Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Financial Year 2001 Budget Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. 2001 MALÎ YILI BÜTÇE KANUNU

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Law No. 4611

Acceptance Date: 20.12.2000

General Provisions Expenses, Income and Expense budget balance

Article 1 of the apartments attached to the spending included in the General Budget (A) as shown in the table marked 48 219 490 000 000 000 pounds grant is given.
Income budget Article 2 - General budget depends on income (B) was estimated to be 42 827 000 000 000 000 pounds as shown in the table marked.

Balance Article 3 - Grants will be covered by the difference between the proceeds net debt estimated by total revenues. PART TWO Provisions Regarding Financial Policy

budget policy and financial control Article 4 - The Minister of Finance, consistent, balanced the budget and implementing an effective policy, determined to stabilize the macro-economic targets and financial framework in order to ensure control;
A) the identification of public employment policies and to give direction to the implementation,
b) Expenditure in to determine the maximum cost-saving arrangements,
c) the appropriations related expenses distribution and utilization of binding to certain principles,
d) income and expenses related laws and regulations to regulate practices in matters determined by decree standards to put detection and limitations
e) to take all public institutions and to make necessary arrangements to be followed for institutions and measures in the above,
is authorized.
Detailed expenditure programs and the use of appropriations Article 5 a) attached to the Budget Law (the) appropriations in the marked scale is used within the guidelines and the release rate to be determined by the Ministry of Finance.
Connect to a detailed expenditure program of grants for the use of public institutions and services, and activities to be carried out during the financial year in order to pre-planned use of the appropriations in the budget it may be requested by the Ministry of Finance.
If it is deemed appropriate to connect to the detailed expenditure programs, the use of appropriations by the Minister of Finance, on the specified release rate, and can be made out of this expenditure program spending.
Administration principles to determine the appropriations contained in the budget, within the release rates and detailed expenditure programs, development plans and taking into account the objectives and the priorities foreseen in the Annual Programme are obliged to use in saving concept.
B) the assistance from the budget of the investment and the transfer arrangement with an independent budget organizations, social security institutions, no later than January 31, 2001 to be endorsed monthly expenditure programs related services are sent to the Ministry of Finance. These programs are available in the budget of the Ministry of Finance, investment and transfer appropriations visa scheme being.
Organizations reporting their monthly implementation results each month to the Ministry of Finance.
Ministry of Finance, the aim of the aid controls considering the monthly expenditure program that is used in line.
C) accompanying budget law (A) of the appropriations in marked ruler; (1) and (3) The type of personnel expenses under the grant allocations; Located inside the Treasury budget, short-term advances and foreign debt interest payments related to these overheads, 930-08-3-351-900 of the Ministry of Finance, 930-08-3-356-900 and arranged for the transfer to be made to the Pension Fund appropriations; Ministry of Defense and other current payments, Treasury Social Security in the budget, BAG-KUR and unemployment insurance to receive public financial support to compositions for the transfers to be made to the Fund added except for appropriations budget administrations, was canceled half percent of the appropriations in other reserves.
This Budget to carry out transactions related to this transaction will be canceled, and arise from the Minister of the Treasury is authorized to cancel help much.
monitoring of income and expenditure of public institutions
Article 6 - state all income and expenses for the determination of liability and financial means, in order to perform the monitoring and control; supplementary budget administrations with the departments included in the general budget, revolving fund, funds and organizations that savings fund, aid organizations from the arranged transfer budget, municipalities, associations of municipalities, special administrations, other public institutions and public enterprises, revenue and expense estimates, the financial statements, debit and credit status with each other, all information and documents relating to personnel obliged to provide the basis and within the period to be determined by the Ministry of Finance.
Finance Minister substances within the scope of institutions and organizations, all information relating to financial transactions, to receive documents and account statements; This document and account status with debt and taking out the review on debt payment facilities, while spending in accordance with the program, information, documents and accounts to present their case management, agencies and institutions to take the necessary measures to deal with the budget appropriations for this purpose of the measures of the relevant institutions and organizations needed it is authorized to request the application. The execution of
Public treasurership
ARTICLE 7 general budget apartments annexed budget administrations, special budget institutions, revolving funds, mutual funds, budget for investment and the aid organization transfers from schemes established by private law other public institutions and organizations (state-owned undertakings and its subsidiaries with institutions and businesses, the scope of privatization or program were organizations, public banks, municipalities, private law established public institution in the nature of professional organizations, except bail and aid funds) all resources within their budgets or savings Central Bank or with reporters TC Ziraat Bank of Turkey from the Turkish Lira will open a checking account in their name and they collect.
Payment of all accrued These institutions are made from these accounts.
Treasurer with officials of relevant public institutions and organizations are personally responsible for the fulfillment of the provisions mentioned above.
Determine the principles and procedures relating to the implementation of this Article, resources and institutions as exceptions to bring the Prime Minister and the Minister is authorized on the joint proposal of the Minister of Finance to which the Treasury.
Necessary, can be used appropriations
Article 8 - a) Personnel Expenses Allowance:
based on the fiscal year's first six months used payment orders as a result of the calculations, if it appears that not enough of the funds to be allocated budgets; to order about 100 Employee Expenses for expenditure as required by the relevant legislation, the Ministry of Finance Budget (930-08-3-351-900) to transfer the appropriations in order,
b) Investment Acceleration Allowance:
Ministry of Finance Budget (930- 08-3-353-900) from the appropriation in order, implementation of the 2001 program, in compliance with the Decision shall Regarding Coordination and Monitoring to the 2001 investment Program of the application according to the state required priority sectors in one of the priority sectors by developing conditions in accelerating or year of investment and in sub-sectors areas and allocation of funds to the project program should new be available on the project in question to be used in increasing or appropriation or re-opened to order and Treasury budget to transfer the activities related to state-owned enterprises
c) allowance Exchange Rate Differences greetings to:
abroad establishment of the general budget, including apartments (3) is in appropriations types 610, except 620 and will be recorded as expenses to 710 detail codes, (1) and (3) contained in the composition under the grant type and the appropriation should be used as currency for institutions abroad, the overall budget keep the apartments including the supplementary budget management of the payments they make to international organizations looking appropriation of foreign money for fixed and 31 December 2000 in exchange for the transfer of the Ministry of Finance to cover the difference between the time of exchange rates (930-08-3-352-900) in the organization about the appropriation in order utilities to transfer related to the current arrangement,
d) appropriation:
1 - the budget of the Ministry of Finance (930-08-3-356-900) from the appropriation in the scheme, to transfer to the budget of the scheme will be re-opened or will be determined by the Ministry of Finance,

2 - the Treasury budget where the service require 910, 920 and 940 codes numbered programs, with the proposal of the Minister in charge of the Treasury to transfer the spare allowance scheme, the Minister of Finance is authorized

SPO study and the project appropriations Article 9 - the State Planning Organization of the budget;
A) (111-01-2-001-300) a portion of the State Planning Organization of the appropriations in the scheme in order to built the proper working of spending policy in cases Undersecretariat necessary, transfer the arrangement regarding the budget and the Minister of Finance the authority to do other things with it. State Planning Organization of the special provincial administrations for the same purpose, state economic enterprises and other public enterprises to pay in advance the cost of services will be built.
B) (111-01-3-301-900) the appropriations in order, to support programs and projects on priority regions, the budget of the Minister of Finance is authorized to transfer the relevant expenditure. Payments will be made to other public sector organizations with similar goals are also covered by this arrangement. Capital expenditures

Article 10 - a) Annual program schedule additional investments in the projects outside the company may not invest in any project expenditure. This ruler in the projects with benefits collectively given projects for years under the yellow work (financed partially or completely exclude projects through external project loans) in order to start in 2001, project or business investment allowance 2001, the total estimated cost of (it is not mandatory identified estimated cost in case of the revised project cost) can not be less than 10%. projects and works needed for the remaining projects under this rate "Implementation of the 2001 program, the Decision on Coordination and Monitoring" to comply with the provisions of the revised priorities and by staying in the allocation of investment institutions.
Armed Forces in the program budget (1) grants type within the defense sector, infrastructure, building, with housing and facilities, built as required by the NATO infrastructure and facilities and is situated in a strategic target plan of expropriation related to these purchases and services, State Planning Organization not related to the Undersecretariat of visa is not included in the annual program of additional investment charts.
B) General and annexed budget, the establishment of investment programs allowances given as public-year project of machinery and equipment, major repairs, maintenance-renovation and the project completion of detailed programs with sub-items of expenditure as tadat be and untreated aggregated project, the procedures related to lower expenditure of " implementation of the program in 2001, the Decision on Coordination and Monitoring "shall apply.
C) the Minister's approval regarding the project is located in the additional investment ruler Annual Investment Program special provincial administrations the governor's authority and undertake the cost of appropriate, that of the service to be used for expenses related exclusively to the project provinces will be paid to the government. Local jobs with the quality of service, in the framework of the program and the principles set forth in this paragraph shall be transferred to the authority and responsibilities of the governor on the project.
In this way the project will be carried out, study, discovery and inspection services relevant ministries and the headquarters of the provincial Offices can; commissioned by the tender and payment of the fee or deposit is performed with special provincial administrations the governor's approval.
D) mandatory changes made during the year in addition to the annual investment scale program "Implementation of the 2001 program, the Decision on Coordination and Monitoring" is to comply with the procedures involved. that privatization revenues outside
4046 Law No.
Article 11 - No. 406 Telegram and Telephone Law of 05.03.1995 dated and 4107 numbered Law added additional provisions of Article 19 in accordance with the Turkish Telecommunications proceeds from the sale of shares of the Corporation revenues and license fees and other natural resources within the scope of Law No. 3096 and all of the proceeds from the transfer of operating rights of the facilities recorded as revenue in the general budget. Treasury aid to annexed budget administration

Article 12 - a) Treasury assistance of the Ministry of Finance of the additional budget authority in order to offset the budget (including public contributions to be made to current service cost of higher education institutions), the added budget allocations and provisions regarding the composition (B) ruler to come post the amount of the excess in accordance with this purpose the parts that have been identified, at the end of the financial year by the relevant authorities, by establishing payment agreement is canceled by the Treasury, Ministry of Finance.
In addition, the General Directorate of Foundations by the end of the financial year other than the administration of the supplementary budget will be determined by the Ministry of Finance budget surplus is recorded as revenue in the general budget.
B) Treasury aid areas annexed budget administrations' budgets, No. 1050 General Accounting Law of Article 48 (C) and (D) in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 59 and paragraph, allowance increase will be carried out during the year, with the help of the Ministry of Finance treasury associating done.
Official vehicles
Article 13- The general budget, including apartments and annexed budget administrations and their affiliated revolving organizations, in terms of the vehicles they make regardless of in any way, the number and use what services the "T" is shown marked ruler. Vehicles other than those shown in this table can not be acquired.
No. 237 Vehicle Law attached to (1) the schedule in the specified (excluding Foreign Ministry Undersecretary) given the orders and the person, (2) the schedule 1 and are located at the 2nd, safety precaution of the (armored) regulations for those under vehicles and protection accordance with the provisions earmarked car with Police General Directorate, in order to improve traffic safety with the world Bank loan will be purchased including grants outside specially equipped vehicles, regardless of all sorts of foreign origin passenger cars and station-wagon type of vehicle can be acquired.
Domestic content ratio is less than 50% of the vehicles considered to be of foreign origin.

Hospital and treatment charges ARTICLE 14 - Civil servants and other public officials and their retirees, widows and orphans of (dependents, including family members, their dependents) the general and annexed budget costs related to treatment with apartments and administration with revolving fund belonging to medical institutions upon the opinion of the Ministry of Health and the amount paid under rules to be determined by the Ministry of Finance.
However, the Turkish General Directorate of the Pension Fund of health institutions and organizations, under the Ministry of Finance may contract at a price determined by the unit price.
657 Civil Servants Law 209 th, 211 numbered Turkish Armed Forces Internal Service Law of the provisions of Article 66 and No: 5434 specified in the provisional Article 139 of the Pension Fund Act drug contributions to make the deductions from salary or pension relevant provisions and procedures and on the cuts Minister of Finance is authorized to determine principles.
Association with assistance to and similar institutions foundations and associations of control
Article 15 - a) General and annexed budget organizations in the budget "Association, the Union Institutions, Institutions, Funds, Trusts, and to do similar entities Payments" Located in activities in aid of the allowance to be made; mentioned institutions plan showing the services and activities carried out with the assistance they receive from the budget and the work program wants them to do the necessary review of the plan and are obliged to follow the realization of the state program of work. Help can be made in installments if necessary, depending on the above review.
Been made in accordance with the purpose of the expenditure in line with the above principles is to examine, identify new principles of directing aid to the Minister of Finance is authorized.
B) providing financial contributions in fulfilling the tasks undertaken by public bodies and authorities (including providing staff assistance), foundations and associations, supervision they are subject within the framework of existing legislation, as well as affiliated or related institutions and organizations will also be inspected.
Ministry of Finance, when necessary checks, these foundations and associations, examines the financial statements and balance sheets. PART THREE

Department of Budget Provisions on the application layout and statements
Article 16 - Expenses ruler of part of the program will be organized into programs in budget implementation. Programs to subroutines, subroutines are also divided according to the nature of the services or expenditure allocation according to the types of activities or projects. Every activity or project consists of the required number of expenditure items.

No. 1050-i Accounting and General Law and other laws in this Act;
A) "in the chapter and section" statements budget classification, "Program",
b) "Section" means "subroutine" in,
c) "Article" means to include the expenditure "Activities "or" project 'means a
d) "Arrangement" means the services or costs incurred that program, subroutines, grant type, activity-project and expenditure of the composition,
e) "expenditure items" means (a) of the appropriations in the marked scale of 100, 200 .... the separation in the 900 level,
f) "Detail code" means the appropriations on the expenditure of the expenses will be accrued on the basis of (R) sub-division will be shown in the state accounting records, as specified in marked ruler (also in this division in the draft final accounts place is given.)
g) in respect of debt payments "related service arrangement" statement (Employee benefit balance in expenditure related to expenses provided that shown corresponds only to personnel expenses payable) services or programs that spend it belongs | || would testify.
Connected ruler ARTICLE 17.- schedule annexed to this Law are as follows:
a) the distribution of allowances granted by Article 1 of this law the "A" mark,
b) by special provisions in 2001 will be continued to collect in Fiscal Year State income "B" mark,
c) the basic provisions on which the State revenues "C" marked,
d) Law and connected with the decree military service pensions "O" mark,
e) likely to be borne by the Treasury of the obligations arising from guarantee Treasury payments "D" marked,
f) received the scope of the budget funds "F" marked,
g) the law gives authority to engage in the installation of temporary future years "g" mark,
h) will be given in accordance with 6245 Allowance Law daily and the amount of compensation for the "H" mark,
i) monetary limits should be shown in the budget law, according to various laws "G" mark,
j) class, the amount of other fees paid conferences and overtime pay for the "K" marked ,
k) Institution of existing housing, social facilities, telephone, fax and staff numbers "L" mark,
l) 2698 Ministry of National Education of the school Board of the Law Article 3 pursuant to be administered by the Ministry of Education school board with board costs will be taken from the student health schools Ministry of Health "m" mark, in accordance with
m) No. 3634 of the National Defense Liability Act; To be taken by the national defense obligations;
1. purchase value of the animals "O" mark,
2. The average purchase price of the daily rental of a motor vehicle "P" marked,
n) formula for spending the "R" marked,
o) vehicles owned by the institution and type of vehicle to purchase pursuant to Vehicle Code in 2001, the number of which the maximum purchase price will be used in the service and the "T" sign is shown in Table
The new scheme, spending and income
opening ARTICLE 18. - The Minister of Finance;
A) of the relevant legislation, the year in 2001 for projects on the Investment Program (2) under the grant type, in the case of the services required (3) or a new arrangement under the grant type (A) new activities in the whole of the marked ruler and expenditure items , if necessary (B), a new chapter marked ruler, open cuts and materials,
b) 25/6/1992 dated 3824 numbered Law abolished taxes and duties due to Housing Fund on behalf of the customs of the amount to be collected during import to determine the ratio of revenue to be recorded and the amount of collections that customs treasurer to (B) ruler to register revenues in order opened and the Housing Development Fund to the procedures relating to applications for the amount to be recorded as income by the amounts to be transferred and to determine the principles,
is authorized.

Drive ARTICLE 19 - The Minister of Finance;
A) exclusively "100 Employee expenses" regarding the allocation of expenditure, the same organization to transfer between programs within the budget
b) Establishment budget "100 Employee expenses" of the Ministry of Finance budget appropriations for expenditure (930- 08-3-351-900) deemed necessary amount of allowances in order Ministry of Finance to transfer the located replacement allowance scheme budget
c) services from the budget at the request of the organization, which will make the financial year which will be conducted in a service apartment or the administration's budget, required treasury aid by transferring allowances associated with and take the necessary steps in this regard,

D) The Gendarmerie General Command and the Ministry of Defense and Coast Guard in meeting the cost of services rendered during the current year objectives on an agreement reached with their respective budget program, subroutines, activities and making mutual transfer between projects,
e) " Implementation of the 2001 Programme Coordination Decision on and be watched "a need for changes to be made in accordance with the annual program, change the project belonging appropriations to transfer between the budgets of relevant institutions
f) (d) above contained in the budget specified in item to be managed from a single center of the Armed Forces supply and procurement services should be carried out by other allowances if a program service of a program related programs, subroutines, activities or projects to transfer between mutually

G) institute transferred to universities to open new from existing university faculties and colleges in the appropriations budget, this institute to transfer to colleges and universities that connect the school budget,
v) reorganization of the results of public institutions and organizations, the implementation of the budget law and necessary in connection with the preparation of the budget process and final accounts of all kinds to make the arrangements,
is authorized.
In the fiscal year to another apartment or authority transferred to the budget appropriations for the implementation of the relevant service or office administration official transfer is made.
General and annexed budget institutions of expropriation and transfer of the building can not be related to the purchase order. But; ports, airports, railway, tunnel and with expropriation to be made because of bridge projects, university education projects for organizations to 50% of the total expropriation appropriation are distinguished in the budget, other expropriations and acquisitions for the benefit deficiency of up to 25% Finance Ministry grant schemes can be met from the budget reserve. appropriations contained in the budget to buy
Administration expropriation of real estate and buildings used for the purchase of state-owned enterprises. However, this condition shall be allocated directly to the Ministry of Education does not apply in terms of education and universities.
Mail expenses
Article 20 - Judicial bodies deemed necessary regarding the course and outcome of the proceedings mail expenses and the tax office estimated budget for mailing expenses relating to the tax notification allowances if it's worth, to pay the amount to be required to be spent in addition on these expenses The Minister of Finance is authorized. Also shown in the final accounts expense allowance difference will arise in this way.
Last year's debt
ARTICLE 21. - can not be in the escrow account as not paid until the end of the fiscal year and 1050 on accounting-i which have not statute-barred according to the General Law Article 93 last year and payment of the debt is made according to the following principles.
A) of the budget year (1) Type of appropriation as a "100-Personnel expenses" What of debts arising from expenditure, "Personnel expenses last year's debts" are paid from the activity.
B) (a) Obligations of the expenditure items other than those written in me, considering the kind of order the appropriation of the birth of the debt;
1. Other current expenses arising from debt "Other Current Expenses Last Year Debt"
2. Liabilities arising from investment services, "Investment Losses Last Year Debt", 3
. Obligations relating to the transfer scheme, the "Transfer expenses last year's debts" are paid from
Case of insufficiency of the appropriations in these activities (100-staff outside expenses) from appropriations in the same or other services in order to transfer these activities to the Minister of Finance is authorized.
Education contribution of appropriations registration
ARTICLE 22.- 16.08.1997 dated and 4306 the Provisional Article 1 were charged under Article amount of the budget to have them utilized the appropriations put to this purpose the Ministry of Education budget (B) revenue in chart record, appropriations exceeding adding appropriations to order about at revenue collection, year unexpended appropriations in next year's income half the budget and appropriations to save, to determine the principles and procedures for the operation of this provision shall be made in the framework of the Minister of Finance is authorized.
Defense Industry Support Fund

Article 23 - a) the Turkish Armed provide the necessary modern weapons in accordance with the strategic objectives of the plan to force spending to be made during the fiscal year for the vehicle and be carried out with equipment for defense and NATO infrastructure investments, 07.11.1985 dated and 3238 numbered Law established Defense the sources of the industry Support Fund, which aims to put the budget appropriations and other in-kind and cash facilities by assessing the Defense industry Executive Committee shall be determined by agreement principles are met in the apartment.
B) of National Defence and the Interior Ministry (Gendarmerie General Command, the Coast Guard Command) The amount to be determined in accordance with the above paragraph of the available appropriations allocated to the budget of Defense Industry Support Fund to pay National Defence and Interior Ministers is authorized.
C) will be invested in Treasury money comes from the Defense Industry Support Fund budget on the one hand, on the other hand, the budget of the Ministry of National Defense to record appropriations related to the scheme, and last year the Minister of Finance is authorized to transfer the balance of the grant.
Transfer is not possible consular revenues
ARTICLE 24 - Convertible non consulate is not possible to transfer income and 2000. By the end of the unused amount, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a special issue will be opened in the budget, to be used for purchasing goods and services deemed necessary by the Ministry, year the amount of unused appropriations in the budget and save the needed revenue and year to next year's allowances circuit, the rules and procedures of expenditures to be made by Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Finance is authorized to determine jointly.

Be made to the foreign service provision Article 25 - The Minister of Finance;
A) The Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command of foreign countries and international organizations to the land used for the fulfillment of the given or a service rent, sea and taken from aircraft lease or fee amounts,
b) study of the Turkish Armed Forces and the curricula of educational institutions and studying foreign officers, noncommissioned officers, or the costs incurred to the amount paid by States about the provisions,
c) in accordance with the agreement made by NATO authorities will be given for the replacement of airports maintenance and repair of money on the one hand to be used
same purpose revenue in the budget, on the other hand, the organizations described above will be opened in unspent budget funds to save parts of the special issue of the year and the amount of allowance recorded in this way to hand over to the next year,
is authorized.
Donations, grants and assistance
Article 26 - a) domestic and foreign sources to be achieved in the financial year as a grant facility of Turkish Lira money according to need on the proposal of Treasury revenue in the budget or to save income and allowances and expenses,
b) donations from external sources or from international treaties and credit lines in the future all kinds of materials, freight and importation-related duties and taxes to return them for the purpose of payment, the corresponding budget in the current or again be opened to record allocations of expenditure, and making the necessary process
c) 2001 Ministry of National Defense in Fiscal Year, the Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command with military aid tract from foreign states for their needs or to provide virtually any other road construction materials and cost of goods for connected (B) comes to the arrangement to be opened in the name and the provision of rulers in this budget allowance special arrangement to open and to save costs,
Minister of Finance is authorized.

ARTICLE 27. Special allowances and cancellation of their income - with other special allowance and special allowance for the special income from private donations and revenue;
A) Allocation aim is inadequate in terms of the realization of the allocation objectives with the realization that allowance remains,
b) (a) die than those under paragraph (1 000 000 000) spent even though the delegate pounds not exceeding two years and those that do not,
Cancellation by the Minister of Finance is authorized to record revenues. share of the revenues of the Authority

ARTICLE 28.- the monthly gross revenue accrued (excluding Value Added Tax and Additional Tax) to record the cover,
- Turkish Telecommunications Inc.'s sale of goods and services gross revenue ( the first sale of shares until settlement), 15%
- State Airports Administration 10% of the General Directorate of goods and services sold for gross proceeds
- State Supply Office DG (DMO) goods and services sold products up to 10% of gross revenue as nevi are,

Later than the 20th of the following month, the Ministry of Finance will be paid to the Central Accounting Office. Paid those amounts recorded as revenue in the budget. Allowance and Income Fund
Article 29- a) various legislation established funding for all types of revenues Treasury Republic of Turkey on behalf of mutual funds deposited in the account opened at the Central Bank. This accounts envisaged in the legislation of the funds invested in income from shares and deductions made by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.
Budget funds received in the scope of the attached (F) are shown in the table marked. These revenues, the general budget amounts remaining after deductions (B) will be recorded as revenue in chart. This budget funds services (a) fulfill the payments of the ruler. Scope
left out fund joint proposal by the Minister in charge of Treasury and Finance Minister income and revenue in the general budget by making cuts in the rate and amount will be determined with the approval of the Prime Minister can be saved.
Funds, services and expenditures are made according to the principles and procedures in their legislation.
B) 1. The joint proposal by the Minister in charge of Treasury and Finance Minister and the Prime Minister's approval on allocation of funds in the budget of the organization arranged for the funding of other institutions budget,
2. upon the proposal of the relevant minister, taking place in other disposition of funds carried out by the organization in order to budget allocations, "the 77-Aide Fund Services" sub-programs, the Minister of Finance is authorized to transfer
C) 1. resources they obtain funds through borrowing on the one hand necessary budget (B) revenue in chart, for (a) to record appropriations in chart,
2. The service by the service Funds awarded to another organization if the amount of money that comes to the budget organization that will directly benefit the service and saving
Minister of Finance is authorized.
D) 1. The joint proposal by the Minister in charge of Treasury and Finance Minister and the Prime Minister's approval can be done via the transfer of funds with expense accounts. The amounts transferred itself to the transfer of mutual fund account over the revenue account of the fund is transferred to the account here at all costs.
2. Budget from funds outside the scope of the residual amount after deductions and transfers among the funds according to their own regulations, the funds transferred to the account goes by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.
E) funds which are established by law or other legislation outside decrees, Finance Minister, the ministers whom the Undersecretariat of Treasury and State Planning Organization may be liquidated with the approval of Prime Minister upon the joint proposal.
Law or legal provision in the preparation of draft laws related to the liquidation of the funds established by decree the ministers to whom the Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization with the Minister of Finance and Treasury is authorized. come in all sorts of funds that are
liquidation, if a specific regulations exist in the legislation of the liquidation, according to the removed provisions in force until the new regulations in this regard shall continue to be collected and recorded as revenue in the general budget. if existing staff requests the funds are planned to be
duties, the situation in other public institutions and organizations which are assigned to live on the need for appropriate vacant civil service positions. They dated on 03.04.1998 and the Provisional Article 7 of Law No. 4359 of 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 of paragraph shall apply.
Budget appropriation to be carried out by those who must supply the existing obligations on the elimination of the liquidated funds from which will be liquidated in 2001, carried out by those who need funds to continue the service by the year 2000. If necessary, it can be opened for this purpose special series. This is the scope of the expenditures to be made from the composition of expenditure procedures and other matters determined by guidelines to be issued jointly prepared by the relevant organizations and the Ministry of Finance. But that does not exceed the framework set by the legislation in force removed the scope of the scheme to fund the expenses to be concerned.
liquidation of funds is, those who continue to serve with the payments of the budget, credit return revenues deposited in the account of the relevant institutions of the central accountancy and recorded as revenue in the budget. The amounts deposited the money, to be used for the same purpose authorized the Minister of Finance related organizations in order to save the existing budget allocations.

To make all the arrangements for the implementation of this paragraph, the relevant institutions in order to open new budget, the budget of the organization or institution is authorized to make transfers between the Minister of Finance budget.

Treasury and Provisions Regarding Public Institutions SECTION

Public Debt Management of State debt
Article 30. a) The management of the state debt of Law No. 4059 dated 12.09.1994 Treasury carried out in accordance with Article 2.
B) the Minister in charge of the Treasury, the interior will be paid during the financial year (Government Bonds, Treasury Bills) and debt capital outside the budget, domestic and foreign debt amounts to watch in special accounts, internal and external debt principal repayments to the budget during the fiscal year it is authorized to make the associating with.
This provision guaranteed repayment of the loan made and nature-Operate-Transfer model also applies to all of the obligations undertaken in the framework of the guarantee.
C) the State's domestic and foreign debt interest and overheads are covered by appropriations put in the budget for this purpose.
D) payments Repealed who was born under the Foreign Exchange Differences Foreign Loans Fund and should be carried out will be met by appropriations budget for this purpose.
E) The external debt of annexed budget administrations will be paid according to these substantive Treasury.
F) implementation results of government debt in conjunction with the final accounts prepared by the ruler about whom the Treasury Department sent to the Ministry of the Treasury General Account, to be included.
G) regarding the management and accounting principles and procedures of government debt is held together by the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance.
Domestic borrowing
Article 31 - a) to which the Treasury that the Law Minister during the financial year "balance" the amount stated in the article titled "the use of net debt" (amount obtained by deducting the principal payments of made borrowing during the year) it is authorized. This limit can be increased up to 15%. Deducted from the portion exceeding the debt limit on external debt principal payments under the residue is added to the limit. It was issued before special issue government bonds be issued on the basis of various laws that are paid in cash, except for those terms is not considered in the calculation of this limit.
B) to be issued within the prescribed limits of authority of government bonds for one year (364 days) and longer-term government bonds and special issue government bonds with maturities of less than one year (up to 364 days) are Treasury bills.
C) the types of government bonds to be removed, the sales method, interest rate conditions, due to the Ministers of all kinds principles and their pertaining to determine the other terms of the Undersecretariat of Treasury regarding the printing and payment is authorized.
D) the printing costs of the state of the debt securities to be removed, to be paid to financial institutions to participate in sales commissions and bank transaction tax on the sale of participating financial institutions remove any will do so sales transactions, tax, of the duties and levies to the Treasury financial institutions to be implemented in printing and securities repaid forms and principles Treasury Undersecretariat and Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in 1050 accounting-i General Law No. 2886 will be concluded without applying the provisions of the Public Procurement Law are determined by financial service agreement.
To be issued in the current year or in previous years, the State issued bonds accrued interest may be recovered from or paid by market conditions or replaced with other notes.
With interest and principal payments of the state of the debt securities to be disposed of payments take place in the financial services agreement mentioned above and expense they relate to other government domestic debt excluding and processing all kinds of taxes (Income and Corporation excluding tax), duties and are exempt from fees .
Provisions in this paragraph shall also apply in transactions related to the issuance of government bonds in previous years.
E) government debt securities if issued as indexed in foreign currency or foreign currency, recalculated as each interest payment date of exchange gains on principal and year-end, adding to the principal value is made debt record.

F) Consolidated excluding government bonds will be issued in exchange for cash for the purpose of budget financing, can not be exported as all government bonds are termed history. issued previously changed interest rates of the special issue government bonds and new shares can be issued in place of interest payments. The implementation of
1211 and 4568 Law No.
Article 32 - a) No. 1211 Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey of the Law Article 61 in accordance with the provisions Obligations aware of revaluation given in the past year government bonds with which the Republic of Turkey Central Bank open market transactions in the use of securities losses arising between the market interest with their original interest in the result of securities in exchange for the bank given the government bonds of 2001 in the amount required by the interest payments to the special issue government bonds to give,
b) 21/4/1994 dated 3985 numbered Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on the Law of the Law Amending the temporary Article 9 in accordance with Short Term Advances Account of which have been exported for the purpose of liquidating the accumulated amount of government debt bonds in 2001 will be the amount required by the interest payments on special issue government bonds to give,
c) above said interest payments "to be deducted from the budget payments account" from taking, can not be deducted in the year of account residue monitoring in the next year to transfer or associating the special account budget,
d) 4568 dated some of the funds within the framework of provisions of the Law on the Elimination Treasury inherited Public Partnership Fund 's necessary to issue debt in return for the special issue of government bonds; the maturity of these notes, all kinds of principles and their pertaining to determine the other terms and conditions relating to interest and variety, the Minister in charge of
e) No.1211 Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey of the Law Article 61 in accordance with revaluation of the born and unborn debt for payments to be made in 2001 to issue special issue of government debt securities and the maturity of the bonds, interest rates and other conditions of the offer Prime Minister in charge of the determination to the Treasury, is authorized

External debt Article 33 - a) foreign countries, according to the general and annexed budget institutions and banks made with institutions or international organizations and agreements to be made of the facilities granted as foreign project loans;

1. Turkish Lira counterparts, making foreign debt records are reported to the Ministry of Treasury.
2. domestically and abroad, through the exchange of goods, services and foreign project loans made to use as a training fee is sent to the Treasury within thirty days following the use to be made by the respective institutions record foreign debt. amounts of foreign debt registration is notified to the Ministry of Treasury. 3
. Costs of materials and services, and the commitment by the relevant organization documents and draft contracts also notified the Ministry of Finance.
4. The said amount, the special issue will be opened in the budgets of the relevant institutions;
- Appropriations saving,
- by transfer of existing appropriations, to
budgeting, the amount not spent during the year than they are saving benefit of the budget of the next year, the Minister of Finance to cancel amounts having the opportunity to use due to the completion of the project, the amounts recorded allowances circuit is authorized.
According to the above process is done mainly Turkish Lira for more money, materials and service costs of facilities provided in a similar manner in previous years.
5. basis for the implementation of the above-mentioned provisions and procedures shall be determined jointly by the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance.
B) the commitments of the materials to be purchased by foreign borrowing facilities and service document or draft contracts, the Ministry of Finance to purchase without a visa in accordance with No. 1050 Law Article 64 can not be performed and done external debt records of the relevant amount.
However, before the budgeting process related to the Ministry of Finance required external borrowing (appropriation of the amount, expenses and foreign debt records are to be submitted later) is authorized to commit visa documents and draft contracts.

C) State until the completion of legal regulations to ensure the relevant loan agreements have come into force with debt credit agreements payable in advance should commission fee, the guarantee fee and other expenses with the necessary interest payments "to be deducted from the budget Payments Account" from the make, year of account that can not be offset in the next fiscal year that is now the competent minister is bound to hand over to the Treasury.
D) all payments and transactions provided for in the relevant loan agreement with Consolidated Government debt (including payments to be made within the framework of foreign project loans) in 2001, all kinds of taxes and are exempt from fees.
E) Financing the European Union, foreign governments or works to be carried out by providing in accordance with the agreements made with international organizations, if the provision of special tender and procurement procedures in the treaty's provisions, specific laws, is governed by the decrees or agreements.
F) foreign countries, banks and institutions with or made with international organizations or transfer ensuring by the Treasury with the agreement to be made and the loan agreement through the general and annexed budget institutions and facilities granted as foreign project loans to public institutions and organizations outside the external debt by related institutions registration is sent to the Treasury within thirty days following the use to be made.
G) European Union members, starting from the date 1/1/1999 and the Economic Monetary Union participating states of the Euro to take, depending on the public sector minister, the foreign debt and to make regulations relating to debt management agreement Treasury is bound to be authorized. Loan of
external debt, transfer and guarantee to the
ARTICLE 34 a) Foreign countries, international organizations, foreign banks and all kinds of built-in other financial institutions in foreign countries aim and theme related to borrowings made to finance instruments used in the international capital markets and negotiations to conclude transactions in connection with the execution and the borrowing
b) (a) above paragraph financing opportunities provided by the public and lending to private sector companies, to transfer or uses, the agreement within the framework of determining the loan and transfer conditions to ensure developments in various sectors of the economy and repayments to be made of this loan into account the loan or loans to the same organizations,
c) of the facilities mentioned above directly with established institutions in the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey or Turkey if provided by Turkish banks, these loans are partially or completely take over the inherited these loans are loans partially or totally public institutions, transfers or uses to the repayments to be made of this loan into account the loan or loans to the same organizations, borrowing in foreign currency assets of banks resident in Turkey
d) 1 of credit institutions foreign countries, international organizations or foreign countries, banks and institutions participating in this financing transaction that Turkish banks by public institutions (to be subject to special legal provisions together, including those of more than 50% of the capital owned), credit will be given to investment and development banks, to guarantee the conditions of the agreement | || 2. The World Bank and within the framework guarantee programs they introduced other international organizations,
aa) public organizations (to be subject to special legal provisions with more than 50% of the capital belonging to the state) and as the borrower of investment and development bank for financing opportunities they will provide the international market ,
bb) Build-Operate-Transfer and related projects to be carried out within the framework of the Build-Operate model to be limited by Treasury guarantees foreseen in the regulations and conditions to be negotiated by the Treasury,
referred to above to provide guarantees against guarantees issued by international organizations, 3
. It will be provided for foreign debt guaranteed by the Treasury; warranty or given to organizations before in any investigation and to undergo inspection, guarantee fee rate, guarantees given stage, the guarantee against organizations will be given a guarantee of conditions and to determine the repayment terms of the obligations arising Treasury on behalf of these debt
e) national banks and public institutions to foreign countries will be opened to guarantee the repayment of credit, letters of guarantee national authorized to direct banks to issue guarantees in favor of foreign countries,

F) foreign countries by the name of the Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Treasury to enable the use of gratuitous to the institutions mentioned in public institutions and official bodies or of loans from international organizations technical assistance and special and autonomous budget is required pursuant to section of the treaty provisions under the educational objectives of public institutions,
g ) the Council of Europe by the Bank for Social Development in Bosnia-Herzegovina for the projects to be funded this Bank members will be provided with other countries, a common guarantee under the guarantee given to,
h) the European Union, foreign countries and banks in these countries and lending agencies and international financial operating in our country from the organization risk bridge loan in the form of risk capital to the capital Investment Partnership, conditional loans provide or the above-mentioned foreign countries and organizations mentioned Investment Company directly or tool to make agreements to contribute in the form of venture capital through financial institutions, provided that these facilities are to be transferred, made available to and back payment of
i) the Budget Law and the loans made under the relevant legislation, the Treasury guarantee from the Treasury made the undertaking to determine the terms of the receivables arising as a result, collection of the track and the Minister to whom the administration through the use of any financial technique Treasury is bound to be authorized. the operation will give rise to the Treasury, the collection of these receivables, and follow the principles and procedures for the determination of the administration, to which the Minister is authorized
J) that for transactions made in previous years, the principles apply.
K) obtained by borrowing from international commercial banks in the year in respect of external financing;
1. Municipalities and affiliates with special status with public service and the capital of the municipality, more than 50% of the investments and the related legislation should have a legal personality will be guaranteed by the Treasury to local government units or external loan amount will be transferred 500 million US dollars,
2 . Other public institutions and organizations (to be subject to special legal provisions together, including those of more than 50% of the capital owned) for external loan amount will be guaranteed Treasury 4 billion US dollars,
With limited.
3rd Construction-Operate, Build-Operate-Transfer, external borrowing will allow the projects to be carried out within the framework of transfer and other models of Operating Rights guaranteed by the Treasury and in the market of international organizations and development and investment banks with Treasury guarantees is beyond the limit specified above.
244 No. borrowing outside the scope of Law
Article 35 - a) of 31.05.1963 dated and 244 of Law No. making loan agreements with organizations outside the scope and project feasibility studies in order to meet the external financing needs identified in the annual program of external financing needs to meet with the conditions to be agreed upon with the world Bank (10 000 000), the Minister in charge of the Treasury is authorized to make the loan of up to US Dollars.
B) such agreements and credit agreements relating to defense budget borrowing has been made based on the provisions of the law, the Cabinet of Ministers shall enter into force on the Council Board as deemed appropriate by other credit agreements. These decrees are not subject to Law No. 244 dated 05.31.1963 and 05.23.1928 dated and 1322 numbered Law.
C) with this article of the Republic of Turkey "External Debt Loan, transfers and GUARANTEEING" article bearing the title and based on the provisions of this Article, management of the existing various financial instruments in world capital market liabilities arising from the credit agreement is a party as borrower or guarantor adjectives respectively the purpose to which the Treasury Minister has the authority to make a deal. It shall enter into force on the date of signing the said agreements.
D) on similar agreements have been concluded in the previous budget year in this Article shall apply.
Lending, grants and aid agreements
Article 36 - a) the European Union, foreign countries, contact related to grants from international organizations and foreign credit institutions, to negotiation and agreement, and the public the funding opportunities provided in this way and special the Minister is authorized to uses that are connected to the Treasury sector organizations. It shall enter into force on the date of signing the said agreements.

Into the general budget from these sources apartments and other public institutions transactions related to the use of grants provided to stamp duty, pictures, are exempt from fees and other costs.
B) Foreign countries and to agree on the debt will be given to organizations and agreements to determine the principles and conditions, the Minister in charge of making to the postponement of the debt and restructuring transactions Treasury is authorized. Due to be given to foreign countries and organizations met from funds to be appropriated for this purpose the Treasury budget.
Such agreements shall enter into force by the Council of Ministers.
C) The Republic of Turkey on behalf of foreign countries and organizations to sign there and deal in the negotiations on the grant and aids to be President and without prejudice to the Prime Minister's powers of Ministers, individuals and organizations will be determined by the Council is authorized. It will be given to foreign grants and aid for the Ministry of Finance in the budget (economic, cultural, except for Training and Technical Cooperation Department) met from funds to be appropriated for this purpose.
Such agreements shall enter into force by the Council of Ministers.
Specified in the grant agreement and cash assistance can be transferred to accounts opened in foreign currency on behalf of the countries budget expenses recorded in the Central Bank of Turkey. Payments are made in accordance with the agreement and under the principles relating to the account specified by the Ministry of Finance.
D) Export Credit Bank of Turkey by foreign countries and will be open to institutions in this country for two years or longer-term goods and / or services sales contracts or picture about equal leasing transactions, such contracts Supported Export Credits of principles and financial provisions authorized the Minister in charge of organizing the Treasury.
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Project Agreements to be concluded under Article 37
- under the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline project;
A) the host country agreement to be signed, turnkey construction contract, the government guarantee agreements and project throne at the other related documents and agreements with other documents of the signing,
b) (a) other related documents and agreements with the agreements referred to in subparagraph the Republic of Turkey in other documents throne and all the commitment by the relevant public institutions and payments, completion, performance and other obligations of the for the granting guarantees to the parties stipulated in the agreements relating to performance, as it is necessary that stipulated in the agreement of the contracting bet, partially or completely, if not fulfilled any other payment obligation will arise on the guarantee on behalf of the Republic of Turkey
c) (a) and (b) the agreements referred to in paragraphs other related documents and agreements to be signed other documents related to public institutions and organizations identified and the authorization,
Cabinet it is authorized. SECTION

Treasury Operations Advance transactions
Article 38 - to make timely payments of the general budget and to avoid adversely affected by seasonal fluctuations will show the collection of payments, and Law No. 1211 dated 01.14.1970 50 Article according to the principles to take short-term advances from the Central Bank of Turkey to which the Treasury Minister is authorized.
Various Treasury transition of values ​​in accountancy Article 39 - The Minister of Finance, all accountancy of including assets and relics goods outside the Treasury account a variety of reasons to register to the Treasury accounts of all kinds of money, to save money on these accounts and for this purpose is authorized to take necessary measures.
No. 1050-i in accounting for public funds on a non-treasurer of the management and responsibilities defined by the General Law this provision is applied.
Will be given back money
ARTICLE 40. - 27.06.1963 in accordance with dated and 261 of Law no suitable method of payment by precise and advances the money will be given back to which the Treasury will be determined jointly by the Ministry and the Ministry of Finance.
Examinations determined that the end of time or be paid more than the amount deducted shall not be taken back in accordance with the provisions of the 6183 Law on the Procedure of Collection of Public Receivables.
About State Petroleum Exchange rate differences and payable in accordance with the Petroleum Law

ARTICLE 41 a) dated 04.05.1973 and the State the right to be taken from oil by Law No. 1702, the budget (B) in the table marked "State Petroleum Rights" arranged to come to enroll.
B) due 6326 of the Petroleum Law 116/3 third of the transfers made pursuant to Article 1995, 1996 and 1997, the expenditure related to the Fiscal Year Budget Law 1995, 1996 and Treasury to be canceled on account of the person lending the name on the payment of foreign currency gains made in 1997 'the Minister is authorized by the connected.

State Owned Enterprises profits of public economic enterprises
Article 42 - a) of entities subject to the provisions of the Decree Law No. 233, the profit of 2000, corresponding to the amount of Treasury;
1. Decree No. 233 without being subject to the restrictions specified in the Law, upon the proposal of the Minister in charge of Treasury to record revenue in the budget,
2. Establishment of the outstanding capital or accrued duty loss receivable to revenue in the budget on the proposal of the Minister in charge of the Treasury to be deducted from the allowances and recording expenses
b) (a) of the organizations covered by paragraph 1999, and the amounts corresponding to the Treasury of the dividend of the previous year revenue budget at the request of the Minister in charge of Treasury and expenses associating the organization with the mission to make damages claims or proceedings related to working capital offset
Minister of Finance is authorized.
Public partnerships and a
Article 43- The changes in capital in its subsidiaries) public partnerships and implement the reorganization measures affiliates, to participate in the capital increase, to fulfill the requirements of state economic enterprises, investment and financing programs and implement the provisions of the Decree No. 233 Decree Law in order ;
1. Treasury of all kinds to participate to the capital increase and the purchase of all types of share capital,
2. Treasury and state economic enterprises of the capital shares to other public economic enterprises, the privatization authority to transfer or to take over the supplementary budget administrations or by them, 3
. State economic enterprises and subsidiaries of the Treasury or the debts of the various fund-year investment and financing programs in accordance with the receivables from the Treasury or unpaid capital to offset to or undertakings to determine the payment periods and conditions of the debt, the Minister in charge of the Treasury; The amount required for these operations, as Undersecretary of the proposal, depending on the nature comes to the special issue will open on budget and appropriations recording,
Minister of Finance is authorized.

B) 2000 public economic enterprises and end of subsidiaries; Treasury, funds, overdue debts to the Social Insurance Agency, the Treasury and the receivables from funds or to deduct the unpaid capital, the Minister in charge of the Treasury, this process to register the income upon the proposal of the same Undersecretariat and expense accounts with the State related accounts based on associating the nature of the Minister of Finance is authorized . Turkish Telecommunications Inc. 1996-1997-1998-1999 year of the Budget Law "share the revenue of the Corporation entitled" pursuant KDV and sales of goods and services excluding the additional tax accrual determined through the monthly gross revenue, the Turkish Telecommunications Inc. shares of budget revenues are being registered amounts to be deducted from the share of proceeds from the sale, 07.06.1999 dated and 4397 numbered law, several Prime Ministerial approval, and the Council of Ministers and the National Security Council decisions in accordance with its investment and services from 31.12.2000 as the Prime Minister the budget provision , the Treasury, telecommunications receivables from official circles outside the Funds and municipalities and the capital will take the Turkish Telecommunications Inc. or will establish the company's operating to the GSM 1800 mobile telecommunications system permits money to pay the license fee (including KDV) Treasury and the principles to be determined jointly by the Ministry of Finance offset to the Minister in charge of the Treasury, these operations account to register with the relevant state according to associating with the nature of income and expense accounts on the proposal of the Minister of Finance is authorized same Undersecretariat. Due to this process the final amount of KDV operators will be installed on Article 29/1 of Law No. 3065 does not apply and can not be this tax.
C) in parallel with the restructuring work, Ziraat Bank and Halk Bank unmet by nature and budget allocations of various laws and regulations to ensure the elimination of the current duty losses as of 31/12/2000 may be issued special issue government bonds . These bonds, is outside the limits of the material relating to debt; term, the principles and procedures for the determination of interest rates and other terms with duty loss amount determined by the Prime Minister on the proposal of the Minister in charge of the Treasury.
D) 88/12944 dated Resource Utilization Support Fund Decision on various Article 3 (d) of the specified income in the paragraph, provided to support the export of the Central Bank from the income account funds by T. Export Credit Bank A.Ş. (Eximbank) Treasury Internal Payments are to be transferred to the bank account of the Treasurer. revenue in the budget proposal by the Treasury in order to ensure that this amount is paid to Eximbank as capital allowances and recording and determine the principles and procedures relating to the application under this subsection, the Minister of Finance is authorized.
E) Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and Unions Law No. 4572, dated 06.01.2000 on the Provisional Article 1 (E) in accordance with paragraph;
- Support As of 05.01.2000 the Agricultural Sales Association and Price Stabilization Fund, one of the debt, Finance Minister Union of restructuring in liquidation eligible for this debt to the cancellation of interest arising in the period until the liquidation upon the proposal of the Minister in charge of Treasury it is authorized.
-Agriculture Selling Association for the year ended 05/01/2000 private on-site activities related to the bank debt, rising interest and late payment penalties fer debts, such as the liquidation of the restructuring process of the Union, as appropriate and in the period until the liquidation of the debt of these debts Treasury met by issuing a special issue government bonds. These bonds, is outside the limits of the material relating to debt; term, the principles and procedures for determining the interest rate and other terms determined by the Council of Ministers.

F) "Tobacco, Tobacco Products, Salt and Alcohol Enterprises money will get all the born in connection with the General Directorate of the 196 Law No. Referring issued Ministers affairs support as of 31.12.2000 in accordance with the decision of the Council, 31.12.2000 date of maturity whereas it is unpaid tax liabilities (value-added tax, education, youth, sport and health services tax, excluding the contribution to education and funds) with delays on debt increases and default interest will be canceled by the same amount. late payment penalties and delays related to tax liabilities will be offsetting in accordance with this paragraph interest rates will be frozen as of 31/12/2000.
said duty loss of the leave on the proposal of the Minister in charge of the determination by the Board of Supreme Audit following the Treasury as required by this article and the Minister of Finance the authority to make other operations.
g) Single Terms, Tariff energy field issued on behalf of subscribers power cost for each electricity bill will be charged. To determine the amount of this fee Turkey Electricity Distribution Company Board of Directors is authorized.
Treasury guarantee
ARTICLE 44 - Turkey Export Credit Bank Inc.'s credit, insurance, and to guarantee the political risks arising from transactions related to guarantee operations cause and to pay for damages that may arise from these risks, connected
Treasury the Minister is authorized to be.

PART THREE Provisions Regarding Public Employees PART

Personal Rights coefficients, foreign pensions, wages and contract costs
ARTICLE 45. - A) in accordance with No. 657 of Civil Servants Law article 154 of monthly indicators in the statement figures to be applied in converting the monthly amount of additional index figure monthly coefficient of 1/1 / 2001-30 / 6/2001 period (17350), to apply to the civil service base salary indicators base salary coefficient 1/1 / 2001-30 / 6/2001 period (111,600) is applied.
Decree Law No. 399 of Article 3 (c), pursuant to the wage ceiling for contract staff run 1/1 / 2001-30 / 6/2001 period (762 167 000) is implemented as pounds.
However; If there is an additional salary increase implemented in the last months of the previous fiscal year, monthly, monthly base and sides of the contract staff to pay the additional fees, or coefficient of floor and ceiling increase will be applied to this charge; The Council of Ministers is authorized to re-set in January.
Compared to December 2000, the date 1/1/2001, the lowest cumulative rate of increase in subsequent civil servant net salary per month 1994 announced by the State Institute of Statistics in 2001, 100 based Urban Areas Consumer Price Cumulative compared to December 2000, the General Index in case remain below the rate of increase, the rate of increase in the said consumer prices to provide a total salary increase of over two percentage points and contract base with coefficients that are applied with effect from the 15th of the month which announced the inflation and salary cap or re-added growth rate to be applied to this fee it is determined. principles for the application and procedures determined by the Ministry of Finance.
Second half of the 2001 fiscal year the above-mentioned application to the Minister to continue in the same manner as needed Authority.
B) abroad of the institutions of staff, including the foreign institutions involved in civil servants' pensions, until the new exchange and identify new precedents, 04.19.1999 dated and 99/12791 numbered Council of Ministers Decision, in accordance with the provisions contained in the annexes and amendments paid.
C) The Ministry of Interior will be determined minimum and maximum monthly payments within the limits of the mayor, is determined by the municipal assemblies. SECTION

Staff Employment Principles for the use of

Article 46 - a) the general budget, including apartments in the supplementary budget administrations, their affiliated revolving organizations, the fund established by law, guarantee funds, social security institutions, public and added that had been allocated to the budgets of aid agencies of the transfer order free civil service posts with the assignment to use in order to open those empty of permanent workers staff and the institution of the vacant civil service positions 657 Civil Servants Act of appointing deputies openly compared to the third paragraph of Article 86 is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Finance. Exposed assignment permit, granted on condition that there is sufficient staff allowances. However, judges and prosecutors who are in this profession mentioned tasks with which their profession, higher education institutions, faculty members and 24/5 / l983 and dated 2828 on Social Services and Child Protection Agency Law is not sought permission for appointments to be made in accordance with Appendix l Article.
Institutions, assignment at risk, retirement, resignation and the release team for reasons such as transport full of staff with the changes and displays the empty table in March, June, September and filling as of the last day of December, must submit to the Ministry of Finance.
B) The Ministry of Finance of the permanent workers of vacancies of the above institutions and the State Personnel Presidency cancels eligible for the permission of the Prime Minister.
C) special provincial administrations and municipalities, which have been allocated to them establish their unity and establishment of free civil servants with 3l of permanent workers staff / l2 / 2000 date of the empty ones to use in order to assign the vulnerability of those who will be empty after this date are subject to the permission of the Interior Ministry.
D) general budget apartments with a supplementary budget management of working capital and fund accounting offices belonging to the treasurer and accountant in officers each title implications for the officer's staff, who are approved by the Ministry of Finance 'addition to the staff list this ministry is tenkism cadres of working capital and funding.
Staff list to the Ministry of Finance added that member of staff employed in personnel, are considered to be assigned to another processing without the need for the staff.
E) Paragraph (a) within the scope of institutions and organizations in order to advance the supply of staff allowances and staff shall take the opinion of the Ministry of Finance for new units to be established in accordance with the existing laws of the organization.
Contracted personnel
ARTICLE 47. - Overall budget apartments, including annexed budget administrations, revolving fund, municipalities, special provincial administrations, established by law funds, social security institutions, the general and annexed aid organizations from the budgets of the transfer arrangement 8 / 6/1984 and Law No. 233 of the remaining institutions outside the scope of the decree dated 06.06.1978 and the contract staff to be employed on No. 7/15754 of Ministers shall continue the implementation of supplements and amendments by the Council.
Institutions and organizations mentioned in paragraph 657, the Civil Servants Act, except the title of the contract staff they employ according to other legal provisions, the number and costs shows schedules and type contract for 2001 Fiscal Year must make a visa to the Finance Ministry by the end of January.
Private law provisions to be displayed in accordance with staff contracted personnel employed by title, number and wages are not subject to a visa. But the organizations they belong to type contract until the end of January 2001, make a visa to the Ministry of Finance and contract staff of the name they operate in this manner, title, show staff grade and contract fees ruler February, August and must submit information to the Ministry of Finance as of December.
Budget year in legislation new contract personnel provisions to be employed on the basis of (except contracted personnel employed staff equivalent) for the number to be regulated organizations also, title, character and shows the cost of additional scale and the type contract if they contain different provisions are necessary to be a visa to the Ministry of Finance .
Visa procedures and the completion of the contract in accordance with the preceding paragraph can not make any payments can be made.

657 Civil Servants Law of Article 4 (B) of paragraph with additional temporary l6 Article and special laws according to 2000 financial year contract with the execution of those in 2001 to continue their mission in the fiscal year concerned ministries or institutions burners approved in February and started to March contract fees, legal procedures in respect of their employment with a contract based on completed until 2000. the visas in fiscal year agreement, on the basis of new contracts for required adjustments are then paid to the Ministry of Finance visa regardless.
Labor allowances and temporary job positions
Article 48- a) general budget, including apartments and annexed budget administrations, permanent workers with thirty working temporary workers will run for more than the day, budget (55) and (66) in the sub-program located l00-Personnel expenses they can employ the number and duration not exceeding the expenditure allowances. unit heads of these agencies and organizations do business programs according to the appropriations are distinguished to work more in this sub-program, to make more work to exceed this allowance and are required mAmAklA cessation debt due to work more in the next year. The specified sub-program to benefit in any way transfer can be made from the budget and wage workers and other schemes can not be paid overtime pay. However, collective bargaining obligations arising from contracts with severance and termination payments occur due to lack of appropriations in reserve allowance scheme covered in the Ministry of Finance.
However, the temporary worker positions in the personnel of the permanent workers of the institution, which will be adapted to the staff, and situated in the budget (66) have been segregated in the subprogram temporary labor allowances, (55) the Minister of Finance to transfer the continuous labor allowances scheme in the sub-program is authorized.
Institutions, budget (66) sub-program composable appropriations and limited to the year in the number of temporary workers will run as many months, distribution, according to the units they will run (units in the central administration, while the provincial organization of and in the provincial offices) showing rulers, made until the end of January with the Ministry of Finance calculations must make visa. Changes occurring during the year shall also be subject to the same visa procedures. The visa process can not temporary workers without employment and payment can be made. Officers can not be seen to be working hand in order to be employed in jobs.
Above provisions treasurer who is responsible for higher spending allowances and accruals officers of the exchequer practices contrary.
B) General and annexed budget administrations to the revolving fund organizations, more than established by law funds and services in general or annexed budget of the organization for carrying out the allowance they receive from the transfer order No. 233, Law of thirty business days from the date 1.1.2001 of the remaining institutions outside the Decree coverage period temporary job positions of the temporary workers will run until the date of 1/31/2001 by the approval of the relevant ministry, the Ministry of Finance moved visa.
C) (a) and (b) the institutions of the dams, the law of organizations and funds, with the establishment of international agreements or the 2001 Program or out of the new visa will be made to the unit is planned to be expanded, 2000 total man be endorsed in Fiscal Year / month will exceed the amount so the visa can not be done. Visa temporary job positions that had been replaced by another with the approval of the Ministry of Finance titled temporary job positions or canceled. A copy of the schedule designated by the Ministry of Finance visa, according to the Court of interest or sent to the Prime Minister's Supreme Audit Board. This payment can not be made without the visa process.
D) Public Economic Enterprises and its subsidiaries as of 1/1/2001 thirty working days temporary job positions of the temporary workers will run for longer than until the date of 31.01.2001 by obtaining the approval of the Ministry of State Personnel will be visa to the Presidency. Visas are temporary work positions in the State Personnel Presidency titled replaced by another temporary job positions or canceled. A copy of the visa be sent to the Prime Ministry Supreme Audit Board ruler. This payment can not be made without the visa process.

E) special provincial administrations and municipalities with a temporary job positions of the temporary workers employed in these establishments will be set up that unity and visas each year to the Ministry of Interior. temporary work visa other positions that had been titled by the Ministry of Interior or replaced with temporary job positions may be canceled. An example of the position of temporary work visas ruler to be endorsed by the Ministry of Interior sent to the State Personnel Presidency. This can not be operated without a temporary worker visas and can not be made any payment.

Public Expenditure Measures on Boosting Activity
Consolidated distribution of staff of the organizations included in the budget ARTICLE 49. - In order to conduct effective and efficient public services, consolidated, including the budget office and management of organizational structures and services aim to take measures to ensure appropriate as staffing, the staff is more need to take the views of relevant organizations by this Law, Article 46 (a) of the principles relating to the transfer of public institutions and procedures referred to in subparagraph State Personnel Department of the Minister of Finance is authorized to determine the taking views.
Vehicle use in public institutions
ARTICLE 50. - To reduce the number of vehicles owned by public institutions and organizations, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs on to make the necessary arrangements in order to avoid the waste, to take measures to bring limitations, who instead of official vehicles of public officials will benefit from the advantage of commercial vehicles and commercial vehicles to try to do is pay for it with the principles and procedures of the Minister of Finance the authority to determine the relationship.
Exposed to assign permissions
Article 51 - the Ministry of Finance of this Law Article 46 (a) of the total number of permits assignment at risk will be given to release official staff of the institutions referred to in subparagraph retirement in 2000 at their respective institutions, death or resignation a result of allocated staff the number can not exceed 80%. Norman staff study concluded implemented through institutions and laws, international agreements or the establishment of the program in 2001 or planned to be expanded unit and provide personnel needs required by the compulsory service is authorized holdings assessment Finance Minister subject to the restrictions set forth above.
Fixtures standardization, goods and materials transfer
Article 52 - a) Public institutions and organizations as authorities and services inventory, usage time and standards, the Turkish Standards Institute considering the Presidency specified standards, State Supply Office Directorate General of Association of the according generated is determined by the ministerial Committee for Standardisation.
B) General budget supplementary budget apartments with their attached agencies and the basis for the revolving fund and fund the transfer of goods and supplies between each other and procedures are regulated by the Ministry of Finance.
transfer of the Department of Defense appropriations ARTICLE 53 - Turkish Armed Forces can not be spent in the year of the appropriations required by the annual program of the Strategic Objectives Plan allocations, in order to ensure the continuity of services, recording appropriation of the budget of the following year to exceed 30% of the appropriations Finance Minister it is authorized. PART FIVE Miscellaneous Provisions

secondments Article 54 - 657 of the Law on Civil Servants Oct 8 and Oct 9th, Law No. 4208 dated 11.13.1996 of the 3 rd, 2547 Higher Education 38 of Law 40 and Article 41 and in 2919 numbered Grand National Assembly of Turkey except for security guards and people who are appointed by the General Secretariat of the organization Law, in other institutions in accordance with the applicable legislation temporarily assigned and staff salaries field officers or public officials from their institutions or organizations, temporary duty It said the benefit of the relevant legislation and they do all kinds of specified corporate staff compensation can be paid to the staff, overtime and other benefit payments. Will be considered as
collateral values ​​and temporary guarantee of real estate
Article 55 - a) 29/2/1984 dated 2983 accordance with the law issued by the principal registered and profit sharing certificates and other securities and government debt securities and Treasury bills
1. to do their bidding and contracts of public institutions Public Receivables Collection Procedure Act 6183 as collateral for the implementation of Article 10,

2. The payment of the cost of national property to be sold by the Treasury as a means of payment at par value,
Bonds and bills issued with interest the nominal value are based on sales value corresponding to the principal in these transactions.
B) 12.19.1999 dated and 4491 numbered Law with different 6/23/1999 dated 4389 of the Banking Law Article 20 of the six subparagraph provision to be made for an indefinite period of letters of guarantee public institutions issued by private financial institutions operating according to the tender and contracts with Public Receivables Collection Procedure 6183 will be accepted as collateral in the implementation of Article 10 of the Law. However, this guarantee letter of the Ministry of Finance to be determined according to the scope and form is mandatory.
C) Government-owned or state where the lease terms and the estimated cost of up to 20% savings can be found under the tender bid.
People debt
Article 56 - is registered in Accountancy accounts, mandatory or compelling that having the opportunity to follow up and collection reasons, No. 1050 Accounting i deleted in accordance with Article 133 of the General Law for the debts of people approved by the Financial Advisory Committee; The amount of (1,5) to be removed from the records of the Minister of Finance is authorized until billion pounds. The cancellation of debt in excess of this amount of people in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey shall be offered.
No. 178 according to the Ministry of Finance of the Organization and Duties of the Decree Law 543 dated Additive added by Decree Law 7, goods and demands for deletion of embezzlement of cash treasurer of income and expense officers will be decided by examining the Financial Advisory Board and submitted to the Minister of Finance. of embezzlement who have been abandoned in this decision (1.5) with leave of the list of budget implementation results billion pounds in excess supply is the knowledge of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
1969 for purchases made abroad between 1988 and 1050 on Public Accounting Law of 83 third of the loans based on the substance and abolished 27.06.1972 dated and 1601 numbered Law made offsetting of the attaches advance by those involved on behalf of the people debts account taking deduction is made. Regardless of the amount of those reported by the Ministry about the possibility to have taken account of the amount collected from the Financial Advisory Committee's opinion
People debt to be canceled by the Minister of Finance is authorized to be taken. Evaluation of
Treasury immovable
ARTICLE 57. subjected to forced migration from Bulgaria and then those who received Turkish citizenship, residence or by applying to become landowner, envisaged advance those who have invested their opening bank accounts (except those refunds advance) cooperatives established, ownership of land or land owned by the Treasury, the selling square ikiyüzkırkb value not less than the value of the Turkish lira spent basis; The sales price, the Central Bank on the date of the advance payment of money at the exchange deutsche mark, the Central Bank at the time of sale will be made German Marks buying rate equivalent to deduct the amount which translated into Turkish Lira and to determine the principles and procedures on this issue the Minister of Finance is authorized.
Immovable property belonging to the Treasury, the 492 numbered Charges Law on value calculated according to Article 63, to produce housing, Land Office, Directorate-General or the Housing Development Administration advance to the Presidency a cost or installments to transfer the Minister of Finance is authorized. The relevant rules and procedures determined by the Ministry of Finance.
State will not be included in and the amount to be waived
ARTICLE 58. - State courts provision attached fines, including all types of income and expenses, assessment, assessment, collection, and in return received the deposit with disbursement and State records, the amount specified in the laws and regulations and subject to change rates (10 000) are not taken into consideration the amount under pounds.
Minister of Finance; To correct the deficiencies that may arise regarding the issues mentioned above, the absolute difference will be determined based on the audit report of the tax office in order to eliminate the mismatch between curriculum and reconcile accounts are authorized to leave.
Accountancy transfer of duties and responsibilities

ARTICLE 59. - No. 1050-i to slew to the General Accounting Act and other legislation if deemed necessary treasurer to help some of the duties and powers of the Minister of Finance is authorized to specify the rules concerning transfers. responsibility on the Treasurer, also apply to the duties and powers conferred on the transferred business.

Membership to international organizations Article 60 - a) General budget departments and annexed budget administrations and state economic enterprises, social security institutions, funds and other institutions and organizations; To become a member of international institutions and laws, decrees and international agreements should join the current members of the organizations other than the current international organizations in order to pay their share, as well as other procedures required by the legislation are also connected or related to the current on the opinion of the Ministry's proposal Ministry of Finance and receive prior permission from the Foreign Ministry.
B) Treasury and Foreign Trade Undersecretariat of international agreements, laws and decrees with the process on behalf of the Republic of Turkey is a member of international organizations (including shares payments) This Article shall not apply.

Social facilities operated by public bodies Article 61 - Public institutions and organizations run educational and recreational facilities, guest houses, kindergartens, the budget does not contribute to the costs of sports facilities and other social facilities.
In such places, the general and annexed budget, working capital and new staff will be employed for the first time in 2001, to be paid from funds not assigned fee.
Question to determine the minimum price to be taken from those who will benefit from the facilities or to certify determined tariffs and the accounts of those places that used to be kept in order books and to identify documents, the Minister of Finance is authorized to make other necessary arrangements.
Overseas training
ARTICLE 62 - 2001 in accordance with the legislation regarding the fiscal year graduate in order to growing public institutions and organizations (master's, doctoral) students to be sent abroad for training, government officials and research assistants, only determined by the Higher Education Council they can be trained in foreign higher education institutions. Graduate expenses related to education, the invoice or document, but such expenses are paid by the higher education institution organized under the condition seen in education. education issues of civil servants to be sent abroad for training, the unit must be directly related to the tasks they are working the fields.
The number of people sent to this end, institutions and budgets are determined so as not to exceed the amount of funds placed.

Temporary service provision for payments to be made Article 63 - Institutions;
A) providing limited to the occasional work in nature, the year will be the people who run through a month of exceeding time by hiring the services of payments
b) to be made for people who buy Part-time service payments,
c) 3308 Apprenticeship and Vocational candidate in accordance with Article 25 of the Education Act, apprentices and business in vocational education students receiving the payments made,
d) 657 Civil Servants Law of 4 / C material counting accordance propaganda, surveys and the like made of temporary staff employed in work payments,
budget (101-02-1-085) "Temporary Provisions Attractions Service Payment" shown in 300 activities make the expenditure. These activities can not be transferred to the budget appropriations from other schemes; higher spending allocations can be made.
Exchequer from practices contrary to the above provisions, is responsible for these people who run the accrual for officers and treasurer. Real estate may be considered in response to public receivables

ARTICLE 64 - Privatization under the scope of organizations, including the No. 233 state economic entities subject to the Decree Law on Public Economic Enterprises, public economic enterprises, their establishments, subsidiaries, affiliates, and metropolitan municipalities, municipalities, special provincial administrations, thereof legal entities or their affiliates independent budget and the organization has a public entity, in response to which belong to the State and public Claims No. 6183 of the debt covered by the Law on the Procedures for the Collection, property belonging to the administration and on any encumbrances are not property of the Ministry of Finance needed those, 2886 State Tender Law No. over the value appraised by the commission will be established according to Article 13, taken in accordance with the opinion of the debtor institution, associating with the budget revenue and expenditure account can be purchased by the Ministry of Finance.
The administration of the basis for land transactions and real property acquired and owned by the State in the amount of the value determined in the manner described above and the 6183 Public Receivables will be canceled debts covered by the Law on Collection Procedure.

Rental and management revenues Article 65- a) half of the relative rents received from the private dock right of easement of the budget (BA) revenue in chart, the other half of the private income. Special revenue recorded in the amount of half of the budget to develop the maritime and port services Maritime Affairs, half of the special allowance is registered to the Ministry of Finance to develop the national real estate services.
Ministry of Transport, Railways, Ports and Airports Construction General Directorate of consolidated will be special and on behalf of the institutions and organizations outside the budget, dredging, power center made hydraulic and computer models, the Research Office on all kinds of experiments and research to be done, the project and half of the consideration received for approval specification budget (B) revenue in chart, the other half in recording private income, half of the Railways of the amount recorded as special revenue, Ports and Airports Construction General Directorate improve transport services and the repair of infrastructure facilities to be realized for the Ministry of Transport to the budget, special allowance registered to Ministry of Finance to develop the other half of the national real estate services.
Unused portion of the amount recorded in the previous year, according to the provisions of the above-mentioned special income and appropriations be transferred to the current year's budget.
Value Added Telecommunications Services of operators providing telecommunication services Licensing Regulation Article 25 in accordance with the license or license fees reflected in the collection by the Central Audit Office accounts over 0.05% (eleven five) percent of revenues; budget (B) private income is recorded in chart. the amount of revenue recorded for private, for use in the Ministry of Transport services (excluding staff costs) special allowance referred to enroll in the Ministry's budget.
B) Guidance and public and private institutions and organizations, which provides towing services altıbuçuk percent of the monthly gross revenue earned from these services (6.5%) per share is taken. This share will be invested in accountancy until the end of the month following the month in which the latest is charged. The amount invested half of the budget (B) is recorded as revenue in chart. The other half of the activities of Maritime Affairs of the central and provincial units required to be used in all kinds excluding personnel expenses, working capital transferred to the account of the budget of the Undersecretariat site.

pricing of public services ARTICLE 66 - General budget apartments with a supplementary budget management of the organization about the pricing for those who can deliver the goods and services they offer while performing their duties on the tariff determined by the Ministry of Finance.

Pricing goods and the amount obtained from the service, the general budget or the relevant supplementary budget organizations budget (B) special revenue in chart, corresponds to the relevant organizations of the budget (A) present in marked ruler or recording special appropriation to order is to be opened, when necessary, special revenue and special allowances registration without waiting for the relevant amount of the grant authority to spend up to 75%, the unspent portion of the grant next year's budget income of circuits arranged about and allowances recording said to be charged the amount to determine the principles and procedures relating to expenditure, and other issues, the Minister of Finance it is authorized.
Tax, to be deposited in raising funds and share
ARTICLE 67. - No. 233 state economic entities are within the scope of the Decree on Public Economic Enterprises, public economic enterprises, their establishments, subsidiaries and affiliates, and privatization within the context of organizations and revolving funds manager and responsible for the financial affairs, tax that they collect from the taxpayer or a third person in his capacity as the organization responsible for timely collection offices of the funds and other shareholders and must ensure the full payment. Unlike acts they are held accountable personally and severally liable for the payment of this amount.

Article 68 provisions will not be applied partially or completely - a) Civil Defence Act No. 1 of 7126 dated 10.21.1960 and amended by Law No. 107 of Article 37 paragraph (a) of
2. No. 1744 dated 20.06.1973 of the 6831 Forestry Law and the Law Amending Some Provisions Additional Article 3 of the Law on the Provisional Article One Added additional Article 3 (d) Subparagraph 3
. 197 No. of Motor Vehicles Tax Law Article 17 of the Traffic Services for granting shares to the Development Fund
Provisions, the 2001 financial year, in accordance with this Law (A) is applied at the level of insured benefit amount to the order about the marked ruler.
B) No. 233 Decree Law on State Owned Enterprises in the 36th paragraph of Article 4 of this Law "Profit of Public Economic Enterprises titled" implemented within the framework of the provisions of Article 42.
C) of the Civil Servants Law No. 657 until the necessary change is made deadlines specified in Article 171 of the Law on the Fiscal Year 2001 for seven days to the treasurer, the treasurer shall be two days paymasters.
D) dated 04.29.1969 and numbered 1164 Law of the Land Office revolving fund amount specified in the amended Article 5 is applied as 40 trillion.
E) about 5/12/1951 dated 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works Act of Article 44 of the second paragraph the provisions of VCD and carrier materials and works manufactured all kinds of technical equipment for the reproduction or commercial purposes imported by persons such as DVD apply.
F) 06.08.1994 dated 3996 Law No. 4180 Law No. various provisions of Article 11 and 16.07.1997 dated and 4283 numbered Law of the 4th of substances to which the Treasury Minister and the State Ministry of authority will be used in 2001, the Council of Ministers used.
G) of Law No. 3202 dated 09.05.1985 1. The first paragraph of Article 45,
2. No. 3234 General Directorate of Forestry Organization and Duties of the Decree Law on the Adoption of the 35 th Amendment to the last paragraph of Article 3
. Article 1 of Law No. 1053 dated 03.07.1968 and Article 3 of the same law with the second paragraph of Article 4
. the general budget, including apartments, budget administrations will be added to the budget, state economic enterprises "About Transfer and Economic Assistance" dated 08.06.1959 and the Law No. 7338,
5. Contrary to the provisions of Article 7 of this Law of the various laws
6. Law No. 3096 dated 12.04.1984 and the Annex 1 of the second paragraph of Article paragraph (a) of
7. No. 406 dated 03.05.1995 Telegram and Telephone Law and the Law No. 4107 added additional provision of Article 19,
8. Law No. 3291 dated 28.5.1986 and Article 11,
9. Accounting General Law No. 1050-I of the provision of Article 53,
10. No. 5539 dated 11/02/1950 and various Article 20 of the Law does not apply in the Fiscal Year 2001

H) 1 5/26/1981 dated 2464 on Municipal Revenues Law Article 21 (I) of subsection (1) and (2) of article of in accordance with local and charged when tax revenues from foreign films 75% i since the beginning of the month following the publication of this Law, Law No. 3257 was created according to Article 10 "Cinema and Music Art Promotion Fund" is divided into shares. These amounts charged by the name of the month following the municipality on the fifteenth day of the last evening of the Fund deposited in the account at the Central Branch of Ziraat Bank of Turkey. 6183 Law on Collection Procedure of Public Receivables not apply to the collection of funds invested in shares in the period.
Municipal Treasurer and Director of Accounting Services administrative implementation of this provision shall be responsible for the financial and criminal aspects.
2. Law No. 3257, dated 01.23.1986; Article 10 of the income specified in section I-Fund fees will be charged in the 2001 fiscal year. In 2001, fees will be applied determines Ministers Council. 3
. 8/16/1997 dated 4306 Provisional Article 1 of paragraph (A) of the 7th paragraph, according to mobile phone owners on behalf of accrued monthly fixed plant costs up once a year also by the calculated contribution to education amount 11/26/1999 dated and Law No. 4481 in accordance with Article 9 of the special transaction tax in the same amount 4306 provisional Article 1 (a) of paragraph 11, subparagraphs the amount to be paid at once, in January each year (except for pre-paid mobile phone subscribers) 2001 in it paid in 12 equal installments. This application also includes license and usage fees that are levied according to Law 2813 dated 04.05.1983.

Enforcement ARTICLE 69 - This Law shall enter into force on 1/1/2001.
Execution Article 70 - This Law;
A) Grand National Assembly of Turkey with the provisions relating to Grand National Assembly of Turkey President,
b) the provisions relating to the Presidential Secretary General of Presidency,
c) the Court of Auditors First Chairman of the provisions relating to the Court of Accounts,
d) other provisions of the Finance Minister,