Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Between The Republic Of Turkey Of The Arab Republic Of Egypt

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜR­Kİ­YE CUM­HU­Rİ­YE­Tİ İLE MI­SIR ARAP CUM­HU­Rİ­YE­Tİ ARA­SIN­

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Kanun No. 5563


Acceptable Date: 13/12/2006      

MADDE 1- 27 December 2005 "A Free Trade Area Between the Republic of Turkey and the Arab Republic of Turkey with the Republic of Turkey" is signed in accordance with the approval of the "Testimony."

MADDE 2- This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.

MADDE 3- The provisions of this Law The Council of Ministers executes.













The Republic of Turkey and the Arab Republic of Turkey (herein) as "Parties" or where it will be called Turkey and the Mir.)

to contribute to the development and business of economic business in the country. With the desire to increase the scope of the acquis, the current friendly relations, especially the economic and trade areas, with the desire to develop and strengthen the scope of the The economic situation in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin within the framework of theTagPreserver,p,0,138Barcelona Declaration to actively contribute to the process of integration, by aunteing their intentions,

To strengthen this process and to find ways to investigate their tools By stating that they are ready,

TagPreserver,p,0,138Political stability and economic development in the region by promoting regional government to strengthen efforts to strengthen, as well as the need for a TagPreserver,p,0,138to establish a Partnership between Turkey and the European Economic Community (EEU) and Europe Taking into account the Communities and Member States and the European Mediterranean Department for the Partnership between the Member States and the Mir,

To take measures for the arrival of the

Trade in a violent way, and to understand the Increasing and encouraging people in common interest, including those who do not have a hard time, to make the most of a balance between rights and homework and not doing anything. stating that they are ready to act in order to create a framework and a supportive environment,

The parties involved in the continued reinforcement of the multi-party trading system In addition to its interests, and the General Statement of Customs Tariffs and Trade in 1994 (hereinafter referred to as "GATT 1994"), the World Trade Organization (hereinafter referred to as the "WTO") to take into account that the provisions and tools are based on the current trade polarity,

Account by taking into account rights and obligations arising from GATT 1994 and the WTO,

For this purpose, it is particularly relevant for the establishment of free trade areas. In accordance with the provisions of the State, by determining the provisions that aim to remove barriers in trade between the Parties,

Business and economic and economic development of both countries. believing that they are a key component of their strategy,

The right to follow these objectives (hereinas "this is") It will be called ").



1. The Parties, with the provisions of the business of the President of the GATT 1994 In accordance with the terms of the exchange of the XXIV Article and the addition of the WTO, the addition of the WTO shall not exceed twelve years from the effective entry of the State, within a period of past twelve years. They will establish a free trade area between them.

2. The purpose of this is the purpose of:

a) by means of raising the standards of life of the two countries. To increase and develop the economic business;

b) eliminate the difficulties and challenges in commodity trading, including agricultural products. to remove;

c) the expansion of commerce, the power of the Parties To encourage the arrival of the people in a state of the century;

d) To ensure fair competition in trade between the parties;

e) are more likely to develop common yachting in both countries. creating a power to support extra;

f) To increase the trade and business of the third country markets.


Key Taxes and MallardsTagPreserver,b,228,232

1. Business as part of the agreement between the parties, In the course of importation, the parties will implement their own customs fins.

2. For each product, the base tax on which subsequent discounts are established are the Most Registered Country (MFN) taxes in effect on January 1, 2005.

3. After January 1, 2005, if the tariff reduction is applied on a month-on-month basis, especially for discounts stemming from tariff negotiations in the WTO, the reduced taxes will be imposed on the discounts. will replace the underlying taxes specified in paragraph 2 from the date of application.

4. The parties will inform each other about their basic taxes.





The provisions of this section are deleted in the following section, Attachment I To exclude products, the countries that are included in the 25 to 97 chapters of the Armonized Commodity Identification and Coding System will be applied to products from the range.


Customs Taxes and Effective Taxes in Israel

1. Customs duties and effective taxes in the process will be removed according to theTagPreserver,b,83,124Protocol I provisions of the Business.

2. As of the current date, no new customs or effective taxes will be imposed on the trade between the Parties, and those that are still applied will not be increased.


Financial Qualifications for Qualifications

provisions for the removal of customs duties in the Israeli fiscal They will also apply to their taxes.


Amount of Qty and Effective Measures in the Israeli

1. Each of us will remove all quantity of imports in the import and the current effective measures will be removed at the date of the current date.

2. As of the date of the current date, no new amount of new or effective measures will be imposed in the trade between the Parties, nor any new amount of action.


Customs Taxes and Effective Taxes in the United States

1. All customs duties on exports and any effective taxes on exports will be removed at the date of effective date of the agreement.

2. As of the date of the effective date, no new customs or effective tax will be imposed on exports in the trade between the Parties.


Effective Measures and Effective Measures in Racacatecate

1. Each of the parties will remove all quantity of exports and the current effective measures at the time of the effective date of operation.

2. As of the current date, no new quantity of exports or effective measures will be imposed on the trade between the Parties as of the date of the current date.





1. The provisions of this Section will be applied to the base farm, development, and baltic products of the Party countries.

2. The term "basic agriculture, agricultural and balışışık products" (hereinafter "agricultural products") is 1 to 24 of the Armonized Mal Identification and Coding System, according to the statement. Products that are included in the Moroccan product are meant for products counted in Appendix I.


Advice Devieback

1. The Business Committee is to discuss the development of agricultural products in a coherent way and to discuss the issue regularly at the Partnership Committee, where the policy allows. They declare that they are ready.

2. In accordance with this objective, the Parties areTagPreserver,b,197,237Protocol (s) with concessions that are intended to facilitate trade in agricultural products. II is the current one.

3. The parties concerned the role of agriculture in their respective economies; the development of trade products between the parties; taking into account the rules of their own policies, the interests of both Parties. They will be able to establish a further liberalisation of the trade of agricultural products in which they are found.

4. The Parties are the first in the Joint Committee to implement the target specified in paragraph 3, considering the development of the trade of agricultural products in the WTO. They will review the situation in the meeting.

5. The parties, in measures of the agricultural policies or practices they have followed, are in Common Sense of the nature of which may affect the trade of agricultural products identified by the company. They'll report to the committee. A review of the status of any of the Parties will be in the Joint Committee at the time of emergency contact.


On-line and Vegetation Precautions

The parties involved in the regulations, arbitrators, or rights issues of the health and plant They will not be applied to trade in or between them as a secret agent. The parties will implement the remedial measures in the framework of the provisions and procedures of the GATT 1994 and other related WTO terms.




Ec Taxation

1. The parties commit to the application of internal taxes and other taxes and regulations according to the GATT 1994's 3rd Article and the respective WTO.

2. They cannot take advantage of more domestic tax returns than the dollar or the amount of indirect taxation that is placed on products exported to the country of one of the parties.


Commerce People Organized with Disastions

1. The country's customs unions are free trade unions, unless they negatively affect the trade regime that it has brought in and its provisions, particularly its rule of origin. whether to install or install them or not to make arrangements for the business of the left.

2. The parties agreed on the Joint Committee on key issues related to foreign trade policies with third countries in terms of the customs unions or the free trade areas, and the applicable third countries. They're going to be in the building. They will make sure that their interests are under consideration of the country's interest in the business.


Harmonic adjustment

1. Exceptional measures may be taken by the Mir as deviate from the provisions of Article 4, for a period of time, for the promotion of customs duties.

2. These measures, but baby industries or the restructuring, or specific sectors that can cause serious social problems, especially important social problems, are concerned. will be possible.

3. In the import of Turkish-Turkish products, customs duties that can be applied in the scope of such measures will not exceed 25% over degany and Turkey is a preference for the products of origin. It will. The total number of products imported subject to such measures are the total imports of industrial products, which are defined in Article 3, as of the last year that the statistics can be procured,%. He won't make it past 20.

4. The measures will be implemented for a period of no longer than a five-year period unless the Joint Committee is allowed to take a longer period. The implementation of these measures will be ended at the end of the late-last period.

5. Such product is involved if a product has passed more than three years after all of the taxes and quantity reactions, or effective taxes or measures, have passed for more than three years. The precautions will not be remade.

6. The Mir will inform the Joint Committee about the exceptional measures that it will take. At the request of Turkey, these measures and the sectors that will be implemented will be held in the Joint Committee prior to implementation of the measures. The Mir, while taking the measures in question, The Joint Committee will introduce a timetable for the removal of the customs duties that have been reported to the office of the president. This calendar will allow such taxes to be lifted at a rate of equal rates, two years later than they have been made to be effective. The Joint Committee may decide on a different calendar.



One of the Parties is the VI of GATT 1994 in commercial business by the company If it detects that the damping is being made, it may take appropriate action against this application according to the rules established by the GATT 1994 Article VI and by the rules that are established by the terms of this Article.


Prevention Prepositions

1. If any product is imported in very high quantities to one of the Parties, each of us is entitled to the rights and rights under the XIX'th Article of GATT 1994 and the WTO Protection Leads. It retains its obligations. This information does not bring any additional rights or obligations to the Parties through the maintenance of protection measures.

2. In the course of the parties, the XIX'th Article of the GATT 1994 and the provisions of the WTO Prevention Measures will be implemented.


Re-eksport and Serious Cc

1. The provisions of the articles 7 and 8:

a) export quantity of a product, country's export, export quantity, export re-eksports; or

to a third country that applies taxes or effective measures or taxes.

b) severe or severe threat in an elzem product for the exporter;

TagPreserver,p,0,138is causing great difficulties for the exporter, if the path is open and mentioned above. The party may take appropriate measures in accordance with the procedures in paragraph 2 if it does not reveal the possibility of having to do so or the possibility of them doing so.

2. The difficulties arising from the situations in paragraph 1 may be presented to the Joint Committee for review. The committee will be able to make any decisions for the termination of the challenges. If such a decision does not exist within thirty days following the fact that the problem has been made to the Joint Committee, the exporter will be able to take appropriate measures for the export of the relevant product. These measures will be implemented in the care of the separation and will be terminated for reasons that require them to exist.


Global People

Public ethics, public policy, public policy, or public safety; human, animal, and plant the protection of national treasures of artistic, historical or archeological deity; import, export or transit through the protection of the idea, the government and the protection of the commercial property. it does not prevent a ban on products or being imposed on products. However, such prohibs and restrictions may be made. The parties should not arbitrarily break down on trade between them or make a tool for secret clamor.


Balance Of Payments Difficulties

One of the parties is in a serious balance of payments, or is threatened For a period of time and for the balance of payments, if the relevant Party is under the DTÖ/GATT 1994 framework and the VIII and XIV Clause of the International Monetary Fund, the relevant Party will not be able to It can take measures that will not go beyond what is needed to improve its condition. The relevant Party will promptly notify the other of the measures, and will offer the calendar to the right of time, as soon as possible, to the immediate party.


Business between Rules and Customs Alities

1. The parties remain mutable in implementing preferential rule of compliance with the Pan-European-Mediterranean Cluster Clustering System in the intermixed trade.

2. Protocol III is editing rules and administrative policy methods.





Transfers and Transfers

The goods and services trade between the parties and the rights of the securities arising from payments will be made by the exchange of the Parties to their own national legislation.


Competitive Rules for Competitiveness

1. The following considerations do not work with the extent to which they are affecting the trade between the parties, as they affect the business:

a) that targets or impacts the competition, prevention, or diversion. All understanding, public practices, and public practices that are made up of all units of business, including the results of the process;

b) an important or important part of the territory of one or more of the parties the prevailing prevailing situation in the part of the situation is that it does not abuse the situation;

c) the danger of disrupting or disrupting competition by registering an execution or production of a certain commodity Every state in the world is half-state.

2. The Joint Committee will decide on the rules required to apply paragraph 1 within the range of the following, starting with the current decision. Until these rules are accepted, the provisions of Article 23 shall be enforced for the execution of paragraph 1.c.

3. The state aid is in place to report on the total amount and the total amount of aid provided, and to provide information on assistance plans, if requested, to report on the plans. It will be the first time in the world. At the request of one of the parties, the individual party will provide information about specific exceptions to the state's assistance.

4. If a particular application is not based on the first paragraph of the item, and the following, the following:

elea) have enough of this in the framework of the application rules referenced in paragraph 2 unretrieved, or

 b), the absence of such rules, and serious damage to the interest of such an application Whether it is threatening serious harm or causing property damage to the domestic industry, including the service sector,

, following the infets within the Joint Committee or for such an occupation. He may take appropriate measures after he has passed thirty-two days on the course of his decision.        

Paragraph 1c), such appropriate measures, such as the WTO. In accordance with the provisions applicable to the Parties, which are valid for the Parties, only in accordance with the procedures and conditions set out by the WTO and the appropriate tools that are negotiated under his supervision. It can be taken.

5. The parties will be able to provide information in accordance with the terms of the occupation and the requirements of the business privacy without successor to the provisions of this Article, without successor to the provisions of the term.               



1. The rights and obligations of the parties to the subsidies shall be subject to the VI and XVI of GATT 1994, the DWTO Subsidies and the Compensatory Measures and the WTO Tarim.

2. If a Party is determined to receive subsidies that will affect the bilateral trade, then the relevant party may take appropriate measures in accordance with the meanings set forth above.


Intellectual Property Rights

1. In accordance with the provisions of this Article and the relevant international provisions, sufficient, effective and separation of the intellectual property rights, including measures to be taken to apply breach, fraud, and piracy, are sufficient. They will not be able to spy on them.

2. They would not give each other ' s citizens any less advantageous treatment than their own citizens, the people said. Exceptions to this obligation are in accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of the TRIPS statement.

3. They would not be given a less favourable treatment than any other country's citizens from each other's citizens, the company said. Exceptions to this obligation are to comply with the provisions of the TRlPS, and specifically the provisions of the 4th and 5th Articles of this Meaning.

4. The implementation of this Article shall be regularly reviewed by the Parties. In the event of a problem affecting trade conditions in the field of intellectual property, at the request of one of the parties, it is in urgent invasions to reach a solution that will satisfy both parties. It will be found.


Government Textboats

1. The parties, as of the end of the year, until the end of the day, as of the end of the year, all commercial government monopolies, property and marketing of goods, as of the end of the year, They will be able to match the measure of their citizens in a way that will not be different.

2. The Joint Committee shall be informed of the measures taken for this purpose to be actualized.


Public Allars

The parties concerned that the measure of public perception is intended to be made available. They agree. The Joint Committee will be involved in the implementation of this purpose.


Technical Regulations

1. The rights and obligations of the parties to technical regulations, standards and compliance will be executed within the framework of the Technical Obstacles Agreement in the WTO Trade.

2. The parties are in the area of technical regulations, standards and compliance management that better understand the systems and ease the ease of entering into each other's markets. They're going to strengthen the business. The parties will be present in the Joint Committee for the review of the exercise of the target expressed in this Article.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, if one of the Parties takes measures to impede or hinder the trade, the parties understand the technical obstacles in the WTO trade. to reach an appropriate solution in compliance with the Joint Committee in order to reach an appropriate solution.


Direction of Direction

Parties, in the event of economic growth and development, They realize that the technology of the yachtlands and the technology among them is an important role. It will cover the next week in this frame:

a) information about sleep purchases and predisposition legislation proper channels, such as the following channels;

b) About the country's measures in place of the country's yachesractions information supply (technical assistance, financial support, yacht insurance, etc);

c) including those who are open to foreign yachting, get up. design and execution of projects;

d), especially for the KOBKs, the establishment of common entries And when it is appropriate, it is to make a deal of understanding between Turkey and the Mir.




1. By taking into account the ongoing work under the WTO auspices, the parties will ensure that the measures are free of measure and are marketed in accordance with the provisions of the WTO Trade and Services General Agreement (GATS). They will aim to trade in services.

2. By taking into account the international development, the parties will review the appropriate service sectors with regular intervals in the Joint Committee, and the service trade is more freely available. They will.




Install the Joint Committee

1. A Joint Committee is set up to represent both sides. The Joint Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the business and will ensure that it is properly implemented.

2. In order to properly implement the business, the Parties will provide information within the Joint Committee and will be consulted at the request of one of the Parties. The Joint Committee will review the possibility of further development of barriers in trade between the Parties.

3. The Joint Committee may make decisions in the people who are envisioned in the case. The Joint Committee may provide advice on other matters.


Common Committee's Products

1. The Joint Committee will gather at the appropriate level, at least once, in order to properly implement the business, but at least once in the year. Either party can request that a meeting be made.

2. The Joint Committee shall act with a unanimous vote.

3. If a decision by one of the people in the Joint Committee is considered to be subject to the completion of constitutional requirements, if a later date is not specified in the decision, this decision will be made. will be effective at the time of notice of the notice of replacement of the requirements.

4. The Joint Committee will accept procedural rules for their work, and these rules will include provisions for the response of other rules, the construction of the meeting, and the crew of the business.

5. The Joint Committee may decide whether to install subcommittees and groups of people that are required to assist him in fulfilling their duties.


Security Users

Nothing in this information is the following of one of the following does not block:

a) does not open information as a detail of basic security issues for prevention;

b) the competition for non-military non-military products. In terms of production, development and production of arms, ammunition, and war materials, in order to increase production and trade or defence of the conditions of the failure to harm the conditions;

c) serious internal turmoil that affects the preservation of law and order to meet the obligations of serious international tensions or peace and international security, which are threatening the war or the war, in order to meet the obligations it has made to ensure its commitment. intended for basic security issues.


Fulfillment Of Obligations

1. The parties will take all necessary measures to ensure the purpose of the business and the fulfillment of their obligations. If there is a reason for the interpretation and implementation of the information to be implemented, The parties will provide each type of effort to reach a mutually satisfactory solution, and in order to make the two of them.

2. Both Parties may request a consultation with the other party regarding any current or designed measures, or any other issues that may affect the business of the business. The requesting Party will also notify Licensee of the subject at the same time, and will provide all relevant information.

3. In the event that one of the parties requested, the two parties will have a satisfactory solution in the Joint Committee within 10 days of the notice of the statement in paragraph 2, in order to reach a satisfactory resolution. It will be found in the following.


Halli of the Means

1. Any of the parties may submit a statement to the Joint Committee that understands the implementation or interpretation of the case.

2. The Joint Committee can resolve the deal by decision-making.

3. Each party will be obliged to take measures against the implementation of the decision expressed in paragraph 2.

4. If it is not possible to resolve a paragraph 2 warning, any of the Parties may notify the other of the transfer of the arbitrators. On top of that, the other Party must appoint a second arbitrator in two months.

5. The Joint Committee shall appoint a third arbitrator.

6. The judges ' decision will be taken with the vote-shephern.

7. Individual Parties will each assign the required names to implement the arbitrators ' decision.


Arrival Provision

1. One of the parties will benefit from the development of the company by spreading it to areas where it is established, and if it will be in the interest of the economies of the Parties, it is not. He's going to make a claim to the side. The Joint Committee will review this request and provide recommendations for the appropriate process, in particular, to help the negotiations be started.

2. As a result of the product as a result of paragraph 1, the meanings of the country will be approved or accepted by the national regulations of the Business Party.



It will be done on the job, including the

Attachments and Protocols The renovations are the diplomatic channels of the last written statement by which they reported that all requirements stipulate in national legislation have been met in order for these renovations to take effect. It will be effective at the time it is delivered.


Protocols and Attachments

Protocols and Attachments for the Agreement will not be reserved It's gonna be a part of it. The Joint Committee may negotiate the language of the Parties, the Protocols, and the Attachments, according to the national regulations of the Parties.


Validity and Termination

1. This is an exalting time for a period of time.

2. Each Party may terminate this statement by providing the written notice to the other. The first day of the first day after the termination of the annuition notice is due.














Entering Effective Entry

This means that the party will walk to each other The first day of the second month after the diplomatic channels to ensure that all requirements stipulate in the national legislation have been met, the first day after the date of diplomatic channels to be taken. It will enter.

fully authorized representatives who have signed such signatures as proof of this, exactly in this case, they would sign the statement, as the full authority.

In the history of December 2005 in Cairo, all texts are in order. In order to be a muteber, each one is made in Turkish, Arabic, and English, as two original nuses. English will be based on text if the comment is different from the comment.



Arab Republic Names Arab Arab Jamaat The Name Of The Republic

                  Chair By RUN Rachid Mohamed Rachid

                     State Department Minister of Commerce and Industry




* EK I with list of items found in Article 3 and 9 And the Protocols are filed under the Law of the Law and Deciders of the Design.