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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. BÜ­YÜK­ŞE­HİR BE­LE­Dİ­YE­Sİ KA­NU­NU, BE­LE­Dİ­YE KA­NU­NU, İL ÖZ

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Law No. 5594 Date: 6/3/2007 article 1-10/7/2004, dated and numbered metropolitan municipality Law 5216 additional item 1 ' after arriving the following additional item 2 has been added.
"ADDITIONAL ITEM 2-Merger, pursuant to article 2 or to join temporary metropolitan municipality is conducting municipalities entering water, sewer, solid waste, transportation, all kinds of passenger and cargo terminals, wholesaler, slaughterhouse, graveyard and when to fire services building, tools, movable and immovable property, and the fulfillment of these services, and invest in arrears are handed over to the Mayor, or the relevant affiliate.
In the first paragraph of this article, the specified service have been working as a civil servant in the fields alongside those who staff the Municipal Act No. 5393 49 according to the third paragraph of article status of contract employees while running in this way constitutes essential staff to work with the municipality of or related affiliates are handed over to the Metropolitan. All kinds of additional indicators, the transferred personnel monthly, raise and pay compensation and other financial rights, assignment and staff be titles continue revising the provisions envisaged in article 50 5393.
This article is in the first paragraph in accordance with the relevant legislation in the fields of service specified Petrosyan or visa made permanent workers temporary employment positions in the squad or under Act No. 4857 the existing staff and positions that are currently running in conjunction with the Metropolitan municipalities are handed over to the relevant affiliate, or. Transferred to other workers charged with financial and social rights, the rights that are being implemented in the prior collective agreement or individual employment contract shall continue to be determined in accordance with the provisions. Positions held include the change form this transfer process, the other with free financial and social rights does not give right to the changes in, and another of a collective labour agreement that you do not want to apply. Collective labour agreement since the overthrow of the existing fee and other financial rights of those workers other workers to be in the rate of increase or the increase in the amount of OGE or other workers are given the different financial and social rights will allow new provisions cannot be placed.
In accordance with this article shall, at the request of the Metropolitan municipalities, made the staff era metropolitan municipality or an affiliate's norm staff subgroup, or it is located can be established as of the lower group staff numbers, the transfer of the Ministry of the Interior is authorized to determine again within a year.
The rpm of the operations to be held under this article, the aforementioned municipalities in such way to represent the Governor's Office will be at 100 percent for commissions.
In an earlier era, the publication of this article, the Rev operations within the six-month period is completed. RPM operations until the service in question, when shall continue to execute the relevant belediyes.
Metropolitan Municipality of municipalities, by the power vested in the law by upholding public transport and transport services, natural and legal persons in order to make the given license, the validity period of the concession contract and lease of means of transport, the route of the line and they have prescribed time must be limited without rendering the metropolitan municipality is included in the public transport and transportation systems. "
Article 2-3/7/2005 dated and numbered 5393 Municipality after the second paragraph of article 12 of the coming the following paragraphs have been added.
"As a result of the merger, removing the first entity (legal personality) or participate in local administrative elections which will continue until the city and villages, mergers and take place from the date on which the joint decree issued or new Nazim and implementation plan is taken; the current plan should be made mandatory, and all kinds of changes in zoning application is done by taking the opinion of the appropriate municipality to join. Not be made appropriate changes to the plan that are not of opinion.
Legal personality will come to an end with the sale of the immovable property of the municipality and the village ended up exceeding the legal personality due to date is subject to approval by the Ministry of the Interior to do borrowing.
Payment of compensation to the municipality and seniority, 68 of section (d) of the Ministry of internal affairs without limitation foreseen in connected with the approval of the loan. For this purpose, except for borrowings made and seniority compensation cannot be used for any expenses. "article 3-26/5/2005 and following Local Administrative Associations Act No. 5355 additional item has been added." Penalty and prohibition AMENDMENT 2-local administration under this Act made by the troops with the forbidden act or behavior stock indices related to criminal matters 4/1/2002 and public procurement law No. 4734, 4735 numbered 4/1/2002 and law of public procurement Contracts and 8/9/1983 and law No. 2886 Government Procurement Law specified provisions. "
Article 4-22/2/2005 and no. 5302 special provincial administration of the first paragraph of article 7 (g) of the California Penal Code the following sentence has been added.
"However, the airports open to civil air transport within the open Office and work permit all facilities including registration, is provided by the Directorate General of civil aviation. This thread has principles and procedures in a regulation to be prepared by the General Directorate of civil aviation. "
Article 5-this law comes into force the date of promulgation.
Article 6-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.