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Kanun No. 6411

Acceptable Date: 24/1/2013


MADDE 1- dated 4/12/2004 and the third number of the 5271 Criminal Procedure Code 202 of the Act. " the provisions of the clause, "the provisions of the first and second fireplaces," are added to the item, and the following are added to the material.

" (4) Months in Months;

a) Unread the call,

b) granting the right of an Esas,

, in a language that says its oral defense can make it better to express itself. can. In this case, the translation services will be replaced by the translator from the list which is being generated in the second warning, and the selection is replaced by the translator. These translation expenses are not made by the State Treasury. This opportunity cannot be abused for the purpose of dragging the judge in the process of crawling.

(5) Terdwaras are listed in each year list by provincial judicial commission of justice. They are chosen from the search. Republic prosecutors and judges may also choose to translate from lists that have been made up of the state of the city, not only from the lists of the provinces, but also from the lists of the city. The regulations and guidelines for editing these lists are determined by regulation. "

MADDE 2- 5271 is the addition of a scratch item that is in place of the code 5271.

" INVALID ARTICLE 1-(1) The regulation stipulate in the fifth of the 202 nci material of this Law, The Ministry of Justice is due in a month from the date of the effective entry of the Law which reported the matter. Translation lists will be fulfilled by the translator, which is introduced in the fourth section of this Code ' s 202nd article, until the translation lists are generated in the event of this regulation. "

ARTICLE 3- 13/12/2004 and the execution of 5275-numbered Penal and Security Measures The "three-month" clause in the third section of the 16-ncu clause of the Law is added to "one year" and adding the following items to the item.

" (5) After entering into a penalty execution institution, it is under way from the rest of the geegait The fourth fikra provisions are not applied in dangerous numbers due to their actions and attitudes with the remainder of the year. In the fourth round of detention, there is an execution in the appropriate places held for them in the criminal execution institutions.

(6) Maruz remains in a state of criminal execution due to a disease or injury. the execution of the sentence, which is determined not to execute the life alone and not be a danger from the public trust, may be released until the execution of the sentence is recovered according to the procedure as set out in the third frame. "

MADDE 4- 55275 is the 17-point-of-the-end code that is being installed in the same way.

" MADDE 17-(1) three years of Kasten-based crime, and five years or more, for crimes that have been charged with the tactic. The execution of low-term prison sentences may be delayed by the Republican State of the Republic, at the request of the ruling on the part of the conflict.

(2) Deferral can be applied up to two times, not to exceed one year at a time.

(3) In the period of deferral, the public case of a crime that was deliberately pushed out of the convicted In turn, the sentence is immediately executed, with a decision to delay.

(4) Ruler of the sentence, even if the execution of the prison sentences specified in the first fund may be executed Whether the death of the family or the death or property of the parent, father, or child, or the death or property of the family, may or may not be able to work or to be able to get the land to work, or to become a part of the country or to become a part of the country or the country. A constant treatment of the condemned man. required by the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of America, in mandatory and very first time, for the execution of the Republic of Turkey. However, this break can not be more than two times.

(5) Acceptance of the deferral prompt may be assured, or otherwise, in a future.

(6) The provisions of this clause;

a) of terrorism offences, crimes committed within the scope of organisation activities, and sexual immunity Those who are convicted of crimes,

b) Those who have decided to apply an execution regime specific to the Müperrirate regime,

c) Those who are sentenced to discipline or condolence,

Not applicable to

. "

ARTICLE 5- The second phase of the 19th count of 5275, of the Code, is in the way It is added to the current and item-in-material plug.

" (2) Three years of accused crimes, and more than five years in prison for crimes that have been charged with the tactic Warrants for the execution of the sentence will be issued. "

" (3) The sentence of imprisonment, translated from criminal penalties, was primarily due to the death penalty. is sent. "

MADDE 6- 5275 is the 51st Code of the Code, which is currently being installed in the following way.

" MADDE 51-(1) Sovereign states, institutions within or around the enterprise, access and recovery They can take advantage of effective contributions to their activities, taking notice of the organization's order, and taking advantage of the efforts that have been given to them.

(2) The provisions of this clause apply to child convicts.

ödüller(3) The rewards that can be granted to the government are:

a) Married convicts in the closed penalty execution institutions, including once in three months at the latest, It can be seen in private, in the institution or plugins of the criminal execution agency staff, with three hours to twenty-four hours.

b) To child convicbs, once in two months at the latest, up to twenty-four hours from three hours And with his father or guardian, the agency or its plug-ins may have family health care, without the proximity of the death penalty agency staff.

c) The visit period of the week can be extended for up to two hours.

d) The closed visit can be made to visit instead of a visit.

e) No more than three consecutive weeks of visiting hours are collectively available.

f) The period or number of memory telephone calls can be increased to two times.

g) Benefit from social, cultural, or sportive activities longer or longer. It can be.

h) The amount of haffisk expense can be increased by half of the year.

) Single-dress rooms can be given the opportunity to have television.

j) Gift can be given.

k) A taxi letter or a letter of recommendation may be issued.

kapsam(4) Scope and essences of the award-winning system and the scope and scope of these awards The results of the crime are determined by the regulation. "

ARTICLE 7- The following sentence in the first quote of Article 54 of the Code 5275. is added.

"Child convicts do not apply to this benefit (b)."

ARTICLE 8-5275 is the third number of the Code's 58th Act, including the third party, The "Nakil" clause in the fourth case is "transplants made in Task custody".

" (3) The transplants are made in the custody of the institution officer. If they are transferred to the criminal execution institutions, they will be an agency officer. The provisions of the sentencing, in the case of the criminal execution institutions found in the same provincial bodies, will be determined in the same day; in the chorus of different provinces, the transfer will be determined not to exceed eight hours of the agency's supervisor's office. during the period of time, he must have entered the criminal execution agency, where he was transferred. In the specified times, provisions of clause 97 are applied to the right of non-entering the criminal execution institution. "

ARTICLE 9- The following sentence in the first instance of the 83rd item of the Code 5275. is added.

"The visit time for child convicts is determined to be less than an hour, not more than three hours."

ARTICLE 10- The second sentence of the second paragraph of the 94-count code of 5275 It has been reported in the following way.

" If the government requires a night stay within a period of time, a home or (a) is a It is decided by the governor of the place to stay at home, where it is seen safe, or at the expense of the suspended sentence at the time of the death penalty, to be imposed on security, and to take the necessary security measures. "

MADDE 11- is the most important year in the world in the first phase of the 95275 Code of Law 95. Each time, including three times, "the phrase" is a three-month, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

MADDE 12- The first sentence of the fourth number of the 116 ncis of the count 5275 the plug-in is added to the product in the current state and is added to the item.

" A night stay within the permit period for the detainee, according to the second and third party. if required, in the house of its own house or in the second frame, in the house of a safe, safe place, or at the expense of the death penalty, safety, security, and necessary security measures. Decided by the governor of the place to go, by the governor's office. is provided. "

" (5) The implementation of the second phase of the fourth fikra and the implementation of the second phase of the 94-article The Justice and People's ministers are determined by the regulations that will be prepared by the ministers. "

ARTICLE 13- An ad-hoc clause is added to the port number 5275.

" INVALID ARTICLE 4-(1) The first receipt of Article 105 /A (a) of this Law is in self and second The period specified in the fund is not implemented until 31/12/2015, when the first receipt (b) is executed for a specified period of time on the first of the specified cell. "

ARTICLE 14- Two months after the release of this Code, two months after the date of publication, the other items are will be effective on the date of release.

ARTICLE 15- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.



(s. number: 365)