Republic Of Turkey And The Government Of The Federal Republic Of Germany Air Transport Agreement Between The Government Changes Are Made In Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. Subsequent Changes, If Any

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE FEDERAL ALMANYA CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ ARASINDAKİ HAVA ULAŞTIRMA ANLAŞMASINDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILM Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değiş

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Kanun No. 4600


Accepted Date: 2.11.2000      






MADDE 1. -The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on July 5, 1957, in the 11th article of the Air Transport Agreement signed by the Government of the Republic of Germany on July 5, 1957. It is appropriate to approve the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Bonn on November 20, 1997, for adding some items to the construction and understanding of the information.

ARTICLE 2. -This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

TICAD 3. -The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.





The Delegation of the Airports of the Republic of Turkey and the Airports of the Federal Republic of Germany on November 19-20, 1997, have come together to present a meeting of the Air Shipping. Visions are in a friendly and friendly weather. All issues of interest in the aviation business have been addressed.


A list of the catchers is available in the form of an E-1. In the last meeting held on June 25-26, 1997, the topics in the past are seen as unresolvable. Assign the meeting to the Reconciliation Zapitos and Attachments

is continued.




The German Delegation on 25-26 June 1997 declared that the draft of a new tariff on the Turkish delegation was improved from the good. The German delegation is unfortunately not able to accept this draft clause in the case, because it affects a very large area for not giving double-sided approval. Nevertheless, as the first name for further liberalisation, the German delegation is introducing a new draft clause that brings the country's regime. The new draft is presented in terms of Article E-II. After the Turkish Delegation has been able to depress the draft text, it will be written to the subject.




The Turkish delegation expressed concern about the restrictions imposed on the operation of the hush kitties, which met the requirements of the Chapters II aircraft and the Chapter III requirements. (for example, Stuttgart, Berlin, Tegel) the Turkish side said the ECAC rules were to be implemented. The German side, however, said it was related to European Union legislation. The German delegation offered to explain the situation to the Turkish delegation and to provide information about the results. The proposal was accepted by the Turkish delegation.




In the last meeting, the Turkish delegation adopted the German delegation's travel documents and entry into the country and accepted the draft clause offered on the examination of the people who were hiding the lives of the people. The text of the new Article is presented in additional information as an Attachment-III.




The Turkish delegation represents that the German proposal, which was presented in the last meeting, could be considered as a principle. Nevertheless, both delegations have agreed to the ECAC's standard model of bilateral issue, in terms of flying safety. The safety of the flight safety.

the text of the new material is presented in the form of EK-IV.




The Turkish Delegation said in the last meeting that the German delegation will accept the draft clause after the fact that it is safe to accept the draft clause after the fact that it is safe. The German side has agreed to accept Turkish bids. The text of the new material relating to the Airticus Trust is presented in the ilim as the Ek-V.




After the discussions, the Turkish delegation offered to organize a meeting between the representatives of the German Airlines and the DHMir in Ankara. Both sides agreed that the meeting was made between 3 and 5 December 1997. The Turkish side declared that the status of the status quo for the German people until a solution is reached, as well as the status of the end of 1996, would be protected not to exceed 31 December 1997.




The delegations are informed about the outcome of the Inter Carrier meeting on July 16, 1997, which is not a solution to the use of third-country registered aircraft. After the discussions, the German delegation recommended that the Turkish airlines offer them to Luftfahrt-Bundessamt Braunschweig by December 3, 1997, for third-country registered aircraft, which they will be pushing through the summer of 1998. Turkish and German Civil Airborne Makamis and both sides together in Bonn on December 10, 1997, after these acquirts were pushed out of German Airlines.

they will come.


According to the results of this meeting, Civil Airman Makamlari will make a final decision about the acquittaurs. This procedure is the first to be seen as the first step in a solution to this problem. That's why it's only a pilot project. The next steps will be determined at the required time. The Turkish side has agreed to this offer.


Both delegations travel documents and entry into the country are subject to the final examination of the new articles on safe safety, flight safety, and aviation security. Both countries are subject to final review of the authorities. He has no idea he's being paraffin.


The Airports of the Republic of Turkey and the Federal Republic of Germany until the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany entered into their own legal framework as to the signature on the signature date of the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding. Immediately

will move.


Bonn, 20 Kadem 1997


Delegation of the Republic of Turkey to the Federal Republic of Germany

Name of Delegation to the Name


   (Dr. Ingomar Joerss) Y.







Undersecretary of State for Mr. Ahmet

Ministry of Service

Delegation to                        


Mr. Sermet Ünel General Manager

General Manager of Civil Airfield

Ministry of Service


Mr. Gafur Chief Executive Officer

State Air Squares Fire

General Manager


Hulusi Department of Airventilation

Bafkcanyi V.






Dr. Ingomar Joerss Director of Air and Space Ulasmime

Federal Ministry of Transport

Chief of Delegation


Mr. Dieter Bartkowski, Director of the Air Service Department

Federal Ministry of Transport


Mr. Hans-Joachim Werner Department of Policy Policy


Federal Ministry of Affairs


Ms. Sabine Dannelke Air Delivery Section


Federal Ministry of Transport


Mr. Jörg Mundorf's Air and Space Agency

Federal Ministry of Transport


Mr. Lutz Meyer Air and Space Service Department

Federal Ministry of Transport


Mr. Henning Kallke Federal Air Service Authority

Federal Civil Airman State Department



Dr. Detlef Winter ADL

Dr. Ronald Schmid Aero Lloyd

Mr. Jürgen Goldmann Deutsche BA

Mr. Wolfgang Winsberg Deutsche Lufthansa

Mr. Hans-Jürgen Schulze Germania

Mr. Wolfgang Dreher Hapag-Lloyd

Miss Doris Franke LTU

Mrs. Elisabeth Rittersberger interpreter





Charge Tariffs


(1) Section 2 (2) of a Thai airline push will apply the charge schedule for passengers on the terms of the trip (s) to be applied to the passengers on the holiday lines (see the following item) according to the information is provided by the authorities in the area of the SIT.


(2) Thai airlines will consider the cost of processing when determining fee tariffs, a reasonable profit, competition, and the market's current costs and plans for consumers ' plans. Authorized Airports Authority can only reject the approval of a recipe if it does not comply with these criteria.


(3) Thai airliners will submit fee tariffs for approval by the airport authorities a month before the latest projected effective date.


(4) If they do not comply with a fee tariff that is submitted to the approvals, each Convenience Party will receive a notice in twenty-one days from the date that the tariff will be approved for the airline's handling of the Airman's Air carriers. In this case, this tariff will not be applied to this type. It will continue to remain in the application of the tariff, which is intended to be implemented with the new tariff and applied until then.







(1) Charge schedules travel mobility for passengers on lines specified by article 2 (2) of a Thai airline carrier. According to the information in their documents, the Akit Party shall be subject to the approval of the aviation authorities.


(2) The Thai airlines will consider the cost of processing in their tariffs, a reasonable profit, competitive, and market current and current consumers ' interests. Authorized Airman authorities may not approve a description only if they do not comply with these criteria.


(3) The Tariffs will submit to the approval of the airport authorities a month prior to the latest forecasted effective date of the transfer of airlines.


(4) In the event that the airport authorities fail to accept a tariff that has been submitted to their approval, the status is relevant within 21 days from the date the description is presented. airline contact. In this case, this tariff will not be applied to this type. The tariff, which is requested to be announced with the new tariff, will continue to remain in practice until then.


(5) Each of the Asylum authorities may request a vision of any tariff that is rejected by the aviation authorities. These visions will be made within 30 days from the date of the date of the latest request. In the event of a statement, each side will be making the effort to put this understanding to the table. In the event that it does not come to a deal, the decision will apply to the Tarfyn decision, which is based on the territory of the site.


(6) The aviation authorities for the development of countries between the countries of the United States and the other countries have been appointed by an airline carrier, each of which is owned by the airline. They will allow them to adhere to any description of the same city that is still permitted to apply for the same city.





Travel Documents and Country-in-CountryGirmesi

Exam for the Sakai Kirians


(1) Each and only other countries in which they are appointed to the airline's designated airline, have the travel documents required for transit through the territory or to transit through the territory, each of which will not be used by the individual in the country. It will allow them to take the measures that will be taken.


(2) Each Rite Party is returned from its landing party after it was found to be in the country, and is considered for an inspection if it is left in its own prior, pre-peak, state transit state. will. A person would not return a person who had previously been in a country to return to that country.


(3) The purpose of the office of the public is to ensure that the public authorities have been able to accept a claim that is likely to be a state of the state or to have a transfer of nationality or to a state where it is or may otherwise be concitable. And it's not about getting more examined to get it done. If a person has lost or destroyed their travel documents at the site of a failure to enter the country, a Service is given to the public authorities and is flown to and from the Public Authorities, where a person is hiding from entering the country instead of in the country. will accept a document that has a task that has already been installed.





                                      Airpower (Flying) Safety


(1) Each Rite Party has been consulted in relation to safety standards adopted in any area where air crew or air crew aircraft or air crew members at any time have been used. He can claim to be found.


(2) After these Danes, a Aper Party dieter in any field, at least the minimum standards set by the minimum standards set by the If he finds out that he's not in the process of being in an event, The first will inform the other in which it will provide the necessary measures to comply with these findings and to the minimum standards, and will take the appropriate corrective measure. It will result in the implementation of Article 4, which will not take the appropriate measures within a longer period of time (15) days or longer to remain mutable.


(3) The air service on flights to and from the country of the country, under which the airline is appointed to look at the obligations described in the 33rd clause of the statement To control the visibility of air vehicle and crew documents and the visibility of the air vehicle and equipment when it is in the territory of the other, not cause a reasonable route, the company is authorized by the company can be subject to a consultation by their representatives. (ramp control)


(4) Any ramp controls or a set of ramp controls;


a) The processing of an aircraft or an aircraft did not meet the minimum standards set by the promise at that time, or


b) The safety standards that are determined by the word in that order are not effectively maintained and are not managed by


If serious concerns are made in the case,


for the purposes of the 33rd article of the Agreement, the control and crew of the aircraft and crew were given licenses and licenses for purposes of the word. will be free to comply with minimum standards set out according to the rules based on the processing of the rules or the aircraft or the result of not having them over them.


(5) An aircraft that is being executed by a Appointed Airline is requested for entry to the air vehicle, subject to a ramp control, according to the 3rd fund above the aircraft. if the permission is rejected by the representative of the relevant airline, the other person will be free to cause serious concerns from the gender of the 4th party above, and will be free to process the results of that time.


(6) Each Rite Party provides a ramp control, a set of ramp controls, and ramp controls, to allow an airline push or execution of a member of the Diaper The rejection of an entry for control, if a cause, or a precautionary reason for the operation of an airline, immediately reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the entry.


(7) A measure of 2 nci or 6 ncis above the above will be removed by the removal of the basis for which the measure is taken.




Ventilate Confidence

(1) In accordance with its current rights and obligations according to international law, the Asylum Seekers have the obligations to protect civil aviation trust in accordance with the laws of law, and to protect against each other. The Akite Sides are present in accordance with international law

The United States, specifically, on September 14, 1963, in which the general nature of the rights and obligations were made, in particular, the United States of America, the United States, and the United States, the United States, and the United States. The Hague-based Agreement On Preventing the Takeover By Civilian-Airman Security, dated September 23, 1971, was dated February 24, 1988, and in addition to the Glossary of Montreal, the Glossary of the United States and the United States. Air Ports That Serve International Civil Aviation Have Been Under Way They will act in accordance with the Montreal Protocol of the United States to Prevent their actions.




(2) The actions of the Violent Takeover of civilian aircraft are the actions of these aircraft, passengers and crew, and the safety of the airports and air navigation facilities. They will give each other a necessary help to prevent any threats to the security of the country's actions and the security of civil aviation.


(3) The incident or threat of such an incident or the threat of such an incident or air travel by passengers and crew. In the body of the legislation to intervene in the safety of its facilities, the Involved Parties said that it was aimed at ending a speed with the immediate risk of interference, reporting, and the risk of the incident or the threat of the incident. It helped each other by making it easier for the measures to be made. They will be.


(4) Each of the Parties involved in the act of possession or other act of law intervention, and a flight, crew and passengers on the ground within its own country. As long as the protection of their lives requires the act of superior duty, it will take measures that are feasible to be taken on the ground. In cases where possible, these measures will be taken with the decision to be met.


(5) In addition to the provisions of the United Nations, in addition to the provisions of the International Civilian Airticus, the provisions of this security provision are They will act in accordance with the extent that it is applicable to the Convenience Parties. The parties act in accordance with the aircraft carriers in their own plant or in the central countries of the aircraft or aircraft carriers who are continuously involved in their country, and in accordance with the current security provisions of the airports in their country. They'll want them.


(6) Each Rite Party is entering the country from the aircraft carriers, and the 5th in which it is needed during the time of its stay, the airport is safe. If they comply with their provisions, they accept that they will be asked by the Turkish Aper. Every Convenience Party will protect its planes and allow passengers, crew and hand luggage to examine the aircraft before they can be flown or loaded, and to conduct security checks in the luggage, freight and aircraft leaving/aircraft. will be applied to the activity.


Each of us is in compliance with and compliance with the national rules and regulations and the relevant provisions of the Civil Airman Agency in order to meet a special threat. It will take a look at any request for reasonable special measures.
















(7) In the event that a Ruling Party has failed to separate the provisions of the entity's security security, the other authorities immediately meet with the airport authorities. He may demand that he be present at the same time. If not in a reasonable amount of time, this claim will result in the loss, cancellation, or placing of the authorization for the execution of an airline push or execution of the first-party entity. If it requires a serious situation, each of the Azois may take a temporary measure without delay. The interim measure would be possible with the possibility of security and security.