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Period: 21

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Kanun No. 4592     


Accepted Date: 26.10.2000      



MADE 1. -"Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan" signed on 5.5.1997 in Ankara, is appropriate.

MADDE 2. -  will take effect on the release date of this Law.

MADDE 3. -  The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.














The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which will be called "Parties", will be referred to as " to develop their maritime activities within the framework of the principles and benefits of developing and to contribute to the development of the international maritime community.



The purpose of this statement;

-Development of maritime relations between the parties,

-How to ensure optimal coordination and increased sea trust in the subject of security,

-Using existing ship, repair, and repair facilities on the sides,

-Development and development of trade and economic relations between the Parties as a whole,

-The supply of naval ships, technical equipment and equipment for the reconstruction and modernisation of existing ports in Azerbaijan It will also include the education of service personnel for the Azerbaijan Maritime Service.



In accordance with the purposes of this statement,

1.  The term "ship of a side" refers to any crew that is registered with the ship's file and that Licensee's flag is subject to the appropriate action. However, the term has been used for war ships, other military ships, hydrographic, oscinographic and scientific research vessels, sisterships, and commercial vessels, ships in the port services, especially for guidance, trailers and harbors. It does not cover commercial vessels that are caused by road-breaking, rescue, and dangerous ships with ships that are operating in the sea.

2.  The term "crew", in accordance with international commitments that can be implemented by both sides, is the ship's captain, ship, registered to the crew's list of crew members on board, during the course of the expedition, during the course of the ship's mission. It refers to zabits, typhoons, and other people who are employed.

3.  The term "passengers" means the person who is included in the passenger list and who is not involved in the ship with the purpose of service or service, and who is not involved in the work.

4.  The term "Shipping Müesseyeri" covers the shipping company, its community, or owners of the shipping office, the place of place of place in the country of one of the parties, with the exception of the exception of the representatives of the ship owners listed on the national ship registry.

5.  The term "Limans" will mean places that are officially permitted for ship services, and are open to international maritime.

6.  "Authority (s)" term,

-Government of the Republic of Turkey; "Undersecretary of Maritime Maritime Affairs",

-refers to the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "Caspian Deniz Shiroctivii".


UygulamaApplication Space

1.  This Is The One, Two. 1. The provisions of the paragraph are applied in all of the maritime activities in the country of the Republic of Turkey and in the country of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2.  However, the provisions of this statement are aimed at the implementation of the activities and the activities of each of us in accordance with the current law, charter and regulations, as well as for the activities of the country's own flag and port. services, trailers, guidance, recovery, and assistance at sea are not applied to the baltic activities of the parties.



Provisions for Application

The parties consent to the principle of freedom of freedom in the maritime trade. The sides remain mutable to prevent the development of maritime activities between their countries, and to make a business of maritime activities that arise from these activities.



Ports Treatment

1.  Each of us has, in its own ports, accepted to the port, freely entered into the port, and also on the ships of the company, which is the same as the navigation of the ship's ships, which are used for the use of port facilities. Ships, crew, passengers and loads of trade are also sold to other side ships for the treatment of ships, crew, passengers and loads. This provision is intended for the allocation of places, especially in the convenience of loading and loading.

2.  The parties, within the framework of their own legislation, regulations and regulations, required the ships to reduce waiting times in ports and to simplify the administrative, customs and other conditions of the ports that are in effect in the port of the anus. They will take the measures.

3.  The provisions of this item do not apply to the shipping of ships, the ports of the third countries, and the shipping of the third countries.



Ships and Ship Documentation of Ships

1.  Each party shall be held in accordance with its laws and statutes by the competent authorities, and shall have the discretion of the ships specified in the documents found on the other ships of the other.

2.  The ship's documents, or ship documents, issued by the competent authorities of one of the parties for their own flag, will also be identified by the other parties.

3.  The ships of each of the parties with the tonnage documents arranged by the Tonajlari Measuring International Agreement or the current legislation will be exempted from the remeasurement of the ports of the other side. If one of the parties does not have a tonnage-measuring system, this party will notify the other of these things, in order to determine the right-to-know companies.



Identity Documents ForGemiShip Adamemen

Each party identifies the identity documents that are granted to the ship's men by the competent authorities of the other. "Ship's Man Wallet" from the Turkish Republic is a "Marine Bookshop" from the view of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Rights And Obligations of Ship Adders inKonaklamaAccommodation Ports

1.  This Is The Seventh. The identity documents that were listed in the matter were made by the raw crew personnel, 2. As long as they are on the ship's list of personnel whose names are on the ship's crew list and the ship's captain's list of personnel available to port officials, as long as the ship is located, the visa will be made to land and the lodging port will be located. It can be placed in the area of the region where it is located.

2.  The crew personnel will disemland and will be subject to regulatory checks on their return to the ship.



Ship Adaments Transit Pass and Hospitality Rights

1.  7. In terms of material, the members of the raw identity documents were made by the members of the raw crew, by carrying out their entry to the country and taking a visa on the grounds that it was necessary to go to the ship where they were stationed at the port. To return, having the task order has the right to transit from the country of the other side.

2.  7. The crew member, who has been listed in the article, is a member of the other side of the country's port, provided the reasons for the sale of the other side of the ship, for service purposes or for reasons that are valid by the authority of the authorized site, the local authorities. The country will give permission to stay in the country, return to its own country, or go to a different port, if the hospital remains in the hospital.

3.  Within the framework of the parties ' national legislation, the identification documents specified in Article 7, which are the move, but are deemed to be withheld, will keep the right to ban their entry into their home country.



Legal Prosecution about theGemiShip Crew

1.  The official authorities of one of the parties have been authorized to look at conflicts between the Captain and the crew on the other side of the ship's ship, as the country's embassy official has no approval or request. It is not.

2.  The ship's ship is located at the port of the other side and is not in the presence of the ship to take charge of the crimes on board, excluding the state, administrative, and administrative authorities at the location of the location;

a) If the request for intervention is done with the ship's authority or with its ringer;

b) Criminal charges or consequences will disrupt public or public order on land or port, or endanger public trust. in the qualification;

c) If the crime has been started by a crew member or a part of a crew on the part of the crew;

d) If criminal prosecution is needed to prevent the trafficking of firearms and weapons.

3.  The provisions of this matter are provided by the customs regulations of the local authorities within the framework of the international commitments to be implemented by both Parties, the public protection, ships and ports, the protection of human lives, the safety of the people, the safety of the people, the protection of the foreigners. It does not bring admission to the country and the rights to impose dangerous substances and the right to apply other protection measures to prevent marine pollution.





Ships In Danger

1.  The competent authorities of either party's ship, whether to land or sit on the coast of the coast of the other side, or to make any damage to it, the authorized authorities of this side;

-News to the diplomatic and Consulate representative of the ship's flag to meet its obligations.

-Protect and protect a ship with its own flag on the ship's crew, ship's crew, passengers and It will also sell to the ship's load.

2.  The actions of the rescue and recovery will be conducted in accordance with the 1979 International SAR (Hamburg) Agreement on Search and Recovery (Hamburg), and related national legislation.


Transfer of Maritime Companies Revenue and Digits Transfer of Creditors

1.  Each of us has the opportunity to use the country's shipping companies to make their payments, with the revenue and other earnings that are coming from the sea in their country's water.

2.  Each of us would have the right to transfer to the same companies within the framework of the national laws and statutes, to make sure that all payments made in his own country would be destroyed and that they would be transferred and other creditors. description.

3.  The parties comply with the provisions of the law and the provisions of the insurance and reparations stipulated by the international law on the part of the agreement.



Joint Commission

1.  The parties agree to establish a Joint Marine Commission for the purposes specified in the United States;

-discusses how to replace this conversation in a more than one way;

-To be present at the display of issues that are of interest to the marine environment,

-To contribute to the development of maritime trade between the parties.

2.  The Joint Naval Commission will convene in one of the parties in one of the parties on the request of one of the Parties.

3.  The Joint Naval Commission is one of the three representatives of each of the respective competent government authorities.



Sleeping (s)

The authorities are authorized by the authorities to implement this statement as well as to comment. It is resolved within the understanding between the two of us. If the situation continues, the diplomatic route will be resolved.



International Obligations

Any provision of this statement is from international understanding and regional regulations, each of which is understood by each of us. It does not halve its rights and obligations due to the implementation of the national regulations.




Entered -Fesih

1.  This statement will take effect on the final notification date, indicating that the parties required legal action to be completed.

2.  This information is valid for a period of time from the current date of entry, and is automatically extended for a year at a time, at the end of this period.

3.  However, this narrative can always be dissolved in the diplomatic path. In such a case, this Statement will expire after the notice of termination of the annuification of the annuition.

InAnkaraAnkara, 5 Mayans were both legally valid in Turkish and Azerbaijani languages in 1997, two of them were two. is edited.

The signatories of the

Governments duly authorized signatories have signed this statement.


       Republic of Turkey Azerbaijan Republic of Turkey

    Government AdjenAdýna