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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. YURT DI­ŞI­NA ÇI­KIŞ HAR­CI HAK­KIN­DA KA­NUN İLE ÇE­ŞİT­Lİ KA­N

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LAW ON HOW TO MAKE LAWTagPreserver,b,176,180

Kanun No. 5597


Acceptable Date: 8/3/2007      

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MADDE 1- (1) dormitory with passport of Republic of Turkey It's 15 years of tuition for the exit of the desert.

(2) Domestic waste is the winter business of the country.

(3) Those who have residence permits in the dormitory date of the countryveand The land, sea, air and rail mass construction and freight installation vehicles that have made it to the country for commercialized land, with those who have completed 7 years, do not receive the fuel from the crew of the country's home.

(4) The actual and legal entities held responsible for the disclosure and payment of the levy on which they are collected or to inform the tax office that they are based on corporate tax care and to pay them within three days of payment.

(5) The levy paid in accordance with the provisions of this Law is considered in the account of the value-added tax matrahün Not available.

(6) The Revenue Department has tried to determine the waste collection, which is subject to the subject of the levy. to be responsible for the payment of the levy, to identify the terms of the levy on the basis of the collection, to identify them with the reputation of the ten-day, monthly, or three-month periods, the return of the levy and the implementation of this matter It is authorized to determine other rules and principles.

(7) The fees received in accordance with the benefit of the 2 nci clause (f) of the total number 2985 of the Mass Housing Act. Transfers to the Housing Department.

MADDE 2- dated 1/7/1976 and $65 by 2022 The second issue of Article 8 of the Law on Helpless, Powerless and Orphan Turkish Citizens " is based on the reports from the hospitals that are in charge of this law; Social Security. A number of other experts to be appointed by the institution will be decided by a number of other doctors. If it is, the Social Security Institution may have more than one other installed in the same process as the President of the Social Security Agency. "

MADDE 3- dated 16/5/2006, and 5502-numbered Social Security Institution Law:

A "... nonverbal personnel" clause in the second case of

a) "the second sentence of the mirror", the second sentence of the mirror, "the second sentence of the exact nature of the Institution to be charged with the examination of the prescribed personnel, health boards and invoices." services and administrative services, including employee services and general administration services, or vice-management services, or The second sentence of the third fund is the second sentence of the third fund, "the second sentence of the third fund is applied to the physician, the dentist, and the pharmacocians who are appointed as the General Directorate of General Insurance." The fee to be paid to the maximum number of people to be determined by the ones to be determined by the institution is the fact that the 4 articles of the State Officers Act of 657 are employed according to the The cost of the ceiling, four times the number of other items, and three times the rest, and any payment at the rate specified in this fund. It cannot be done. " And the last sentence of the third fund, " The four-year-old statistics, mathematics, physics departments of the staff, engineering faculties or science-literature faculties that will be employed in this way, are in the computer field. the certification of the program languages that are based on the languages of the programming or the certification of the certificate holder for the end of the computer courses approved by universities or the national education department. "

b) The Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the second phase of the provisional 2-ci clause They use the property according to the provisions of the property, "the clause" authorizations to the property of the Board of Directors of the Institution of Directors, and, in accordance with the provisions of the rights of the entity, or may be transferred to related units. "In the first sentence," the first sentence of the first sentence of the "second" is in the first sentence. by the end of the specified period of time, " the clause will be left out of the clause text.

MADDE 4- Additional items in the 5502-count Kanal is added.

" Review of invoice and similar documents

SUPPLEMENTAL ITEM 1-a) Inspection through sampling:

TagPreserver,p,0,139The revolving capital of public administration with real or legal entities offering the service Invoices for which they are organized as a service cost and are to be paid (including institutions that are transferred to a Code of 5502), such as 5% to 10% of the total value, which will result in general results It's studied in a method. The result of this review, the actual or legal entities, and the revolving capital of the public administration are to be paid by applying to all invoices belonging to the period reviewed by the public administration. is identified and paid accordingly.

With real or legal entities that do not accept the invoice review method by doing an example The revolving capital of public administration reports these preferences as written to the relevant institution before they are started to service. If no notice is made, the sampling method is accepted. To be embarrassed by real or legal entities that accept the sampling method and that the revolving capital of public administrations does not result in the commitment or related legislation.  The amount of advance payment will be available to the Institution for appropriate review of the amount that will not exceed the amount of time it will be reviewed for review. The revolving capital of public administration with real or legal entities that invoice service for the remaining amount due to all payees of the defect rate detected through sampling. There's no way to pay for the people.

The agency for review and control with the sampling method, and the eczacic from the server. In the event of an audit, a Department of Free Accountancy, dated 1/6/1989 and 3568, the Free Accountant Financial Seal and the Department of Sworn Financial Oversight, and the administration of administrative controls. It can be done.

It belongs to public administration with real or legal entities to be examined through an example To determine the return capital, the sampling rate will result in the application, invoice review and control at different rates, in order to remain in the ratio of the ratios in the first phase of the sampling rate and for the works. The establishment of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance is authorized by the Minister of Finance.

b) Inspection and retention in an electronic environment:

Institution is owned by public administration with real or legal entities that offer appropriate health care. invoice and similar documents for the service they issued from the revolving capital, dated 4/1/1961 and in electronic environment pursuant to Article 242 of the Tax-Usul Code of 213. They may want them to submit their edits in the electronic environment, along with the documents based on which they are based. Payments to related to this will result in the review of these documents. To communicate with real or legal entities and public administrizations with real or legal entities that the documents are to be edited or reviewed in electronic environment, or to be forwarded to the public administrizations with real or legal persons, The Institution is authorized to determine the use of the Ministry of Finance by using the format and standards to sleep in the information transfer.

The review and payment in accordance with this item is dated 10/12/2003 and the number 5018 is Public Goods. It is done in accordance with the Administration and Control Law.

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 2-Payment of the Ministry of Finance, Social Security Institution and dated 18/6/1992 and number 3816 He is tasked with helping people who do not have the power to spend more than half of the treatment costs and treatment of the state's treatment. institutions; the insured, retired, retired and other eligible holders were the first to be expected to be the first in the country. is authorized to service the service received from the network for the health services to be given by the riser-based installations.

The other listed institutions are above the amount specified in the statement It is obligated to provide any number of other health services that must be provided in these steps and installations, and help for any number of other services that must be provided in these steps and installations, as well as assistance from these organizations and assistance. He ca n' t ask for a price when he ' s left with the same person.

Invoice and invoice institutions for services that are foreseen to be procured with the Glossary No more documents are sent.

To determine the services and service of the health services that will be provided in this step, The second step from cascade to second-digit institution and installation is to determine the terms and principles of the Ministry of Finance, the Minister of the Union and the Social Security Institution. "

Current kaldrendage provisions

MADDE 5- (1) dated 29/6/2001 and 4705 Outlaw Law, 4481, Law, War, and 44481.

TagPreserver,p,0,139(2) dated 21/4/2005, and 5335, in the Law and Law Ordinance Decree The 34th article of the Law on the Construction and the 30th (10), (13) and (14) number of the 34/12/2006 dated and 5565 numbered 2007 (10), (13) and (14) number of the Central Management Budget Code of the Union of 2007,

is currently in effect.


MADDE 6- (1) This Law;

a) in the same month following the first phase of article 5, with the 1st clause, the

b) the first receipt of article 3 (a) and the 4th item and 5 pearls (5565 numbered 2007). On the date of publication of the 30th item (10) and (13) of the Management Budget Code, excluding the provisions of the number (13), as of 1/1/2007), the

c) On the date of release,TagPreserver,p,185,189

enters the current process.


MADDE 7- (1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.