Period: 21 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Regional Administrative Courts, Administrative Courts And Tax Courts Establishment And Duties, Huh

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Period: 21

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Accepted Date: 8.6.2000

MADDE 1. - 6.1.1982 and the 2576-numbered District of Israel Courts, the Courts and Tasks of the Tax Courts and the Third Amendment of the Law No. 3 (2) of the Law was in effect, (3) the number of the number (s). deðiþtirilmiþtir

3. The District Court of Israel and its members are appointed to the Supreme Council of the Council of the People and Prosecutors. The court is found to be the most senior member of the state in the absence of legal reasons, and the member point for the same reasons is complete, according to the administration and tax court judges in the region. These courts can be played in multiple boards where they are required. The court boards are the most senior member on that board, as the district administration court has not endured. The occurrence of these boards and the following are determined by the High Council of the Prosecutors and Prosecutors.

MADDE 2. - The number 5 (1) of the count of 2576 is the number (c) of the number (c), the number of people from public services except for the concessions from the concession (s) of the arbitration and commitments envisioned in the arbitration path. cases of non-administrative commitments made for the execution of a person,davalarý

MADDE 3. - The number (1) and (2) of the count 7 of 2576 is the following:

1. Cancellation charges related to certain moneyaþmayan

a) the amount of non-sleeping billion lirays;

b) Full judicial cases,

One of the human court judges is analyzed.

2. Cases that do not have a total of the total amount of the total amount of other than the one of the conditions specified in the (a) and (b) items are resolved by one of the tax court judges.

MADDE 4. - The number of additional 1 of the Code 2576 has been reported in the annex.


Additional Article 1. -The only legal cases in which this Law is to be resolved are monetary funds, valid from each calendar year, including the previous year's financial results for the year 298 of the 213 number of Tax Procedural Laws for that year It is applied by the Ministry of Finance to increase each and every annual detection and redeeming rate in the Ministry of Finance. It does not take into account any of the parts that have been specified in this way that do not have the limits of the tens of millions.

The increased monetary limit for each calendar year in the socket is increased, prior to the current effective date of the is not applied in cases that have been resolved by the administration and tax courts, with cases that have been decided against the decision of disrupting the Danes.

MADDE 5. - dated 6.1.1982 and the number of 2577 (2577) articles of article 2 (1) are reorganized by the Supreme Court of the number (a) to the Constitutional Court.

a) The authority is entitled to the right of the Cancellation cases brought by one of the following aspects, cause, subject, and purpose, and benefits for indirect cancellations, areaçýlan

MADDE 6. - In the number 17 of the Code 2577 (1), the monetary limit of "onmillion" is raised to "birybillion".

MADDE 7. - The number 45 of the Code 2577, (1), (2), and (6) are to be reported in the following cities.

1. Administration and tax courts;

a) People and ministers with governorates,kaymakamlýk

b) with Governorate, concern and local governments, both of which the government of America and my secondary education should be passed on and on. from the administrative actions of the public institutions and the authorized bodies of the public institutions to the public servants, from the administration of the duties of duty, the road, the lojman and their permissions,

c) 3091 About the prevention of Rape And Rape in the World. By the implementation of the Law,

d) $3294 of Social Outreach and Daycare Act to 3294 Social Outreach and Daycare by Law, Full of 2022 Dollars of Needy, Powerless and Orphan Turkish Citizens. uygulamalardan

e) 213 of the monthly and structured social benefits associated with the purpose of social welfare,

The resources of which they have been issued under the Tax Procedure Code. With all the financial decisions they have made in relation to the rest of the people, In other words, courts can be appealed to the district administrative court in the vicinity of the jurisdiction of the courts, even if they are convicted in the case, contrary to the law.

2. The objection period for the support and tax courts in the upper part of the above is thirty days from the day following the date of the default.

6. The judge who made the decision or agreed to the decision cannot review the case against the district administrative court through an appeal.

MADDE 8. - The maximum number of 2577 Code (s) of the Code isdeðiþtirilmiþtir

Article 47. -The decisions of the Israeli and tax courts to appeal cannot be appealed.

MADDE 9. - The additional 1 th item of the Code 2577 is to be started in the same way.

Additional Article 1. -The monetary swans of this Law's 17-point clause; applicable from each calendar year, the financial results applied in the previous year, by the Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the provisions of the 213 numbered Tax Usul Code for that year, 298 of the Provisions of the Tax It is applied by increasing the number of detected and declared redeeming rates. It is not possible to consider any of the limits for those specified in this way.

MADDE 10. - The temporary 18-point clause of the count 2576 is added.

INVALID DATE 18. -(1) and (2) of this Law, the provisions of the number (1) and (2) before the effective effective date, by administration and tax courts, shall be decided by the court's decision to overturn the decision of the Danıntaşa. does not apply in rebalance cases.

MADDE 11. - A temporary 4-to-5 clause is added to the code 2577.

TEMPORARY MADDE 4. -It is the court's decision to overturn the decision made before the decision on the decision of the 45th paragraph of Article 45 (1) of the Law, which was given prior to the decision of the current date of the current date. Decisions can be appealed in the dance.

MADDE 12. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 13. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.