Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Ombudsman Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. KAMU DENETÇİLİĞİ KURUMU KANUNU

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Kanun No. 5548


Date of Admission: 28/9/2006      




General Provisions


MADDE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is; the administration of real and legal entities They, in accordance with the Turkish Republic's qualifications specified in the Constitution, the administration's attitude and behavior with all kinds of actions and actions of the administration; in the sense of justice, respect for human rights, compliance with the law and rights. To review, investigate, and recommend management. is to be made up of the Public Auditors Institution.


MADDE 2- (1) This Law is the installation, task, and service of the Public Auditors Institution The principles of the Ministry of Public and public auditors and the rights of public auditors and the assignia of public and public auditors cover the provisions of the rights of the institution and the rights of the institution of the law.


MADDE 3- (1) Last in this Law;

a) Install: Public Auditors,

b) Board: Board of Public Auditors,

c) Moderator: Public Auditors Department,

ç) Chief: Public Press,

d) Auditor: Public auditor,

e) General Assembly: General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly,

f) President: Turkey's Grand National Assembly,

g) Commission: Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly petition Commission and members of the People's Petition Karma Commission,

) Israel: Social security institutions with public administration under central administration, neighborhood administrations, neighborhood management of the administrations, municipal government units, revolving capital, government-funded funds, public legal entities, more than fifty percent of its capital, partners with more than 50 percent of the public and its partners. The institutions of the public institution, the profession of the public. installation, private legal entities that run a public service,

refers to.

(2) The Chairman of the Board of Mixed Commission Members of the Human Rights Commission, with the petition Commission, The Deputy Speaker, Spokesperson, and Clerk Of The Petition Commission is the Acting President, Spokesperson, and Clerk.



Installed, Task, and Apprentice Allrys


MADDE 4- (1) In order to perform the tasks specified in this Law, The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is the establishment of public legal entity, private budget, and the Public Auditors Institution located in central Ankara.

(2) The installation is from the Batifarianism and the Board.

(3) A Chief Secretary, expert, expert judges and other personnel in the office, with a Chief Executive and a maximum of ten auditors tasks.

(4) The enterprise can open the office where it is required.


MADDE 5- (1) From chief of chief, chief auditor, and chief of state Occurrence.

Kurum(2) The installation is managed and represented by the Bafauditor.


MADDE 6- (1) Supervisor, Supervisor, auditor is selected from the search.

(2) The chief supervisor is a proxy for the absence of the Bağcator.

Enough of the

Public Auditors Board, tasks, meeting, and decision

MADDE 7- (1) The board; the chief inspector, the chief minister, and the auditors Occurrence.

görevleri(2) The tasks of the convention:

a) To remove regulations that apply to the implementation of the law.

b) To prepare the report of the year.

c) To prepare a special report on issues that are required without waiting for the report.

) To make reports public.

(3) The Enterprise will be the chief inspector, and the chief inspector general will be able to see the chief inspector.

(4) The board convenes three of the auditors at the time of the head of the auditor, and the member's full count is absolute. It is the most important decision of the world.

Conflict policies

MADDE 8- (1) The chief supervisor, auditors, and others are among others is in the process of matching the harmoniy.

(2) Auditors, subject to matters that should be reviewed in the event of the Board, They play and make suggestions for single people in the subject matter and/or areas they are assigned to by the chief.

(3) Topics to be settled by the Council and the subject and/or the supervisor of the auditors The principles of this Code are determined by a regulation that will be accepted and accepted to the Board with the principles of the field and the work of the unit in the field.


MADDE 9- (1) The installation is based on the operation of the administration of the administration of the Within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey under the terms of the Constitution, the attitude and behaviour of the administration with all kinds of actions and actions; in the sense of justice, respect for human rights, compliance with the law and rights of rights, to investigate and is tasked with making recommendations to the administration.

(2) However;

A) The decisions and orders signed by the president are the only ones that are signed by you,         

b) The process of using the law authorization,

c) actions and actions of members of the judiciary with the actions of the judicial activities,

ç) The activities of the Turkish Silly Forces in the military service,

The task area of the organization is currently under way.

nitelikleriThe qualifications of the auditor and the auditors

MADDE 10- (1) In order to be eligible to select a supervisor or auditor Search for:

a) Being a Turkish citizen.

b) To have 50 for the auditor and 40 for the auditor at the time of the election.

c) Four years of education, political information, economic and administrative sciences, economics, and administration Or to graduate from the institutions of my foreign education, which is considered to be denomition.

) professional organizations or organizations or public institutions in relation to the profession for at least ten years in the private sector or as a result of the private sector.

d) Not to be prohibited from public rights.

e) is disabled with body or mental illness or body injury that may prevent him from continuing his mission. not to be found.

f) To not be a member of any political party at the time of the Baurbau.

g) The times specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code dated 26/9/2004 and number 5237 may have passed. Even if he was sentenced to prison or for more than six months or more, he was a stranger to the state's trust, the constitutional order and the execution of the order, the national defence, the crimes of the State and the crimes of espionage, and the state of the state. For crimes against the states, or the embezzor, the race, the The dream, the fraud, the fraud, the abuse of trust, the fraudulent bankruptcy, the decision to face the tender, the failure to face charges, the possession of goods from the crime, or not to be convicted of criminal charges.

Nominal and selection

MADDE 11- (1) The term of office of one of the chief or auditors Ninety days prior to the end of the period, if any of these tasks were terminated for any reason, the situation in the period of ten days from the date of termination, It is reported by the Enterprise.

(2) within the period of the first of the United States, the 10th item is described in the article. Those who want to be a supervisor or supervisor candidate are found to be in position.

(3) The Commission has three candidates for candidate candidates in the presidential election, in the auditor's election, in the press conference. Three times the number of candidate candidates who are eligible to be selected, up to three times the selected number of auditors to be submitted to the General Assembly by specifying within thirty days of the expiration date of the selected date.

 (4) The General Assembly, within thirty days from the date of notice, looks forward to the Auditor and auditor elections.

(5) The supervisor or auditor is elected with two-thirds of the total number of members. In the first vote, it is passed to the second vote if this most number is not sold. A candidate who receives the absolute majority of the member's absolute majority in the second vote is elected. If the full number of members in this vote is not eligible, the candidate who receives the most votes will go to the election with up to twice the number of candidates to be elected. In the third vote, the candidate who votes the most is the candidate who has won the most votes. In cases where there are more than one auditor selection, a pleated ballot is organized for candidates. A special place in the name of the candidates ' names is voted by being checked. The votes given more than the number of members to be selected are invalid.

(6) The selection results in ninety days at the latest from the date the Institution is being started in the beginning.

(7) This provision is less than the number of auditors and is not enough of the auditor count. It is also applied in case of being reported.

(8) The durations contained in this item do not work during the holiday of the Turkish Grand National Assembly or in the search process.


MADDE 12- (1) No organs, scissors, merci, or kishi, He can't give orders and instructions to the chief inspector and the auditors about his duties, he can't send generics, he can't be found in advice and advice.


MADDE 13- (1) The chief executive and auditors are General Manager Event, on the board, in the following:

"exists and is not divided into country and nation with the presence of the Republic of Turkey." the loss and the intensity of the country, The constitution, the rule of law, the right, democracy, Atatürk's principles and inks, and the principle of secular Republic do not take advantage of everyone's rights and fundamental freedoms in the sense of solidarity and justice. I understand my virtue and my work in the presence of the great Turkish Nation, where I will not leave the end of the country, rather than by the task of the great Turkish Nation. "

Task duration

MADDE 14- (1) The task periods for the auditor and the auditors have been expired.

(2) The Bader, who is left out of the post without delay for any reason, such as Israel, death, or removal. The task duration of the newly-selected Bader or auditor is also expired.

(3) Anyone who serves as a supervisor or auditor for a semester is only a term more Bareauditor or auditor option.

(4) The tasks that are selected by the supervisor or supervisor will be disconnected from their old tasks in the process of their task. However, when a public servant is a public servant or moderated, the office has thirty days to end their duties for any reason at the time of losing their entry, requesting that they be removed from office or due to expiration of their duty. They are assigned to a cadre in accordance with their acquittions by the relevant authorities or the authorities who are authorized to do so in case they are involved in the former institutions. During the specified assignment, the Bakers or auditors on the part of the Department of the Department of Honor or magistrate to receive high-control compensation for those selected after they have been disburnable to receive compensation for the It will be done in the past. These provisions are also applied to staff from universities with the record of hiding the academic titles.

End of task and end of the task

MADDE 15- (1) counted in article 10 of the chief or supervisor If they lost or lost after they were elected, the decision was made by the General Assembly to end the position of the Chief Executive or auditor following the decision of the Commission. is provided.

(2) An obstruction of the election is the case of a crime, or a auditor or auditor who has been charged or otherwise known for The end of the auditor or auditor's end is over, with the commitment of the final court decision to the General Assembly.

malîThe financial and social rights of the supervisors and auditors

MADDE 16- (1) Assistant Secretary to the Chief Secretary; auditors Provisions of the financial and social rights and benefits applied to the undersecretary of the undersecretary are enforced.


Installation and Construction of InstallationÝþlemler

Head and server

MADDE 17- (1) Install, real, and legal entities can be met. Foreigners will be able to use the right to use the right to the right.

(2) if the owner's name and last name, signature, location, or business address are owned and owned by the owner, The title and location of the legal entity and the signature of the competent person and the Turkish petitions containing the certificate of authority are made. It can also be done in electronic environment or with other communications tools, in order to comply with the regulations set up in the regulation.

(3) From the Shootings;

a) Those who do not contain a specific topic,

b) Sleep-outs, or decision-making, which are considered in other parts of the judiciary,

c) People who do not care about the energy specified in the next step in the world,

ç) Reasons, subject and parties with the same, resulted in prior consequences,

is not reviewed.

(4) The installation may also be affected by governors in the provinces, as well as records in districts.

(5) Does not receive any charges from the shootings.

(6) From the date of the establishment, administrative action, attitude and behavior from the date of the establishment of the It can be done in ninety days. The date of the petition is that the petition has been given to the Institution, the governor, or the authorities, and the number of times the petition has been placed on the Establishes.

(7) Stops the case open during the trial period, and stops the process of the trial that has been started.

istenmesiPrompt for information and documents

MADDE 18- (1) Subject to the examination and investigation topic of the institution The information and documents requested in 30 days from the date of this request are mandatory. For those who do not have the information and documentation requested during this time, the supervisor or auditor on the case of the auditor opens the disciplinary question about the case.

(2) However, the information and documents in the state line or the commercialized matter are the top of the authority of the competent authority. It may not be given by specifying the justification for the installation.

To deploy and listen to the information

MADDE 19- (1) About the subject of the operation and the operation The supervisor or auditors can task the information.

(2) for each inspection and investigation subject to public officials assigned to the service (500), other people For each inspection and investigation subject (1000), the indicator is paid for by the decision of the officer to not exceed the amount found to be the result of the officer ' s total number of officers. These payments are not tax and non-disruptive, except for the stamp tax.

(3) Supervisor, auditors, or experts in relation to the subject of execution and investigation are either familiar or relevant. can listen.

View and search

MADDE 20- (1) The installation, inspection, and investigation date is from the date of the will result in the latest under-month period.

(2) The installation reports the result of inspection, inspection, and any suggestions, if any, related to mercie and the contact. The agency also shows the location of the start, push-down, and push-through.

(3) The relevant authority may be applied in the establishment of recommendations of the Institution, or the proposed solution of the Agency If it does not, it will notify the Install within thirty days of its rationality.

Reviewing the case period to be redone

MADDE 21- (1) if the order is rejected by the Institution, it has stopped The cause of the trial period has been removed from the beginning of the decision, beginning with the intent of the decision.

(2) if the contact is accepted by the Institution, upon recommendation of the applicable Merci Institution, If there is no action or action on any of the days, the stop time is coming to an end of the time of open time.

(3) The agency may not be able to investigate and investigate the agency within six months from the date of the date of the settlement. The case that has been stopped has started to work from where it has expired.

Reports of the


MADDE 22- (1) The board of activities and activities carried out at the end of each calendar year Submit a report to the Commission by preparing a report that covers the recommendations. The Commission will submit this report and submit it to the General Assembly for presentation, summarizing its own opinion and vision. The Commission's report is seen in the General Assembly.

(2) The annual report is made public by disseminated in the Official Gazette.

(3) The board can always be made public without waiting for the annual report that is benefiting from the opening.

Do not open a statementyetkisi

MADDE 23- (1) How to make a statement about the activities of the institution The chief inspector is in charge. The chief executive can delegate this authority to the chief executive.


Government Government Provisions

General Secretary

MADDE 24- (1) General Secretary, at least four years of ascent a graduate, dated 14/7/1965 and ten years of service to the State Officers Act of 657, and is appointed by the auditor among those who have ten years of service and those who have written in the 48th article of the same Code.

(2) The Secretary-General is the expense authority of the Agency. The goods and services are carried out by the financial services unit.

Public Auditors expert help

MADDE 25- (1) To be able to be assigned to the expert help, The following qualifications are also sought after the public works counted in article 48 of the State Officers ' Code:

a) Law, political information, economic and administrative sciences, economics, and administration with at least four years of education to graduate from their faculties or from the institutions of foreign education.

b) To be started in the entry window to be done.

c) to have thirty-five years of age on the first day of the January-to-day month.

Public Audits of the Public Auditorsuzmanlýðý

MADDE 26- (1) Assigned to the expert help by article 25, the most They are entitled to a minimum of three years of work and a record of eligibility to receive a positive record. People in the region are experts in the Public Auditors, who have scored at least (C) level points or international acceptance of international acceptance of foreign language level detection at the minimum (C) level in the foreign language level detection score. They get the title. Those who cannot be left in the region will be appointed to the appropriate staff at their institution or in public institutions and installations at the State Staff.

(2) Expert and expert judges are expert and expert in the profession and ability to grow and qualify The task, authority, and operation of the help is regulated by the basic and managing directors.


MADDE 27- (1) The Staff is assigned by the Başauditor.

(2) How to assign, transfer, or select Public Personnel to be assigned to the staff at the expert and expert help it will be done from the search.

malîPersonnel and social rights of the staff

MADDE 28-  (1) Exclude auditors, auditors, and Secretary The Kurm personnel are entitled to the financial and social rights and provisions applied to those who are working in the same level as the Department of the Department and the staff of the institution.

(2) General Secretary General for financial and social rights and benefits applied to general managers in the state

görevlendirilmesiassigning personnel to the public enterprise and installation

MADDE 29- (1) In public administration under the central administration, social In security institutions, neighborhood administrations, local government agencies, local government troops, revolving capital installations, law-founded funds, public legal entities are more than fifty percent of the capital. in public-owned enterprises, the state of the state They can be deployed in common with the permission of the institutions (except judges and prosecutors), who are involved in public and public economic installations, and those who are involved in the establishment (except judges and prosecutors). The assignment that is done in this way cannot exceed the duration of the month. If needed, however, it could be extended for another three months this time. The demands of the institution on this issue are primarily the result of relevant institutions and organizations. The personnel deployed in this province will have the same number of leave as they are from their institutions. As long as they're on their own, their civil service and their right to self-esteem continue to be taken into account in their retirement and retirement. Upgrades are done in the process of no need for an action to be met.


Government Provisions

Revenue forKurumunAgency

MADDE 30- (1) The revenue of the enterprise is:

A) The budget for the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to be paid for this purpose.

b) Digit revenues.

statüsüStatus and overplay fee in the class

MADDE 31- (1) Install personnel in the non-provision of this Law The provisions of the Code of Government Officers are applied.

(2) The agency's personnel and the 29th section are stationed in the section, as are the precedent and the same of the Department. The amount of overtime pay is paid to be determined by the Başauditor, not to exceed the amount of money that is paid to the personnel who are playing on the ranks of the rank.


MADDE 32- (1) Chief executive, auditor, Secretary, expert and expert Other staff members cannot be members of political parties; they cannot be found to target any political parties, people or emeralds; they cannot be used to perform their duties; language, health, gender, political time, philosophy, while performing their duties. They can't do the faith, religion and sect, because of their mission. they cannot be used in the benefit of their own or their own business, even if they are separated from their duties in any way they are otherwise known to be.

(2) Assistant, auditor, Secretary, specialist and expert judges; themselves, their business, and third degree (including this rank) are unable to examine the complaints of blood and loss conditions.

(3) Staff, auditor, Secretary, expert and expert judges and other personnel during the course of their They can't get any official or private missions, they can't be traded. The national or international congress, which they are invited to do in scientific publications, to contribute to national or international congresses, conferences and similar meetings where they are invited, are partners in associations and non-profit co-operatives. provisions are not applied.

Criminal questions and fire charges against the chief or auditors

MADDE 33- (1) A crime due to the duties of the chief auditor and the auditors The Turkish Grand National Assembly is on the permission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, where they will be asked to ask for a penalty and to fire them if they have been suggested. The decision to decide whether to give or not to be granted, is the relevant agency of the Danite.

(2) The preparer and auditors are made by the Republican Attorney General's Office. The public case that will be opened is seen in the relevant penal office of the Yargtatir. The appellate authority is the General Assembly of the Yargaitay.

(3) For the non-provision of provision in this clause 2/12/1999 and the number of Officers and Digits of 4483 The provisions of the Law are enforced on the Law.

(4) is subject to criminal general provisions in charge of the criminal court's office of criminal justice.

cezaAsked for criminal charges and firing of secretary-general and staff.

MADDE 34- (1) The duties of the Secretary, expert, and expert judges If they have been charged with a criminal offence, they can be asked to ask for a ticket and get fired, and the chief of the chief is on his permission. The decision to decide whether to give or not to be granted is due to the Ankara District Court of Appeal.

(2) Questions about general staff, expert and expert judges, and other personnel are responsible for the crime. It is done by the Republican prosecutor's office, or the Republican prosecutor's office, where it is being held. The public case that will be opened is seen in the same court of place.

(3) Law on the Judgement of Officers and Digits of Public Staff in the non-provision of this clause The provisions of this document are applied.

 (4) is subject to criminal general provisions in charge of the criminal court's office of criminal justice.


MADDE 35- (1) Chief executive, auditors, Secretary, expert and expert The provisions of the Retired Sandal Code of the Republic of Turkey on 8/6/1949 and the number of 5434 people are applied in the case of the other staff.

(2) First of 40 articles of Retired Sandman Law of the Republic of Turkey, about the chief and auditors The error is not applied.

Budget and spend

MADDE 36- (1) The budget and expense basis of the institution, 10/12/2003 The provisions of the 5018 and the provisions of the Code of Public Goods and Control of 5018 are in the process.

Kamu(2) 5018 is the Public Auditors for the "B) Special Budget Digits" section attached to the law with respect to the law (II) 5018 The organization " clause is added.


MADDE 37- (1) The cadres listed in the list of (1) are not listed to be added as part of the Department of Public Auditors, with a count of 190 Global Staff and an attachment (III) of the decree (III) of the Code of Law on the Rights of 190 Public Staff.

MADDE 38- (1) dated 14/7/1965 and State Members of 657 The "Public Auditors" section of the "Common Providients" section of the "Common Providients" section of the legal code of 36, including the "Social Security Institution's Future Benefits" clause, and the "Social Security Institution" "Public Audits," which is to come after the phrase " The phrase " clause is added.


MADDE 39- (1) Regulations on the implementation of this Law, Board of It is published and published in the Official Gazette.

INVALID ARTICLE 1- (1) With the choice of the first supervisor and at least the beholder The Public Auditors Office is established.

(2) The chief executive and chief auditor, thirty days after the current date of this Law is entered. The candidate nomination for selection is started, and 11 is the result of the election, and the election results for the election result.

INVALID ARTICLE 2- (1) The regulations for the implementation of this Law are, It will be out in nine months from the date the law is entered.

INVALID ARTICLE 3- (1) The choice of the Israeli Badger and auditors after completion, in ninety days of the Bailicci party, and 25 and 26 other items, including the attached (1) percent of the number of Public Auditors that are listed (1) not exceed the fifty per cent of the free dial period. appointment, assigning from public institutions and organizations as an expert It can be done.

 (2) As of February, they will be appointed as experts to the general public in article 48 of the State Officers ' Code. They must have at least five years of experience in the qualifications and occupaes of the first fissor (a) of the 25th Amendment.

INVALID ARTICLE 4- (1) The provisions of this Law, the action of the neighborhood administrations, and It is implemented a year after the Law is fully effective, with its attitude and behavior.


MADDE 40- (1) 17 articles of this Law, July 1, 2007, items It is effective October 1, 2006.


MADDE 41- (1) This is the election and removal of the President and the supervisor of the Law The Council of Ministers of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey executes the provisions of their respective provisions.



















                        Free Dial-held Staff

TheSýnýfýTitle Is Aprod                  TotalAdedi

GISH Public Basis 1                      1 1

GIH Public Auditor 1                    10 10

GIH General Secretary 1                      1 1

GISH Legal Counsel 1                      1 1

GYH Public Auditors Institution Specialist 1                      4 4

GYH Public Auditors Institution Specialist 2                      3 3

GYH Public Auditors Institution Specialist 3                      3 3

GYH Public Auditors Agency Specialist 4                      3 3

GYH Public Auditors Agency Specialist 5                      3 3

GYH Public Auditors Agency Specialist 7                    17 17

GISH Public Auditors Institution Specialist Yrd. 9                   16 16

GYH Malative Services Specialist 4                      1 1

GIH Feb 1                      1 1

GIH Feb 3                      2 2

Charge Officer 7                      1 1

GISH Officer 8                      2 2

GISH Officer 9                      2 2

GISH Officer 10                      2 2

GISH Programcis 2                      1 1

GIH Data Hazling and Control Manager 7                      4 4

GIH Librarian 7                      1 1

GIH Computer Business 7                      4 4

GYH Analyzer 2                      1 1

GIH Secretary 7                      2 2

GIH Secretary 8                      1 1

GIH Secretary 9                      1 1

GYH Santral Officer 9                      1 1

GIH Mutemet 7                      1 1

GIH Feb 10                      4 4

THS Technician 8                      1 1

10% of

YHS Service                      2 2

11 of the11YHS Service                      2 2

YHS D&11                      1 1


              TOTAL 100 100