Period: 21 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Organized Industrial Zones Law

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Period: 21

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Kanun # 4562


Accepted Date: 12.4.2000


Purpose, Scope, Tangials


MADDE 1. - The purpose of this Law is to set up, build, and work on organized industrial zones.


MADDE 2. - This Law covers the provisions governing the duties, authorities, and responsibilities of organized industrial zones and their provisions governing the construction, organs, construction, management and supervision of organized industrial zones, and the provisions of which are set up.

Tantages and Clones

MADDE 3. - In the implementation of this Law,:

Organized Industrial Zones: To ensure that the industry is structured in the appropriate areas, to guide the urbanization, to prevent environmental issues, to take advantage of information and science technologies, to address and develop manufacturing industry types within a specific plan. with the necessary infrastructure services and the social facilities and technoparks to be determined by the needs of the pieces of the pieces of land that are on the ground and are allocated for the industry within certain systems, and this is a plan for the industry to be allocated and to be allocated for industry. Manufactured goods and services by law provisions,

The Ministry: Industry and Commerce Department,

OSB: Organized industrial zone,

Contributive: Real or legal entity, either in organized industrial zones, or real or legal entity,

It is in the interest.

LOGICAL partition

Installed and Qualifications


MADADE 4. -OSB is installed with the approval of the Ministry where appropriate according to the Site Selection Direction.

The location of the representatives of the relevant institutions and organizations in the coordinatorship of the OSB As a result of the on-site inspection of the Site Selection Commission, the environmental order plan of 1/25000 scale, if any, is made with the engraving and OSB is declared. Areas that must be protected by the legislation and are not permitted to install the industrial facilities cannot be investigated as OSB location.

The common sense protection tape is provided in the Property Department.

After the interruption of the site selection, plans for the remaining areas of OSB are planned and made at a later time by the Minister of Israel or the relevant municipality. The principles and principles associated with this are determined by the Ministry and the Department of Business.

The construction of the OSB and the construction plans and weaknesses in accordance with the OSB's governing body. It is prepared and submitted to the Ministry ' s approval, and it will take effect with the decision of the Israeli Council. Approved OSB zoning plans are submitted for information to the relevant institutions.

The use of land, construction, and facilities of the construction, construction, and use of its facilities and permits are given to the OSB and are provided with OSB and are provided with moderated.

If the site selection is made out of treasury or public institutions and its setups, these lands, claim and do not find a case, 2886 is the 13th clause of the number of 2886 State-owned Law. The Commission in the first phase will be appreciated according to the day's rail. It may be sold to OSBs in the marketplace for payment of a fee or in installments over the costs. The main and procedural matters in this regard are determined by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance. If the stock lands owned by the General Directorate of Land Office are duly transferred to the OSB legal entity, the value specified in article 11 of the Land Office Law does not apply.

Private ownership in the selected region If the land is found, these lands are created through the purchase or public administration of the rüzen. The provisions of the Public Law 2942 are applied on this qualification.


a) the municipality of the United States,ilçe

b) the municipality of the province, district, or belde, which is found inside the OSB, Industrial focus, commerce, or commerce and industry,göre

d) Industrialist associations or cooperatives,göre

c), according to the state of the metropolitan municipality, c)

One or more They are signed by representatives and the governor has a positive vision.

People who are involved in the situation in the United OSB are the representatives of the relevant profession and the representatives of the relevant OSB are in the form of their demands. They are included in the following delegation.

The basis and procedures for this matter are determined by the regulation.


MADDE 5. - OSB is a private legal entity that may be nationalized or made public use.

The public benefit decision is given to the Ministry on the basis of the OSB contractor's delegation. The expenses of the property acquired at the acquisition of the property belong to the OSB legal entity.




MADDE 6. - The organs of the OSB;

a) is the board of the board of trustees,

b) the board of the board,

c) the control board,

d) Regional manager.

The board of trustees

MADDE 7. -The board of trustees is a member of the institutions and institutions of the OSB that will be identified by members of the board of directors to be identified. The number of members of the board of trustees cannot be more than ten years old and no more than a redundant member.

The number of members of the Qatari institutions and organizations to be represented in the board of trustees is under consideration of the level of the contribution

The members who are included in the board of trustees are selected for two years, and their membership at the end of the tasks in which they are represented is over. The replacement member of the organization and organization that represents or represents the member from the membership is replaced by the member who is in the front of the member or the member of the allocated member. The folded member completes the amount of time remaining from the replacement member.

The first meeting of the board of trustees, in the case of the governor's failure, is the provincial special administration and municipal representatives from the boards of the 4th section of the 4th Article. Selects a barehead from the rest, otherwise a manager and a supervisor.

The board of trustees met only once in at least three months, or an absolute majority in the absence of the president. meeting. Decisions are made only by the presence of an absolute child. If the votes are united, it will be credited to the game.

The members of the board of trustees are the most responsible for meetings in a year, even if there are three consecutive meetings or excuses to have an excuse. They will be withdrawn from the membership if they do not contribute less than half.

The board of trustees, taking the decisions and measures necessary to realy the OSB's installation, instead of the considerations identified in the site selection report. to bring in, to bring laws, regulations, and setup protocol and so on to do the tasks that are provided, to perform administrative and audit board plays and accounts, to comply with the OSB money and resources install purpose.

The members of the board of trustees and the management and The tasks and principles of the board of the board of directors are organized with the guidelines that will be played by the Ministry of installation and for the tasks and plays of the installation protocol.

Administration. installed

MADDE 8. - The board of directors of the board of trustees is the first to choose from among its members, with five remaining members of the reserve. Board members are selected for two years.

Members of the board of directors choose a person and a bakerchief among themselves. The board of directors convenes twice a month, and the meeting is done with absolute majority. Members who have not received at least half of the meetings held within the six months of the meeting, even if there are three consecutive meetings without a valid excuse, have been withdrawn from membership. Decisions are made only with a lot of people. In the event of a vote, the game is reputed.

The board of directors is tasked with executing the OSB's leader and administration within the framework of the decisions of law, regulation, installation, and similar arrangements under the decision of the authority.

Supervisory board

MADDE 9. - The board of trustees is two additional, two-spare members whose members of the board of trustees choose from among their own members. The members of the control board are selected for two years.

The control board is tasked with controlling the supply and application of the budget, once a general audit report, and at least quarterly reporting by doing a midterm report.

Region manager

MADDE 10. -The regional manager, with the regional manager, has enough administration and technical staff. In the OSBs using credit, the manager's office and staff are approved by the Ministry of approval.

The regional manager is assigned by the board of trustees. The regional manager is responsible for executing the leader and administration of OSB within the decisions and instructions of the board of directors, and doing other tasks that are given.

The OSBs using a loan will be assigned to the regional manager and OSB. The qualifications and numbers of personnel are regulated in the Ministry of regulations.

Temsil and ilzam

MADDE 11. - OSBs are represented by the board of directors or by the administrative board. The OSB is signed by a member of the board of directors or authorized by a member of the other board of directors or authorized OSB regional manager so that the pair is signed as a double-signed.


Property Topics


MADDE 12. - OSB revenues:

a) the company and its organizations that have contributed to the board of trustees.

b) Arsa allocation, or is done, and will operate in OSB. parts of land and substructure multiplicity and services with the dues paid by the factors.

c) The OSB infrastructure and social facilities for the tender are sold in the region with the cost of the sale of files projects.

d) Administration its dues.

e) Water, electricity, natural gas, social facilities, arousal and similar revenue revenues.

f) revenues from the Arsa line.


h) The rent and service revenues of the region common properties.

i) Bank interest.

j) Delay penalties.

k) Business and advertising revenues.

l) revenues.

Contribution shares

MADDE 13. - The institutions and organizations that contribute to the construction of the OSB are committed to the Ministry of installation, which will be determined by the Ministry. This commitment also applies to OSB as of the legal entity.

The payment of the part of the contribution is determined in the protocol of the installation. The people who sleep in this issue are resolved by the court of law.


MADDE 14. - The OSB's authorized bodies may request a loan from the Ministry regarding the project's share of the project. The amount of this loan will be left with the indicated guarantees. The loan type of the loan is prepared by the Ministry.

The credit claim and the repayment of this will be determined by the Ministry's guidelines.

The Ministry of Use of the loan is appropriate. controls.

They can use loans from internal resources with internal resources if needed.

Kalkunin is a priority for OSB-intensive residency OSB with OSB in order to take priority. credit.

In the normal and normal years; the first Credit is used in the Ministry's infrastructure for the infrastructure of the OSB, which is done once. Interest rates will be increased in amounts to be determined by the Ministry of subsequent projects or other sections to be done in the new project.

The amount of credit that will be issued for public opinion is determined by the Ministry.

There are $3500 where the FTL is $3500 and the locations found in OSB, where the amount of revenue is available, 4325 is in Hal Region and in the Wake Up Priority, and 193 numbers with the Reaction of Yachts And Yachts They take advantage of the law to make a statement on the Tax Code.

Arsa rows

MADDE 15. -The rule and responsibility of the board of directors of the land sale is to be verified with the authority and responsibility of the board of directors and informed the Minister. The OSBs that use a loan will follow the bank to the relevant bank until the loan is paid, with the amount obtained and the amount obtained from the loan.

In the event that the sum of the amount of the administrative board from the land purchase has been detected, the amount of the instance is for the time period from date of purchase, if the installment is due, and the amount from maturity date is due to the time of the time The bank is the 51st of the Law on the Evacuation of 6183-point Amme receivworks in favour of the Ministry. applies the rate of delay rate at the rates specified in the item and will receive the funds account following the allocation.

The OSB as a collateral and therefore, has been decided to sell or contribute to the sale of the It is sold through the executive order of real estate, and can be sold to the owners of the qualifications stipulated in the region's installation protocol. The software is included in the configuration protocol (s).

Administrative dues

MADADE 16. -Management dues and services are determined by the cost of the financial elder, excluding the costs of building an increase in the training facility by the late board of trustees. The costs of building an aroma facility are determined by the board of directors based on debi and contaminating parameters. Any expenses of the area, specified in the annual budget of the board of directors, and all expenses belonging to the services of the previous year are also taken into consideration by the exponents. It is not possible to avoid the payment of administrative dues due to the fact that they do not benefit from the specified services.

The decisions of the management of the board of trustees are in the rule of Islam and are followed by the way the drugs are involved.

Monetary rights and property rights

MADDE 17. -The board of trustees, the board of directors and members of the board of directors and members of the board of directors of the public personnel are entitled to the right of peace, and the right to peace of mind, or to be paid a monthly fee. The payments are made from the Ministry of Trustees, on loan from the Ministry of the United States. The amount of rest of the fee and the amount of monthly charges to be paid is determined by the subsequent delegation.

Regional manager and sair personnel shall be stolen according to the provisions of the Code of Law of 1475. The OSB's monetary and due amounts are determined by the Ministry of OSB personnel and the amount of monetary and equity rights of OSB are determined by the Ministry.


Chechen Provisions

Arsa allocations

MADDE 18. - The land allocation to the times allocation is made by the board of trustees according to the provisions of the ordinance to be issued by the Ministry.

If required, the location of the OSB will be dedicated to or It can be set up in the installation protocol of legal entities.

The purposes of allocating or selling to the times may not be used in any way. These arses cannot be sold, transferred, and added to the debt by the exponents and their heirs before they are paid and the plant is not completed in production. That's what's called a tapuya. The Ministry is authorized to take measures to prevent the transfer of property and property on speculative purposes, if the land is allocated to the allocation and company's company status, without payment of debt, and for the sale of the land without going into production.

However, it is possible to allocate the firm 's contribution to the partner or partners who are part of the firm' s contribution, if the land allocation or the company is liquidate. The Ministry is authorized to take the necessary precautions according to the conclusion and the outcome of the actions of this issue.

If the court is in court detection that the ban is allocated, the allocation of the land is allocated to anyone. to be allocated and sold to a community by getting it back and selling with the cost of the date of the sale.

The Small and Medium Industrial Development and its services to serve the benefits of industry installations in OSB. Supporting People's Office, Social Security Institution, Turkish Standards The Institute, General Directorate of Postal Policy, T. Telecommunication A. S., Turkish Patent Institute, will be allocated the land to remain in the OSB by the delegation of institutions and institutions such as the room represented in the delegation of the trustees.

Common sites

MADDE 19. - The expenses of those allocated to the common benefit from the OSB field are from the OSB budget.

The paths to the OSB fields and the paths not in the OSB zoning plan and the paths that are The recreation areas are in OSB savings. This event is intended for deployment.

The OSB does not establish irrationality and/or intifa in industrial parcels of infrastructure or general service facilities.

Substructure install, use, and process facilities

MADDE 20. - Build and sell infrastructure and general service facilities, such as electricity, water, sewerage, supply facilities, roads, communications, sports facilities that are needed by OSBs, and to build and sell general service facilities, sell and sell from public and private installations, production facilities. Only OSB's authority and responsibility are the right to build and process facilities. However, it should be possible to build a prelude facility in order to meet the standards that they can accept.

OSB installs the infrastructure needs in OSB. They have to start with their facilities. The substructure needs of OSB without permission cannot be met from one place, and the individual cannot be established for this purpose. These installations will not assign and assign the right to use the allocated infrastructure and allocate them to the resignation of the people.

The implementation of this Article will be issued as the Ministry of the is regulated in regulation.


MADDE 21. - the OSB legal entity is exempt from any tax, levy, and levy on the implementation of this Law.

The cost of the Athens arthropy facility will not be received by municipalities.


MADDE 22. - The board of trustees, members of the management and control board, and the regional director and the sair staff are responsible for the damages that come from their own shortcomings. They are charged with documents and signings in money and money provision, such as balance sheets, minutes, reports, and documents.

The authority of the ministry

MADDE 23. -The OSB installation protocol is prepared by the following delegations and will be approved by the Ministry.

The Ministry is authorized to audit and take measures of all kinds of accounts and actions of OSBs upon the required status or business.

In the infrastructure of the regions that use credit with the Ministry channel, social service facilities and project tenders, all tenders related to the tender, including the issue of the tender commission, are within the Ministry's principles and principles to be determined. It is executed and concluded by OSB management. It is regulated by the regulations and regulations that are relevant to the regulations and approval of commissions.

In OSBs that do not benefit from the loan, the RFx (s) This is the authority and responsibility of the resulting delegation.

This is the result of subsequent delegations and supervisory bodies that do not meet the first phase of this Code's provisional 1st. Accepted OSBs, credit claims, which do not do tasks with the law not. These are due to be repaid for loans.


MADDE 24. - All accounts and operations of the OSB are always reviewed in the OSB administration, in the January to January, and the required, as necessary, as well as under oath to the office of the affidavit. The sworn property, which is a check-in, gives the editing audit report to OSB management and to the Ministry as a timely basis.

General assembly

MADDE 25.  - to the number of documents that will be requested in the OSB, which will be requested in the Ministry, and the number of times described in the installation protocol reaches 1/3 of the number of times to be established, either dedicated or sold to them, and so on. The real and legal entities that have taken up the end are represented by the members of the representative and ilzema authorized representatives in the board of trustees to choose between themselves. The number of members who are selected with this process cannot exceed the number of members of the members of the member.

If 2/3 of all the applications to be installed in the region are documented that they have been in production, or if the region's credit debt is fully paid, then The board of trustees, along with the members of the board of trustees or representatives of the board of trustees of the first public board meeting, the board of directors and the board of trustees, ends the task.

Reproductive If they want to continue with the fact that the people of the region have been asked to continue. The board of trustees will continue. In the event of a subsequent delegation proceeding, the number of subsequent contributions will be greater than half of the number of members of the board of trustees.

In the first meeting of the General Assembly, the current protocol is the main entity of the entity. Decisions are made with absolute majority.

Whether or not a provision of the General Assembly shall be contrary to this Law, the anonymities of the Turkish Commercial Code regarding the organs of the OSB Apply the provisions of the organs.

Cannot take any decision on the general assembly's leadership, board of directors, and control board OSB, no decisions will be made.

The primary and procedural of the general assembly meetings The basis and procedures for the installed and administrative selection are determined by the regulations.

Special organized industrial zones

MADDE 26. - You may also install OSB at designated locations according to the procedures in this Law, as well as private legal entities and real. However, they cannot make public public ones that will install private OSB.

The OSB's installation request is communicated to the Ministry with the appropriate view of the governor of the province.

OSB's location selection is made available. on demand, in accordance with the 4th clause.

The actual and legal entities that will set up the site for the expense, project, infrastructure, and infrastructure of OSB will be planned. The OSB-related plans and projects are in accordance with the authorized institutions and organizations in this matter.

The land in the OSB may be sold or rented by building in parcels or construction buildings. verilebilir

Top installed, regulations and regulations

MADDE 27. -The task and work of OSB parent installations to be created in the regulation to be played.

Previewed in this Law, which will be used to help the OSB's own, and to solve common problems. regulations, as a single regulation with the name "OSB Application Direction", will be played within a year from the date of publication of the Law. The Minister is authorized to take the necessary measures and regulations in accordance with the implementation of this Law.


Provisional Provisional Provisional ProvisionalHükümler

INVALID DATE 1. - The OSBs that are in accordance with the purpose of the Law prior to the current date of this Code comply with this Code within a year from the date of release of the Law.

Before the date of this Law The organs of OSBs, which are already established, will continue their work within the duration of this Kanuna intifal period. The decisions that these organs have received, the signatures of the signatures, the administrative and the defections, and the commitments will also be valid after the completion of the indent process. The correct rights rights are held in OSB ' s.

INVALIDATE MADDE 2. - Prior to the effective entry of this Code, the 590-year-old Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Commerce, Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Borrows and Trade, Industry, Marine Commerce Chambers and Trade Stock Exchange Law 5 OSBs, which are installed and managed according to the lower end of the term (r) of the item (5), are counted from the OSBs named in this Law.

In this type of OSBs, the following delegation tasks are in the room assembly, and the administrative board tasks are current. Based on OSB legislation, the installed boards will perform administrative tasks in room. parliamentary budget commission.

INVALIDATE MADDE 3. - The rights and rights of the OSBs, which were established prior to the effective entry of this Law, are the right and the rights and the rights of those who have been counted in the seventh chapter of the 4th article, and if they wish, or they wish, They may be separated by the return of the shares.

NOT SUPERSEDE 4. - The public works of this Law prior to the effective entry of this Law will result in relevant institutions.

INVALID DATE 5. - The Kooperatives in organized small industrial zones that are installed prior to the effective entry of this Code are included in the following requests.

From small industrial sites Every co-operative is counted in the small industrial areas of organized small industrial areas. It is represented on the general assembly with a person selected from each site when the cooperatives are dissolved.

INVALID TEXT 6. - To establish the OSB prior to the effective entry of the law, all the land, land, and real estate, which created the mission of the following, created a delegation of trustees with the purpose of installing the OSB and the subsequent delegation of the country. All buildings and common facilities that have been incorporated in the name of institutions and organizations are registered in favor of OSB legal entity.

All securities and business shares belonging to OSB in the uhdede of the OSB contractor delegation. will be transferred to OSB legal entity.

Arsa Office If the property is received from the General Manager, and the land and land area of the Land Office Law, the company is deleted.

INVALID DATE 7. - The OSBs, which have been described as mera until the date of the 4342 Mera Code, have been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and have lost their right to the appropriate time to be approved. These areas are subject to the provisions of the Mera Code of 4342. Previously received decisions about these areas of the Il mera commissions are void.


MADDE 28. - The final of the 14th Amendment of this Code takes effect on the date of release of the other items on 31.12.2001.


MADDE 29. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.