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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TA­RIM VE KIR­SAL KAL­KIN­MA­YI DES­TEK­LE­ME KU­RU­MU KU­RU­LUŞ

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Law No. 5603:15/3/2007 FIRST PART Objective, Definitions, organization, duties and Entitlements Objectives article 1-(1) the purpose of this Act; national development plans, programs and strategies within the framework of the prescribed principles and objectives, the European Union and international organizations to include the resources provided, activities for the implementation of the rural development programmes, agriculture and rural development support Institution to perform the duties, powers and responsibilities, the Organization principles and fundamentals.
Definitions article 2-(1) in the implementation of this Act;
Minister of agriculture and Rural Affairs Minister: a), Ministry of agriculture and Rural Affairs Ministry: b), c) President: agriculture and rural development support agency President, d) to the Commission: the Commission, evaluation and selection of Project d) Committee: tracking and Routing Committee, e): agriculture and rural development support our rule is, f) Program: National-level strategy and prepared in accordance with the plans, the rural development programmes.
Enterprise article 3-(1) to fulfill the tasks assigned by this law, the public has the legal personality, administrative and financial autonomy, special budget, referred to in this provision in cases that are not subjected to the provisions of private law and Ministry of agriculture and rural development, including about provider support agency was established.
Duties and powers are article 4-(1) the duties and powers of the institution are as follows: a) to the extent that in order to benefit from the support that benefitted from greatest promotion, training, consultancy and orientation activities execute.
b) Project and activity with their preliminary investigation to take references on-the-spot checks, the terms of reference for the project and activities, the evaluation and selection criteria to assess.
c identify Any projects and activities of the implementation contract) to prepare and sign a contract with appropriate reference to the beneficiary, with references that are not suitable to make related transactions.
ç) incurred for projects and activities, payment and accounting process are related to any type of control.
d) project, and to monitor application activities, beneficiaries fulfill the obligations of the contract terms and to follow these purposes that the necessary checks.
e) progress and developments, taking into account the European Union report on legislation required information, documents and reports, provide the competent institutions and authorities.
f) Program and support its opinion and the amendment proposals to the relevant authorities.
g) is the Organization's tasks and activities in a secure database and information processing system is set up.
ğ) administrative arrangements related to the activities of the institution.
(2) the tasks of the institution-related issues; public or private law legal persons, natural persons, non-governmental organizations, the European Commission and in cooperation and coordination with international organizations in charge of ensuring the necessary and is authorized.
(3) Agency, following the instructions for payment and accounting related tasks, excluding some of the tasks the Ministry through the rural units. However, in this fashion, fulfillment of tasks does not eliminate the responsibility of the institution. Agency, the fulfillment of the tasks of the stages of other public institutions and organizations, private law legal persons, natural persons and non-governmental organizations.
The SECOND PART of the Princeton University Princeton University article 5-(1) Agency, Central and provincial Department.
(2) consultation with the main Central dispatch service units and control units and auxiliary service units, provincial nor the provincial Coordinator.
(3) Central Guam attached (1) is shown in the ruler.
The President's duties, powers and responsibilities article 6-(1) the head of the institution and the institution's President, icraatından the highest order from the operations and they are under is liable to the Minister, has the following duties, powers and responsibilities: a) Constitution, laws, government program of the institution and by the Council of Ministers in accordance with the policies and strategies set out manages.
b matters in the field of policy tasks of the institution) and develops strategies, create goals and objectives annually in accordance with them, determines the performance criteria, is the Organization's work program and prepares the budget, the necessary legal and administrative arrangements in their work. The strategies, objectives and performance criteria, as determined in accordance with the coordinates, monitors and evaluates the application.
c controls the institution's activities and operations,) management systems review, oversees the effectiveness of the institution's structure and management processes, provides the development of the management.
ç) is the Organization's activity in the field of cooperation with other institutions and organizations on issues and provides coordination.
d) will be supported under the Program offers to the Commission for approval of projects and activities, will sign a contract with the person and organization are supported, to be consent to pay them. Changes to the contract and termination of contracts.
e) needed for the preparation of information, documents and reports, offers them authoritative institutions and authorities.
(2) the President and the administrators at all levels of the institution when necessary, provided that the authority in writing of the limits of a part of the explicitly determine may transfer their subordinates. Devolution to the appropriate tools.
Service units article 7-(1) the institution's main service units include: a) General coordination of Project Services.
b) Financing general coordination.
(2) the Advisory and control units of the institution are as follows: a) Counsel.
b) internal audit Coordinator.
(3) General Service Unit support services help the institution Koordinatörlüğüdür.
Article 8 duties of the service unit-(1) General coordination of Project Services, project management, Coordination and project monitoring and control Koordinatörlüğünden.
(2) inform the Project Management tasks include the following: a) program-related announcements and make introductions.
b) Reference Guides, application forms and other documents necessary for the beneficiary to prepare training, consulting and guidance activities execute.
c) Applications to accept, in the framework of the projects and activities identified in the preliminary eligibility criteria, to the choice of projects and activities to be supported to provide to the Commission to do.
c support for eligible individuals and institutions) scheduled for contracts.
d references that are not Appropriate to give a reasoned answer).

e) Supported projects and activities procurement transactions.
f) prepare detailed reports with project references and add them to their appropriate places.
g) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
(3) inform the project tracking and control tasks are: a) implemented and completed project and activities occur on-the-spot controls, to monitor, report on and prepare recommendations.
b) project, and the provisions contained in the contract to operate applications to check and, if necessary, in accordance with the contracts or agreements, changes to the terminating subscribers offer the President.
c) Projects to be performed within the frame of purchases and other likely tender processes to control and application bottleneck, error and abuse take preventive measures.
ç) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
(4) Financing general coordination; Assessment Coordinator, under the coordination of payment and accounting Koordinatörlüğünden.
(5) inform the tasks include the following: a) payment requests-related information and documents in the contract and to examine the appropriateness of the specified provisions of the relevant legislation.
b) Payment documents.
c) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
(6) Payment Inform tasks include the following: a to examine the payment entitlements) documents, carry out the checks and the payments are to be transferred to the appropriate account benefitted from.
b information related to the Payment to the relevant units).
c) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
(7) Accounting Inform tasks include the following: a) realize their accounting about the application.
b contracts on behalf of the obligations of the institution) and payments to register data base.
c) quarterly and annual Payments for the records, preparing reports to the relevant units.
ç) internal and external documents related to payments account and keep control.
d) European Union and international organizations of the resources provided through the relevant institutions to make transactions for supply.
e) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
(8) Legal Counsel tasks include the following: a) Legal opinions about issues and regulations.
b the benefits of protective, preventive legal disputes of the institution), measures to get in a timely manner, in accordance with this agreement and agreements to be made mainly to assist.
c) judicial and administrative cases, and all types of information and documents required in execution proceedings to prepare and follow up the institution ensure that the preparation and conduct of litigation.
ç) when deemed necessary by taking notice of the views of the relevant units and cease to edit or to prepare an answer against them.
d) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
(9) the internal audit functions are: a) inform the institution's internal control standards of national and international control.
aimed at improving the institution's internal control system b) to conduct studies.
c) Account and transactions are accurate, complete, and timely check whether.
ç) Financial Institution operations, agreements and programmes to control and report on compliance.
d) will be given other tasks associated with the control by the President.
(10) support services general coordination; Information systems Coordinator with human resources and Administrative Affairs Koordinatörlüğünden.
(11) information systems inform the tasks include the following: a) to establish the institution's computing systems, create the databases needed to secure and improve.
b) Activity and related records to be stored electronically with the projects.
c other data sources) for units and exchange of information between providers.
ç) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
(12) human resources and Administrative Affairs inform the tasks include the following: a) work on the institution's human resources policy and planning and to propose to the President.
b) agency personnel assignment, employment, education, transport, registration, promotion, assignment, charge, personal retirement and similar transactions.
c) any goods and services need institution, purchase, rental, maintenance, repair, cleaning, tools, material supply, lighting, heating, water, communication, health and so on carry out the administrative and financial services of all kinds.
ç) General documents, organize and conduct the activities of the archive and documentation.
d) agency personnel will work in the domestic and abroad to organize.
e press, publications and public relations of the institution) tasks execute.
f) carry out civil defense-related services in the enterprise.
g) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
Monitoring and Steering Committee article 9-(1) for public institutions and organizations, natural persons, private law legal persons and non-governmental organizations dealing with rural development programs and support, monitoring and evaluation processes, contribution and participation, in order to ensure that the monitoring and Steering Committee has been established. Secretariat services shall be carried out by the Ministry.
(2) the Chairman of the Committee, Ministry of Müsteşarıdır. With the President on the Committee, the Ministry of Interior, Finance, industry and trade, Culture and tourism ministries of environment and forests, with the State planning Organisation and Secretariat General for EU Affairs with the Treasury Müsteşarlıkları at least one representative at the level of General Manager. The Committee, with representatives from the European Commission, representatives of other relevant institutions and organizations can participate in the istişarî level.
(3) the Committee's tasks; rural areas with rural development programs and support the development of national policies and strategies of appropriate, consistent with each other, compatible and effective implementation purposes; the terms of reference, selection of projects and activities and the suitability of the objectives of the evaluation criteria to create views on rural development; application and developments in terms of reaching the objectives at regular intervals, reviews; goals or financial management enabling management and implementation, including recommendations on relevant institutions and authorities within the framework of the European Union acquis, legislation and notify other istişarî tasks.

(4) the said principles and principles of work of the Committee, the views of organisations that are represented on the Committee can be determined by a regulation to be issued by the Ministry.
Project evaluation and selection Commission article 10-(1) the Commission; Chaired by the President of the institution, smaller head of Department level, will be determined by the Minister in different main service units up to four State representative, the Minister of the Interior, the Ministry of public works and settlement, industry and trade, Culture and tourism Ministries of environment and Forests with a permanent delegate. The President, in some cases, are about other public institutions and organizations can invite up to three delegate meetings. Permanent delegate's term of maximum two years, term of Office is completed any form of termination of the membership of the order of the remaining period of replacement members. Ending the mission members may be reelected.
(2) upon the invitation of the President of the Commission, more than half of the members plus one shall convene at least once every month. In the absence of the President of the Commission meetings the President appoints a General Coordinator. The Commission takes decisions by a majority of the votes of those attending the meeting. In case of equality, the President's decision the vote is taken.
The duties and powers of the Commission article 11-(1) the duties and powers of the Commission are as follows: a) will be supported under the Program and the list of projects and activities and to discuss and confirm the reports will be supported projects.
b coordination of the provider, the application developer cooperation measures) and provide feedback about the solution of problems encountered in the Institution.
Provincial Coordinator of ITEM 12-(1) the rural development program and supporting applications, and taking into account the restructuring process, in the provinces of province. That are not included in the scope of the provinces do not support program or province.
(2) Provincial Coordinator is responsible for the provincial Coordinator and administration. Coordination of projects requires the province to the extent that sufficient staff are employed.
Provincial coordinator tasks, article 13 (1) of the provincial coordinator tasks include the following: a) announcement at the provincial level and make introductions, training, consultancy and orientation of the beneficiary to carry out their activities.
the selection and monitoring of projects and activities to be supported b) province görevlendirilebilecek in the choice of suppliers for suggestions of staff units, prepare their data base.
c) References the terms project and activities get reference to the preliminary examination to the appropriate references to the Institution make their succession.
ç) that do not have suitable Preliminary evaluation by preparing a reasoned answer to the references to the institution.
in order to increase the effectiveness of the application d) Cities prefectures and other public institutions and organizations to ensure the necessary coordination with the provincial Governor and other, institutions and organizations and to provide information about the activities of the institution in the province needed at any time, to request that the necessary support units.
control and monitoring of projects and activities over e) activities execute.
f) the central units in the field with the task required to do reporting work.
g) will be given by the President to fulfill other tasks.
The THIRD SECTION Personnel Regime, social status, rights and Corporate personnel are assigned article 14-(1) the Enterprise Services 14/7/1965 and the civil servants Law No. 657 other laws with provisions about contract employees employed regardless of the contract staff shall be carried out by hand. Agency personnel, pension and social security in terms of 17/7/1964 and covered by Social Insurance Act No. 506. All disputes related to the corporate staff in the Labour Court.
(2) the President upon the recommendation of the joint decision of the Minister is assigned. General Coordinator, legal counsel, Coordinator, ambassadors, experts, auditors and consultants on the Minister with the approval of the President's proposal, apart from the rest of the other staff is appointed by the President.
(3) the civil servants Act, the personnel to be employed in the enterprise article 48 (A) of subsection (1), (4), (5), (6) and (7) in addition to the General requirements specified in subparagraphs; President, General Coordinator, Coordinator, provincial Coordinator, expert, auditor and advisor positions to be employed for agriculture, veterinary, aquaculture, food, chemical, forest, environment, construction, geology, computer, industrial, electrical and electronics, machinery, law, public administration, economics, finance, business administration, international relations, labor economics and industrial relations, sociology of city and regional planning, statistics, or the Board of Directors has accepted higher education equivalence of foreign higher educational institutions studied, at least at the undergraduate level and employment in relation to the field will be smaller; President, General Coordinator, Coordinator, legal counsel and consultant for eight years, provincial Coordinator for six years, three years of experience for experts and inspectors have searched terms.
(4) teşkilâtında; President, General Coordinator, legal counsel, Coordinator, expert, Auditor, consultant and translator positions to be employed in the English, German or French language public personnel foreign language proficiency exam, a smaller (B), provincial Coordinator, experts and provincial coordinators of the auditor is to be employed in the position of smaller (C) got or points at the level of language proficiency are considered equivalent in terms of change internationally are required to have a document.
(5) 10/12/2003 and Financial Management and control in Public Law No. 5018 attached (I), (II) and (IV) considered the ruler in institutions and organizations considered in this article from working conditions, qualifications and requirements, and institutions themselves can be employed as contracted with the Institution gives consent. The number of personnel to be employed in this manner total cannot exceed 30% of the number of personnel. In this way is considered off-duty personnel assigned to the institution and the actual staff continues to do with aylıksız. No other promotions of these processing is done without the need for institutions. According to this provision, while staying in the assigned task, the Foundation financial and social rights.
(6) the number of staff to be employed one hundred and fifty people of the Central teşkilâtında of the institution may not exceed. Secretarial, administrative, financial and personnel archive, will conduct related transactions is the number of support personnel number cannot exceed 20% of the total staff.

(7) are public institutions Institution employed public officials, by the end of the tasks according to assigned to a task in the continuation. Duration of last service their Institution vested interests will be taken into account in the determination of the monthly.
(8) any payment will be given to Contracted personnel are included in net fees; The President Prime Central teşkilâtında interested in serving General Manager, General Coordinator, Deputy General Manager who served Prime Central teşkilâtında, legal counsel, Coordinator and the provincial coordinators Prime Central teşkilâtında heads who, experts and other officials of Prime Ministry experts, auditors if the Prime Central teşkilâtındaki for similar tasks, does not exceed the fees are determined by the Minister, provided to.
(9), related to the project and the activities to be supported evaluation, monitoring, introduction and presentation of applications with beneficiary consultancy training and for purposes; in jobs requiring special knowledge and expertise, with the exception of local and foreign experts, contractual or service, you can run a partial time. The number of personnel to be run in this way, the enterprise Institution cannot exceed 30% of the total number of personnel.
(10) as determined in this article the contracted personnel outside the duties and powers, commissioning, duty assignment, promotion and dismissal is based on a contract with shapes, titles and numbers are determined by the regulation to be issued by the decision of the Council of Ministers.
CHAPTER FOUR the income and Expenses income and expenses are managed accounts with article 15 (1) of the institution proceeds as follows: a) will be placed in the Ministry's budget for that purpose from the general budget appropriations.
b) to be provided by the European Union and other international funds resources.
c) other income.
(2) the expenses of the institution are as follows: a) project, and support costs.
b) promotion and education expenses.
c) movable and immovable property and services costs.
ç) Management and staff expenses.
d) other expenses about tasks.
(3) Agency budget prepared by financial year from Institutions and will take effect with the approval of the Minister.
(4) the institution in charge of the institution by 9/7/1953 6183, dated and numbered according to the provisions of the Law of public receivables.
(5) the European Union will be provided financial assistance and allocate national contribution, made with the European Union within the framework of the relevant provisions in order to open accounts. Using these accounts management, nemalandırılması, returned to the European Union or the unused portion of the issues regarding the use of related agreements is determined within the framework of the.
(6) implementation of this law, Business Premises and operations, any taxes, duties, and shall be exempt from all fees.
Support for the rural development Program of the European Union and the FIFTH CHAPTER General provisions article 16 – (1) European Union by financial resources provided for the programming of rural development, and principles and procedures in the management of a financial institution with powers and responsibilities within the framework of the European Union and is determined by the agreement. According to this agreement, the national authorities and institutions authorized by national accreditation of the institution is provided on the use of funds and tracked.
(2) within the framework of the European Union, the Program provided financial management of the funds, the Certification Authority and the institution at the national level, and to achieve accreditation and accreditation applying the rules regarding Tracker work is done by the national authorising officer has been designated as the authority.
(3) the institution's management and control systems and reporting the annual investigation of Corporate accounts-related studies, through the public or private sector organizations is done by a control authority, which is to be determined.
The programming of European Union support article 17 – (1) the Ministry for rural development, the European Union provided resources recovery plans and programs in accordance with the national strategies with other internal and external actions and rural development program, with the support of the European Union is consistent and compatible with other sources provided by and in collaboration with relevant institutions responsible for programming. In this way, to be prepared by the High Planning Board approval of the rural development program operational qualified with.
(2) the monitoring and evaluation of rural development programmes, activities and ensuring the effectiveness of the measures in the direction of the program, conducting the necessary studies for the changes to be made to the competent Ministry and is responsible for the subjects.
The institution's responsibilities article 18-(1) Agency, related legislation, within the framework of the European Union acquis and agreements of the application can be performed effectively and accurately, timely and appropriate payments are made in accordance with the provisions of the contract projects and activities supported the smooth running of the realization of the corresponding control and monitoring tasks with the relevant institutions and authorities related information, documents and reports with full and timely transfer and is responsible for.
(2) Agency, designated competent authorities and organizations with agreement on rural development enabling financial administration and program applications and akreditasyonla related matters advice and fulfillment of demand, with the provision of timely information and document demands.
CHAPTER SIX miscellaneous provisions article 19-External control (1) external control of the institution, without prejudice to the provisions in article 16, is performed by the Court of accounts.
Regulation article 20-(1) the choice of the institution's human resources and personnel, and the provincial Coordinator of the Commission, the European Union financial assistance provided under the criteria for accreditation with other financial issues to the implementation of the principles and procedures to be determined in regulations.
(2) on the implementation of this Act, the regulations of this Act within six months from the date of the publication was prepared and placed into effect.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1-(1) in order to meet the need for qualified personnel of the Organization, the personnel employed for a period of one year of foreign language proficiency requirement aranmayabilir.
Entry into force article 21-(1) this Act enters into force on the date of promulgation.
Execution article 22-(1) the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.

(I) AGRICULTURE and RURAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT INSTITUTION CENTRAL RULER NOR the President's main service Units and Control Units Supporting service unit President 1. General Project Services 1. Counsel 1. Support Services

Coordination of general coordination a) project management 2. Internal Audit Coordinator a) information systems Coordinator Coordinator b) Project monitoring and control b) human resources and coordination of Administrative Affairs Department 2. General coordination of funding a) Coordinator b) Payment Coordination c) Accounting Coordinator