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Kanun No. 6415


Acceptable Date: 7/2/2013      





Purpose, Scope, and Tantas

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) This Law is to be fought effectively with the financing of terrorism and terrorism It includes the implementation of the International Conference on the Preventing The Financing of Terrorism and the United Nations Security Council's commitment to the fight against the financing of terrorism and terrorism in the context of this Law. Regulation of financing and terrorism It is intended to set up conditions and guidelines for freezing the cost of financing it.


ARTICLE 2- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) President: Financial Crimes Intern Council Meeting,

b) Deification Commission: The Freezing Detainment Commission of Malvarlus,

c) Fund: You may be represented by money or money represented by money or not, materially or not. any document that represents material, rights, credits, and any other documents, including any other document,

c) Malvarlus: any property or possession of a real or legal entity, or the benefit and income of the fund and income, which is directly controlled by the fund and revenue, and the greater good, and the greater themenfaat

d) freezing: the removal of the goods, the consumption of remove or remove the savings authority on the property to prevent the return, transfer, transfer and supply and savings of salaried,

refers to.



Financing TerrorismSuçu

Funds raised or non-aggregated verbs

MADDE 3- (1) no funds intended to be refunded by the actual following verts or will prohibit collection:

a) to intimidate or intimidate a people or to install a government or an international organization. to force the action to be real or to attempt to avoid reality, intentionally killing or injuring the other.

b) dated 12/4/1991 as a terrorist offence under the Counter-Terrorism Act of 3713 The verbs.

c) Turkey is a party;

1) In The Event Of A Commitment To Prevent Aircraft From Being Seized By Law,

2) In The Case Of A Commitment To Preventing Civil-ventilant Law,Ýliþkin

3) Involved In International Protection, Including Diploma Agencies On The Prevention And Punishment Of Crimes,

in the Promise of the Prevention of Crimes,

4) in the Glossary of Rehline Allocation,

5) In a Statement on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Items,

6) Preventing Civil-Airport Trust from Preventing Legal Action Munzam Is A Protocol For Preventing The Incidents Of Law Enforcement At Airports Serving International Civil Aviation,

7) In The Process Of Preventing Action In The Sea, In A Word Of Preventing Actions,

8) Legislative Actions That Rely On Fixed Platforms, As Well As, As Found In The World In The Protocol Of Preventing It,

9) in the United Nations Glossary to Prevent Terrorist Bombing,

are the verbs that are banned and are organized as a crime.

Financing for terrorism

MADDE 4- (1) Filed as a crime in the third clause to a terrorist or terrorist organization that either emits or collects in a terrorist or terrorist organization, with the purpose of using or using completely or in self-use, in its realisation, or by asking for a certain amount of use, He faces up to ten years in prison if he doesn't turn up a criminal offense. He'll be punished.

(2) used in the execution of a fault for the penalty to be passed in accordance with the First Fıkra provision. It is not possible to search for a current.

(3) Misuse of public duty for crimes covered by this clause is to be abused The penalty will be increased by the penalty rate in which it is being handled.

güvenlik(4) Security-specific security in the activity of a criminal legal entity The measures are being ruled out.

(5) if the crime is being pushed against a foreign state or an international organization, The Ministry of Justice has been asked to ask for the prosecution and the prosecution.

hükümleri(6) The provisions of the Code 3713, the provisions of the firing, and the execution of the law, this crime is also applied from the maintenance of the view.



Donate the Commodity

United Nations Security Council resolutions

MADDE 5- (1), 1267 (1999), 1988 (2011), and 1989 of the United Nations Security Council (2011) the decision to freeze the goods listed in the savings of the number of people listed under the decisions of the Board of Ministers is not delayed by the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette.

(2) The decisions are made by the Secretary of State to the United Nations Security Council. is reported.

(3) United Nations Security Council resolutions call for action It will be forwarded to the United Nations Security Council by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Requests made by foreign states

MADDE 6- (1) A person, organization or organization by a foreign government government. The demand for the freezing of the goods found in the savings from Turkey will be decided by the Council of Ministers of the Demanded Commission of the Decoding Commission. In this case, the principle of the decision is taken care of. To be decided, it must also be submitted, along with the demands of the foreign state.

(2) These requests may be transferred to or from the Ministry of Justice for transmission to the President or to the President. He'll do it.

(3) Instead of demands for freezing of foreign government government. A guarantee can be requested from the relevant government.

(4) Council of Ministers decision on requests for freezing frozen, Dailers It is reported to the state, which is in demand by the minister.

(5) Release of the goods issued by this Article may be released in the Official Gazette in a year from the date, the relevant decision may be made if the requesting state party has not been asked.

In Turkey with the demands for freezing of assets to be made to foreign states commodity, to do so

MADDE 7- (1) In terms of 5th and 6 articles, Dec You are installing or installing the commission for reasonable reasons in the fact that the third and 4th article states the actual verbs.

a) recommend to the Council of Ministers demanding the freezing of the goods found in the foreign countries

b) about the goods in Turkey, dated 4/12/2004, and 5271 of criminal charges against the Criminal Procedure Code, and no criminal charges are filed,

can decide.

(2) Council of Ministers on the demands for freezing of assets to be made to foreign states decision is reported to the state that is requested by the Secretary of State.

Do not call

MADDE 8- (1) Financial investigation to be made about freezing decisions made It'll be done by the old man. To fulfill this task, information requested by public institutions and organizations and real and legal persons is communicated to the President without delay, due to the desired process, period, and time.

(2) Undersecretary of Justice for Justice, British and Foreign Affairs, and the national office of the National Directorate of Human Justice, The Undersecretary of Treasury and related other public institutions and installations are to decide whether to freeze the assets under the implementation of 6 ncu and 7 nci materials, with information, documents, and findings about the demands to be made. Notifies the media.

(3) The results of the research are presented to the Office of the Devitation by the President.

(4) Privacy operations to be done as part of a frozen freeze It ' s actually done in accordance with the guidelines.

Commission for Deification

MADDE 9- (1) 6 ncu and 7 nci related to the freezing of the goods The Commission for Defying the Malvariate is being created. The Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Crimes Committee, Deputy Director of Security Affairs at the Ministry of National Security Affairs, Undersecretary of State for Security Affairs, Undersecretary of Justice, Justice and Justice Department, the Chief Financial Officer's office said. The Director is the General Manager of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Security Affairs, and Treasury Secretary to the Financial Sector and the General Manager of the Kambiyo.

(2) Representatives of visible and information institutions and installations He'll be working on his commission.

(3) The Değeration Commission has duly established members or members in the first fund. are meeting with their assigned delegate and decide at least the votes of the EXPONONES.

(4) The secretary of the Devitation Commission is executed by the President of the Department.

(5) for each meeting (4,000) of the Devietization Commission, for each meeting (4,000), The sum of the amount that is found by the officer on the amount of the month of the month is paid. These payments are not subject to any taxes and cuts except for the stamp tax.

(6) The execution of the Devitation Commission is determined by the regulations and guidelines.

Legal consequences for the freezing decision of the Malvellatekararýna

MADDE 10- (1) Any type of freeze made as a freeze decision is made The savings and the action are void. In relation to these savings and plans, the provisions of the protection of the welfare of the Turkish Civil Code, dated 22/11/2001 and of 4721, of the Turkish Civil Code, are withheld.

Decision and advertisement for decision

ARTICLE 11- (1) The provisions of this Law are not to be frozen and are not frozen. Decisions for the removal are published in the Official Gazette. These decisions are made in the history of the publication of the relevant business and installation that has been determined to freeze the right.

(2) In the freezing decision; the reason for which the decision was made, reasons, scope, and And the deadline for this decision is the duration of the law and the ways of the law.

The installation of a frozen freeze decision

MADDE 12- (1) The freeze decision is made and the decision is removed The decision, along with the publication in the Official Gazette, will result in its legal consequences.

(2) The provisions of this Law may be used to replace the freeze ordinance. The company is responsible.

(3) Those who have been ordered to freeze the property will receive, credit, and debt. Information about all of the assets and the information based on the amount of real and legal entities that are owed or owed by them, or the amount of money that is based on the amount of debt, is in the Official Gazette of the In the latest 30 days from the date of release

(4) The freeze-freezing decision was 5271 of the Code, at the request of the State. are fulfilled without delay in accordance with the duly stated procedure in the third to seventh feats of the material.

(5) The real and legal entity that is requested to meet the freezing decision of Public institutions and its installations with the following; and the information about the frozen property is available in seven days from the date of request, if it is located.

(6) There is no increase in the cost of the goods, and these increases are also They are subject to freeze provisions.

(7) Decide decisions made by the state of the frozen freeze are It is reported to the country, institutions, or installations that replace the ice cream decision in the fourth storm, and are published in the Official Gazette.

Managing the hardware for hardware

MADDE 13- (1) The management of the equipment that has been decided to be frozen, related real or legal entity. However, except for the second and third feedents of this material, frozen wares may be frozen, consumed, consumed, transferable, transferred, transferred, or sold to sair savings. They can't be found in the process. Real and legal entities and public institutions or organizations that are requested to be fulfilled for the decision of freezing are not able to make or facilitate the realigment of such entities.

(2) Minimum of the frozen real winter and the dependents of the care to ensure that they are able to continue their operations or to continue operations of commercial entities and other legal entities;

a) line-up, with no instructions, such as land, sea, and air transport. In favor of the same or in favor of the rights facility,

b) The savings authority on accounts in the bank or other financial institutions using the

c) Any rights and credits that are in real or legal entities authority,

does not use the savings authority on Precious Paperwork,

d) Do not use the savings authority on the partnership shares in the companies

e) Do not use the savings authority available on the cron enclosure,

f) maintenance, business, or service of goods and services of commercial management or other legal entities, Repair expenses, notebooks and documents related to arrears, rent, credit, loss service, insurance premium, lawyer fee, fee, and mandatory payments such as the salary, and so on,gerçekleþtirilmesi The

steps can be done with the permission of the suspect.

(3) Tax, levy, rent, rent, social security bonus, which must be paid from the hardware of the frozen property Any required payments, such as a public institution or a public institution, may be made to be realistic. However, it may also be subject to the permission of the President to take part in the situation.

(4) Black, sea, and air transport vehicles, such as land, sea and air transport vehicles to allow the benefit of the same or in favor of the party;

a) An example of the text of the word,

b) The money and property that must be paid as a result of the commitment is required. information, payment schedule, information about the bank account to which the payment is made,

is available at the latest ten days from the date of the date on which the right totesisis established.

(5) An ice cream decision for those who have agreed to freeze the property. Any payment from the date of publication in the Newspaper, however, may be made to a bank account that belongs to those people. If the central or city of the Malvarlate freeze has no account in a bank located in Turkey, it will account for the decision by the President.

(6) consent to the management of the frozen property; specific, or specific, specific One can be given a time or duration in the case of conditions or reds.

(7) may be part of, or duration, the scope or duration of the current state in which it is needed. can cancel.


MADDE 14- (1) Balance;

a) and act in accordance with the freezing decision of self-made self and installation.

b) to comply with the provisions of this Law in accordance with the management of the equipment of the equipment.

to check and review the appropriate ledger, documents, and records that are needed On 11/10/2006 to be found, 5549 counts the First Section (e) of the Law on the Prevention of Criminal Proceeds From Laundering Proceeds Of Criminal Revenues (e), the audit staff specified in the self, or the finance experts who are employed in the State.

(2) The Harcirah Act of 6245 dated 10/2/1954 to those who are stationed in a first-party alert. Additional charges are paid for failure to pass the amount of the (7,000) indicator number as a result of the officer's failure to pass the provisions of the remaining (7,000) indicator. These payments are not subject to any taxes and cuts except for the stamp tax.

Penal provisions

MADDE 15- (1) This is related to the freezing of the property according to the provisions of this Law. if any failure or delay in meeting the decision for the decision does not result in a major crime that requires a higher sentence, a sentence of up to two months in prison or criminal punishment is given.

(2) Instead of the receipt of a receipt for the freezing of the property in the first series of The company, which does not bring it, is not an organ or representative of a legal entity, nor is an organ or representative, but it is not an organ or representative of the legal entity, and it is administrative to that legal entity up to 100,000 liras. The money is punished.



Government and Recent Provitions

Provisions and paths to apply

MADDE 16- (1) In the state of which there is no provision in this Law, 5549 is the same as the Law The provisions of this document are applied.

(2) Mevzuatta is made to article 8 of the Law 3713, which is in effect with this Law. They are made to the 4th Amendment of this Law.


MADDE 17- (1) The cadre (1) listed (1) are listed for use in the event It is added to the section of the Ministry of Finance of the ruler dated 13/12/1983 and the attachment of 190 numbered General Staff and Decree Decree (I) to the Minister of Finance.

Current rulings

ARTICLE 18- (1) The 8-pearl clause of the Code 3713 is repeater.


ARTICLE 19- (1) The principles of the implementation of this Law, Justice, and Justice, are, It is regulated by the regulations and regulations that are prepared by the finance ministers. The regulation will be effective within six months from the date of entry of this Law.

Apply current decisions

INVALID ARTICLE 1- (1) The provisions of this Law prior to the date on which this Law is entered It is also implemented in the fulfillment of decisions made by the Council of Ministers to the freezing of the goods.


ARTICLE 20- (1) This is effective on the release date of the Law.


MADDE 21- (1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.



(s. Number: 409)















Free Staff

Passion Staff


DaireCircle Head






Finance Specialist






Finance Specialist






Finance Expert Yard