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Kanun No. 5611


Acceptable Date: 27/3/2007      


MADDE 1- dated 28/2/1985 and 3160 " Safety-on-Law The Service Indemnity Act has been referred to as the "Safety Inspection and Branch Services Compensation Act" of the Law.

MADDE 2- 1 pearl of the Code 3160 is in the same way It is currently being started.

" MADDE 1-The purpose of this Law is the pilot, the pilot, in charge of the Police General Directorate. And the man who founded the flight crew and the man who founded it is the basis for the service of the candidates, the compensation to be paid for them, and the basis for the payment of these reparations. "

MADDE 3- 3160 of the Code 3160 is in the same way It is currently being started.

" MADDE 2-This Law is a pilot, pilot, and flying pilot, acting as a cadre or a verbal officer in the General Directorate of Security. The man and the victim are the candidates, and the men are the candidates. "

MADDE 4- 3160 of the number 3 (a) and (e) of the Code 3160 It has been reported in the following, and (f) and (g) have been added to this item.

" a) Pilot and pilot candidate: Pilots in domestic or country flight school or from the course of the course It is also called a pilot candidate who receives the certificate and is certified according to the General Manager of the Certificate of Safety Law; safety personnel who are working in the places counted to become a pilot are also called a pilot. "

" e) Service year: Flying and branch service year or year statement on September 1, ending on August 31. It covers 12-month period. "

" f) The victim and the victim's candidate: The police headquarters were the victims ' arrangement, which was organised by the General Director. The man who received the certificate by finishing with his office or receiving the certificate from the domestic and dormitory school courses, and the man who was certified according to the law enforcement authority, to become the man who was approved by the police. The safety of the law enforcement of the de facto branch. It's also called a candidate who is a victim of a staff.

g) Kurbaka man service time: The man who police the Kurbaka is the police officer has organised for the time period from the date of the start of the branch in the course of the course of the course of the course of the course. "

MADDE 5- 3160 of the Code 3160 is in combination with the following It has been reported in the following way.

" Indemnity to be paid to the high-flying and courier men

MADDE 4-70% of the pilot and pilot candidates who served as the General Manager of the Police Department, the flight crew Sixty-five percent of the staff members, the victims and the victims of the victim and the victims of the victim, were left in the face of the law in addition to service years (the first service year for candidates), the first of which was the monthly fly or branch compensation. is paid. "

MADDE 6- 6-part of the Code 3160 is in the same way It is currently being started.

" MADDE 6-a) Minimum of a year for pilots and flight crew personnel to receive monthly reparcators;

1. The flying service is less than 10 years, or 60 hours per hour of all-flight 1500 hours,

2. 30 hours per flight service 10-20 years, or all-flight 1500-2500 hours,

3. 15 hours of flying service 20 years or more than 2,500 hours per hour,

has been able to fly.

b) at least a year so that they can receive split compensation from the people of the victim;

1. The branch service is less than 10 years, or 60 hours from all of its branch 1500 hours.

2. 30 hours per branch service, 10-20 years or all, 1500 to 2,500 hours,

3. 15 hours, or 15 hours, of the branch service, 20 years or all.

has started to branch out.

c) The 50% of the fly or dive compensation could not be completed due to a mandatory flying or dive clock. the service is truncated starting at the beginning of the service year. Normal compensation is paid from the same period of time before the previous year's completion or completion of the amount.

d) Incursions in tasks related to flying or branch services, resulting in accidents and reasons of health The flight crew, pilots and trainmen who have received or temporarily transferred reports that require a report that requires them to be transferred to and from the flight are paid in compensation for two years. These regulars are counted from the flying and the diving services. During this period, the fly and the branch are not wanted. If more than a year of recess, the split and branch compensation will be cut. If they are working again, the monthly compensation is paid from the beginning of the month following the date of the inauguration.            

e) The monthly compensation is paid as a pete in the month and has no taxes except for stamp duty.

f) (a) personnel who have entered the part of the fund have flown more than the same mandatory flight hours as they have been specified. 4% of the end-of-flight compensation for the last month of flight compensation for the time of the last month of the flight service is paid in bulk. No more than 120 hours of flying would be considered in the construction of this payment. The compensation paid in this way shall not be subject to any taxes except for the stamp tax.

g) Pilot, pilot, pilot, flight crew, man and man nominated for pilot, pilot, pilot, pilot, and public officials. Compensation is paid to the personnel, including those that are stolen, in accordance with the guidelines specified in this Law. "

MADDE 7- 3160 counts as part 7 of the Law. It is currently being started.

" MADDE 7-Yield Compensation is expected to be paid and raised:

a) with the approval of the General Directorate of Security and the approval of the Secretary of State;

1. After completing eight years of service, to the pilots who are currently being transferred to the other tasks, we will be able to provide the following:

2. After completion of the twelve-flight service, to the crew of the crew members who were transferred to the post-site tasks,

3. Eight branches of service from the men who installed the officer, officers who had failed to serve as a branch service after completing twelve of the branch service years, were transferred to the men who were not able to serve as a branch service, and were immediately transferred to the other duties.

b) resulting from accidents or causes of floating services related to flying or branch services based on reports of authorized institutions and to the men and men who have been transferred to other tasks, including those who have been transferred to other tasks,

is an officer in the Security General Directorate, and has been left out of flight and branch duties. Monthly trition compensation for 10% of the date of payment of payments in the date of payment is paid for a period of ten years,

It also takes advantage of other compensation related to the task that found these personnel that were transferred to the other tasks.

Compensation compensation for those who entered into this matter scope or with their own requests due to Discipline. is not paid. "

MADDE 8- Fıkra in item 8 of the Code 3160 is added.

" In the course of the course of the General Directorate of Police, the men who were the victims in the course of the course of the law were to take a dive. Each branch of the students will be paid separately as a bonus for the ability to grow three per thousand of the girls ' time. The bonus is given at the end of the month of service. "

MADDE 9- The 9th of the Code 3160 is in the same state as It is currently being started.

" MADDE 9-The first flight or branch in the account of the past, school or courses in the account of the flying and branch service principal's It is the date that is being started.

If the port and the branch are out of date, depending on the status;

a) the approval date of the proposal by the Chief Executive of the Police Department,

b) The current date of the list of the installed installed report,

c) The petitions are petitions for those who have been accepted to separate the requests from the flecs and from the installed men.

Flying and branch service times are identified according to service year. Six months or more in the year's account are fully counted. Less than 6 months of service will be ignored. "

MADDE 10- The 10th of the Code 3160 is in the same way It is currently being started.

" MADDE 10-a) Pilot, pilot candidate, and flight crew personnel from flying service activities,

is a man who is a victim of the course of a man-led service,

c) Safety personnel who are in air or sea, regardless of the profession and the rest of the world For the chasm of a police service, they are in the process of being able to do so,

are people or legal heirs if they are injured or injured, or they are not. the provisions are paid in the case of the warning.


Police Department's Department of Aviation Administration said it was engaged in a promised pilot and a promised flight. The staff of the staff of the Police Department, the Department of Protection of Police Department, and the Department of Protection of the General Directorate of the Police Department, have the same authority as to the provision of disability and compensation for the damages.

The personnel who took advantage of this Code have received 2330 number of Cash Indemnity and Monthly Care in the Right to use the cannot. "

MADDE 11- The 11 pearl items (a) of the Code 3160 are from It has been reported in the same way.

"a) 60 times the country's legal inherits;"

MADDE 12- The 12 nci items of the Code 3160 are in the same way It is currently being started.

" MADDE 12-Flying personnel from flying personnel who will be able to be made available to fly staff The men's personnel will be reactivated from their personnel, and they are volatile and volatile with the Secretary of State, as well as those who have lost qualifications or are not following requests for their duties. status. "

MADDE 13- The first receipt of the 15-pearl item of the Code 3160 It has been reported in the following way.

" State officers who serve in the General Directorate of Security or in other public institutions and organizations should be engaged. For every year of the operational services of the pilot, the flying crew and the man who served as the victim, 5434, the number of 32 nci (b) articles of the Retired Sandman Code of the Republic of Turkey, was the result of its operational service as a volatile and established man. (A) and (b) in the spectras of the 36 ncu clause (A) and (b) under the service period shown, a six-month service mudline is added to the service. "

MADDE 14- An additional 1 pearl of the Code 3160 is in the same way It is currently being started.

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 1-The provisions of the legislation and the provisions of the victim's personnel that are appropriate in this Law. The minimum amount of service that is required by the institution at the time of the end of the charge, which is required by the commitment to remain saved, is charged with flying, brandipping and maintenance of the service, and is charged with branch equipment.

Police service is volatile, and the branch is dedicated to service, and the service will be installed The required view of the institution is due to the required flying, branch, and maintenance melbusati, and is given gear and branch gear. "

MADDE 15- A ruler with a code of 3160 is attached to the current state It is currently being started.




Flying-Branch Service Yid

Pilot Aylus


Rates (%)

Course Adam AylusTazminat

Rates (%)

Flying Team Monthly Compensation

Rates (%)































































































NOTE: For service years of more than 23 years, the ratios shown are applied at 23 service years. "


MADDE 16- 3160 is the addition of a temporary item that is in the right way to the law.

" INVALID ARTICLE 1-No regulation on the reputation of the reputational service stipulated in Article 15 of this Law, 8/6/1989 It will also take advantage of the pilot and flight crew personnel who were working at the General Police Department after the date. "

MADDE 17- This Law will be effective on the date of release.

MADDE 18- This Law The Council of Ministers executes its provisions.