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Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ, AZERBAYCAN CUMHURİYETİ VE GÜRCİSTAN ARASINDA PETROLÜN AZERBAYCAN CUMHURİ

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Kanun # 4585


Accepted Date: 22.6.2000

MADDE 1. -YoluylaThe Republic of Turkey, Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Azerbaijan and Republic of Turkey via the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Turkey via the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Main Invasion Pipeline, signed by Istanbul on November 18, 1999. "The Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Georgia on the Land of the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan and Georgia" signed on 9 May 2000 and signed in Istanbul on May 9, 2000. Turkey's Republic of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan It is appropriate to approve the Protocol of the Republic and Georgia.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.




Between the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Georgia


Over the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the Republic of Turkey,

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan via the Main Israeli PipelineYoluyla

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The Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Georgia (together with "States" or "State"),

Our own Country for foreign and domestic yachts of every State. The desire, desire, and desire to make and protect the yacht, within and/or in the Oil-tasting projects that pass through the Country, and

We are the party of the states, in terms of international trade and yachts, and the 1994 Energy The principles that are described in the United States and the need to develop and implement the energy sector in the energy sector, and

Each state, to release the oil-free principle of the oil, is the exclusive land. with respect to the protection of rights and the protection of the environment within and/or the country of the other parties, andPetrol

Oil within its own Countries and/or The sides of the projects, the sides of the projects that are moving through their country The two entities that they signed, signed, or were identified in the two-sided and multi-party states, envisament the treatment of the yacht and the treatment of the yachters without being subjected to the exclusion of the people. By taking into account the implementation of protective international law standards without monitoring, and

The oil industry will be able to sleep in their own country and/or for oil development projects that pass through their country support, and within their own Country or in the country The capital and resource commitment to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan MEP Project will create more essential attractive conditions, in accordance with the current nature of such Petroleum projects, and in accordance with the required special and necessary measures of the operation. By taking into account the importance of creating and implementing the legal framework,

The following are the following:

Article I


The following definitions are valid at the entire time

"Do not understand": This means that you are working with attachments, which may be written or fixed later by the States.

"Constitution": from time to time tadil The constitution of a State, which can be or may be corrected or revised.

"Installed": Any government or country's laws, or two or more of the country's laws, have been installed or made available, public or private, any corporation, anonymous corporation, limited company, partner, partner, partner, The firm is either entity, trist, or otherwise known as legal entity or business.

"Facilities": Subject to the construction of the Related Project Estates, and in each Country; the pipeline and branches for the construction of the Oil by Country and/or by the Country, as well as the Project Entitlers, as well as the Project Entitlers; Any underground or aboveground or underground or aboveground or underground facilities that are built, built, repaired, repaired, owned, controlled, and/or executed in order to ensure good performance of the facilities specified above. hardware, including the land specified in the relevant Project, all the filling, For staining, pumping, measuring, testing and methane facilities, transmission facilities, telemetry and similar hardware, all pik sending and receiving facilities, all pipelines and other related hardware, pumping stations to be stolen or other system needs. supplies and/or energy transmission lines and/or energy transmission lines, energy lines and other related equipment, cathodic protection equipment and hardware, all igait poles, marchers and sacrificial anots, all ports, terminals, storage and related plumbing, all scaffold and similar facilities, all related (roads and other transport facilities and facilities) including operational support) means physical presence and inclusion.

"Wild Money": The State of the Union is a state of state, from the country's State to the country, the country's cycle or the part of the country The United States, including the United States, which is not subject to public relations or boards, means that a state can be freely translated (convertibl).

"Government": means the central government of a State.

"Household Government": Pertaining to the MEP Project (including the other Project Statement) (including the opening of the MEP Project ' s Facilities and Construction System); on the one hand, the Government of a State and the Government of Project Yatters and/or Project Yatters on the other side. is each of the meanings signed between the other parties, which may be changed, corrected, or extended between the two parties.

"MEP Project": The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as the Republic of Azerbaijan's capital city, said the Islamic State and the host of the host of the Islamic State. Then, after a point to be decided, Georgia will cross the border into Tbilisi, passing through the Georgian Republic of Turkey through 42º 49 ` Dokou and 43º 18 ` Doklam, and the Republic of Turkey is near the city of Ceyhan. It was the design of the Tama System, which was designed, designed, designed, designed, and designed. obtaining, construction, installation, financing, insurance, ownership, operation (including the transfer or transfer of the Oil to the Project Entitlers or to the name of the Project) repair, tad, refresh, maintenance, capacity increase, or line extension (such as branders) and protection.

"Digit Project meanings": This is a State and/or any State Game on the one hand, signed by any of the Project Entitellings on the one hand, and all written meanings and documentation, signed by anyone on the MEP Project by any of the Project Entitlings. Fixed, arranged, or extended in accordance with the provisions of all or each of these meanings.

"Kishi": A real person or Installed.

"Oil": Regardless of the natural or natural gas (gas-to-gas hydrocarbons in the standard slime and pressure), are obtained by means of crude oil, condensat, and all kinds of steam hydrocarbon steel or evaporates, algae, or steam. The liquid oil, natural gas spins, any asphalt, tar, or place in any state, including a small amount of natural gas, including a quantity of natural gas, which is hungry for water as a sea of hydrocarbons, or in the above, all the digelitis and above. all hydrocarbon products that are liquidated or produced from the demektir

"Project Meaning": (i) this Means, (ii) Homeowner Government meanings, and (iii) means the Digit Project.

"Project Direction": Each individual who is a host to the Government (except for the relevant States whose party is the host as the Host Government), and any company, office, office, permanent office, permanent office, resident, Any successor or takeover of any of the above ground areas, including the agent or representative, and the corresponding MEP Project.

"Loaders": In relation to the MEP Project, for Oil-tasting services through the Facilities and Takarima System, or to any of the Oil-supply services, and which has the right to Oil supply through the Facilities or the Takarima System (including the Project Yatters and This means that they are both successfull and inherited.

"State Macs": Country including all central, regional and local authorities or institutions related to the MEP Project (government hierarchy, regardless of whether or not a parent is part of the legal office or controlled by a parent legal office) In every field of every level, the Government and all the installations of it are the sections and subsections of it. This is the definition of how to manage, edit, enforce, or execute, tax, levy, or execute any time or time, whether at any time or time, to manage, regulate, or execute at any time, tax, levy and other expenses. obtain or collect licenses, licenses or permits, do not show, show or use the MEP Project or the MEP Project, the right or obligations of the Project Yatters to affect or indirectly affect the right of the Project; All manner of the country's executive bodies and regulators, institutions, departments, The ministries, authorities, installs, authorities, agents, agents, agents and representatives.

"State Agency": Any form controlled by or indirectly controlled by a State or a State of State. Install.

"Taxes": All current or future taxes, fees, dreams, customs, taxes, and fines, including interest, penalties, and fines (including financial penalties and administrative penalties) that will be paid to or made by the State or State Department. Any kind of tarhiyat, deductions (including social funds and mandatory insurance contributions) are expenses, fees, fees, or similar expenses, and any of those specified in the "Tax" above will be meaningful.

"Country": It is the land country of a state, land waters, and the air above it, and it is the sea areas where the international law has used jurisdiction or jurisdiction.

"The Takuma System": (including all Facilities within the Country of each State) oil will be located near Azerbaijan's Baku city of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Republic and Georgia will be agreed later. The point is that Georgia is moving past the Tbilisi city and passing through the Georgian-Turkish Republic through the 42nd 49 ` Dokou and longitude of 43º 18 ", moving through a line near the Republic of Turkey to the Ceyhan city. international, including the markets of the States, which includes an integrated system required for For oil markets, it means the pipeline system and related facilities that are controlled, controlled and/or executed at any time in the name of the Project.

Article II


(1) The Government of each State is committed to its agreement with the signing of this statement (i) that it does not understand the state of that state in terms of internal law. His project is responsible for the legal regime and the international law. will submit to the national assembly immediately and directly for approval and/or acceptance for approval, (ii) this Statement (and specifically regarding the MEP Project from State and Country and Project Competencies in accordance with the relevant Homeowner Government) rights, guarantees, exemptions, allocations, privileges and standards, legal liability waive and compensation rights) The state's mEP Project for the MEP Project of the state is subject to tax legislation to be used for the legal regime of the state's MOP. The application of the applicable provisions of this statement under the jurisdiction of the release It will take all necessary measures to submit the legislation and procedures that may be required, including all legislation that may be required, and (iii) approve and/or confirm this statement as soon as possible, and/or acceptance and this acceptance and/or the maximum effort before or before approval.

(2) II. Item (1). Each State, Georgian Government and Project Competencies signed by each State, the Government of Georgia and the Project Stakeholders to reallocation the provisions of its section, are provided by the Government of the Republic of Turkey and Project Entitlemen. signed by the Host Government Agreement, key delivery contractor, and the Key Delivery of the Republic of Turkey, which will be signed (added to this Agreement) between the project and the Project Yatrators (which is added to this Agreement) The key delivery contractor is to pay and performance obligations under the key delivery. warranty period, full and signature forms of Government Guarantee that will be signed by the Government Guarantee and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Project Competencies (added as Annex 5) add this to this information, and thus, this documentation is a part of this statement.

(3) Government of each State; any other Project that requires approval, acceptance, and/or law. I don't know what you're talking about. Item (1). Commits to other parties in which they are described in their section.

(4) Each State is based on the basis, capital, and environment in which the MEP Project, Country, Country, or Country, is passed. By accepting the need for my arrival, this is what it is, II. Item (1). It has been approved by a State in its department, and/or since, and after that date, and after this date, and VIII. It is committed to the duty and execution of its obligations, from time to time, until the matter is set to end, and to the time it is due. Accordingly, the failure to discontinue the symptoms above, each State, uses its full legal authority to fulfill its own State Macs, using its full legal authority:

(i) This is the case and a related Project It is understood (to the extent stipulated in its provisions) that the State of the State II, in accordance with the Constitution, has an internal law, including all appropriate regulatory and regulatory action required to get the legal regime under control of the legal regime. Item (1). In addition to the approval and/or acceptance of the section, to allow the MEP Project to allow all measures to be made possible to make it possible and to implement it;

(ii) The Relevant Landlord Government and any to ensure that all support for implementation and execution of the MEP Project, as envisioned in a related Diaper Project, includes; this Means, the relevant Household Government and any relevant Diker Project. obligations (including one or more of the State's involvement in the country and/or to take all necessary measures to ensure that terrorist attacks or activities are fulfilled in the State of the State, including the people of the Vukuu), and in the country and/or in the country, as well as the facilities of the past, To maintain and maintain all appropriate and appropriate conditions for ownership and execution within the country and/or through the country, and to engage in the business with the other States;

(iii) Relevant host Except for the issues that are clearly stated in the government, Oil is in the country, To avoid or prevent or prevent the free flow of oil through the Country and/or by the Facilities and Overflow System, by passing through the country and/or by the Country, or to prevent or prevent or prevent the to take all necessary or desired measures to avoid; to make all necessary measures;

(iv) for the obtaining of relevant land rights, except as described in the Islamic Host Government, (compensation for obtaining) not to be involved in any expense and obligations including ibra register) for the MEP Project, and to ensure that the exclusive land rights are issued within the Country;

(v) The state of all approval and the state of the work to be taken to take part. To be informed of the full meaning of the states, to provide sufficient information on the right of time to the states and to immediately write to the other states about all of these business states;

(vi) for the Relevant Host Government apart from the implied aspects, especially the Facilities and Irrigation system Delays to the MEP Project, including designing, landing, ownership, execution, capacity building or line extension (such as branders) and delays in administration, regulatory or other similar operations that may adversely affect maintenance. and to take all necessary measures to avoid difficulties;

(vii) the Foreigner Money that has been involved in the MEP Project is to be smuggled into the Country and to allow the country to be unprovoked or rekinled, and to You can make it easier, and these are the people in the country where the State 's House is not going to get it' s. Use and simplify the right to use foreign money accounts and make these money according to the financial market courses;

(viii) described as described in the Relevant Host Government. Except; except for Facilities and within these Facilities and within Countries and across Countries about the free movement of goods, materials, leavables, technology and personnel, and all equipment, materials, machinery, tools, vastatas, spare parts, supplies, hydrocarbons (including incinerate) and all the necessary or appropriate goods, business, services, or services required for the MEP Project or free movement of the technology, including the right to import and export or re-export of the country (all taxes (including, without limitation, customs duties) and the right to export or export to the country. right;

(ix) disallow the MEP Project, the governments of the United States and other states, to support it as possible and not to be implemented, and the governments to be considered in accordance with international organizations and authorities, in support of the multilateral and multilateral implementation of the MEP Project. To show full unity and support in the negotiation and signing of the resigcountries; and

(x) on the request of any Project Manager, including all multi-party credit installations or export credit setups, including and without any project management. to provide full support to the financing efforts and activities of any Project Manager, including all statements, guarantees, collateral, disclosure, or written confirmation of the commitments;bulunmak

(5) Each The state is to understand and all of its obligations under the means of this decision. to comply with the internal law, with the fact that it is in accordance with the Constitution and the execution of the relevant Project Meanings (as required by the provisions of the relevant Project Meanings) of the Constitution and the internal law. It represents and warrants that the state will act as the judge's legal regime from the opening of the project.

(6) Effective and/or acceptance of this Statement, each State; that is, Chechen, unwarranted, or blocking; or State of the State or other related Project It is a representation and a guarantee that the ability to enter and implement an internal law or regulation that adversely affects and affects the ability of the application, or that it is not legally liable to implement or comply with an international understanding or counterpart, is legally liable to apply and comply with it.

(7) Each State shall represent and warrant this Statement, unless otherwise specified in the case of the Host Government Disclosure Forms, which are attached to the Section II section of the Section II (2) section: (I) the representation and warranty of the state; (II) described in the nci Section; from the opening of the MEP Project; and (II) for the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken in the Section II (1), (3) and (4) (i) Section of the MEP; All rights, privileges, exemptions, waivers, waivers or waivers issued by the relevant Host Government to which the project is applied to, by or against the Section of the Ni Section (2), in which the implementation of its project is subject to the Section 2 (2) of the NCI. an internal law that either process, remove or negatively affect the tekaffüls or bodyguards or edit, or represents and warrants that it is not a party to the international understanding and its counterpart, and is legally obligated to comply with and comply with it.

(8) Each State; (I) is the general public of the MEP Project; or was not involved in the provision of public services to meet common needs; (II) the MEPProject was not intended to be pushed and obliged to serve the public interest or interest within the country; and (III) this is no Project Leap or a complete concession promise or a They represent and warrant that the concession is not intended as a special administration statement, or that they will not be subject to action.

(9) The provisions of this Statement are each State; without approval or consent of each party, The acceptance of the relevant Project Competencies may not prevent, prevent, or hinder the right to enter and/or edit, revise, revise, extend or end the Project. etkilemez

Article III


(1) Each State; if the MEP Project is deemed necessary by the Project Entitlemons, and is deemed necessary, the building of the Facilities before the installation and operation of the MEP is in this line and parts of the country, including and extending subsequent capacity increases and extension (such as the Branders), mines or landings for the Facilities within the Country, or unexploded ordnance, unexploded ordnance and It will search for explosive devices, traps, or assemblies, and will detonate and/or remove them.

(2) Each State has all the personnel, Facilities, and Project Yachts for the MEP Project within its Country, all within the country All personnel, Facilities, and Project Entitlers within the country of the MEP Project will ensure the safety and safety of all oil and the safety of all oil that has been passed by the MEP Project, and each State has been given the symptoms. All of the other countries within the Country in relation to the project, as well as the MEP Project To ensure the security and safety of all oil passing through his country, he will use the security forces of that State and/or provide the security personnel and services that may be necessary to fulfill this obligation. The obligation under the Nci Section of the Third Article (2) of Georgia will be described in the relevant Household Government.

(3) Each State, respective Host Government Statement and/or other Project All personnel who wish to have access to, or otherwise, subject to applicable accounting, customs, criminal laws and other relevant laws (i), subject to their understanding of the terms of the deal, and the relevant laws, subject to the applicable laws, customs, criminal laws and other related laws, Construction companies, contractors, contractors, agents, representatives or other He would go into the Country and the Facilities and the Land and the Facilities, and (ii) allow such Kirians to move freely within the Country of all the assets of them and those of those who are involved in the MEP Project. verecektir

Article IV


Every State is looking at the standards and exercises stipulate in internal law, the current international industry in the oil pipeline industry. standard and exercise (in no case is the European Union member states overall) Less than what is implemented) and the requirements stipulate in the relevant Host Government, the construction, execution, repair, renewal, capacity increase, or line extension (such as branders) and maintenance; yecnesak identify technical, safety and environmental standards, and work with other parties and related project yachts in the current location and compliance.

Article V


(1) Special to the Relevant Landlord Government any of the Project Entitlers complete or a complete or a part of the MEP Project; no Project, MEP Project, Facilities, or Overflow System (MEP), Facilities, Technology or Services, complete or a part of the MEP project without attributing the terms of the terms of the specified considerations and the or any Oil or MEP Project activities or any other or indirect taxes caused by or related to any of the Oil or MEP Project activities or related assets through the MEP Project activities. Each Host Government has no tax, exemption, convenience and/or obligations, including any special provision, and/or tax breaks or convenience, tax payment and disclosure obligations, including any special provision and/or obligations. It will determine the legal framework of whether or not to be granted exemption.

(2) A calendar year after the MEP Project has been put in tax on the profit of the Project Yatrr. if, in the case, the tax will be in the Country this calendar year It will be left with the profits that can be attributed to the project. Regulations of such taxes will be made in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Host Government in accordance with the provisions of this statement. In the calculation of such taxes, the revenues that can be attributed to (i) all the activities covered by the relevant taxation system are from the MEP Project by the total amount of such revenues to be declared in a calendar year to the States. The actual total revenue, which is achieved in the year of the actual total revenue, will be divided into the States according to any reasonable portion of the project that is selected by the Project Yatronism. And (ii) any expense or expense related to the whole of the related Disclosure System is declared in a calendar year to each State based on any reasonable portion of the Project that is selected by the Project Direction. The total amount of all expenses and expenses for the MEP Project, which will be fixed in this calendar year for the MEP Project, will result in the amount of expenses and expenses that will be kept. The method of pruning to be selected by a Project Yacht Party will be either downloaded or downloaded to the proportional length of the Overflow System, which is included within each state of the State; the system of the Overflow System within each of the State's left. will be calculated by the proportional amount of capital expenditures or estimated capital expenditures, or as a result of a common method in accordance with the generally accepted practices in the international Petroleum industry. Such taxes are available from the MEP Project, which can be attributed to each Stakeholder Taxation, and the MEP Project, regardless of where it is done, or indirectly, to the discount of expenses and expenditures. will be able to take advantage of the discount (depreciation, expense writing). V. Matter (2). The expense and expenses in the section will also cover capital expenditures.

(3) See above provisions, except as described in the case of the Relevant Landlord Government, and the opening specified there. Any or all of the Project Entitler (s), any or all of the Project Entitler, all or a part of the MEP Project (credit, financing, insurance, or other) (credit, financing, insurance, or other) of the Project Entitler, any or all of the Project Entitler's, including financial expenses, and without limitation), Kishiis or no Tax or taxes, whether they are paid or indirectly associated with payments or payments made by those above or related to the settlement, the MEP Project, or its related assets or activities. will not be made.

(4) V. Madden (1). The first sentence of its section and (3). The section is complete, but the relevant host will apply to the MEP Project if the Government has provisions relating to the Taxes.

Article VI


(1) States, this It provides a commission of two (2) representatives from each State to help facilitate the understanding and ease of implementation of this statement. Every State, for this commission, has been authorized to act on behalf of this State for all matters brought in front of the Commission in accordance with the MEPProject, and that it is authorized to act on behalf of the state. will notify the other Parties as written in thirty (30) days. Each State will notify the Project Assignments as written in a similar way to the commission set up for the MEP Project within thirty (30) days after the signing of a Home Government Government. Each State may be able to say its representative (s) with the record of being valid from the date of the notification of a written notice to the other States and Project Entitler.

(2) The commission specified here, each State or Project It will be collected upon the written request of the yachting and the need for immediate and effective benefit to the realisation of the MEP Project and the good will of the issues, issues, problems or conflicts of the MEP. all related to the analysis, implementation, or execution of this comment to discuss the topics with the United States and Project Entitlemurs.

(3) In addition to the other topics that may be viewed from time to time, the commission provides the information on the MEP Project credit:

(i) MEP Project invention; Facilities, Facilities between and across Countries and between the goods, materials, hardware, technology and personnel in particular periodical or mutierally Including a number of international issues, including a number of international issues. Matter (3). Circulation in accordance with its section; and

(ii) used in accordance with the current legislation of the Relevant State, per Country by Project Entitlements; use of general radio and communications frequencies; route In the countries of the States, in order to facilitate the orderly and effective implementation of the development, facility, execution, capacity, line extension (such as branders), the maintenance and development of the maintenance system, and in the States of the States, it is. To fly across the Facilities and the Takuma System by passing through countries and between Air repairs execution by Project Entitlers.

Article VII


(1) Each State will receive and review the surpluses of this section, and II. Matter (2). It represents and warrants that it is acceptable for the implementation of the MEP Project upon the signing of the Project meanings set forth in its section, and fulfill all obligations and commitments made in these meanings, and Devlet

(2) Each State, its Transaction System, will belong to all of the Oil's property, Project Entitleres, and/or any of its business contractors; and any State or State of the State. Except for the status of the office as a commercialized contribution to the MEPProject of the It acknowledges and agrees that the state will not claim any ownership or rights on any Oil contained in the Overflow System, and that it will not allow its own name to make any such claims.

(3) Each State (i) the rights, entitlements, exemptions, waivers, waivers and privileges and obligations, commitment and liability as specified in the date of date of effective date of this statement, and the rights and responsibilities of this and other related projects, and In this law, the government will be able to see that the government will be able to see the law in its current law. agree that it may not be predicted or may not be present, or that this state may require the return of disability or exemption in its current law, and (ii) the actualization and operation of the MEP Project within the framework of the related Project To facilitate, to ensure that the law supports and adapts all such provisions and regulations, and that the provisions and provisions are superior to the laws of the people and the people of this company, by the way of each State.

(4) Each State; a State Whether or not oil is involved in the Oil Facilities or the Overflow System, a state is not involved in action or action that prevents or prevents the MEP Project from blocking or preventing or preventing it. Or, if such action is done or allowed to interfere with or allow such an event, this state will address the threat that is happening in this way and remove all mani or obstructions and become the most involved in all MEP Project activities. consider democratic, economic and commercialized principles in order to repress them in time. It represents all legal and reasonable efforts by getting it.

(5) Each State has its mandate to state all of its legal and reasonable efforts under the means of doing so; when a State of the Project has been warned, all of its create or reject their obligations promptly or reject any of the Project Entitlers affected by it, or a violation of the relevant Project (s) that are affected by it, and this The interest in which the people are identified in the (in this case) to be eligible for any existing compensation, including without limitation, sufficient and effective compensation for any existing compensation, including but not limited to, the return and acceptance.

Article VIII


(1) This is the latest approval documentation for the parties. It will be effective in submission to the deposit specified in the matter and only II. Item (1). This statement will be effective from the date of signing of this statement. With this effect, all tax-related issues will also be effective at the same time. This will end with termination or termination of all Project Estates and termination of all activities according to the provisions of these meanings.

(2) States; the implementation or interpretation of this Statement They don't sleep, this is the way it is. They will be trying to resolve it through commission or diplomatic channels that are established according to its substance. If a State is looking at the state of its own discretion or the state of diplomatic efforts carried out by the commissions or similar bodies established by this statement, it is the State, if it is not resolved. For a resolution on a written notice to the state (s), for the solution, and for a solution, VIII. will be able to take to the special referee (Ad hoc), which is installed in the matter alert. This special (Ad hoc) arbitrator delegation is 27 (3), which includes provisions for the resolution of the Energy Bank of 1994, the resolution of the inestable. It will be installed and stolen by the implementation of the provisions of the provisions of the clause, and will be played.

(3) Each State (at this time) is a State with a State of the MEP Project under a relevant Project Statement Agree, agree, and agree to the special internationalis.o



The Government of the Republic of Turkey will act as a depositor of this statement and After signing by the States, it will take the original image of the President. This State will immediately deposit and depositor deposit a consent document, to the states immediately following this statement, which will immediately deposit and depositor the deposit of this State by a State of the State. to the server. The deposit will notify each of the States of the effective date of entry after the most recent confirmation of the consent documents. Once the agreement is effective, each State shall prepare an approved translation of the signed statement in its own official language, and this translation will be deposited in the deposit box. Each State shall have a survey of the Home Owner Government, or a survey of the Digits of Digits, and the confirmation of such an understanding and a certified translation of its language in its own language. Whether or not a State or its State Department is a party to existing projects, or both regulations and/or new projects, the State of the State or a new Project does not understand the current project. will deposit an approved survey and an approved translation of such an understanding and an approved translation of it in its official language.

Article X


This is a sign of from the date of the date, if all the States who are party to this point are shown in the rout; In the event of signing the appropriate documentation for the state between the states, a government has to contribute to the state of the state, which means that all obligations in this situation will exist in the entire States. No factor state can be put into this information without any traction without the entire state of the entity.

Article XI


This is the extent to which he/she/she is willing to, All previous protocols, meanings, or anidities between the United States through the overflow system are invalid and eliminated.

18 November 1999, Istanbul in the Republic of Turkey four (4) is Mutabank and Aktedilmiştir in the original form of the original.

Republic of Turkey Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan Georgia


(Israel) (Israel)

Republic of Azerbaijan and GeorgiaTopraklarý

About Oil Taurus

The Republic of Turkey, Azerbaijan Republic and GeorgiaArasýndaki


, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan and the Georgian Search


The Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Georgia (together with the "State" or the individual "State");

The Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Georgia ("The Government of the Republic of Turkey") on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Georgia. ")Anlaþma

Interchange in the desire to be selected. the following:

Article I


All of the definitions used in the Government are also applicable to the terms used in this Protocol.

Article II


(I) The signing of the U-1, which is an Ek-1, has been signed with the Government of Georgia and is attached to this Protocol as a Layiha A, Project with the Government of Georgia which is redesignated and determined again It is completely unrelated to the State of the Past, and has been completely unrelated to the State of the World. Lariha A (i) will replace Annex 1 and (ii) will be Annex 1 of the Government to which they are understood to be Government.

(2) Project Entitlers with the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is the E-5, of which the Government is The signing of the State of the Past-Land Agreement, which was attached to the Protocol as a Layiha B, was completely unrelated to the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which has been redesignated and again stated. It ' s been disinvicied. Llaiha B will replace (i) Appendix 5 and (ii) there will be Appendix 5 of the Government to understand each maintenance of any such terms.

Article III


Each State Government, this Protocol, and It is in the interest of the governments of the Government to make sure that it is in the interests of the States to be in the interests of the States, and that it is in the process of telling the Government, including the foresight in Article II, November (1). Protocols and Layerios will take effect in accordance with the Government They will make the necessary actions that are required to enter and sentence, and are committed to every State diced by their government.

Four (4) are in original and English language. As of 2000, the 9th of the month 2000 was made in Istanbul.


(Israel) (Israel) (Israel)


* The Republic of Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Georgia on the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Turkey via the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Main Invasion Pipeline, via the Countries of the Republic of Azerbaijan Attachments

Attachment 1: Government Government Call for Georgia (MEP)Arasýnda

Attachment 2: Household Government Call for Government of the Republic of Turkey (MEP People)

Additional 3: (MEP People) with Key Delivery ContractorArasýnda

Annex A: System Description and Project February

Additional B: Project Payment Program

Additional C: MEP Claims Control Claims

Annex D: Balance-Ceyhan Raw Oil Pipeline Project

Annex 4: Republic of Turkey Undersecretary of Treasury WarrantyBelgesi

Additional 5: The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Republic of Turkey on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, Azerbaijan Republic and the Republic of Turkey on the Land of the Republic of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkey Republic of Turkey, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan, and Georgia Protocol Attachments

Annex 1: Government of Georgia (MEP) Arap Government Statement

Additional 5: Government of Azerbaijan Government (MEP) Call Home GovernmentAnlaþmasý