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Original Language Title: Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. CEZA MUHAKEMESİ KANUNU İLE CEZA VE GÜVENLİK TEDBİRLERİNİN İNFAZI HAKKINDA KANUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASINA DAİR KA

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Law No. 6411:24/1/2013 article 1-4/12/2004 dated and 5271 numbered criminal procedure law of the third paragraph of article 202 "the provisions of this article, the provisions of the first and second paragraph of" phrase "," modified and included the following paragraphs to the article. " (4) in addition, the defendant;
reading the indictment, b a)) on the merits of giving, oral arguments on, could better express himself declared in a different language. In this case, translation services, in accordance with the fifth paragraph of the interpreter of the defendant from the list choose created by. This interpreter expenses not covered by Treasury of the State. This way, for the purpose of abuse be dragged the proceedings cannot be used.
(5) Interpreters, provincial judicial judicial justice committees held each year shall be elected from among the persons listed. Republican prosecutors and judges only if they are not from the lists created in terms of the provinces, other cities also can opt for an interpreter from the lists created in. This is a list of procedures and principles for regulation to regulate. "
Article 2 of Act No. 5271 included the following provisional article-.
"PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1-(1) the fifth paragraph of article 202 of this Act shall be prescribed by the Ministry of Justice Ordinance, this item from the date that established law comes into force within a month. This is in accordance with the regulations of this Act until the interpreter lists, the fourth paragraph of article 202 translation services interpreters brought by the defendant itself held by fulfilled. "
Article 3-13/12/2004 within the framework of the law on execution of punishments and Security Measures Act No. 5275 16th article of the third paragraph "in the phrase" one-year "quarterly" has been modified and included the following paragraphs to the article.
"(5) Off After entering the correctional institution pregnant for more than six years of conditional release from the rest due to dangerous actions and attitudes with mentions as the provisions of the fourth paragraph. This is the fourth sentence of paragraph projected part of persons, penal institutions are executed in the proper places for themselves.
(6) due to a severe illness or disability incurred by correctional institution in conditions that do not sustain life alone and not create danger in terms of public safety is evaluated according to the order specified in the third paragraph under penalty of execution prisoner until you can be back. "
Article 4-Article 17, Law No. 5275 has been changed as follows.
"Article 17 – (1) Intentional crimes three years, reckless crimes is five years or less imprisonment the execution of convicts from the on-call upon the Republic of Başsavcılığınca can be postponed.
(2) not more than one year at a time to Snooze, up to a maximum of two times.
(3) within the period of Procrastination, convicted as the opening of public prosecution for a crime committed deliberately in the decision to postpone the execution of penalty, removing the immediate.
(4) execution of prison sentences in the first paragraph specified started, even though the convicts can complete the the higher education, home, Dad, or the death of the spouse or children of the family because of illness or invalidity yürütülebilmesinin or the business activities of agriculture işlenebilmesinin of the territory make it impossible to arrive or requires a continuous treatment of the convicts is mandatory and very immediate attitude, not exceeding six months period of the Republican Başsavcılığınca execution of sentence of imprisonment with suspended. However, this cannot be more than twice a break.
(5) do not want to postpone the acceptance, assurance can be linked to, or any other conditions.
(6) the provisions of this article;
a) within the framework of the activities of the Organization of the terrorist crimes, crimes and against those who are convicted of sexual immunity, b) Mükerrirlere-specific implementation of the decision, the regime executed c) Discipline or pressure to convict imprisoned ones, as does not apply. "
Article 5-the second paragraph of article 19, Law No. 5275 the following the following paragraph has been added to the article and have been modified.
"(2) Intentional crimes three years, reckless crimes is more than five years shall be brought directly to the execution of sentence of imprisonment warrant."
"(3) in the execution prison prisoners are translated from Judicial fines first call is sent to the paper."
Article 6-5275 envisaged in article 51 has been changed as follows.
"Article 51-(1) General situations inside or outside the institution, another opposition activist, active participation in training and improvement activities, attitudes against the layout of premises and the jobs given to them considering incentive-based rewards the efforts of taking advantage of fixed.
(2) the provisions of this article also applies to the child offenders.
(3) handing out awards that can be granted include: a) convicts in the closed prison married, once in three months at the latest, three hours, twenty-four hours with their spouses or close supervision of correctional institution personnel without confidential manner see türülebilir.
b) Child felons, including two once a month at the latest, three hours and twenty-four hour parent or guardian in the institution or an add-in without close supervision of correctional institution personnel can be family interview.
c) can be extended up to two hours of weekly visit time.
d) closed visits instead of open can be visited.
e) on top of a three-week visit time unused maximum can be made available in bulk.
f) Weekly phone calls time or count may be increased up to two times.
g) would precede the Social, cultural or sporting events or more can be provided in the form.
h can be increased at the rate of half the amount of spending per week).
I) may be given the opportunity to keep the tv in single rooms.
j) may be given Gifts.
k) certificate of appreciation or letter of recommendation can be given.
(4) with the procedures and principles of the system of Awarding this prize to take advantage of the scope and requirements, taking into account the crime types are determined by the regulation. "
Article 7-first paragraph of article 54 of the Act No. 5275, the following sentence has been added.
"In terms of Child convicts (b) of this paragraph does not apply."
Article 8-the third paragraph of article 58 of the law No. 5275 as follows, fourth paragraph the phrase "Officer" in-transit "under the supervision of the postings were made".
"(3) the Child is done under the supervision of the institution eğitimevlerine postings. Open correctional institutions is done without the posting institution officer. This way in the same province convicted of correctional institutions within the same day posting in between; the penal institutions in different provinces in the forty-eight hours between posting in such a way that the late amir premises set by time, it is easier to post an introduction to correctional institution. Introduction to correctional institution open in time set nonblocking convicts as the provisions of article 97. "
Article 9-5275 envisaged in article 83, the following sentence has been added to the first paragraph of the article.
"Children of convicts for visit duration less than an hour, but not more than three hours."
Article 10-the second paragraph of article 94 of the law No. 5275 second sentence has been changed as follows.
"Hükümlünün, within the duration of the night let accommodation if necessary, specified in subparagraph (a) to their House, or of a relative's House, seen elsewhere or safe located at the closed prison institution that is being navigated to, the necessary security measures for evaluation and security matters shall be taken, are decided by the Governor of the place is being navigated."
Article 11-the first paragraph of article 95 of the Act No. 5275 "in a maximum of three times a year and each time the phrase" three months ".
Article 12-the fourth paragraph of article 116 of the law No. 5275 first sentence has been modified in the following way and following paragraph has been added to the article.
"The second and third paragraph allowed detainee, within the duration of the night let accommodation if necessary, close to their house or House of a specified in the second paragraph, seen elsewhere or safe located at the closed prison institution that is being navigated to, the necessary security measures for evaluation and security matters shall be taken, are decided by the Governor of the place is being navigated."
"(5) the fourth paragraph is the second paragraph of article 94 with application procedures and principles concerning justice and Home Affairs is determined by the regulation to be prepared jointly by the ministries."
Article 13-added the following Act No. 5275 provisional article.
"PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 4-(1) this Act shall be 105/A under the first paragraph of subparagraph (a) in subparagraph, and the second paragraph with a period of six months specified in the first paragraph the sentence specified in subparagraph (b) for a certain period of time to be executed requirements do not apply until the date of 31/12/2015."

Article 14-article 6 of this Act, two months after the date of publication, other substances will take effect the date of promulgation.
Article 15-this law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.

(s.: 365)