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Original Language Title: ELEKTRİK PİYASASI KANUNU Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ELEKTRİK PİYASASI KANUNU

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Kanun No. 4628                                                              Accepted Date: 20.2.2001



General Provideems


Purpose, Scope, Tantas


Purpose, scope, and definitions

ARTICLE 1.- The purpose of this Law is to ensure that the electricity is available to consumers in a sufficient, quality, continuous, cost-effective, environment-compliant way. create a strong, stable, stable and operational electrical energy market, which can operate according to the specific legal provisions in the competitive environment, and maintain an arrangement and control in this market.

This Law is associated with these activities, including electricity generation, transmission, transmission, wholesale selling, retail, retail service, import and export. covers the rights and obligations of real and legal entities, the establishment of the Electricity Market Regulatory Agency and the procedure to be followed in the development of the principles and electricity generation and the features of the electrical production and the current.

In the implementation of this Code;

1. Minister: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,

2. Minister: Minister of Energy and Natural Resources,

3. TEAasem: Turkey's Electricity Production Anonymous Company,

4. TEDAAKI: Turkey's Electricity Company Anonim Corporation,

5. DSUN: State Department of Water Heads to the General Directorate,

6. Institution: Electricity Market Regulatory Agency,

7. Board: Board of Electricity Market Regulatory Board,

8. Current commitments: prior to the effective date of this Law, dated 4/12/1984 and dated to 3096 numbered Law, 8/6/1994, of Law, dated 16/7/1997, of Law 4283, dated 21/1/2000, and the provisions of the Law 4501 and related. Promises signed by regulations, concession promises, and application commitments,

9. Administration: Control of any legal entity that operates in the market, except for those with public economic contact; the sole or indirect business or real business or real business and the actual business and the business. The legal entity that operates in the market, or together with any company, operating and/or operating in the market, either directly or indirectly, in any company or together, any company or real person and people who are controlled by the actual business and/or the market. Whether or not one of the people is talking to each other, or indirectly,

10. Control: The right to use or to use more than half of the legal entity's capital or commercial property on a legal entity, or to use more than half of the voting rights, or the board of directors, board or legal entity. The right to appoint or manage more than half of the members of the authorized organs in the representation of the assuranceorganlarýn

11. Production: Energy resources to be turned into electrical energy in power generation plants,

12. I have: The strain level of electrical energy is transplants over lines on 36 kV,

13. The following: The transfer of electrical energy through the lines at 36 kV and below,

14. Wholesale: Electricity is sold for sale again,

15. Retail: The sale of electricity to consumers,

16. Retail service: Services with retail licenses, other services sold to consumers at the time of electrical energy and/or capacity selling,

17. Consumer: Free and non-free consumers who receive the electricity for their own need,

18. Supplier: Production companies, autoproductors, autoproductors, wholesale companies and retail business companies responsible for selling electrical energy and/or capacity to their consumers, and retail companies.

19. Free consumer: Real or legal entity with the freedom to select supplier because of greater consumption than the amount of electrical energy specified by the board or due to the transmission system,

20. Non-free consumer: The real or legal entity, available from retail or retail companies, which owns a retail license that is located in the electrical energy and/or capacity area.

21. Production company: Autoproductors, except for the autoproductors groups, are the legal entity that is dealing with electricity generation and the sale of electricity produced by the company, as well as the

22. Network (s): the legal entity that is working with the electrical system in a designated area,

23. Wholesale business: legal entity that can be used to sell electricity and/or capacity, wholesale, import, export, sell to free consumers, and trade activities,

24. Retail business: legal entity that can be used to sell retail and/or retail to consumers with retail service to consumers of electricity and/or the importation and transmission system of the capacity,

25. Autoproductors: Legal entity, which is involved in the production of electricity, to help with the need for its own electrical energy as an essas,

26. Autoproducer group: The legal entity that is involved in the production of electric power to help partners in the need for electrical energy to be used as an essas.

27. Facility: Plant and equipment installed to perform electrical power generation or transmission or capacity relays,

28. System system: Electrical and/or electrical management facilities and/or electrical current facilities, in the designated area, and/or ownership of a branch system,

29. System of transmission: Electrical transmission facilities and power grid,

30. Production plant: The facilities for which electricity is produced,

31. Execution plant: From the end of the production facilities, the facilities of the transmission areas, including the mid-tension seedings, to the point of view of the facilities, including the mid-tension seedings,

32. Facility: From the end of the production facilities, the facility and facility for the location of the location of the power plant,

33. Market: Electricity energy and capacity, including production, transmission, development, wholesale, retail, retail service, import and export, and electricity, including import and export, and energy of these activities. energy market, 

34. Production capacity projection: Based on the demand estimates prepared by the companies ' companies, An estimate of the production capacity required for electric power supply trust, made by the Turkish Electricity Supply Ancorporation,

35. Tariff: The transmission, transfer, and sale of electrical energy and/or capacity, and price, provision, and price of services for services related to the sale and sale of the power,

36. License: Permission granted by the Board of this Code to operate on the market,

so that they can operate on the market.

37. Ancillating services: production companies, autoproductors, autoproductors, department companies or consumers who are interested in managing the company will be charged and related to the United States Department of Energy, which will be directed to the company. understand the costs, terms, and provisions that determine the cost of service for the entire cost of the service, including:

38. Ancillary services: services that will be released to the transmission system or to all legal entities that will be released to the transmission system, and/or manage to manage, or manage, and/or manage the system of data, if the provisions of the side services are subject to the

39. Energy and energy purchases: Turkey's Electricity Trade and Commitment Anonymous Company, which will take over from TEAElek and TEDAaç under current commitments, and projects that can be realized in the Interim 4th and Interim 8th article. to be signed within the framework of the 2nd article (1) of the Act, which can be signed by the Turkish Electricity Trade and Commitment Company, which will be approved by the Board of the United States, under the terms of the section,

40. Use of system and system usage: the prices, provisions and prices of the associated press and system usage description and a production company, an autoproducer, an autoproducer group, a software company or a consumer transmission system, or a system of transmission. Understanding of relevant user-specific terms and provisions for accessing or using the system of the system,

41. Common meanings: Subject to special law provisions between real and legal entities, commercial meanings of whether or not to sell electrical energy and/or capacity, and which are not subject to Board approval,

42. Management of the delivery: dual meanings of private legal provisions, such as the property owner or proprietor of a special direct transmission line with the Turkish Electricity Nalim Anonyx, and the special legal provisions, 

43. The company will be prepared by the Turkish Electricity Energy Corporation, and under the provisions of the transmission license, Turkey's Electricity-Energy Corporation and the transmission system will be applied to the transmission system by means of standard, procedural, and essential. rules,

44. Managing director: The standard, procedural, which will apply to all parties to the current system with the company's companies in order to comply with the provisions of the TEDAKA by taking the information of legal entities that indicate the activity of the region. and the rules that determine the guidelines,

45. Managing services: Business and retail business licenses, retail and retail licenses, and retail licensing provisions, retail sales, and retail sales, retail and retail. rules that determine the standard, procedural, and essential rules to apply to all parties that are served by such companies as they are concerned with their business.

46. Compensation and reconciliation management: electrical energy and/or capacity in the scope of the meanings between the parties operating in the market, which will be prepared by the Turkish Electricity Energy Anonim Corporation and under the provisions of the transmission license. the rules that determine the appropriate terms and guidelines for real-time stabilization and the reallocation of financial reconciliation,

47. An additional charge: the fee to be collected on behalf of the Institution over the schedule of the property,

48. Turkey's Electrical Power Corporation: The transmission of transmission from TEAedi,

49. Turkey's Electricity Trade and Commitment Anonymous Company: Trade and commitment from TEAIRs,

50. Electricity Production Anonymous: The production company, which is being made from TEAedi,

is at work.


Electrical Market Operations and Licenses

Electrical market activities

ARTICLE 2.- The electricity market activities are the production, transmission, development, volume, volume of legal entities that will operate in the market according to the provisions of this Law. retail, retail services, trade, import and export activities.

The business and regulations that are required to comply with the activities of the legal entities that will operate in the market are regulated by this Law and related regulations.

An anonymous corporation or limited company under the provisions of the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code 6762, of which legal entities are subject to the special legal provisions that will operate on the market If they are installed and installed as an anonymous company, the reputation of the entire shares will be printed. The minimum capital of these companies is regulated by regulations, which should be found in their main commitments.

On the market, the provisions of this Law can be fulfilled by the use of licenses and legal entities that may be operated by:

a) Legal entities that can demonstrate production activity: electrical energy from autoproductors and autoproducer groups in actualized production activity. production is actualized by the Electricity Production Anonymous Corporation and the private sector production companies. Electricity Production Anonymous and private sector production companies can sell electrical energy and/or capacity to real and legal entities when they are licensed.

1. The Electricity Production Anonymous Corporation can install, rent, and process new production facilities when the Board approved production capacity projection by taking into account the private sector production yachtships.

Electrical Production Corporation takes over the production facilities within the DSKSs according to the provisions of this Law, It works through the system to process or process the production facilities itself and/or the media that are subject to legal entities that are inherited from TEAARs and are subject to private legal provisions.

Power Production Anonymous Corporation has been able to transfer or build facilities and services to legal entities subject to the right of execution. maintain the ownership of additional and execution times for which they are executed.

2. Private sector production companies are subject to private legal provisions that are owned by, through leasing, or manufacturing and selling electric power in a production facility or facilities that are used to take over the business. They are the way they are.

The total share of the market through production facilities where any private sector production company is doing business with the previous year (s) The total electric power of Turkey cannot exceed 20 percent of the total power installed power.

3. A group of autoproductors, or autoproductors, can sell the amount of electrical energy produced by the Board in a competitive environment, in order not to waste 20 percent of the time in a calendar year. The Council may increase this rate by half of this rate, as it is in the interest of the people. Production license is mandatory if more electrical energy is sold than the rate set out in the Board within a calendar year.  

The autoproductor and autoproducer groups are required to work with the nature and principles of which they will be made available to the partners. The sale of the electricity they produce is determined by the regulation that will be played.

b) Legal entity (s) capable of showing Israeli activity: Electrical energy transmission activities are carried out by the Turkish Electricity Team Anonymous Company.

To take over all transmission facilities in public ownership, to conduct transmission yacht plans for new transmission facilities, to establish the new transmission facilities, and to install new transmission facilities The operation is the duty of Turkey's Electrical-Energy Corporation.

Turkey Electric Power Anonymous Corporation, which prepares to manage transmission, media, and system usage tariffs and work, which are subject to the Board approval, are revised. It checks, checks, and realates frequency control with load-up, increases transmission and capacity in the transmission system, tracks real-time system reliability, sells and sells side services with the work of side services that are built.

Turkey Electric Power Anonymous Corporation will perform international interference in the decision of the Ministry, link to and/or link to the transmission system. offer transmission and media service without the monitoring of the transmission license provisions and manage all system users including free consumers, including free consumers, and the transmission license provisions.

The development of a substructure for the implementation of new trade methods and line channels on the board of the board of the board of the Board of Commerce, and The implementation of the application is carried out by the Turkish Electricity Team Anonymous Company.

Turkey Electrical Power Anonim Corporation, in the framework of the regulation, production capacity based on the demand estimates prepared by the companies ' company They prepare the projection and submit it to the Board.

In the Israeli unit, under licenses with legal entities that comply with the applicable standards for the national transmission system and represent production activity in the market The special direct transmission line facility between the companies and/or the services and/or the free consumers is possible with the transmission control agreement between the Turkish Electricity Israeli Corporation and the legal entities that represent production activity. The purpose of this transmission control is to ensure that the transmission system is determined and the integrity of the transmission is protected.

c) Legal entity (s) capable of showing the activity: Electrical energy development activities are in the areas that are licensed by the companies of the region of the is executed.

Department of Companies, in the area of where they are located, may find consumers unable to procure electrical energy and/or capacity from a major supplier, It is responsible for buying retail and selling retail and/or selling retail services to these consumers.

Companies have sold retail to consumers by buying retail licenses in their regions, even if they have retail sales and/or companies in the region. can, and/or export retail service.

License and/or ownership of the facilities in the regions specified in the licenses will increase the renewal, replacement, and capacity of these facilities. The durations of all systems, including free consumers and/or free consumers that will be installed in the system system and/or will be determined in the regulation and regulations governing the provisions and regulations governing the management of the current and other systems. electrical energy, without the monitoring of separate parties within the It provides the service and the media service.

Sell and sell ancillaries for ancillaries that deal with side services that are made.

hazýrlanmasýIn the framework of the Regulation, preparation of demand estimates in the regions specified in the language licenses and notifying the Turkish Electrical Power Anonymous company It belongs to the Department of State Department. The board approves these claims estimates and estimates are published by the Turkish Electricity Team Anonymous Corporation.


Property has approved, approved, and approved plans to prepare and approve the board's plans for approval of the Board's approval of the Board of approval. At the time of the yacht's plan, the board said it was planning to make the necessary improvements and/or strengthening of the necessary improvements and/or new facilities at the facilities of the current facility to help people from work to the current facilities. is owned.

d) Legal entities that can show business-selling activities: Wholesale activities, Turkey's Electricity Trade and Commitment Company and private sector wholesale This Law shall be governed by this Law, related regulations, licenses, management of work, stabilization and mediation, and binary meanings.

1. The Turkish Electricity Trade and Commitment Corporation takes over from TEAELA and TEDA' s, the energy received and its purchases, which are signed under the current commitments. It may sign, take over and/or sign energy and energy purchases of energy and energy purchases under the provisional 4th Amendment and the Provisional 8-th clause. Turkey's Electricity Trade and Commitment Anonymous Company has announced that it has committed to the company's companies and TEDA' s with its energy business commitments until June 30, 2001, in the framework of the transfer of the right to the real issue. If a more economical supply has not been found to remain available, the Electricity Generation Corporation will first be removed from the Company, and even if it remains open, they will be able to take energy with the registration of approval by the Board. will be signed.

2. Private sector wholesale companies are engaged in wholesale activities of electricity.

The total number of shares in the market with the business of any private sector wholesale company, total electricity consumed by the previous year It cannot exceed ten percent of the amount of energy.

e) Legal entities that may demonstrate retail activity: electrical energy and/or capacity retail row and/or retail-sell service The activities are carried out by the retail companies and the retail licensing of retail licenses under the provisions of this Law, the relevant regulations, the licenses, the director of the client and the management of the information.

f) legal entities that can demonstrate export-export activity: 3154-based Energy and Natural Resources Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Law by Law In the event of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the international company has sold and/or exports electric power imports and/or exports with the approval of the Board, Turkey's Electricity Trade and Contracting Corporation, private sector wholesale. The company has received retail sales and retail licensing. This Law will be based on relevant regulations, licenses, management and management of this Law, and the management of this Law.

License types and license types

MADDE 3.- The minimum provisions for licenses and licenses subject to licenses to be granted by the Enterprise under this Code are:

a) The terms and guidelines of the licenses subject to:

1. Legal entities that will be involved in market activities are required to receive a separate license for each activity and for each facility to be executed in multiple facilities before they are engaged in their activities.

2. Legal entities that operate the same legal entity or the same activity that have more than one license are required to maintain separate accounts and records for each operation or facility, subject to the license.

3. License and principles, the rights and obligations of the licensed legal entities, the representation of the license holder, the terms of the license, the duration of the license, the duration of the license and the type and production of the operation with the right of the license. The amount of licenses to be determined by the amount of electrical energy that is made by the transmission and the amount of electrical energy that are made are regulated by the regulation.

4. Licenses are issued for a maximum of nine years at a time. The minimum time that applies to production, transmission, and other licenses is ten years.

5. In accordance with the provisions of these Laws, we are able to build an efficient, stable and economic system and protect it, sell electricity, sell wholesale and retail infrastructure in accordance with the competition environment, and the licensing of the licensing companies. And Turkey is the mission of the Electrical-American Anonim Corporation.

6. Legal entities have to pay for the license to obtain a license, license renewal, license plate, license agreement and the license fee specified by the Board to the establishment.  

7. Licensees of the licensees to have the facilities, legal ledger and records ready for the Board audit, It is required by the Board to open the control and provide any information and documents needed before the Agency can perform its activities.

8. Legal entities are responsible for licensing, fulfilling the requirements of the current legislation according to the operating areas.

b) provisions that will be minimally included in the licenses:

1. Provisions that determine the types of activities to be executed by groups or categories of real and legal entities to be served under the license scope.

2. Provisions that the owner of a nanny or transmission license owner, real and legal entities, will access the system without the monitoring of the separation and the ability to use the system.

3. The pricing in this Kanunda is needed to determine the basis of pricing that is to be applied to non-free consumers by taking into account market needs, and due to inflation in these prices. methods for implementing formulas and the provisions of the audit of the adjustments to be heard.

4. The most economical in purchases of the licensee from the most economical source of electricity and/or capacity and is the most economical in the marketplace for consumers to provide full and direct information to the Enterprise and to consumers. the provisions that will allow you to prove that they have made the purchase.

5. Provisions that govern the implementation of measures to reduce service costs and reduce the implementation of measures to reduce service costs, according to the regulation.

6. The cancellation of the license and the provisions of the termination.

7. Provisions for the license to be made available in the license.

8. The costs and provisions of payment terms that the licensee will be obligated to pay for the Enterprise.

9. Provisions of use of the license or facilities and/or facilities on use of the license owner in the purposes of licensing purposes.

10. Provisions of the licensee's obligations to comply with all instructions issued by the Board.

11. The license scope provisions the activities that may be made available to you from the Board.

12. The provisions of the activities in the license scope, which are resolved by the Board.

13. Provisions of the terms, conditions, and rights of the rights and obligations contained in the license are not valid.

14. Provisions that will allow the service to be made according to technical requirements.

c) License types to be issued by the Institution for the ability to operate in the electrical energy market:

1. Production license:

Each production facility for the production of electric power generation and generated electricity for existing and production facilities to be installed statements that they have to obtain from the Agency. The production license is determined by the process of licensing and guidelines.

Except for autoproductors and autoproductor groups, it is only its own, according to the management that is not parallel and directed by the transmission and system of systems. The actual or legal entities that are producing electricity to meet the need are not licenses.

Production companies may be able to enter into the event of a check-in, which is controlled by the software companies.

Production companies cannot engage in any activity on the market during these activities.

2. My own license:

Turkey has to obtain the Electrical Power Anonim Corporation from the establishment so that it can conduct transmission activities through all the transmission facilities that are available and to be inbuilt. Refers to the license.

Turkey Electrical Power Anonim Corporation fails to impose a market demand for market demand, under the provisions of the company's management of the company The revision of the provisions of the technical and economic freight rules, according to actual scheduled transmission reps, the management of the regulations, and the provisions of the management of the company, which should not be governed by the regulations. is responsible for its operation.

Turkey Electrical Power Anonymous Corporation cannot compete with any activity in the market for transmission activity.

3. License license:

refers to the license that legal entities have to obtain from the Agency to be involved in the activity of a particular region.

Private sector development companies, license and retail business activity, license to obtain production licenses in the regions specified in the licenses and the power of year In the previous year, energy production can be used to produce production facilities, including not more than 20 percent of the total amount of energy consumed in the regions of the previous year.

manufacturing companies or companies that are familiar with the disaster area, have the previous year in their region from the previous year, when they were in the process. more than 20 percent of the total amount of electrical energy can not be sold.


Areas, the private sector has the right to perform warranty service through its current commitments, in which private sector issues are available in this Code to ensure that they are not subject to new regulations and take advantage of building a production facility, unless they are subject to new regulations, as long as they are not subject to new regulations, as they are subject to new regulations. Whether or not it has been controlled by legal entities that are currently being used It is not possible to enter the process of being looked at.

On the other hand, private sector development companies are entitled to perform services in their areas covered by current commitments to the Board. They are obliged to take care of free competition within a period of time to be determined. The nature of these promises does not interfere with the implementation of these provisions.

Companies cannot operate on the market during these activities, as described in the event.

4. Wholesale license:

refers to the license that the wholesale companies have to take from the Agency to sell electricity in the market and sell to free consumers.

InToptanWholesale licenses, In its decision, the international enterprisehood is a part of the provisions that allow for the export of electric power or the importation of electric power to the countries of the international interconvocation.

Before issuing such a permit, theKurulBoard has received technical signals from the Turkish Electrical Power Company (Turkey). In the wholesale license, imports and exports are valid for the duration and quantities of the provisions. This time may differ from the validity period of the corresponding volume of purchase licenses. Any further details or extension of the provisions relating to the import and export are handled separately from the extension or extension of the applicable wholesale license to all other provisions.

5. Retail license:

refers to the license that the legal entities have to obtain from the Agency to be able to sell and/or provide retail services in the market. In a retail license, the provisions that allow the importation of electrical energy at tension levels below the transmission level at the level of the Ministry decision are included as part of a separate section.

Before granting this permission, the

Board has technical issues from the current company operating in the area of the mentioned period. In the retail license, the provisions of the imports apply for the time and amount of time. This time may differ from the validity period of the respective retail license. Any other statement or time extension of the provisions relating to the policy is treated as separate or extended from any other provisions of the respective retail license, for example.

Retail business companies are engaged in retail and retail service activities without any region's services.

Retail licensing companies are free of charge, but are located in the area of a major storm, if it is in retail licensing. can sell electrical energy and/or capacity to consumers.

6. Autoproductor and autoproducer group license:

Electric power generation to meet their own needs, and electric autoproductors and partners in parallel with the transmission and/or the system of management. It refers to the license that the autoproducer groups that procure the energy have to take it from the Agency.

d) expiration of licenses: Licenses expire or license holders if they do not extend the term specified in the license by the Board If the legal entity is required to waive the license, if the licensee's legal entity wants to give up the license, it is due to the Board of approval.



Electrical-Market Regulatory Authority, Electricity Market Editorial Board

and Government Provisions



Electricity Market Regulatory Authority and Electricity Market Regulatory Board

Tasks and Entitlications

Electrical-Market Regulatory Authority

MADDE 4.- The public legal entity has administrative and financial autonomy and has the Electricity Market to carry out the duties given to it. The Regulatory Authority is on board.

The Enterprise is authorized by the Board of legal entities to have approved licenses to identify the activities and rights and obligations arising out of these activities. from the monitoring of market performance, performance standards and performance regulations, performance standards and compliance services regulations, which are the current commitments under the transfer of the right to the right to the right. From the application of the application, this is the They will need to determine the price of pricing, to determine the price of pricing for non-free consumers by taking into account market needs, and in these prices due to inflation will be needed due to inflation. Responsible for implementing and controlling formulas for adjustments, and for treating this Law in accordance with the market.

The agency says that, with the decision of the Board, the laws of this Law will be subject to the provisions of the Law and the relevant institutions and organizations operating in the market. They're getting ready.

The agency is headquartered in Ankaran, where the agency is associated with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. The institution is to provide for the relations in the areas of the region. Contact bureaus.

The Agency has been installed; the Electricity Market Regulatory Board is one of the main and service units.

The Agency uses the Electricity Market Regulatory Authority to perform its duties arising from this Law. The representation and decision body of the institution is Board.

Electricity Market Regulatory Board and Board Bathing

ARTICLE 5.- The board is one of seven members, one of which is the President, and one of the People's People.

The members of the

Board are at least four years of higher education in law, political information, administrative sciences, public administration, economics, engineering, administration or finance. are assigned to the Council of Ministers from the institutions of education, public institutions and organizations, or at least ten years of experience in the private sector, and the Council of Ministers who have contacts in the profession of the profession.

The Council of Ministers appoints the Board of Directors and the First Secretary, along with the appointment.

The board of the board and its members have been underserved. The members that end the task duration can be selected again.

The public or memberships will be assigned within a month of the running memberships, if for any reason without the duration of the task.

The response of the tasks specified by the other items of this Code will also perform the tasks of the Board:

a) To enforce the provisions of this Law.

b) By the end of each year, free consumer recognition is set to identify discounts on limits and to publish new limits.

c) To make necessary arrangements to ensure reliable, quality, uninterrupted, and cost-effective electrical energy services to consumers.

d) To determine and enforce financial reporting standards and management science systems under accepted accounting procedures for licensors to be seen.

e) To identify and identify safety standards and conditions for autoproductors and autoproductors group facilities with production, transmission and development companies. application to apply.

f) To develop and implement infrastructure for the development of new trade methods and lines of commerce, depending on the development of the Infantry.

g) To develop model meanings, if necessary, in accordance with the objectives of this Law.

h) Trade-slits and essences, which will prevent the disclosure of any information that is sensitive to commercial terms, including confidential competition information. to identify and apply.

vei) Licensee's operations, practices, and related license provision to ensure that legal entities operating in the market comply with the standards of compliance and work. To check that they are up and down.

j) provides, implement, and implement standards and rules for compliance with the business team to ensure competition. To identify these actions when they are required to include actions in the process of execution, execution, and accounting.

k) To prepare and present sales reports on the annual report and market development.

l) To build and implement the Institution's personnel policy, including personnel assignments.

m) To decide whether to install, sell, and sell goods or services as soon as they are installed.

n) to make necessary arrangements by following the legislation and practices of the international organization and the marketplace; the need for regulatory action. to present the Minister by making the necessary preparations.

o) Decide any progress on the organization's third party, rights and debts.

p) To encourage the use of renewable energy sources and domestic energy resources due to environmental impacts in the production of electrical energy to take measures and to use the relevant institutions and organizations to apply for the measures in this regard.

The authority of the other provisions of this Code as a result of the Board of entitlements is also available:

a) to implement the provisions of this Law and to improve the competition in the market that is required to perform the duties given to it by  to confirm that real and legal entities must comply, manage their instructions and themes, manage the company, manage the system, manage services, and manage balance and reconciliation.

b) To grant approvals, as specified in this Law, with approvals to licenses.

revizec) revise the claims estimates by the Turkish Electricity Company and Anonymous, revise the claims estimates as needed.

d) Based on estimates of approval of the Board, the production capacity projection and transmission yacht plan prepared by the Turkish Electric Power Anonim Corporation. to approve plans for the current development of ownership facilities, which are in line with these plans, to approve plans to be revised, to be revised as needed, and to implement the current plans for compliance with the plans. check.

), which will be prepared under the provisions of the relevant license; the wholesale price tariff of the Turkish Electricity Trade and Commitment Anonymous Company, the transmission tariff, To review and approve the tariffs and retail tariffs.

f) My business, nanny, wholesale, and retail are the relevant license provisions to determine the main basis for which pricing is to be done. It's about revising it in its own way.

g) The amount of electrical energy that the autoproductor and the autoproducer groups offer in their own or partner's needs to spread the percentage of the amount of electrical energy they offer. And revise it as necessary.

h) To determine the additional charge rate and the payment of the transmission surcharge amount to the allocation and payment of the Turkish Electricity Nalim Bank by the Turkish Bank to make edits.

i) To determine licenses related to licenses and to determine the costs to be paid for the installation.

j) To review or review the audited financial statements of legal entities operating in the market.

k) To determine the scope of reports for service reliability, servicers, and other performance criteria, which will be requested from the Legal Services, and As a result of installing them in the Enterprise.

l) to the provisions of this Law, the provisions of the rules, the tariff and regulations approved by the Board, the license provision and the negotiations and the decisions of the Board in cases where they are treated, to punish administrative fines and to cancel licenses.

m) For production, transmission and operation of production, transmission and transmission of facilities, generally public benefit, hydraulic resources, ecosystem and property rights to be able to examine and eliminate the public benefits and security of the public, to examine the situation in which they may or may not be able to do so in advance of the situation in which they are available. The provisions of the 20/11/1984 and the 3082 Code of Law are required to be adapted to take measures.

sells the budget, revenue, revenue-expense account, annual report, and market development of the enterprise. to approve reports and to decide if they are required to transfer between budget items if required.

o) Licensee's licensee, transmission system, or system system, and system use of the system on the provisions of the system. In case they do not arrive, resolve conflicts according to the provisions of this Law and of the respective licenses of the parties.

p) to reallocate the agency's expense, in accordance with the approved budget, and in accordance with the management to determine expenditure and essences.

r) For existing commitments, these statements will be made between the parties and those who will be notified of the Install of the date and time prior to the day of the day, To bear it when you see it.

s) As current commitments, the provisions of this Law will facilitate the competitive market, for example by parties to be further informed. In order to make suggestions and do not violate the provisions of the conflict, the current commitments are to mediate the people of the conflict, before any formal conflict of conflict is started. to

t), while performing the tasks that this Law has given to it, any information and documentation that is required by the subject, all public and private installations, and Requesting and/or on-site inspection of people.

) to assign or authorize the information on issues that are appropriate.

The Board of

is also a member of the Agency. The President is responsible for the implementation, execution, and representation of the Board of the Board decisions. This responsibility also covers the task of providing information to the public about the work of the Board. The First Minister assumes all of the duties and powers of the President when he is absent from the President.

tümAll decisions are made by the Board, except for the authorizations granted to the Institution personnel.

Task and entitlements are available from the following:

A) To install service units that are required by the board decisions.

b) To employ enough personnel in the board decision to fulfill the business of the institution.

c) To ensure that service units play in a compatible, efficient, disciplined and orderly manner, organization and coordination between service units and the Board Solve the task and authority conflicts that can be found in the search for and service units.

d) To determine the agenda, day and time of the assembly meetings, and to handle meetings.

to monitor the fulfillment of the Board decisions and to monitor the implementation of these decisions.

f) To represent the board in public and private installations.

g) The annual budget of the institution, the revenue expense account, and the Institution's annual report to prepare and submit to the Enterprise, and to implement the Institution budget, revenue collecting, spending, and spending.

Prohibit and decomposition

MADDE 6.- The members of the board cannot receive any tasks in public or private installations, as they are based on a private law during their membership. Members of the Board may not be able to take part in any of the legal entities or the entities that operate in the market for two years after the end of their membership, or they do not have a joint or common law, or any of these entities. It is not possible to enter or leave the business or the electrical energy trade, which may or may not be available from the business.

The members of the

Board operate on the market in securities of a debt owed by the Undersecretary of Treasury, which they were in before taking office. to sell any shares or securities of any legal entities or their business to the third degree, to the third degree, to sell in thirty days from the beginning of the term of duty to the blood and second degree. Or it would have to be overhauled by tipping.

Board members ' lead and to the first degree include blood, legal entities and legal entities that operate on the market. after the appointment of the members of the Board, and they cannot take office or partner for the duration of the membership period, and do not enter or leave any other entities or business entities that may or may not be involved in any such business and business. is not able to deal with electrical energy trading.

The members of the

Board and the Institution of Kurum, the confidential information about the Agency, and the real and legal entities involved in the electrical energy sector, They may not be able to open them or use them in the interests of themselves, even if they are separated from their tasks.

Board members cannot end their tasks without due process. However, the Board of State and its members of the State Clerk of State (657) under the Law of State of the State of 657 were committed to the right of criminal charges against the prohibition on this provision, or in relation to the duties given to them by the Law. Three months ' time, in which they have lost track of what they are wanted to be, or that they lost more than three months to become a patient, accident or otherwise, or fail to perform their duties in the remaining part of the term. Board of delegations from a fully-qualified hospital, without expectation of the Board of the Board remove the members from the Cabinet by the Council of Ministers before they expire.

Swear and commodity statement

MADDE 7.- The members of the Board have full attention and integrity of the Board during the continuation of their duties in the presence of the First President of the Yardüktay First Assembly. He swears that they will not be able to move and move the law to the provisions of this Law, and the relevant legislation.

For the oath, it is counted as hasty in the Yardage.

Board members cannot start the task unless they are sworn in.

The members of the

Board are set to return a property within a month from the date of the deployment and dismissal, as long as the tasks continue. required.

Board plays and meetings, Board approvals, annual report, and audit

MADDE 8.- The assembly is regulated by regulations and guidelines and guidelines for which they are followed.

a) The board meeting at least once a week is gathered at the time required. The meeting is held by the President of the Board, or the second person in his absence. The agenda of each meeting is communicated to members of the Board by preparing by the First Minister during the meeting or absence of the agenda before the meeting.

The board convenes only with a lot of people, and the decisions are received by the majority of the votes that are being added to the meeting.

The members of the

Board cannot contribute to deliberation and voting in incidents involving themselves and to the third degree, and to the second degree, in relation to the shimmy hes.

b) The Legal Business is in the process of determining regulations on all kinds of approvals and licenses, as well.

Legal entities operating in the market have 10 percent or more for any reason, for any reason, in public or greater than public or greater public companies. a capital share statement or any of its entities or any legal entity's consolidation, control, sale, transfer or other regulation, or the owner of a legal entity, or any legal entity. in a significant part of the production, transmission or development facilities of which they are if it is not a result of any sale, transfer, or other regulatory consequence, Board approval is required. The guidelines for approval of the board are determined by regulation.

Will be reallocated on the market and allow the Competition Board to take over as part 7 of the Law on the Protection of the 4054 Competition. authority.

c) The board will submit a written report for the previous fiscal year by the Ministry for information by the end of April, at the end of April. The report includes consolidated financial statements, which are based on consolidated revenue tables, balance sheets and annual activities.

d) The accounts of the Agency are subject to the audit of the Page.

Institution personnel status, appointment-style, and summary rights

ARTICLE 9.-  The service units of the agency are the main service units of the agency in the number of departments required by the Institution tasks and entitlements, Advisory units and assistant service units. The service units of the institution and their duties and responsibilities are regulated by the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the Council and the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Council.

Enterprise services are required and continuous tasks are carried out by the personnel employed as well as the administrative service promise. The agency personnel are subject to the State Officers Act of 657, in charge and financial rights.

During the period of time for theKurumEnterprise, all personnel were entitled to any rights that were provided by the social security institutions before they started their duties in the Agency. It will be saved.

Domestic and foreign experts are based on the regulations set forth in the first phase, according to the regulations that will be effective and effective with the approval of the Board. may be employed.

Agency staff members in other public institutions and organizations who are working with the Department, the other and their related installations and energy matters in the expertise requiring the It is assigned by the Board of personnel or the organization's permission to the organization.

The public enterprise and its setups are determined by the regulations and regulations on the construction of the personnel career system.

The members of the

Board and the Institution's personnel have the following subbenes of 657 number of State Officers ' Code 48 (A), (1), (4), (5), (6), and (7) They are required to complete the specified number of days.

The members of the Board of

and the Board of Board members are subject to the Retired Sandman Law of the Republic of Turkey, a number of 5434. Board members and memberships will be cut off from their former duties as long as they have been assigned to the Board. However, 657 respected State Members Act or special legislation, subject to the personnel regime, after the end of its duties on the Board, the provisions of this Law on the issue of withholding the provisions of Article 6 are from the Minister's office. They'll be assigned to their acquital staff. The necessary conditions for gaining academic titles are withheld.

The status of the Institution's staff is regulated by the regulations and regulations that will be prepared by the Board and the Board approval. In retirement, the Board of Ministers is considered to have their corresponding status to the Undersecretary of the Ministry and the members of the Board.

The monthly net charges of the Board of

and the members of the Board are not to exceed the two-fold of the highest State officer's net salary, including all payments. It is identified by the Council of Ministers upon its proposal.

The compensation and financial rights of theKurumInstitution personnel are identified by the Council upon the proposal of the Council of Ministers within the framework of the Council of Ministers ' guidelines.

Board President, Board members and Institution staff and the expenses of the officers and the exception were the expenses of those who served with the Board of Staff. The agency budget is determined by regulations and guidelines.

Agency revenue, goods, and assets

ARTICLE 10.- The revenues of the institution are the budget of the Institution and are from the following revenue line items:

a) License retrieval, license renewal, license plate, license ticket ticket, and annual license fees.

b) Release revenues and revenue.

c) An international agency and agency to finance the details of the service and the development of the project. Grants from the board of installations.

d) Twenty percent of the administrative fines issued by the board.

e) Transmission surcharges at the rate of up to one percent of the anti-Israeli tariff.

The agency's revenues are based on the expense of their expenses. The revenue phase of the institution will be transferred to the general budget by the end of March, the following year. The revenues of the institution are held in the accounts that will be opened in the banks that the Board sees fit. The required financial resources are made from the public budget until the agency's revenues are sufficient to fully fulfill their stated duties in this Law.

The goods and assets of the institution are of a state property, cannot be foreclosed, repawled.



Construction and Case Rights

Usul in implementing configurations and configurations

ARTICLE 11.- The board applies the following productions and penalties for any legal entity operating in the market:

a) to request information from the Board of information or information about whether the requested information is provided, incomplete, or otherwise. If they are not given or given on-site inspection, the two hundred billion people are fined and notified within seven days of the information and/or the opportunity to review it, but it may be easy to take off. for halts, related real and legal entities, fines The application will be prompted to provide the information and/or review the information within seven days of the application.

b) The two-billion lira is fined if it is determined that the provisions of this Code and the rules of regulations, instructions, and regulations are not acted upon are required. the costs within thirty days of the separation.

c) fines of three hundred billion liras, and thirty days, to determine if any of its license general principles and obligations are not met. It is recommended that it be corrected.

d) Licensee may not license, submit, or otherwise provide information on the issues that are sought in the Licensee's license, or license to A maximum of four billion liras in fines, if possible, are not reported by the Install, and if possible, if possible, the actual document or statement of actual information or information on the actual information or license in the license is to be revised. It is given, and in thirty days, it is reported to be corrected.

e) For the duration of the license period, a quadrufifty billion lira is fined and is available within thirty days. It is a violation of the relationship.

f) In the event that the market is operating under license, it is fined for more than 10 billion liras and is covered in 10 days of coverage Or as alayhe is called to stop the activity.

g) License to determine if the trademarks based on the license are effective, or not from the country. is cancelled.

The fines are twice the time each time the charges are not corrected or repeated, whether or not they have rectified the fines requiring the fines above. increase in proportion. Previous sentences would not be based on a repeat of the same terms that require administrative fines in two years from the date of the date of these sentences. However, the amount of money that will be imposed by increasing if the same verb is done in two years does not account for the amount of gross income in the balance sheet of the previous fiscal year of the legal entity. If the penalties are to be reached, the Board may cancel the license.

In violation of the first receipt (c) or (d) of this Article, the Board has revoked the license for the administrative fines of the administrative monetary penalty as per the verb. b.

licenses the Service to advance required measures to allow the service to be cancelled if it becomes mandatory forbölgelerito cancel the license. Cancel. The licensee and the owner of the facility are awarded for the sale of the relevant facility within 20 days of the owner's reputation. Applications are set in rules and regulations.

All administrative fines on this item are not included as a cost factor in the tariffs that are to be prepared by the legal entity that pays the fine for any other period.

The monetary penalty is applied to each of the individual parties that act on this Code. It is not in the way of licensing, such as the fact that the verdicts that require fines when this law is required should be criminalinated in other laws that include the Turkish Penal Code or the penalty clause, as if such fines are not to be prevented from being given.

The number of times that require penalties in this Code to be more than one and must be in contact with the maximum penalty for which it is in contact; contact If they are not found, each sentence is applied separately.

If a monetary penalty decision is made, the relevant legal entity will be reconsidered by the Institution within 12 days of the decision. He can The decision not to be made or the claim of a monetary penalty is committed in the denial of demand.

The right to impose a penalty is subject to the current time of year following the current date of the month following the date of the month of the month.

Any action to review and investigate the board has been scheduled to address the relevant party, the decision, and the timing of which the board has been able to do so. stops.

The fines of 6183 counts of Amme receiveation are collected by the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Finance.

The amount of fines increases when there are additional 2 nci provisions that are added to the Turkish Penal Code, 28/7/1999 and number 4421, each year 765 count of 765.

About the case

MADDE 12.- The cases to be decided by the board are to be seen in the first degree court in Danes. The Council of the United States of the United States is in a hurry to decide the decision.



Tariffs, Promotion of Consumers, Privatisation, and Provisions Of Other Provisions

Tariffs and support for consumers

ARTICLE 13.- The tariffs covered under this Law are the basis and the guidelines for implementing tariffs and supporting consumers:

a) Tariffs:

The tariffs, which are organized in this part and to be applied to the next year, are in the process of the provisions of this Law and are subject to the Board. Under the license issued by the Program, each year will be prepared by the end of each year and submitted to the Board approval. If the board determined that these cases are in compliance with the relevant license provisions, they would approve the same date as not to exceed the 31 December date.

The licensing of the licensee's annual inflation and licensing rates for the next year will also be set up in the Board. Get it. Formulas related to such price adjustments are found by the Institution in every license that is given in the case of this Law. The price structure cannot include any element that is not related to the market activities of the legal entity. The transmission surcharge will be the exception of this provision, which is to be applied by the Turkish Electrical Service Anonymous Corporation.

The price formulas contained in each license can only be described in the time and/or conditions that are specified in that license.

The provisions of the board of approved tariffs and the provisions of all the real and legal entities subject to these tariffs are of course. In the event that a real or legal entity does not make any of the payments stipulated in the recipe, it is regulated by regulations and regulations, including stopping the service.

With the granting of a license that requires the tariff approval, the tariff of the current year is also reviewed and approved.

b) The assembly types of regulated tariff are:

1. System and System Use: Balance and system usage tariffs, which will be included in related media and system usage, and to use the transmission system or a host system, and to use system-to-system applications. The price includes the price, the provisions, and the construction of the price.

Balance prices do not cover the cost of sleep-on-time. The price of the media is left with the cost of the legal entity that has made it available.

2. Education Description: The transmission tariff, which will be prepared by the Turkish Electricity Absorption Corporation, is the difference between the parties involved in all the users who benefit from the transfer of the manufactured, imported or exported electrical power through transmission facilities. includes pricing, provisions, and conditions to be applied without spying. Turkey's Electrical Power Corporation's Department of Anonymity is available for transmission surcharges and transmission surcharges.

3. Wholesale Tariff: Turkey's wholesale tariff to be prepared by the Turkish Electricity Trade and Commitment Anonymous Company, all the real and all the companies that have an obligation to sell electric energy of the Turkish Electricity Trade and Contracting Anonymous Company for wholesale trade-selling It contains the prices, provisions, and increases that are not noticed by the entities in the range of entities.

In determining the wholesale tariff, the Board has the average price-yacht of the sold-out electrical energy and the Turkish Electricity Trade and Contracting Anonymous. It is based on the capacity of the company to meet its financial obligations.  

4. Directions: The number of current recipes that will be prepared by the Department of Distinction will be applied to all real and legal entities that benefit from the transportation of electrical energy through the facilities, without the notice of difference between the parties. service includes provisions, provisions, and conditions.

5. Retail Tariffs: Includes prices, provisions, and prices to be applied for consumers in the country, with no monitoring of the separation between the parties.

Retail sales tariffs, retail licensing, and/or retail companies that will apply to non-free consumers. are recommended by the Board and approved by the Board.

The retail tariffs for free consumers that will apply to the operating system are also available for these consumers with dual meanings. It is recommended by the retail license holder (s) and/or retail companies in the area where they are located until they choose their suppliers and are reviewed by the Board and approved by the Board.

Retail licensed licensees ' licenses have the number of tariffs and/or price ranges that are not according to the amount of electrical energy consumption. Obligations of the application may be included and the details of that are defined in the license scope.

Desteklenmesic) Supporting Consumers:

In response to subsidies for specific regions and/or specific purposes, these subsidy prices will not interfere with the costs of subsidising the support. It is made available to the consumers in question to be determined by the quantity and the Ministry's proposal and the decision of the Council of Ministers, without being left out.

The claim of damages and damages caused by the quality and/or interruption of electrical energy is the legal entity that consumers are able to deal with. are in the licenses and words of the business. Applications are regulated by regulations and guidelines.

Feature Customization

ARTICLE 14.- The Ministry, TEDAKA, Electricity Generation Anonymous, were involved with the establishment, partner, partner, process, execution and execution units of the company. Feature recommendations for the feature and the feature of the Feature Feature. Features are executed by the Privatisation Office in the Office of the Regulations on the Regulation of the Privatisation Applications of 4046, and in the Law provisions office, including Bazzing and Law enforcement.

Within the framework of this feature, the real and legal entities involved in the market activities specified in this Code are foreign real and legal entities. In the power generation, transmission and systems sectors, they cannot have a share in the industry-on-year control.

Digits provisions


olanlarTurkey Electrical Production and transmission activity related to its debt obligations, which are undertaken by the Turkish Electricity Production Israeli Bank of Turkey Those related to the Anonymous Company, the production activity, are transferred to the Electricity Production Anonymous, with related installations and the registration of the Undersecretary of the Treasury within the sixty-day period. The legislation, in accordance with the sale and stock transfer, was financing the related electricity generation and transmission facilities within the framework of the internal and current civil and rezoning of the Treasury, where the Treasury is a party or a guarantor. Financial obligations due to the purpose of the applicable legal obligations, including the obligations of the relevant legal entity, the Electricity Production Anonim Corporation, the Turkish Electricity Company Anonymous Company, the Undersecretary of the Treasury and the The feature is identified by the protocol to be made between the United States and the United States.


b) Market Financial Settluration Center:

The Market Financial Settlement Center, which is part of theElektrikTurkey Electric-Israel Anonim Survey, is prepared and installed by the Turkish Electricity Command and the Company. In the case of compensation and reconciliation management provisions approved, the entities operating in the market are owed or are owed, based on the differences between the actual amounts and the differences between the volumes that are being spoken. By calculating it, the financial reconciliation system is stolen.

Legal entities owe or credit the Market Financial Settler Center for the warning that legal entities operating in the market should Manage Balancing And Reconciliation. The Market is obligated to provide all necessary data to the Market Financial Extension Center so that they can determine the amount they are in.


Market Financial Extension Center may not be able to engage in any of its own accounts with electric power and/or capacity, or trade in different people. All data, balancing and reconciliation to the Market Financial Reconciliation Center are kept confidential under the terms of the management of the stabilization and reconciliation.

From the Market Financial Services Center, the service that receives service is determined to manage compensation and reconciliation and is determined to be the same as the They pay a fee.

c) Public:

If required activities in this Code require the public, within the guidelines specified in the Public Public Law, 2942. The decision to be given to the Council on this issue supersede the public benefit decision and will be effective with the Secretary's approval.

If any legal entities involved in production, production, and transmission activities in the

Electrical market or are to be found are requested by the Agency, the Board will If it is decided to nationalized the public, it will be made public. In this case, the cost of the thesis, which may be due to the expropriate price, is paid by the relevant legal entity. The ownership of the publicly held property is owned by the legal entity that pays the price for the right to use it. The rights to use are provided by a license or a wallet of the applicable license or validity period.

If the license is terminated or revocation, the expropriation costs that are paid by legal entities are not returned.

d) Property Proprietary Rights and Lease:

Legal persons are entitled to the property of the property on the public lands, by payment of the relevant legal entity. may request the facility and the rental of these lands.

This request is deemed appropriate by the Board, In accordance with the relevant laws, the institution goes to the path of intifa, iris, upper right, or long-term rental.

belongs to the legal entity that assumes the right to pay the price of the right acquired by the Board. The rights of use are a leper of the applicable license or commitment, and the validity period of the validity period is expired.

provisions to not apply

MADDE 16.- The Institution is a 1050-numbered Code of Hope Law, 2886-numbered State-based Law, and 6245-number of Tuition Laws.   The institution and the revenues of the Agency are exempt from all kinds of taxes, images and fees. In cases to be opened by the Agency, the collateral is not sought.

Deedding and unremoved provisions

MADDE 17.- a) 2886 is about to come after the "tourist facilities" clause in the first phase of the 64th Amendment of the State Islamic Law. " The energy production facilities and the transport and facilities of the facilities and facilities needs to be added " are added.

b) 3154 Energy and Natural Resources Department of Energy and Tasks in the first phase of the 2nd Amendment of the Law "Energy and Natural Resources." Sources of the Ministry of Resources "to come after the clause" are the "General Manager of Energy", which is "in the first phase of the 10th item" unless the institutions and institutions involved in the market are operating in the relevant Kanunes. The duties of the director are on the market "to come after the clause" If they are not } installed, and to the extent the " clause is added.

c) 28/5/1986 dated and 3291 " 1211 Number of Turkish Republic Central Bank Law, 3182 Number of Banks Law, 2983 Savings and Public Savings The Law, 2985 Consolidated Housing Law, 7/11/1985, and 3238 Laws, 2499 Capital Markets Law, $2499, and Some Items Of The 1177 Counts Of Tobacco And Tobacco Monopoly. Privatization and Privatization of Public Grieved.isabben In addition to Article 1 of the Law, the first, second, and third feats of the additional 2 articles of the Law, plus the additional 3rd item are in effect.

ARTICLE 18.- 18/12/1953 Additional material is added to the Right of State of 6200 State Water Heads of Use and Vaishees.

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 1.-The State Department of Water Affairs is involved in the production of hydroelectric power plants that will be taken to work and to work. They would not be able to have wallets and memes, which would be identified by the Undersecretary of the Treasury, with the cost to be identified by the Treasury, and the current funding from the current project loans allocated to the General Directorate of State Water. obligations and the Public Partner Fund are determined by consideration of the payments The Electricity Production will be transferred to the Anonymous Company over the costs.

The identification of these charges will be paid by the Ministry, Treasury, and the General Directorate of State Water and Electricity Production Anonymous. will be identified by a protocol to be edited. The principles and principles of the handover are determined by the Ministry within six months from the date of the effective date of this provision and will be determined by the Council of Ministers ' decision to take effect.

Rpm is exempt from any tax, levy, and levy.



Transitional Provisions

INVALIDATE MADDE 1.- Electrical Production Anonymous, Turkey's Electrical Power Company, and Turkey's Electrical Trade and Contracting Anonymous The duties and obligations that are granted are executed by TEAilar until the legal entity is a haiz.

MADDE 2.- The first members of the Electrical-Market Regulatory Board are assigned within three months of the date this Law is entered.

The first time the two members were appointed as a result of the courier at the end of the second year and at the end of the fourth year, the result of the draw from the remaining members Replace the two members to be determined by the new member assignment in accordance with the provisions specified in this Law.

Cannot assign to the Enterprise staff without being able to become a board.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 3.- The June period represents an eight month period from the date of this Law. The Council of Ministers may extend this time to six months, one time to the next.

under the period of June:

a) during the period of the period;

1. Legal entities operating in the market do not have to receive licenses.

2. The design of the agency's processes to enable the Electricity Market Regulatory Agency to be able to access the level of effective, efficient and complete fulfillment, to develop the relevant method, standard and documentation of the institution, The establishment process, which includes design, development and implementation of its infrastructure and systems, and the education programs required for the Enterprise staff, will be available and installed by the Ministry of the Board of Trustees. It is assumed by the Board of Trustees and in coordination with the Ministry will be executed.

3. Regulations that need to be regulated by this Law are prepared and published. According to the provisions of this Law, the implementation of existing regulations will continue until the regulations to be issued are effective.   

4. It is set up by public installations tasked with managing director, managing director, managing director, and managing director of stabilization and mediation. The necessary efforts to ensure that they are completed before the end of the June period should be completed, except for the completion of the Board of Directors, until the Board is established, and the Board of Directors, in coordination with the Ministry. It is executed by the boards that are preparing these regulations in coordination with the board.

5. The Ministry takes the necessary precautions to be exclusive to the emergency power supply until the establishment of the board is secure.

b) As of end of period;

tesislerini1.Electricity Production Anonymous, Turkey's Electrical Energy Corporation, Turkey's Electrical Trade and Contracting Corporation, TEDAAKA and production and development facilities Legal entities that have been involved or have obtained the right to process production and development facilities with their current commitments are subject to the license agreement specified in the regulations, following the execution of related regulations. information and documents, within the periods specified in the regulations Presents with the board. Legal entities that meet their obligations under this Act are licensed within one month from their date of the Institution. The legal entities, until they are licensed, operate their market activities under the current rules and principles.

2. The concession commitments of the legal entities, which are maintaining multiple market activities for the construction of these services, are subject to the rights and their rights and the provisions of this Law, which are determined by the Board. It ' s actually kind of adapted to the basics. The Board takes the necessary precautions to ensure that the activities that are given to the legal entities can be sustained. The activities related to the transmission activities are carried out in the framework of the Council on the basis of the rules.

3. The Council of Ministers is authorized to reduce and make arrangements for the funds and shares of electricity on tariffs, with current tariff and tariff-related applications and to reduce the rates.

INVALID ARTICLE 4.- Transfer of public electrical energy production and disposal facilities from the facilities of the country until June 30, 2001. The current commitments of the companies that fail to complete are void.

The environmental pollution preventive facilities are completed by TEAELA and the environment is completed in the first round of the country's first round of repositions. For the permission of the required permissions, two years from the date of handover is defined. During this time, the electricity generation activity in the facility cannot be stopped with this requirement.

INVALIDATE MADDE 5.- Maintains the status of TEDAİAD and the Electrical Production Anonymous Company based on their current status until the rights or ownership of the company is transferred.

a) Within the framework of the activities of the Genius;

1. The execution of the network and retail activities from the TEDaire are continued in the areas of the media that have not transferred the right to the private sector or are not specifically specialized in the business. However, private retail businesses can also operate in these regions.

2. In warning of current commitments, To review the yacht programs and projects of private development facilities owned by TEDAağun, to check whether the projects that have been approved to the program are done in accordance with the yacht program, these are the TEDAAKA is responsible for the time it remains in effect.

b) In the framework of production activity, electricity produced at the production facilities in which the Electrical Production Anonim Corporation is being processed, including the common partners within the body. In the price of the sale of its energy, the management expenses of the Electricity Production Anonim Corporation are included in the equity, credit, capital, interest and exchange of currency used for the facilities. The fulfillment of the obligations of the loans is the responsibility of the Electricity Production Anonymous Company.

INVALIDATE MADDE 6.- The Electrical Production Anonymous Company, during a period determined by the Board, produced the electrical energy produced by Turkey, the Turkish Electricity Company and the It sells to a Commitment Anonymous Company. However, the period in question cannot exceed more than five years after the end of the preparatory period. During this period, the Electricity Generation Corporation has been informed by the Turkish Electricity Trade and Commitment Anonymous Company electrical energy and/or capacity building of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. It is determined by the Board within the framework of the Minister's vision, which is based on the Law.

INVALID ARTICLE 7.- After the current entry of this Law, consumers who have a transmission system of the transmission control system will have to use twenty-four to the current transmission system. Consumers whose total electric power consumption from the previous year is more than nine million kilowatts are considered a free consumer, effective after month.

The Electricity Trade and Contracting Corporation of Turkey, made with consumers who have access to the transmission system prior to the current entry of this Code. The takeover promises remain in effect until those consumers choose their suppliers.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 8.- The Treasury warranties in the provisions of the 3996 Code of Law are for projects that were determined prior to the date of release of this Law. It can be issued by a record of trying to start the 2002 reputation. Treasury warranties are invalid if they are not authorized to deal with the 2002 end of the year when the Treasury guarantee is granted.

Except for these projects, the Treasury guarantee cannot be granted within the framework of the provisions of the Law, dated 8/6/1994 and the number 3996 dated 16/7/1997 and the provisions of Law 4283.


ARTICLE 19.- This is the date on the release date of the Law.


TICAD 20.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.