Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Maritime Safety Committee November 82 Session 29 200

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. DE­NİZ EM­Nİ­YE­Tİ KO­Mİ­TE­Sİ­NİN 82. OTU­RU­MU­NUN 29 KA­SIM 200

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Law No. 5618

Acceptance Date: 28/03/2007
ARTICLE 1, signed in Ankara on May 10, 2006 "the Maritime Safety Committee of the 82 Session of November 29 2006-8 December 2006 between the International Maritime Organization and the Republic of Turkey on Making in Istanbul between Memorandum of Understanding" has been used in approving n.
Article 2 of this Act shall enter into force on the date of publication.
Ministers executes the provisions of Article 3 of this Law.


Council of the International Maritime Organization collected 23 November 2005 Extraordinary Session of the Republic of Turkey, the 82 session of the Maritime Safety Committee (hereinafter the "Meeting") as of November 29 to December 8 between 2006 considering that accepted the invitation on to be held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey (hereinafter "the Government" hereinafter) and the International Maritime Organization (hereinafter "the Organization") shall have agreed as follows:
1. Meeting Date and Location
1.1 Meeting in Istanbul, properties in Turkey will be held in facilities specified in the Annex.
1.2 Meeting 29 November 2006 - will be held from 8 December 2006.
2. Privileges and Immunities
2.1 Government Organization officials and the representatives who attended the meeting, while performing their duties and to and from the meeting, the following privileges and will recognize immunities:
a) Immunities
• the arrest of persons, detention and the confiscation of personal belongings
• all the actions they committed their official capacity, in respect of each type of oral and written statements from legal proceedings;
B) inviolability for all papers or documents;
C) use the password and receive paper communications by courier or sealed bags or right;
D) themselves, their spouses, their children and descendants the right to issue visas to the top;
E) to representatives of foreign governments on temporary official duty applied in the same ease monetary and currency issues; and
f) the same facilities and immunities applicable to members of the equivalent position in the personal belongings of diplomatic missions.
2.2 Organization Secretariat a list of all the officers assigned to serve at the meeting as soon as possible and shall transmit to the Government no later than September 2006.
2.3 mentioned here easily, privileges and immunities entire organization officials and the meeting with representatives who attended the meeting last ten (10) and meeting the next five (5) will be recognized during the meeting time per day, including time and will also be applied the same way in meeting building.
2.4 The Secretary General of the Organization of himself, his wife and children, in addition to the privileges and immunities listed here, privileges accorded to diplomatic envoys in accordance with international law, immunities, exemptions and facilities will have. 2.5 Government of the Republic of Turkey
order to enter the following persons without delay necessary national passport or visa to the United Nations Transition document free of charge and is committed to regulation:

A) State representatives were invited to the meeting and organization officials and families of those representatives and officials (spouse, children, and the top line); and
b) representatives of international and other organizations invited to the meeting and observers.
2.6 privileges and immunities specified herein Organization officials and not for the personal benefit of the persons known to the representatives who attended the meeting in accordance with the interests of the Organization. The Secretary-General's immunity, according to the conclusion, that the state is capable of obstruction of justice and without prejudice to the interests of the organization has the right and duty to lift the immunity of any official organization.
2.7 organization to facilitate the government's appropriate authorities provided proper justice through, guaranteeing adherence to public order regulations, and where the franchise and for the prevention of abuse of occurrence in connection with the immunity will always cooperate.
2.8 For the purposes of this Agreement, "Organization officials" means, except people locally employed by the organization in Turkey, it includes all persons who have been appointed for the meeting. 3
Financial Regulation 3.1 Government, stemming from the center, outside the meeting of the Organization shall be responsible for reasonable and necessary additional expenses.
3.2 In accordance with this, the Government listed in this Agreement crop plants and equipment (logistical needs) will be provided free of charge. In addition, it forms an integral part of this Agreement.
3.3 Moreover, the government no later than 29 September 2006 until the details of a bank account will be given by the Organization for £ 110,000 (one hundred and ten thousand pounds sterling) will be invested. all travel expenses, including per diem of officers Organization will be covered by this amount.
3.4 as a result of the meeting held in Istanbul other expenses will be borne by the government will be formed. be sent to the Istanbul Center of the Organization for the necessary equipment and documents
3.5 Meeting and will be brought back to the shipping and Organization Center consists of all costs shall be borne by the Government. This equipment and documents linked to Turkey with their customs and tariff exemption "Temporary Permits Regime" is to be imported and shall be issued at the end of the same status. The government will also help you need in order to quickly and safely reach of these materials.
3.6 immediately after the meeting, not to exceed 31 December 2006, paragraph account of additional expenditure will be provided by the Organization was formed in connection with 3.3. Not to exceed April 30, 2007 will be provided by a detailed account of the organization and will be refunded to the Government sent to the address specified in any surplus receipts.
4. Staff provisions
organization is responsible for its officials and the government is also responsible for additional local staff assigned to the meeting. Personnel for the payment of this liability means that salary and overtime.
5. Suspension of the meeting, Postponement and Relocation

Suspension of the meeting, one that will require changing the postponement or place of "force majeure" if it occurs, the Parties that within five days after any party of written notice "force majeure" practical, financial and undertake to commence negotiations to reach agreement on the legal consequences .
6. Interpretation of any problem regarding the interpretation of Treaty Organization
Agreement shall be settled between the Secretary-General and the Government.
7. Dispute Resolution
7.1 on the interpretation or execution of this Agreement, "the Contracting Parties that may arise among and between the parties found an agreement amicably or shared through talks with the three mediators any dispute can not be resolved any other way Arbitration shall be referred to the Council. Mediator by one of Secretary General of the Organization shall be appointed by the government is another. In this way, it will appoint two mediators to third-appointed mediator, and this will be the third mediator Arbitration Board Chairman. from the date of reporting the name of the mediator of either Contracting Party on the other hand, if unable to appoint a mediator within two months from the appointed first two mediators second mediator is appointed, if not appointed the President within two months, missing the mediator or the chairman shall be appointed by the President of the International Court of Justice.
7.2 English language mediation and mediation venue will be London.
7.3 between the parties except in the case of a written agreement, the parties to arbitration procedures, the implementation of cost distribution between the Council and the parties have agreed to freely decide the issue.
7.4 Finally, the Contracting Parties, the Arbitration Board is final and binding decisions themselves and have agreed that no room for any appeal to a national court.
8. Entry into force and Duration of Agreement 8.1 This Agreement
Government and the Organization shall enter into force upon the exchange of diplomatic notes that they have to carry out the necessary procedures for them. the entry into force date will be the date of the last notification.
8.2 of this Agreement, the Parties to the nature of all tasks and to continue to be applied until fulfilling their obligations outside the mandatory provisions will apply until the end of the meeting and no later than 31 December 2006.
Amendment of the Agreement This Agreement and all additional forms it can only be changed through a written agreement between the Organization and the Government.
By the martyrdom of these issues, the manner required under this Agreement with authorized signature below both equally valid for two (2) copies of signed original in English.

The International Maritime Organization on behalf of the Republic of Turkey
Signature Signature
Name Name
Binali Yildirim E Mitropoulos
Transport Minister Secretary General

May 10, 2006 May 10, 2006 in Ankara


• Translation, one of the main meeting room equipped with presentation and projection equipment (700-800 persons )
- 6 translation booths (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish)
• tape recording equipment and tapes 2 100 and 2 x 75 double rooms for study groups (translated in this room There is no need for the system)
• Each 50 people 4 one additional room
• a wide range of 4 computers and a writer for delegate registrations
• a small room for the Head of Department Meeting and 4 computerized and tales of a large office
• computerized study center
DOCUMENT FACILITIES for the use of delegates
• Document distribution area
- tale and 310 mailbox, which is a large room of about 30 square meters for Document distribution
- 4 tables and 2 computers a large office. IMO network used by the Meeting section of the Intranet to, dritse and all Drive remotely full access
• Document printing area
- two digital writing machine will be used to print documents (press 90 copies per minute capacity to automatically staple) about 45 square meters room and a paper space
OFFICE NEEDS to be stored (All offices are appropriately furnished, computers and will telephone)
• General Secretary: Executive Office
Secretary General Secretary of the adjacent office
• Maritime Safety Part of the Chairman and the office for the Director, plus 12 computers and work space for these stations
• Administrative Department: a small office for an employee
• Meeting section: office
to Director - Translation Services | || • with computers in each office for 12 interpreters (six French and six Spanish)
• 14 three rooms, containing office space with computers in each Corrections to Secretary (six French and six Spanish and two in English) || | • 4 local network printer EQUIPMENT

all computer terminals used for Registrars (preferably Microsoft Word) and English keyboard will be as follows.
- Instruction will be in English.
- Will be in accordance with IMO Template
- There will be connected to a network
- full access to the IMO network will be provided (all directories, FOLIO, MULTRITRANS, etc.)
- Changes tracking capability
- Internet access | || - IMO IMO public access to documents from the center of one

• 2 OCR scanner connected to a network fax machine typewriter

that is required secretaries, servants, messengers, computer technicians, SI technicians, service engineers will provide digital printers.
• Reception of Delegates
• Delegates area (700-800 twice tea and coffee service section will be people per day)
• to be paid each working day fee for 700-800 people, and possibly night 50 officials work to be done for the food service facility for restaurant phone
• Delegates and employees. Each office will phone maker. Domestic calls by the Organization shall be paid by the detectors international calls
• Meeting rooms and daily office cleaning and preparation of adequate security measures

• Toilet and other appropriate services

• First aid organization Concierge desk Istanbul

• guide who knows the travel agency and currency exchange

• Airport post office, hotel and meeting place for international service

Secretary-General for chauffeur-driven official car satisfies BY STATE RESOURCES tO BE PAID BY tHE ORGANIZATION
• paper for papers (in a4 size)
• 924 ball pens, folders, water service, stationery, computer paper || | iNVENTORY
• Organization when he gets here mentioned expendable machinery and equipment delivery will bring together an inventory of both sides. machinery and equipment end of the meeting will be taken when the inventory also be returned to the Turkish state.
• Both inventory case compared lost or damaged machines and have equipment by the Organization, provided that arising from loss or damage of organizations
a) renewal fee for any new or like new equipment
b) any other equipment
will be reimbursed for half the value.