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Kanun No. 4594


Accepted Date: 1.11.2000      



ARTICLE 1. -"Between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Canada," which was signed on June 19, 1998 in Ankara. It is appropriate for the approval of the Social Security statement.

MADDE 2. -This will take effect on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3. -The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.
















they will be referred to as "Parties" from this time,


how to do business in the social security area,


decide to make a comment for this purpose


and above






Article I



1. On the implementation of this statement:


"Proxy Makam"


Minister or Ministers responsible for Canada's implementation of the Canadian legislation; and the Minister of Social Security and the Minister of Social Security from the Turkish Minister of Turkey;


"My Authorized Institution"


Agency, authority; and the agency responsible for the implementation of the legislation specified in Article II (1) (b) of the Canadian balance;




Law and regulations set forth in Article II (1) of the terms of the Party, by the Minister of Party;


"Credable Duration"


The premium or residency period used to obtain a benefit for Canadian assistance, including the Canadian Month Plan, including the time that a disability has been paid, and the Canadian Department of Canada. from the maintenance of a premium or cut, and the amount of paid time paid;




Any transfer, split, or appropriation of a provision in the legislation of that Party, any additional or additional benefits to be applied to the benefit, month, or pay of such a transfer; and




From the Canadian balance, the country of Canada; and the Turkish minister; the country of the Republic of Turkey;


Refers to..


2. Any terms that are not defined in this clause will have the meaning attributed to it in the legislation to be applied.





Regulatory Legisl.


1. This is applied to the following legislation:


(a) from the Canadian balance:


(i) the Old Age Security Act, and the statutes related to it,


(ii) the Canada Pensions Plan and the statutes related to it;


(b) from the Turkish virgin:


To be associated with occupational accidents and occupational diseases, property, spread, and death insurance;


(i) 506 of the Social Insurances Act,


(ii) 53434 Code of Retired Sandman,


(iii) BAUT-KUR Law, 1479,


(iv) 2926-number agricultural workers and Social Insurers Laws, which are Stolen From 2926, By Own Name And Account


(v) Legal regulations for the rest of the United States,


(vi) 506 of Social Insurances legislation that is subject to Temporary 20-nci of the Law,


2. This means that the 3rd Paragraph provisions are applied to the law and the laws and regulations that replace or replace the 1st paragraph, the legislation specified in the paragraph 1, which is the subject of the legislation.


3. This is the law that will allow a Party to enter into law and bylaws, and laws and statutes, which are subject to new judges and new judges, to enter the law and regulations within 3 months, subject to a no-party appeal. And it also applies to the bylaws.




Business-scoped BusinessKiþiler


This information applies to people who are subject to the legislation of Turkey and Canada and applies to those who are left behind by the fact that one of the two countries is responsible for looking at the scope of the applicable legislation.







III. According to the Article by the Parties, the people who are identified in the matter will see the action from the maintenance of rights and obligations.




Help for Help


Unless you specify otherwise in this expression:


1. Including the results obtained through this Meanings, III. The benefits that will be paid under a Party subject to any other person identified in the Article shall not be subject to any discount, dexterity, stop, cancellation or volume due to the fact that only the country resides in the country of the other Party, and these benefits are not It is also paid in the land of the other Party.


2. Those who are subject to the legislation or anyone who are subject to the legislation of either side, and who are left behind, will be paid in a third state or in a third state, to be paid for the benefit of this statement.








Related Rules with Scope


1. Register to save the following provisions in this statement:


(a) A stolen, employed person in a Party country, subject solely to the legislation of that entity, and


(b) Permanent residence of the entity, residing in a Party country and in its own account in the country of the other Party or in both Party countries, is a person who is a permanent resident of the country. It's subject to regulations.


2. A person who is subject to the legislation of a Party and who is employed to serve for a period not to exceed 24 months in the country of the same or related business is subject to first-country legislation as if they were doing the services in the first country. With the prior approval of the competent authorities of both Parties, it may be extended by the record not to exceed 60 months in total for this 24 month period.


3. If no one will be subject to compliance with both Party regulations due to the work of a ship that is being implemented as a crew of a ship, the personnel who are on board the Turkish bank will be subject to Turkish legislation, Canada for the other. is subject to legislation.


4. If no one is employed in relation to a state mandate executed in a Party name, only if the second party is a citizen or normally residing in the second Party policy, then the second subject to legislation. If it is a citizen of the first party, it may choose to be subject to the first-party legislation.


5. The competent authorities of the parties may or may not apply the provisions of this clause in relation to the joint reconciliation and any other party or part of the group.




From Canada LegislateBakýmýndan


Description of Specific Distinct Processes


1. In the calculation of the quantity of aid only according to the Near Assurance Law:


(a) if anyone is subject to a planned monthly plan of Canada or a Canadian province during their time of residence or residence in Turkey, this is a person who resides with and is a resident of is considered to be a temporary residence in Canada for the time that it is responsible for the employment or its own name and account, for which they are not subject to the Turkish legislation, such as the duration of a temporary residence in Canada; and


(b) No one shall be subject to any presence or residence in the country of Canada, subject to Turkish legislation, which is a person who resides with and is a resident and a member of his/her own name and account. For those who are not subject to the Canadian Month Plan or the extent of a Canadian province's comprehensive plan, the term is not considered to be a resident of Canada.






2.1. Applying paragraph:


(a) If a premium is paid to the relevant plan due to employment or employment of its own name and account, no one's only in Turkey or the time of residence, this is the time for the Canadian Month of Plan, or It will be considered to be subject to the comprehensive plan for a state of Canada.


(b) If a person is required to pay a premium as required by Turkish legislation due to the employment or their own name and account in Canada only when they reside or reside in Canada, this is the time that anyone will be Turkish. to be subject to legislation.












                               Canada and the United States in TimeUyarýnca


1. If no one is eligible for a benefit to be paid, according to the legislation of a Party, that no one is eligible for a benefit, due to the payment of the time, 2 to 4 of the time. As specified in paragraphs, it is determined by the addition of these durations.


2. (a) In the determination of a benefit to pay for a benefit, according to the Canadian Prohibit Assurance Act, the Turkish legislation is deemed to be non-creditable for a period of time, as a duration of residence in the country of Canada.


(b) a calendar year covering a minimum of 90 days to be charged in accordance with Turkish legislation in the determination of a benefit to be paid, according to the Canada Month Plan, Canada Month It is considered a credit-free year when the plan is tailored.


3. According to Turkish legislation, in the detection of eligibility for a near half-of-the-year payment:


(a) a calendar year that is non-credable under the Canada Month Plan is considered to be a credit-free 360 day by Turkish legislation; and


(b) a non-credable period of time for a non-credable period of time, according to the Canadian Security Plan, a day that is not part of the Canadian Month of Createable, It is considered a credit-free day.


4. According to Turkish legislation, a calendar year, which is a non-crediting period under the Canadian Month Plan, is considered to be a creditable 360 day in the detection of eligibility for payment of a disability or death aid.


5. If anyone is insured by Canadian legislation prior to the entry of Turkish insurance, this entry is considered to be entered into Turkish insurance.




Elapsed Times by a Third State Legisl;


A number of other people, based on the regulations of the Parties, are under way, VIII. As specified in the item, if a benefit is not eligible for a benefit, it will not be eligible to pay for this benefit, but no one will be eligible to pay for this benefit. are identified by social security issues by a third-state regulation that is one of the most recent credulable times.




Asgarate Time to be Bird_unit


If you are looking at any other provision of this situation, under the terms of a single party legislation, less than one year the sum of the completed credulable times is less than one year, and only by taking into account those times, If a benefit is not available to the regulatory body, then no one will be asked to assist that person in connection with this matter from the authority of the authorized institution. As many as these times, they are considered by other parties to determine the right of aid according to the legislation.








Benefits to the Prohibit Assurance Act


1. If no one is eligible to pay a month or a board by the implementation of the provisions of the 1st Division of the 1st Division, In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Law in Canada, which may only be considered in accordance with the Prohibit Assurance Act, the Canadian authority said that, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Security Law, which may otherwise be considered as a part of the law. Calculates the amount of a month or a number of hours that can be paid.


2. 1. The paragraph also applies to a non-resident Canadian residence for the minimum term required by the Prohibit Assurance Act to qualify for a monthly payment in Canada, but in order to qualify for payment of a month in Canada.


3. You are looking at the other provisions of this statement:


(a) The minimum number of Canadian residency required by the Prohibit Assurance Act to be eligible for a monthly payment of at least Canada, when no one else has a residency period, as specified in Section 1. If Pay a close trust to anyone in Canada; and


(b) A repaid and guaranteed revenue increase, Anyone in Canada is paid only to the extent that the Law of Security is allowed to do so.




Benefits of the Canada Month PlanUyarýnca


If no one is entitled to a benefit payment with the implementation of the provisions of the 1st Division only, the Canadian authority will calculate the amount of the cost to be paid to this person:


(a) The benefit of the benefit is determined solely by the base earnings per month of this Plan, in accordance with the provisions of the Canada Plan; and


(b) The fixed amount of help is left;


(i) Amount of the fixed amount of aid that has been identified in accordance with the Canada Month Plan provisions


(ii) The fraction of the ratio of premium payment times to the Canadian Month-to-Month Plan, in addition to the minimum internship required under this Plan, to determine the right of that assistance,


It is identified byçarpýlmasýmultiplication, but in no way can this fraction of a fraction.








Calculus of the amount of aid to pay


1. If you do not have the right to claim a month or a month of revenue from Turkish non-credulable times, the following provisions apply if the right to claim a split or income as a result of Article VIII or IX is available:


(a) the Authorized Turkish Social Security Institution can identify the revenue or income by taking into account the individual creditable times as if they were passed on by their legislation.


(b) the Authorized Turkish Social Security Institution may (a) be able to credit the detenable times of credit which are identified as nezari according to the statement of the same, or income that is passed through the legislation of the individual. Determines the amount of monthly or revenue to be paid by calculating the appropriate amount of time to the sum of times.


2. The provisions concerning the reduction, stopping or cutting of the separation of the Turkish legislation are under discussion in the implementation of this statement.








Editing a message


1. The authorities of the parties take the necessary measures to implement this statement with the Israeli regulatory authority.


2. The liaison offices of the parties are specified in this regulation.




Information and Decision Help


1. The authorities and institutions responsible for the implementation of this statement:


(a) They notify each other of any information necessary for the implementation of this Statement to the extent permitted by the Legislators;


(b) regarding the implementation of any assistance or eligibility of any assistance in accordance with the legislation implementing this Statement, or relating to this benefit, the subject is interested in the implementation of their own legislation, They're helping each other; and


(c) As soon as possible, they will notify each other of their legislation if it affects all measures or the implementation of the Meaning for the implementation of this statement.


2. The yardage in sub-paragraph 1 (b) is XIV for the reimbursement of certain types of expense. Any provision in the Adequate Arrangement in accordance with the Article is exempt from the charge, with a record of staying withheld. When a party wants to pay the authorized entity from its authorized entity, the first institution declares the second institution the amount to be paid by specifying the first-party currency. On top of that, the second institution pays for the first cent with the currency of the first.


3. Unless you are required to open a party's laws, any information that is sent to the other side of the party is confidential, and is used solely for the purposes of this statement and the execution of the legislation that is under the means.




Tax, Image, Charge, and Rate


Exemption or Statement


1. Exemption or exemption from applicable taxes, levy, consular fees, or administrative expenses related to the legislation of any Party concerned with the preparation of any documents or documents necessary for the implementation of the legislation. any discount covers the necessary documents and documents relating to the implementation of the other Party legislation.


2. Any official type of document required for implementation of this statement is exempt from the approval or similar formalities of diplomatic or consular officials.




News language


The competent authorities and institutions of the Parties may communicate with any official language of either of us for the implementation of this statement.




Claim, Representation, and NoticesSunulmasý


1. According to the legislation of one of the Scorpion Parties, the request, notice or objection to the payment or determination of a judicial to be made within the legal term of the authorized authority or institution of that Party, to the competent authority of the other It is considered to be presented. The same applies to petitions and appeals, with petitions and appeals to the issues.


2. A request for assistance under a Party legislation after the current date of this meeting is considered to be in demand for a benefit from the legislation of the other.


As much as the owner of the owner:


(a) not to mention in a petition that the request is also applicable to the legislation of the other Party,


(b) or the legislation of a Party is required to provide information and documents that are relevant to completed non-creditable durations.


In the petition of the above, the petition is not valid if the judge requests the request to be deferred.


3. In any case where 1 and 2 of the nci paragraphs are applied, the competent authority or institution where the request, notice, or objection is submitted transmits it to the competent authority or institution of the other party without delay.




Approx benefits


A party's authorized agency may replace the obligations that are due to this part of the currency.




Solve problems


1. For comment and implementation of this statement, the Parties will be subject to the appropriate negotiations between the authorities and the competent authorities of any kind of place to arise.


2. It is the rules of implementation and procedural rules on the demand of one of the parties, if not resolved in the period of 6 months following the date of the date of the beginning of the deliberation of the defaced negotiations. submitted to an Arbitration Commission to be determined by an agreement between the parties.


3. The Arbitration Commission makes a decision on the spirit and the basic principles of the idea of the right to sleep. The Commission's decision is final and final.




How to Understand a State of Canada


The relevant authorities of Turkey and a province of Canada may make any public understanding of any social security within the province's jurisdiction as long as they are not laid out by the provisions of this statement.






Transitional Provisions


1. Any period of credit that may be completed before the current date of this meeting is considered in the detection of a half-time period.


2. Any provision of this statement does not give you the right to receive a benefit for a period prior to the effective date of which this statement is effective.


3. 2. To be subject to paragraph provision, a benefit is paid to be effective from the date on which this statement is effective prior to the effective date of entry, a benefit is prior to the date of this meeting.




Duration and Termination


1. It remains in effect for any time in the process of being taken out of this process. The notice can be annulled by one of the two Parties at any time, by giving 12 months of notice period of time.


2. In the event that this statement ends, any rights that no one has achieved in accordance with its provisions will continue, and these provisions are made available to judge the rights of the rights.




Entering CurrentYürürlüðe


This is the first day of the fourth month following a statement from each party to the current party, following the statement that it was appropriate for internal services to take effect from each party. It will be effective.


If they are duly authorized by their governments, they will sign this statement.


This statement is arranged in two copies of Turkish, English and French languages, including every single text message in Ankara, 19 June 1998.




       Prof. Dr. Nami ÇAÇAN MICHAEL MACE

Ministry of Education and Social Security Canada Ambassador