fikra 1

These provisions are not related to the problem of entering the countries of their country, and December 13, 1955, in Paris. The European Organization of Israel is understood to have no impediment to the implementation of the provisions.


Article 1. Fikra 2

This provision prohibits union membership or application for employment or is allowed. It cannot be interpreted in the form of data.

Article 2. Fikra 6

Parties, this provision;

a-total duration of a month that does not exceed a month and or does not exceed eight hours of a week People who work with a commitment or employment relationship;


b-objective deporations, it is either temporary, or private, with the exception of the right to justify it. They can predict not to be implemented in cases where there is a commitment or employment relationship.

Article 3. Fikra 4

This provision uses the services, organisation, and execution of these services for the purposes of this provision. It is understood in the form of national laws or regulations, collective promises, or other tools that comply with national conditions.

Article 4. Fikra 4

This provision is not immediately prohibited in case of a criminal offence. It does not work.

Article 4. Fikra 5

The obligation of a Party to be forecasted on this plug, except for those of us who are covered in coverage, It is understood by law or by an arbitration or arbitration decision to replace the large number of people who have been charged with deductions from the majority of the charges.

Article 6. Fikra 4

The rights to which this right can be brought should not be justified by the G Article warning With the conditions, each of us can, according to him, regulate the use of the strike through the law.

Article 7. Fikra 2

This provision, in the legislation of the Parties, is the young people who have reached the designated age. It was done in accordance with the conditions under which authorities were foreseeing, and to the extent that measures were strictly necessary to protect the health and safety of these young people, to the extent they were absolutely necessary to ensure their professional training. will not prevent them from being predicted.

Article 7. Fikra 8

An obligation of a Party to be forecasted on this plug is greater than eighteen years of older than If it is appropriate, it is understood by the law that it will not be playing at night and if it is appropriate to replace it.

Article 8. Fikra 2

This provision cannot be interpreted in the form of an absolute ban. Exceptions can be made, as in the case of circumstances:

a-a woman's office is abusing the task of termination of employment. without using it,

b-stop the process from being played,

c-the amount of time that was foreseen in the current state.

Article 12. Fikra 4

The entry of this storm as a basis for the "conditions in these words" clause, It means that a party may wish to complete a certain period of residence for the assistance of a party as a result of the assistance of its citizens from any insurance policy.

Article 13. Fikra 4

Governments that are not parties to theSözleþmesiEuropean Social and Social Help Glossary, other Parties They can confirm the current version of the February issue with the appropriate treatment of any of its citizens.

Clause 16

This provision is described in the form of single-parent families of the protected protection here.

Article 17

This provision is not less likely to be a child to be applied to the child, especially 7 Article The special provisions of the February span are understood to include everyone under 18, to remain in place.

This does not make sense of the obligation to be required until the above-stated term is required.

Article 19. Fikra 6

In the implementation of this provision, the term "family of a foreigner", at least with the current one, is as long as they are humiliated by the state, and the children are not married, they are understood to have been married.

Article 20

1-unemployment benefit, health care and aid for widows and orphans. It is determined that social security, such as those in the provisions, can be held within the scope of this Article.

2-In particular, the protection of the woman in relation to the following period of pregnancy, logloues, and post-tum The provisions of this Article are not counted in the same manner as specified in this Article.

3-This Article has to take specific measures aimed at deactivation of de facto remedial measures. is not blocked.

4-Due to qualifications or replacement conditions, only one of a particular gender Professional activities may be held under the scope of this Article, or some provisions of this Article. These convictions cannot be interpreted as requiring a list of professions that may be specific to those of a particular gender because of laws or regulatory requirements, because of their nature or fullyness of the law.

Article 21 and 22

1-In the application of these materials, the term "representatives of the people", national legislation, or information that is described as such by the application.

2-"National legislation and application", according to the situation, share laws and regulations. covers collective promises, customs, customs, and related judicial decisions between delegates and representatives of the people who are the people who are the people.

3-In the application of these materials, the term "operation" is a material entity, which is either legal or non-material. The material and non-material components that have the power to service or produce goods are understood to indicate the entirety of the financial and non-material components of the service to generate profits.

4-Religious communities and their institutions, these institutions, as defined in 3 furs, Even if they are, they will be understood to be able to leave this material in the process of being applied. The installations, which are inspired by some of the ideals that protect the national legislation, or have directed some moral notions, may leave the application space to the extent that it requires the protection of the government to protect.

5-A Devlette is used in criminal installations of the rights to push rights in these Maddees time, it is understood that the relevant Party has fulfilled the obligations that are present from these provisions.

6-The parties are less than a specific number specified by national legislation or enforcement. People who are employing people can keep these items in the implementation area.

Article 22

1-This provision does not make regulations related to safety and security in the states. It affects the authority and responsibilities of the organs that are tasked with monitoring the obligation and authority of those who are not.

2-"Social and socio-cultural services and means" terms, including some of the work Social assistance, sports fields, nursing rooms, libraries, holiday camps for children, etc. means social and/or cultural offerings, such as social and/or cultural.

Article 23. Fikra 1

In the implementation of this storm, the term "for a long period of time" is physical, spiritual, and physical. And his mental abilities.

Article 24

1-The terms "end of the job" and "end" of this article refer to the current of the current state It means that it ends with its initiative.

2-This article covers all of the stolen property, but a Party is employed in the following types The following may cover the scope of some or all of the trusts in this clause:

a-people who work with employment commitments made for a specific term or for a particular job;

b-an internship or trial with a prior identification and a reasonable period of time. (s);

c-people who work temporarily for a while.

3-In the case of this item, in particular, for the termination of the specified state of the Ibate does not generate a valid reason:

a-hours of union membership or work hours or hours of execution Do not contribute to union events;

istemekb-request to take part as a representative of the people, move or move this receipt. ;

c-make a statement about an issue with the laws or regulations that violate the or to contribute to the competent administrative authorities, or to contribute to the competent administrative authorities;

d-first, color, gender, marital status, familial responsibility, pregnancy, religion, political vision, national Social origin, too;

e-motherhood or family leave;

f-temporarily unable to come to due to illness or injury;

4-the compensation or compensation of the people who ended up being a valid cause. It is understood to receive appropriate assistance, national laws or regulations, collective commitments or other means of national coasters.

Article 25

1-The competent national authority, as an exception, and from the organization of the people and the people of the people Then, some of the groups of people who are specific to the employment relationship will understand that this provision will have the protection of the provision.

2-"Aquise state" recognition should be done by national legislation (law) and enforcement. It is understood.

3-Requests to cover this provision will receive at least the following:

a-less than three months prior to the pain of the people or the end of an active flow. Charges for a projected period of time to receive the privilege, including not less than eight weeks, to receive a concession, including not less than eight weeks;

b-have been done during the actuals of the end of the pain or the end of an influx of people. holiday payment requests to be paid as a result of the results of the work;

c-less than three months prior to the pain of the people or the end of an active flow. Requests to receive the concession for paid leave for a specified period, including not less than eight weeks, to receive the concession, including not less than eight weeks.

4-National laws or regulations protect the demands of those who are stolen, social to be acceptable at a level that can be accepted by a specified amount.

Article 26

This clause is understood by the Parties to which they do not require law. 2. It is understood that the storm does not involve sexual harassment.

Article 27

The woman and the men who are responsible for this matter are responsible for the economy. In cases where they are prevented from moving forward, folding or moving forward in these activities, they are applied to family members and their care and support for the care and support of them, as well as the family members who are dependent on them.

"Children who are obligated to care" and "close family who are in need of care and support." "terms" means such that the national legislation of the Party is defined by the terms of the terms.       

Article 28 and 29

In the implementation of these materials, the term "representatives of the people", national legislation or enforcement It makes sense for the people who described it as such.


The product includes international quality of legal obligations and does not apply to the Only IV. The control specified in the section is related to the specified control.

Article A, Fıkra 1

Numbers are understood to include only items that are one of the firecrs.

Article B, Fıkra 2

For the 2nd of the

B clause, the provisions of the United States, including the following exceptions, are identical. The provisions of the February article, or the following article, are the following:

a-1 in the 3rd item of the February. And the 2nd of the Third Amendment, which is the third of the 3rd item, is the third of the world's fourth-graders;

b-2 of the 3rd item of the product. And third-third of the third-third of the February 3rd article, which came to the 3rd.

c-Tenth of the 10th piece of the February 10th item is the 10th of the most current 5 pearl seals of the item;

d-1 pearl of the 17 nci of the February 17-point clause in which the February 17 item is It's the one.


Article E

The different applications based on the Nesnel and a reasonable justification will not be allocated.

Clause F

The terms of

are "war and other things", including the threat of war. It is understood.

Article I

Excluding the attachment ofMaddelerin21 and 22 Items, the stolen items were the number of the associated tents. It is understood to be counted.

Article J

The term "Desection" will also include the addition of new articles in February. It will be regeneed.