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Kanun No. 5605


Acceptable Date: 15/3/2007      

MADDE 1- 14 March 2006 "Between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Georgia and the Government of Georgia, the Government of the Republic of Georgia has the right to confirm the" Agreement on the Common Use of the Airport. "

MADDE 2- This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.

MADDE 3- This Law The Council of Ministers executes its provisions.















With Government of the Republic of Turkey Georgian Government


Batum Ullarararasu Airport Partner How to Use

Government of the Republic of Turkey and Government of Georgia (hereinafter As part of the International Civil Aviation Convention, which was signed on December 7, 1944, on December 7, 1944, the "Aşit Parties" will be the first to be signed. TagPreserver,p,0,169Department of development and good neighborhood based on your principles,

Batum Uluslararasan for the iframe of services covered by the Workplace Taking into account the need for the relocation and upgrade of the airport,

The number of passes and customs procedures are facilitated by If the International Airport has a common use of common use,

are reconcilable with the following topics:

Clause 1

Purpose Of Meaning

The provisions of the

1.1 Batumi International Airport It provides passenger, baggage, cargo and mail services within the frame.

1.2 The provisions of the Department of Business are required to understand The actions will not be applied to passengers who do not meet at the Hopa Terminal.

Article 2


For the purposes of this statement, the meaning of a different meaning is unless required,

a. "The Convention of the Convention" refers to the International Convention on Civil Aviation, which was signed on December 7, 1944, and (i) the 94th of the Convention on the Convention. (ii) 90% of the Bank's Convention, with the approval of both Parties within the framework of the benefit of the Bank (a). It covers the delics and attachments that are accepted within the framework of the clause and in effect on both sides.

b. The "Airports Authority", the Ministry of Economic Development for Georgia and the Turkish Civil Airman, authorized by the Ministry of Urcification for the Republic of Turkey, and the Turkish Republic. The organs are expressed.

c. "Country" refers to the meaning that is defined in Article 2 of the Convention on the Convention.

d. "This Means", This Means, Covers Attachments, Attachments, and Additional Protocols.

e. "Batum International Airport Hopa Entry Hall", the Batum International Airport, has been placed in isolation for entering passengers, baggage, cargo and mail passing through the required treatment at the Hopa Terminal. statements.

f. "Batumi Airport Hopa City Hall" was placed in isolation for the passengers, baggage, cargo and mail arriving at Batumi International Airport to go to the Hopa Terminal of the Batumi International Airport. section of the system.

g. "Hopa Terminal" means passengers from the Batum Airport International Hall have passed through the air before and after flying, carrying luggage, cargo and mail according to the international and Turkish legislation. Refers to the special facility installed in the Republic of Turkey where they registered.

h. "Special Bus" refers to the private part of Hopa Terminal and Batum International Airport, dedicated to boarding passengers, luggage, cargo and mail, with detailed statements on the part.

i. "The competent authorities" for Georgia, the Georgian Foreign Ministry State Department of Security and the Customs Office of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Turkey. It refers to the Undersecretary of Customs.

j. "Passengers" refers to passengers who have entered Batumi International Airport via Hopa Terminal or to go to the Batum International Airport to go to the Hopa Terminal within the framework of the Hopa Terminal.

Clause 3

Do Not Use Terminals Call Governing Principles

3.1 Passenger, baggage, cargo to the Republic of Turkey or third countries And mail passes through the Turkish legislation at the Hopa Terminal, and transfers to Batumi Airport with Special Buses.

3.2 Hopa from the Republic of Turkey or third countries Passengers, luggage, cargo and mail going to the terminal are received by Special Buses at Batumi Airport and transported to Hopa Terminal to be subjected to the action within the framework of Turkish legislation.

3.3 required at the Hopa Terminal within the framework of Turkish legislation Passengers, baggage, cargo and mail passing through procedures will not be subject to any additional slurs or customs at the crossing of the Georgia border (Sarpi) through Special Buses.

3.4 Passenger, baggage, cargo and mail to Private Buses, Batumi The International Airport will be overseeing the Airport's Special Security Unit (OU).

3.5 Turkish side, through authorized authorities, Special Buses The Sarpi from the Hopa Terminal and the Sarpi in the Turkish front will ensure that their return is made in a convoy of their own.

3.6 The Georgian side provides access to private buses through the authorities. The Batum International Airport will ensure that their round-trip to the Sarpi-Turkish port and the exact location of their return will be carried out in convoy.

3.7 Parties, traffic in the framework of existing national road laws Unless otherwise requires otherwise, they will be able to reach uninhibable and if possible, pause.

3.8 The Fuel Parties, Special to the implementation of the Business In the event of a traffic accident or accident in their own country by buses, passengers, baggage, cargo, cargo and post office are safe for their safety. to ensure that the additional measures are taken and the necessary additional measures are taken.

Clause 4

Akit Obligations Obligations

4.1 June Protocols and signs of signing-up It will be in compliance with the provisions of the following:

a. Protocol for the authorities in accordance with the competent authorities, service, baggage, cargo and mail services, and details for control and registration of the mail.

b. In the case of the authorities authorized authorities will apply if the passenger, baggage, cargo and post office of the company are authorized by the Dealer Authorities or a third party. procedures for procedures.

c. Protocol between the aviation authorities on issues related to the flight safety of the Batum International Airport, the need for aviation security and the needs of the seal.

Understand the Protocols and attachments specified in

4.2 Article 4.1 My client will have a wallet.

4.3 The Georgian side, representing the implementation of the business;

a. Due to the procedures to be implemented at the Batum International Airport in accordance with the Convention on the Convention,

b. Through adequate controls, including passenger, baggage, cargo, and post-office flight security, as part of the job,

c. Receive the necessary measures in preventing contact with unauthorized people, and the transfer of passengers, baggage, cargo and post offices within Georgia to the transfer of Private Buses within Georgia,

in the event of a

d. Passenger, baggage, cargo, and post offices are on the fly, shipping, shipping, and mail, as well as service,

e. From sending passengers to the Turkish side in violation of pre-flight air safety checks in the Batum International Airport,

f. If the passengers make the violations that are described in the receipt of paragraph 4.3 (e) of this Article, the Turkish side is informed of full information,

will be responsible.

4.4 The Turkish side of the business, representing the implementation of the business;

a. How to fulfill the procedures at the Hopa Terminal in accordance with the Convention on the Convention,

b. The passenger, baggage, cargo and post offices are adequately controlled by Turkish legislation in the process of border, customs and other duties.

c. The transfer of required measures in the prevention of contact with unauthorized people, and the transfer of passengers, luggage, cargo and post offices within Turkey to the transfer of the Private Buses in Turkey

d. Acceptance of the return of passengers violating pre-flight safety checks in the Batum International Airport,

will be liable.

4.5 The Parties in accordance with their own national regulations:

a. They will facilitate the permit procedures for the transition from the Sarp/Sarpi site of the Special Buses and Fireworks, which serve between Hopa Terminal and Batum Airport,

b. The technical conditions of the buses and the offices of the residents will have the necessary control of the buses.

4.6 Georgian side-international regulations and Georgia legislation will be responsible for the implementation of the necessary measures at Batumi International Airport.

4.7 Turkish entities, international regulations, and Turkish legislation shall be responsible for the implementation of the necessary measures at the Hopa Terminal within the scope.

4.8 In the process of implementing the business, you will be The rules for the investigation, investigation, and investigation of the violations that have occurred in their country will comply with the current legislation of the breach by the rules.

Clause 5

High-Safety Provisions

5.1 Items of the Business, Georgian side, Batumi Airport security measures, as well as civil aviation security measures, as defined by the February 17th Convention of the Convention on the United States (security-international civil aviation protection), as well as the February 17. it cannot have the full meaning of the application.

5.2 Batumi International under the provisions of the Business The technical operation, transport, technical service, and any service that is used in the airport will be in accordance with the Batum International Airport Flying Trust provisions.

Clause 6


One of the

6.1 Users, interpretation, implementation of this business Or, at any time, it may demand that it is always requested by the other in person. If they are not otherwise determined, the written request will be started within 20 days from the date of the request for the written request.

Clause 7

Halli of the Means

7.1 The business of the business or the business of the business Any conflict of any conflict, related aviation, and/or authorized authorities will be resolved through negotiations with the right of the process. The talks will be started as soon as possible, with a record of not passing 60 days from the day the negotiation request was received.

7.2 Is The 1st Of This Article. If the authorities mentioned in the paragraph are unable to arrive at a reconciliation, the conflict will be resolved through diplomatic channels between the Akite Parties.

Article 8

Devisions and fixes

8.1 This is what you want to understand and fixes I'm going to have separate protocols that will be my client's leper, and the protocol is 10. The procedures specified in the first section of the item will be effective according to the procedures specified.

Article 9

Current Kalkma

One of the

9.1 Âkit Parties, at any time, is an annuiseth It can transmit the will of the province to the other in the diplomatic channels. In this case, 12 months after the termination of the annulment of the annulment notice, the notice of annulment was taken by 12 months after the annulment of the annulment. It will leave in effect.

Clause 10

Entering Current

10.1 News that the necessary approval procedures have been completed The final notice will be effective at the time of the diplomatic channels, and will remain in effect for one year (1).

10.2 In a statement, one of the People's Parties is to understand It will be automatically renewed for a year if it does not notify you of its intentions.

Article 11

Result Provisions

This information is fully authorized by their Government. it is signed by the signatories in the event.

Tbilisi on March 14, 2006 in Turkish, Georgian, and English In their language, all text is organized as a two-to-one, as well as the same. If the comment is no different, the English text will be valid.

     Republic of Turkey Government of Georgia

                          Name of Name

                 Tuncer KAYALAR IRAQI CHOGOVADZE

   Undersecretary of Commerce Secretary                                          Minister for Economic Defense