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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ VE GÜRCİSTAN HÜKÜMETİ ARASINDA HAVA U

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Law No. 5606:15/3/2007 article 1-October 5, 2005, signed in Ankara on "the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Georgia Include air transportation Agreement" to be approved.
Article 2-this law comes into force the date of promulgation.
Article 3-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.

The GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY and the GOVERNMENT of GEORGIA, the Government of the Republic of Georgia with the AIR TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN the Government of Turkey (hereinafter referred to as the "Contracting Parties"), both on December 7, 1944 in Chicago opened for signature of the International Civil Aviation Convention party and the International Air Services Transit Agreement recognizes countries among the countries and beyond as air time in order to make the desire to make a deal;

The FOLLOWING ADDS AGREED: article 1 DEFINITIONS 1. Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms, for the purposes of this agreement, are defined: a) the term "agreement" on December 7, 1944 in Chicago opened for signature refers to the international civil aviation Agreement, and this agreement is adopted in accordance with the 90th article attachments and according to article 90 and 94 made additional or Agreement and have been accepted and approved by both Contracting Parties any modification.
b) "Aviation authorities" in respect of the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of transport, or perform its functions being executed by the Minister mentioned, any person or body authorized; Georgia Department of economic development or in terms of the State civil aviation authority or authorities to perform its ongoing functions refers to any person or body authorized;
c) "designated airline-owned" business according to article 3 of this agreement designated and accredited to the airline business.
d the term "Country" or "soil") Agreement 2. Has the meaning specified in the item;
e) "Air campaign" international air expedition; "airline-run" and "non-traffic purposes landing (technical landing)" the meanings of the terms of the agreement, 96. The same meaning is expressed in the item.
f) "Capacity";
-as a plane that plane on a road or path segment significantly burden the fee;
-as related to a given air time, he used aircraft or aircraft capacity at a time over a period of time and the number of his time on the line or line segment refers to the product of with.
g) the term "traffic" means passengers, baggage, cargo and mail.
h the term "fee schedule") passenger, baggage or cargo (excluding mail) will be for the transport prices and terms this refers to prices is valid; at these prices, the Commission fees and other additional payments for the sale of transportation documents, including whether moving the mail-related payments and terms are not included.
n.) "this agreement" refers to this agreement contains ADDITIONAL (s) with the changes.
Article 2 TRAFFIC RIGHTS 1. Each Contracting Party that is specified in the attachment I of this agreement to the other lines scheduled international air Services in order to establish that the rights set forth in the agreement. This time and the lines are hereinafter referred to as respectively "the agreed time" and "the specified routes". Designated Contracting Parties each owned airlines, a specified while running an expedition even agreed, will have the following rights.
a Contracting Party country fly over Other inmeksizin), b) in the country in question to make a technical landing; and c to International traffic as a hash or separately), and within the country in question in order to get to that line of this agreement 1. In the attachment specified points to make the landing.
2. nothing in paragraph (1) in this Item, a Contracting Party in the territory of the other Contracting Party to the airline business that the country of the other party to another point to move money or rent free passenger, cargo and mail in the form of a right to receive can not be understood.
ARTICLE 3 POWERS 1. Each Contracting Party, the other Contracting Party, specified routes for the purposes of the agreed time of operation of the management of one or more airline shall have the right to designate in writing.
Turkey's Transport Ministry of the Turkish Airlines and other airlines will be appointed by the Republic of Turkey.
2. The other Contracting Party receives notification of such a designation, this Item 3. and 4. subject to the provisions of paragraph, designated airline will recognize without delay business related to authorizations.
3. The Contracting Parties, the other Party one of the aviation authorities from international airlines air time assesses the operation of the normal and reasonable way that the authorities implement the law and regulation of the Tribunal in terms of skills regarding where possessing, may asked him to convince themselves.
4. each of the Contracting Parties shall be the basis of a designated airline of ownership and effective control of that Contracting Party or designated airline of that nationality in the hands of the conviction, in cases where (2) paragraph refuse to recognize the authority of the enterprise or the airline business would be 2. The use of the specified item has no rights have put the conditions it considers necessary.
5. An airline-run so authorized, whether appointed capacity as agreed and 9. and 11. According to the provisions of items created in terms of the time and free flight schedule in effect provided that the agreed time of finding business can start at any time.
6. Armed conflict, political confusion or developments, or special and exceptional circumstances a Contracting Party assigned due to airway does not perform regular route services, in accordance with the other contracting party lines again temporarily through the regulation of such services, to facilitate continuous operation shows all the effort.
Article 4 CANCELLATION and SUSPENSION BUSINESS KAREKIN II ADDRESSED 1. Each of the Contracting Parties in the following cases, the other Contracting Parties designated to an airline business, granted authority to business to get back or 2. The item is to be used to stop or the specified rights these rights are necessary conditions to use shall have the right to bind: a) that shall be the basis of ownership or actual airlines control of that Contracting Party or designated airline in the hands of the nationality of the conviction is not a or b) that recognize these rights to the airline's own Contracting Party does not comply with the laws and regulations or

c) Airline business would otherwise not in accordance with the conditions set forth in the agreement of the business.
2. this right, however, this article is (1) the rights specified in paragraph back, suspension or conditions of connecting has been violating the law and regulations for the prevention of more Contracting Parties unless, after consultations between aviation authorities will be used.
Article 5 DUTY 1. Both Contracting Parties designated airline operated the aircraft in the following ways for international sailings all customs duties, excise taxes and levies a similar national exempted the national: a) a Contracting State by following other Contracting Party territory, to whom the materials;
(I) maintenance, repair and service equipment with complementary parts (ii) passenger administration equipment and complementary parts (iii) cargo-loading equipment and complementary parts (iv) safety equipment and complementary parts (v) educational material and training tools (vi) computer equipment and complementary parts (vii) documents to the airline and operator; and b) a Contracting State by a Contracting State in the other Contracting State or territory legislation that designated airline of the other Contracting State soil provided the following substances: (I) to remain on the plane until they leave State land Contracting Party, provided that the food, beverage and tobacco are not limited to substances such as aircraft equipments (ii) Fuel, lubricants, consumable technical supplies (iii) Motor spare parts mentioned above, including the use of each plane or an international airport within the designated airline by , an international air Expeditionary maintenance of the Executive in connection with the use or condition into account.
2. from the customs duties, excise taxes and other levies similar national national exemption is a Contracting Party designated Contracting Party occurring at other principalities whole services of charges.
3. This article is (1) suppliers of equipment and material specified in the initial th authorities may be required to be kept under the supervision or control.
4. a Contracting Party that the exclusion stipulated by this article, designated airline or airlines, airline or other airlines Contracting Party soil ratio to 1. the rent or transfer of agreement specified in the paragraph which referred to airline or airlines, in the same way, the other Contracting Party, provided that the exemption is possible.
Article 6 REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES 1. Airline-run or a Contracting Party assigned the territory of the other Contracting Party to enterprises on the basis of reciprocity is necessary for the performance of the agreed time delegate and the commercial, operational and technical personnel will be allowed to keep. This personnel, when necessary, by a party or the nationality of the people of both sides is selected.
2. the other Contracting Party assigned to each Contracting Party to the territory of the other Contracting Party the airline business in the other Contracting Party to enter the country, residence and employment rules and regulations, according to forecast time technical and commercial activities of the Administration, operations officer and other responsible personnel to bring and will allow the possession.
Article 7 a Contracting Party RECOGNITION of CERTIFICATES and LICENSES issued or rendered valid and applicable Airworthiness Certificates, authority certificates and Licenses in other Contracting Parties, business lines and time stipulated by this agreement for the purposes of the operation, that has been granted or of the certificate or licence is valid in accordance with their rules are overridden Contracts placed or is greater than or equal to the minimum standards that can be put on them will be recognized as valid as long as they are. However, each Contracting Party for the purpose of the flights from their country in other Contracting Parties, or any other State has been granted their own citizens or the current overridden authority certificates and reserves the right to refuse the licenses.
Article 8 FINANCIAL PROVISIONS 1. Each designated airline (s), other Contracting Parties, on a basis of reciprocity, the soil directly or through air as discretionary, agents have been busy with shipping sales. Themes can also sell this type of airlines have transport and any person the right to purchase this type of transport, designated airlines of both Contracting Parties have the same rights as provided mutual benefit, freely.
2. on the basis of Reciprocity, each designated airline (s), upon request, passengers, cargo and mail transport residual income after deducting expenses associated with an excess of official foreign exchange Exchange, enclosure and has the right to transfer to the country. In the case of a pay agreement with the terms of the foregoing and in accordance with the national legislation on the transfer of convertible Money Setup and exchange regulation.
3. Contracting Parties designated airlines check this transfer on the application by making the most within 30 days. The procedure for this transfer income obtained must be in accordance with the country's foreign exchange regulation.
4. Each Contracting Party, other Contracting Parties, on a basis of reciprocity, the designated airline (s) na profit at air services and the right to be exempt from all taxes on income.
Article 9 was OPERATED for the SERVICES AGREED UPON PRINCIPLES 1. Each party to this agreement scheduled international air services with the business operation of the airlines of both Contracting Parties assigned to just to compete.
2. Each Contracting Party, the Contracting Parties designated airlines of both job specified through ADDITIONAL ways this agreement provided and available on the transport market rules are recommended to consumers within a reasonable range with capacity and frequency are determined independently of the issue of opportunity. No Contracting Party identified with technical, operational law, customs, environment, and so on in accordance with the provisions of the other Contracting Party, except the assigned limit can run whole aircraft type (s), number of capacity, frequency or traffic regulation does not determine unilaterally. 15 air Expeditionary operation of the Agreement. maddes enough referred to as provisions found to be homogeneous.
3. Each Contracting Party's designated airlines a winter and summer timetable will not exceed 30 days before the start of each tariff period (summer and winter) to other Contracting Party aviation authorities approved types of equipment, including flight schedule. In special cases, subject to the consent of the relevant authorities the time limit can be reduced.

4. other Contracting Parties Contracting Parties designated airlines aviation authorities do not provide flight schedule before the airlines of both sides to facilitate the approval of tariffs in consultation with each other.
5. a flight schedule That aviation authorities to approve or suggest changes to tariffs. In any case the airlines appointed, without the consent of the relevant aviation authorities, services will not start. This provision is applied to subsequent changes in the same way.
Article 10 AVIATION SECURITY 1. Contracting Parties shall, in accordance with the existing rights and obligations under international law, security of civil aviation against illicit interventions in order to protect their liability against each other, constitute an integral part of this agreement, they confirmed. Contracting Parties shall, under international law, rights and obligations General attributes available in the foregoing, dated September 14, 1963, in particular Crimes on airplanes and some other dated December 16, 1970 the Tokyo Contract actions, Addressing the Hague Convention For the Suppression of Illegal Ways Planes Geçirilmesinin, dated September 23, 1971 in Montreal for the Suppression of Offences committed against Civil Aviation Security Agreement dated February 24, 1988 and serving International Civil Aviation Forecast Violent illegal Actions relating to the Montreal Protocol and Ports of the Contracting Parties favoured Suppression of civil aviation harmonization with the provisions of any other agreement will act.
2. The Contracting Parties, civil airplanes illegally prevent hijacks, these planes, passengers and crew, airports and air navigation facilities, and other illegal acts against the safety of civil aviation to avoid any other threat to harmonization, upon request all necessary assistance to each other.
3. The Contracting Parties reciprocal relations, the Contracting Parties to the extent applicable, the International Civil Aviation Organization by the International Civil Aviation Convention, adopted in addition to aviation security will act in accordance with the provisions. The parties, their tescilindeki aircraft owners or business center located in the country or countries, the aircraft operators and countries constantly resident airport operators in question to comply with the provisions of the aviation security.
4. each of the Contracting Parties involved airplane owners, the entrance to the other Contracting Party for the country to exit from this country or in this country while other Contracting Party incurred, (3) paragraph cited above aviation security provisions agreed in the you may be prompted to follow. Each of the Contracting Parties in their own countries, securing of the planes, passengers, crew, baggage, cargo and aircraft loading and unloading baggage General levazımatının before and during control and adequate measures in order to effectively ensure the implementation. The Contracting Parties each have a private Contracting Party in order to eliminate a threat to other reasonable special security measures to be taken in such a way that any claim towards will consider positive.
5. Civil airplanes illegally squatting event or find a threat occurs along those lines, or planes, airplane passengers and crew, airports or air navigation facilities occurs in other illegal interventions for the Contracting Parties, the threat of this kind of an event or event quickly and securely communicate the purpose of the termination and other suitable measures will help each other by providing the convenience of a.
6. the provisions of This item is aviation safety problems to the Contracting Parties in the implementation of one of the Contracting Parties, in case of the aviation authorities of each of the other Contracting Party are expeditious consultation will be available in the aviation authorities have requested.
Article 11 SCHEDULES are DETERMINATION 1. This agreement with a Contracting Party assigned for covered airline tariffs to be applied to the işletmelerince, the interests of users, operating costs, time characteristics, Commission rates, reasonable profit, the other airline businesses tariffs and market all other suppliers, including commercial mulahaza factors will be determined taking into account.
2. The Contracting Parties, the dominant position abuse therefore unreasonable discrimination, extreme high or restrictive, the direct or indirect subsidy or support therefore artificial "opportunistic" low or display objectionable tariffs in particular have had agreed upon with regard to be considered.
3. Tariffs, when possible, their Governments, and appropriate the necessary talks with other airline businesses after the falls, of course, both Contracting Parties designated airline companies will reach agreement. An agreement like this, when possible, appropriate international tariff coordination mechanism will be encountered by utilizing. In case of any failure to multilateral or bilateral agreement, designated as their prices each airline may develop separate operation.
4. Each Contracting Party, his own country and of the country or in exceptional cases, the country has been allowed to pause in his own country for carrying through both the Contracting State owned airline işletmelerince offer prices being designated to be notified of or for that matter the client asks.
5. a reference to such a declaration, or up to the date of the offer before the 30 days owned under applicable may be asked for. Custom this maximum period can be reduced.
6. No Contracting Party, among the countries of the parties of each party's designated airlines a price structure proposed for the transport of the enactment or a continuation of the tariff in force to prevent a unilateral move and cannot be found.
7. No Contracting Party, on the other Side of the State with the third country is a Party between a designated airline business would be to move the proposed enactment or of a price structure with applicable will prevent a price structure cannot take action unilaterally.

8. The Contracting Parties to move among the countries of the other Party, each Contracting Party (partner) airlines is currently a Contracting Party or any third State each airline is allowed to işletmes enough to any tariff application will allow you to synchronize.
9. Integrity of A Contracting Party to a third country and transporting to other party's airline business, Contracting Party (partner) is currently a Contracting Party or any third State each airline is allowed to işletmes enough to any tariff application will allow you to synchronize.
10. The Contracting Parties any one of the above 2. now that the categories described in the other Party be notified of tariff or evaluates a from the date given (as early as possible and at least) in 15 business days following the announcement of a dissatisfaction and 11. in the written consultation process will benefit from. However, both sides in the matter of disapproval about tariffs in these processes unless you have agreed in writing, the tariffs shall be approved.
11. Each Contracting Party to the other Party an airline business would be covered by this agreement is applied for any fee schedule as of the tariff in question have been the subject of a State Declaration of dissatisfaction included, front desk. This consultation, after receipt of the request shall be made within 30 days at the latest. The parties agree that a reasonable solution to problems in the provision of information required for collaboration. If the parties agree, as they could become a tariff agreement issued the Declaration of dissatisfaction, each party will do everything he can to put into effect that deal, but the agreement does not enter into force or the tariff in question passed will continue in full force and effect.
12. According to the provisions of this article of the designated airline (s) the relevant fee schedule, by the end of day, if any, unless you back, or shall remain in force until new tariffs on onanmasına. In the matter of the removal of the tariff on either contracting party unless a deal can be extended the end date of the original (first). The end date was upheld and a price structure has not been granted the new tariff and onanmamış, it's about airline-run fee schedule (s) is received back by the removal of one or both Contracting Party regarding the necessary tariff will remain in effect until anlaşıncaya.
Article 12 AVIATION SAFETY 1. Other Contracting Parties each Contracting Party any time the air crew, air tools, or any area in which they operate has been adopted with regard to the safety standards may request consultation in favor. Such a consultation will take place within 30 days from the request.
2. If a Contracting Party to this after consulting the other Contracting Party determined by the contract at the time when in any area with the minimum standards at least peer detects safety standards to the event, the first Contracting Party to comply with the minimum standards that these findings and measures deemed necessary to notify the other Contracting Party, and that the other Contracting Party, will take corrective measures. Fifteen (15) days, the other Contracting Party or in a longer period of time do not take appropriate measures to the implementation of this agreement will cause the 4th Item. (cancel, suspend, changing the operating authority)
3. Notwithstanding the obligations under the contract is presented 33 3rd designated airline of the other Contracting Party işletmelerince air tools in the territory of the other Contracting Party in the territory, while the air vehicle and crew shall not affect the validity of the document, the apparent air tools and equipment to check the status of and outside of the reasonable delay other Contracting Parties before setting out, thanks to aircraft from the inside or from the outside charge may be subject to examination (ramp control).
4. If any ramp control or series of ramps that controls: (a) the operation of a vehicle or aircraft is determined by Chicago at the time of the Convention must adhere with the minimum standards, or (b) at that time, as specified by a particular contract safety standards effective sürdürülemediği and is not serious about managed care are engaged in Contracting Party, Agreement, control gives birth to 33 a vehicle within the scope of the article or for the crew to document and license or is not enabled the rules or to discontinue of essential contract the spouse or with the minimum standards set on them will be free to conclude it is not.
5. A Contracting Party assigned to an air operated tool airline işletmelerince 4th paragraph (3) above ramp control in order to keep air tool, subject to the introduction by the representative of the relevant airline requested to imprint on the rejection of the other Contracting Party referred to in paragraph (4) above, 3rd serious concerns out of the bag and he will be free to attend the aforementioned conclusions.
6. Each Contracting Party, the other Contracting Party's airline business or operation of the authority, the first Contracting Party to the operation of ramp control, denial of access for ramp control, consultation or any other cause in terms of the safety of an airline as a result of business activity, concluded that the terms of a measure of urgency when receiving immediate reserves the right to suspend or.
7. A Contracting Party to the above (2) 2nd or (6) 6th paragraph to a measure, on the grounds that measures have not been taken with the disappearance of the essential will be removed.
Article 13 any Contracting Party for INFORMATION and STATISTICS on aviation authorities of the Contracting Party other aviation authorities, airlines in the first Contracting Party designated işletmelerince the capacity provided in the agreed time for review, or the other can be seen reasonably necessary periodic statistical reports are available on the demands. These reports are agreed that airlines carried passengers in their cargo flights and cargo traffic passengers starting and arrival shall include all the necessary information to determine the points.
Article 14 CONSULTATION and MODIFICATIONS of 1. In the spirit of close cooperation, the Contracting Parties to this agreement and the aviation authorities in the implementation of the provisions and their attachments specifications satisfying with each other from time to time in order to accommodate the desk in.

2. each of the Contracting Parties, this agreement and any provision of the desire to modify attachments specifications, may request the other Contracting Party consultations; can be done between the aviation authorities or conversation or correspondence that can be through this consultation, from the date of the request within sixty (60) days. In this way, with an exchange of diplomatic notes agreed changes will come into effect when they are confirmed.
3. However, any change to the line ruler in addition to Contracting Parties a direct agreement between the aviation authorities may be performed with.
Article 15 MULTILATERAL AGREEMENTS That DO NOT COMPLY with the agreement and the attachment (s) the Contracting Parties any multilateral International Agreement binding on the VFA will be replaced in such a way that it can.
Article 16 DISPUTES 1. The Contracting Parties between this agreement and the interpretation or implementation of Additional ' (s) if there's a dispute about the work your way, the Contracting Parties of this mismatch handling it through negotiating among themselves before they will work.
2. Contracting Parties shall, if they have reached an agreement through negotiation, a solution of the dispute or the Contracting Parties agree to transfer teşekküle or request for any of the designated Contracting Party, at variance with the will of each one by the referee and the referee will appoint two so that designated a third referee three arbitration of an Arbitration Committee can be made available to the decision. Each of the Contracting Parties either party from the other of a notice through diplomatic way simulate arbitration of the dispute received within sixty (60) days from the date of a referee will appoint the third referee in the next sixty (60) day period will be transferred in. If any of the Contracting Parties fails to appoint an arbitrator within the time given or third referee is not appointed within the period specified by the President of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization to the requirements of the situation, to appoint one or more of the Contracting Parties may request any referee. In this case, the third arbitrator will be the third President of the arbitral tribunal and a State's nationality.
3. The Contracting Parties, this Item 2. agree to abide by any decision to be exported according to paragraph.
4. The Contracting Party elects or is granted by one of the designated airlines of the contracting this Item 2. in accordance with decisions taken according to paragraph if didn't move, the other Contracting Party to this agreement in accordance with the terms of rights and may limit or cancel the priorities.
5. Each Contracting Party shall pay the costs of the arbitrator shall be assigned for themselves. Other Contracting Parties relating to the costs of the arbitrator shall be shared equally.
Article 17 HEADINGS Article headlines that agreement for the purposes of convenience only and under no circumstances the application was put on and the limit of this Agreement does not plot the purpose and scope, limit or does not describe.
Article 18 REGISTRATION this agreement and attachments, will be registered in the International Civil Aviation Organization.
Article 19 EXPIRATION 1. Forming part of this Agreement and this agreement each Contracting Party Attachments, complementary Constitutional provisions of statement, they are '' the Politics of this meal, the Convention shall enter into force on the date of the diplomatic.
2. The Contracting Parties decided to put an end to this agreement each is always in the other can turn the Contracting Party; This report will be forwarded to the International Civil Aviation Organization and at the same time.
In this case, the notice of termination by mutual agreement before the end of this period, unless notice of the Deal be redone the other stands of the Contracting Party from the date of the next twelve (12) months will expire. Given that the other Contracting Party written notice is not confirmed, the International Civil Aviation Organization receives the notice date, fourteen (14) days shall be taken after 3. The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Georgia, of 30 July 1992 the air transportation Agreement signing of the agreement comes into force after the entry into the business at the same time will be void.
October 5, 2005 in Ankara are arranged in two copies in the English language.

The GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY, on BEHALF of the GOVERNMENT of GEORGIA in the NAME of the Signature by the Government of the Republic of Turkey ADDITIONAL LINES (a) designated airline business (businesses) following air services in both directions-business as: action point Intermediate Points Destination in Turkey by two points Forward Points (hereinafter referred to as the Tbilisi, Batumi and points of the future will be determined) Georgia will be determined in the other.
the two points (to be determined) (b) of the airline designated by the Government of Georgia (businesses) following air services in both directions-business as: action point two Dots Between Destination points of Georgia Forward Points (hereinafter referred to as the points of Ankara, İstanbul, will be determined in the future) will be determined in Trabzon, Turkey.
a point (to be determined) NOTE: the above mentioned is affected in any destination according to market demand and Contracting Parties, someone can be changed at any time.
2. If any of the above the line of the starting point of the time that Contracting Party designated airline of land provided that the designated airline of choice, with all flights any flight or removable.
3. The Contracting Parties to the other Contracting Party, each time the Contracting Parties referred to lands beyond the soil or the additional points can be requested. The authority of the other Contracting Party demand that aviation is subject to approval.