Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Financial Year 2001 Budget Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. 2001 MALÎ YILI BÜTÇE KANUNU

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Kanun No. 4611     


Accepted Date: 20.12.2000      



General Provisions


Expense, Revenue, and Balance

bütçesiExpense budget

ARTICLE 1.- 48 219 490 000, for expenses of the apartments included in the General Budget, as shown in the following (A) rocline rosters A grant of 000 000 liras is granted.

Revenue budget

 MADDE 2- Global budget revenues   (B) it is estimated to be 42 827 000 000 000 000 liras, as shown in the rearview ruler.


MADDE 3. - The difference between the sum of the revenues and the estimated revenues will be represented by the net debt damage.


Provisions for Fiscal Policy

Budget policy and financial control

MADDE 4. - to execute a consistent, balanced and effective budget policy, to ensure stability within the specified macro economic goals and to provide financial control;

a) to determine the policy of public employment and to apply to the application,

b) maximum savings on expenses detect,

c) The expenses and use of expenses related to expenses to certain essales,

d) Revenue and costs of law, regulation, and to set standards for editing applications on issues that are determined by rulings, and to put out the following standards,

e) All public institutions and organizations in the above mentioned considerations To make compliance and to take measures to comply with the installation,

is the authorities.

kullanýmýUse of expenses programs and allowuses

MADDE 5.- a) Allowants in the Budget Code (A) are to be determined by the Minister of Finance It is used within policies and release rates.

For services and activities that public institutions and organizations are to reallocation in the financial year, A detailed expense program may be requested by the Minister of Finance for the purpose of planning for the use of the allowuses.

If it is deemed appropriate that the payment schedule is available for use by theMaliyeFinance Minister, expense ratios specified, and cannot spend on this expense program.

Policies to determine the allowness for the Israeli budgets, release rates, and expenses for the expense They are obligated to use within the savings sense, keeping in mind the objectives and service priorities that are foreseen in the Departure Plan and the Yüllük Program.

b) Social security with budget-to-budget, budget-to-help and transfer-of-the-budget setups They will send their services to the Ministry of Finance until January 31, 2001, at the latest in order to obtain a visa for visa-related spending programs. These programs cannot be used without a visa at the Ministry of Finance and cannot be used in the transfer of funds in the transfer.

Installs report the results of the month to the Ministry of Finance each month.

Finance Minister looks at the same expense program as it was used for the purpose of the construction of the building in front of you.

c) personnel under the appropriated (1) and (3) of the Budget Code that is attached to the attached (A) expenses allowances; allowances for general expenses of the internal, ksa-term advance and current debt interest in the Treasury budget budget; Promotions of the Treasury Department budget 930-08-3-351-900, 930-08-3-356-900 and the transfers to the Retired Sandman; National Defense Minister, SSK, BAUR-KUR and unemployment in the Treasury Department budget. The transfers to the Insurance Fund are canceled by a percentage of the number of other types of allowances, excluding the allowances for the value-added administration that does not receive a Treasury benefit with the terms of the transfers to the Fund.

This cancellation will result in realigning and more of the budget concerns related to the Treasury. The Minister of Finance is authorized to cancel.

Revenue and expense monitoring of public installations

MADDE 6. - To detect, track and control all revenue and expenses of the state, and to monitor, follow up and control, add to the general budget with agencies, return-capital installations, funds and funds that save funds, under the budget transfer, municipalities, municipalities, municipalities, private administers, public economic and public institutions, public institutions and organizations, revenue and expense estimates, financial statements, debt and debt. their receivt status, any information and documents of the personnel They have to give it to the minister within the basis and the times to be determined.

The Ministry of Finance and the institution that is involved in the matter to receive information, documents and accounts related to all kinds of financial statements, and to review, information, documents and accounts that do not comply with the program and account status, and to review the debt and debt payment handling budget allowings for administration, institutions and organizations that do not are authorized to take necessary precautions, and ask for the implementation of the appropriate measures from the relevant institutions and installations required by this purpose.

Public Execution of prepareline

MADDE 7.- General budget circles, added budget administrations, private budget installations, revolving capitalists, funds, budget yachts and transfers from the transfer and transfer will be made available to public institutions and organizations (public economic investors and partners) with private law (s) and private law. Scope or program application The Central Bank of the Republic of all resources, public banks, municipalities, private law and public institutions with the private law, except for bail and trial sandwiches, all resources under their own budgets or savings. In the Turkish Lirasas and in no-case accounts, they collect their names in Turkish Liras, or a correspondent, T.C. Ziraat Bank.

These institutions will receive all payments from these accounts.

With the authorities of the relevant public institutions and organizations They are personally responsible for the fulfillment of the aforementioned provisions in the above.

The basis and procedures for implementation of this material to identify exceptions as of the resources and institutions, The Minister and the Minister of Finance are the officials of the Treasury and the Chief Minister has been the Minister of Finance.

Required Available allowuses

MADDE 8. - a) Staff ExpendSays:

To pay orders during the first six months of fiscal year As a result of calculations based on their budgets, they said they would not be able to afford the expenses associated with the 100 -Personnel Expenses for expenses required by the Ministry of Finance.  the budget (930-08-3-351-900) to transfer from the allowance on the terrace,

b) Appropriate Hid:

Budget of the Ministry of Finance (930-08-3-353-900) Due to the implementation status of the 2001 Subsidy Program, the implementation of the 2001 Subsidy Program, the Coordination and the Decision of the 2001 Subsidy Program, may or may not be used in accordance with the implementation status of the 2001 Yatrondism Program. Priority sector and sub-development in years The public administration of the Undersecretary budget and the Treasury's budget for the current or re-opening of the projects to be used in increasing the allocation of funds or allowuses for projects in the sectors that need to be new to the program. to transfer to their activities related to their activities,

c) Install Differences Decision:

dairelerinYour apartments are included in the general budget (3), including in the general budget, with the allowors (1) (1) and (3) the benefits of the dormitory, including the expense of the expense of the expense of the expense (1) and (3) the expense of the expense of the expense of the expense of the expense of the expense of the from agencies to international setups with apartments Payment of payments to pay will remain foreign currency fixed, and the difference between the courses at 31 December 2000 and the course of the transfer between the courses and the transfer rate at 930-08-3-352-900. to transfer to existing related types in the service programs of the related installations,

d) Backup Approx:

1-Budget of the Finance Ministry (930-08-3-356-900) to transfer funds from the appropriations to the promotions of budgets to be determined or reopened by the Minister of Finance,

2-Undersecretary of Treasury for service required by service to be transferred from code number 910, 920, and 940 to the reserve, with the offer of the Treasury, with the proposal of the Treasury to the reserve,

Finance Minister is authorized.

DPT eft and project Allowings

MADDE 9. - the budget for the State Planning Contact;

State of a grant from the terms of the term

a) (111-01-2-001-300) The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer the budgets to the relevant term and to make related work related to it, with the aim of the planning of the planning of the planning to be made available to the expense policies. The State Planning Committee may pay for the same services as the state's private administration, economic government and other public-government services, for example.

b) (111-01-3-301-900), which is located in the tertithousum, The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer budgets to related spending items in order to support programs and projects that are primarily related to the priority areas. For the same purposes, payments for public installations are also being made from this type.

Direction expenses

MADDE 10. - a) Do not spend time on any projects in the projects that are included in the rulers of the year of additional yachtwork. Projects or projects within the scope of collectively given projects covered by projects in these rulers can be started in 2001 (except for projects that are either part of financing or fully-funded project loans), but in 2001.  Less than 10% of the total cost of the total cost (for the revision of the cost of the project) cannot be less than 10% of the total cost of the year. The projects that remain under this rate are revised by complying with the provisions of "The Implementation, Coordination and Judgement of the 2001 Program", and primarily by staying within the institution's appropriations allowentiles.

ödenekon the programs of the Armed Forces budget (1) The defence sector, with its infrastructure, infrastructure, construction, iskan and facilities, the development and facilities of NATO infrastructure and the development of the services and services in the strategic objective of planning the strategic goal of the State Planning The company says it's not on the visa. is not included in any of the programs that are in addition to the programs.

b) Sleep for public and value-added installations Child support for machine-equipment, large repair, execution-renewal and completion projects with drill programs and sub-expense items from collectively given annual projects in the program, and sub-spending projects. "2001" in the process of spending items The provisions of the Program's Implementation, Coordination, and Resolution " are enforced.

c) In additional sleep schedules for the Yacht Program With the approval of the Minister for the approval of the relevant projects and the provincial special administration, the rights of those who are eligible for the approval and responsibility of the governor are paid to the provincial special administration of the service to be used for expenses related to the project. Neighborhood service qualifications may be transferred to the program and in the project phase within the framework of the guidelines set forth in this phase.

The projects to be executed in this way, etup, kesif, and The administrative services are provided by the relevant ministry and the general manager in provincial contact; the tender or escrow, and the approval of the payment of the fee is provided by the approval of the governor.

d) In addition to the system, in additional time in the rulers of the program The procedures that are required to do so are the procedures included in the "Implementation, Coordination and Decision of the 2001 Programme".

Count 4046 Deeming revenues from their provisions

MADE 11. - The revenues from the sale of shares of Turkish Telecommunications Anonymous Company, dated 406 to Telegraph and Telephone Code 3/5/1995, and Additional 19 items with a Code 4107, and 3096 with license fees. All of the revenue generated from the construction rights of the law and facilities of the law is saved in the overall budget.

Katma budget Treasury help for administration

MADDE 12. - A) The Treasury subsidy of the Treasury Department budget (including the State contribution to the current cost of service costs) of the Treasury Department to equate the budgets of the Katma budgeted administrations, and the relevant added value The amount of money written in the budget (B) of the budget is cancelled by the Treasury Department at the end of the fiscal year by not being paid to the relevant administration by the end of the fiscal year by the Treasury.

In addition, the value added in the General Directorate of Vacuum According to the end of the fiscal year, budget surplus to be identified by the Minister of Finance comes in the general budget.

b) The value added budgets for the treasury In their budgets, the 1050 count of Accounting-i Hope, the second of the Article 48 (C) and (D) of the Second Amendment, with the Bentons of the Hope of the Second Amendment, the number of appropriations to be real, the Treasury Department of Finance, was associated with the treasury department. It can be done.

Official details

MADDE 13.- In circles and value-added administers, including the general budget, these are based on their return capital They are shown on the "T" rotator schedule, which will be used by the installation and service of the installation they will acquire, regardless of whether they are in the first place. It is not possible to obtain the current status on this roster.

The order of the number (except 1) of the number attached (excluding the Undersecretary of State) of the number ofTaþýt237 numbers is attached to the The World Bank loan is provided by the General Directorate of Police with the allocated tools for the provisions of the 1 and 2 sections of the counting ruler (2), the security measures and the protection of the protection under the protection of the regulations. to improve traffic safety, will be available for purchase In any case, no foreign access and station-wagon sex can be acquired, including a grant in the Navy.

Domestic whistleblower rates are less than 50% of people who are foreigners.

 Hospital and treatment charges

MADE 14. - Government officials, other public servants and retired, widows and orphans (including the family members who are obligated to care) for general and value-added apartments and administrals are provided in the treatment institutions of the revolving capital The fees for their treatment are paid on the basis of the Ministry of Finance and the amount and the essentials to be determined by the Ministry of Finance.  

However, TC is the General Manager of Retired Sandman. and with its installations, the Finance Minister can deal with a price at the bottom of the price of units identified.

657 Code of State Civil Servants 209, 211 The 66 ncis of the Turkish Armed Forces Code of Service, and 5434 were the number of drug contributions specified in the provisional 139 items of the T.C. Retired Sandman Code, to cut or break the interest of the related drug contributions. The Ministry of Finance has been able to determine the results of the cuts. authority.

Association and similar the control of the foundation and associations with the help of the installation

MADDE 15. -a) " Association, Union, Institution, Institution, Sandwich, Foundation, and Doubt in the budget of general and value-added organizations "To ask for plans and plans to show the services and activities they will make from the funds that are going to be made from the budget of the current institutions, and to ask for plans and programs to do so in the future of Payments to Similar Teeks" activities. to conduct the necessary review on the plan and the plan and the They are obligated to follow the facts of reality. The help can be done in installments, as a result of the above inspections.

Expenses in the above expenses The Ministry of Finance is authorized to review the new policies to review the construction of the help that will be done in accordance with the performance of the appropriate assistance.

b) The tasks that they undertake to public institutions and organizations The foundation and associations with the material contribution (including those who provide assistance to the staff) are also controlled by the control of the current legislation or related institutions and installations.

Finance Minister, this time and Checks for associations, financial statements, and balance sheets.


Provisions in the Budget ApplicationÝliþkin

Section layout and statements

MADE 16. - Parts of the gider ruler are organized in programs in the program budget application. Programs will be allocated to subprograms, subprograms or projects according to the appropriate payment of services or expenses. Each activity or project is from the expense item in the required number of times.

1050 is the number of Accounting-i Hope Law in laws and in this Law;

a) The "Moroccan and section" statements are in the budget of the budget, "Program",

b) "Segment" statement "Subroutine",

c) "Article" statement will include expense items as well "Operating" or "Project" in the same way,

d) "Tertip" statement, service, or expense program, subprogram, allowance type, activity-project and expense item ticket,

e) "Expense pen" statement, (A) place in the iarelli ruler 100, 200....900% of the benefits that received it,

f) "Device code" statement, which is in the expense item The subverse (this is also included in the Outer Law bill) to be shown in the State Accounting records, as the expense (R) of the appropriations rule is specified on the basis of the appropriations.

g) From the direction of debt payments "related service tertibi" service, (expense items in expense items for personnel expenses only) service or expense of expense of employee expense liabilities,

is at work.

Roster (s)

MADDE 17.- This is shown on the rulers attached to it:

a) The following is an indictable "A" with the 1 pearl clause of this Code, "A" is the "

B) State revenues that will continue to be collected in the 2001 fiscal year "B", with respect to "B",

c) The key provisions for state revenues are "C", the "C", the

d) with laws and decideds the service months of the service are "Q", ""

e) Possible payments "D" than obligations arising out of Treasury warranties are "D", ""

f) Funds covered by budget "F" are required,

g) The laws that authorize future temporary downloads are "G" ("G"),

h) The amount of casual and indemnity amounts to be issued under the provisions of the Harrington Code of 6245, "H" is the case,

i) The monetary slits that must be represented in the budget laws according to the rules of the conflict are "rearable",

j) The amount of additional charge, conference, and extra charge charges is "K", with the amount of "K",

k) Existing logistics, social facilities, telephone, fax, and staff numbers are "L"-related,

l) The Ministry of National Sovereignty Is Required to Act 3 of the Law of the National Education Ministry. "M" for boarding school placings and boarding school fees that will be held by the Ministry of Health, with the school's boarding schools.

m) 3634 under the National Defense Payer Law; it will be borne by a national self-defense;

1. "O" the animal's "O" is the one with the "O".

2. Average alms of motor vehicles and daily rental costs are "P"-related,

n) The formula for expenses is "R", with the "R" iticate,

o) What the institutions have, and the gender of the payout of the Act in 2001 under the Act. "T" is the value of which services, which services are used, and maximum purchase costs are "T".

is shown in the Cetveles.

New shiptype, opening expense and revenue line items

MADE 18. - Finance Minister;

A) Within the year, 2001 Yatyrm Program (2) under the appropriations type under the grant of the service, new terms and receipts in the budget of the new term (A) in the whole of the payable under the type of payment of the service and (A) new section, section, and other of the irekrium. to open items,

b) dated 25/6/1992 and with a Code 3824  due to tax and images, the Mass Housing Fund will be used to register and collect the revenue from the quantities to be collected in the import of customs by customs, and to register and collect the collected thertibe revenue in the customs count (B). Income will be registered with the amounts to be transferred to the Housing Fund to determine the principles and guidelines associated with the application of the amounts,

is the authorities.


MADE 19. - Finance Minister;

a) in the "100 -Personnel expenses" expense item to transfer between programs and programs within the same set of budget for benefits,

b) Spend "100 -Personnel expenses" of installed budgets to transfer the funds from the Treasury Department budget (930-08-3-351-900) to the reserve allowance in the Finance Ministry budget, as required by the Finance Ministry budget.

c) Upon request of the installation that will make the service from its budget to the budget of the agency or administration, which will run the service in the fiscal year, to transfer funds and to make the necessary actions by being informed of the treasury assistance required,

d) Gendarmerie General Command with the Ministry of National Defence and to transfer of related budgets across programs, subprograms, activities and projects, on a reconciliation to the Coast Guard Command in order to meet the costs of the services rendered within the current account,

e) " Implementation, Coordination, and Implementation of the 2001 Y/Wn Program To transfer the funds for the projects in accordance with the "A" Decision on the Adequate Resolution, to transfer the funds for the project's budgets, among other things,

f) In the budgets specified in the bench (d) If a service belonging to a program with replenities and procurement services that must be managed from a single center of the Armed Forces is carried out by a program, the relevant program, subprogram, activity, or projects is being met to transfer,


g) To newly open universities from existing universities The institute, the institutions of the faculty and the higher education budgets, to transfer the funds to the university budgets of the faculty and the higher education institutions,

h) Redeployment of public institutions and installations To make all required budget steps and regulations related to the implementation of the budget laws and for the preparation of the final accounts,

is the authorities.

Transfer to an apartment or administration in a financial year The agency or administration that is transferred to the budget from the execution of the service related to the allowes.

Public and value-added installations are public and building cannot transfer to the terms of the row. However, the port, air square, railway, tunnel and bridge projects will be made due to the public's budget for education and education projects, and the total public funding for the council's budget is 50% of the total public funds that are otherwise available for the projects. Allowance shortages of up to 25% for public propriations and purchases can be met by the Finance Minister's budget for refunds.

To help cover the public and to buy buildings The funds contained in their budgets cannot be used in the purchase of real estate from the public economic community. However, this provision is not applied from the Ministry of National Education and universities, with the allocation of education and time allocated.

Mail expenses

MADE 20. - Additional charges related to the course of the judiciary and the results of the benefit of the judicial organs and the consequences of tax offices, if not enough, for postal expenses in the budget are not enough for the cost of the tax offices. The Minister of Finance is to pay the amount to be spent as a result of the effort to be spent. The allowance will be shown in the final account at the expense of this expense.

Elapsed years indebits

MADE 21. - A non-entrusting account, such as not paid for by the end of the fiscal year, is made according to the policies of last year's debt, which cannot be placed in the escrow account and are scheduled to be scheduled according to the 93rd clause of the Accounting-i Hope Law.

a) As of the type of allowance of the benefits budgets (1), The liabilities of "100 -Personnel expenses" are paid from the activities of "Personnel Expenses last year."                                         

b) (a) the expense of the self-written expense the benefits of debt, under consideration of the kind of debt that the debt does not.

1. The debts that are made of other current expenses, "Other Current Expenses Are Liabilities Last Year",

2. Liabilities due to the yacht services, "Expenses of Yacht Expenses",

3. "Transfer expenses last year debts", related to transfer terms,

It is paid for from


If the funds are not satisfied with these activities The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer to these activities from the benefits of the same or other service tertypes (100 -Personnel expenses remaining).

Payback of the EI contribution payoff

ARTICLE 22.- 16/8/1997 and the quantities collected under the Tentative 1 item of the Code 4306. to this end, the budget (B) of the Budget to be used from the grants that are placed in the budget of the Ministry of National Eğitim will be used to add revenue to the relevant terms of the revenue collection, the following is not spent in the following year income and appropriations for the year's budget, these provisions The Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the basis and procedures for the construction of the construction.

Defense Industry Support Fund

MADE 23. - A) expenditures to be made in the fiscal year for the defense and NATO infrastructure to be made with modern arms, tools and equipment required by the strategic target plan to the Turkish Armed Forces, dated 7/11/1985 and counting 3238. The funding of the Defense Industry Promotion Fund, which was established with the law, is intended for this purpose, in the essential apartment to be determined by the Defence Industry National Committee, with the funds raised in the budget and the opportunity to be detested together with cash and cash.

b) Ministry of National Defense and People (Gendarmerie General) The commander of the Coast Guard) is authorized to pay for the Defence Industry Promotion Fund, which will be determined by the current funds allocated with the budget, and the Ministry of National Defence and People's Office.

c) Defence Industry Promotion Fund to Treasury The Ministry of Finance has the funds to cover the budget, on the other hand, to register the appropriations for the relevant tertiks of the Ministry of National Defense budget and to transfer funds from last year's appropriations.

Transferi is possible non-consular revenue

MADE 24. - The amounts not available for non-conversal consular revenue and are not used as of the end of 2000, a special term to be opened in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs budget, which is required by the Ministry of to be used, to record revenue for the year's budget, and to record the amount of money that is not used in the year, to record the amount of money that is not used in the year, to determine the amount of revenue that is not used and the amount of time that is used with the Ministry of Revenue. The minister is authorized.

To foreign countries from service to be done

MADE 25. - Finance Minister;

a) The Ministry of National Defence, General Command of Gendarmerie, and Rent or charge amounts received from land, sea and air that is leased to foreign countries and international installations by the Coast Guard and are used in the fulfillment of a service, the Coast Guard said.

müesseselerindeb) in the death and education of the Turkish Armed Forces the amounts paid for by the foreign-born officer, petty officer or the expenses paid by the foreign-born officer, petty officer, or expenses.

c) Backup as a result of the NATO authorities Funds for the maintenance and maintenance of airports,

Comes to budget to use for the same purpose, on the other hand, to register for the special tertypes that will be opened in the installed budgets and to transfer the amounts that are not expended within the following amounts due to the following amounts,

is the authorities.

Bader, grant, and Yardms

MADDE 26. - a) In the financial year as a grant from domestic and domestic resources, the opportunities to be obtained in the financial year come upon the proposal of the Undersecretary of the Treasury, or income-paid-to-charge,

b) loans and credits with other sources or from international treaties. with the purpose of payment of taxes and pictures related to the freight and drainage of each of the future assets, to save and to make the necessary expenses in their respective budgets or expense items that will be re-opened,

c), Ministry of National Defence in 2001, The General Command of the Gendarmerie and the Coast Guard will provide for the needs of the commander in military assistance from the foreign states, or the materials and supplies to be sold in other ways, and to the tertypes to be opened in these names on the media (B) ruler. the benefits of the private theres to be opened in these budgets, and to save expense,

Finance Minister is authorized.

Private grant and Cancellation of revenues

MADE 27. - special grants and special benefits, with special grants and special revenue for the Bailians;

a) The purpose of the allocation is to be made with unreal allowes less than the reallocation of the allocation of allocation,

b) (a) remain in the self and remove (1 000) 000 000) not to waste any time and transfer over two years,

MaliyeThe Ministry of Finance is authorized to register revenue by using a light.

Institutions Share in sharehasýlatýndan

MADADE 28.-  The month of gross gross damage (Katma) With the exclusion of DeGer Tax and Additional Tax), you must

-Turkish Telecommunication Inc. sells goods and services 15% of gross damage (until the first stock is actually),

-Goods and services of the General Directorate of State Air Square Occupation 10% of the gross damage to the world,

-The goods and services of the General Directorate of the Government Materials Office (DMO) service line products, up to 10% of gross damage, as of the product nees

Finance Minister up to 20 of the latest following It is paid to the Centre Count. Paid amounts will be posted in the budget.

ÖdenekFonlarn Approx and Revenue

MADDE 29.- a) The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, all of the proceeds of the established funds by the rec legislation The Treasury Department, by the name of the Undersecretary of the Treasury, will be put into account. Funds that are envisioned in the related legislation related to these accounts are made by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

Budget coverage funds are shown in this Law-attached (F)-attached rosters. The revenues of these will be written in the general budget (B) of the overall budget over the remaining amounts after the cuts made. These funds replace their services with allowants placed on the schedule of the budget (A).

The Finance Minister and the Treasury Department are among the revenues of the funds that were covered in the scope of the scope. The revenue and amounts to be determined by the approval of the proposal and the approval of the Minister may be made in the overall budget.

Funds will make their services and expenses according to the essential and procedural matters of their own legislation.

.b) 1. The Finance Minister and the Treasury Department announced the proposal and the Secretary's approval, including funds for fund-related budgets in their board budgets, to the funds of the fund's fund,

2. Upon the proposal of the Ministry of the Ministry, the funds for the purposes of the "77 -Funds Ait Services" sub-program of the installed budget for the purpose of execution of funds by the funds, are: The Finance Minister is authorized to transfer


.c) 1. On the one hand, the budget (B) arrives on the budget of the budget, on the one hand, when the funds are required by their borrowing, to record (A) refunds of the current roster,

2. The funds will come to the budget of the service that will deliver the amount of service that will be the service of the service if service is to be seen by the funds, and to save the funds,

Finance Minister is authorized.

d) 1. The Minister of Finance and the Treasury Department will be able to transfer the proposal and the transfer of funds through expense accounts with the approval of the minister. The amount transferred is transferred to the fund account, from here to the expense account, through the revenue account of the fund that was transferred to it.

2. The amount remaining after the funds are transferred between the funds and the funds from the funds covered by the budget is transferred to the fund's expense account for the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

e) Funds, Finance Minister, Government, which have been installed in the decree of law or law. The Undersecretary of Planning and the Treasury may be liquidated with the approval of the Undersecretary of the Treasury on the proposal.

to prepare, Finance, and to draft laws on the liquidate of the laws of law or law. The Minister of State Planning and the Undersecretary of the Treasury are the officials.

The liquidated funds will not have any special regulation on any revenue, liquidation regulations. , in the event of a new edit, the current status of a new edit will continue to be collected and the revenue for the overall budget is saved.  

In the case of existing personnel requests in funds that are decided to be liquidated, the needs of the other public institutions and They will be transferred to the current staff members who are in compliance with their situation. This applies the provisions of section 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 of the Provisional 7 nci of the Law, dated 3/4/1998, and the number 4359.

The funds, which were to be liquidated in

2001, include those in need of services executed in 2000. From the obligations of the liquidated funds to the liquidation date of the liquidated funds, those who supply the obligation shall be charged with the funds to be put into the budget. Special types can be opened for this purpose when needed. Expenses and expenses covered by expenses to be made of these types are determined by the relevant installation and the Ministry of Finance to prepare for the application. However, the framework specified by the current funds for the expenses of the expenses of such terms may not be able to take place.

From liquidated funds, credit return receipts are related to those whose services are subject to budget. The central count of the institution is in place, and the budget will be sent to the budget. The Finance Minister is authorized to save the sleeping amounts due to the current term in the relevant council budget to be used for the same purpose.

To make all arrangements for the implementation of this fund, to open new tertypes in the relevant institutions budgets, The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer funds within the institution budget or within the institution budgets.



Government Provisions for Treasury and Public Enterprise



Government Debt

yönetimiGovernment debt management

ARTICLE 30.- A) The management of government debt is dated 9/12/1994, and under the article 2 of the Code 4059 It is executed by the Undersecretary.

b) Undersecretary of Treasury says domestic (Government Bonds, Treasury Bonds) and diaries to be paid in fiscal year It is authorized to monitor debt anaparals and internal and dat debt amounts in private accounts, and to do so in fiscal year without the budget of internal and current debt repayment repayments.

From the warranties that are undertaken within the framework of the repayments and the Do-We-Transfer model of this provision. It is also applied for all of the obligations that are due.

c) State domestic and current debt interest and general expenses are paid for this purpose in the budget.

d) Current Loans are covered by the Install Differences Fund, which must be reallocated payments are to be paid for this purpose with the funds to be put into the budget.

e) The current liabilities of the Katma budget administration are paid by the Treasury on this matter basis.

f) The results of the state debt implementation have been prepared in the Ministry where the Treasury Department is concerned will be sent to the Ministry of Finance to be included in the Treasury General Account along with the scoreboard.

g) Undersecretary of Treasury and Treasury Department based on management and accounting of government debt It is organized together.

In borrowing

MADE 31. - a) The amount of "net internal debt" as specified in the "equilibrium" clause of this Law in the fiscal year under which the Treasury is listed (amount to be achieved by the discontinue of the defunds from the indebted borrowing) authority. This limit can increase at a maximum of 15%. The current debt is due to the limit of internal borrowing, and the remaining part of the debt is added to the limit. Foreign State domestic borrowing, which was previously exported and exported to non-cash laws except for those that were paid in the valley, would not be considered in the calculation of this limit.

b) State to export within the given entitlements internal borrowings are a year (364 days) and longer-term Government bonds and special tertip government bonds, which are less than a year (up to 364 days) Treasury bonds.

c) Government internal borrowing (s) to be stolen The Secretary-General of the Treasury is the first to determine the merits of the business, the methods, interest conditions, the maturity, the pressures and payments of their payment methods, their maturity, and their payments.

d) The pressure of the State internal debt bonds to be stolen expense, tax, levy, and allowance for financial setups that will be paid to the financial setups to be sold, tax, levy, and allowance will be made to the Treasury financial will be applied in refunds and in the print of the bonds The Federal Reserve and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey are identified by the Undersecretary of the Republic of Turkey with a 1050-numbered Accounting-i Hope Law, and the financial services statement to be used to apply the provisions of the State Dignity Law of 2886.

Cari will be out in the year or in earlier years State domestic debt securities may be withdrawn or withdrawn from market conditions, either by payment of the idylums or market conditions.

The interest and interest of the internal debt bonds of the State Payments that will take place in the financial services business that are mentioned above with the money payments, and the expenses associated with the remaining state domestic debt, excluding any tax (except Revenue and Corporations Tax), painting, and levy.

The provisions in these pherkrays have been exported in earlier years Government internal borrowing is also relevant in the business.

e) In exchange of foreign currency denominate, in foreign exchange or If a tattoo is indexed, the currency rates are recalculated by each interest payment date and end of the year, adding to the monetary value, and the internal debt record.

f) Cash to finance budget in order to finance budget With the exception of the state's internal borrowing, all state domestic debt bonds cannot be exported as a passing valor. Previously exported private termed State domestic debt bonds cannot be issued interest rates and may not be exported to the new year instead of interest payments.

1211 and 4568 the provisions of the number of the Law

MADDE 32. - A) The state of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, which is given to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, given the state of domestic debt that was given in the past due to the debts of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, the 61st amendment. the bank's original interest rates, and the number of securities payments that were given to the bank in 2001, the bank's original interest rates and market interest rates were not paid for by the United States. State domestic borrowing in the amount required by the amount required.

b), dated 21.4.1994, and the 3985 is the Republic of Turkey In accordance with the provisional Article 9 of the Law on the Central Bank Law, the state domestic debt bonds, which were exported to the liquidation of the amounts accumulated in the Vazeli Avans Account, will be held in 2001 interest. private term Government internal borrowing in the amount required by their payment to the quote,

c) The interest payments that are mentioned in the above " Budget Mahsup Payment from the Payments Account to be transferred by the following year, or to transfer to private accounts with no budget, or time to budget,

d) 4568 Count of the Fund for a Number of Funds In accordance with the provisions of the Treasury Fund under the provisions of the Public Partner Fund, the special term is to export domestic debt; these bonds are subject to the maturity, interest and civil rights of any kind, and so on, and so on. to set up the

Secretary of Treasury,baðlý

e) 1211 is the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey In order to issue a special promotion of state domestic borrowing and to determine the maturity, interest and sales of these bonds in 2001, they will be required to export private and private state internal borrowing for the payment of debts incurred in 2001, and to pay for the debts incurred in 2001, when the number of laws is not again. Barebakan with the offer of the Minister of the Undersecretary,

is the authorities.


MADDE 33. - a) You are used as a project loan with public and added budget setups according to the agreement with the foreign country, banks, and institutions, or to the international setups and to be done;



1. Turkish Lirasaries are informed by the Treasury Secretary to the Treasury by making a record of the debt.

2. The use of the dat project loan at the exchange rate at home and abroad as a cost of goods, services and education is under thirty days following the use of relevant organizations to register for the debt. is sent. The amounts made up of debt are reported to the Treasury by the Undersecretary of the Treasury.

3. Material and service costs, commitment, and commitment design are reported to the Ministry of Finance as part of the relevant set of installations.

4. Special tertifes to be opened in budgets for related installations, where they are required;

-Saving a subject,

-Transfer from existing allowes,

Budgeting not spent in the year of The Finance Minister is authorized to cancel the amounts that have been transferred to the following year's budget, and to cancel the amounts that have been transferred, which are not possible due to completion of the project.

opportunities similar to previous years It is also based on the above basis for the cost of supplies and services with Turkish Lirasants.

5. The provisions of the above mentioned provisions are identified by the Undersecretary of Treasury and the Minister of Finance and are identified by the Treasury.

veb) The material and material that will be sold with the resources of the Dyd Services for a commitment to services, or a commitment to purchase without a visa, in accordance with the 64th article of the Ministry of Finance's 64th of the Law, cannot be verified and the corresponding amounts cannot be made up of the current debt records.

However, with the Treasury Secretary, due to the current borrowing the commitment of the commitment to the promise of commitment and commitment before the related budget actions are made (for which they are paid, expenses, and additional debt records are scheduled to be done later).

c) Credit information for state dp debt " Payments to be ashamed of the budget, including the fees, charges, guarantee fees and so on, which must be paid for by the commission, which must be paid until the legislation is completed, to ensure that they have been completed. An account cannot be made from the account, which cannot be destroyed within the year of the account. The Treasury Secretary is the first to transfer the aftershocks to the following financial year.

d) Credit for state dat debt in Consolidate All taxes, images, and fees (including payments to be made within the framework of the current project loans) are underpaid by all kinds of taxes, images, and fees.

e) financing European Union, foreign state or Based on the understanding of international installations, the notices are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the special law, decree, or understanding, in the event of a special tender and procurement of procurement procedures in the provisions of the organization.

f) The foreign country, bank and institutions, or international Opportunities to be used as a project loan to public institutions and organizations in general and added budget, including the terms of installation or construction, and the transfer and reinstallation of the Treasury by the Undersecretary of the Treasury, related installations to be made up of debt will be sent to the Undersecretary of Treasury within thirty days of the use of it.

g) to start 1/1/1999 to the European Union The Minister of Treasury is the secretary of the Treasury to make arrangements for the public sector's debt and debt management as well as the passage of states to the Euro and Economic Monetary Union.

ikrazDiscard, transfer, and warranty of a borrowerborçlarýn

MADDE 34.- a) Foreigners are native to international organizations, foreign banks and foreign countries. for any purpose from financial institutions and the financing tools used in the international capital market, and to execute the negotiations and negotiations on the financing of the financing instruments, and to conclude the actions related to these indebtieses,

b) The financing opportunities provided by the above (a) to the public and private sector institutions of the public and private sector. The use of the supply and transfer of the economy within the framework of the provisions of the agreement and the repayments required from these loans will be used for the same installation and credit or credit for the same. to return,

C) With the facilities specified above, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, or the local institutions in Turkey If it is sold by Turkish Banks, it is necessary to remove or completely take over these loans, whether to take over these loans, or to completely public institutions, transfer or use, and refunds that must be made from these loans. to return to the account, to the loan, to the credit, or to the loan, in Turkey. indebting to the exchange assets of the local banks,

d) 1. The credit institutions of foreign countries, international institutions or the local banks and institutions in foreign countries and the Turkish Banks that have contributed to these financing terms are public institutions (including the provisions of private law) and the% of their capital. Including more than 50 publicly owned ones), yachts, and construction banks, to ensure that they understand the loans that are available to the banks,

2. Within the framework of the warranty programs for which the World Bank and other international organizations are calling it,

aa) Public installations (more than 50% of their capital, including the provisions of special law provisions) For financing opportunities that are available to the public) with the debt of the banks and the indebtors of the banks of the wake of the bank's debt,

bb) Make-believe-Transfer and Do-It is about projects to be actuallywithin the framework of the model, stipulate in the legislation To be left with Treasury guarantees and to be negotiated with the Treasury, the Treasury Department is scheduled to

Guarantee a guarantee from international installations that are understood by the above,

3. For loans to be guaranteed to the treasury guarantor, you will be guaranteed to conduct any review and inspection of the warranty or to be issued, warranty rate, warranty service, warranty service, and warranty service. To determine the refunds of obligations that may be used by the Treasury to address these debts.

e) To guarantee the repayment of loans to foreign countries by national banks and public setups, to the foreign to provide guarantees in favor of national banks that are authorized to give the letter of guarantee in countries,

f) Foreign Undersecretary of the Republic of Turkey called foreign countries for official installation or international to use private and autonomous budget public installations and public setups as a result of the provision of portions of technical assistance and distribution of installations,

as a result of the distribution of public and public institutions.

is a member of the Council of Europe Social Development Bank for the projects to be financed in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be guaranteed under a common guarantee that will be provided with other countries,

h) European Union, foreign countries, and banks and loans, and international financial organizations At the risk capital of the Risk Capital Yacht Partners, which operates in our country, the bridge loans are either directly related to the foreign loans or the foreign country and its organization names mentioned in the above, or the vehicle is financial. Organizations are planning to contribute to the risk capital in venture capital to make, to transfer, to use, and to be repaid, to do so, to make any sense of

i) with the mirrors in the framework of the Budget Code and related laws, Under the Treasury guarantee, the Treasury Department said it would have to determine the construction of creditors, collection, tracking, and use of any kind of financial technique. The Minister is the official. To determine the basis and procedures for the collection, track, and administration of these receivers, with the business of the treasury receivers,

The Secretary of the Treasury is the minister of the state.

j) These essentials are also applicable for earlier years.

k) in relation to the current financing provided by borrowing from international commercial banks in the year;

1. The Treasury guarantee will be provided for local government entities that have private status with municipalities and other organizations, and more than 50% of their capital, and haiz local government entities that are legal entities and related legislation. $500 million, $500 million, to be transferred.

2. Other public institutions and installations (including more than 50% of their capital, including private law provisions), will be guaranteed a Treasury guarantee for $4 billion,

People are left with the message.

3.Make-Business, Do-Human-Delegate to projects that will be actuallyled within the framework of the Transfer of Rights and similar models The Treasury guarantees issued and the banks ' banks and the international organizations and markets under the Treasury guarantee that the amount of money they will have on the Treasury guarantee is the amount of time set up above.

Code 244 borrowbackdýþýnda

MADDE 35. - e) The current financing needs to be met with the remaining installations of 31/5/1963, dated 31/5/1963 and under the scope of the Code 244, with the remaining financing needs identified, and the construction of the projects It is the Secretary of the Treasury Department, which will deal with the World Bank in order to address the needs of the World Bank (10 000 000), and the US Treasury Department is the first to deal with the US dollars.

b) Such meanings and defense debunking. The credit lines are based on the provisions of the budget laws and the Council of Ministers, such as the Council of Ministers ' decision, which is deemed appropriate by the Council of Ministers, will be effective in the decision. These verbs are dated 31/5/1963 and are subject to the provisions of Law No. 244, dated 23/5/1928, and Code 1322.

c) This article of the Republic of Turkey with the " " Based on the provisions and provisions of the Department of Destruction, Destruction and Guarantee, the world capital markets, which debunking the credit, which is indebited to the warranty or borrower, is owed by the world capital markets. Treasury to deal with the purpose of managing tools The Secretary of State is the one who is under the care of the undersecretary. They will be effective at the date of their signing.

d) In earlier budget years, it was adhed This clause is also applied to the right of things.

Debt lending, grant , and helpanlaþmalarý

MADE 36. - a) European Union, foreign countries, international setups and foreign country credit-related issues of contact, negotiation and understanding, and financing opportunities provided by this way to public and private sector installations. The Secretary of the Treasury Department is the one who used to be used to use the Treasury. They will be effective at the date of their signing.

circles and other public funds from these sources The use of the grants that are installed in the installation is exempt from the stamp tax, levy, levy, and other expenses.

b) About debts to be made to foreigners and organizations The Secretary of the Treasury is the secretary of the Treasury to make the right to understand and to determine the main and current issues, delay and restructure the debt that has been given. The debt to be given to foreign countries and organizations is to be paid for this purpose to the Treasury Secretary's budget.

With the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers It will take effect.

c) to foreign countries and organizations in the name of the Republic of Turkey The decision to be made available to the grants and assistance and to sign the conclusions, the president and the authority of the Secretary of State, and the decision of the Council of Ministers to be determined, and the decision of the Council of Ministers are authorized. Grants and assistance to foreign countries are paid for this purpose, except for the Finance Ministry budget (except for the Economic, Cultural, Economic, and Technical Interchange).

With the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers It will take effect.

The cash provided in a statement, grants, and judges are on the budget will be transferred to the account in exchange for the country's name in the Central Bank of Turkey. The payments are made within the framework of the provisions of the agreement and the relevant accounts to be determined by the Ministry of Finance.

d) Turkey's Israel Credit Bank, Inc. Two years or longer term goods and/or service lines to be installed in countries and these countries, or, on the basis of and financial support of the Official Assisted Initial Loan (s) with such commitments. The Undersecretary of the Treasury regulated the provisions of its provisions. The minister is authorized.

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Understanding of the Piping Line Projectanlaþmalar

MADE 37. -kapsamýndascope of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline project;

a) The host country deal to which it will be, is key delivery Construction promises, government guarantees, and signing of this project on paper with other related documents and meanings,

b) (a) related to the meanings set forth in the self Documents and other documents, including the Republic of Turkey and related public institutions and its related public institutions and organizations for any payment, completion, performance, and information regarding the failure of the obligations of the Turkish Republic of Turkey Guaranteed by parties, betting commitments to be guaranteed to the Republic of Turkey for any payment that will occur if you do not, or if not completely fulfilled, the Republic of Turkey,gibias a result of the understanding of the

c) (a) and (b) with the meanings set forth in their (b) to identify and authorize relevant public institutions and organizations to sign related documents and documents with respect to the relevant documents and documents,

The Cabinet of Ministers is authorized.


Treasury steps

Advance Actions

MADDE 38. - To be able to schedule general budget payments and prevent payments from being affected in a negative way from seasonal fluctuations, the 50-nci clause of 1211 numbered 1211 is based on the basis of Turkey. It is the Minister of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of Turkey.

To the Treasury of deans in redempties

MADDE 39. - The Ministry of Finance is required to register, save, and register with Treasury accounts, including assets and assets that remain in Treasury accounts for reasons of all respects, and to the are authorized to take measures.

Muhasebe1050 count of Accounting-i Hope the Law has defined This provision applies to public funds, which are not in management and responsibility of counting.

Checkin MONS

MADDE 40. - 27/6/1963 and the number 261 is identified by the Ministry of Finance, with the Ministry of Finance, where payment of funds to be refunded is final, or by the advance, and the Ministry of Finance is the basis of the advance.

The review at the end of the review is overpaid or, if they are not in time, 6183 are returned by the provisions of the Law on the Allowance of Amme Payee.

The State Rights and Petroleum Code to be paid when the Oil Act is required Differences

MADDE 41.- a) About the State of the State, Budget (B), dated 5/4/1973 and 1702. The "Oil of Oil State" term in the rolled-up roster is registered.

b) 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1997, due to the transfer of 6326-number Petroleum Code to the 116/3 clause of the Petroleum Act. The Secretary of the Treasury Department is the secretary of the Treasury bill for the interest payments made in 1995, 1996, and 1997 of the budget laws related to the Budget Code of the respective expenses.



Public Business Administration (Public) Themes

Public power The profits of their business

MADE 42.   –a) the amount of 233 Ordinance Ordinance (s) that are subject to Ordinance Ordinance ($2000), 2000-year-old (2000), andtutarlarý

1. 233 To save revenue to the budget on the proposal of the Undersecretary of the Treasury, subject to the conclusions of the decree in the Rule of Law, as well as the Treasury Department's proposal.

2. The burnout capital or the task of not paying for the installation The Treasury, to be defunded, will come to the budget on the proposal of the Undersecretary of the Treasury, to be charged, to save, and to save,

veb) (a) installations that are covered by the fund are 1999 and The Treasury, which was hit by the previous years 'profits from the Treasury, said the Treasury Department' s claim that the budget will not be based on revenue and expenses, nor will it be paid to the expense of the funds or the funds. to do the following,                                             

to do the following

Finance Minister is authorized.

sermayePublic partners and capital issues in their business.

MADDE 43.- a) implementing measures to reorganize public partners and reactions, capital To contribute to the increases, to fulfill the requirements of the public economic and financing programs, and to enforce the provisions of the decree of the decree of 233 counts of Law;

1. In order to contribute to all kinds of capital increases and all types of capital are sold,

2. To transfer or take over the Treasury and the public administration's capital allocation to public power, private or value-added administrations, or to transfer funds to the public.

3. Public economic cooperation and the debt of the partners ' debt to the Treasury or the steel funds, and to defund or repay funds from the Treasury in accordance with the financing programs and the financing programs. To determine the time and progress of their debt, the Secretary of the Treasury, the amount required by these terms, upon the offer of the same Undersecretary, to the private tertiaries to be opened in the budget, and to save the allowance,

Finance Minister is authorized.

b) Public economic and financial partnerships as of the end of 2000; Treasury, funds, Social The Treasury Department, the Treasury and the Treasury Department, paid to defund their loans or funds owed from the Treasury and funds to the Treasury, the Treasury Department said, and they would go to the expense of the expense. The relevant State of the State of the State The Minister of Finance is authorized to register the accounts. The Turkish telecommunications company's "Pay from the Institutions of the Institutions" of the Turkish telecommunications company's 1996-1997-1998-1999, excluding VAT and additional taxes, and goods and services were determined through gross damage to the property, by means of Turkish. Telecommunications Inc. ' s shares are in the budget for the share of revenue from the sale of the shares, dated 6/7/1999 and the number 4397 of Kanun, as well as the number of Vice-General approvals and the Council of Ministers. $31.12.2000 on yachts and services that have been warned of installed decisions. As of the date of the State Department, Treasury, the Treasury, the Funds and Municipalities will receive telecommunications and capital-related Turkish Telecommunications Inc., or GSM 1800 mobile, which will be the company's company. The Undersecretary of the Treasury and the Treasury Department is the same as the Treasury Department, the Treasury Department said, and the Treasury Department was the basis for the basis of the Treasury Secretary's office to determine the payment for the license. On the offer of the undersecretary, without the expense of the accounts The Minister of Finance is authorized to register the relevant State Accounts according to their respective ministries. The amount of VAT applicable to the amount of VAT, which is due to this action, does not apply to the Act 29/1 of the Law, and this tax will not be charged.

vein parallel with the restructuring of the Ziraat Bank and the T. People's Bank, in parallel with the replay of the restructuring of the Ziraat Bank and the T. as of 31/12/2000, the date of 31/12/2000, which cannot be met with budget allowances, may be exported to the private tertik state bond, which is subject to the liquidation of the existing duties. The bonds are at the limit of the internal debt-related provision; the country's office is offered by the Chief Minister on the proposal of the Undersecretary of the Treasury, which is the basis for the assessment of the damages and the damage to the duties and other parts. from the

d) in the section 3 (d) of the resolution of the Support Fund for the Promotion of Resources of 88/12944 The revenues specified are to be transferred to the Treasury Account Payments Count account to be transferred from the revenue account of the fund to T. Israel Credit Bank A. in (EXIMBANK) by the T.C. Central Bank with the support of the export. To ensure that these amounts are payable to EXIMBANK as capital, the Treasury is authorized to come to the budget with the offer, and to record the payment and to determine the principles and principles that apply to the scope of this fund, the Finance Minister is authorized.

e) The Tentative 1st Amendment of the Code 1/6/2000 of the Tarum Satet Cooperative and Troops (E) stimuli,

-From the debt of the Tarun Units to the Fund for Promotion and Price as of 1/5/2000, The Ministry of Finance is in charge of the proposal of the Treasury to discharge the amount of interest in the process of redoing the troops, with appropriate approval and the liquidation of the liabilities within the amount of time until the liquidation of these debts.

-From bank debt related to existing private-body activities as of the date of 1/5/2000 of the Tarim Sats, During the reconstruction process of the units, the liquidation of these debts, such as interest and delay due to the liquidation of these debts, shall be passed by the Treasury, as well as to expel the debt by the government. It is. These bonds are in the limit of the domestic debt-related matter and are determined by the Council of Ministers on the basis of maturity, interest, and basis of the determinants of the country.

F) " Tobacco, Tobacco Mamules, Salt and Alcohol Protection of the General Directorate of 196 people, have been reported to have been reported. As of 31.12.2000, the Council of Ministers has agreed to all credit for their support as of 31.12.2000, due to a date of 31.12.2000, including tax liabilities (added tax, education, youth, sports). and health care tax, pay contributions, and funds with the exception of the payment due to the liabilities, and the delay and delay of the debt is also the same amount of discharge. The tax liabilities that are due to the tax debunking will be frozen as of 31.12.2000, and the delay is frozen.

Undersecretary of the Treasury Department of the Supreme Supervisory Board of the task damage was found. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to do the same terms and conditions that this matter requires upon the proposal of the Ministry.

g) For each electrical invoice that receives energy from a Single Term Tariff, collect the power toll for each electrical invoice. . The Board of Directors is authorized to determine the quantities of this price by the Board of Directors of Turkey's Electric Company Anonim.

Treasury bail

MADDE 44. - To guarantee and pay damages to the political risks that may be caused by the credit, insurance and warranty activities of Turkey's Israel Credit Bank, Inc.

The Secretary of the Treasury is the minister of the state.


Public Provisions for Public Personnel



Contributions, dormitory fees, charge, and promise fee

MADDE 45. - ), in accordance with Article 154 of the State Officers Act of 657, the number of separate factors that apply to the sum of the number of additional indicative numbers (17350) in the same period as the figures in the specified indicator table are translated into separate amounts. Applies to the officer baseline factor 1/1/2001-30/6/2001 (111600).

ücret399 The charge of the non-verbal (s) of the decree (c) of the Ordinance Decree in Law Rule 399 ceiling is applied at 1/1/2001-30/6/2001 (762 167 000) in lira.

However, if the previous fiscal year has an additional salary increase, the first, the base, and the The Council of Ministers is authorized to re-establish the base and ceiling charges of the side payment contributions and the additional increased rates to be applied to these charges in January.

Devlet2000 State month-to-date civil servant after 1/1/2001 was the lowest cumulative cumulative The consumer said that the rate of December 2000 = 100 was based on the cumulative rate of 2000 and the cumulative increase in the cumulative rate compared to the 2000-December 2000-December period. a total of two points above the rate of increase in prices the floor and ceiling charges or additional increased rates to be applied to these charges are determined by the factors being applied to be effective from 15 months of the month of the year and inflation in the country and inflation. The basic and procedural basis of the application is determined by the Minister of Finance.

Cabinet in the second half of the 2001 financial year, Ministers to continue in the same way they needed to The installed authority.

b) State officials who are involved in the establishment of the institutions of the country are the same as the country's local, new Until you have identified the courses and new precedents, it is paid according to the provisions of the Council of Ministers of 19/4/1999, in addition to the Council of Ministers of 99/12791, in addition to the provisions of the additional and the other.

c) the municipal press service within the civil and minority areas to be identified by the Ministry of the United States. payments are agreed to by municipal councils.



Drop your Cagros usage

MADDE 46.- a) In circles, including the overall budget It has been allocated to the value-added administration, the companies that have been allocated to the rotating capital, the funds established with the law, bail sandwiches, social security installations, and the transfer terms of the general and added budgets. He's been working with the officers and he's been working on his staff. for purposes of an assignment, and the appointment of these institutions to the officers of the business officer staff of 657 is subject to the permission of the Finance Minister to appoint a substitute for the third position of the 86 articles of State Law. The permission to assign from the open can be given by the number of times the employee is required to be paid. However, with the presence of judges and prosecutors, those in charge of this profession, members of the institutions of higher education and the Social Services of 2828 and Social Services of 2828 and the Annex l of the Law of Child Welfare of the Law of the Child of the Law of the Law of the Annex l No permissions are searched for the assignments to be made to the alert.  

Institutions, such as assignment, retirement, resignation, and transfer The reasons for their free cadres are full and they have to send the rulers to the Ministry of Finance as of the last day of March, June, September and December, as of the last day of December, June, September, and December.

b) All of the above-to-be counted institutions The Secretary of Finance and the State Staff are cancelled with the permission of the Minister of State Staff.

c) They are with special administration and municipalities with free civil servants who have been allocated to the union and people who have been allocated to the union and funds, with the aim of assigning them from opening up after the date of 3l/l2/2000, with the intent to assign the business is subject to permission.

d) Add-on budgets with general budget agencies In the counting and counting of the capital and fund counting, the officers of every title in charge of the Ministry of Finance are added to the staff of the Ministry of Finance, added to the revolving capital and the funds staff.

Finance Minister has added to the staff Staff employed in the ranks are assigned to these cadres, requiring a need for a job.

e) (a) the institutions and installations that are included in the scope of the fund, for new units to be used for new units to be used in advance of their staff, with staff training, as well as new units of the current law.

Glossary staff

MADDE 47. -  In general budget, apartments, value-added administrations, revolving capital, municipalities, provincial private administrations, funds established with the law, social security installations, general and added budgets with assistance from transfer promotions On the 8/6/1984 and 233 Code of Law, the remaining set of installations will continue to apply with the Council of Ministers on 6/6/1978 dated and 7/15754, with the support of the Council of Ministers on 6/6/1978.                      

Enterprise and installations, 657, counted in first fund According to the provisions of the Law of State Officers, the title, the number and the charges of the personnel who are to be used are the ones that show the rulers and types of commitments, and to obtain a visa from the Ministry of Finance by the end of January 2001 until the end of January. They have to.

To show staff when special laws are under way The title, number, and charges of the promised personnel that were stolen are subject to the visa. However, the installations show names, titles, staff degrees and commitment fees of staff members who should have a visa for the Ministry of Finance by the end of January 2001 through the end of January 2001. They will have to submit for information to the Ministry of Finance as of August, August and December.

Based on relevant regulatory provisions in the budget year the number of additional, title, qualification, and charges to be organized by the installs of new non-verbal personnel (excluding staffing), such as the new scheduled personnel to be employed, and the type of promise if they include additional rulers and different provisions. To obtain a visa from the Finance Ministry is required.

According to the above, without completing the visa requirements It cannot be made and can not be paid for.

üncü657 is the 4th State of the State Officers Act in accordance with the terms of the article (B), Additional Interim L6 ncis and special laws, the United States and the United States for continuing their duties in the Financial Direction of 2001, were deemed appropriate in January, February and March for the following. their commitment charges, with a commitment to be stolen from According to the 2000 Financial Committee, until the legal terms are completed, the requisite fixes are made based on the new commitments, and you will be paid for the call of the Minister of Finance.

Business allowors and tentative positions

MADDE 48.- A) In circles, including the general budget, the administration has been able to increase its continuous workers from thirty-two days. Temporary workers who will be charged with a period of time may be employed with the duration and duration of their budget (55) and (66) sub-programs that will not receive the allowings in the expense item.   The agency and its unit supervisors said to make the programs available to overplay in these sub-programs, not to overplay the other way, and not to borrow more than the next year. They're responsible.   The specified subprograms may not be transferred in any way, and the budget does not pay a finder's fee and overwork fee for the budget tertiary.   However, due to the fact that they are compensates for densities and severance payments, due to the bulk of their business commitments, the payment shortfalls may be made available from the rest of the reserve allowance in the Finance Ministry budget.

However, the employees who are working in temporary positions will be constantly redeployed to the staff of the institutions, The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer temporary enforcement allowances in their budget (66) to sub-program temporary appropriation allowances in subprogram (55).

Institutions are due for months in the year to be discharged with the appropriated allowance of their budgets (66). The number of temporary workers that will be played by the units that will be played by the units that will be stolen (units on the central basis, as part of a regional and provincial directorates), along with the calculated calculations, end of January He will have to get a visa to the Ministry of Finance. The number of deities occurring in the year is the same as a visa. The temporary application of this visa process cannot be employed and cannot be paid. Officers cannot be employed in order to be employed in the hands of the hand.

To spend additional expenses with ita supervisors and tahakkuk officers from the applications in the above The count is responsible.

b) General and value-added administrators, organizations with general equity, funds and services established with the law Under the Law on Law of 233, the United States, or 233, of the transfer of the transfer and transfer of the value-added budgets, will be available for more than thirty days starting from 1.1.2001. Provisional positions belonging to the workers, approval of the relevant minister It will be issued by the Ministry of Finance until 31.1.2001.

The extent of

c) (a) and (b) the benefits of institutions, installs and funds under the law, international meanings, or 2001 A visa will not be made for the total number of people/month visas issued in the 2000 Fiscal Year when new visas will be made for the volumes that are projected to be installed or upgraded with the Program. Temporary, visa-free positions can be held or canceled with the appropriate vision of the Ministry of Finance and temporary temporary positions. A sample of the visas issued by the Ministry of Finance is sent to the High Inspection Board of the Minister or to the Minister of Higher Education, according to his interest. No payment can be made for you to make this visa.

d) For more than thirty days from 1/1/2001 of the public economic community and its partner partners 1/1/2001 Provisional positions of temporary workers will be issued a visa to the State Staff until 31.1.2001, by obtaining the approval of the relevant minister. Temporary temporary positions that were issued by the State Staff may be suspended or canceled with temporary job temporary positions. One example of the visa-issued rulers is sent to the High Supervisory Board of the Batifünlk. No payment can be made for you to make this visa.

e) Israel's union with special authorities and municipalities to play in unity and muesseeses. Temporary positions of belonging are issued to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Temporary, visa-free temporary positions may be left or canceled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with temporary temporary positions. A sample of the visa schedules belonging to the temporary temporary positions issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are sent to the State Staff. The temporary application cannot be stolen and no payment can be made until this visa is made.



Measures To Be Active In Public Expense


The consolidated budget is included in the budget.

MADDE 49. - In order to conduct public services in an effective and efficient way, the agencies and administrations included in the consolidated budget and to take measures for the purpose of staffing, in accordance with the purpose of the service, and the need for service. To determine the basis and procedures for the transfer of personnel to the public institutions and installations of 46 ncis (a) of this Law, by obtaining the vision of their respective installations, as well as taking the view of the State Staff in the United States. The minister is authorized.

In public institutions Usagekullanýmý

MADE 50. - To reduce the number of public institutions and installations, to make arrangements, to take measures, to take precautions, to bring about precautions, to avoid the waste at maintenance, repair and fuel expenses, and to bring in public servants. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the principal and procedural benefits of commercial payments and payments to benefit from trade concessions rather than for the purposes of the concessions.

Assign from open permissions

MADE 51. - The total number of the grant permits to be given to the free civil servants of the 46 ncis (a) of this Law in the Ministry of Finance, pension, death and resignation as a result of 2000 in the relevant institutions. No more than 80% of the number of staff members. The institutions that are implemented by the conclusion of the Norm dial, the law, the units and the need for services required to be established or to be used with the law, international understanding or the establishment of the 2001 program, and personnel required by the mandatory services. the Finance Minister is authorized to be subjected to the specified rec.

Demirbac Standardization, power, and level of leavtion

MADE 52. - ), as of the public institutions and organizations ' authorities and services, the standards and standards of iron usage are also under consideration by the standards set out by the Turkish Standards Institute, and the Office of the General Directorate of the State Materials Office It is determined by the Ministry of Standardization Committee of the Ministry of the Ministry of Standardization.

b) Add-on budgets with general budget circles and It is organized by the Minister of Finance, based on the transfer of funds and funds to the transfer of funds and the transfer of funds to each other.

National Defense Transfer of the Minister's allowes

MADDE 53. - The Turkish Armed Forces Strategic Target plan, which cannot be spent in part due to the number of allowings required by the country's programs, is to transfer 30% of its allowings to the budget of the following year to ensure that service is not being provided. The Finance Minister is authorized to record the allowance.


Proviential Provitions

Temporary task 

MADDE 54.- 657 STATE CIVIL SERVANTS LAW Annex 8 and Annex 9, dated 13/11/1996 and numbered 4208, with respect to Articles 38, 40 and 41 of the Law No. 2547 and the General Secretary of the Grand National Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, 2919.  except for the security guards, in other institutions that warn of the Officers or public officials who have been temporarily deployed and receiving staff from their own institution or organization are temporarily benefiting from the benefit of the agency staff and may also pay for the relevant legislation. They cannot benefit from any compensation, overclocking, and other payments.

As collateral will be accepted, and the temporary supply of goods that is not available for you

MADE 55.   - ), dated 29/2/1984 and under the law of 2983, foreign exchange bonds and other securities traded by State domestic debt bonds and Treasury bonds,

1. As a guarantee in the implementation of the 10th clause of the Law on the Evacuation Of the Evacuation Procedures of 6183, with the tender and commitments made by the public institutions,

2. Payment of a national property fee to be paid by the price of a fee, as per payment.


bonds and bonds are included with the nominal price of interest It has been exported, and it is based on the number of people who have been sold to the anapes.      

b) dated 19/12/1999 and with a number of 491 1 With the tender and commitments made by private financial institutions, which are operating under the provisions of Article 23/6/1999 and under the terms of the 4389 numbered Banks Act, the provisions of the indefinite guarantee were made by the private financial institutions. $6183 of the Law of Amme Payee's Law It is considered as collateral in the implementation of the last item. However, it is imperative that the letters of guarantee comply with the scope and date specified by the Finance Ministry.

c) under the provision and savings of the Treasury or the State Temporary collateral can be received up to 20% of the estimated price in rent tenders for places where they are located.

Kishi indebits

MADE 56. - To be registered in the counting accounts, follow the 133rd clause of the 1050 Accounting-i Hope Law, which is not able to follow and collect for any reason or reason, and the current debt deemed appropriate by the Board of Financial Danes; The Ministry of Finance is authorized to draw up losses of up to 1, 5 billion liras ($5). The term of this amount of money is supply to the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Teþkilat178 Contact and Tasks of the Finance Ministry The Additional Article 7, which was added by the decree of 543 in the provision of Law by Law in the provision of Law, comes under 7 warnings and requests for goods and cash numbers and requests for the deletion of the receipts will be reviewed by the Board of the Financial Danes. It will be provided and presented to the Minister of Finance. Within the framework of this decision, the term list of the billion liras (1, 5) billion of which is being discharged is provided with the results of the budget implementation and the knowledge of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

from 1969 and 1988 to be made from the country 1050 count of Accounting-i was based on the 83rd article of the Hope of Hope Law and the current liabilities of the property, dated 27/6/1972 and the number of ancestral advances by the Law of 1601, are related to the account of the interest. It's done by getting it done.

to collect from the amounts account amounts to the current account The Ministry of Finance is authorized to be discharged by the view of the Financial Dance Board, regardless of the amount of information that the Minister has not found.

Defying the treasury as not part of the asset

MADDE 57.- Bulgaria, which is forced from Bulgaria, and then a member of the Turkish citizen, housing the housing project. or the owner of the land, where the foregoing bank accounts (except for the ones being returned) to the cooperatives, property owned by the Treasury, or land of land, the size of the two-square-square-meter Turkish Not to be above the land, but from a harca's original. to sell; from the cost of selling, the United Bank of Central Bank of the Central Bank of the Central Bank of the United States, where the advance was served, to destroy the amount found by the T.C. Central Bank German Mark, the German Markish Mark, in the history of which it was made available. And the Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the main and procedural matters in this matter.

shall not be the treasury of the Treasury, with respect to the property of 492, which will be calculated according to Article 63 of the Law, The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer to the General Manager of the Arsa Office or to transfer the bulk of Housing Housing to the General Manager or to installments of the General Housing Housing. The basis and the procedures are determined by the Minister of Finance.

Government Amounts to and will not be included in the accounts

MADDE 58. - Any income and expenses, including fines, including fines, including fines, tarh, tahakkuk, tender and telemetry, including fines and relics, and in state records, laws, and other regulations. The amounts and rates below (10 000) are not considered when they are specified and not to be counted.

Finance Minister; about the above mentioned considerations The exact differences to be determined by relying on audit reports to eliminate the incompatibility between tax agencies and the curriculum and reconciliation accounts of the tax offices will be determined to address the current disruptions.

Counter task and Transfer of responsibilities

ARTICLE 59.- Accounting 1050-i Hope The Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the basis of the duties and powers that are given to the number of duties and powers that are placed in respect of the law and other regulations, and to determine the basis for the overthrow.   The responsibility for the counts is also applied to those who are delegated and delegated to the delegated business.

International membership in the install

MADE 60. -anlaþmalara) Public-budget agencies and public economic and public institutions, social security installations, funds and other public institutions and organizations; to become a member of international organizations and to make laws, decree and international understanding. To be able to pay for the contributions of the legislation to be made available to the current members of the country currently being members of the country, the proposal and the proposal of a current or relevant Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance will be on the way. They will receive prior permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

b) The international understanding of the Treasury and the Undersecretary of Commerce, this clause shall not be applied to the international organizations (including their contribution to contribution payments) to the name of the Republic of Turkey with the laws and decisions.

Public Social facilities that are being installed in your installation

MADDE 61. - There is no contribution from the budget to the expenses of the education and recreation facilities, guest houses, daycare, sports facilities and similar social facilities that are being pushed out of public institutions and installations.

In such places, public and value-added, revolving capital And no new personnel will be employed for the first time in 2001 to be charged for funding.

will take advantage of what will benefit from such facilities The Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the minimum costs or to approve the specified tariffs and to identify the ledger and documents that will be used to keep the accounts of these sites within a layout.

Domestic to

MADDE 62. - In 2001, the public institutions and public institutions and public servants who will be sent to the country for the purpose of being able to be made available to the public institutions and organizations, and public servants, only the Higher Education. They can see the institutions of foreign higher education identified by the board of the board. The expenses of the graduate school, invoice or similar expense document are only regulated by the institution of the higher education which is considered to be my person. For the purposes of education, the issues of the public officials who are going to be sent to the dorm have to be related to the task areas of the volumes they are working on.

The number, institution, and installation of the submitts for this purpose. This is why the amount of funds that are put into their budget is not to be taken away.

Temporary service Payments to be made

MADDE 63. - Institutions;

a) With the need to stay current with the Arizi nature, Payments to be made available through service, with periods of non-stop periods in the year,

b) Solid-time service will be made to the people who are receiving payments,

c) 3308 number of Czar and Vocational Enitimi Law 25 If the pearl clause is required, the candidate will be paid to the other people who see the profession in the candidates, the charges, and the business.

d) article 4/C of the State Officers Act of 657 Temporary personnel, including numbers, propaganda, surveys, and so on,ödemeleri

Budgets (101-02-1-085) " Temporary Service Decision Payments will be made from the 300 expense items shown in the "activity." These operational budgets cannot be transferred from the rest of the budget; the allowance cannot be spent.

from the applications to the above provisions, the amps of the ita, It is responsible for those who work with the officers and the counting of the officers.

Amme alacana The real estate that can be accepted

MADDE 64.- Scope scope 233, including the establishment of a number of 233 Public Governmental Decisions, including the provisions of the state of the state, the public administration, the establishment of the public administration, the associates, the associates, the metropolitan municipalities, the cities of the state, municipalities, provincial private administrations, legal entities belonging to them or, as a result of the debts of the public legal entity, which belong to the State and to the debts of 6183 of Amme Creditors Belonging To The State, the property belongs to those administraiants and The Ministry of Finance, whose real estate is not available in any suit, is the right of debt to be appreciated by the commission, which will be appreciated by the commission, which will be based on the 13th article of the State Property Code of 2886. under the budget, without being associated with revenue and expense accounts of the budget You may be able to buy it at the minister's office.

The worship of the real estate of these administrations The liabilities of 6183 of the 6183-counted Amme Payees to the extent of the Law on the allocation of deportations, which are based on their operation and are identified in the above-specified number of the above, are discharged.

Rent and administration revenue

MADDE 65.- a) The benefit of the proportional cost of the rent from private scaffold given to Israel is under budget (B) It comes in the ruler ' s roster, and the other half of the private income is recorded. Special funds will be paid to the Maritime Undersecretary budget to improve the amount of private revenue recorded and port services, and the Treasury Department budget to improve national real estate services.

TheUlaþtýrmaMinistry of Transport, Railways, Limans and Air Square has consolidated its budget for the country's headquarters. hydraulic and computer models made in hydraulic center, and marine dibs, which will be called private and legal entities, with institutions and organizations, For all kinds of experiments and research, projects and services will be approved by the Office of the investigation, the cost of tomorrow's budget (B) comes in the current schedule, and the other half of the cost is to register private income, the private income is expected to be Railways, Limans and Air Metals are to develop the services of construction of infrastructure facilities to be actually; to develop the services of the Ministry of Education, and to improve national property services. A special grant is signed for the Finance Minister's budget.

According to the provisions specified in the above, special income and paid amounts were not used in previous years The current budget may be transferred to the current budget.

Telecommunications services provider-to-add telecommunications services license management 25% of the budget (b) special income is recorded in the budget (B) of the budget (B) in accordance with the license or registration fees under which the 25th clause is collected, and 0.05% (fifteen thousand) of the total number of items that are deposited in the accounts of the Central Counter-Directorate. These special paid amounts are made available for special funds to be used in the Ministry of Transportation services (except for personnel expenses).

b) From these services, public and private institutions and organizations that provide guidance and romörkaj services are available from these services It has a share of the same percentage of gross damage as it was less than 60 percent (6.5%). This share will be counted to the end of the month following the month following the month of the latest collection. The revenue for the half-time budget (B) of the yacht is recorded in the revenue schedule. The revolving capital budget within this Undersecretariat is transferred to the account to be used at any expense, except for the personnel required by the central and battalion units of the Maritime Maritime Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs.

Public service Pricing

MADDE 66. - In order to perform the duties of public-budget agencies and the value-added administration, it can be determined by the Ministry of Finance upon the proposal of a related installation for those that are pricing from the delivery of goods and services.

derived from the goods and services that are priced The amounts are specific to the overarded schedule of the overall budget or the related value-added set-up budgets (B), while the relevant set budget (A) is required to record (A) special allowance for the current or newly opened tertiary, special % of revenue and no special funds is expected The main and procedural of expense authorisation of up to 75 years of expense authorization, transfer of funds to related terms of the next year's budget, collect, collect, and waste of such amounts, and The Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine.

Tax, fund, and when shares are in time

MADGE 67. -kapsamýndakiIn the scope of the decree, the number of economic states, public economic installations, including public economic and private enterprises, and their associates, and their associates, were involved in the Code of Law on the Public Israeli Commitment. The managers and financial authorities of the installations and revolving capital are in charge of the tax, fund and other shares collected from the third party in time and in full due to the charge or charge of the third party. They have to. On the contrary, those who behave are responsible for the payment of these amounts, and they are held accountable.

Kusmen or Provisions that will not be fully implemented

MADDE 68. - a) 1. Of the 7126th Civil Defence Code dated 21/10/1960 and numbered 107 with a Code of 107 (a), it was (a),

Bazý2. The Bazze of the 6831 Count of Forest Law dated 20/6/1973 and number 1744 (d) of the Annex 3 of the Dair Code to the Devising of Articles and a Temporary Article with 3 Additional Items to this Law,    

3. 17 of the 197 Code of Motor Duties Tax for a share of the Traffic Services Gelition Fund of the Code 17,

Provisions, 2001 Financial Direction, This Law (A) The relevant tertiary of the ruler is applied at the amount of the corresponding amount of the payment.   

b) 233 counts of Public-American Grievances The number 4, of Article 36 of the Decree Decree, applies under the provisions of Article 42 of this Law, "The Sacrifice of the Public Security Council".

c) 657 is required by State Officers Act The durations specified in Article 171 of this Law are applied for seven days, two days for the counting mutts, for the number of the times in the 2001 Financial Direction.

d) dated 29/4/1969 and 1164 count of land office law The amount of revolving capital specified in the fifth paragraph of the number of people is applied to 40 trillion liras.

e) on 5/12/1951, and 5846 is an Idea and Art The second form of Article 44 of the Code of Monuments is also applied to the provision of any technical equipment, such as VCD and DVD, and any technical equipment that may be used for commercial purposes, or for commercial purposes.

f) dated 8/6/1994 and number 4180 of 3996 counted In the 11th Amendment of the Law and dated 16/7/1997 and the 4th Amendment of the Code 4283, the Minister and Minister of State will be used by the Council of Ministers in 2001.

g) 1. The first receipt of Article 45 of the Code 3202, dated 9/5/1985 and numbered 3202,

2. The 35th article of the Law on the General Directorate of the General Directorate of the General Directorate of Forest and the final of the law on the adoption of the Law on the Rule of Law, the final of the Law.

3. On 3/7/1968 and the second receipt of Article 1 of the Code 1053, the 3rd article of the same Law, the 3rd article,

4. The provisions of the "Human Rights and Benefits" 8/6/1959 and the provisions of the Law, which will be made from the budget of added budgets to public economic projects, including the general budget, are the provisions of the Law on 8/6/1959 and the Law of the Law of 7338, the "Right of Tomorrow".

5. The provisions of this Law on the 7th Amendment of the laws of the law,

Ek6th 4/12/1984 and Attachment 1 Pearl of the 3096 The second ingredient in the matter was (a), 

7. Additional 19 clause provision, dated 406 count Telgraf and Telephone Code, dated 3/5/1995 and numbered 4107, is the third clause,

8. Article 11 of the Law 28/5/1986 and number 11 of 3291,

9. 1050 is the 53rd clause of the number of Accounting-i Hope Law,

10. Dated 11/2/1950 and the current article 20 of the Law of 5539,

does not apply to the 2001 Mali.

.h) 1. 75% of the tax revenues collected from domestic and foreign film screenings were issued under 26/5/1981 and under the number 21 (1) and (2) of the 2464 numbered Municipal Revenue Code (I), and 75% of the tax revenue collected from domestic and foreign film representations. The "Cinema and Music Art Promotion Fund", which is based on Article 10 of the Code 3257, will be divided from the beginning of the month following the month of the following month. The Fund, which follows the allocation of such amounts, has been named by the relevant municipalities until the day of the tenth day of the month. Ziraat Bank will be able to deposit the Bank's account in the Central Bank.   Law provisions of 6183 Amme Payees are applied in the allocation of funds that are not laid in the duration of the fund.

Municipal Accountaries and Accounts Managers They are responsible for the administration, financial and financial terms.

2. The charges, dated 23/1/1986 and of the Code 3257, of the 10th item in the I-Fund revenues section, are not applied in the 2001 fiscal year. The Council of Ministers determines the charges to be implemented in 2001.

3. The provisional 1st amendment of the Code 4306 (16/8/1997) of 4306 was calculated to be calculated separately, once per year, as per the number of fixed facility fees imposed on behalf of mobile owners according to the 7th of the fund's owners. required by the amount of 26/11/1999 and the 9th of the Code of 4481, dated 26/11/1999, the same amount of custom property tax must be paid at once every year in January, according to the 11th part of the Code 4306, of the 4306 Code of provisional 1 quantities, (except for prepaid cell phone subscribers) are paid in 12-course installments in 2001. This application includes license and usage fees dated 5/4/1983 and numbered 2813 according to the Teleless Act.


MADE 69. - This will take effect on 1/1/2001 of the Law.


MADE 70. - This is the Law;

a) The provisions of the Turkish Grand National Assembly The President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly,

b) provisions for the Republic The Secretary General of the Republic,

c) Respect for the provisions of the Savec First-Bafkus,

d) Minister of Finance of DiGer provisions,