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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRK PETROL KANUNU

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Ka is no. 5574 Date: 5/1/2007 PART ONE General provisions SECTION ONE Purpose, I Covered and definitions aim and scope article 1 – purpose of the country's oil resources, This Blood fast, continuous and effectively search, development and production. This law, regulation of oil exploration and production activities in Turkey, promoting, directing, controlling, exploration and production of the information needed for the evaluation and data collection, and be introduced to the principles and guidelines.
Definitions article 2-implementation of this Act;
1-Government: Turkey Republic Government, 2-Ministry of energy and Resources, of course, 3 Ministry:-Minister: Minister of energy and Resources, of course, 4-Head Office: working as the General Manager of petroleum Affairs, 5-General Manager: petroleum Affairs General Manager, 6-Person: natural or legal persons, 7-a) crude oil: the liquid that can be the Ground or natural hydrocarbons, b) natural gas: natural gas-phase that can be the Ground or hydrocarbons , c) gas hydrate or methane gas that can be locked in the Ground: the water ice, consisting of natural hydrocarbons, c) Oil: (a), (b) and (c) subparagraphs defined natural hydrocarbons, 8-Road land: the existence of a favorable amount of Commissioned oil supply parts determined, 9-a) Oil finding: the presence of an oil exploration activities Made during detection, b) discovery: the accumulation of oil to be found, conveniently located to operate 10-a) Research : The land to search for Oil, from the ground and from the air, topographic, geological, geophysical, geochemical and collected data with similar methods, except for geological exploration drilling to learn processes that must be performed, b) in order to find the search drilling: oil drilling, c) well drilling: Oil, followed by the size of the land to a limited number of drilling, d) to search for: (a), (b) and (c) activities in all of the lower embankment, 11-Development: Oil land evaluation of open wells as needed to , above ground facilities, transportation lines and the creation of above ground tanks, 12-a) production drilling: Oil drilling equipment for production in the field in order, b) Waste well: Oil made of the land production occurs during the waste water to the reservoir opened or used for this purpose wells, c) Injection well: Oil reservoir to increase production from the land of gas or liquid to be opened or used for this purpose wells , c) production: Production drilling, water wells, injection well with development activities and oil removed, located around the field with pre-treated or warehouses, transmission line, or other means to move the pipeline and wayof taking early retirement and increase storage, 13-Production method: Production of oil in the reservoir on a pitch, made to increase the fluidity and/or increasing the energy reservoir that is being reduced, in order to obtain additional production by providing educational support are used 14-Oil unit: 15.5 Celsius degrees and 1 atmosphere pressure measured under 158,984 litre crude oil or 15.5 Celsius degrees and 1 atmosphere pressure measured under 1 cubic metres of natural gas, 15-Oil operation: exploration, production and sale of domestically produced oil, any of these operations when the necessary energy and water in oil field produced or with the main transmission line at or near natural gas free consumer wayof taking early retirement or moved until the delivery of the pipelines that provide When the camp and all other building construction equipment, with the creation of and operate commercial and financial, for these activities and administrative activities, 16-Research to do research in a particular area Limits permission: Directorate General granted permission, 17-a) Search ruhsatnamesi: petroleum exploration given according to this law the Charter, b) Search links: the Charter covers A search field, 18-a) ruhsatnamesi: Charter of oil production given according to this law , b) Business course: the Charter covers A business pitch, c) production site: building land in Business course, 19-use as land rental and related to an oil operation: this resort on land usufruct and easement rights possible, 20-Searching: Mining permit holder 21-seeker: Search ruhsatnamesi ruhsatnamesi 22-owner Operator business owner, 23-operator: ruhsatnamesi A search or business owner of companies jointly in oil right Charter among them they're going to do, and also according to the agreement approved by the Directorate General of oil these companies a the company will conduct the operation, 24-joint representative: Oil as owner companies together to show the delegate, 25-Oil as A research permit or search from the Charter: the or operation of any of the rights from the Charter, 26-region: an oil region designated according to this law, the provisions of this Act 27-open field within the framework of the search: business or open a hosted by reference, of A verb: 28-Dangerous operation , they were made in the death of a person is found in or near to or deterioration of the health of the injury, that caused the contamination of the environment or an act or omission to be 29-land: the land of the Republic of Turkey, internal waters, territorial waters, and beyond these limits in accordance with international law, continental shelf and exclusive economic zones in the designated fields, 30-the price of crude oil and natural gas, Ganesh production over: the market price of which occurs as far as it is necessary for the introduction of shipping , storage and insurance costs and taxes; crude petroleum market Law No. 5015 defined market price for natural gas is obtained by deducting the wholesale price for price, 31-search expenses: the Economic life of more than one year, except for materials and installation expenses, expenses for exploration activities, 32-a) Drilling fer's expenses: when the economic life is more than a year, or when the use of this website or from unused or from the initiation of a can be used at the end of the year, or scrap the installation or cost of materials, with the exception open wells, cleaning, to deepen, interested in this process, the graduation or preparation for and in relation to all labor, fuel, repairs, maintenance, transportation, supply, rental and equipment costs, b) non-national economy in terms of yield of wells, opening costs: drilling equipment and similar equipment, excluding expenses for production drilling uneconomical in terms of fer, wells are required for any material that is used in the opening or economic value for costs , 33-State as: make an oil in a Business Charter operation corresponds to the amounts paid by the State, per hectare, 34-State shares will be given to the Government through oil shares, Produced: 35-a) Economic assets: Securities and real estate goods, industrial rights, securities and any claims and interests associated with them, the essence of the available Capital b): the owner of the Rights, with regard to the process in Turkey has allocated capital to use available according to the Tax Law No. 213 of the computed value of , c) available: 213 measurements of tax procedure Law No. reviews including assets related economic businesses shown oil as the owner took the same capital account in accordance with the provisions of the law does not activate the search costs, expenses and foreign economy of drilling efficiency in terms of fer non-opening of the well costs, including Oil, both raw-material: 36 needed half-mamûl or mamûl all goods, equipment, tools, equipment, machinery, transportation vehicles , all other vehicles and their spare parts,.
The SECOND PART of the ownership and The criteria is Admirable with prohibitions and special provisions based on the criteria of ownership and admirable article 3-Turkey under terms of the State and the oil resources in saving.
Get a reference to the oil rights in the evaluation of conformity of the referral, the adequacy of the applicant's financial, business and investment program for the purpose of the Act is committed on other reference is less than the default property is taken into account. The purpose of the law with business and investment program to comply with the commitment as soon as possible reference is assumed.
Prohibitions and specific provisions article 4-research permit according to this law, search ruhsatnamesi and business ruhsatnamesi no oil operation cannot be done without.
Another was taken according to law any right, this right does not allow an oil operation by the owner.
The petroleum oil operation ended as the owner uses to process the oil land liable for reclamation within three months. This period can be extended for six months with the approval of the General Directorate of insufficient. Oil as the obligation that, if inadvertently, avoid introducing oil as owner of the nam and emanates from the present owner of the oil account, is not sufficient for in the oil as was recourse is traversed by the owner of the General M.

Oil as owner, the maliki or his land operations on the zilyedi person, and damage the land price of the products or business person deprived earnings shall be paid to the taxpayer.
This Law must be in accordance with the principles of capital companies or foreign States according to the legislation in the nature of a private law legal persons of the company capital research permit, call ruhsatnamesi and operation of the ruhsatnamesi. Turkey Petroleum Corporation with oil, mining permit, call ruhsatnamesi and ruhsatnamesi to handle personally, or the rights and business capital is to use or through specialized organizations within the provisions of this law may assign these organizations.
Research, search ruhsatnamesi and business ruhsatnamesi, this Act or any other Act to the owner to enter or entering a place forbidden or made any right to that place. Oil as the owner, or the cannot create this operation therefore dangerous verbs, you can't let the formation.
Research, search or business license prior to the removal of oil waste and damages during the operations, to be determined by the Directorate General is giving is mandatory. General Directorate of margin producer price Index (PPI) is an annual rate of increase each year is determined again in January. Add newly discovered oil deposit, the owner of amounts within two months. Do not conform to this oil as owner's permission, call ruhsatnamesi or ruhsatnamesi will be cancelled.
Conditions that threaten an oil processing occurs, the General Manager and owner of the oil that may be affected by other oil as its owners know immediately and do it with the nature of the threat is being taken to prevent measures. Head Office and considers the measures insufficient, oil as owners may want to take additional measures.
Oil will be owner of private law legal persons are subject to the provisions of the Turkish commercial code no. 6762. Turkey will own and foreign States in oil right according to the equity firm is in the nature of a private law legislation legal persons, according to the legislation about the protection of the value of Turkish currency in Turkey in terms of activities in Turkey.
The THIRD SECTION Tasks, Income, budget and Assets with Coordination Tasks the tasks referred to in this law article 5-repealed by this law numbered 6326 petroleum law which has been established through the law on Public Financial Management and control law No. 5018 and arrangement as the general budget managed by the General Directorate of petroleum Affairs. General Directorate in Ankara.
General Directorate of tasks include the following: a) Oil country strategy and policy issues related to the activities to determine the required studies.
b) in this law, our country's oil resources as intended by unearthed fast, continuous and effectively provide the evaluation of oil exploration and production-related information in publicity and marketing activities.
c) invest in domestic and foreign entrepreneurs will encourage environment.
ç) domestic and foreign investors to invest in oil exploration and production, a program of competitive, transparent, within a secure and stable environment to ensure they do.
d) identified as potential Oil fields to search out the auction license ad.
e) our country is a party to international organisations and the members and organization of the General Directorate for the activities liability in the field of subjects carry out operations.
f) Companies have made references to have oil right to inspect.
g) research, exploration and operation ruhsatnamesi and related to other operations.
ğ) Oil rights related petroleum register records.
h) oil exploration and production activities of monitoring and control.
I own the activities related to the oil right) all kinds of information and data to be transferred for use by providing general management libraries.
n.) States as and stock-related operations.
j) Petroleum use in oil companies owner of material related to the import, export and transfer of.
k) Oil as owners and other public institutions and organizations to ensure coordination between.
other tasks within the scope of this law, l).
Income and expenses article 6-a) oil Research Center, scientific and technological research Council of Turkey and similar research and testing institution joint work with revenues generated from, b) production with the data in the search and detection wells geophysical, geological and laboratory data in detail and according to the third paragraph of article 11, make data from sales revenues, c) open field of license sales revenues, c) Research permit revenues , d) are recorded in the general budget revenue recorded by uniting the collaterals. Oil exploration and production activities, the activities of research, development and for control to be enforced, the necessary appropriations in the General Directorate of petroleum affairs budget.
The investigation of the oil activity and to all staff assigned to the controls under Act No. 6245 delikleri twice a day per diem is paid as they deserve.
Coordination article 7-a reference to the Directorate General, in other public institution in the field of human rights is the authority contains a reference to the institution concerned before decisions about approval. Related institutions, these requirements by reviewing priorities and finalizes in forty-five days immediately. During this period has been granted consent to the request noted. However, in practice, for the solution of problems related to the miscellaneous charges that might representatives of ministries, headed by Undersecretary of the Ministry were collected and the purpose of writing in article 1 shall take the necessary measures required to ensure.
CHAPTER FOUR I tiraz, Inquest and rhythmic cycles, Tes primary and I asked I tiraz and inquest modes according to the provisions of This article 8-Ka or whose rights holders by reference or all rights will be disputes between the headquarters of peace negotiations and by the via hall is to. Reference and oil as owners, taken by Directorate General and reference, research, search ruhsatnamesi and operation of the Charter against the decisions that affect the rights arising from the provisions of this law, within the framework of decision within twenty days from the date of notification to it may appeal to the Minister.
Secretary and General Manager of this Act when they see their task to any investigation or needful to the evidence related to an investigation into the oil company tetkike and the whole process, accounts and registers tetkike, officials of the petroleum operation and installation. Principles and procedures to be followed regulations murder has resulted.
The Minister objected to it via the latest disputes that transferred within thirty days of the decision and this decision shall be communicated to those concerned within 15 days at the latest. Minister to open cases against decisions of the Danıştayca. The Council of State these cases first.
Final decisions about the General Directorate of oil within 15 days must be announced in the Official Gazette.
Registration and ad article 9-General Manager maintains a record of oil and oil record are saved within the framework of regulations the following considerations: a. ruhsatnamesi and business ruhsatnamesi Research permits, search) to get all references in accordance with the law.
b) handing over of Business Research permit, call ruhsatnamesi and ruhsatnamesi, and these are the changes in each of these and research whatever end.
c) Search ruhsatnamesi, business ruhsatnamesi, and when the oil rights arising out of the rights to be.
ç) Search ruhsatnamesi, business ruhsatnamesi and oil rights arising out of, or they will be placed on the transfer of rights and restricts the circumstances and all of that.
d) other particulars shown oil record relative to the regulation.
The first paragraph (c) and (d) the request for admission and registration of the issues in paragraphs Headquarters by first evaluated and shall be decided within sixty days from the date of application. Oil should be saved to the other laws about record particulars and provisions belonging to registration. Be held to have references to the oil right style will be added to the reference documents quality and scope, how to retain oil record, adjustment and cancellation will be considerations in a regulation. Non-regulation reference, appeal, does not provide any rights to the owner of the report and documentation.

Regulation and adjustment, a transfer of the region and adjustment, open field of, adjustment and shutdowns, except for references to the research permit decisions as decisions, issued a call or transfer of the Business Charter amended or, ends, exploration and operation when on the Charter restricts other rights and possessed, law and regulation are other considerations to the Declaration by the Directorate General's Official Gazette. The nature of the Official Gazette notification declared; However, these provisions of the law or regulation requiring special bit reserved.
Any matter which has been declared the Official Gazette published; This is in contrast to the ad unless the provision is considered to be the effective date. They call themselves private notification has not been made of the Charter for search or business individuals, extension, adjustment, and the expiration date of the publication of the decision of this issue.
Search and Business Charter, and arising out of oil rights and that any search or oil rights corresponding to the part of the business field, argued the oil record, real estate sales, mortgage and so on the Covenants, which, under terms they may be subject.
Requires the use of an oil and within the framework of this law, the owner of a registered right, the right to have their rate of oil and it would be in charge of its obligations. Ruhsatnamesi or a search or business arising out of any of the rights of shareholders, oil shares the rights and responsibilities of this Act at the rate would be.
Garnishment and injunctions, excluding the first paragraph (c) and (d) the rights and conditions in paragraphs, be deemed the Directorate General has been saved to the Directorate General of oil and does not refer to the provisions against third parties.
The fifth and sixth will be applied to oil rights and the terms of any person disregarding a sixth paragraph the rights owners, shareholders, or delegate any of its responsibilities instead of rights holders and other stakeholders problem when buttons as will be determined by regulations the provisions belonging to a result.

The FIFTH PART of notices, records, reports, and Activities Control Zones and open Fields of notification article 10-that claims parties according to this law, is obliged to show in Turkey. Address göstermeyenlere research, exploration and operation ruhsatnamesi is not allowed.
Searching, seeker, operator; research, search and Business Charter within thirty days from the date on which the Turkey is a representative built in and this is the first paragraph of article 2, tracked down the lawful (24) defined in joint delegate number and residence for them and tracked down and lawful representative to report to the Directorate General within thirty days of the changes. These considerations are registered to the oil record registration. Registered address-resident delegate to the petroleum Registrar and/or be deemed to have been made to the owner of the notification made to the delegate joint oil right. According to the notification Law numbered 7201 relating hereto,.
Records, reports and activities control article 11-Oil as owner, require the records and accounts of the regulation, as specified in the regulation in the samples, storing the information about the scope and results of the process together with the specimen set out in the regulation time, shape and nature of the Directorate General is responsible.
This public personnel tasked with law enforcement or their representatives during oil operation, process the data and samples, all the documents and accounting records to check, check and deem necessary data and samples and that the account any record, report and document copy and run its course of the petroleum operations aksatmaksızın is authorized to make investigations and tests. Oil as the owner, in accordance with this paragraph at the time they use the powers of officials to help. Principles and principles of work in dealing with this issue is determined by the regulation.
Public officials, because of the powers granted by law, the operation of the financial and technical nature, they find out secrets, unless the consent of the owner of the oil by confidentiality. However, you can call ruhsatnamesi for information and a drop-down field of boreholes with geological and geophysical data, laboratory information and data are ruhsatnamesi Charter in the field at the end of business information and data to the drop-down boreholes are fifth from the date of entry into force of the Charter by the end of the year, research permit information obtained within the scope of the eighth becomes clear at the end of the year. Tax procedure Ka nunundaki special provisions reserved. General financial and technical in nature, with the geological information on wells, drilling section, protection pipes records and not the overall production and sales figures secret.
Zones and open fields are article 12-Turkey in terms of this Act, the land, divided into land and Sea regions. Land and sea border that separates the coastal line of the region. Maritime zones territorial waters divided into inside and outside territorial waters. Waters in the sea off the research permit, call ruhsatnamesi and business ruhsatnamesi, age and while s/he is designated in article 16, the rights of the Council of Ministers for not less permission. The decision of the Council of Ministers in this area, and can be turned off, in whole or in part can be modified or closed a business area can be opened again. According to this article the continuation decisions rights cannot be breached. Military forbidden regions will be held in the security zone with the proceedings of the General positive opinion before they are allowed.

The FIRST PART of the SECOND PART exploration and production Research, Search Ruhsatnamesi, Ruhsatnamesi with State Enterprises As Mining permits article 13-General Manager, if found suitable reference for research permit, to cover a specific amount of time, the demanded permission within sixty days. A portion of the demanded permission field research permit, call ruhsatnamesi or ruhsatnamesi to be granted research does not prevent allowed. But searching is the process without the consent of the owner of another oil drilling and so on field studies are in progress to places. Mining permit holder, a onetime mining area of hectares per and forms of payment regulation to see 50 Cent is obliged to free. These amounts shall be determined each year by the General Directorate again. Information obtained as a result of the Research Directorate General is also provided for a period of eight years and General Manager keeps this information confidential. Headquarters and among the provisions of this law, the applicant agreed to other considerations, constitute a research permit attachment. Principles and procedures related to this regulation.
Search according to the provisions of this law, article 14-ruhsatnamesi a search ruhsatnamesi, the owner of the search field; Search in order to identify possibilities to search, oil field, discovery research, except to apply for this by developing the identification fields found to produce the oil from the field, after the registration of the General Directorate a discovery operation gives the rights to get ruhsatnamesi.
A seeker identified an oil bulgusundan and exploration Directorate-General is obliged to informed. The giving of time and manner regulation. After a discovery made in a search field, the fourth paragraph is contained in the regulation conditions specified or unless the circumstances specified in article 26, is taking place, the seeker begins to develop and field production. In this case, the seeker, all of the oil produced an operator in respect of the obligation. Seeker within their search area of the local people will not put a strain on life, nature and will not harm the environment and use them in such a way as to jeopardize the oil when necessary to process and equipment can be set up.
Search ruhsatnamesi in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, to be referred to the Directorate General. Charter will be held on the basis of the years for the duration of the minimum work program and financial investment program was mentioned in the first paragraph of article 16, ninety-day period is provided to the Directorate General.
The applicant applied for the license required for the work program up to 2% of the financial investment returns guarantee. Job and financial investment program on an annual basis in the realization of the corresponding margin oil as owner is returned. Principles and procedures related to this subject shall be regulated by the regulation. However, the following year, the program is committed to allow the fulfillment, acceptable meteorological and technical restrictions are specified in the regulation.
Archive for the information article 15-General Directorate of archives will occur and thrown in the third paragraph of article 11, according to the marketing of information and data which have become open and interested in this information with the sale process and identified potential unlicensed fields based on the data through the authorisation process is carried out by the Directorate General of the auction. Archive for the information to be available for the use of the fee-related and authorisation process through the auction principles and procedures to be determined by the regulation.

Reference and regulatory style article 16-first search a field open to oil exploration ruhsatnamesi space of the application. The content of this and the next reference to 90 days following the announcement is kept confidential. During this period, and the same piece of land that completely encloses the references, within the framework of article 3 are evaluated together. During this period, and the same piece of land partially covering search ruhsatnamesi after ninety days and with references to the same piece of land in whole or in part, is not taken into consideration in the search ruhsatnamesi covering references. However, this falls outside this area of partially overlapping the field apply to references to the parts is treated as above. Call ruhsatnamesi to reference or abandoned or rejected or terminated a search field, the Official Gazette announced the abandonment or termination for scientists to be held following the kesinleşip references as these provisions.
Ninety-day General Directorate at the end of the eligible applications, at the latest within sixty days connects the conclusion.
100 000 in a search field, land, seas cannot be more than 1 0000 0000 hectares. Search courses by land, territorial waters, exclusive economic zone boundaries and coastlines, except for North-South and East-West with the correct lines. Most of this area and aspect ratio, in terms of a combination of other fields with neighborhood and must comply with the provisions of the regulation.
The duration of the Charter a call, black five, seas in eight years. A search in the field of eight, five years on land and at sea, at the end of the year, according to the third paragraph of article 14 having been given the corresponding minimum work schedule of infrequent part 2% of revenues invested. Oil as owner by the Directorate General of the new investment amount and deposit in the amount of 2% of it in conjunction with at least one drilling program in the event, the duration of a search in two land according to the Charter, does not exceed three years is extended to the seas. At the end of injury time gave accounts that are not oil drilling program as having been revoked the owner's license guarantees given by uniting. However, drilling program started or fulfilled an oil as the owner of the call duration again extension demand, Directorate General financial a second drilling program and the corresponding investment programme of 2% in the case of land in two years to give as collateral, as three years at sea. At the end of injury time gave accounts that are not oil drilling program as the holder of the licence is recorded in the guarantees given by lowering revenues. This item is made in accordance with the provisions of the Charter a search period, including overtime, the first in nine years from the date of the applicable land, territorial waters cannot be more than fourteen years in the sea.
Evidence found in a search in the field of oil and the development of the remaining duration of the Charter oil findings search and reconnaissance work required for the registration is not enough cases, you are prompted to request a program extension appropriate. To be calculated from the date of the finding; does not exceed ten years in three continents, the seeker to detect the land will give way to road until enough can be extended to a duration of Charter Directorate General. This paragraph will be made after the fourth paragraph without the extensions. A search in a search launched the time required for completion of the well licence will exceed the duration of the call is the case at the request of the owner of the oil by the Directorate General is provided an appropriate grace period.
The owner of a Business ruhsatnamesi a business ruhsatnamesi ITEM 17-exploration and production for the duration of the Charter, and the rights to sell the oil it produces. Each business is provided for a specific road ruhsatnamesi land.
Land and territorial waters in the operation of the courts in the North-South and East-West directions are translated with the correct lines. Most of this area and aspect ratio, in terms of a combination of other fields with neighborhood and must comply with the provisions of the regulation.
The person is the discovery, calling the terms of the Charter granted valid business ruhsatnamesi. There will be dealing with this issue on a reference file information and the details of the document are specified in the regulation. Left over from the Charter business search ruhsatnamesi field search will continue until the end of the duration of the ruhsatnamesi.
Add the search or business to be given a field that does not exist, operation ruhsatnamesi, the Council of Ministers with the auction. Business ruhsatnamesi a business course auction previously excluded all or part of the Council of Ministers can be removed from the auction with again. The decision of a court, be removed from the list unless the auction search for auction and operation cannot be ruhsatnamesi. Auction, Headquarters by regulation. Removal of the auction of a field, giving a maximum bid is found does not require acceptance or any bid. Principles and procedures at auction is determined by the regulation.
A business licenses, will focus on business and financial regulation taking into account investment program comes into effect from the date on which the applicant's demand is provided for thirty years. However, in the case of stop for more than two years of production license will be revoked. Business licenses the production program at the end of the period as necessary, may be extended to a maximum of the year to repair each time.
According to this law the owner of the ruhsatnamesi on demand business enterprises to be added to the oil produced by the Charter, by other means of transport to other transport pipeline and transport will be allowed.
State as article 18-Business Manager; from the effective date of the right within a year, the business area boundaries regulation, border points with işaretlemekle, changing the boundaries of the business field, after the effective date of this change in four months işaretlemekle new business field boundaries and obligated to the business field boundary points.
Operators, each license is per year per hectare for 1 YTL State as liable. This amount is charged at the rate of one-fourth of seas. These quantities are the Directorate General producer price Index (PPI) is an annual rate of increase each year is determined again in January.
Business courses are located within the same building land partly or completely operators immediately as soon as the operations merge requests. In this way, except for the remaining courses combining operators Union similar to the State in addition to the right to, defragmented oil search over land will detect the proportions and in the State as is obliged to pay.

The SECOND PART of the State Shares, surface and Water Rights State shares article 19-a seeker or operator, single reservoir is defined as production from oil produced from the field, are among the designated zone below divided by the monthly net production days according to daily production quantity is obliged to State the proportions of shares. State shares is the following proportions: Karalarda: production on the basis of production on the basis of crude oil production natural gas production (barrels a day) (M3/day) 2 85% up to 500 000 to 2 000 3 501% up to-4 85% 6 2% to 340 000 001-001-6 340% for 5 000 001-750 000 to 10 000% 8 5% to 001-8 750 001-1 500 000 10 10% for more than for more than 12% for Seas 12 1 500 0000% on the basis of production on the basis of the production course, crude oil production natural gas production (barrels a day) (M3/day) up to 20 000 up to 3 20%% 2 3 300 0000 001-50 000 to 200 000 001 6 3 300% to-8% 6 50 001-100 000 400 000 8 8 200% 8 100% 16 001-001-150 000 10 16 400% to 600 000 10 150 000 001-24% more than 12 24 600 000% for more than 12% for water depth; 0 meters and 500 meters from the production of 5% from the field, between 501-1000 meters from the production from the field between% 10, 1001 meters to 1500 meters made out of action between 1500 meters from production to more than 20% of production from the field with 30% less State shares.
Gravity is less than 16 API crude oil 50% percent less State shares.
Headquarters will be accepted by improving production methods will be achieved with additional production by 25% less than the State's shares.

As with oil search or business course that is used for Boolean operations are not the State from oil shares.
The underground oil reservoirs to be used as a warehouse, virtually without seeing the salaries are emptied and the General Directorate or underground cannot be used as a warehouse. Will the production of oil in the field is determined necessary for storage, this is not taken the State from oil shares.
The State will pay the oil manufacturer's shares, calculated on the price of Ganesh. Declarations of the relevant State and shares of accrue upon and where General Directorate of tax shall be paid in cash. The State should not be declared or declared missing and stake, based on material evidence, or ascertained a lawful measure owned differences through ikmalen State as General Manager is authorized to make and stock assessment. Minister of supply in the relevant assessment will be against the disputed part of the appeal. The Minister's decision on the parties in accordance with this decision after the notification of the amount to be charged shall be communicated to the person concerned by the General Directorate. Ikmalen-beds is more than 100% the State and shares. State as suppliers located on the calendar year and shares tahakkukun the years that followed, within 5 years from the imposition and notifications if sparse are out of date. State and declare that the shares, imposition, assessment, with the shape and style of payment time ikmalen tarhiyata other considerations are determined by the regulation.
Karalarda 50% of the shares the Government obtained the operating license of the province to open a special provincial administration is transferred to the account.
Surface and water rights article 20-Research permit, the land covered by the search or business ruhsatnamesi, malik or possessor "means or rights to oil in this terrain outside when on them or with other rights to be infringed.
An oil as owner; in the search or business or the right to use of the land needed for the oil around, there is agreement or expropriation of private property of land through land belonging to the Treasury or the Ministry of finance, the State is under the terms and savings to rent the right to use the easement or fee to pick up and was able to get the Charter shall be recorded. Based on the agreement, if it lasts more than three-year right to use private property nationalization of the land in question, you may be asked by the owner of the land owner or add oil.
The nature of public interest expropriation decision, is provided by the Directorate General on request. Transactions are made within the framework of the provisions of the Expropriation Act No. 2942. Article 27 of the same Act can be made according to the provisions of the expropriation in a hurry. The ownership of the expropriated land to the Treasury, paying the price of expropriation on using oil as it belongs to the owner. In this case, the Ministry of finance by oil as in favor of free of charge and the owner of the license duration when easement. The provisions of this article using rights obtained in the framework of exploration and operation will continue for the duration of the license as part of the Charter.
Oil as the owner, is entitled to use the land for oil operations or plants on top of it and the surrounding real estate or facilities shall compensate his loss exactly. Hereby are subject to prescription about the compensation claims in tort.
Seeker or management, or operation of the Court the right to use the land in and around within the provisions of the law to receive and comply with other conditions, including drilling in a variety of ways to search the waters water use, the amount of water needed for their own operations available on others over water rights has the right to use before.
According to the Forest Act forest counted locations and numbered 6831 national parks license and permission according to the relevant legislation in the fields to get permission and fees be paid by oil exploration and business operations can be done.

The THIRD SECTION, Leave the field for extra Leave and Extra and Facilities when Removing the removal of article 21-Oil as owner, research permission and search at least one month in advance of the Charter, the Charter business for at least three months in advance by contacting the Directorate General and, if appropriate, by the relevant public institutions with the field informed can partially or completely abandoned. The rights arising from the search or Business Charter, the reference to the part of the leave ends. But the Court left the business and financial investment for the entire program, not just the section applied. Completely abandoned the search for a ruhsatnamesi job and takes into account financial investment program and unfulfilled operational forfeited the amount corresponding to 2%. Oil as the owner of this date fulfilled the responsibilities of other obligations.
In terms of this Act into the headquarters, reference area within the framework of the restrictions put on, in addition to the search area. In this case, in addition to the existing program, you will be prompted a new minimum work program.
From the end of the right to use the oil in three months, as owner by the land ownership of any asset that was transferred to the owner of the land. The owner of the land on the land if it did not accept the transfer of any of the goods, the provisions of the fourth paragraph article 4.
The FOURTH PART of taxation, import and export with the Transfers Taxation article 22-Oil as owners, they are taxpayers paying over gross earnings taxes and income taxes on behalf of shareholders should withhold the sum cannot exceed the rate of 40%. Dar is an obligation in accordance with the provisions of this law to vergilendirilen oil exploration activities and therefore will be provided from earnings, 13/6/2006 corporate tax Law numbered 5520 dated according to article 30 of deductions at a rate of 5%. Along with this, under general provisions of oil operations in other activities connected to the oil as owners of their oil transaction activities, taxed as separate from other activities.
The main activities under this law has two or more oil process oil as owner, even if it created a partnership between separately taxable.
the corporate tax law numbered 5520 Ka is the third paragraph of article 3 (a) located in inner parentheses from the oil revenues and does not apply to g:.
Shares of oil, excluding the State as owner, corresponding to the investment to the oil operation capital comes from production to obtain their corresponding to the current exchange rate, of capital to domestic companies to be rolled back if the amount of investments according to the Tax Law until redemption the redemption share is addolunur. Act No. 6326 oil right owners in the past years have imported foreign currency but still remaining quantities from unrealized capital transfer also applies this rule.
The share of exhaustion; taking the owner's capital account is activated oil right search expenses, expenses and production drilling uneconomical in terms of fer wells is just the sum of expenses, compared to tax procedure Law provision for each NCI item 316 separate field, the Ministry of finance will be determined jointly by the Directorate General with the proportions are redeemed through. However, production of the oil field have been allocated to the portion of the cost of another purpose and ends on the date of the operation the oil with the asset that is conferred in respect of balance the oil right owner value is lowered because the share of exhaustion.
Oil as owner by capitalized goes in search, drilling fer's costs and the opening of uneconomical wells in terms of production costs, the cost of economic value other than get this with economic value and belongs to the establishment of the installation costs are to be redeemed, to be applied by way of depreciation depreciation rates reserve status is determined taking into consideration also the Ministry of finance.
Imports and exports article 23-A oil as a delegate or the owner in person or have been accepted by the Directorate General on its behalf through a developer, Turkey when building with administrative activities for oil in process equipment and of the establishment and operation of construction, except for the oil that belongs to the materials to be used in operations and the General Directorate approved ingredients, equipment, and fuel oil from land, sea, air transport means to import or domestic to receive delivery , the value added tax and special consumption tax, excluding any taxes, duties, shall be exempt from all fees. However, the Council of Ministers, qualified and capable to compare the amounts of the ingredients imported from Turkey in a list containing the names of items in this list are exempt from customs by creating imported into customs duties which are the substances and the other will be subjected to the import duties and paintings can identified and appointed. Enters into force on the date when it is published in the Official Gazette lists. However, the list is published before the date of the Directorate General granted petitions with the desired ingredients, importing list within one year from the effective date, will be exempt from import.

Oil as the Directorate General for use in oil operations of the owners if the imports of materials in relation to the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) conformity assessment shall not be required.
Recognized in accordance with the above provisions, customs and other import taxes and including pictures and all taxes, fees and images were received on the exemption, an oil of this material as owners in the process of oil for use in another oil as with the permission of the General Directorate of the owner in the event of the transfer will continue. The material in question are non-oil process activity via Turkey to be sold or was use throughout, including imported and the date of the transfer of the taxes, duties and fees received through all of the. Economic life of less than a year, excluding the consumable materials, other materials age, speed and exported through the decisions identified during asset asset.
Customs and other import taxes and are exempt from the imported material as pictures, Turkey ten years from the date of entry into the importing or fill oil as owner on the material in question from customs and other import taxes and pictures have all kinds of savings as well.
Transfers article 24-an oil as owner, the Undersecretariat of the Treasury and the Directorate General, must be paid but not yet been paid all taxes, fees, duties, payment of State rights and excluding amount required for State shares, shall audit funds based on the corresponding rights and other economic assets included in the available capital are cash or Yes, you can transfer as tax-exempt as hari.
Oil as compensation to the owners of capital can always transfer. Sermayesinin after the completion of the transfer, the transfer is within the current year net assets that can be quarterly periods can transfer at the end. Corporation tax to offset operations when clicking on the "transfer Declaration gives the verilişini Declaration.
Oil exports provide the foreign currency from oil owner store abroad. These currency amount, Turkey was imported to the capital that exceeds the net assets shall be deducted from the transfer.
The FIFTH PART Running foreign personnel and force majeure running foreign staff article 25-an oil as owner, General Directorate for foreign personnel required for the operation of the oil, with the permission of the Ministry of the Interior and the consent, 27/2/2003 and the provisions of the law on work permits of foreigners numbered 4817 regardless.
Operators, the number of foreign workers employed by Parties not being down than 25% number of Turkish citizens (civil servants) at each stage of the oil process to gain residency in a foreign country or to the General Directorate on academic and vocational institutions in appropriate proportion of Turkey and to see education and training in enterprises, by taking them, they will find the costs. In this way, education and training on them, in which case the costs of the oil field as holders of forced relocation is not connected with the service or work is commonly accepted.
Force majeure article 26-natural disasters, war, riot, strike, lock-out and the effects of the process of social events add oil oil at a rate equal to the period of time the rights and responsibilities of the owner.
The SIXTH CHAPTER Administrative Fines, Administrative Measures and Transit Pipelines Administrative fines article 27-according to this law because it does not require a heavier punishment prohibited verbs, according to the provisions of this article shall be punished with administrative fines. These penalties in relation to the previous year every year tax procedure law numbered 213 as determined in accordance with an increase in revaluation rate is applied. Month following the month in which the administrative fines collected by the end of the twentieth working day was liquidated by the Treasury to record revenues. According to this law, the implementation of the administrative fines or administrative sanctions, the other provisions of this Act shall preclude the application. According to this law the punishment and will be held in accordance with arrangements other laws do not prevent operations.
Administrative liability of legal entities in fines 6762 numbered according to article 65 of the law on Turkish Trade designation.
Administrative fines related to notification within thirty days from the date it was paid. Administrative penalties as the provisions of the law on misdemeanors, no. 5326. Confirmed and unpaid administrative fines during the relevant tax office by means of Act No. 6183 public receivables are charged in accordance with the provisions of the law.
According to this law; they engaged in research without the research permit and Charter 100 000 USD administrative fines, call ruhsatnamesi or ruhsatnamesi those who do research without outside oil operations 250 000 USD will be punished with administrative fines. Turkish Ministry of national defence science and research organizations by scientific research commissioned by declaring the Directorate General to parties the provisions of this paragraph.
General Manager, is in the process of an oil or this process is dangerous in relation to the verb is being done at 350 000 USD, oil right owner determines the Executive shall be punished with a fine and oil is halted. General Directorate for the prevention of the verb has given the dangerous, dangerous, dangerous verbs verbs cannot be prevented eliminated until it is removed, the 50 000 USD for every day administrative fines are applied and the Headquarters, cost oil as owner gets the actual preventive measures, including dangerous, damage repair and compensation. For this purpose, first, the seventh paragraph of article 4 is used as collateral is located. Is the oil right owner had used part within thirty days. If the remaining quantity, oil enough collateral as owners will be charged within 15 days. Due to the important dangerous verb and irreparable damage or loss is determined by the Directorate General of oil occurred as 500 000 USD to the owner of the administrative fines applied.
A of this Act shall be used or a General Directorate about the $ 50 000 to prevents the task of administrative fines are applied.
Laws, regulations and other kinds of information and documents requested in accordance with the legislation within a calendar year in the case of the two times it's best to complete in time, oil as owner will be punished with administrative fines of 10 000 USD. If more than two occurrences of a calendar year for each iteration 10 000 USD plus administrative fines are applied. According to this law the unreal statement in reference to 50 000 USD will be punished with administrative fines.
Administrative measures article 28-Oil as owner under this law, regulation, research, search ruhsatnamesi or business to any of the terms written in the Charter must adhere to the conditions within the period ninety days is a warning and does not follow the related oil rights fit into feshedileceği. At the end of the ninety-day period oil as owner needs additional time to comply with the terms of the provided additional time to exceed sixty days or oil as cancelled.
AR or ruhsatnamesi business owner the article 4 four, six, seven and eight, the fourth article 16, article 17 the fifth and 18th in the second paragraph of section must adhere to any of the provisions, as ninety-day period shall be given or applied directly to the termination of the enforcement.
The decision of termination is provided by the Minister upon the proposal of the General Manager. Feshine the decision, since the mining permit search or the rights arising from Charter business from the date of termination. In the given time to comply with the legislation, the necessary works to adapt to the conditions, the prevention of the sale of oil and dangerous verb cannot be made for any process.
Transit pipelines article 29-crude oil or natural gas to Turkey another country andlaşmaya absent a tevcihen international transit through or to a pipeline coming to Turkey for the establishment with the amount of time specified in article 17 of this law by the Council of Ministers is allowed. In this context, the rights and obligations related to the permissions granted with the expropriation; applicable provisions of this Act. If necessary, the implementation of this article, principles and procedures is the Ministry authorized to make decisions about.
CHAPTER SEVEN Changes some laws article 30-7/4/1926 Turkey no. 815, dated and ' Transport Navy (Cabotage) and Limanlarla Black Water Renders within the law on Commerce and 3rd San-to invite "all its marine trades after the execution of the" coming "(except for oil exploration and production activities)" with the "article 4 foreigners after rescuing ships" on the way "and oil exploration and production activities through the sea of" used in the phrase has been added.
Article 31-7/3/1954 and 6326 the second paragraph of article 18 of Act No. Oil Law "in Board President and Inspector;" item from the text.

ARTICLE 32-1/7/1964 stamp duty Act No. 488, dated and attached (2) of the table, "IV-Commercial and Civil with work Related Papers" section has been added to the following paragraph.
"36. Under the law on Turkish Oil oil oil exploration and production activities, as owners held in relation to contracts."
ARTICLE 33-6/6/2002, and 4760 numbered special consumption tax Law following the provisions of article 7 (8), bent has been added.
"8. (II) 87.04, 87.05 and list no. 8701.20, 87.09 G.T.İ.P. number of goods, the first acquisition for use in oil exploration activity exclusively, ' ' article 34-4/12/2003 and included the following additional item No. 5015 petroleum market Law." Second addendum biodiesel-Biodiesel producers, as determined in the regulation to be issued by the ENERGY MARKET REGULATORY AUTHORITY according to production quality standards, principles and determined by the regulation to make the principles a free production license and production under licence. Quality checks are made by the ENERGY MARKET REGULATORY AUTHORITY or are traversed.
Oil refineries and distributors operating in the market, purely domestic agricultural products producing biodiesel manufacturers using available biodiesel fuel at a rate of at least two percent with republish any. Blending ratios related controls made by the ENERGY MARKET REGULATORY AUTHORITY.
Biodiesel producers each year, consolidate the market for the next year, the amount of production and realization of each quarter in the year to the ENERGY MARKET REGULATORY AUTHORITY.
Biodiesel produced from domestic agricultural producers only pure biodiesel distribution and sale to make this article 7 and 8 of the law according to the principles and in the annual projection of at least thirty thousand tons of pure biodiesel sales and distribution license provided that license grant. Distribution and reseller license is determined by technical and economic conditions of EPDK.
This article is contrary to the first, second and fourth paragraphs of article 19 of this Act to operate (a) provisions, is to operate against the third paragraph of the same item (b) the provisions of this law with the provisions of the General. "
ARTICLE 35-5015 petroleum market article 2 of the law No. (5), (7) and (44) modified and item number following the following paragraphs dykes has been added.
"5) Fuel: Gasoline types, naphtha (raw material, solvent naphtha), kerosene, jet fuel, diesel fuel types, biodiesel, fuel-oil, as determined by the authority with other types of products, 7) liquid-fuel furnaces blended products: Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), denatured ethanol, biodiesel and similar fuel will be the equivalent taxable and products with, 44): a physical or chemical processing, refining or other means any products or intermediates obtained hidrokarbonu , "" 45) Biodiesel: fuel oil to be used as fuel or blended with vegetable and animal oils or vegetable and animal waste oil product derivative obtained from fatty acids methyl esters mixture on, 46) Bioethanol: combine sugar, starchy plant to Fuel with all kinds of waste and biomass cellulosic sources and are now denatured ethyl alcohol that is produced, "PART EIGHT Transitional and concluding provisions implementation of the provisions of this Act, the regulations will be about 36-principles and procedures shall be indicated in regulations to be issued by the Directorate General. Regulations from the date this law comes into force within six months.
They cited legislation repealed and ARTICLE 37-by this law;
a) 20/2/2001 and Act No. 4628 President-elect of Market of 5/A of K (b) and (f) clauses, b) 18/4/2001 natural gas market law No. 4646 and Ka is the first paragraph of article 11 (2) fourth paragraph, subsection c) excluding article 18, 7/3/1954 and Act No. 6326 Oil Blood, is repealed.
Other laws in accordance with Act No. 6326 has been deemed to have been made to this law references.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1-the date this law comes into force before calling the Charter, this with the law repealed in accordance with article 122 of the law numbered 6326 Oil acquired rights with regard to the search license without prejudice to regional or available license-wide drilling obligation are organized by this law and the guarantees with regard to the charges in question are updated. These operations within one year after the entry into force of the Act by the Directorate General is completed.
The date this law comes into force before the provisions of this law, the Charter and business search. However, before the effective date of the law taken from the seas search and operation of the Charter are to be made after the entry into force of this Act first are subject to the provisions of this Act from the date s/he.
Add oil to move their oil to the owners with this Act repealed the law numbered 6326 Oil pipeline into the operating license of document attachment.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 2-started on the date this law comes into force with the Law repealed law No. 6326 received a document from the supplier within the scope of ongoing construction projects started or until the import, export and remain in the rights of expropriation.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 3-from the date of publication of this law, new regulations and related legislation and related regulations current oil Statute until edited not contrary to this Act continue implementation of.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 4-with this law repealed article Article 116 of Act No. 6326 Oil (3) in accordance with paragraph number due to transfers made in 1995, 1996 and 1997 budget law in the financial year ", in accordance with the petroleum law Numbered 6326 Payable Found differences in oil exploration and Oil-related Activities" and "Editing" expenses of the Fund's services in 1995, in 1996 and 1997 on behalf of the person about the Exchange made payments by taking account of the debts have been waived.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 5-Attached (1) cancel positions listed in the General Staff and Style No. 190 the Decree on General Directorate of petroleum Affairs belongs to the attachment has been removed from the ruler.
Instead of these cadres issued (2) and (3) having been established in the staff list no. 190 General Staff and Style No. Decree on attachment (I) Ministry of energy and Resources, of course, the ruler and belongs to the General Directorate of State hydraulic works were added respectively to the parts.
According to the above listed under the charge of the given Inspectorate at the head of internal audit, Chief Inspector, Inspector and Inspector, from the date of publication of this Act shall be Executive Vice Presidents to a maximum of three months within the General cut all kinds of relations geniuses at corporate rejected the Ministry and General Directorate of State hydraulic works assignments.
However, in the previous illustration assignment that involved personnel from the quarterly expiry or within 15 days of the State personnel Presidency declared in a list. Staff of the State personnel Directorate 24/11/1994, article 22 of the law numbered 4046 dated two, three, four, and within the framework of the principles and guidelines specified in the fifth paragraph of other public institutions and organisations is posted in. Article 22 of the law numbered 4046 Customizing Fund be borne in accordance with the payments will be provided by the General Manager.
Enforcement ARTICLE 38-this law comes into force the date of promulgation.
The provisions of this law, the execution ITEM 39-the Council of Ministers.



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