Period: 21 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Changing An Item With The Higher Education Act This Act Added To The Temporary Items

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. YÜKSEK ÖĞRETİM KANUNUNUN BİR MADDESİNİN DEĞİŞTİRİLMESİ İLE BU KANUNA GEÇİCİ MADDELER EKLENME

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Period: 21

Warning: The Law you are viewing is considered to be accepted at the General Assembly of the TBMM. It does not contain any later delics if it exists.




Kanun # 4584


Accepted Date: 22.6.2000

MADDE 1. - dated 4.11.1981 and numbered 2547, of the Maximum Code of 2547 (b) in the lower part of the body (b).

(3) The University of Universities will be prepared with the central system (social, science, For example, a foreign language concession in their own area, such as asaðlýk

MADDE 2. - The temporary materials that are dated 4.11.1981 and of the 2547 count of the High Pay Code are added.

Temporary Article 46. -At the institutions of the higher education, from the beginning of September 12, 1980 to the end of the year 1999-2000 by the end of September 1980, 1999-2000 by the end of September 1980, 1999-2000 by the end of the year, from the other people who have made the right and the right of the rest of the world. For all the lessons that have caused disruption to the number of people who have been cut off, two are entitled to continue, two of them are given the right to be done (the other classes will be put in place by the institutions, rather than the courses that were previously thought to be in the works. They'll go in the water. It will make the most of the revenge if the others are left behind in these cynines. The following are required to comply with the applicable laws and laws to perpetuate the rights of the others.

The rights in the First Fund are to be saved, and to other clients who are leaving the schools that I will be implementing, the courses they cannot continue and the related higher education for the applications and the opportunity to continue will be continued. After completing a continuing progress in their regulations for these people, they are due to stay ahead of the law.

The maximum number of classes in the institutions of higher education, which cannot exceed a maximum of three classes Two shits and one integration are given to the others, for continuing the upper end, and for the lessons that are in the lower part of the lower left. To raise notes for non-graduate or non-graduate students due to the note average, you will be able to identify a suv.

With their organization, as they fill the period of azamerim that is projected in the Code of 2547 For those who have been cut off, the lessons they don't get are the right to continue and to continue to be one at once. These are given two additional years in addition to the normal duration of life. They benefit from those who continue their experience in the event of a period or year of loss from others who continue their experience. If they ask these other people, they'll have to go to class. There are no occasional requests for this kind of violence. They enter into final and integrate with other people.

The rights of others to enter into the names cannot be blocked for any reason. Those who are due to be in military terms within the specified period of time will be counted in isolation if they use the rights granted according to the provisions of this Law. In the next two months, the rights of those who are still serving as military service are withheld by the rights. Under observation or in the case of those held within two months following the end of their condition, they may use their rights within the framework of the provisions of this Law.

In the areas of the universities and They could not end their schools or end their schools by going to end-of-the-end concerts in the conservatory, but they did not end their schools, nor did the other people who had the right to end their schools. üzere

1997-1998 is about to start from the year of my education As he was studying at the Gülhane Military Tüp Academy, for whatever reason until the release of this Law, two months from the date of publication of this Law, except for those who have been cut (except for the incidental and disciplinary offence). And if they do, I'm going to have my Higher Education Council and the schools that will be able to read. Other people who are indent by the specified tap faculties benefit from the relevant provisions of the 2547-numbered Code of 40.

This is the release of those who want to take advantage of the above rights. from the date of the date.

Temporary Article 47. -From 1988-1989 to the end of 2000, when I was seeing my graduate student, for whatever reason, there were two reasons for the lessons that they had with their institutions, a year for graduate students, a year for graduate students. Two-year thesis preparation time is also given for the other people. Other people who have not been able to enter the foreign language by the time of the 1996-1997 deadline and have not met the foreign language until the effective date of the relevant law can be reenrolled. In order to qualify for a doctoral qualification, three people are familiar with those in the foreign language area.

The execution times of the crew members who served on the support for the following personnel are removed.

As of 1996, the graduate and PhD foreign language score was 50 (50) over 100 points and 65 (sixty) and higher than 65 (sixty) and higher than 100 points in the foreign language. Accepted and counted internationally by the Board of My Higher Education They count the number of points from other foreign language names.

Rewinners of the graduate school are rewinners, those who are investigating from the full date of this right, are among the people who are investigating. They will be reassigned. While the university is currently enrolled at a university in a university where the university is located, it is the law that has been deleted, according to the decision and instructions of the Board of Directors, after the registration of the Board of Directors. from the date of the current date to the next two months, they will continue to have their lives in their lives. The militarization of non-military deferral times from those who are to take advantage of this Code will be delayed by one more year.

1988-1989 from the year 2000 to the end of 2000; art The proficiency in the fields of competence, the faculties or the expertise in the field of expertise, whether they want to interrupt or interrupt their own needs or to disrupt their education, they are missing lab and practice lessons from the courses they are looking for and are missing. It is about two snaves, with the completion of the rotation of their rotations.

Back to Turkey for a master's degree and a doctorate in the country, whatever reason it may take to stay for the graduate and doctorate in the country, return to Turkey for whatever reason, or the number of people who have to come back for the time that they have been working or to stay abroad and who have been cut off from their duties in Turkey; two, four years of the establishment of the School of Higher Education will be set up in Turkey. tanýnýr

The above Those who want to take advantage of the rights will increase their order within two months from the effective date of this Law.

Temporary Article 48. -1989-1990, until the date of my education, the current entry of the Law, the preparation of the institutions of higher education, the prem and license-education programs, and the 2547 count of the people enrolled in any of the higher than the higher education. According to the provisions of the Higher Education Law and the Higher Education Disciplinary Discipline, the disciplinary measures against the provisions of the Disciplinary Discipline are to be removed with all of the consequences. The criminal records in the registry for these files will be filed under the files of interest.

MADDE 3. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 4. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.