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Kanun # 6413


Admission Date: 31/1/2013      





Purpose, Scope, and Tantas


MADDE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is; effective in Turkish Armed Forces It is to determine the facilities, preservation and execution of the disciplinary system, and the basis of the discipline system.


MADDE 2- (1) The General Command of the Gendarmerie of Mülki management supervisors and The Coast Guard Commander's staff members, who have been withheld from their duties on the property, signed up with the law, excluding military judges, subordinates, specialist gendarmes, expert virtues, verbal erbations and err, erbahs and err. For example, the following.


ARTICLE 3- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) Amir: with no one who is in the payroll and installation direction Other than authorized users,

b) Undisciplined: Filed with disciplinary punishment according to this Law and their behavior,

c) Discipline Supervisor: This is the first time he has been authorized to discipline this Law. amiri,

) Disciplinary Supervisors: Discipline supervisor and senior disciplinary supervisors,

d) Disciplinary Punishment: Authorized business or boards due to indiscipline The structures that were issued and shown in this Code, as shown in the

e) Disciplinary: The decision on staff who are disciplined the investigation and review by the disciplinary supervisors, to give,amacýyla

f) Arbitration: Including determination of disciplinary action, all the activities that are made to the disciplinary board,

g) Top disciplinary supervisors: from the staffing and installation direction of the discipline supervisor They are found to be found and authorized to give disciplinary action.

refers to.

(2) For the concepts and terms that are not defined in this Law, dated 4/1/1961 and The 211 count is based on the definitions in the Turkish Armed Forces of Turkey's Hi-service Code.



General Provisions

Discipline of lack of discipline and disciplinecezalarýnýn

TICAD 4- (1) Undisciplined;hükümin this Law In any case, it can be worked out intentionally or with a plug.

(2) Due to the same verb, this is one of the following disciplinary penalties It cannot be overdone.

(3) A verb becomes more than one non-disciplinary Disciplinary action is given.

(4) The administrative construction of a verb in the scope of the law, The same figure does not prevent disciplinary action from the scope of this Law.  

(5) Disciplinary Penalties that result in service and duty obligation No public or service benefits can be given in the scope of the public or service.

A criminal investigation or a criminal investigation or a criminal investigation. Without firing

MADDE 5- (1) About any verb related The criminal investigation or prosecution does not prevent disciplinary action, disciplinary action, and the replacement of this cell in the same way.

Use the right-to-installhakkýnýn

MADDE 6- (1) Authorized to discipline this Law The people and the board use a fair, fair and justified recognition of the recognition rights for the disciplinary action.

(2) Always uses the right to the right of the taxi.

(3) When using the set of rights;

a) Disciplined form of discipline,

b) the time and place in which you have been disciplined

c) The undisciplined impact of military service on the service is

) The damage or the danger that comes to the square is caused by theMeydana

d) Discipline of Undisciplined personnel on the matter of fate or taxi aðýrlýðý

e) The previous disciplinary status of the non-disciplinary personnel,

f) The sincere insistence and demonstration of the non-disciplinary staff pipetable,

Considerations such as

are considered.

(4) Except for the decisions made by authorized authorities on the line A decision cannot be made or made by any administrative position that will result in the removal of the recognition of a disciplinary statement.



Task and Entitlements of the Disciplinary Supervisors

Disciplinary questions and authorizations

MADDE 7- (1) Undisciplined will be able to be disciplined If any disciplinary supervisors who are treating a verb or profession with the same attitude and behavior are not required to investigate the event, any of the questions that will be written to the author will be provided with the vasectomy or the disciplinary question.

(2) A single kit may be assigned as a discipline prompt. A delegation of at least three people can also be deployed.

(3) Disciplinary action is required when the General Staff is deemed necessary, In the course of the General Staff, it can also be carried out by personnel stationed at the established unit.  

(4) the right to be seen, except for the head of the delegation Members of the delegation may be appointed as part of the rank or part of the team to conduct disciplinary questions.

 (5) Disciplinary questions and delegation, appoints themselves The discipline supervisor is required to provide information and documents related to disciplinary inquiries, including collecting, listening, listening to information, and performing criminal investigation in situations that do not require decision making, judge or prosecutor's decision. to conduct any kind of review and to write with relevant authorities It is.

Discipline supervisor's authority to discipline disciplinary

MADDE 8- (1) disciplinary supervisor for the identified personnel In accordance with the basis of this Code, disciplinary action is given.

(2) Qualifies and address the indiscipline that is set in this Law Those who act similar to their reputation can be given disciplinary penalties, even if their actions are criminal or military criminal.

(3) To become a discipline supervisor;

a) Not in a supervisor position,

b) the rank or level of personnel to be given disciplinary action Unsubscribe,

c) The officer, petty officer, expert gendarmerie and the officer who will be disciplined include the authority to register for the personnel according to the applicable legislation,

is required.

(4) The penalties for disciplinary supervisors are attached (1) to the table. is shown.

(5) Those who are assigned or assigned to a higher-rank cadre, They use the authority to discipline the rank of rank shown in the cadre they are acting in.

(6) Undisciplined personnel prior to the disciplinary penalty If the discipline of discipline is clear, the authority and responsibility of the disciplinary action will be passed to the new discipline supervisor.

(7) supervisors who do not have the authority to issue disciplinary punitives, to themselves may be able to address the discipline supervisor about the indiscipline of the staff.

How the upper disciplinary supervisors can provide disciplinary action

MADDE 9- (1) Except for the exceptions that are set in this Code, except The task and authority for disciplinary action and disciplinary action may also be used by the senior disciplinary supervisors:

a) Undisciplined, for the purpose of a more serious disciplinary action Forwarded to it or if it is needed by itself

b) If it is a person who is disciplined in person

c) Undisciplined, formal, and office-related discontinue

ç) Undisciplined, the steel of the steel, headquarters and if organizations are being pushed out of more than one part of the organization

d) a non-discipline that is required to be punished according to this Law, If you are to be known by the previous disciplinary supervisors.

(2) The upper disciplinary supervisors of the entitlements covered in the First if not, the disciplinary action and the authority of the disciplinary action are used by the disciplinary supervisor.

Authorization to receive discipline and discipline of discipline supervisors

MADDE 10- (1) The Amirs show their failure, their finances. No disciplinary action is counted, either verbally or written, or not.

(2) Discipline supervisors are required to discipline and ensure discipline. He can give additional duties and responsibilities to his goal of trying to sell the floor. The duties and responsibilities of the verb shall be the nature of the work, the status of the personnel, the rank and the rank of the rank and the proper and the measured. Tasks given in this scope are considered to be an order for the service.



The Officer, Petty Officer, Specialist Gendarmerie, and Expert Erbations with the Promise of Erbac and Indiscipline That Requires Penalties And Penalties To Be Applied To The Rights

Disciplinary penalties

ARTICLE 11- (1) Submr, petty officer, expert gendarmerie and expert erbareas The following is a statement of discipline penalties that can be used for verbal and erronetics:

a) Adapt

b) Kannama

c) Continue-to-service resume

) Cut from the mirror

d) Leaving the service location

e) Room arrest

f) Do not separate the armed forces

(2) Warning, disservice, continued service resume and cut penalties Disciplinary boards are issued by the disciplinary supervisors and by disciplinary boards of disciplinary boards and disciplinary supervisors; and the Armed Forces are required to separate disciplinary boards.

Disciplinary punisaries fulfillmentþekilleri

MADDE 12- (1) The warning penalty; the personnel, the role of the task, or It is reported with the article that it is necessary to be more careful in its actions.

(2) The detention of the personnel, in the course of its duty, or It is reported that it is imperfect in its transactions.

(3) The continued penalty for the service is to the personnel who are given disciplinary action It will not exceed three hours a day after hours and 24.00 per hour, as well as military services that fit the status of staff or the status of staff. The penalty is to be fulfilled on holiday days, and the staff is counted on the service during the time of the return of the cedar. It is expressed interest in the discipline of the discipline, which gives the punishment to the city of the discipline.

(4) Truncation penalty; disciplinary action of personnel, social No outage occurred at rates specified in the table based on (1) the premium based on the premium calculated according to the security legislation. The punishment is to be replaced by interruption of the separation of staff from the separation of the staff. Truncation is done through full lira, and the institutions are not considered.

(5) Penal non-service leave; personnel after the end of hours The official circle is to leave the post office and continue its service with the official circle, the right, and the areas of the space. This sentence is attached by disciplinary supervisors (1), depending on the number of tables; it may be given up to four to ten days by disciplinary boards. A suitable sleeping place is allocated for the suspended staff. Vacation days are called upon to replace the cezelas. During the fulfillment of the space, visitors can be accepted not to exceed a total of hours per day, except for the service they are in.

(6) Room jail sentence; instead of in the prison room to be allocated for this purpose will be brought. There are guards at the door of the prison chambers. The personnel who receive room arrest cannot order and serve in the course of the fulfillment of the cezus. Penalty;

a) in the time of Seferberness and war;

1) Discipline Supervisors in all undisciplined behavior in this Law Attached to the table attached to the table (1).

2) Do not punish me for leaving service according to this Law They can be given up to 30 days from ten days by disciplinary boards in the form of undisciplined discipline.

b) at the time of the Barn, serving on ships in the Turkish territorial waters The 14th Amendment can be given to the staff within the framework of the 14th Amendment, for the non-disciplinary action that requires the personnel only to be punished by the time they are here, and that they have to be punished with the penalty for leaving the service.

Armed Forces separation penalty

MADDE 13- (1) The penalty for leaving the Armed Forces is subject to the personnel. The provisions of the Turkish Musketeer Forces according to the provisions of the legislation, according to the provisions of the Turkish Armed Forces, will result in the termination of the word. They cannot take part in the Turkish Armed Forces, except for those who have been grounded, mobilization, and fighting.

(2) Penal force retribut; force commanders, The General Command of the Gendarmerie is issued by the high disciplinary boards that will be formed at the Coast Guard Command, and the relevant force commander, The Gendarmerie is replaced with the approval of the General Commander or the Coast Guard Commander. The General and the admirals are issued and fulfilled by the high disciplinary committee, which will be rescheduled at the General Staff.

(3) sentencing the armed forces; at least one of the disciplinary supervisors The two are offered by high disciplinary boards on offer, and can be given by high disciplinary boards, according to the information and documents. The General Staff is entitled to a decision to make a decision on the information and documents of the personnel, or to the conclusion of the disciplinary action that the Joint Chiefs of Staff may have to give. are transferred to the disciplinary board.

(4) General Command of Gendarmerie with force commanders and Coast Guard High disciplinary boards were set to be used; staff, intelligence and operations staff, personnel and transfer agencies, forensic or legal officers, staff and personnel were involved in the chief of staff, criminal or legal administration, and personnel. It's from the director of the office. The Joint Chiefs of Staff Board of Staff is the commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Command of Gendarmerie, Chief of General Staff, Chief of Staff Staff, and General Staff of the General Staff. Decisions on the high disciplinary boards are taken with the vote-shepers. If the votes are imposed, the vote against the most against the most against the vote is subject to the vote, which is much closer to him until the polyps are obtained.

(5) High disciplinary boards; if they deem necessary, the interest The self-respect file and all sorts of documents, including information from the relevant union, institutions and headquarters, including criminal or prosecutor's decision to conduct any investigation, including criminal investigation, and information. They are authorized to listen, to make or to do so.

(6) The process of retribution from the armed forces of the process; In the case of disciplinary supervisors, the process of the discipline of discipline, in other cases, is the defence of the personnel who will be decided on the right of the high disciplinary boards with the authority of the competent commanders. Except for the written defense, the personnel may be able to respond verbally in case the high disciplinary board needs to be needed or the personnel are in demand. There is no defense in the separation of the Armed Forces, which will be given by the mandatory state and the 21 st clause, which makes it impossible to defend due to the lack of an interest in desertion and the rape of the permission.

(7) Reserve officers who are grounded in departs from the armed forces, related They will eventually complete the remaining military services according to the law.

(8) personnel engaged in a verbal status in the Turkish Musketeer Forces The provisions of the special laws of the annulus of the annulus, and the provisions of the Turkish Armed Forces and the laws of which are regulated by law, are the provisions of the annuials.

Appreciate the punishment and the appreciation of the discipline supervisors

ARTICLE 14- (1) Back from the following date of Discipline; two a degree, except for the separation of weapons from the Armed Forces, in which they received twice as much punishment as the same discipline in which they had been disciplined or required the same degree of punishment in a year. The penalty is given.

(2) Discipline supervisors, staff; positive service, registration and discipline It can apply a degree of light punishment, given the nature of the action.

(3) Disciplinary supervisors, alerting, rec, and service continued He may not give disciplinary punishment to his staff for his disciplinary actions.

(4) requires that I leave the service location of one of the The discipline of discipline, which has identified the undisciplined discipline, may result in disciplinary action, as well as the nature of the service, registration and disciplinary action, as well as the ability to discipline the personnel to the disciplinary board.

(5) At the time of the Bars, service location on ships in Turkish territorial waters A non-disciplinary action that requires a non-dumping disciplinary action to allow me to leave the service place by the ship commander in accordance with respect to the nature of the action (1), rather than the undisciplined, undisciplined personnel who has been disciplined or disciplined. It can be punished. The unfulfilled daughter of the promised land will be replaced as a punishment for leaving the place of service.

Disciplines that require a warning penalty

MADDE 15- (1) Disciplines that require warning penalty Next:

a) To seal the order: a given that has been given to itself in accordance with the on the order; the order is not appropriate, it is issued, it is not to be done, or the other people will have an objection to the immediate supervisor or to the immediate supervisor. The appeal of the subordinate to defend the idea of the subordinate until it was decided, or to indicate the opinion that the order was unlawful, the objection that would have occurred when they were doing so was not to be disciplined in this context by registering to hide. It doesn't matter.

b) On task: In task, permission is allowed by authorities Except in cases where they are provided, with no involvement or military service.

c) supervisor or base count when service is in: Service, known and will be able to use verbals that may be able to respect the command or supervisor.

) Not to comply with message table: Self-free or unauthorised, late to shift Either to arrive or to leave early or not to comply with the daily overtime schedule.

d) To be broken and deformed: with respect to the clout and the clothing It is not to obey the rules of nizamis and predetermined.

e) Unsulking or complaint: The Turkish Grand National Except for the regulars that are made to the Assembly, it is written, orally or electronically by the law, or electronically, without the rules and regulations set out by the law and the nizamis.

f) Resetting: Authorized authorities to set savings measures It is not to show the reasonable level of due diligence that should be shown in the expense of not being able to comply or to be used in the public.

g) Treat: the same or the current or the amir or the People who are not involved in the relationship are treated or mistreatled.

) to disparage the people: their superiors, their superiors, or their friends to say negative words that will make a bad impression about the actions of their actions, actions and their ways in which they are not, or are not, in the environment that they do not have.

h) Failure to comply with military courtesy rules: military with Nizamis Manners, protocol, and behavior are in a way that is compromising and behaving in a way.

) lie outside the service: control and control by supervisor or above not to intentionally respond to questions that are being asked in the scope of surveillance responsibility.

i) Not to seallama: set with nizames for seallama It's not about the rules.

j) Not to comply with time: in the activities that should be done at certain time It is too late to be missed.

k) Use of alcohol in the distance: Civil or civil service in uniform, alcohol or corporate image is negative behavior that will result in loss of personal alcohol or corporate image.

l) Not to give task returns: The process or results of a given order. It does not receive subsequent orders by giving the order to the issuing order.

m) Not to pay attention to personal and environmental cleane: In military service to not be able to comply with the rules regarding personal or environmental cleantion.

n) to remain unqualified for self-development: Active in task To be able to do so is not to show the ability to show the knowledge and the effort that it must show in the win.

Disciplines that require a penalty penalty

MADDE 16- (1) Disciplines that require a detention penalty. Next:

a) Supervisor or base courtesy: In service or service It is found in fiilles that are not qualified to respect the amir or the base, but are used to act as a military courtesy, protocol and rule of decency. Military courtesy is the objective of the protocol and the rules of decency, whether to be declared or be subject to the subordinate or to the property, or to be objectively aware of the fact that the person who does this discipline has to know these rules with the reputation of his office and rank. The discipline can be punished.

b) To engage in professional ethics: Pre-declared or tebliotir It is found in the manner and behavior of professional ethical behavior that has been set up.

c) Installing Clusters: Friends in the rank or part of the same rank or He's talking to his subordinate, manners, and promises that are not suitable for the man.

to act by disrupting military eraser: Except as required by the situation, to transfer any request to their superior supervisor, unless you comply with the military delete of any request.

d) To make inappropriate hijab: people in the environment; nizms, orders In addition to the appeals, which were determined by military manifestalations, they would be addressed.

e) Escape from responsibility: Disclaimer of the law and the nizmas exist in the behavior and behavior that will indicate that tasks are required to take responsibility for the responsibility.

f) Not to use military use: A military-led military service not to use proper and instructions to cause damage or to cause harm.

g) Not to comply with protection rules: protect or containate And it is in the following verdicals to avoid the current measures, or to risk the health of the people in the environment, to prevent infected people from being used.

Disciplines to require continued service to the service

MADDE 17- (1) Requires ongoing penalty for the service They are undisciplined:

a) Dignity: Service or service is on the top Whether or not it is important to not show it as a means of respect, or to accept it with respect to a substitute, tenkit, or counterpart that is superior to the number of times that it is authorized.

b) Abandon the task location: 20 or more than the task site It is not a full-time job to escape or be an acceptable excuse for not passing four hours.

c) Temaruz: fulfilling some requests, a personal benefit A part of the daily shift is not taken by providing the love of the patient by showing that it is a comfort, such as exaggerate or not to exaggerate or avoid responsibility for any purpose, such as escaping from a task or responsibility.

bulunmak) To conduct inappropriate behavior: Turkish Armed Forces and representation The article that is not in accordance with the honor and the dignity of the rank or the status of the rank or the status of the rank.

d) Not to behave: non-hidden but unexplained by task open a required information in a way that unauthorized people can learn from.

Disciplines that require a break penalty

MADDE 18- (1) Disciplines that require truncation penalty Next:

a) Respect to the Amire: Service or service in the state It is not to show the respect that it should be shown, or to accept with respect to the replacement, tenkit, or counterpart that the supervisor has done.

b) Lying: The subject of the military service or the subject matter and In cases where it is obligated to provide supervisors or information, it has the truth and the truth as a result of the fact that it is responsible for the authorities and the authorities.

c) To give an order unrelated to the service: not to service the property to give orders.

to show neglect under the supervision of the Intentions: Your subordinate and order The control, control, and oversight of the subs.

d) To make a mirror: language, health, color, gender, political, while on duty And then the philosophical belief, religion, sect, and so forth, is to build a business, and that causes unrest in the field of duty.

to enter the forbidden places: Genelev with official uniform, casino, Entering places like tavern, bars and other places is to enter places that are forbidden by the garrison commanders.

f) To request a loss: relating to the rights of the property or a personal personal It's a priority, a priority, a demand for interest.

g) To accept gifts from his diet: From the staff at his maiden is to accept a gift that is given above a reasonable level and has a material value above a reasonable level.

) To talk about political content in the Service: Within the message or service In the case of the situation, political content has been made.

h) To endure illegal activities: prohibited by authorized authorities the meeting is to engage in demonstrations, walks, and so forth.

) To leave your garrison without being inhuman: duty not to be in a state of mind. Leaving the garrison of garnishment.

i) Violin security: Israel, rest, air, discharge. And for other reasons, the mission is to move to the ground and return to the road, as well as the road route, which is emused in the fight against terrorism, travel during the days specified, or to travel to the planning of the road.

Disciplines that require me to leave the service location

MADDE 19- (1) Requires me to leave the service location They are undisciplined:

a) Insubordination: Not to complete an order for service as a part of the service. Or by moving it through, or by looking for the rest.

b) Running back: seven days from the location or task site will not take place And during that time, it ' s not about running away or going to work.

c) How to migrate the duration: Israel, rest, or air time It will not take the day to be a legal or acceptable excuse, and during that time, it is to spend it in the next way.

c) Damage the service to the product: Harp material or service A military service is allocated to cause loss or loss of damage or damage to the cause of the measure, negligence, or inaction.

d) Asking for gifts or borrowing money: Gift from the property or subordinate It 's going to borrow money, or it' s going to borrow money.

e) Not to ask about the undisciplined role of the Mativity: The Estate It is to cover up the undisciplined by not intentionally asking disciplinary questions if you have the authority to pay the penalty for the fact that you are concerned about a disciplinary action.

f) Asta mistreatment: Astuna is bad at military procedural and rules to be used to treat the purpose of torture, to strengthen the service without unnecessary means of force, or to tolerate abuse by its own people.

g) To act on a duty of neutrality: Maddi is not harmed The reason for this is to leave the post of seizure or to act in accordance with the rules of the seizure, which is to be determined and issued, as part of the seizure duties of the relevant legislation.  

to create discontent: with words or verbs in the working-time environment to adversely affect the fulfillment of the service.

h) Tahrik: Soldier's people, their superiors or their superiors, are disobedient, To show respect, to show, or to provoke, to begin to work or to relive.

) Sarhness: To be proven or not to be hidden with medical report It's about getting drunk and drinking while you're on duty.

i) Gambling: Gambling in the military vault.

j) possession of the forbidden material: in the region, headquarters and institutions, or any devices and devices that record, store or transmit images, audio, etc., such as cell phones, computers, radio, tape, tape machines, which are prohibited from being used or used in the task of using the task. in possession or use.

k) Israeli membership: sports with memberships, associations, and foundation memberships is to enter into the active memberships of their clubs.

l) to meet the replacement of a disciplinary penalty: an authorized person or a Strict duties and obligations are required to meet and enforce the duties and responsibilities given by the organs provided by the disciplinary actions, administrative sanctions, or lack of discipline. It's not.

m) Fighting: The people who are defensive to the defense are to remain in hiding, In the military vault, it would hit someone who was de facto.

Disciplines that require the penalty to separate from the Armed Forces

MADDE 20- (1) Requires penalty of separation from the Armed Forces They are undisciplined:

a) Not to owe money and not to pay off debts: Nafaka, traffic accident, doðal The disaster is to be fully indebteated, with the exception of economic fluctuations, sudden deplorable conditions, health and treatment costs and guaranty and so on, as well as those of the country, which are not to be able to predict the situation. You can't pay your debts. to the server.

b) Moral weakness: The mission will harm the social and family investment It is in the interest of a hundred people, disgraceful or society's general morals, whether in its interest, to drink, to be a part of the military, or to the reputation of the Turkish Armed Forces.

c) To act in an obstacle to the service: State of the State and the Turkish Armed The nature of its forces, which would harm the reputation of its forces, or acts of criminal or indiscipline, were found in the manner of acting or acting.

) To open confidential information: state trust, even if not authorized to deliver, deliver, or open unauthorized information and installations of internal and internal political benefits to internal and internal political benefits.

d) To engage in Israeli or political activities: political parties. to engage in ideological or political activities, to engage in ideological or political purposes, it is to engage in discipline and behavior.

e) Long-term desertion: uninterrupted without a valid excuse For more than one year, the duration of permitting or desertion is in place.

f) To take the undisciplined state of the state: Disorderly and unnerving. It is not to make any sense of the behavior or the disciplinary penalties that have been taken.  

to marry or live with someone who is not: It is to insist that there is no one who knowingly married or married anyone who had an understanding of the ineffectable, or to keep such a person in place, or to have a wife like a husband, or to be in such a way as a wedding, to be in a state of the law.

to be found in the course of the course of course: With no one, of course, in the mukarenette Or it will be done with the verb itself.

Sentencing a disciplinary penalty scoreayýrma

MADDE 21- (1) The following situations are not disciplined It is considered to be in the state of the situation and is given a separation of officers, subordinates, and expert gendarmes, except for the non-verbal officers and subordinates.

a) End of last received disciplinary date back from date a total of eighteen disciplinary scores or a total of twelve times or more disciplinary penalties than at least two different disciplinary supervisors in a year.

b) The last time a disciplinary penalty has been finalized is back from the date it was due Thirty-five disciplinary measures in the five years or a total of twenty-five times, or more, of disciplinary action from at least two different disciplinary supervisors.

(2) The count of penalty points is calculated (2) in the first fan scope. It is done on a table.



Penalties and Punishment for Military Esters

DisiplinsizliklerIndiscipline Required

Penitentiaries for military users

MADDE 22- (1) Attached to the military (s) by the discipline supervisors (1) the number of disciplinary penalties that can be granted in accordance with the following table is specified in accordance with the degree of severity:

a) Klnama

b) Inhimiation

(2) Punishment; the fact that the other person is acting in a state of discipline. It is to be identified as concrete and reported by the author.

(3) The penalty for inaction; from the end of the weekend It doesn't take advantage.

Discipline requiring punishment for military clients

MADDE 23- (1) The task of granting them by law, nizam, and orders And disciplinary action is given to military clients who do not follow the rules that do not meet or enforce their responsibilities, or who do not comply with the rules that are required to comply, qualify for the situation, and are given a disciplinary action.

(2) The de facto de facto de facto de facto, capable of indiscipline of militaries. The types and quantities of disciplinary penalties that can be given to the verb shall be determined by the disciplinary scores, disciplinary scores, disciplinary scores to be considered in the indiscipline, and disciplinary action regulations with disciplinary action. A different disciplinary penalty score can be predicted by considering the nature of the acts that require the same kind of punishment in regulation.

Special law enforcement provisions for military students

ARTICLE 24- (1) About the military (1) Military (s), which are not separate to this Law the provisions of the special laws are withheld.



Penalties and Punishment for Erbations and Erlers

DisiplinsizliklerIndiscipline Required

Penalties that can be given on the Erbahs and ersaries

MADDE 25- (1) Erbatics and ersas are by disciplinary supervisors Penalties that can be granted are stated in accordance with the degree of error:

a) Injustice

b) Download services

c) Room arrest

tomenYou are from the service

(2) Discipline, additional service loading, and room arrest discipline The service is issued by the supervisors and the disciplinary boards are provided by the service.

Disciplinary charges are met by disciplinary supervisors Attachments

ARTICLE 26- (1) Inhuman punishment, erbax, and Erin weekend They are not going to take advantage of the holiday.

(2) The Israeli service load penalty; erbax and Erin, in overtime, in overtime A duty determined by the disciplinary supervisors in the wake of the weekend or on weekends, when the seizure service was determined to include military service or undisciplined behavior, and was punished. intermittred or continuous, and not more than eight hours per day to be assigned to you.

(3) Room arrest penalty; instead of in the prison room to be allocated for this purpose will be brought. There are guards at the door of the prison chambers. The room is grounded and they can be used in military services, when they are required to perform the punishment. Penalty;

a) In a time of seferberity and war, erbareds and moles;

1) Attached to the disciplinary supervisors (1), depending on the table


2) Based on this Code, the service requires that you be punished with death penalty. It can be given up to thirty days from ten days by disciplinary boards in the form of indiscipline.

b) at the time of the Barn, serving on ships in the Turkish territorial waters Due to the lack of discipline that they have created in the period only around the time they are located, the disciplinary supervisors may be given the framework of the 27th Amendment in the framework of the basis.

(4) Undisciplined serp; and Erin, perishable avoid daily service with the purpose of reestablishing the discipline. This penalty can be given in the form of undisciplined discipline that requires not to leave the service place in the fourth part of this Code, including less than seven days by disciplinary boards, for the duration of the fourth part of this Code. Fines and erasers are not likely to be employed in overtime activities in the course of the sentence, but they can be deployed in the administration of administrative duties or in military service needed.

Disciplines and discipline that can be punished by discipline supervisors. About your supervisor's appreciation

MADDE 27- (1) Unhuman and additional service load penalties; this In the fourth part of the law, the adaptation is given in the form of undisciplined acts of indiscipline, which require continued detention or service to the service, and other actions similar to those of their own as well as their reputation.

(2) The type and quantity of the disciplinary penalties to be issued under the first of the first warning; It is appreciated by the discipline supervisors, considering the nature of the act and the nature of the service and the discipline of the Erin. Discipline supervisors may not pay disciplinary action by taking into account the positive service of the erbations and Erin.

(3) Discipline or mobilization of the service, and discipline in the war Disciplinary measures requiring room arrest to be issued by their boards, including the positive service and discipline of the Erin and the disciplinary supervisors, or additional service loading penalties, including the One can be given. In this case, the erbaits and the eras are not shipped to the disciplinary board.

(4) Any ship in the ships of the Turkish territorial waters at the time of the Barn The undisciplined erbaqu and ere may be given room confinement in accordance with the disciplinary order (1) with respect to the table of discipline, considering the nature of the act and the negative test of the discipline. An additional service load, which cannot be fulfilled in the territorial waters of this case, is replaced by the additional service load.



Disciplinary Penalties and Disciplinary Penalties Effects

Temporary check-under precaution

MADDE 28- (1) The number (1) is given room-to-jail terms in the table The authorized disciplinary supervisors are authorized to receive or receive a temporary check under the order of one of the other states, except for the authorization to capture the other laws or for a similar purpose, other than the authorized capture of the subject:

a) Delivery or consent is captured while being caught and handed over to the Union Avoid forensic authorities

b) to a location belonging to, or its surroundings, or its environment Preventing this state from causing damage to a certain state

c) Reestablishing discipline that has been broken down

ç) The impact of the sarholic winter in the military vault has no effect to keep it under controlkadar

(2) Control under control, in the places to prepare for this purpose, and It will not exceed twenty-four hours. If the freeze expires twelve hours, personnel are notified and a top disciplinary supervisor is notified as soon as possible by the disciplinary supervisor.

(3) The status requires the status of the under-control measures, receive or receive disciplinary amirs.

Interim task removal and task location measure

ARTICLE 29- (1) Indiscipline or a verb that can be criminalted The officer, petty officer, expert gendarmerie, expert gendarmerie, expert erbax or the err administrative leave of duty to be seen in order to continue with the investigation and investigation of the cause of the investigation is safe and clear. task.

(2) Tentatively decision to step away; discipline is discipline It can be given up to ten days on the offer of one of its supervisors or disciplinary questions, or at the higher level of discipline, headquarters, or agency supervisors, with the minimum brigade and estum in the position of the disciplinary supervisor. It can be increased by a factor of time when it's heard.

(3) Measures to move away from the task; at the end of the term, there is a need for an action Prior to the completion of the term by the discipline supervisor, which is determined to understand that the verb that causes the need to be seen or removed from office is not committed, as a result of the failure of any crime or discipline. It can be removed. The duration of the task before the task is counted from the service. During this time, the personnel of the respective personnel will continue, but cannot give orders.

(4) In the end of the question made, he or she is still on duty. The officer, petty officer, expert gendarmerie, expert ergo or verbal officer, who was decided to have the hidden from the union, and the appointment of Erin to a post, will remove the personnel concerned by the authorities, who will be relieved of the removal of the authorities. It can be offered to the authorities. An assignment is assigned to a staff or commander who is in accordance with the status of a resen or made proposal, appropriate to the situation in the garrison or in the case of a commander, in accordance with the appropriate time of notice.

The impact of disciplinary penalties on administrative action

MADDE 30- (1) Disciplinary penalties and other administrative sanctions information and documents are maintained and registered under the relevant files of the interested party.

(2) Subofficer, petty officer, expert gendarmerie, expert virtues must be spoken to. They are sent to the General Command of the Gendarmerie, or the Coastal Safety Command, to the forces of the personnel who are the members of the personnel who are given the disciplinary action given to the provisions.

(3) Disciplinary penalties and other administrative sanctions, qualification and quantification In accordance with employee registration, promotion, assignment, separation, moderate cutting, termination, selection of tasks, and similar administrative actions, such as the employee.

Administrative effects of penalties issued by disciplinary boards

MADDE 31- (1) You are barred from service by the disciplinary boards With the sentence, the prison sentences are added to the service times of the undertakers and the service of the serpents, and these people are discharged as late as that time. Penalties for extending the service period will be reported to the serviceability of the attention.

(2) the personnel are entitled to the right of obligation, You will continue to be paid in accordance with your status.



Disciplinary Boards and Disciplinary Officers


MADDE 32- (1) To perform the duties given by this Law, minimum The Brigade (Marine and Air Force and Gendarmerie General Command and the Coast Guard Commando) or the lower level of unity, headquarters, and institutions of the lower level are given a disciplinary board.

(2) The union, headquarters, and institutions that discipline boards are to be reestablished, The need for a service is determined by thekuvvetto determine the force commanders, the Gendarmerie General Command, or the Coast Guard Command. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Ministry of National Defence are determined by the General Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Ministry of National Defence, which will be held at the headquarters of the headquarters and the institutions.

(3) In the same garrison; more than one disciplinary board must be installed If the headquarters and corporate supervisors are found, enough discipline has been established.

(4) The authority of the disciplinary boards are the relevant force commanders, The Gendarmerie is set up by the General Command or the Coast Guard. The task and authority in the garrison, which include multiple units of force, is determined by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the offer of the General Command of the Gendarmerie or the Coast Guard Command.

Occurrence of disciplinary boards

MADDE 33- (1) Disciplinary boards; a minimum of major a total of three non-subordinate members of the non-disciplinary staff, including one who completed the five years in the business with the president, a senior officer and a subordinate officer. The board of the board and members of the board are tasked with a year of searching each year by the commander or military authority of the military. Board members are not required within the term of office, except for mandatory reasons. The task can be reassigned.

(2) Assent members to task at any time when there are no running or members a backup member is available. When you're not the president, the most senior member becomes the president. Members and members cannot be the nearest supervisor of staff and others who have been disciplined within the time of the allocation of the throne.

(3) Subofficer on the allocation of officers to perform task instead of member An officer is assigned to the member and is assigned. Instead of members who are in the subordinate position of the undisciplined position, there is a temporary assignment from the substitute members, the reserve members, and the union or the institution without the appropriate personnel.

(4) Write this Law on the units that are authorized to the disciplinary boards If the nature and member are not present, or if legal obstacles are found to do the tasks of the existing ones, the appropriate nature and the members of the military institution or military institution are the closest to the selection and deployment of the members.

Authority to the rank of disciplinary boards

MADDE 34- (1) The commander of the discipline board established or The disciplinary board about the military institution is a top command or a disciplinary board established in the military establishment of the military. However, the general public and admirals will be held on the Disciplinary Board of the General Staff.

Disciplinary officer, qualification, and tasks

MADADE 35- (1) Disciplinary Board commanders Or military agency, and a disciplinary officer at the Ministry of National Defense.

(2) Discipline officer, left-hand military judge, semen officers can be assigned from the search. Disciplinary officers, commanders and military agencies are also a legal supervisor at the same time as the military's chief of the military. A disciplinary officer's office, a disciplinary officer, is one of the criminal acts or officials of the military institution, which is a forensic officer in the company's military.

(3) The discipline that was assigned to officers from the military magistrate The officers and the officers from the disciplinary officers by the disciplinary officer appointed or assigned the task, provided that the officer or the criminal or judge who did this duty would not be able to find the reason for doing so. It will be done. The disciplinary officer, who was disciplined at the time of the appointment, had at least one year of service with the commander or military authority of the military institution, who had been at least a year of service, and was not convicted of a crime in the case of criminal charges, he said. Officers are assigned to the officers.

(4) An officer or petty officer disciplinary officer, in need of a hearing. It can be assigned or assigned as an assistant. Sufficient personnel are also assigned to make the case manager and tutanak clerk at disciplinary officers and disciplinary boards.

(5) Disciplinary Officer's duties are stated and disciplinary officers are The Ministry of National Defence is responsible for the command and the Ministry of National Defence, which is the main part of this mission:

a) in the case of the command and discipline Making it work

b) Coordinate the actions of the disciplinary board

c) To conduct print and other administrative actions related to Forensic topics

to do other tasks that are provided with the law

The duties and authorities of the disciplinary board

MADDE 36- (1) The disciplinary board is specified in this Code task side;

a) to be shipped by disciplinary supervisors; officer, petty officer, specialist The gendarmerie, the expert virtues, and the non-disciplinary discipline that requires me to leave the service site of the erbations and punish them with the penalty for failing to perform or leave the service place,

b) to be shipped by the disciplinary supervisors; the service of the erbatir and the To collect or to collect and punish the undisciplined of those who require you to be punished, and to punish them for the death penalty,

is incumbent and authorized.

(2) United and disciplinary boards when they are in service and fight. The disciplinary action is given to the non-disciplinary action that enters the service; instead of leaving the service place or service to the service, the same principles and the times specified in this Code are given room-to-room.   

(3) The disciplinary board may or may not take charge of the allocation of in the case of the need; in cases where interested in the property file and in all sorts of documents, to receive information from the relevant authority, headquarters, institutions or supervisors, to request documents, to listen to, to make a hearing, to judge or to decide whether or not to decide. Including the criminal investigation, They are authorized to make or do any administrative action that will allocate the allocation.

Construction procedure to be done

MADDE 37- (1) Must be shipped to the disciplinary board Disciplinary action is sent to the disciplinary officer at the latest 30 days from the discipline of the disciplinary panel, including the disciplinary panel and the disciplinary panel, as well as the disciplinary panel, which is also added.

(2) Review at the end of the review by the disciplinary officer;

a) The case of a crime that has entered into the role of judicial or military courts the task of sending a survey of the files to the duty of the agent,

b) An indiscipline that does not enter the disciplinary board ' s task to return to the relevant disciplinary supervisor, along with the justification, in the case that it is necessary to

is the commander or military institution of the disciplinary board. The decision is made by the approval.   

(3) Disciplinary Board is on the disciplinary board of the file under the approval of the commander or military authority of the military, the personnel who are not disciplined, the rights to be claimed by the disciplinary officer before they are seen on the disciplinary board of the file. is reported.

(4) Disciplinary board, required themes, and preparation of the order of the commander or supervisor, which is installed in the process of the command.

(5) The personnel dispatched to the disciplinary board; the privacy of the arbitration, the third The special information of the people and authorities, as well as the complete investigation of the dignity, dignity and security of confidential and special information, oral or written on the witness and disciplinary council. It has the right to defend.

(6) Disciplinary Officer in disciplinary board meetings related to the evacuation The minutes from which the minutes are to be found.

(7) Management and discipline of allocation of information related to arbitration It belongs to the disciplinary board.

Decided decision to be madesonucu

MADDE 38- (1) disciplinary board consequently; disciplinary action It may decide that it is not allowed or that it is given disciplinary action or by the authority of the board.

(2) The task area of the verb ' s disciplinary board as a result of the arbitration made if an indiscipline has been reported, disciplinary action is taken accordingly.

(3) Decide on disciplinary boards, decisions are received by a vote-on. If the votes are imposed, the vote against the most against the most against the vote is subject to the vote, which is much closer to him until the polyps are obtained.

(4) On the grounds of disciplinary board decisions, the discipline of discipline is Or, there are elements that indicate that the amount of penalty is based on the amount of time in the amount of penalty. The decision is signed by the members and members of the party and are interested in the interest.



Time, Defence, Disciplinary Penalties, Disciplinary, and Argumsia With control

Substituting Ceo


MADDE 39- (1) By discipline supervisors, you are not disciplined No disciplinary action can be taken after two years from the date of the actual date of the year and period of action, which requires disciplinary action, which requires disciplinary action, one month and a half. The verb is not included in a month's time of review and investigation, and for review and investigation, for example, to review and review within a month, if required.

(2) The discipline supervisor of the verb in the allocations of the disciplinary boards No disciplinary action can be taken after two years from the date of the actual date of the year and year of the execution of the disciplinary action, which requires disciplinary action from the side.

(3) The condition of the condition that requires the penalty to separate the armed forces A year after the disciplinary supervisors have been identified, and there is no penalty for the same reason that the actual and disciplinary action is required after the actual date has passed since the beginning of the year after the first period of time.  

(4) Fililin requires disciplinary action, court, court, discipline If understood by the board, the time period specified in the above is due from the date that the decision or provision of the subject was returned and the decision was returned to the authority that was returned to the authority.

(5) An unrecoverable or correctable location of the verb If the disciplinary penalty is cancelled by the court, the authorized disciplinary board or the disciplinary supervisor at the time of the decision of the decision will be subject to penalty clearance and responsibility as of the date of the decision. It will make it more important to redo.

About the defense

MADDE 40- (1) In the bottom of the 13th article of this Law Disciplinary officials or disciplinary boards may not be disciplined without the exception of the exception.

(2) The amount of time it has been issued and written for defense with human considerations They are notified. Less than three days and no more than ten days to be given, personnel who have not done their defence have given up on the defense. An additional amount of defense may be given to the defense in the request of the requested suit, which will not exceed ten days of total.

Objection and ignorance of penalties by the discipline supervisors. Commit

TICAD 41- (1) Discipline given by the discipline supervisors The sentences can be appealed within three days of the sentence of the cezilanus. The Itiraz is written to a top disciplinary supervisor. If there are no objections within the duration of the sentence, the penalty is final.

(2) This condition is being marked as a result of the penalty. At least two signatures are identified by a tutanus. The date on which the key is held is the date of the theme.

(3) Israel is within five days of the authorized upper disciplinary supervisor It's settled. It can be extended to a factor in the event that it is necessary to review.

(4) The upper disciplinary supervisor who reviewed the objection is granted if the order is set. It can alleviate the punishment, or it can be completely removed. If you don't see the point of view, you're a rejection. The decision will be committed to the objection to the objection.

Commit and commit of disciplinary board decisions

MADDE 42- (1) The disciplinary board has agreed to It can be appealed to the disciplinary committee of the top commander, who has been set up for the decision of the disciplinary board of the commander or military institution, to be passed on the disciplinary committee, starting at the end of the day of the document. If there are no objections within the duration of the sentence, the penalty is final.

(2) in the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the Ministry of National Defense The objections made by the disciplinary panel, which are more senior than those who have been ruled out, examine a new board of members and members. However, if appropriate nature and non-member are not found, officers from the highest command post are appointed as a member and member of the officers who are in command positions in the degree of the term.

(3) disciplinary officer of the top-command disciplinary panel on Israel, It will take the necessary review within five days of the file and ship it to the disciplinary board, along with its mutalaasa. The disciplinary committee decides to review the file within ten days of the latest. The top commander can ask the disciplinary board to make the necessary allocation, or he can make the order himself. In this case, the amount of time that will pass for the collection is included in the ten-day period.

(4) If the top commander's disciplinary board sees him in place, he'll make a new decision. He will. Otherwise, he'll reject the objection. Decisions made on the course of the course are final.

Control of yarn

MADDE 43- (1) A Weave given by high disciplinary boards From the forces, the officer, petty officer, expert gendarmerie, expert erbatics and erbarems were ordered by disciplinary supervisors or disciplinary boards at the time of the separation, leaving the service place and leaving the room. He was sentenced to prison in the Military High Court. The cancellation case can be opened.

(2) The case open period is beginning with the failure of the cezany. However, penalties for ships in the Turkish territorial waters do not work out during the time of trial.

Time to replace the sentence

MADDE 44- (1) Disciplinary Penalties may be committed to a final will be provided.

(2) Obligations, excluding the penalty for leaving the Armed Forces Disciplinary supervisors can be decided by the disciplinary supervisors to perform the replacement or interim replacement of the case. However, it cannot be more than one year after the fact that it has been committed in any way. The decision to leave the case after the sentence does not delay the sentence and the consequences of the sentence.



Government Provisions

Delegated and current invalids

MADDE 45- (1) dated 16/6/1927 and the number of 1076 Auxiliary Officers and The Reserve Military Officers ' Code is the first time (d) of the 23rd Amendment of the Act was made in the state of the world.

" d) Discipline That is subject to backup officer services from the Armed Forces according to the legislation. "

(2) dated 21/6/1927 and the number 1111 Soldier's Law;

a) The "disciplinary tribunal" in the third party of the 77 nci clause The phrase "disciplinary board" is required.

b) in the form of the second storm of the 80th article It is currently being started.

" Firar and the intrusions of any court. They do not count the provision of the sentence and the disciplinary penalties, which are not counted from the service in the Turkish Armed Forces Disciplinary Code, and are not counted from the service of the reserve. "

(3) 22/5/1930 and of the 1632-numbered Military Penal Code;

a) the "immediate threat" and the 84th clause of the 82 nci clause He said he was "lying to the place of a lie."

b) The 96 ncis are to be reported in the province of the world.

" MADDE 96-The hope of hope is with painting or loyal contact. Or, in mobilization, he is imprisoned for less than three months, as his friends say, "

c) Article 18, article 19, first case of 82 nci, 84 The second piece of Article 93, the second fisher of Article 93, the second fisher of article 117, the 150th, 151, and 162 to 191 items were in effect, and the "kisa prison or" clause in the first phase of the 137 nci clause. from the text of the matter.

Ýç(4) 4/1/1961 and 211 Turkish Armed Forces of Turkish Armed Forces The second sentence of the first fir (b) of Article 115 of the law is the current state of the law.

Kuruluþu(5) Installation of Disciplinary Courts dated 16/6/1964 and number 477, The "Disciplinary Court" clause in the first sentence of the 1st section of the Law of Punishment Procedural and Disciplinary Crime and Punishment is "Disciplinary Court" at the time of the war.

Personel(6) 27/7/1967 dated and 926 Turkish Armed Forces Staff Your law;

a) lower the number (cc) of number (4) of 36 ncis. It has been reported in the same way as it did.

" cc) except for tactile offenses, as specified in the above convicted of crimes in the past, 21 days and more in prison, prison or non-punishment for leaving the place of service or service, "

b) in the same way as the sixth of the 109th clause c. It is currently being started.

" c) Excluded in (a) and (b), except for tacit offenses. A total of twenty-one days and more in prison for crimes and indiscipline charges, including imprisonment or punishment for leaving room arrest or service. "

c) the first of the first fans of the 50 nci and 94th The phrase "indiscipline, moral status" contained in its sentences was removed from matter texts, and the first receipt of article 50 (c) and the first receipt of Article 94 (b) were removed from the effect.

(7) 4/7/1972 and 1602 Military High Court of Appeals for the Supreme Court The third act of the 21st amendment of the law is to be reported in the way.

" The only people in the republic are the Supreme Military. Disciplinary penalties and other administrative sanctions are under control due to lack of discipline with decisions. However, the High Military's promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the United States and its disciplinary actions, except for the separation of staff due to lack of staff, and disciplinary penalties for which it has been left open to the judiciary in law regarding military discipline. It will open. "

Gülhane(8) 17/11/1983 dated and 2955, Gülhane Military Academy of Tep The fourth financial (h) of the 19th amendment of the law is the state of which it has been known.  

" h) counted on the above spots, except for tactile offenses. Twenty-one days and more in prison for crimes or indiscipline in total, and not to be convicted or punished with a non-prison sentence or to leave a place of service. "

Uzman(9) dated 18/3/1986 and 3269 such as Specialist Erbac Law;

a) in the second sentence of the first quote of the 6 ncu clause The phrase "discipline and discipline" is from the matter text.

b) to come after the first receipt of the 10th item The following sentence is added.

" In addition, cancer, tuberculosis, chronic kidney failure, and long-term diseases such as mood and neurosis. Patients who are infected with the need for a duration of treatment are subject to treatment, rest, or air, with the need to be shown in total and not over three years of need for treatment, and they are also subject to severe treatment. is not cut off. "

c) the fourth financial (d) of the 12 nci material is in the same way as It is currently being started.

" d) The date on which the decision is committed, including the last one. As of last year, a total of eight hundred and thirty days of total disciplinary action, or a total of eight, were left behind in a final year of disciplinary action, or the last one that has been sentenced to be sentenced to death. times, or more disciplinary areas, "

(10) 28/5/1988 and the 9th of the 3466 Specialist Gendarmerie Law "Discipline and" clause in the second sentence of the first receipt of the item, "discipline and" clause, has been removed from the text of article 15, and the first receipt of article 16 (c), (c), and (e) of the article 16 will invalidate the terms of the article.

Kanununun(11) 24/5/1989 and the Law of Harp Academies of 3563;

a) the first storm (c) of the 11th article is in the same way as It ' s been disinvicied.

" c) counted on the above fraudits, except for tactile offenses. a total of 21 days and more in prison for crimes or indiscipline, or those who are convicted or punished with the non-dumping of room confinement or service, "

b) lower the number (1) of the first receipt (a) of the 13th item It has been reported in the same way as it did.

" (1) Chapter 11 of the 1st section (a) and (b) of the speckled Those who are convicted of crimes, courts, disciplinary boards, or disciplinary supervisors, with the exception of criminal offences, a total of 7 days and more imprisonment, room arrest or non-dumping of services, or those who are convicted or punished, are subject to entry. those who have been identified as having no qualifications for their qualifications, " 

In the case ofÝstihdam(12) 13/6/2001 and 4678 of the Turkish Armed Forces The Law of the Verbal Officer and the Apetty Officers Act;

a) to come after the bottom of the 12-point section the "and the monthly permissions" clause is added to come after the "citizen continuous tasks" clause in the seventh pherkrad.

" According to the provisions of the Personnel Code of the Turkish Armed Forces of Turkey, The expiration of the reserved officer and the non-commissioned officers, as long as they are used, will be extended as long as they are allowed. "

b) the third party (f) and (k) ents of the 13th item are It's very much in the way.

" f) The date on which the decision is final, including the last one. As of last year, a total of 30 days and more than two disciplinary supervisors were sentenced in the last year to be sentenced for 30 days and more room imprisonment or leave of service or the most recent disciplinary punishment. times, or more disciplinary penalties. "

" k) subsequent to the execution of the Glossary;

1) When performing or performing a task, in a shelter and war attacks, accidents, or those who are infected with a profession,

2) Mental and irritable with cancer, tuberculosis, chronic kidney failure Treatment, treatment, or weather conditions, such as those that have been diagnosed as required by patients like their patients, are those who are diagnosed with a need for long-term treatment, in total, and not exceed three years of age.

3) For those with treatment in the treatment institutions, either separated or separated docu permission fields,

In a statement, excluding

, an air date, including a date, to 90 days of the rest of the day, and so on. "

 (13) dated 10/3/2011 and 6191 count of Erbak and Private Law 6 The fourth storm (c) of the ncu clause has been announced with the bendi in the eighth storm.

" c) The latest round of disciplinary punishment is the latest in a final year. A total of eight times, or more disciplinary detention, from two disciplinary supervisors. "

" (8) Subsequent to the execution of the Glossary;

a) in a shelter and war, performing its task or as a result of its mission attacks, accidents, or those who are infected with a profession,

b) With cancer, tuberculosis, chronic kidney failure with mood and nerve Treatment, treatment, or weather conditions, such as those that have been diagnosed as required by patients like their patients, are those who are diagnosed with a need for long-term treatment, in total, and not exceed three years of age.

hava, except forsözleþmeli, and the air and rest of the melting The sum of the sum of its duration cannot exceed three months in the last year (except for the process of receiving treatment) that is backwards from the date of time for the resting and air deportaposition. The calculation of the duration is included in the most recent air deive and resting time. The words of the air and the rest of the rest of the three months will be annulled and the Turkish Armed Forces will be cut off. "

MADDE 46- dated 21/6/1927 and 1111 to the Military Code the temporary item that is in place is added.

" INVALID CLAUSE 51- In the scope of the temporary 46-ncc matter The amount or all of the remaining ones that have not been in place until 15/6/2012 until 15/6/2012, with those who agreed to service the military service, by paying for the amount forecasted in the article, and by 15/6/2012, within one month from the date of the current date Those who pay off have been replaced by the military service, which is subject to basic military repulsion.

1076 Redundant Officer and Auxiliary Military Officers in theFiiliFiili military service If for any reason after the beginning of the law, the obligations that are sought in service of this Law have been sought after, as they have requested, and within a month of the effective date of this Act, 30,000. Turkish Lirasas interim 46 ncu with currency defaultto They will be resigning from the item. "

TürkMADDE 47- dated 21/4/2004 and 5143 Turkish Guns A temporary substance is added in the forces of the British National to the United States of Israel.

" INVALIDATE MADDE 6- Equipment-base for personnel who are on duty For the registration of a pistol suitable for the day and task of returning from the allocated weapons, the registration of the registrars and the old and/or the power of the fire power and the technological and/or economic life of those who have filled it with the registration of the return of the day and the task force commanders (Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard) Security Command is included). "

provisions in the laws of the Diyer

MADDE 48- (1) In the shelter, subject to the Law 477 in other legislation The horses are due to be made to the disciplinary courts, and disciplinary courts have been made.


MADDE 49- (1) Disciplinary investigation and arbitration and principles, The terms and principles for the granting and fulfillment of disciplinary penalties and the implementation of this Law are regulated by the Ministry of National Defence and the United States and the United States.

Passeage period

INVALID ARTICLE 1- (1) Instead of the date that this Law has been used The execution of the room and the detention of the eye pill is the last to be executed.

(2) The effective entry of this Law on the disciplinary courts. and uncommitted files are returned to the disciplinary supervisor within thirty days. The discipline supervisor redeemes within the provisions of this Law. A time of failure to do so in this scope cannot take the time that the verb is 477, of course, when the number is subject to the warning.

(3) Discipline in progress at the current date of this Law The provisions of this Law are applied on their questions.

(4) Discipline installed on the current date of this Law The courts continue their activities according to the provisions of this Law as the disciplinary board until the regulations stipulate in the 49th clause are effective. Until the applicable regulation is effective, 926 of the Code is to be applied to the invalidity of the invalidity of this Law's 45th paragraph (c) and the remaining provisions of the Act.

Subbay, petty officer, expert gendarmerie, expert virtues must be spoken to, and Ordering and fulfillment of previously-granted sentenceshakkýnda

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 2- (1) Each disciplinary offence, discipline misdemeanor, and In order to consider a disciplinary rape, the effective date of this Law is to use current officers, subordinates, specialist gendarmes, expert virtues, and disciplinary courts and disciplinary chiefs on the rights of the officers. to warn of warning penalties, break the month Fines, room and eye confinement sentences are returned to the non-stop service, and corrections are made in the records accordingly.

Military retribution is greater than previously granted. to

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 3- (1) Every disciplinary offence, discipline is ruthunty and The strict disciplinary court and disciplinary supervisors before the effective date of the effective date of this Law were sentenced to detention, while room jail sentences were until half of the sentence. They are returned to the penalty and are corrections by the It will be done. For consideration only in the fulfillment of the cedar, the chamber jail for twelve days is considered a golden weekend of perilous punishment.

yönetmelik(2) the regulation held in the second phase of the 23rd Article Until they are published, they are subject to compliance with the relevant legislation, excluding penalty points, for military eulogists, while room-to-jail terms are imposed as part of the penalty period for the duration of the penalty.

More pre-issued penalties for erbareans and erasers, Effects of fulfillment and liability time

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4- (1) Every disciplinary offence, discipline is ruthunty and to be considered for the disciplinary rape, to be considered as to the end of the penalty for the period of time before the death of this Law by the disciplinary supervisors before the effective date of the death of this Law on the subject of the disciplinary action. additional service until the penalty period for external service penalties It will be returned to the load penalty. The room on four days is a prison sentence of seven weeks, with a penalty of perilous punishment.

(2) For each disciplinary offence, the month of the month is under consideration, Prior to the effective date of the law, the disciplinary courts were issued by disciplinary courts prior to the effective date of the law, and the sentence was returned from the service to the sentence. The room for ten days is a prison sentence for ten days of service.

The impact of disciplinary penalties

INVALID ARTICLE 5- (1) Prior to the date this Law has been entered The prison sentences, which were completed by the disciplinary courts with the reserve officers and were given to the provisions and the temporary provisions in which the execution was completed, the chamber's prison sentences, which were completed, were not counted from the service period, and these were each disciplinary action. the amount of time executed for the crime to be the maximum of ten days for the crime They'll be discharged late.

(2) Discipline Supervisors or discipline before this Law entered the current They have been given court and executed administrative proceedings, as well as the strict administrative proceedings.

(3) Discipline that occurred prior to the current date of this Law. penalties are not considered in the scoring under the 21st clause of this Law.


ARTICLE 50- (1) This is the issue date on the release date.


MADDE 51- (1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.


(s. Number: 394)


Ceza(1) Penalty Entitlements for Disciplinary Supervisors Showing Table





Service is continued for servicesüreli

Truncation from mirror

Leaving service location


Israel service load

Room arrest (on ships in war or bar only)

Will be punished





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1 weekend holiday"

1 day



Uzm. J., Astekmen, Teekmen, Aastb. Rsvp, astsb. Kd. Cvd.






1 weekend vacation

2 weekend breakkadar

2 days


1 day

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2 days

up to 1/20

1 day

2 weekend break

3 weekend breakkadar

5 days

1 day

3 days

Bnb., Yb.



4 days

up to 1/16

2 days

3 weekend break

4 weekend breakkadar

8 days

up to 3 days

7 days




up to 6 days

up to 1/12

2 days

4 weekendtatiline

5 weekend breakkadar

10 days

up to 5 days

10 days

Phd ./Tüma., Tug ./Tuo.



8 days

up to 1/10

3 days

5 weekendtatiline

6 weekend breakkadar

12 days

up to 7 days

12 days

Korg ./Kora. And above, the Ministry of National Defense, Secretary of State



10 days

up to 1/8

3 days

6 weekend break

7 weekend breakkadar

14 days

up to 8 days

14 days





(2) Table Showing Disciplinary Penalty Scores








continued for servicesüreli




Leave a service location (given by the Disciplinary supervisor)


Leaving the service location (given by the Disciplinary Board)


Room arrest (given by the Disciplinary Supervisor)


Room arrest (given by disciplinary board)