Period: 21 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Organization And Duties Of The Secretariat General Of The European Union Law ( "dated 14.7.1965

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. AVRUPA BİRLİĞİ GENEL SEKRETERLİĞİ TEŞKİLÂT VE GÖREVLERİ HAKKINDA KANUN (“14.7.1965 Tarihli

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Law No. 4587 Acceptance date: 27.6.2000
Article 1 - The purpose of this Act; to allow Turkey into the European Union in the framework of preparing for membership of public institutions and internal coordination and harmonization in doing their preparation and operation of the establishment plan and be directed and carried out in accordance with the program, the General Secretariat of the establishment of the European Union of the Prime Minister and procedures relating to the General Secretariat of the organization and duties principles to regulate. The tasks of the European Union General Secretariat
Article 2 - The European Union General Secretariat; Turkey is carrying out the following tasks in the framework of all external contacts and negotiations, including the European Union accession process on the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted external relations and accession negotiations.
a) Public institutions and organizations in the internal integration work will be carried out in accordance with plans and programs to ensure coordination.
b) shall be established in order to prepare Turkey for EU membership of boards and committees to carry out their secretarial services, and those founded and directs the implementation of decisions taken by the committees.
c) the government and do the necessary research and studies in line with the decisions of the boards and committees will be formed.
d) The contract with the issues within its purview or actual domestic research and legal persons abroad, to make studies and translation work.
e) regulations regarding the services to be obliged Instead, circulars and other regulatory procedures to do by the Prime Minister.
Article 3 - The European Union General Secretariat, one attached to the Secretariat General Internal Coordination and Harmonization Committee on Personnel, Administrative and Financial Affairs Department consists of seven departments, including the Presidency. Their names and duties are determined by a regulation issued by the Prime Minister. European Union Secretary General is appointed ambassador-level officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in. Secretary General of Turkey in accordance with the purpose of establishment of the General Secretariat in the preparation of the European Union is tasked with ensuring internal coordination and cooperation necessary.
General Secretary of the European Union; Interior chairs the Coordination and Compliance Committee to ensure that the performance of the duties of the Committee shall take measures to effectively where it deems appropriate and necessary to convene the meetings of the Committee.
Public institutions will be carried out with the cooperation and harmonization, to assist the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, State Planning Organization, Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade Undersecretariat, including the four deputy secretary-general is appointed.
conducting studies for the purpose of compliance with European Union legislation, from a regulation consists of representatives of institutions and organizations to be issued will be determined by the Prime Minister of Internal Coordination and Harmonization Committee will be created. In the framework of the agenda of the committee meeting attended by representatives of institutions and organizations which are determined by the Secretary General. The working principles and procedures of the Committee level which will participate in the meeting of the committee members is determined by regulation. Committee meetings, participate in the call made by the representatives of institutions and organizations.
The duties of the Internal Coordination and Harmonization Committee:
a) the European Union within the framework of the duties of public bodies and institutions to monitor all activities related to the harmonization of the legislation, evaluate and ensure the necessary coordination.
b) public institutions and organizations, to examine the recommendations into their subject areas related to the task of harmonization with the EU legislation and to evaluate, to present to the relevant committees and organizations as needed.
c) the private sector, trade unions, civil society organizations and academia to examine the proposal regarding harmonization with the EU legislation and to evaluate, to present to the relevant committees and organizations as needed.
d) identify priorities for the legislative changes necessary to comply with the European Union, and to direct the work.
e) prepare proposals for legislative changes to provide the relevant boards and committees.
Personnel regime

Article 4 - European Union General Secretariat staff, 657 are subject to the Law on Civil Servants. European Union experts and assistants and about 367 dated 04/14/1989 Decree Law No. 4 of Article shall apply. European Union General Secretariat of the staff interpreters assigned to the staff of 657 personnel, provided money to be shown on Civil Servants Act and other laws operated on a contractual basis without regard to the provisions on contract staff. Thus those employed, charged with operating procedures and principles and other financial rights are determined by the Council of Ministers. TC staff to be employed on a contractual basis with the Pension Fund requests.
in terms of the assignment; European Union Secretary General of the ministry undersecretaries, assistant secretary general of the ministry deputy undersecretary of the European Union, the European Union General Secretariat is subject to the provisions applicable to heads of departments of the ministry department heads. other staff of the institution appointed by the Secretary General of the European Union. General and annexed budget, they linked revolving bodies, established by law funds, municipalities and special provincial administrations, more than half of the capital of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprise and state-owned companies and their subsidiaries and related areas of the European Union in the institutions working or have worked ones; With the consent of the institution, pension, allowances and other financial and social rights and raise all kinds of compensation and benefits paid by the institutions of the European Union provided that the General Secretariat appointed temporarily. This staff is considered paid leave from their institutions. It continues the personal rights of the parties related to the civil service as long as they are allowed. University lecturers according to Article 38 of the Higher Education Act 2547, appointed the European Union General Secretariat.
With this law, the European Union, the European Union enough to ensure the execution of the functions assigned to the General Secretariat of specialists and expert help is employed.
for appointment as assistant expert of the European Union of Civil Servants Law No. 657, in addition to the general requirements listed in Article 48;
a) University of minimum four-year education in law, political science, economics and administrative sciences, economics, business and engineering schools with mathematics and statistics department faculty and whose equivalence is approved by the Board of Higher Education have graduated from foreign schools,
b) Things to succeed in the competitive examination
c) the year of the examination January, be under 35 years of age on the first day,
d) English, fluent in either French or German,
The minimum requirements.
European Union experts who have been appointed as deputy to work with at least three years and obtained an affirmative record to be opened, are eligible to join the European Union expertise proficiency exam. Those who pass the exam will receive the title of European Union experts.
Demonstrated success in proficiency exam twice, the Ministry of Finance and the State Personnel Presidency of the Prime Minister on the views of staff are assigned to empty titled officers in other public institutions.
European Union experts and professionals how to do their work of helping proficiency exam rules and procedures, a regulation.
Article 5 - Attached (I) have been created for staff in the General Staff and Procedure No. 190 on the list no attachment to the Decree (I) was added to the schedule of the European Union as part of the General Secretariat. Article 6 - the Civil Servants Law No. 657 dated 14.7.1965; a) Annex (I) of Annex Table Indicators of "I-General Administrative Services Class" section; 1 (b) of the "undersecretaries" to come before the words "European Union Secretary-General" shall,
2 (d), the "Deputy Secretary and General Managers" to come after the phrase "Deputy Secretary General of the European Union are",
b) Annex (II) of Annex Table Indicators "2- Judicial Institutions, Affiliated and Related Institutions of Higher Education Institutions in the" section "of the European Union General Secretariat of the Department" shall,
c) Annex (IV) of Executive Compensation Table;
1. Article 2 as the "European Union Secretary-General" shall,

2. Article 5 as of paragraph (c) the "Prime Ministry and the Undersecretariat and Flat Head (Main and Auxiliary Services Unit)" to come before the words "European Union General Secretariat of the Department are",
It added.
Provisional Article 1 - including one-time; public institutions on the date when this law enters into force, and organizations in the European Union area have worked for at least three years, that the quality of entering the European Union experts assistant competitive examination having and 41 years of age have not day to apply within six months from the date of entry into force of this Act and competence to be opened the condition to be successful in the examination, taking into account the sort of success are appointed as experts of the European Union. Provisional Article 2 - in force the laws and based on them with decrees adopted in legislation and No. 190 Decree Law on the AnlArIndA title staff located in the Decree attached table "European Community" to "European Union" as amended.
Article 7 - This Act shall enter into force on the date of publication. Executive
Article 8 - This Act shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.
STAFF BE SUITABLE for the introduction of any
Free Held Transfers Class Title Rating Number of Number of Total GPP Secretary-General 1 1 - 1 GPP Deputy Secretary General 1 4 - 4 GPP Head 1 6 - 6 GPP Personnel, Administrative and Financial Affairs Department Director 1 1 - 1 GPP European Union Expert 1 3 - 3 GPP Counsel 1 2 - 2 GPP European Union Expert 2 3 - 3 GPP Counsel 2 1 - 1 GPP European Union Experts 3 3 - 3 GPP European Union Specialist 4 2 - 2 GPP European Union Expert 5 4 - 4 GPP Interpretation 5 1 - 1 GPP European Union Expert 6 5-5 GPP Interpretation 6 1 - 1 GPP European Union Assistant 8 12 - 12 GPP Computer Operator 8 5-5 GPP European Union Assistant 9 10 - 10 GPP Secretary-9 3 - 3 GPP driver 9 5-5 guard YHS 10 2 - 2 YHS servant 10 2 - 2 Total: 76