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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRK PETROL KANUNU

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Kanun # 5574


Acceptable Date: 17/1/2007      



General Provisions


Purpose, Scope, and Tantas

Purpose and scope

MADDE 1- The purpose of this Code is to the country's oil resources, continuous and to be effectively searched, developed, and manufactured. This Law is the collection of information and data required for the regulation, routing, inspection, control, search and production of oil exploration and production activities in Turkey, and to be presented and to be used. It covers the essences.


MADDE 2- In the implementation of this Law;

1-State: The State of the Republic of Turkey,

2-Ministry: The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,

3-Minister: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,

4-General Directorate: Oil Business Directorate General,

5-General Manager: Oil People General Manager,

6-Aahs: Real or legal entities,

7-a) Raw oil: The real hydrocarbons of the earth, which can be grazed or gravelled,

b) Doðal gas: gas-based natural hydrocarbons, which can be grazed or grazed from the ground,

c) Gas hydrate: The current hydrocarbons, which are water ice, which can lock or remove methane from the ground.

o) Oil: (a), (b) and (c) the current hydrocarbons defined in their subbenches,

8-Oil land: supply of an oil-to-air supply of oil part,

9-a) Oil bulkhead: detection of an oil presence in the process of making search activities,

b) Keuff: How to find an oil builtup to work,

10-a) Call: Topographic, geological, geophysical, geochemical, and air topography of land, ground and air, to search for oil with similar methods to collect data, and drilling for geologic information, excluding search drilling,

b) Search drilling: Drilling to find oil,

c) Plant drilling: Drilling down to detect the size of the oil-free land,

) Search: (a), (b), and (c) all of the activities in their subbenches,

11-Gelification: The drilling of the oil fields as well as the above ground is to be disinfated. installation of the lines of the installation and the location of the location,

12-a) Production drilling: drilling for production in oil-based terrain,

b) Attic water well: The leaky water from the oil field to the reservoir to the reservoir to the reservoir. the wells used for this purpose or for this purpose,

c) Enjection well: To increase the production of oil from oil and gas to the reservoir to increase production the wells used for this purpose or for this purpose,

) Production: Production drilling, aft water well, injection well and development activities and oil to address and store pipeline, transmission line, or refinery pipelines and other vastamines in or around the field with preliminary push-through.

13-Production method: In a production-made field, increasing the flow of oil in the reservoir and/or, the methods used to achieve additional production by increasing the reservoir energy that is being reduced and the methods used to achieve additional production,

14-Oil unit: 158.984 liters of crude oil, measured at 15.5 degrees Celsius and 1 atmospheric pressure, or 1 cubic meter of natural gas, measured at 15.5 degrees Celsius and 1 atmospheric pressure,

15-Petroleum: Search, production, and sale of oil produced domesas, for any of these business Equipment of the pipelines, building, camping and all facilities that are used with the need for energy and water facilities, including the construction of the oil produced in the field or in the main transmission line or near to the refinery or the direct delivery of the natural gas to the free consumer delivery To set up, install, and work on and Financial, commercial, and administrative activities of the country,

16-Call for permission: To search for a specific area, they are given to the General Directorate permission,

17-a) Search licensing: Oil search license granted according to this Law,

b) Search constant: A search warrant is covered by a search license,

18-a) Business licensing: Oil production license granted according to this Law,

b) Human (s): The extent of an execution license, such as asahayý

c) Production count: oil-free terrain in the country of Israel,

19-Use the right: lease an oil business and plant the facility on this land. and irate rights,

20-The agent: the owner of the call,

21-Agent: Search licensing owner,

22-Business: The owner of the business license,

23-Operator: A search license or work license for companies that have the right to an oil-free license. They will do so, and according to an agreement approved by the Directorate General, the company will operate the oil process from these companies.

24-Representative: Representation of oil-right owners to co-host,

25-About oil: From an investigation permit or from a search license or the rights to be licensed any of the

26-Region: An oil region that is designated by this Law,

27-Open field: contained in the provisions of this Law, which has been made available for execution or consideration. a sahame,

28-Hazardous verb: In the making of an action, no one is in or out of place for whether or not to cause injury or injury to a verb or negligence that causes contamination of the environment, or that may be caused by the environment,

29-Arazi: The territory of the Republic of Turkey extends beyond its territory, inland waters, land waters and beyond. In accordance with international law, the areas of common economic zone, both areas of the region,

30-Key price: How to bring crude oil and gas from production to where the market price is going The price of transportation, storage and insurance required for taxes; and the price of $5015 for crude oil; the price of a market price defined in the Oil Market Act and the wholesale price for the natural gas;

31-Search expenses: Search activities except for materials and plumbing expenses that are more than one year of economic life For example,

32-a) Drilling charges: The economic lifetime is more than a year of whether or not it has been established or used to be used for drilling, cleaning, deepening, finishing, or preparing for the well, except for the costs of plumbing or supplies, which may be available or in scrap for a year from the start of the facility or use of the facility And all the work that 's been done to them, it' s burned, it ' s fixed. maintenance, shipping, replenix, rent and material expenses,

b) The opening expenses of non-verbate wells in the country's economy: excluding drilling tools and similar equipment Expenses for any material economic deemer used or required to open non-economic wells with the drilling fer expenses and production maintenance,

33-About the state: Deletion to the right to make an oil push in an operating license. Paid sums,

34-Government shares: A stock to be exported over oil produced,

35-a) Human (s): Securities and real estate, financial rights, securities, securities and any related information rights and benefits,

b) Capital is available: Capital allocated to use in relation to the business of the right owner the value of the calculated value of 213 of the number of Tax Procedural Laws,

c) Capital is available: 213 of the number of Tax Sul-Law (s) measured in the Tax--ul-Law including the rights of the owner of the oil-related oil-related oil-related company, the cost of the capital account, drilling, expenses, and the expense of the wells that do not have the right to the dorm economy,

36-Material: Oil included, raw, raw, or mammy, equipment, equipment, equipment, machinery, transport, transport They, all of the other qualities, and their spare parts,

refers to.


Prohibit and Private with Property and Discretion with trademarks and Discretion Provisions

Property and recognitionkýstaslar

MADDE 3- The provision and savings of the oil resources state in Turkey from the bottom of the server.

In order to obtain an oil-rights situation, it is the compliance of the business, The financial competence of the business, committed and the purpose of the law of the yacht, which is committed, is important to fulfill in the course of time than in other people's lives. The business and yachting program is considered to be the first to fulfill the purpose of the Law.

Prohibit and special provisions

MADDE 4- The search warrant, search license, and execution by this Law No oil action can be made without a license.

Any rights received by a law do not give the owner of this claim about making an oil operation.

Oil ownership over the end of oil owner, oil for oil business within three months It is obligated. If this time is insufficient, it may be extended under the approval of the General Manager for a period of six months. If the oil-right owner escapes from fulfilling his responsibility, the owner of the oil-right owner has been forced from the current supply of oil to the owner of the oil, if the owner is unable to settle the oil. It will be done by the Directorate General.

Oil ownership is harmful to the land, if the property on which it is working is property or possession. it is the responsibility of paying for the product cost or the execution of the product that is deprived of this company.

In accordance with the basis of this Code, capital matters, or capital, according to the government. The special legal entity (s), which qualified the company, is granted a permit, a search license, and a license to be registered. Oil-related oil related to the United Kingdom, its rights to research, search licensing and licensing licensing, either personally or by its management, and its capital, it is used or is within the provisions of this Law. It can be installed.

Registration permission, search license, and registration license are provided to the owner by this Law or based law. Entering or entering a place that is prohibited or not allowed to be in a place. The owner of the oil-right does not allow it to become a dangerous verb, either in the process or in this process.

The damage that may be caused by oil operations before the search or execution permits are received. And to the point of visit, it is imperative that the representation to be identified in the General Directorate is to be given. The amount of collateral is redetermined in every year at the rate of the General Directorate's Manufacturer Price Index (ÜFE) year. Oil-rights owner completes the new set of new amounts within two months. An oil-right owner who does not comply with the call, a search license, or an authorization license is revoked.

When there are threats that threaten an oil company, the owner of the oil-related General Manager and other notify the owners of the oil immediately and notify them of the measures being taken to prevent it with the nature of the threat. If the general Directorate has received insufficient measures and insufficient measures to be taken, he may ask the owner of oil to take additional measures.

The private legal entities that will have the right to oil are subject to the provisions of the 6762 Turkish Commercial Code. The private legal entities that will have the right to oil in Turkey and a capital city in accordance with the legislation of foreign states are located in Turkey from the maintenance of Turkey's activities in accordance with the legislation on the protection of the Turkish money. They are counted.


With Tasks, Revenue, Budget, and Malvarred Coordination


MADDE 5- The tasks specified in this Law are in effect with this Law are executed by the General Directorate of Petroleum, which is set up with the 6326-counted Petroleum Law and the 5018 is a general budget administration with the regulation made in the Law of Public Goods and Control. The headquarters of the General Directorate is Ankaran.

The tasks of theGenelGeneral Manager are:

a) Required to determine country strategy and policies on issues related to oil activities to

b) In this Law, our country is a constant, continuous and effective way to expose oil resources. To learn how to improve, to collect information about oil exploration and production, to engage in tantrum and marketing activities.

c) The environment to which native and foreign people are likely to be prone to sleep.

ç) Oil exploration and production yachsts of domestic and foreign yachants, competitive within a program, refab, to ensure that they do so in a safe and stable environment.

d) Call for a search license to increase the potential for potential detection of oil-based areas. to export.

is a member of our country and its obligations to the international organisations and organizations that are party and party, General To execute actions on topics that enter the operating area of the manager.

f) To examine the reports that the companies are doing to own the right to oil.

to issue permits, search, and service licenses, and make other related actions.

) To keep oil-rights records related to oil rights.

h) To monitor and control oil exploration and production activities.

) To the Directorate General of all information and data concerning the activities of oil-owned companies To make use of the indent.

i) To do business with the right and feel of the state.

j) Import, export, and transfer of oil-owned companies with the materials used in the oil companies To realistiviate their business.

k) To coordinate the coordination between oil owners and other public institutions and organizations.

l) To do other tasks within the scope of this Law.

Revenue and expenses

MADDE 6-  a) The Center for Petroleum Research, Scientific and Technological Revenues from the research and similar research and joint work with test institutions,

b) Production, search and detection wells data with geophysics, detail geological and laboratory data, and 11 pearls sell revenues of data that is clearly in accordance with the third party of matter,

c) The sales revenues of the open sites,

c) Call-in revenues,

d) Israel-recorded collateral,

The revenue is saved in thegenelpublic budget. Oil exploration and production activities are required in the budget of the General Directorate of Petroleum Business to be carried out in order to be able to conduct development, development and audit activities.

To the personnel deployed for inspection and inspection of oil activities, 6245 to the Spend Code They are paid twice as much as they deserve.


MADDE 7- A chief executive is a member of a public institution that is If a person has access to the authority, it is approved by the relevant institution before the decision is made. The relevant institutions, examining these demands with priority and urgency, result in the day of the angry day. The demands that were not concluded during this period were given to the unclaimed demands. However, representatives of the relevant ministries for the solution of the sair problems that may be left in the application will gather at the Ministry of the Ministry and take the necessary measures to ensure the purpose of the article in the 1st item.


Israel, Throne, Registration, and Business

United States of Israel and allocations

MADDE 8- All of the above or otherwise under the provisions of this Law Disputes or rights holders will be met by the Directorate General for negotiations and the halves of the state of the General Directorate. The decision was made within the framework of the provisions of the Law and the rights of the oil-right owners, the General Directorate and the decisions made by the General Directorate for their rights to the rights of the operation, the search license, and the licensing of the operation. They can object to the Minister within twenty days from the date of date.

Minister and General Manager do not make any sense of what they deem necessary to do what this Law does to them. They are authorized to conduct or do the evidence, inspect the evidence, and monitor the entire process, account and record of the petroleum services related to the investigation, oil processing, and plumbing. The principles and principles to follow on the board are determined by the regulation.

The Minister of

has decided to resolve disputes within thirty days, at the latest, in the latest 30 days of conflict with an objection to his appeal. They are very interested in their interest in the day of the day. The Minister will look into the cases in which he will be made decisions. This is the first decision of the Danes.

declare oil-related decisions in the Official Gazette within the day of the final day of the year is mandatory.

Registration and declared

MADDE 9- The General Directorate holds an oil record and has an oil record Within the framework of the provisions of the regulation, the following are recorded:

a) All of the following items were made available in accordance with this Law to obtain a warrant, a search license, and an execution license. The hits.

b) Registration permission, search licensing and registration licensing, and the details of the operation, including No matter what your research permissions are done, end of life.

c) Rights to be established on search licensing, operating licensing, and oil rights that are available from them.

) Your search license, execution license, and any rights to or from the oil rights that are not The time is over, and all of this is the things that are going to be put on.

d) The language that is shown to enroll in the oil record in the regulation.

The acceptance and registration of the anigals in the first phase (c) and (c) and (c) is primarily due to the General Directorate The decision will be made within the sixty days of the date of the settlement. The record and the provisions of the law shall not be applied on the rights of the oil record. The nature and scope of the documents to be used to own the right to oil are regulated by regulations, such as the nature and scope of the oil record, the terms of which the oil record will be kept, and the terms of the terms and the terms of the oil record. No rights are given to the owner, objection, report, and documents owner who is not in compliance with the director.

Ordinance and tadlanguages, the transfer and the tapedization of the regions, the detection, tadil, and closure of the open sites, the operation The decisions made on the people except for the consent of the consent, the tax or transfer of a search or execution license, the termination of the end of the termination, search and execution licenses were established in accordance with the laws and directors of the law and management. Required by the Directorate General It's declared in the paper. The official statement is in the paper; however, the provisions of this Law or the special theme that require the director are withheld.

The release date of any document declared in the Official Gazette, as opposed to this ad, effective date to do so. The date, extension, transfer, transfer, and expiration dates of the search or registration licenses for those who do not make a statement to themselves are the release dates of those decisions in this state.

Search and execution licenses and the oil rights and the search or execution of these oil rights Any part of it has been recorded in the oil registry, but it could be done on real estate, hostage, and so forth, within the framework of this Law on the Law.

An owner of the right to use an oil-right and have been registered within the framework of this Law, have the right to oil in the proportion of their own right and are responsible for their obligations. A search or execution license, or shareholders of any of the other oil rights, will have the rights and those responsible for the ownership of this Law in the ratio of the shares.

The rights and the benefits of the first phase (c) and (c), excluding the volume and precautionary measures, are General Unless the directorate is accepted and registered with the oil record, it does not rule the General Directorate and the third-party.

The rights of the provisions in the second and footer seals are the right of oil rights and gold The provisions of the results are determined by the regulation of the conclusions of the owners, shareholders or representatives of one of their representatives, who do not meet their responsibilities.




Control of Tbligat, Records, Reports and Activities, Regions and Hungry Sahalar


MADDE 10- The rights of rights in accordance with this Law, address in Turkey It's bound to show. People who do not show addresses are not given permission to search, search, and be licensed.

Agent, agent, execution, permission to search, search, and process license from the date of thirty Within the day, a local representative in Turkey and the legal residence of it, identified the representative and the legal residence, as well as the vigilanation and representative deciducials of the first section of article 2 (24). It is required to report to the Director General. These considerations are registered in the oil registry. It has been made to the owner of the oil record holder, who was made to the local representative and/or to the representative at the address of the oil record to the representative. The Tbligats are made according to the Tbligat Act of 7201.

Control of records, reports, and activities

MADDE 11- The oil owner is the owner of the oil, the required record of the Holding the accounts, storing the samples in the countries specified in the regulation is responsible for giving the information about the scope and results of the action to the General Manager for the period, period, and nature of the time specified in the regulation, along with the samples.

Public personnel or representatives of the implementation of this Code are obtained from the oil process, in the process of the operation. to control, control, and control all documents and accounting records, and the data and samples they deem necessary, and any registration, account, report and document and the normal course of the oil process. It is authorized to conduct inspections and tests of the axilot. The oil-right owner is obligated to help the officers when they use their power when it comes to this fikra. This topic is determined by the code of play that is related to it and the guidelines.

Public servants, due to the entitlements of the law, are in the financial and technical nature of the business They are responsible for keeping the oil-right owner under wraps as they are no longer a rarity. However, information and data relating to drilling rigs, which were opened in the search license, and geophysics, detail geological and laboratory information and data are at the end of the license, as well as information about the drilling rigs that were opened in the process of licensing the operation. data from the effective date of the registration, and the information obtained under the permission of the operation is opened at the end of the eighth year. The special provisions in the Law of Usul Code are withheld. Technical, financial and geological information in general is not counted as well sites, drilling cuts, containment pipes records, and general production and sales figures.

Regions and open sites

MADDE 12- The territory of Turkey, land and sea areas from the maintenance of this Law It will be split in two. It is the red line that broke out the land and sea areas. The sea areas are divided into territorial waters and territorial waters. His permission to search the seas, issuing and issuing a search license, transfer and duration extension is subject to the permission of the Council of Ministers, not less than the right to set up 16 or so items. These areas may be fully or closed to the Council of Ministers ' decision, and can be closed, tadible, or closed again. According to this clause, the decisions cannot be justified by the acquital rights. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have a positive view before they are allowed to do so in security zones with military-prohibited zones.



Search and Production


Call-in, Search License, Licensing Licensing About the State

Permission to search

MADDE 13- The General Directorate is eligible for the operation of the operation If found, it returns the requested permission within the sixty-day period to cover a certain amount of time. Permission to search on a part of the claim requested does not prevent a call from being granted permission to be granted a call or to be licensed to the execution. However, it is not possible to enter into places where drilling and similar field options are in progress, without the reaper of an existing oil-related oil owner. The owner of the investigation is obligated to pay 50 New Kurd fees to be a one-time charge and to be determined by the regulation of payment items. These amounts are redetected every year to the General Directorate. The information obtained from the investigation is also given to the General Manager, and the General Directorate keeps this information confidential for eight years. Under the General Directorate and the owner of the business, the laws of this Law, including not to the provisions of this Law, make a attachment of the permission of the investigation. This topic is regulated by regulations and guidelines.

Search licensing

MADDE 14- A search license according to the provisions of this Law, to its owner in search of the search, search and search in search of oil facilities, to produce oil from the field, to produce oil from the field, to produce oil from the General Directorate of the General Manager. Then it will give you the right to receive the registration license.

It is imperative to inform the General Manager of an oil finding that has identified an interface and the chief. It is shown in the time and the current regulation of the light. After a game in a search, the regulations in the fourth-trailer regulation or the 26th clause are obligated to develop and begin production, unless it is reallocated. In this case, the interface is the responsibility of all the obligation of an oil company, from the oil of the oil produced. The search will not harm, harm and the environment, and may install the necessary facilities and equipment for the oil process, not to harm the environment and the environment, within its own search sites.

In order to receive a search license, the General Directorate is used to comply with the provisions of the regulation. For the duration of the registration process, the minimum push program and the fiscal yacht program is given to the General Manager within the 90-day period mentioned in the first phase of the article 16.

The owner of the product is less than 2% of the required property for the program in which the owner of the license is issued Returns. It is returned to the owner of the oil-right, oil-related collateral, in case the financial and financial level program is realising on a year-on-year basis. This topic is regulated by the regulations of the government and the guidelines. However, it is stated in the regulation of meteorological and technical diagnostics that can be adopted to allow the committed program to be brought to the next year.

Arriv information

MADDE 15- The headquarters of the General Manager will be and will be 11 th marketing and marketing of information and data that has been opened according to the third issue of the article, and to the General Directorate for the licensing of potential identified licenses to this information and data, through opening of the data and data. It's real. It is determined by the guidelines and guidelines for the use of fee information for the use of fee considerations and the way they are licensed through opening up.

Honeystorm and licensing shawy

MADDE 16- The first search in a field that is open to oil searches It is declared that the registration of the registration is covered. The ninety days are kept secret, following the declared date of this and subsequent barears. The baresses, which are conducted during this time and completely cover the same piece of land, are to be co-located within the framework of the 3rd clause. The search license, which has been conducted during this period of time and includes a search license covering the same piece of land, does not allow a search license to be made available after 90 days of contact with the same piece of land or completely covering the same land part. However, these areas are likely to be done for the remaining part of the field, which will be done in the same way as the next time they have been involved. These provisions are also applied to the issue of a search for a rejected search license, whether a search or abandoned or revoked search, refusal or abandment or annulment of annulment will be made following the advertisement in the Official Gazette.

The results of the second day at the General Directorate will conclude at the latest at the latest under sixty days.

A search may not exceed 100 000 in land or more than 1 000 000 hectares in sea. The search fields are surrounded by land, territorial waters, the exclusive economic zone, and the correct lines of north-south and east-to-west direction. The height and aspect ratio of these sites is in accordance with the provisions of the regulations and regulations from the maintenance of the union.

The duration of a search license is five years old on land, eight in the sea. In a search, five percent of the land and eight years at sea, 2% of the amount of time spent at the end of the minimum ive program, which was given according to the third party of the 14th Amendment, are recorded. The oil-right owner's general manager will have a new yacht, and 2% of it is given at least one drilling program, along with guarantees that a search license needs to expire two or three years in the sea according to the need. It will be extended. The registration of the oil-right owner, which is not in place of the drilling program at the end of the extension period, is revoked, and the guarantee given by revoking the license is saved. However, a request to re-extend the search period for an oil-related or replacement oil owner should give a second drilling program to the General Manager and 2% of the incoming financial time program as collateral. Two years in the land, three years in the sea. At the end of the extension, the registration of the owner of the oil right, which does not meet the data on the drilling program, will be registered, and the guarantee given is registered. Including the extensions according to the provisions of this clause, the duration of a search license cannot be more than nine years in the land, nine years in the territorial waters of the sea, from the first effective date.

If there is an oil finding in a search, and the remaining term of the search license is an oil find In cases where it is not satisfied with the required work for the development and registration of the business, an extension is requested with an appropriate program. In order to be calculated from the date of the finding, the registration of the license may be extended to the General Directorate until sufficient time to allow the vehicle to identify the oil fields of the three, three seas, and not ten years of age. There are no further extensions described according to the fourth fund after the extension to be made according to this fib. The amount of time required to end a search well that is being opened in a search period is given an additional time by the General Directorate at the request of the oil-right owner, if the search license is to take place.

Business licensingruhsatnamesi

MADDE 17- Do not license the operation for the duration of the license to the isklekmeci And it gives the rights to produce and to sell the oil that they produce. Each operating license is issued for a specific oil-free land.

In the Black and territorial waters,

is surrounded by lines of north-south and direct-baton. The height and aspect ratio of these sites is in accordance with the provisions of the regulations and regulations from the maintenance of other sites.

Do not process the current running agent with the current status on the date that the search license was issued They're given a license. The details of the information and documents that will be found in the contact file for this topic are specified in the regulation. The search license, which is left out of the licensing license, continues until the end of the search license period.

A field that does not have the right to search or process it is to be issued with a license to be run, The Council of Ministers will be able to make the decision to the auction. The completion of the license to an execution that has already occurred to the auction, or a part of it, may again be removed from the auction by the Council of Ministers decision. A search and execution can not be issued for a field that has been set up for auction as soon as the auction is decided. In the auction, it is conducted by the Directorate General. It does not require the auction of a space, the highest bid, or the acceptance of any offer. The museum is determined by the regulations and principles.

An execution license is to be taken under consideration of the managed and financial support program, under the management of the license. from the date of date, given for thirty years according to the request of the owner of the barebau. However, if the production stops more than two years, the license is canceled. The processing license is extended to not exceed the year at a time, if the production schedule is deemed appropriate at the end of the term.

According to this Law, it has produced the license to be licensed to the owner, at the request of the owner of the license to be registered. It is permitted to transport the oil through the pipeline and the other transmission lines.

About the state

MADDE 18- The biris a business since the current date of the in the first place, in the four months after the effective entry of the event, in the event that it was specified in the regulation to manage the state of the city, in the event that the power of the power was made, the current state of the country was not. Retreive your details and get the job done. It is obligated to protect the points of the line.

People are obligated to pay 1 YTL State per license for each license license. In the seas, this amount is collected at a quarter of a quarter. These quantities are redetermined in every year at the rate of the General Directorate's Manufacturer Price Index (ÜFE) year.

People who are involved in the operation of the United States or are in a completely identical oil field, And their demands are finally settled. The builders of this process are obligated to pay the state about the State, which they are obligated to pay for the remaining sites, through the State of the Union, and at the rates that they will be able to identify and identify them through the oil-related land.



Government Hysars, Surface, and Water Rights

Government stock

MADDE 19- An agent or operation is defined as a single reservoir. The government is obligated to pay a state stake in the amount of daily production that is determined by the number of days of the net production divided by the number of days of the net production from the oil produced from the production market. The state shares are in proportion to the following:

In the Blackout:


ÜretimProduction sahabbae at some point in some

  Raw oil production in Doðal gas production

       (Varil/Day)                                                                 (M3/Day)


500 2%kadar

85 000%

501-2 000 for 2000

85 001 to 340 000 000için

2 001 to 5% 000için

340 001 to 750 000           8%

5 001 to 10 000              8%

750 001 to 1 500 000 for 500 000

12% for more than 10 000

12% for more than 1 500 000için


In the



ÜretimProduction sahabbae at some point in some

  Raw oil production in Doðal gas production

       (Varil/Day)                                                                    (M3/Day)



Up to 20 000                   2%

3 300 000 to 3

20 001-50 000 for 50

3 300 001 to 8 200 000% 6

50 001 to 100 000 for 100%

8 200 001-16 8% for 400 000

100 001 to 150 000için

16 400 001 to 24 600 000için

12% for more than 150 000000

12% for more than 24 600 000 000için




Water depth; 5%, 501 to 1000 meters from the production from the sites between 0 meters and 500 meters From the production of 10%, 1001 meters to 1500 meters, the production from the field is 20%, less than 30% of the production from the field, and less than 30% of the production.

TheGravitesiGravix is less than 50% of crude oil, less than 16 APIs.

25% of the additional production to be obtained by means of increasing production to be accepted by the General Directorate is less of a State share.

An oil-to-state stock used in oil business related to search or execution. Not available.

petrolThe oil reserves to be used as the Site store, either the de facto or the account, and the General Manager It cannot be used as a place store without being received. If there is no oil produced in the designated field where storage is required, this oil does not receive a sense of State.

The oil producer's state stake is calculated at the price of the well. The state and its stake are based on the statements of the concerned, and the General Directorate is paid in the tax office where they are located. The General Directorate is authorized to make the state about the State of the State and the state of which the state and its stock are not declared, or if it is incomplete, based on different evidence or legal measures, and to make a sense of the State and the state. The objection to the Secretary of State's interest in the Minister's office will stop the conflict from the conflict. After the Minister's decision is made to the parties, this decision will be made available to the General Manager for the amount of information to be collected. The state of the state and its share of the declared state is 100% phaseout. The state and its share of the state will be scheduled to follow in the five years following the relevant calendar year, unless they were found to be in the field of tarh and the law. It is determined by the regulations of the state and its shares, which belong to the agricultural, tarah, tahakkuk, payment of the country, and the state and the time.

will open the province's private administration of the province in which 50% of the state's ownership is licensed to be registered. to an account.

Surface and water rights

MADDE 20- Permission to search, search, or service license, cover It does not breach the property of the land or the bells of the land or the rights of the oil mines in this land, or any other rights to be established.

An oil-right owner; use of land required for search or oil in or around the vicinity of oil to rent, rent or use the property and to obtain the right to rent, race or use the property and the provision of the State and the Ministry of Finance under the provision and savings of the State of the Union. It can be saved by recording. If the right to use is more than three years old, the private property may be requested by the owner of the land, land owner or owner of the oil.

The public benefit decision is given to the Directorate General upon request. The work is made under the provisions of the 2942-numbered Law of Public Opinion. According to the provisions of Article 27 of the Code of the Same Law, it may be rushed to the public. The ownership of the nationalized land belongs to the owner of the oil, which pays the price for the use of the Treasury, the right to use. In this case, The Ministry of Finance is about to be granted the right to an oil-right owner, and the right of the license is to be held. Use within the framework of the provisions of this clause continues for the duration of the license as part of the license to search and process the rights of the use.

Oil owner, land or facilities on the land that is entitled to use for oil operations, and It is obligated to fully compensate for the damage done to real estate or facilities in the vicinity. The right to compensation from this is due to the right of the right to the right of verbs.

hakkýnýThe right to use the interface or operation on the property in and around the vicinity of the search or execution. Using water to search for and use water, including drilling through the provisions of other laws, and using water found, to use the necessary amount of water to use without raping the rights of the current waters. It has the right to it.

ilgili6831 is related to the Forest Code, in the area of the forest, and in the area of the permit and permit in the national parks. Oil exploration and execution activities can be conducted by obtaining the consent and payment of the costs.




Abandon, Get on the field and remove facilities

Terk, adding additional and facilities to the field

MADDE 21- Oil owner, investigation permit, and search license At least one month in advance, the operating license can be abandoned or completely abandoned by meeting the General Director for at least three months in advance and, if applicable, the public installation of the field. Rights granted by a search or execution license expire in the history of the abandoned part of the city. But for the sake of the whole, the program is exactly the same as the one that doesn't leave the program. For a fully abandoned search license, consider the current and financial services program that has been granted, and the amount at 2% of the unfulfilled activity is recorded. If the oil-rights owner has fulfilled the obligations of this date, the responsibilities expire.

The General Directorate is searching, in the context of the actions that this Law has put in the view of the percentage of this Law. It can be made to the fields. In this case, a new minimum push program is requested, in addition to the current program.

kaldýrýlmayanhas not been removed from the land by the owner of the oil in three months after the end of the right to use The property of any property is indent to the land owner. If any property on the land owner does not accept the transfer of any property on the property, the provisions of the 4th section of the 4th Amendment are applied.


Transferns with Taxation, Israel, and Israel


MADDE 22- The oil-rights owners have the right to And the taxes and the income tax cut that they have to do with their shareholders, they don't get 40 percent of the time. In accordance with the Dar-payer basis, the provisions of this Law will be subject to the price of oil exploration activities, dated 13/6/2006 and 5% according to the 30th article of the Corporate Tax Code of the Corporate Tax Code of 5520. In this Law, the activities of oil-related owners of oil-related activities, which are in general provisions along with the oil operations in general, are taxed separately from the activities of the other.

The main activities are two or more oil-rights owners, based on this Law, one of which is an oil-related. Even if they were partners, they'd be tax-free.

içi5520 The in-parenthesis of the third party (a) of the 3rd article of the Corporate Tax Code of the Respectable Corporate Tax Code sentence does not apply to the revenue and accidents derived from the oil push.

The owner of the oil right, except for the state share, is teemable to the oil work. They come from production that is in the coming capital, from the current currency to the back of the capital, and for domestic companies, the tax will be charged according to the Tax Procedural Law until the amount of time it is made to be pushed. The rule applies to the amount of foreign currency imported in foreign currency in the past year, according to the Law 6326, but still the remaining amounts due to the actual transfer of the capital.

Depletion share; search expenses, drilling, by importing the oil-right owner into the capital account expenses and the non-economic wells from the production balance are collected and will be allocated to the General Directorate with the Ministry of Finance, to be separate for each field, including the 316 clause provision of the Tax-Usul Code. It's being pushed through the ratios. However, the cost and track of the amount of oil allocated from the oil production of a patient is reduced from the amount of depletion of oil that is lost by the owner of the oil business at the time of the end of the oil process.

Search expenses that are capitalized by the oil-right owner include drilling, expenses, and production maintenance. The cost of an economic deficit and the cost of the cost of economic deiraforming costs and the costs of the installation of the plumbing on which it is due, will be pushed through the depreciation path, and the depreciation rates to be applied to the cost of the cost of the depreciation. to consider the situation to be determined separately by the Minister of Finance.

United States exports and exports

MADDE 23- A representative or a representative of an oil-right owner or A contractor who is accepted to the General Manager, he has his own name, The construction of the building facilities and equipment for the oil company in Turkey will be used in oil companies except for the construction, installation and construction of the equipment, and the General Directorate approved the approved material, equipment, fuel and land, the sea, the import of air transmission, or the import from abroad, any tax, levy, exemption, except for the special excise tax, with the exception of the special excise tax, but the Council of Ministers will be able to compete with imported materials. A list containing the names of substances produced in Turkey in nature and quantity in Turkey It may also be able to identify and identify which of the items being imported as exempt from customs in this list are subject to customs duty and other imported taxes and pictures. The lists will be effective in the date of publication in the Official Gazette. However, for petitions issued to the General Manager before the date of publication of the list, the items that are requested will benefit from the exemption if they are imported within a year from the date of the date the list is entered.

Materials that are eligible for use of the General Directorate to use oil-related owners in oil The Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) is not sought for compliance deification.

The customs and other imported taxes and images of the imported tax and any taxes included in the above border. The levy and levy exemption will continue in the state with the permission of the General Directorate to the owner of an oil-related owner of this material to be used in the oil process. If the materials are transferred to Turkey to be used or sold within a non-petroleum operating path, then the tax, levy, and allowance of the tax, levy, and allowance in effect in effect on the date of the handover is held. Excluding supplies with less than one year of economic life, the transfer of other materials over the transfer of power, turnover and export of other materials will be made over the decision of the decision.

The material imported from customs and other imported taxes and images, from the date of entry to Turkey Over ten years, the owner of the imported or inheriting oil has the right to all kinds of savings, exempt from customs and other imported taxes and pictures on the material.


MADDE 24- An oil-right owner, Undersecretary of Treasury, and General The government has rights and capital of its rights, excluding any tax, levy, levy, State and State shares that should be paid but not yet paid, except for the amount of money required to pay for the money. including the ones that cash their value, or the same, the tax He can be excused.

Oil-rights owners can always request transfers to their capital. After the transfer of the capital is completed, the net will be transferred at the end of a period of three months at the end of the current period. Returns the transfer statement following the data of the corporate tax statement for the Mahsup impositions.

Oil-rights owner may retain the same tattoo from oil that it has exported. This exchange amount is to be embarrassed by the transfer of the net worth of precious capital to Turkey with the imported capital.


Rfx and Mübobir Caseers

How to play a foreign staff

MADDE 25- An oil-right owner is the foreigner required for the oil staff, with the appropriate view and permission of the General Directorate, may be able to steal from 27/2/2003 dated and 4817 to the provisions of the Code of Foreigners, which are dated 27/2/2003.

People are Turkish, including 25% of the number of foreigners they employ. In order to ensure that the citizens (excluding the state officers) of the oil business are deemed to be eligible to gain residency in every phase of oil, I have the opportunity and internship in Turkey's primary and professional institutions, as well as the General Directorate, to be considered suitable for the public. They can get them to see if they're going to pay for it. Those who claim to be involved in this surcharge and internships are not related to the oil-related service or the owner of the oil-related service.

M&en reasons

MADDE 26- Doðal disasters, harp, riot, strike, lockout, and social events will delay the rights and responsibilities of the oil-right owner in the ratio of the effects of the oil action.


Monetary Penalties, Economic Measures, and Transit Pipes Lines

Military fines

MADDE 27- The verbs that are banned according to this Law are more than if it does not require it, it will be fined for administrative fines according to the provisions of this clause. Each year, these penalties are applied by increasing the number of redeeming rates, which are determined by the Tax Procedure Code of 213, as per the previous year. Administrative fines collected during the month will be charged to the Treasury to be registered until the end of the twentieth day. According to this Law, the implementation of the administrative fines or administrative sanctions does not prevent the implementation of the other provisions of this Law. According to this Law, the punishment and measures against the law do not prevent the actions that will be made.

The liability of legal entities in the civil monetary penalties is 6762 according to the 65th article of the Turkish Commercial Code. on the server.

It is paid within thirty days from the date on which they are charged with monetary fines. The provisions of the 5326 Code of Kashmir are imposed on the right to pay fines. Any administrative fines that are committed and not paid in duration are collected in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Evacuation Order of 6183 and Amme Paylarn.

According to this Code, the search warrants 100 000 YTL without obtaining a warrant and registration, and the search is not available to the They are fined 250 000 YTL, for those who are doing oil in the process of operating a license or registration of the license. These fikra provisions are not applied to the people deployed by the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of National Defense to conduct scientific research with the Turkish Ministry of Defence.

If the General Directorate determines that dangerous verb is made in an oil process or in relation to this action, The oil holder is fined 350 000 YTL, and the oil process is stopped. During the period when the General Directorate was versed to prevent dangerous verbs, if the dangerous verb does not prevent, then 50 000 YTL of administrative fines apply for each passing day, and the General Directorate is entitled to the cost of the oil. to belong to its owner, it will take dangerous de-facto preventative measures, repair and compensate for the damage. For this purpose, the guarantee is primarily used in the seventh chapter of the 4th Article. The usage of the collateral will be completed within thirty days of the oil-right owner. If the guarantee is not enough, the remaining amount will be collected from the oil-right owner within ten days. If a significant and unrepair damage or damage caused by the dangerous verb is determined by the General Directorate, the owner of the oil is 500 000 YTL of administrative fines.

The use of this Code is to use or do not do the task of an officer of the General Manager Those who are obstruct will apply an administrative penalty of 50 000 YTL.

Law, regulation, and other regulatory information, and twice in a calendar year of information and documents if not complete in time, the oil holder will be fined 10 000 YTL for administrative fines. A maximum of 10 000 YTL is applied for each repeat after more than two occurrences of the calendar year. According to this Law, the people who are in real statements are punished with a fine of 50 000 YTL.

Israeli measures

MADDE 28- The oil owner is entitled to this Law, administer, and search for if it does not comply with any of the software's licenses in the search license or execution license, it is notified that it will comply with the country during the 90 days period and will be notified of any oil-related availability. In the end of the 90-day period, additional time is required to allow the owner of the oil to be eligible for additional periods, or the oil will be annulled, or the oil will be annulled.

AramaThe four, six, seven, and eighth, 16, and eighth, 16, and 16, of the fourth, 17, and 16, are the fourth, seventeen, and eighth of the article. Apply an annulment of the annulment of matter, whether or not to comply with any of the provisions set forth in the second feats of the matter and the twelfth of the 18th Amendment.

ThekararýFunih decision is issued by the Minister upon the proposal of the General Manager. If the termination is decided, the rights that are not licensed from the operation permit, search or execution license expire from the date of the annuition. Within the time period for compliance, there is no action in the prevention of oil, oil selling, and dangerous verbs to adapt to the regulations.

Transit pipelines

MADDE 29- Raw oil or gas is a source of the country. It is permitted by the Council of Ministers on the terms specified in Article 17 of this Law to establish transit through Turkey or to establish a pipeline that will provide the arrival of Turkey through the country's transit. The rights and allowances of the permissions granted in this scope are relevant to the relevant provisions of this Law. A decision on the implementation of this material on the basis of this matter is entitled to the Ministry of the Ministry.


Deviations Made in the Bazal Kouns

MADDE 30- dated 19/4/1926, and 815 in the Turkish Saas The 4th article "(excluding oil exploration and production activities)" is about to come after the 3rd article of the Law on the Right of Transport and Trade, and to the Third Amendment of the Law on the Right of Trade and Trade. " After the "ecnebi test ships" clause. The phrase "and oil exploration and production activities used in oil exploration and production activities" is added.

MADDE 31- dated 7/3/1954 and the 18 pearls of the 6326-numbered Oil Act The phrase "inspection board and muffler", which is included in the second phase of its article, will remove the clause from the matter text.

MADDE 32- dated 1/7/1964 and attached to a Stamp Tax Code of 488 (2) the number of "IV-Commerce and Civilization-Related Nightmares" is added to the chapter in which the number (2) is added.

" 36. Commitments to oil exploration and production activities of oil-right owners in the scope of Turkish Petroleum Law. "

ÖzelMADDE 33- $4760, Special Consumption Tax Of The number (8) of the Code 7 is added to the item (8).

" 8. (II) the property in the list of 8701.20, 87.04, 87.05, and 87.09 G.T.A.P.S. is the first power to be used for the exclusive oil exploration activity, ''

MADDE 34- dated 4/12/2003 and $5015 Oil-Market the additional item in the following is added.

" Biodiesel

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 2-Biodiesel manufacturers according to the quality standards set in the regulation to be made by EPDK They receive production licenses and production licenses for production, without charge, in order to produce production, without charge. Quality controls are made or done by the EPDK.

Refinery and reps operating in the oil market, using fully domestic farm products They can blend the biodiesel producers with biodiesel fuel at a minimum of two percent, they can procure from the biodiesel producers. Controls for collation rates are made by the EPDK.

Biodiesel manufacturers each year have the amount of production they can offer to the market for the next year, and every three months. notifies the EPDK for period actualizations.

The biodiesel producers are only the only products of biodiesel produced from domestic agricultural products to make them sell. According to the principles of the 7 nci and 8th of the law, and the year it is able to obtain at least thirty thousand tons of pure biodiesel sales projection, it may take the license and the number of licenses. Technical and economic development of the media and media licenses are determined by the EPDK.

The 19th (a) of this Code to those who operate the first, second, and fourth fives of this Article The provisions of this Law are the provisions of the bendi, and the provisions of the same clause (b) and the provisions of this Law. "

 MADDE 35- 5015 (5) of the 2 nci (5) of the Oil-Market Law (7) and (44) have been added to other numbers, and the items on the item are added to the item.

" 5) Fuel: Gasoline types, nafta (except raw material, solvent nafta), gas, jet burn, engine types, biodiesel, fuel-oil types and other products determined by the Institution,

7) Products Blended with Akarakarıtıl: Metil tersizer butl ether (MTBE), denaturoe bioethanol, biodiesel and so on the products that are tax-related and will be subject to the stream,

44) Product: Product or intermediate product obtained by physical or chemical iaction, refining, or other methods hydrocarbons, "

" 45) Biodiesel: herbal and animal licks to be used by blending with or by toryside. or vegetative and animal-horse acid-derived acid esterces, which are derived from the spread of the plant,

46) Bioethanol: A variety of celluloid plants, all kinds of cellulosic sources, for blending with arakyıyut. and biomass at the same time as the subject of denaural ethyl alcohol produced from the drop and increase of biomass, "


Transitional and Recent Provitions


MADDE 36- The implementation of the provisions of this Law and the The guidelines are regulated by the regulations to be issued by the Directorate General. The regulations will be issued within six months from the date this Law is entered.

Current regulatory and attrs

MADDE 37- With This Law;

a) on 20/2/2001, and the 5/A clause (b) and (f) of the Electrical-Market Law of 4628,

b), dated 18/4/2001, and the first of the 11th (2) of the No. 4646 Code of Gas Market. The fourth paragraph of the number,  

Oil Code 6326, dated 7/3/1954, excluding the 18th clause of


is currently in effect.

The laws of 6326 laws are made in the laws ofDiðer.

INVALID ARTICLE 1- It was taken before the current date on which this Law is entered search licenses are drilling in some of the regional or registration licenses available to the search licenses, including those of the 6326-number Petroleum Act that is currently in effect with this Law, to be saved. Their money is regulated by this Law, and it is said to be The rememes that are received in relation to the payers are updated. These entities are completed by the General Directorate within a year after the entry of the Law is effective.

The provisions of this Law prior to the effective date of the effective date of this Law are the provisions of this Law. However, prior to the date the Law entered, the search and execution licenses in the seas will be relevant to the provisions of this Law from the date of the first extension of this Act after the effective entry.

Oil-rights owners have to deal with this law to install their own oil 6326- Pipeline documents that are covered under the law are made to be an attachment to the licensing licenses.

INVALID ARTICLE 2- The current date on which this Law has been entered is in the Imports, exports, and expropriate rights continue until the completion of the ongoing or ongoing projects related to a document under the scope of the Law 6326, which is currently in effect with this Law.

INVALID ARTICLE 3- New from the date of release of this Law regulations and the implementation of any provisions of the current Oil Matter and related legislation until the regulation is regulated.

INVALID ARTICLE 4- 6326 counts of oil that are currently in effect with this Kanode Due to the transfer of article 116 of the law (3), due to the transfers made in 1995, 1996 and 1997 property budget laws, "6326 Numbered Oil Laws Payable" and "Oil Search and Oil Relevant". Services for Regulatory Funds " spend The currency payments from their pencils in 1995, 1996, and 1997 are taken into account by the interest of the interest in the interest.

INVALID MADDE 5- Cancers in list of attached (1) are cancelled The order of 190 Global Staff and Procedural Ordinance to be held by the General Staff of 190 Petroleum and Procedural Decree.

Instead of these listed cadres (2) and (3), the cadre of the listed cadres are reported to be 190 It is added to the Department of Energy and Natural Resources and State Water General Directorate sections of the decree (I), which is the attachment of the Law on Act and Law.

According to the arrangement in the above, the Teftik Board of the General Directorate is the Chief Executive Officer The President will be assigned to the General Directorate of the Ministry and the State Water Business by cutting off any number of other people in the General Directorate within three months from the date of this Law on the release of this Law, the Chief Executive, the Chief Executive, and the Director of the Public Service.

However, the personnel in question above may not be able to assign it to the next day after the end of the three months The State Staff is notified in a list of personnel. These personnel are transferred to public institutions and installations of the State Staff, dated 24/11/1994 and in the framework of the original and uselands of Article 22 of the Code 4046, two, three, four and the fifth. In accordance with Article 22 of the Code 4046, payments from the Customition Fund are met by the Directorate General.


MADDE 38- enters the date on the release of this Law.


MADDE 39- The Council of Ministers of this Law It executes.




















      GISH Teffik Installed                      1 1

      GIH at the Bailiftik                                       1 8 8

      GISH Muftidat                                            1 4 4

      GISH Muftidat                                            3 1 1

      GISH Muftidat                                            5 1

      GISH Mufflefetik (Feature) 1-7                   10 10


                          TOTAL 25 2525

















       CLASS TITLE                                RANK ADAGE

         GISH                        Baton 1 4

         GISH                        Muftif1 2

         GISH                        Muftif3 1


                                        total 7























































       CLASS TITLE                                RANK ADAGE

         GISH                        Baton 1 5

         GISH                        Muftif1 2

         GISH                        Mufetif5 1

            GISH Detaposition (Ö) 1-7 10

                                                TOTAL 18