The Government Of The Republic Of Turkey With The Cabinet Of Ministers Of Ukraine Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. The Government Of The Republic Of Tu...

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE UKRAYNA BAKANLAR KABİNESİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE UKRAY

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Law No. 4602:14.11.2000 article 1. signed in Kiev on May 21, 1998 – "the Government of the Republic of Turkey among the defense industry cooperation agreement with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine" to be approved.
Article 2. – This law enters into force the date of promulgation.
Article 3. – This law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.

The GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY BETWEEN the CABINET of MINISTERS of UKRAINE with DEFENSE INDUSTRY COOPERATION AGREEMENT with the Government of the Republic of Turkey, the Government of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the parties);
Among them, dated July 27, 1994 available in military training, technical and scientific cooperation, taking into account the provisions of the agreement, mutual benefit and will be developed further based on the principles of equality of rights and relations of friendship and cooperation will be strengthened, as well as world peace and security, the two countries will contribute to the common interests of both sides of the defense industry, highlighting the best in the field of scientific and technological developments promote cooperation using the stated requests , the following matters agreed.

Article I OBJECTIVE of this agreement; between the parties, both by strengthening the country's defence capabilities, "defence industry Cooperation" (hereinafter referred to as .SSI) suppliers in the field logistics support, as well as technical and defense research, development, production of goods and services, when a more effective cooperation in the fields of supply.

ARTICLE II SCOPE of this agreement; The parties agree that cooperation in the field of mutual defense between sanayiî courts covers the principles and activities.

ARTICLE III DEFINITIONS 1. "Agreement"; between the parties, SSİ. Refers to the agreement.
2. "posted by State"; for the purposes of this agreement, the land of the State that accepts the staff, materials and equipment refers to the sending party Despises.
3. "the State that accepts"; for the purposes of this agreement the State accepting employee material and equipment placed on the sender side that they feared.
4. "Guest"; for the purposes of this agreement, the parties, the territory of the other party country refers to its military and non-military individuals.
5. "close by"; Guest according to their own national laws and regulations of the personnel, dependants, refers to their family members.
6. "Defense goods and Services"; weapons, military equipment and their suppliers as well as of materials necessary for the production of logistic support and necessary services.
7. "Technical Areas"; Defense Research, development and production of goods and services refers to the technology.
8. "technical services"; Defense of the development, production, maintenance and renovation-related services.
9. "competent authority"; responsible for the execution of this agreement implies the public organs and Turkey; Ministry of national defence of the Republic of Turkey and Ukraine, Ministry of Industrial policy of Ukraine.
10. "quality assurance"; supplied in order to assure the quality of defence goods and services must be performed and its activities.
11. "Catapiller information"; under the terms of the national security interests of the parties, in accordance with the legislation in force and to prevent unauthorized access protection requires that, as a result of the Organization of the parties within the framework of cooperation of the parties in accordance with applicable Italian joint with coordinated based on criteria jointly and duly noted, the information in any form that is tasnip or registered or of the information, including documents, products, materials, and physical areas.
12. "Mixed Commission"; Defence Industry Cooperation (SSİ.) Meetings within the framework of the SSİ. the two parties to identify and track their projects to be established in the Commission.

ARTICLE IV FIELDS of CO-OPERATION the parties within the framework of the national legislation in the areas specified below will cooperate.
1. research, design and production in the field of defense industry.
2. the armed forces of the parties in need of spare parts, components, tools, design, production of goods and equipment of common defence and improvement of investigation and, to this end, both sides benefit from the scientific, technical and industrial sources.
3. Joint production projects within the framework of the acquisition of the materials manufactured or developed Parties.
4. as a partner in Joint projects produced and presented by consensus to third countries of goods and services for sale.
5. to the extent the Parties and renews to the benefit of third countries ' armed forces defense goods and the completion of the development, production and implementation of joint program opportunities for modernization technologies.
6. Team and equipment modernization, as well as in the defence industry, procurement of goods and services in the areas of production and mutual aid.
7. facilitate the exchange of Technical information supply.
8. within the framework of this agreement both among the country's State institutions and companies, procurement of goods and services to the defense, as a partner in the development and promotion of upcoming joint production deal.
9. Two exhibitions held in the country's military industry, participation in trade shows and symposia.
10. production and repair of Military technical institutions, cooperation between the institutions.
11. the regulation of joint scientific activities in the areas of common interest.
12. Parties used defense industry standards and quality assurance systems as the mutual exchange of information and the parties signed their bilateral or multilateral before treaty and without prejudice to the provisions of the agreement or related documents exchange.

ARTICLE V APPLICATION PRINCIPLES 1. Contacts between the parties in the field of defense industry cooperation, Ukraine Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Ukraine will be carried out through the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.
2. The parties agree, the details of the collaboration sites, applications, Application Agreements and/or Protokollerle the premises.
3. both sides in maintaining Relationships with equal rights and mutual respect that fact.
4. Cooperation, taking into consideration the common interest and needs of the parties, when in accordance with the principle of reciprocity and will be maintained.
5. The parties agree, third countries, the Republic of Turkey-Ukraine joint production projects of decisions invited to join, will evaluate the mutually agreed upon shall stay and the decision.

ARTICLE VI QUALITY ASSURANCE to be executed between the two sides with defense defense industry projects, depending on the goods and services, general principles and procedures specifies that the Government signed a separate Agreement about quality assurance. The signing of the agreement on quality assurance and to enter into force, between the parties related to the procedures governing the Organization, in accordance with their national legislation to be made shall be indicated in the contract.

ARTICLE VII MIXED COMMISSION 1. For an implementation of the provisions of this agreement, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of national defence of the Republic of Turkey by the parties and National Deputy Minister of Industrial policy of Ukraine with Silâhlanma Director of the Joint Commission will be headed by a Hash.
2. the number of members of the Mixed Commission to exceed seven in each party. Where necessary the Commission, in addition, be included in the expert staff.
3. organize and coordinate the activities of the Mixed Commission responsible for liaison offices, Ministry of national defence of the Republic of Turkey, the Department for foreign relations and defense industries, the Ministry of industrial policy, military technical cooperation Department of the Ukraine.
The Mixed Commission, mutually agreed annually, hosted by each party alternately.
4. The Commission will make the following tasks.
a. to identify and define the areas of Possible cooperation;
b. Select, examine, that can be performed in as a partner in projects and application methods of the most appropriate cooperation type and terms;
c. joint projects in both countries to determine the most appropriate organizations;
b. on the basis of the given cooperation proposals by Parties for the public to identify local companies and deal with these firms to inform about the given proposals;
e. each party's firms, relevant government authorities and other organizations to facilitate direct relationships between;
f. concerned about agreements for Joint projects to inform the national authority;
g. participation of Third countries in common projects and offer recommendations to the national authorities ' investigations;
to evaluate the implementation of this agreement and h. If you need This, his potential changes to be made to the agreement negotiated with suggestions;
i. If the implementation of this agreement, his needs and to resolve disputes arising from the interpretation of negotiation;
j. entire agreement, taking into account the principles of preparing annual cooperation plans.
5. The meeting of the Mixed Commission any matter on the agenda of the meeting at least 60 (sixty) days ago and must be coordinated.

6. Heyetlerin heads, come up to the desired question and they will inform each other about the issues. Mixed Commission, agreed to negotiate on the mutual agenda, Chairman of the Board responsible for the above-mentioned meeting organized by the meeting is called.
7. Administrative expenses as costs shall be borne by the host country of the meeting arrangements. Each party's arrival-departure to the country of their own international travel costs and general journal are met.

ARTICLE VIII PROTECTION OF INFORMATION PRIVACY GRADE MUTUAL 1. The parties agree that this agreement, and within the framework of the national legislation, is in the process of cooperation and the implementation of this agreement will be transferred during the protection of the privacy grade information for vehicles. Cooperation in the field of defense industry during the realization of the mutual protection of information privacy grade to ensure that there will be a separate agreement between the two sides.
2. The parties, for the use of, or the privacy grade information disclosure responsibilities for their prevention, this agreement will continue even lasted.

ARTICLE IX this agreement, PARTIES to OTHER INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS BASED on the COMMITMENTS of both countries is a party to other international treaty will not affect the commitments arising.

ARTICLE X the LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS 1. Guest staff and relatives, entry, residence and exit the territory of the other party that accepts, including the country in which they are Accepting Party within the time limit will be subject to the laws and jurisdictions.
2. within the limits of their own parties to industrial property, reproduction rights, the granting of licenses, production know-how, sales to third countries, within the framework of joint projects belong to patent inventions and developments that are performed with the protection of rights and obligations; each country's national legislation by considering the results of implementing agreements to be signed for each project will be determined with. In this agreement; research and development, production, procurement, technical services and personnel as a result of the implementation of the infrastructure with the support service will be born with reciprocal debts and receivables expenses will emerge mütevellit liquidation, is based on the place, time and conditions and procedures with financial and legal liabilities, health and administrative convenience, special considerations related to security in accordance with the national legislation itself will be in detail.

DISPUTES ARTICLE XI 1. The parties agree, comment or application of this agreement, mütevellit will be revealed in the hash mismatches, the Commission, at the request of one of the parties negotiations shall start within 90 days the solution kavuşturacaklardır.
2. If the dispute cannot be resolved within 90 days a Mixed Commission, disputes shall be resolved through consultations between the parties.

ARTICLE XII ADJUSTMENT and REVIEW each party, if tadilini of this agreement if deemed necessary or may recommend in writing to be reviewed. In this case, the parties amended or review in question to begin negotiations within 90 days. Agreed on the amended or modified in accordance with the provisions of article XIV, the Convention shall enter into force.

ARTICLE XIII VALIDITY DURATION and TERMINATION 1. This agreement shall expire for five years. But one of the parties, the agreement validity period of 90 days before the expiration of the termination of the diplomatic channel to the extent the claim validity period will be extended automatically for a year.
2. Article XI, and resolution of disputes given under the name of, and article XII, and amended and aimed at a review method is not successful, each party to the other party through diplomatic channels that deal in terms of sending a written notification. Termination will be effective 90 days after receipt of the notification. However, unless decided otherwise in the parties joint termination provisions of this agreement is determined by each project, program or contract will not affect the completion of.

ENTERING into FORCE of this agreement, ARTICLE XIV following the APPROVAL and be signed, completed the national legal processes of the other party through diplomatic channels notifying the other side, the Convention shall enter into force on the date of receipt of the final note.

ARTICLE XV the TEXT and SIGNATURE This agreement may 21 1998 in Kiev each one as valid in English and Turkish, Ukrainian 2 copies. In the case of a conflict, "English text" shall be valid.

Tuncer KILINÇ Vasili M. GUREYEV Korgeneral Ukrayna Sanayi Politikası Bakanı Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Undersecretary Of The Ministry Of National Defence