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Kanun No. 5606


Acceptable Date: 15/3/2007      


MADDE 1- October 5, 2005 "The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Georgia" signed an agreement to confirm the "Agreement on Air Transport for the Government of Georgia".

MADDE 2- This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.

MADDE 3- This Law The Council of Ministers executes its provisions.

















Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Georgia (hereinafter " Akit) The parties will " understand it), both sides of the International Civil Airstorm Promise, which was signed on December 7, 1944, and the Transit Department of International Air Sectors, both sides of the International Civil Airstorm. with a desire to make an understanding between countries as countries and to do air flights beyond and beyond;






1. The purpose of this is to be defined, unless the terms of the United States require any other reason:

a) "Do not promise" 7 Refers to the International Civil Airstorm that was signed to the Bank in December 1944, and in addition to the article 90, the Addented Attachments and the 90th and 994 articles of the Agreement are Adopted, or It includes any other information that is agreed to and approved by both Acit Parties.

b) "Airspace authorities" Any part or body of the Republic of Turkey, which is authorized by the Minister of State to testify, is authorized by the Minister of State or the Minister of State of Georgia to look at the State of Georgia. The Ministry of Neutrality, or Civil Airlift, is being carried out by the government or the Civil Airman. refers to any part or organ that is authorized to function;

c) " Tayside airline TagPreserver,b,13,18" refers to the transfer of authorized airline based on the 3rd clause of this statement.

d) "Country" or "soil" is the meaning of the term specified in Article 2 of the Glossary;

e) "Air flight" The international air campaign, "airline push" , and "landing on traffic purposes (technical landing)" as a result of the meanings of the terms of the word '96'. Refers to the meaning expressed in the item.

f) "Capacity term";

-on a path or path segment on a flight the charge on which the fly is charged;

-related to a specific air service, at the time Refers to the aircraft or aircraft's capacity within a certain period of time and on the line or line segment to the maximum.

g) "Traffic" passenger, It means baggage, baggage, and mail.

h) "Charge tariff" term prices for passenger, baggage or cargo (excluding mail), and prices that are applicable to those prices; additional fees for fees and fees for selling fees and fees. are included in payments, including payments for mail, and are included in the mail.

i) " This means that the "Understand" includes the "EK (s)".



1.In addition to each Akit Party, this is the identifies the rights that are specified in this Means, with the aim of installing the International Air Seferees on the specified lines. These flights and lines will now be described as "mutabank expeditions" and "designated routes". Each of the Akit-appointed airlines will have the above rights when they process a specified line, even a mutabank development.

TagPreserver,p,0,179a) Flying without the country of the Dianer Akit country,

b) to make technical contact within the country in question; and

c) To leave international traffic as a mixed or separate month And it is within the country, in order to take it, for that line, in the 1st place. Landing at the points specified in the attachment.

2. Nothing in the matter of this Article (1) is the passenger, the carrier, to air the airline, charging a fee or rent to a point in the country of this other party in the country of Akit Party. And it does not understand the right to receive mail.



1. Each Akit Party will have the right to designate one or more airline carriers as written to the other Akit, in order to operate flights that remain mutabank on the specified routes.

TürkTurkish Airlines as eligible for the Ministry of Education Roads and other airlines will be transferred by the Republic of Turkey.

2. When the other Akit Party received such a transfer notice, it was the third of Article 3. and 4. Subject to the provisions of the fikra, the appointed airline will not be able to delay the authorization of the applicable authorization.

3. The aviation authorities of one of the Scorpion Parties are the law enforcement of the international air service and law enforcement of the international air flights. and may want to persuade them to convince themselves that they have the ability to perform the conditions that are being imposed on the regulations.

4. Each of the Acit Parties is the sole possession and effective control of an independent airline carrier, which is the sole possession of the Akit Party and its nationality. They did not return, (2) refuse to recognize the authorization entitlements mentioned in the fund, or to put the airline's action required in the use of the rights specified in Article 2. is available.

5. When an airline is to be transferred so that it can be transferred and authorized, it will have to agree on capacity and 9. And 11. A fee that is generated by the provisions of the clauses and the gap in effect from the time it is in effect at the time of the fly schedule can be started at any time to start the process.

6. If an Akit-appointed airway is not fulfilling its services on the normal route due to armed cracking, political disconnection, or improvements, or special and above-top conditions, the other Akit Party temporarily retemporarily editing lines in the appropriate way shows the entire effort to facilitate the operation of this kind of service.



1. Each of the Acit Parties may have the right to withdraw authorization to an airline that is designated by the other Acit or to use the rights set forth in Article 2. will have the right to stop or use the rights to use:

a) The main ownership or actual property of that airline contact whether the Akit Party or its nationality is in the hands of the control of its control or

b) Akit that identifies these rights to the airline Do not comply with the laws and regulations of the party, or

c) This means that the airline has started the operation in order to do not make the process available in accordance with the specified current (s).

2. This right, however, is not required to prevent further violations of the rights of this Article (1), including the withdrawal of rights as specified in the fund, and to prevent further violations of the laws and regulations. It will be used by the Aids after the direction of the airline's office.



1. All customs duties, national excise taxes and similar national allowances are held in the United States-appointed airline, which is being pushed out of the International flights.

a) to the land of an Akit State side the items in which it is being inserted;

TagPreserver,p,0,179(i) maintenance, repair, and service equipment complete parts

(ii) passenger administration equipment and complete parts

(iii) cargo-loading equipment and compli parts

(iv) security equipment and complete parts

(v) user material and eI tools

(vi) computer equipment and compli parts

(vii) airline and its repulsion documentation; and

b) An Akit State body has been put into the State of the Union Or an Akit State designated airline, which is procured in the Akit State territory, as well as:

(i) Akit is on the plane until the state leaves the state Non-invasive aircraft, such as food, drink, and tobacco, with the removal of the product

(ii) Slopes, lubricators, consumable technical supplies

(iii) Spare parts, including engines

The ones specified in the socket are used on every aircraft or The airline, designated within an international airport, has been used by the airline to perform an international air service or to use it as a link to its execution.

2. An exemption from customs duties, other national excise taxes and similar national expenses was transferred to the realest services of the Land of Akit by the transfer of the appointed Airman. It does not.

3. The equipment and material set forth in the pearl of this Article (1) may be requested to be held under the supervision or supervision of the authorities.

4. The exemption provided by this Article is the airline or airlines designated by an Akit, and the airline or airline of the other, with the airline's airline or airlines. In cases where the following is a lease or transfer of those specified in the paragraph, it is possible to make use of the exemption of an airline or airline, and to take advantage of the exemption of the Akit Party. will be possible.



1. The representative and commercial required for the insolvtion of flights to and from the basis of the Fuel Party, which is based on the basis of the airline, which is the transfer of an Airfield to the company, and to the power of the company. And they will be allowed to have technical staff. This staff is selected from either party or by both sides of their nationality, when required.

2. Each of the Akit Party member Akit is transferred to and from the country of Akit, to the country's entry, residence and employment rules and regulations, according to the airline. The administration of its operations will allow for the bringing and possession of officers and other responsible personnel for technical and commercial operations.



An Akit-sided or current part and still in effect, this is a certificate or a license to be used by the Program for Entitlements, Entitlement Certificates, and Licenses, and for the purpose of the operation of this agreement, the minimum number of licenses granted or valid when the licenses were issued or valid. will be used to apply to standards, or to be on top of them. However, each Akit Party has been granted its own countrymen or current authority certificates and licenses to its own countrymen for the purposes of the gulls over its country. The right to reject.



1. Each designated airline, based on the reciprocity basis, has the right to be engaged in the territory of the agency, with its agencies operating at the discretion of the other, according to its discretion. is available. The airlines have the right to sell this kind of transport, and any other person will have the right to sell such transportation, from the same rights to which both Akit Accompanies are transferred. It's free to take advantage of it as a result of the use of it.

2. Based on the principle of reciprocity, each designated airline (lari), on demand, is the official cambiyo foreign exchange, with the remaining revenue after the expected expenses associated with passenger, cargo and mail. He has the right to translate and transfer to his country. If the provisions of the settlement are incomplete, the applicable transfer will be in place in the convertibl money courses and in accordance with appropriate national legislation and quarters.

3. The Transfer Parties receive the transfer of the transfer airlines within 30 days of the approval of this transfer. The procedure for this transfer would be in accordance with the country's quarters of the country's quarters.

4. Based on the reciprocity basis, each Akit Party is entitled to be exempt from all taxes on profits and revenues in the execution of air services to the appointed airline (lari).



1. Each party will allow both Acit Parties to compete fairly in order to operate the planned International Air services with this Agreement.

2. Each of the Akit Parties may provide consumers with the current rules in the transport market, provided by both Akit-appointed airlines in the paths specified in the EIK. will be able to identify the proposed capacity and frequency of the frequency as we look at it. No Akite Party (s) except for the limits of the technical, operational, customs, environment, etc. identified by the law, and the type (s) of the aircraft fired upon the transfer of the aircraft, except for the transfer of the aircraft, except for the limits of the aircraft. capacity cannot determine the frequency count or arrangement as one-sided. It's the 15th time I've been told to work the air. It is executed in accordance with homogeneous provisions that are identified in material.

3. Each of the Akit's designated airlines will not exceed 30 days before the start of the winter and summer schedule, which will not exceed 30 days in each tariff period (summer and winter) by the Airman's Airy authorities. offers the flying recipe, which includes the types of equipment for them. In special cases, the time limit can be reduced subject to the appropriate authorities ' reposition.

4. To facilitate the approval of both parties 'airlines' tariffs before they can offer their flying tariffs to aviation authorities, the Acit Parties ' designated airline said. They are interred with each other.

5. The avionics who receive such a cliff description suggest approvals or descriptions of the tariffs. In any case, the transferred airlines do not service the services without the approval of the relevant aviation authorities. This provision is also applied in the same way as subsequent deities.



1. In accordance with its current rights and obligations according to international law, the United States has claimed responsibility for the protection of civil-aviation trust in the country's protection. They confirm that the obligation is to have a part of this Anthem that is unallocated. The Acit Parties, in particular, have been involved in the Crimes of Criminals and Other Actions on Aircraft, in particular, on September 14, 1963, to describe the general qualifications of its current rights and obligations under international law. The Tokyo Promise Was That The Hague-Based Anti-Aircraft Law, Which Was Prevented By The 16 December 1970 Airplanes, Was Indicted On September 23, 1971, By The Civil Aviation Security Council. The Montreal Promise and February 24, 1988 International Civil-aviation service, served as part of the Act ' s Law on the Act. The Montreal Protocol and the Akit Parties will act in accordance with any provisions of the civil aviation trust that are part of the attack.

2. The United States has been under the law to prevent civilian aircraft from being seized by law, including the safety of passengers, passengers and crew, airports and air navigadier facilities. their actions, and any threat to the security of the civil-aviation security, they will help each other in any way they are required to do so.

3. In Addition, Akit Parties agreed to the extent applicable to the International Civil Airticus Agreement, to the extent applicable to Akit Parties, the International Civil Airticus Business Association. They will act in accordance with the provisions of the airline ' s security. The parties are concerned about aircraft carriers and airports in their own countries or aircraft carriers or countries in central central countries or country. will be asked to act in accordance with the provisions of the airline ' s security.

4. Each of the Acid Parties will be assigned to each of the aircraft carriers, for entering the country of the other Akit, for leaving the country or in the country's time in the country's time in the country's Fuel Side. It is mutabled to be asked to comply with the provisions of the airlifted trust. Each of the Akit Parties has to rely on the safety of their aircraft, passengers, crew hand luggage, cargo and cargo loading and loading of the general trunk, before and during the loading and the process. It will allow for adequate measures to control and to implement effective measures. Each of the Acid Parties will consider any demand that the other Fuel Party will make to ensure that a special threat will be taken away.

5. Whether the civilian aircraft was seized by the law or the threat of a threat to the aircraft or aircraft passengers and crew, airports or air navigation facilities. In the event that other legislation interventions are occurring, the Acit Parties may provide appropriate measures to ensure that such an event or incident threat is terminated in a fast and secure manner. They will be helping each other by making it easier for them to take.

6. If problems arise for one of the Akit Parties to apply the provisions of this material to the airport security, each of the Akit Parties will have the power of the company's own. will be able to request the ivedi resignation from the airport authorities.



1. For flights covered by the President, an Akit Side-appointed airline will apply fee schedules, users ' fees, operations costs, time properties, commission, and more. All relevant factors will be determined, including rates, reasonable profits, tariffs for other airline companies, and other commercial mulahazas in the market.

2. The United States Department of Scorpion is either unreasonably good, high or dismayed by the abuse of a place of life, high or low, or "frugacy" with indirect or indirect subsidy or support. They remain mutabled in particular attention to the tariffs that may be appealed.

3. On tariffs, whenever possible, necessary visions with their own governments, and appropriate duet, airline carriers appointed by both Akit fans after they were consulted on the schedule. They're going to get it. Such a deal would have taken advantage of the appropriate international tariff coordination mechanism, when it is possible. If there are no multipartials or dual meanings, each transfer airline will be able to develop its own rate schedule separately.

4. Each Akit Party is a designated airline for the transfer of both Akit Devices for the transfer through its country if it is allowed to pause in its country or country of exceptional circumstances. Companies may request notification of their proposed fee schedules or to see if they are notified.

5. Such notice or press may be requested for a maximum of 30 days prior to the effective date of the proposed effective date. This maximum duration can be reduced for special people.

6. No Fuel Party is the effective or current charge of a rate schedule offered for the transfer of each Party's transfer of each Party within their country. cannot be found in a single-sided transaction that prevents the schedule from being maintained.

7. No Akit Party may or may not have the effect of a fee tariff offered for the transfer of a Party (s) between the country of the other Party and a third State of the State. cannot be found in a single-sided transaction that will prevent a current rate schedule.

8. For the transfer of countries within the Acit Parties, each of the Akit Party parties to the airline (s) are still permitted to implement each of the Akit Parties or a third State on an airline execution. will give permission to process any recipe.

9. In order for the country to move between the country and the country of a third State, Akit is still operating on the airline (s) of the other side when each of the Akit Parties or a third State has not started an airline. will allow for the application to be able to process any given description.

10. One of the Scorpion Parties is the 2 above a recipe. from the date of notice or date of notice (premature and least) 15 days after the description of the other Party , when the otherTagPreserver,i,86,125Party was notified when it entered into the categories described in the flux will be found in a dissatisfaction statement and will benefit from the written process of printing at the 11th. However, the tariffs will be approved, as both Party do not have an understanding of whether or not to approve tariffs on these processes.

11. Each Akit Party provides a means for any airline push that applies to flights that are covered by the company, and so on. He can ask for a consultation, including the fact that he has been subject to a declaration of dissatisfaction. This consultation will be done within 30 days at the latest, after the request is received. The parties will make a reasonable solution to the problems in a reasonable way. If they agree on a tariff that is given a dissatisfaction statement, each Party will be able to do its best to make it effective, if they agree. It will do so, but if it does not, the tariff will continue or remain in effect.

12. The provisions of the article are determined to be determined by the applicable airline execution (s), if any, until the expiration date, or until the new schedule is to be held, if any. It remains in effect. Both Akit Party may extend the original (first) end date, as you understand that the tariff is removed. The end of a rate schedule has been given the expiration date and the new tariff, and if it does, the fee tariff will be returned by the applicable airline carrier (s) or both Akit Party will remain in effect until it is understood that the tariff should be removed.



1. Each of the Airmen, at any time, the air crew, air vehicles or any other area of the adoption of a safety standard in any area related to the operation of the He may demand that he be present at the same time. Such an advisory will be real within 30 days from the request.

2. After these consultants, Akit said that it does not provide law standards with law standards at least to the minimum standards set out by the network of other people in any area. If it does, the first Akit Party will report these findings and measures deemed necessary to comply with those minimum standards, and will take appropriate, corrective measures to the appropriate Akit party. It will result in the implementation of Article 4 of the Agreement, which does not take the appropriate measure within ten (15) days or longer of the other. (revocation, asceing, authorizing the execution)

3. Air vehicles on flights made to the territory of Akit Party land on the territory of the airline, under which the airline was appointed to look at the obligations mentioned in Article 33 of the pledge. to check the visibility of the air vehicle and crew documents, to check the visibility of the air vehicle and equipment, and before reasonable delay time, the company has authorized the the representatives of the aircraft or the aircraft (ramp control) from the inside or through the aircraft.

4. Any such ramp control or array ramp controls are:

(a) it is the operation of an aircraft or an air vehicle was not up to the minimum standards set by the Chicago Glossary, or

TagPreserver,p,0,179(b) the safety that is determined by the Glossary in that order. If serious concerns are not maintained and are not managed by the standards,

The Akit Party, which makes the

check, is the 33rd Article of the Glossary A minimum set of documents for an aircraft or crew covered by an aircraft or crew, based on a commitment that is based on the rules that are based on the documentation or the current part, or the operation of the aircraft or the aircraft or its current location. They will be free to conclude that they are not above or above them.

5. The relevant permit for the aircraft entering the aircraft to control the ramp may be subject to the ramp inspection according to the current (3) of the aircraft executed by an Airman's transfer airline If the airline's representative was rejected by the representative, the other Akite Party had the results of serious concerns in the above (4) second party, and at the same time that it had the results that were understood. it will be free.

6. Each Akit Party provides access to the airline push or execution of the other Fuel Party, the first Airside ramp control, the ramp control, the denial of the entry permit, the advisory, or the The result of why an airline employee is in the process of operating a precautionary measure will immediately keep the right to suspend or remove it.

7. A measure of the above (2) above (2) or (6) measure of an Akit Party will be removed by the removal of the requirement based on the measure.



Any Akit Party's avionicus authorities It will be reasonably necessary for the airport authorities to review the capacity of the first Akit and to review the capacity, which is likely to be issued during the mutabank flights. periodical or other statistical reports, they will be procured upon their demands. These reports indicate that these airlines have received the amount of load and load traffic and load traffic and all the information needed to determine the amount of traffic and cargo. will be included.



1. In the spirit of a nearby business, the Airspace authorities of Akit are to use each other to apply the provisions of these meanings and their attachments to each other in order to ensure satisfactory compliance. They will be consulted.

2. In the event that each party wishes to see any provision of its meanings and attachments, the other Akit may request the direction of the Party, which can be done between the aviation authorities. This direction, which may be through the date of the claim, will be under 60 (60) days from the date of request. The people who are coming to understand this process will be effective when they are confirmed with a diplomatic note.

3. However, the details of the line on the Annex can be actualized by the Acid Party (s) of the Airspace authorities.



This Statement and Attachment (s) may be the case for Akite Parties. any multi-party International will be able to comply with the Glossary of Nations.



1. If there was a problem with the Acit Parties regarding the interpretation or implementation of the Annex (s), the Akit Parties will be able to deal with them through negotiation prior to this time. They're going to play.

2. If they do not reach an understanding through negotiation, the Acid Parties may understand the solution of the solution to the remittance or remittance, or at the request of any of the Akit Parties. The decision may be made to the decision of a three-arbiter arbitration delegation, appointed by each Akit arbitrator, and thus the transfer of the two arbitrators appointed by the two arbitrators appointed. Each party will appoint an arbitrator within sixty (60) days from the date of diplomatic route, each of which requests the arbitration of one of the parties, and the third umpire will be appointed. will be transferred within a period of 60 days after that. If either party fails to appoint an arbitrator within the given time period or the third arbitrator is not appointed within the specified time period, then the International Civil Airstorm Council will state the situation. It is possible to ask one or more of the parties to appoint one or more of the arbitrarmen. In this case, the third umpire will be the nationality of a third state and will make the decision of the arbitrator.

3. Akit Parties, this is the 2nd of Article They pledge to abide by any decision that will be given according to their financial statement.

4. One of the ways in which one of the Scorpion Parties or One of the Akite Parties has been appointed is the 2nd of this Article. If it does not act in accordance with the decisions by paragraph, the other Akit Party may process or revoke the rights and priorities of which it is in accordance with the negotiations.

5. Each of the Akit Parties shall have the expense of the arbitral assigned to them. The cost of the other umpire will be shared by Akit entities.



Matter people are only comfortable and easy to understand. It is implanted with purpose, and in no way draws, uncovers, or describes the purpose and scope of this statement.



This Information and Attachments, International Civil-Airing He will be registered in his custody.



1. This Means and the Integral parts of this narrative are effective at the time that the Constitutional provisions of each Akit Party are due to be held at the time of the diplomatic Note's foundation. It will enter.

2. Each of the Scorpion Parties may always report to the other Akite, which is determined to end this Agreement; this report will also deliver the International Civil Airstorm.

In this case, you have reconcilled the end-export. will expire in 12 months from the date of the other Akite Side of the Agreement, as they have not been restored before the expiration date. If the other is not confirmed by the other Akite Side report, the International Civil Airstorm will be counted fourteen (14) days from the date of the notice of the notice.

3. The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Georgia signed on July 30, 1992, when the Council of the Republic of the Republic of Georgia announced that this was the first time in the following years to enter the country. is invalid.

on October 5, 2005 in British English in English. to be edited.


                 SECURISSTAN                                                                                    TÜRKYE

                 GOVERNMENT                                                                              REPUBLIC







(a) appointed by the Government of the Republic of Turkey The airline carrier (s) will be entitled to air flights in both directions:


Transaction Point Intermediate (s)                    Point-in-point Points 

ÝkiThe Two Points in Turkey (in the future Tbilisi, Batumi and                  In All

Points will be determined) in Georgia               to be selected.


                                                                                        (will be determined in the future)


(b) The government of Georgia (s) appointed by the Government of Georgia will have the right to air flights in both directions:


Transaction Point Intermediate (s)                    Point-in-point Points 

Business Point in

Georgia (in future, Ankara, Istanbul,                 In All

Points will be determined) In Trabzon, Turkey           to be selected.

                                                                                        a point

                                                                                        (will be determined in the future)






NOTE: Specified in the above any existing spot on the lines can be announced at any time by market demand and the demand of one of the Akit Parties.

2. The points on any of the above lines are the preference of the transfer of the transferred airline with the status of the Fuel Party, which is the site of the launch of the airline. It can be either from any fly or any fly.

3. Each of the Acid Parties may request additional points beyond the territory of the Akit Party or within the territory of the Akit Parties. This request is subject to the approval of the Akite Party's aviation authority.