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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TOP­RAK KO­RU­MA VE ARA­Zİ KUL­LA­NI­MI KANUNUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMA

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Kanun No. 5557


Acceptable Date: 23/11/2006      


MADDE 1- 3/7/2005 dated and 5403 It is added to the 3rd item of the Land Protection and Land Use Code.

" t) Private Land Community: Village legal entity, municipalities, The cooperatives, such as entities, or public installations, will be able to collect land to cover the land supply related to the service issues, "

the statement read.

MADDE 2- Land Protection and Land The 8th Amendment of the Code of Use is to be reported in the same way in the world.

" MADDE 8-Tarism fields; doðal features and country agriculture According to the importance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the qualifications of absolute agricultural land, special product lands, planted land and marginal agricultural land are described in the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the United States. The Protection of Ministerial agricultural lands may make different changes to the protection, development, and use of the farm.

The smallest area where spatial activity can be economically made The field is determined by the Ministry by looking at the social, economic, ecological and technical characteristics of the region and the local area, which should not shrink any more. Agricultural lands that have been identified are not divisible by the balance of heritage law, but have earned it. This qualitatively worshipped property of the field of the field.

Specified parsel-size; absolute agricultural land and special product 2 hectares in their land, 0,5 hectares in the field of sediated agricultural land, 0.3 hectares in the land and marginal agricultural land and 2 hectares cannot be smaller. Agricultural land cannot be defunnalized, indivisible, or small parcels under these sizes. However, in areas where plants with special climate and soil requests, such as tea, fridges, olives, and plants are in place, land properties of the local area are required to build smaller parcels. Otherwise, smaller parcels can be generated with the appropriate vision of the Ministry.

Needed for public yachtwork with the appropriate view of the

The agricultural land, excluding sites, cannot be divided into smaller pieces than the specified size parcels. If the agricultural lands of the indivisible agricultural land are subject to their heritage, and they are not, in fact, the property is available together, these lands are unfrakeable, their share is third. It can't be sold, transferred, or repawnable. The provisions of the 4721 Turkish Civilised Law on these lands will be imposed upon the law. "

MADDE 3- Soil Protection and Land The "Ministry may transfer this authority to the governorships" to the end of the first phase of (e) after the first receipt (d) of the 13th article of the Code of Use.

" e) will conduct road infrastructure and overbuilding activities with public benefit monitoring I'm sorry. "

MADDE 4- Land Protection and Land The third phase of the use of the Code of Use is added to the third party after the second phase of the item.

" Like legal entity, municipalities, cooperatives, and units In the event that legal entities or public installations want to carry out private land community and/or field development services related to service issues, They report requests to collect by barefire the Minister's grounds. In the event of sufficient occurrence of grounds, the Ministry's bid and the Council of Ministers agreed upon the decision of the Council of Ministers to prepare the project for the community and to approve the project. Pass it on to the Minister. To be able to collect private land, to keep the necessary technical staff within the scope of the necessary technical staff or to work in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. It has to. Private land-gathering institutions or installations can be involved in the amount of land that is needed for public yachts. Areas of common use for the services that will be needed by the administration to collect private land are not enough, if any, are not enough of the treasure land, if any, the treasury lands. Or, if not, the real and legal entities involved in the area of physical facilities, which will be determined by the relevant administration, can be met through real and legal entities. These lands are signed up where physical facilities are built. Will do the community and/or intra-field development service if it is requested to collect and/or collect from multiple institutions or organizations in the same area. The installation is authorized to determine the Ministry. "

MADDE 5- Land Protection and Land Additional material in use of the Use Code is added.

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 1-The Ministry shall be required in the application of this Law will be able to edit any form of eI activity and can issue a following certificate. "

MADDE 6- Soil Protection and Land The temporary clause in the use of the Code of Use is added.

" Prior to SUPERSEDE 3-11/10/2004, before the required permissions are received For the requested use of the land to use for the purpose of agriculture, the Ministry of this Law will be used in a year from the date of publication, to the land protection project to be prepared. Five New Turkish Lirasas are paid for every square metre of agriculture and agricultural land. Permission is allowed.

To use the land and facilities for the purpose of use The necessary permits, such as permits, permits, and the owners continue to operate until the Ministry is completed within 2 years from the date of the Ministry. During these times, the production activities of the production will be stopped for the production activities.

Field property vaspherunary, related installations It will cause the owner to be the owner of the owner's request. "

MADDE 7- This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.

MADDE 8- The provisions of this Law The Council of Ministers executes.