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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TA­RIM VE KIR­SAL KAL­KIN­MA­YI DES­TEK­LE­ME KU­RU­MU KU­RU­LUŞ

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Kanun No. 5603


Acceptable Date: 15/3/2007      



Purpose, Tanks, Installed, Task, and



MADDE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is to plan, program, and In the framework of the principles and objectives envisioned in their strategies, the European Union and international organizations will also be involved in implementation of the development programs. the establishment, task, authority and the establishment of the Institution of Support of Tarim and Kürsal Encouragement to actuate the activities It is to regulate the responsibilities and essences of responsibility.


ARTICLE 2- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) Minister: The Minister of Tarism and Villains,

b) Ministry: Ministry of Tarism and Villains,

c) President: Style and Decision Support Agency Press,

ç) Commission: Project Değeration and Election Commission,

d) Committee: The Committee for Conduct and Steering,

e) Institution: Style and Leverage Support Organization,

f) Program: Harmonically Prepared with strategy and plans at the national level programs,

refers to.


MADDE 3- (1) To perform the tasks provided with this Law For example, the private budget of public legal entity, the private budget, the provisions of this Law, and the relevant law of the Ministry and the relevant establishment of the Ministry, including the relevant law and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Foundation for Promotion of Awake is established.

Tasks and entitlements

MADDE 4- (1) The organization's mandate and entitlements are:

a) I know that they can benefit from the support of the beneficiaries in a way that they can benefit from support, To conduct the activity of the advisor and the routing.

b) To get project and activity reviews, in place with preliminary reviews of them to be able to control the project and its activities according to the criteria of doing business, detainment, and selection criteria.

c) To determine the project and activities to be supported, to prepare application commitments and To sign a statement with the beneficiaries who are deemed appropriate, to do the things that are not appropriate, to do the things that are not appropriate.

ç) With respect to the project and activities, with respect to payment and accounting functions To make control of all kinds of things.

d) To monitor the implementation of projects and activities, benefits, and to follow through on their obligations, to do the necessary checks for these purposes.

to report online and development needs to take into consideration European Union legislation. to prepare information, documents and reports, and to submit them to the authorities and authorities.

 f) View and support suggestions for programs and support to the relevant authorities.

g) A secure database and information management system related to the tasks and activities of the organization to install.

) To make administrative arrangements related to the activities of the Agency.

(2) The institution, its tasks related to its duties; public or private legal entities, real people, Civil society installations are tasked with the European Commission and international organizations, and are responsible for the co-ordination and co-ordination of the organization.

(3) The installation, issuing payment instruction, and excluding the accounting duties, Some of his duties may be in place with the Ministry of Talkra. However, the fulfillment of the tasks with this surcharge does not take away the responsibility of the Agency. The agency can work with public institutions and organizations, private legal entities, real people, and civil society organizations in the process of fulfilling the tasks.




ARTICLE 5- (1) The installation is from the center and the center of the country.

(2) Danes and control units and assistance service units with central service units from the unit, and from the provincial coordinators, the task force is the first.

(3) The installation is shown on the central schedule attached (1), the number of numbers shown.

Business, authority, and responsibilities of the business

MADDE 6- (1) The top supervisor of the institution, The President, The Minister is responsible for the execution of, and is responsible for, the activities and responsibilities of those who are under the order:

a) Authority to the Constitution, laws, government program, and Council of Ministers manages in accordance with policies and strategies.

b) develop, comply with, policies and strategies in the field of duty. As a result, they establish goals and objectives, determine performance criteria, prepare for the Agency's work schedule and budget, and conduct necessary legal and administrative regulation. Coordinates, tracks, and coordinates the implementation of the identified strategies, objectives, and performance criteria.

c) Controls the operations and actions of the institution, reviews management systems, It looks at the effectiveness of the institution and the management processes, and the management is expected to be developed.

), where the organization is engaged in matters that are in the field of operation, and other institutions and organizations coordination.

d) presents to the Commission for approval of the project and activities to be supported in the scope of the program, will be supported by signing and signing up with the installation. Certify the termination of words and terminations to be made.

) The authority to prepare information, documents and reports that are needed, the authority to which it is authorized, and to the authorities.

(2) The President and managers at every level of the Institution are to write their results. It may transfer a number of its authorities to its subordinate to determine a lot. The delegation will be involved in the appropriate tools.

Service units

MADDE 7- (1) The enterprise's main service units are:

a) Project Services General Coordinatorship.

b) Finansman General Coordinator.

(2) The installation and control units of the enterprise are:

a) Legal Counsel.

b) Ric Control Coordinator.

(3) The enterprise's assistant service unit Support Services is the General Coordinator.

Service units tasks

MADDE 8- (1) Project Services General Coordinatorship, Project It is the Coordinating and Control Coordinator with the management of the Management.

(2) The Project Management Coordinator will perform the tasks:

a) To make announcements and definitions related to the program.

b) to prepare the documentation for the documentation, the forms of the bashing, and the documentation required, To carry out the activities of guidance and guidance for the beneficiaries.

c) To accept the results, within the framework of the established eligibility criteria of the project and activities to submit to the Commission to conduct preliminary inspections, to make a selection of the projects and activities to be supported.

c) Remarks that are eligible to be supported, and to do so with installation that is appropriate To prepare.

d) To give justified answers to unsuitable bareds.

e) To execute tender actions related to supported projects and activities.

f) To prepare detailed reports on the project's locations and to related locations to present.

g) To perform other tasks that will be issued by the President.

(3) The tasks of the Project Occupation And Control Coordinator are:

) to conduct on-site checks of the implemented and completed projects and activities, to monitor their reallocation, and to prepare reports and suggestions for them.

b) To check the implementation of the project and activity applications in the process of the And to offer the President the termination or termination of any commitments.

c) To check for the purchases and other tender processes that will be made within the framework of the projects and to take preventive measures, which are possible in the implementation of possible bottlenots, errors and abuse.

) To perform other tasks that will be issued by the President.

(4) Financing General Coordinator; Takahakk Coordinatorship, Payment Coordinator, and It is from the Accounting Coordinator.

(5) The tasks of the Tahakkuk Coordinator are:

a) The information and documents related to the settlement claims are specified in the word and the relevant legislation to review the compliance of the provisions.

b) To edit payment documents.

c) To perform other tasks that are to be issued by the President.

(6) The tasks of the Payment Coordinator are:

a) To review payment documents related to rights, perform on-site checks, and comply with appropriate the number of benefits of payments that are being transferred to the account.

b) To export information about payment to related units.

c) To perform other tasks that are to be issued by the President.

(7) The Accounting Coordinator's tasks are:

a) To realistiate accounting policies related to the application.

) Data-to-install obligations and actualized payments in data You know what I mean?

c) To prepare reports of three months and years of loss, to related units forward.

) To contain accounts and documents related to payments, and to have ready control over the internal and full control.

d) related institutions from European and international setups To make efforts to the templine.

E) To perform other tasks that will be issued by the President.

(8) The tasks of the Law Seal are:

a) See the right of legal issues and regulations.

TagPreserver,p,0,139b) On the time of preemptive legal measures, protective of the interests of the establishment to help you understand, to understand, and to do so in accordance with these guidelines.

c) To prepare the necessary information and documentation in both the administrative and administrative cases and in any of their executive pursuits And to keep up with the preparation, to execute the case and executive pursuit of the Agency.

), as required, by taking over the appropriate units, including negligence and negligence. To organize or to prepare an answer for them.

d) To perform other tasks that will be issued by the President.

(9) The tasks of the Operator Control Coordinator are:

a) Internal control of the Agency, in accordance with national and international audit standards to be real.

b) To make efforts to improve the internal control system of the enterprise.

c) To check the accounts and business current, full and time, to control.

) To control the compliance of the institutions and their compliance with the programs and reporting.

d) To perform other administrative tasks related to the audit.

(10) Support Services General Coordinator; Information Systems Coordinator; and Inissan Resources and the coordination of the United States are Israel.

(11) The tasks of the Information Systems Coordinator are:

) To set up the information systems of the enterprise, to create the data bases needed, trusted, and to develop.

b) To ensure that records related to operations and projects are stored in an electronic environment.

c) To retrieve information about related volumes and other data sources, and information about data sources.

) To perform other tasks that will be issued by the President.

(12) The tasks of the Human Resources and Government Coordinator are:

a) Making plays and planning for the organization's human resource policy and planning. to make offers.

b) Assigning, employment, education, transfer, registration, promotion, promotion, compensation, to conduct retirement and similar self-esteem.

c) sell, lease, balance, repair, clean up any goods and services that are required by the Agency to conduct all kinds of administrative and financial services, including tool-widget material supply, lighting, lighting, water, communications, health, and so forth.

ç) To organize and execute general paperwork, services, and documentation.

d) Organized the work of the institution's staff at home and at home.

e) Execute, broadcast, and public works of the organization.

f) To conduct civil defence related services in the class.

g) To perform other tasks that will be issued by the President.

Intelligence and Steering Committee

MADDE 9- (1) Public institutions and installations of the business are real people, private legal entities, and civil society organizations to monitor and support the program and support of the development, monitoring and disinveting processes, and the purpose of monitoring and monitoring the contributions. The Steering Committee is on board. The committee's secretaries of the committee are carried out in the Ministry.

(2) The Secretary of the Committee of the Committee is Undersecretary. In the committee, the Ministry of Ministers, Finance, Industry and Trade, Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, State Planning Agency and Treasury Department and the European Union were held in the committee. A representative is located at least the general manager level from the secretary. Representatives of the European Commission and the representatives of the relevant institutions and the representatives of the European Commission may be able to continue the committee at the current level.

(3) The tasks of the committee; the program and support for the development and development of a remote area. in accordance with national policy and strategies, consistent with each other, in a coherent and effective way; project and activity pressure, selection and disinveting criteria are defined as a result of the to be seen in compliance with their goals, with specific ranges from implementation and development to goals inform the institutions and authorities about the recommendations of the management and implementation of the management and implementation, including the monitoring of the objectives or the implementation of the objectives, including the management of the to carry out the other important duties envied within the framework of the European acquis.

(4) The meeting of the committee is based on the results of the organizations represented in the Committee. It is determined by a regulation that will be played by the Minister.

Project Dedirection and Selection Commission

ARTICLE 10- (1) (1) Commission; In the case of the Institution, the At the level of the civil service, the official department has the highest number of representatives from the main service units to be determined by the Minister's representatives, the People, the Public and the People, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Culture and Tourism. He is a representative of the Ministry of Environment and Forest, one of the representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Forest. The President may invite up to three representatives from relevant public institutions and organizations to the meetings in the necessary situations. The mandate of the representative representatives is two years old and is completed by members of the reserve according to the remaining durations, if their membership is terminated in any way before the term is completed.   Members whose task ends can be selected again.

(2) The Commission is at least every month with a phase of the full number of members at the invitation of the President. It will be collected once. A General Coordinator will be able to appoint the President if the Commission is absent from the meeting. The commission is decided by the votes of the people who have endured the meeting. In the event of an event, a decision is made in the direction of the President.

Commission's mandate and entitlements

ARTICLE 11- (1) The commission's mandate and entitlements are:

a) Reports of projects and activities to support within the scope of the Program and reports on them approve projects to be seen and supported.

b) Implementation co-ordination, regeal measures, and revs to present the Institution for the solution of the problems.

Hal coordinators

MADDE 12- (1) Program and support for the development Before the applications are started, the process of construction is also considered, and the provincial coordinator will be installed in the provinces. The provincial coordinator cannot be established in the provinces that are not included in the program or support scope.

(2) The provincial coordinator is responsible for the leader and administration of the Israeli coordinators. Adequate personnel are employed to the extent required by the projects under the control of the Il.

The tasks of the power coordinatorships

MADDE 13- (1) The tasks of the power coordinatorships Next:

a) Making announcements and profiles at the level of the manual, benefits for benefits, consulting and to conduct routing activities.

b) To be deployed in the province on selection and monitoring of activities and activities to be supported to inform the relevant units of the selection of the personnel to the relevant units, and to prepare the database for them.

c) To get the results, project and activities are preliminary reviews by To do so, to get the proper details out of the establishment.

) By preparing for an inappropriate response to the unsuitable results of the front dec. Forward to the organization.

 d) governorates and other public institutions to increase the effectiveness of the Israeli application and To ensure necessary coordination with their installation, to inform the governorate and the provinces of the province regarding the activities of the Institution, and to provide necessary support for the needs of the from volumes.

e) To carry out on-site control and monitoring activities of the projects and activities.

f) Report on required reporting to the central units on issues related to the task area to

g) To perform other tasks that will be issued by the President.


Staff Regime

Status, rights, and appointment of the enterprise personnel

MADDE 14- (1) Services dated in November 14/7/1965 and count 657 The State Officers Act is carried out by a promised staff of personnel who are employed to be given to the provisions of the other laws which are to be spoken of. Institution staff is 17/7/1964 in retirement and social security, and 506 is the Law of Social Insurances. All disputes are seen in the civil courts of the institution personnel.

 (2) The President of the President is appointed to the decision upon his proposal. General Coordinator, Legal Counsel, Coordinator, provincial coordinators, expert, auditor, and consultants are appointed by the Minister for approval upon the proposal of the President, and the other personnel who are remaining in the country are appointed by the President.

(3) Section 48 (A) of the State Officers Act on the personnel to be employed in the In addition to the general (1), (4), (5), (6), (6) and (7), the general co-ordinator, coordinator, provincial co-ordinator, expert, auditor, and consultant positions in addition to the general information specified in the subbenches of the name. agricultural, veterinary, water products, food, chemistry, forest, environment, building, geology, computer, industry, electricity and electronics, machinery, law, public administration, economics, finance, administration, international relations, business economics and industrial relations, business administration and regional planning, statistics, sociology branches or At least undergraduate level of education from the institutions of higher education in the country accepted by the Board of Higher Education; the president, the general co-ordinator, is the main coordinator of the higher education. co-ordinator, eight years for legal counsel and consultant, six years for the provincial co-ordinator, and three years of experience for the expert and auditor.

(4) Central policy; President, general coordinator, legal coordinator, co-ordinator, expert, Public Personnel in English, German or French language, which will be employed in the positions of supervisor, consultant, consultant, consultant, and prospective, are required to determine the status of an asgarciary (B), provincial and foreign language. The provincial co-ordinators in the coordinators and the supervising positions in the specialist and auditor position have been given a score at the level of the asgarial (C) level. It is imperative that they have a document that is considered to be the subject of the accepted international balance of the language, or the language proficiency in the language.

(5) dated 10/12/2003 and attached to the Public Maladministered Management and Control Law of 5018 (I), (II) and (IV) The number of institutions and institutions counted in the number of rulers, the ones that are respected in this material, and those who are in compliance with the terms of their own, and their institutions, must be described in the section can be employed. The number of personnel to be employed in this capacity cannot be 30% of the total number of personnel. The personnel from the personnel deployed in this province has the right to leave and the staff of the staff will continue to do so. The promotions of these are made to the institutions that need to be done in a second. As long as they remain in office, they will receive their financial and social rights from the Agency, as long as they remain in office.

(6) The number of personnel to be employed in the central government of the institution cannot be more than a hundred and fifty percent. The number of support personnel who will be able to conduct the work on secretarial, administrative, financial, and personnel cannot exceed twenty per cent of the total number of personnel.

(7) Public institutions and public servants employed in the Quran end their duties. They are assigned to their institution in accordance with their acquis. These service times in the environment are considered in the detection of eligible rights reserved for each of the other.

 (8) Net charges, including any payments to a dedicated staff; Secretary of State The general manager, who served in the central government, was the deputy director of the head office, the chief co-ordinator, coordinator of the law, co-ordinator and provincial coordinators of the head of the state. Department of agencies, experts and auditors of the agency, experts and experts told the staff. It is determined by the Minister to not take over the outstanding charges for similar tasks in the central order of the secretary.

(9) The institution, the project and activities to be supported, to be defunnated,  Local and foreign, with exception or service accusers, in order to provide special information and expertise, with the aim of monitoring, announcing, and providing information and advisory services for the benefit of the announcement. specialists can be used to play the part of the time. The number of personnel to be played at the institution cannot exceed thirty per cent of the total number of personnel in the Agency.   

(10) The remaining duties and entitlements of the dial-in personnel in this provision are in service. The principles of execution, assignment, escalation, and dismissal with dismissal are determined by the regulations to be determined by the decision of the title and the Council of Ministers.


Revenue and Expenses

Accounts to be managed by revenue and expenses

MADDE 15- (1) The income of the enterprise is:

a) Allowance for this purpose from the General budget to the Ministry of the Ministry.

b) resources to be sold from European Union and other international funds.

c) Dies.

(2) Institution expenses are:

a) Project and support expenses.

b) Tanitum and ecare expenses.

c) charges of servicing and not servicememable goods.

c) Management and personnel expenses.

d) The tasks related to tasks.

(3) The institution budget is set up by the Institution and the Minister approves the


(4) 6183 count of 21/7/1953 and 6183 in the allocation of the credits of the enterprise Provisions of the Payee's Law on the Evacuation Procedure are made.

(5) the financial assistance and national contribution of the European Union, It is held in the accounts that will be opened within the framework of the provisions of the relevant European Union. Managing these accounts is determined in the framework of the relevant understanding of how to use, redo, or to use or use the non-used part of the European Union.

 (6) The institution is engaged in all kinds of taxes, images and fees related to the implementation of this Law. It is exempt.


European Union-to-European Development Program

and Supports

General provisions

MADDE 16- (1) For the rfx lift by the European Union Programming, use, and financial management of the financial resources and the authority and responsibilities of the Institution are determined within the framework of the agreements signed with the European Union. The national accreditation of funds by the competent national authorities and institutions is monitored and monitored, according to these meanings.

(2) Licensee's financial management, Certification, and certification of funds from the European Union within the framework of the Program As a national authorization officer for the establishment of the institution and the monitoring of the implementation of the rules regarding the accreditation and accreditation of the accreditation of the Agency at the national level It is done by the specified merci.

(3) Reported the management and control systems of the enterprise, and the Enterprise accounts for the year. Studies related to inspection are done by an administration agency that will be determined from the search for public or private sector.

Program for European Union support

MADDE 17- (1) The Ministry is intended to remove the rfx The programme, operation and support of European Union resources and national strategies with the development of the programme, activities and support of the European Union and the European Union. Consistent with other resources and related institutions in a consistent and consistent way is responsible for programming. In this way, the operational qualified kickoff program will be approved by the High Planning Board's approval.

(2) Monitoring and deorizing, activity, and effectiveness of the development of a remote The Ministry is responsible and responsible for the execution of measures to ensure that they are required to do so.

Institution responsibilities

MADDE 18- (1) Institution, related legislation, European Union Implementation of an effective, effective and effective implementation of the implementation, timely and appropriate implementation of payments, supported projects and activities within the framework of understanding and understanding of the activities. In accordance with its provisions, the fact that control and monitoring is real, is related to the The institution and authorities are responsible and responsible for the information, documents and reports on their duties, and in full and timely avenis.

 (2) Install the authorized authorities and installations determined by the respective meanings. The implementation of the program applications and financial management, and the fulfillment of their recommendations and demands on accreditation, information and document requests in the time of day. is required.


Government Provisions

Dread control

MADDE 19- (1) The current audit of the institution, provisions in the 16 ncu clause It is being done by the Page, with a record of staying saved.


MADDE 20- (1) The human resources and personnel selection of the institution, The commission and provincial co-ordinators will be able to implement the criteria for implementing accreditation criteria, with other financial issues covered by European Union-based financial assistance. is determined by the regulations.

(2) The implementation of this Code is below the release date of this Code months, and so on.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1- (1) The institution needs qualified personnel. Personnel employed for a year may not be looking for a foreign language proficiency.


ARTICLE 21- (1) This is effective on the release date of the Law.


MADRID 22- (1) The Council of Ministers of this Law It executes.










  Major Major Service Units Danting and Control Units Service Unit

  Bader 1. Project Services General 1. Law Director 1. Support Services

                     Coordinator General Coordinatorship

                 a) Project Management 2. Hic Control Coordinator; a) Information Systems

                      Coordinatorship Coordinator

                 b) Project Design and Control                                                       b) People's Resources and

                     Coordinator of the Coordinator of the Coordinator of the United States

                 2. Financing General


                 a) Tabhakkuk Coordinatorship

                 b) Payment Coordinating

                 c) Accounting Coordinatorship