Period: 21 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. The Turkish Football Federation And The Organization And Duties Act Amendment

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE FUTBOL FEDERASYONU KURULUŞ VE GÖREVLERİ HAKKINDA KANUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASINA DA

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Law No. 4563:14.4.2000 article 1. – 17.6.1992 Turkey Football Federation No. 3813 and dated Organization and duties Article 5 of the law has been changed as follows. Article 5. – The General Assembly consists of the following members on the call: a major league Professional team of Turkey Club President) with the League's top ten will be determined by the management of the club during the two and other net current clubs representatives will be determined by the Board of Directors.
Turkey is the second League b) from each Professional in the first five heads of the Club at the time.
c) first two from each group of professional Third League Turkey while the heads of the clubs. d) Turkey Amateur sports clubs will be determined by the Board of Directors and President of the Confederation of two delegates.
Turkey National Olympic Committee President and e) will be determined by the Board of Directors shall delegate.
the President of Turkey's Football Association f).
g) Turkey Football Foundation Chairman.
h) FIFA and UEFA's executive committees with men who served on the boards of at least five years, a senior-citizens of the Republic of Turkey who served or in the Junior category at the Olympic, world and European final was one of the referees. n.) Turkey Football Federation Chairman who served as principal for more than six months.
Association of Football Officials and Observers Active Turkey j) Chairman and a delegate to be determined by the Board of Directors.
Chairman of the professional footballers ' Association).
l) Turkey Football Coaches Association President.
The first paragraph (b) and (c) the professional leagues clubs specified in points and goal difference in the event of equality; Group in the determination of the sequence of the UEFA criteria, taking into account the General Assembly delegate to the Federation, clubs, under the supervision of and with to establish will attract among themselves. If the teams match numbers is found to be inequality in that overall in the League taking into account which will be represented in the General Assembly of the Club's delegate of the Federation is authorized to determine.
Turkey the status changes in the League or leagues due to the reduction in the number or increase the team will be rebuilt, and the number of teams, including the League representatives, the General Assembly, the number of delegates of the League represented not more than ten percent and a one-time, is authorized to increase or reduce the Federation.
The General Assembly four years after the end of the football season within one month, if the General Assembly each year a financial services in the first half of June, at a date to be determined by the Board of Directors shall convene as usual. The meeting's agenda and at least fifteen days before the date of the day are announced in two newspapers and national Federasyonca, which were shown to delegates of the General Assembly shall be notified in writing. The General Assembly, when necessary, the total number of delegates, forty percent of the notary of the written decision of the Board of Directors of the Federation or the application, the Minister responsible for Sport shall convene upon the call extraordinary. The ordinary and extraordinary meetings can be made more than half of the full number of members for participation. If this majority is not the first meeting, a second meeting the next day, a third of the members. If this majority is not the second meeting a week after the majority is done without seeking the third meeting. Decisions that more than half of votes of the members present at the meeting. I need the usual need for an extraordinary meeting, Federation President, the selection of the Board of Directors and other boards can be replaced.
Uhdesinde according to this law holds membership in more than one General Assembly members are entitled to only one vote.
The Federation paid or contractual status cannot be a member of the General Assembly who served. Article 2. – Article 6 of Law No. 3813 (b) has been changed as follows. Eleven members of the Board of Directors, the President of b), arbitration and monitoring Boards, article 3. – Article 7 of the law No. 3813 has been changed as follows.
Article 7. – The Chairman and Deputy Chairmen's term of four years. Eleven members of the Board of Directors of the General Assembly President's choice, before the selection is made. By the President, to be in charge of the activities of amateur soccer, one of the two Vice-Chairpersons. In order to become a candidate for President of the General Assembly of the members of the Board of the General Assembly must offer. In the absence of the President the President shall determine their duties, Vice President. The President, the General Assembly shall be elected by majority vote of the participating members. Chairpersons may be re-elected. Youth and sports teşkilâtının management levels of task fields, separated by a minimum of one month prior to this mission, as long as they aren't running for President and they cannot be selected.
In the case of the President's death or resignation, elections again within three months, on condition that one of the Deputy Chairmen by the Minister responsible for sport is assigned as the President till the election. But if you have less than six months to the General Assembly the Administration extraordinary General Assembly due to ejaculation.
Article 4. – to article 8, the following law numbered 3813 bent.
including three Deputy Chairmen of the Board of Directors member h) to determine the.
nine members of the Central Arbitration Committee).
Article 5. – the 9th item No. 3813 Law has been changed as follows. Article 9. – The Board of Directors, President of the Federation and its General Assembly with three members to be determined by eleven members of choice consists of fifteen members, including.
The General Assembly elected the same number of substitute members. Mandate of the Board of Directors for four years.
Elected Board Chairman of the club or the Club representatives, is a member of the Board of Directors, being chosen this title are over.
Article 6. – Article 10 of the law No. 3813 (f) has been changed as follows. f) served as the Federation's Central, provincial and foreign personnel, when necessary, the President is a member of the Board of Directors, two appointed by the Vice President and the Board of Referees be employed as a professional Center with more than three member fees and necessary social rights and peace rights Federation boards, compensation, travel and residence expenses and yolluklarını. Article 7. – Article 15, Law No. 3813 has been changed as follows. Item 15. -Central Arbitration Committee by the President of the Federation, seven of them from non-active arbitrator, both knowledge and experience to be chosen from among the four years to reliable people with a total of nine members to be appointed. Members are themselves a President. Article 8. – the following paragraph to article 18 of law No. 3813 has been added. Organize and carry out the tasks assigned by this law for the purposes of the Federation, the Central, provincial and international organisation will be placed within the units, the number of administrative and technical personnel will be deployed to new available exceeds five percent of the total number of personnel; This number is to increase the determination of the reduction and contract fees limit the President's offer and is subject to the approval of the General Assembly. In addition Turkey Football Federation appointed the football competitions organized by the referees, they are in charge of competition and representatives from Nalbandian stressed that any attack when exposed; in respect of the implementation of the Penal Code, crimes that they had committed crimes against them, State officers, provisions are applied. Article 9. – Article 20 of law No. 3813 has been changed as follows. Article 20. – Required by the Board of Directors of Federation representative enough personnel in countries opening or closure, of taking the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister responsible for sport is subject to the decision.
Article 10. – following the article 23 Law No. 3813 paragraphs have been added.
Are set at fifteen percent of the Federation's total annual income in Exchange for the project at least, the second and third League team interested in the clubs is at least equally are set at fifteen percent of the infrastructure suppliers for use in training and sports activities, institutions, organizations and sports clubs are distributed by the decision of the General Assembly of the Federation. Will non-budget expenditure of the Federation (including the premium), and the procedures and principles related to investment, is determined with the approval of the General Assembly.
General Directorate of youth and sport by sport clubs or public agency or agencies that are inherent in the Protocol Exchange, the sports facilities leased or long-term usufruct also belong to the determination of the people the use of count stands the Protocol and Protocol for routing and youth and Sports General Directorate of provincial and District Administrations within the instructions.
Article 11. – Article 29 of Law No. 3813 has been changed as follows. Article 29. – Publication of the football events and television and radio programming is authorized exclusively Federation Board of Directors. National competitions are encrypted.

Article 12. – the following paragraph to article 31 Law No. 3813 has been added. To be held at the Prime Ministry inspection Board review and as a result, at the beginning of the Mission of inquiry seen drawbacks in having President of the Federation or Federation Board of Directors as the Minister responsible for sport to be decided, the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1. – Current mainstream status and instructions from the date of publication of this Act not later than three months will take place during the General Assembly of the Federation brought by this law regulations.
Article 13. – This law enters into force the date of promulgation. Article 14. – This law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.