Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Georgian Government Of The Republic Of Turkey

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜR­Kİ­YE CUM­HU­Rİ­YE­Tİ HÜ­KÜ­ME­Tİ İLE GÜR­CİS­TAN HÜ­KÜ­ME­Tİ

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Law No. 5605

Acceptance Date: 03/15/2007
ARTICLE 1, signed in Tbilisi on 14 March 2006 "Republic of Turkey and the Government of Georgia on the Joint Use Agreement between the Government of the Batumi International Airport" has been used in the validation of.
Article 2 of this Act shall enter into force on the date of publication.
Ministers executes the provisions of Article 3 of this Law.

The Republic of Turkey and the Government of Georgia
Batumi on the Joint Using International Airport Agreement
Republic of Turkey and the Government of Georgia (hereinafter "the Contracting Parties") as of 7 December 1944 in Chicago in signature opened International as part of the Civil Aviation Convention, improving
cooperation and good neighborly relations based on the principle
This Batumi for the performance of services under this Agreement taking into account the requirements of the International Airport of reconstruction and modernization, facilitating
border crossing and customs procedures Batumi desire to ensure the public's International Airport
agreed on the following issues:
Article 1 Objectives
1.1 Batumi International Airport passengers in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, luggage, gives cargo and mail services. 1.2
provisions of this Agreement, the necessary procedures foreseen in the Treaty shall not apply to passengers who do not fulfill the Hope Station. Article 2

Definitions For the purposes of this Agreement, unless the context requires a different meaning,
a. "Chicago Convention", December 7, 1944 refers to the International Civil Aviation Convention opened for signature on (i) the Chicago Convention of Article 94 of paragraph (a) within the framework of both Parties also approved and entered into force with the changes (ii) adopted under Article 90 of the Chicago Convention and it includes additions and changes have been in force on both sides.
B. "Aeronautical authorities" for the Georgian Ministry of Economic Development and the Civil Aviation Administration refers to persons and bodies authorized by the Ministry referred to by the Ministry of Transport for the Republic of Turkey.
C. "Country", 2 of the Chicago Convention, the same meanings as defined in Article.
D. "This Agreement", the Agreement and the amendments to this Agreement, shall include attachments and additional Protocols.
E. "Batumi International Airport Entrance Hall Hope", Batumi International Airport, the passengers of the necessary treatment in Hopa Terminal, baggage, refers to an isolated part of entry for cargo and mail.
F. "Batumi Airport Hope Output Hall", Batumi passengers from the Batumi International Airport to go to Hope International Airport Terminal baggage refers to the section in isolation for the output of cargo and mail.
G. "Hope" Terminal of Batumi International Airport before departing passenger flights from the living room and then they go through the process, baggage, cargo and mail of international and in Turkey they register established under Turkish legislation of the Republic expresses a special facility.

H. "Private bus", in Batumi International Airport passenger terminal with Hope, baggage, cargo and mail transport has been allocated, which represents the distinguishing marks of private vehicles.
I. "Competent authorities of the Contracting Party" for Georgia, the Georgian Interior Ministry and State Border Security Department of the Georgian Ministry of Finance, the Customs Department, to represent the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs and the Ministry of Interior.
J. "Passengers" in the framework of this Agreement, through the terminal to go to Hope Hope Terminal entering or Batumi International Airport Batumi express passenger in the International Airport.
Article 3
Terminals Between Transportation Regulating Principle
3.1 travelers to the Republic of Turkey or in third countries, baggage, cargo and mail, Hope under Turkish legislation in the terminal goes through the records and proceedings and private buses to be transferred to Batumi airport.
3.2 Republic of Turkey or the passenger to the Hopa Terminal from third countries, baggage, cargo and mail, Batumi Airport in are taken by special buses and Turkish legislation are transferred to Hopa Terminal to be subject to the framework of the process.
3.3 last passenger of the procedures in Hopa Terminal under Turkish legislation, baggage, cargo and mail, the Georgian border by private bus (Sarpi Border and Customs Gate) shall not be subject to an additional border crossing or customs procedures in transition.
3.4 passengers, baggage, cargo and mail with the private bus at the Batumi International Airport area, Airport Aviation will be supervised by the Special Security Unit.
3.5 Turkish side, through the competent authorities of the Hope of the private bus terminal going to the Georgian-Turkish border at Sarpi border gate and will provide the same manner as done in convoys of return. 3.6
Georgian side, through the competent authorities of private bus will depart from Batumi to Sarpi border gate in the Georgian-Turkish border and the international airport in a convoy of supplies to be made in the same way to return.
3.7 Parties, traffic signs or road traffic accidents in accordance with existing national laws unless it shall provide unimpeded access to non-stop and, if possible.
3.8 This is to ensure the implementation of the Agreement, the Contracting Parties shall, with private bus by accident in their home country or another accident is made, the competent authorities by the passengers, baggage, ensuring their safety from damage to cargo and mail and ensuring that the necessary additional measures. Article 4 Obligations of the Contracting Parties

4.1 Preparing and following protocols will be signed in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement:
a. between the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties to this Agreement in accordance with the principle of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail, and control for services with details regarding the registration process for the Protocol.
B. between the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties under this Agreement passengers, baggage, cargo and mail of the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties relating to the procedure or protocol to be applied in case of the expulsion of a third party.

C. Batumi International Airport on flight safety, aviation security and the Protocol between the aeronautical authorities in matters concerning the provision of customer needs.
Article 4.2 protocols and annexes referred to in 4.1 will be integral parts of this Agreement.
4.3 to ensure the implementation of this agreement, the Georgian side;
A. Batumi International Airport for carrying out the procedures to be applied in accordance with the Chicago Convention,
b. passenger covered by this Agreement, baggage, cargo and mail from the introduction of adequate controls to ensure the safety of the flight,
c. Taking the necessary precautions to prevent contact with the matters covered by this Agreement unauthorized persons and passengers, baggage, cargo and mail from Georgia to accompany the transfer of the private bus
d. passenger covered by this Agreement, baggage, cargo and mail in the provision of boarding and departure,
e. Batumi pre-flight security checks of passengers violating the air field at the International Airport can be sent to the Turkish side,
f. Passengers of this article 4.3'ünc paragraph (e) if no violations defined in clause granting full information on the Turkish side, it will be responsible
4.4 Turkish side to ensure implementation of this Agreement;
A. Hope Terminal fulfillment of the procedures in accordance with the Chicago Convention,
b. passenger covered by this Agreement, baggage, cargo and mail, border crossings, customs and other procedures performed during adequate supervision by the Turkish legislation,
c. Unauthorized persons take the necessary measures for the prevention of contact with matters covered by this Agreement and passengers, baggage, cargo and mail to be escorted to the private bus with transfers in Turkey,
d. Batumi acceptance of the return of pre-flight security checks of passengers who violate the International Airport area will be obliged to provide
4.5 Contracting Parties in accordance with their national legislation:
a. Hope Terminal and Batumi Airport serving in a private bus and driver of Sarp / Sarpi will facilitate procedures for the necessary permits from crossing the border gate,
b. These buses will provide the technical situation and making the necessary checks on the qualifications of the driver.
4.6 under the Georgian side of the Georgian legislation and international regulations and will be responsible for implementing the necessary measures in the Batumi International Airport.
4.7 Turkish side will be responsible for the implementation of international regulations and Hope Terminal necessary measures under Turkish law. This 4.8
violations during the implementation of the Agreement, which takes place in the country of the Contracting Parties research, the rules relating to the investigation and prosecution shall be in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Contracting Party where the infringement occurred.
Article 5
flight Provisions Security
5.1 This Agreement agents, the Georgian side of, as defined in No 17 annexed to the Chicago Convention for the safety of the Batumi Airport (security and international civil aviation from unlawful interference from / protection from the action), civil not literally practice contrary to the obligations of aviation security measures.

5.2 This Agreement within the framework of the provisions of the Batumi International Airport technical operations carried out in the field, transportation, maintenance and service of all kinds out of it Batumi International Airport will be in accordance with the provisions Flight Safety. Article 6

6.1 Consultative one Contracting Party, the interpretation of the Agreement, implementation or modification may always request consultations in respect of the other Contracting Party. Consultations may be held between the Contracting Parties, unless otherwise agreed, will be initiated within 20 days from the date of receipt of the written request. Article 7 of the Agreement Dispute Settlement

This 7.1 or whatever relating to the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement Amendments to the dispute, the relevant aviation and / or will be resolved by direct negotiations between the competent authorities. These negotiations, not to exceed 60 days from the day of receipt of the request negotiations will start as soon as possible.
7.2 In the event the authorities fail to reach an agreement referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the dispute shall be settled through diplomatic channels between the Contracting Parties.
Article 8
Changes and Corrections
8.1 These changes and adjustments related to the agreement will be separate Protocols will be integral parts of this Agreement and such Protocols will enter into force in accordance with the procedures specified in the first paragraph of this Agreement Article 10. Article 9 of the current

9.1 Kalkman one of the Contracting Parties at any time, it can transmit the will of the termination of this Agreement in writing through diplomatic channels to the other Contracting Party. In this case, by mutual agreement before the expiry of the period of notice of termination if the withdrawal will be repealed 12 months after the date of receipt by the other party notice of termination of this Agreement. Article 10 10.1

Entry into force of this Agreement, the last notification of the completion of the necessary approval procedures at the date of receipt through diplomatic channels, and will enter into force one (1) year shall remain in force for a period.
10.2 This Agreement, if the intention to declare the termination of one of the Contracting Parties to the Agreement shall be automatically renewed for one year. Article 11

Results provisions of this Agreement, fully accredited by the Government are signed by the following signatories.
Tbilisi on March 14, 2006 Turkish, Georgian and English languages, all texts being equally authentic, are arranged in two copies. Comments In case of differences, the English text shall prevail.
The Government of the Republic of Turkey to Georgia
On behalf of behalf
Tuncer ROCKS Iraqi CHOGOVADZ the
Foreign Trade Undersecretary of Economic Development Minister