The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Petroleum Market Law Amendment Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. PETROL PİYASASI KANUNUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASINA DAİR KANUN

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Kanun No. 5576


Acceptable Date: 25/1/2007      


 MADDE 1- 4/12/2003 and The number (21) in which the 5015 was to come after the number 2 (20) of the Petroleum Market Act was added to the current (41) number (41) after the present (40), and the current enteses were added to the current (41). It is not possible.

" 21) Oil;

a) stream without national marker at the specified level,

b) Undocumented access to free navigation in Turkey or mentaei oil and petroleum products,

c) solvent solvent, mine, and other without permission from the establishment; based on the fuel derived from the base-based, asphalt, solvent nafta and similar oil products, or the fuel that is used to return to the stream, the remaining solvent, mining and base lies, asphalt, solvent nafta and similar oil. products,

d) on 10/7/2003 and 4926 Trafficking Against Trafficking by illegal oil and oil products,

e) with hydrocarbons in the water or gas, the hydrocarbon derivative the oil and oil products from the pipelines (including any production, transmission and transmission lines), or from the warehouses or wells, from the shipping lines to the pipelines or the wells. "

" 41) Technical regulation: Oil and mining, related administrative provisions. including one or more of its standards, metrics, features, processing and production methods, such as terminology, symbol, packaging, processing, labeling and compliance devaluation of the products, including and compliance with the standards, metrics, features, and implementation of their standards, including: require any arrangement that is required, "

MADDE 2- 5015 In order to arrive after the fifth receipt of the Market Law, it has been added to the current product.

" The licensed licensors are eligible for use by the Enterprise It establishes and implements a control system, which includes the technological methods that prevent the construction of illegal oil on its dealers. "

MADDE 3- 5015 Items in the Market Code are added.

" Detection and liquidation of oil oil

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 3-Oil of oil; supply of this Law. whether to sell, sell, knowingly sell, move, or hide, selling or storing this feature for the purpose of merchantfully.

Fugitive oil is immediately seized, and the oil is immediately seized. The amount of provincial special administration in which it is captured is delivered to a tutanate that shows its gender and its properties.

The liquidation decision on illegal oil is dominant in the question phase. from the side of the server. This decision is given in the fifteen days from the date that the illegal oil is confiscated, and in cases where it is possible to remove the sample, if it is not possible, to make necessary determinations.

Institution of samples and guidelines for samples to be smuggled out of oil It is regulated by the regulation that will be issued by the government. The detection of illegal oil compliance with technical regulations is done by the accredited laboratories designated by the Institution. The examination and analysis expenses of the samples sent in this frame are provided to the Institution. The laboratories have been able to process the work and the analysis of these things first and foremost.

This law by the provincial private administration on the liquidation of poaching oil It is based on its provisions.

Those who comply with technical regulations from bootleggable oil, by the relevant provincial special administration for the specified number of principles and principles, the determination of the compliance of the technical regulations in the latest month from the date of the detection of technical regulations is being liquidated or done by the appropriate provincial special administration. Illegal oil, which cannot be sold in a month, is liquidated by selling it to a market-free oil company.

Illegal oil-to-technical, non-installers, In the latest month after the date of the detection of technical regulations, the provincial special administration has been transferred to the General Directorate of Rotating Capital Concerns to be sold and will be transferred to the liquidation of the country. General Manager of Revolving Capital Outings After the cost of selling it from the side, the balance is transferred to the relevant provincial private administration.

By the relevant provincial private administration, obtained from the sale of poaching oil After income, taxes on poaching, taxes on the related tax office, the remaining money will be taken into an escrow account that will be opened in the bank.

The liquidate of the illegal oil is not regulated in this material, and The principles are regulated by the Ministry of Finance and the Council of Customs and the regulations to be held in the Institution.

The ruling is in favour of owners of the liquidated oil The amount remaining after the taxes are disbursed from the total number of hours will be paid to the rightful owner, including the interest calculated in the legal default interest rate for the period from the date of sale to the date of date. If the amount found in the escrow account is not to be paid to the rightful owner, the difference is made from the Finance Minister to the general budget. The amount in the escrow account is available as revenue to the general budget after the conviction of illegal oil, or the commitment of the decision of the per-perator.

Convicted of illegal oil, ruling or tolerable The interruptions are made public by the Install, if any, licenses are revoked, and no license is relicensed under this Law in any way.

No return provisions are applied under this clause.

For illegal oil, not in this Law, 4926 The provisions of the Anti-Conflict Law are enforced.

In the scope of this article or the fight against illegal oil; General Manager of the Liquidators of Liquidation Capital Efforts, in terms of all kinds of goods, tools and services that will be made by provincial special administration, dated 4/1/2002 and the Public Ale Act of 4734; dated 8/9/1983, dated 8/9/1983 and numbered 2886. The provisions of the State Shale Law are not applied.


SUPPLEMENTAL ITEM 4-If oil is captured, denuds and The public officials who capture it are paid a bonus, according to the guidelines and principles:

a) In case of an arrest of illegal oil as a result of a tip-off; fugitive After the sale of the oil, the percentage of the total income included in the taxes, which is the percentage of the proceeds, is paid to the public officials who have been personally and de facto involved in the act of catching illegal oil in the amount of it. He is on the run for ten per cent of the total income, including taxes from selling oil, which includes taxes on illegal oil, or in a month following the commitment of the convicts ' decision to be finalised. An additional bonus is paid to the public officials who have been personally and de facto involved in the act of capturing the oil.

b) If the illegal oil is captured without a tip; the fugitive After selling the oil, the percentage of the total income included in the taxes is paid to the public officials who have been personally and de facto involved in the act of catching the oil on the poaching. In the month following the commitment of the convicted oil conviction or pervility of the fugitive oil, the proceeds of the illegal oil and taxes, including taxes, were personally and personally involved in the capture of the illegal oil. An additional bonus is paid to the de facto public servants.

c) If the captured oil is not owned by the oil; it is covered by The bonuses that are paid to those who denounce and to the public officials who are caught are paid by fifty per cent.

), the relevant provincial special administration to pay for the bonus of this item First of all, the escrow account is made up of the escrow account, and if the deposit is not satisfied with the bonus payments, the difference is immediately transferred to the provincial private administration of the Ministry of Finance.

d) Decision to convict or be available for the death of oil In a month following the commitment of the outage, revenue from the Ministry of Finance will be paid in order to register revenue for the provincial private administration budget of up to 20 per cent of the sale of the poaching oil.

The bonuses payable by this item are tax, levy and other than the stamp tax It's a real deal.

The rights of those who do not have the permissions or the nature of the information It cannot be opened as a crime has occurred in its rights.

Pay bonuses to be included in this article. The principles of the implementation of this matter with the principles are determined by the Ministry of Finance, with a regulation that will be played out by the Ministry of Business.

Fugitive oil-related criminal provisions

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 5-The market for selling, selling, and selling oil The person who knowingly sold, knowingly sold or withheld property, was sentenced to imprisonment for up to five years and up to twenty thousand days of criminal punishment. Crime tools and equipment used in contraband and trafficking are also dominated by the perp.

The national marker, which produces, sells, sells, unauthorized The person who bought, accepted, knowingly transferred, or found this particular property, was sentenced to imprisonment for up to five years and up to twenty thousand days of criminal penalties. Even if it does not address the chemical properties of the national marker, it is also applied to the chemical thermals produced in order to be used instead of this material.

is in a state that does not require greater punishor; For those who move to the first part of the additional 3rd Article, the liquidated oil will be fined separately for three times the cost of selling the liquidated oil, including taxes, " the agency said.

MADDE 4- 5015 The ad-hoc clause in the Market Law is added.

" Regulations and regulations do not take effect

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4-Additional 3 and additional 4 regulations and regulations will be held within two months from the date of publication of this Law. "

MADDE 5- This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.

MADDE 6- The provisions of this Law The Council of Ministers executes.