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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE UKRAYNA BAKANLAR KABİNESİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE UKRAY

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Kanun No. 4602     


Accepted Date: 14.11.2000      


MADDE 1.-  21 Mayas in Kiev in 1998, " Between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine The Defense Industry Business Understand " is appropriate to approve.

ARTICLE 2.-  enters the date on the release date of this Law.

ARTICLE 3.-  The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.








Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Ukraine (hereinafter, as the parties);

The provisions of the July 27, 1994, Military, Technical, and Scientific Sovereignty of the United States. by taking into account,

will benefit from benefit and eligibility policies, and strengthen and strengthen friendship and unity of power. By stressing that the two countries will contribute to the common output of the world as well as the world's peace and security,

Do not use the best scientific and technological advancements in the defense industry field to make sure that both sides are using the best scientific and technological advancements in the field He said he wanted to talk about what he was doing.





The purpose of this statement is to strengthen the defense industry capabilities of both countries in the "Defense Industry". The related logistics in the technical area, as well as in the related logistics support area, as well as the defence goods and services, development, production, and supply in the field of supply, are to establish a more effective business in the technical area as well as in the technical area.





This statement provides the principles and activities of the parties involved in the defense industry.






1. "Don't understand," the SSA in the inter-sides. Refers to the understanding.

2. "Submitter State" refers to the State of the State, which sends personnel, materials and equipment to the State country, which is accepting for the purposes of this understanding.

3. "The State of Acceptable" refers to the State of the party that accepts personnel materials and equipment, which are settled in the Sender State for the purposes of this statement.

4. "Guest Staff" refers to the military or civil works by which the state of the country is in the territory of the country for the purposes of this understanding.

5. "Yakns" refers to the family members of the guest staff who are obliged to look at their national laws and regulations.

6. "Defence Goods and Services" refers to the logistical support and necessary services related to the production of weapons, military equipment, and redundant materials for the production of them.

7. "Technical Sites" refers to the research, development and production technology of defence goods and services.

8. "Technical Services" refers to services related to the development, production, maintenance, and renovations of defence goods.

9. "Official Makam" refers to the public bodies responsible for the execution of the business, and refers to the Turkish Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Industrial Policy in Turkey.

10. "Quality Cleaner"; refers to the duties and activities that need to be actualized to ensure the quality of the supply and services of defence that are being procured.

11. "Confidentiality" is the product of organizations that require protection to prevent unauthorized access to the current legislative under, which requires protection of national security by the current legislative stimulus. documents, products, items, and physical areas of information or information in any form described in accordance with the criteria coordinated by the current law and in accordance with the coordinated criteria, or any information or information contained in the duly described form.

12. "Karma Commission" refers to the Commission to establish two relevant parties to identify and monitor SSSS. projects within the framework of the Defence Industries Association (SSRsr.) Meetings.





Parties will do business in the following areas within the framework of national legislation.

1. Research, design, and production in the field of Defense Industry.

2. The joint design, production and equipment of equipment, components, equipment, defence goods and equipment needed by the party's Armed Forces are to be searched, and for this purpose, the use of scientific, technical and financial resources of both sides.

3. The materials that were manufactured or developed within the framework of the joint production projects have been lost by the parties.

4. It has been sold to third countries by reconcilable the goods and services that are produced and delivered jointly in projects.

5. The use of the program for the development, production and modernization technologies of the armed forces of the third countries in the case of the use of the armed forces of the third countries and the development of the program's implementation of the Do not start.

6. The production and supply of defence industry goods and services, as well as the upgrade of equipment and equipment, are part of the development and procurement of the defence industry.

7. The theme of the technical information statement is to be eased.

8. The understanding is that both countries will be able to jointly develop, jointly develop, and co-production of defence goods and services between the government and the companies.

9. I have contributed to the military industrial fairs, trade shows and symposiums organized in the country.

10. Military technical installations, manufacturing and repair agencies are among the business.

11. Organizing scientific activities by meeting them in common interest.

12. The defence industry standards and quality assurance systems used by the parties are related to non-compliance with the provisions of the current and bilateral or multilateral agreement and/or agreement that they have signed previously. the documents of the documents.





1. The contacts between the sides in the defense industry and the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Turkey will be conducted with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.

2. The parties involved the details of the implementation of the unit of the business, They will identify with the application's meanings and/or protocols.

3. In the resumption of the business, both parties will have the right to equal rights, and will show the truth.

4. It will be established and maintained in accordance with the policy of the decision, given the common output and discretion of the parties.

5. The parties will decide and make decisions regarding the decision of the third countries to contribute to Turkey's Republic-Ukraine Joint Production projects by staying mutabled.





The general principle and services of the defense industry, which will be executed between the two sides, and the defense industry. The government, which determines the procedures, will sign a separate statement on quality assurance. Until the statement of quality assurance is signed and effective, procedures will be specified in accordance with their own national regulations in accordance with their respective set of installations.









1. For the implementation of the Ordinance Provisions, a Karma Commission was created by the Turkish Republic of Turkey, the Undersecretary of the Republic of Turkey, and the Director of National Protection and the Minister of National Protection of Ukraine and the Minister of the Ukrainian Industry Policy. It will be generated.

2. In the Karma Commission, the number of members of each party will not be able to take the seven. The Commission will be able to include specialist staff in addition to the Commission.

3. The liaison offices are responsible for organizing and coordinating the activities of the Karma Commission, the Republic of Turkey national defence ministry, the Defense Industry Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Industry Policy, the military service. It's her apartment.


Hybrid Commission, on the other hand, is a year-on-year, on each side of the year. will be collected.

4. It will do the tasks in the commission of the commission.

a. Identify and identify possible areas of interest;

b. To select, review, and identify projects that can be shared in common; to define the most appropriate action and methods from the application;

c. To identify the most appropriate installations for joint projects in both countries;

d. To identify and notify local firms that may jointly play common offers, and to inform them about the bids placed by them;

e. Facilitate the use of each party's companies, the relevant government authorities, and other organizations;

f. To inform the relevant national authorities about the issues involved in the joint projects;

g. To present the proposals and recommendations of third countries in joint projects to the authorities of the national authorities;

h. To encourage the implementation of this statement and to negotiate proposals for potential innuendo, if needed, to negotiate.

. If needed, to negotiate a resolution to resolve any of the problems caused by the implementation and interpretation of the job;

j. To prepare plans for the year, taking into account the principles of the agreement.

5. All topics on the Mixed Commission Meeting agenda have been determined and coordinated at least 60 (sixty) days prior to the meeting.

6. The chiefs of the delegations will inform each other about the questions and issues that are being asked to come up. In order to negotiate the agenda, the Combined Commission will convene a meeting of the party responsible for organizing the meeting above to negotiate the agenda.

7. The cost of organizing the meeting until further expenditures will be made by the host country. International travel expenses and expenses for each party to their country are made at their own.





1. The parties will use all the necessary services to protect the confidentiality of confidentiality information that will be transferred within the framework of this agreement and the implementation of the national framework of the implementation of the business. A separate agreement will be signed between the two parties to ensure that privacy-grade information is protected in the process of realising the business in the field of defense industry.

2. The responsibilities of the parties to prevent the use of confidential information or to prevent them from opening up will continue, even if the other end of the agreement is terminated.





This understanding will not affect the commitments made by both countries from the other countries that are party to.





1. Guest staff and relatives will be subject to the laws and judiciary of the Admission, including entry, complaint, and exit, within the time the Admission of the Admission is located in the country's territory.

2. The rights of the parties are entitled to reproduction within their own time, the granting of production licenses, know-how, selling to third countries, and the rights and rights of the patents for real and development of the companies that are actually made in common. obligations, under consideration of the national regulations of each country, shall be determined by the implementation of the application to be signed for each project. This means that the cost of development, production, supply, technical service and personnel support and infrastructure services will be imposed due to the implementation of infrastructure services, including liquidation, location, time, and construction. Financial and legal obligations, as well as financial and legal obligations, security-related special considerations, will be specified in accordance with their national legislation.





1. The parties will be able to resolve any of the following comments from the comment or implementation of the parties to the resolution within 90 days of the decision of one of the parties to the mixed Commission.

2. If the Sleeping Karma Commission cannot be resolved within 90 days, it will be resolved through invasions between the two sides of the country.





Each party may recommend the sign or review of this statement, if required. In this case, the Parties will be able to meet within 90 days of the phrase or review. It will be effective at the time of the sentence on the XIV matter, whether it is a sign or a sign of the XIV.





1. The effective period of the job has been expired. But one of the parties, If the deal does not request termination of diplomatic channels at least 90 days prior to the end of the effective period, the effective period will be automatically extended by a year.

2. If the method aimed at resolving and reviing and reviviing the statements and conditions given under Article XI and Article XII, each side is concluded by sending a written notice from diplomatic channels to the other side. It can. The termination will be valid for 90 days after the notification is received. However, unless otherwise agreed, the termination provisions will not affect the completions of each project, program, or commitment to be determined by this statement.





This means that the signing of the signing will be followed by diplomatic channels that are complemented by national national legal entities. will be effective at the time of the notice of the last notice.





This means that in Kiev on May 21, 1998, Turkish, Ukrainian, and British were equally valid. The two of them are in their language as two people. In case of a sleep, "Text for" text " will be valid.



TURKISH REPUBLIC UKRAINE MINISTERIAL CABINET                                                                                                                                                                              ON BEHALF OF GOVERNMENT

         Tuncer KILINCHES Vasili M. GUREYEV                                                                                                                                                                                                        Lieutenant General Ukraine Industry Policy Minister Turkey Republic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of National Defence