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Kanun No. 5619


Acceptable Date: 28/3/2007      


MADDE 1- June 5, 2006 The "Government of the Republic of Turkey and the International Telecommunication Union of the Republic of Turkey," signed in Geneva, will allow the ratification of the Organization of the Authorised Representatives Conference, Realization and Financing of the Republic of Turkey. is found.

ARTICLE 2- On the release date of this Law It will take effect.

TICAD 3- Ministers of this Law Executes installed.









(Antalya, 2006)



Next Full Proxy of ITU according to

A 77-count Resolution Decision (Revize, Marrakevi, 2002) Where the House of Representatives will be reallocated in the second half of 2006,

B is the "Government" of the Government of the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter) International Telecommunication Union (hereinafter called "ITU") 2006 Full Authorized Representatives Conference (hereinafter the "Conference"), November 6-24, 2006 Invitation to be held in Antalya;

C Council's next Complete Authorized Representative to collect the Conference 526 the number of Member States remains mutable in the specified location and dates when the count of the count is decided;

D The Republic of Turkey (which will now commemorate as Turkey) is the Founder of ITU in this step (Kyoto, 1994, Minneapolis, 1998, and Marrakesh, 2002) (in Geneva, 1992), and the "Forthcoming Law" and "The Word", which is based on the Subsequent Full Authorized Conference (Geneva, 1992). ) to the provisions of the General Assembly of the General Assembly and the General Assembly of the General Assembly and of the Meeting (hereinafter) understand as such General Rules) and to comply with the Council's resolution and resolution of the Conference and the Council in particular;

1.      Fully Authorized Representatives Conferences are the 23rd of the promise of acceptance. To clause;

2.      Full Authorized Representatives Conferences to the first part of the General Rules of invitation, when an inviting government is invited to the first of the invitation.

3.      The invitation to organise a conference in Geneva is considered if the host country's government does not undertake additional costs stemming from the Geneva convention of the conference. 5 Business Decisions (Kyoto, 1944);

4.      83 (Revive) Council Resolution Decision on the organization, financing, and liquidate of the conference and meetings of the United States;

5.      304 of the members of the member states ' delegation to the conference and meetings of the Union, 304 of the member states;

6.      A 1004-count Council Resolution on the separation, exemption, and convenience of the activities of the Union;

7.      99 Resolution Decisions (Minneapolis) for Palestine's status in ITU; and

8.      A 6-count Resolution (Kyoto, 1994) and 741 were intended to comply with the Council Resolution Resolution on the part of the ITU meetings organised by the city's staff. The Government and General Assembly represented by the Telecommunication Board, which is located in front of

ITU, represented by the Secretary (hereinafter referred to as "Parties"), agrees to the following:



1.1 The term "conference multiplicity" is a delegate, delegation member, or The Conference was invited by the Government or Secretary General (Article 23 of the Minister's Office and the General Rules of General Rules) and the 99-number Resolution Decision (Minneapolis, 1998), 6 counts of Resolution Decision (Kyoto, 1994) and the Council's 741 Resolution Resolutionists and the Board of Radio Regulators and the President of the Board of Radio Regulations (you are looking at The L41A portion of the Word

will be understood.

1.2 In this case, the term "lTU officer" was selected by the LTU that contributed to the Conference agents will understand the ITU officers or staff who are allocated to the Conference, or those who have been formally designated by the lTU for the Conference.


Conferences Location and Dates

2.1 Conference, at the Sungate Port Royal Hotel/Vega Congress Center in Antalya, Turkey It will be real.

The official opening of theTagPreserver,p,0,1382.2 Conference will be held on Monday, November 6, 2006, in principle. will be completed on Friday, November 24, 2006.


Invitations and Accepts

3.1 Invitees and General Rules invites invitations when a government is invited The provisions of the relationship will be applied without the withdrawal of the Conference.

3.2 The invitation letters to be folded into the Conference by the Secretary-General of the Government to ITU It will be forwarded to the Member States. The Secretary-General will also convey invitation letters to organisations and legal entities that can be added as observers to the Conference.

3.3 The government, as the host Government, conference factors and all of its staff at the Conference It will organize the necessary actions for the ITU personnel to enter Turkey and stay in the country until all of their operations in the Conference are completed. They will include the children and children of the multiplicity.

3.4 In this context, The government will take all appropriate measures to ensure that all the exponents and the ITU officers are required to provide the required visa and entry permits for free. In order to obtain visa and entry permits, the Turkish embassy or the non-consular countries are required to provide visa and entry permits in Turkey for their contributions. They will also be made arrangements.


Rituals and Muafiances

4.1 The General Rules article 166, when the Government was made possible, the telegram said, will be provided with telephone services (including fax) and telex services for convenience and convenience related to these provisions, and will be available for convenience and convenience prior to the Conference opening. Information will be provided on the private business.

4.2 In the framework of the Department of Meanings and applications, The government has said that Turkey has been a party since 22 August 1950, and the United Nations General Assembly adopted a "Union of Rituals And Exemptions", adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 13 February 1946. (hereinafter the "1946 Pseudo") will apply the provisions to the Conference through the analogy. (We are looking at the Council's Resolution of 1004, which confirmed the 193-year-old verdict). In particular, Conference delegates and delegation members, including their junior and small children during the Conference, were the day after the Conference (5) days after the conference, including their It is also known as the IV of the 1946 Pseudo. It takes advantage of the separation, exemption, and convenience under its substance. In addition, ITU officers, including their children and small children during the Conference, were The V. and VII of the 1946 P.A. in the week after the conference with the ten (10) days before the conference. Benefits from allocations, exemptions, and convenience items under the materials.

4.3 Radio Regulations Board President and President of the Department of Radio Regulatory Authority, above Benefits and exemptions from the 1946 Glossary under V. Article V., if required while performing their duties during the Conference, after they have been done.

4.4 The observers of the United Nations, V. and VII of the 1946 Pseudo. Takes advantage of the separation and exemptions contained in the material.

4.5 Specialist installations and monitors for the International Atomic Energy Agency V. and VII of the 1946 Glossary after the required deities were made. Takes advantage of the separation and exemptions contained in the material.

TagPreserver,p,0,1384.6 Article 1.1 cited in relation to the conference's contributions to the Conference They are exempt from legal processes related to their actions or their activities and activities that they are being made to.

4.7 This is Appendix 2 of the Section VI and VII of Annex 2. Within the scope of the Department, the staff, who have been sold to ITU by the Government to serve in the Conference, will be in the administration and supervision of the Secretary General. The government will take all necessary measures to ensure that the personnel in question will carry out their duties with the Conference upon the ITU applications.

4.8 ITU is specifically expressed and specifically expressed by the person who is part of the ITU, property, and It is exempt from any legal process under the waiver of waives. Waiver of exemption does not apply to executive measures. In the case of the 1946 Pledge of 1946, this is what it is. The Conference buildings referred to in item are counted as ITU's buildings in 3 parts of the 1946 Pseudo, and therefore, the entries are subject to ITU's permit and control. Buildings cannot be touched for the duration of the Conference, including the preparation and closing time. The goods and assets of the ITU are exempt from the research, demand, foreclosure, expropriation, and other types of intervention that are made by who, if they are sold by who, are administrative, administrative, judicial or legal means. All documents that belong to the ITU or that are owned by it are untouchable.

4.9 ITU and Government; the convenience and exemptions offered by the Convenience the prevention of abuse in any way, the implementation of the relevant Turkish laws and regulations, and the fact that justice will be done, they will do each time at any time.



Financial Regulations

TagPreserver,p,0,1385.1 In Full Conference of Authorized Representatives (Kyoto, 1994), 5% Resolution Decision Additional costs due to the construction of the conference in Antalya (See Ek-I) The government will be involved. Such costs are primarily from the following factors, without the successor to the provisions of the VII article:

-As associated with ITU's Personnel Rules and Staff Regulations daily tuition to be paid to the ITU officers in accordance with the relevant provisions of the service instructions;

-Journal of Radio Regulations (RRB) and daily to be paid to the President and Expendable;

-As associated with ITU's Personnel Rules and Staff Regulations travel (including any additional insurance premiums) and terminal (including any additional insurance premiums) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the completion of the service instructions; the expenses of the ITU officers;

-Radio Regulations Board (RRB) President and President travel (all kinds of additional) including insurance premiums) and the terminal (including visas if required);

-Equipment and documentation required to properly play the Conference Industry. Costs associated with leasing of equipment, to the extent that it can be applied with the application.

Under the instructions issued by the Budget Control Committee of the

Conference, these expenses are; will be held in special accounts to be retained by the Secretary General of the ITU, which is responsible for the administration of the necessary funds. These accounts will be preserved as Swiss Frangis.

5.2 In order to apply paragraph 5.1, one of the ITU is to be in the Geneva province of Antalya They will open two special accounts. The government's estimated additional costs of 90% (90%) of the estimated additional costs calculated by the ITU as a result of the construction of the Conference in Antalya and "Israeli Expenses" in Annex-l The amount will lie in Swiss francs, from the ITU to a special account in Geneva, which will be opened at a bank in Geneva until 15 August 2006. The sum of the remaining ten per cent (10%) will be opened in a bank in Antalya by ITU, in New Turkish Liras, and to a special account that can be translated into Swiss Frangis or US Dollars until 25 October 2006. It will be done.

5.3 Government by Turkish authorities on the occasion of the Conference and the Conference will also cover the expenses for the receptions and other events to be held.

5.4 In the conference, the duties of the staff of the lTU staff are in the process of Due to their flaws and gross negligence, all expenses including the Conference neighborhood, material and damage to the conference site will be made by ITU and will not be recovered from the Government.

5.5 5.4., ITU; Conference neighborhood, material, and kishees will be coming in will not be held liable for damages.

5.6 ITU, as soon as possible, and at least sixty (6) months after closing of the Conference, Government will prepare an account statement indicating the payments made by the ITU for the costs and services that must be met by the ITU or the amount paid by the ITU and the amount paid by the ITU. According to this account, whoever is left to whom will be paid in Swiss francs at the latest in three (3) months after the return of the Government or ITU. The government has the right to ask for and receive the grounds of any amount contained in the notice.


Safety Prepositions

6.1 The Government Conference is active in a safe and calm atmosphere, away from any interference They are free of charge of security for free of charge of the business. Security and security at ITU buildings are under the control of ITU. However, the Government will provide the necessary security/safety personnel and equipment to the lTU for free to ensure appropriate security and safety within the Conference building. Security was the responsibility of the government in the conference building. The perimeter of the two security areas will be described as clearly by the ITU and the government in the transfer of buildings to ITU.

TagPreserver,p,0,1376.2 Government security and safety at least 4 months prior to the opening date of the Conference He will determine a responsible part of his work. This will be played in a close proximity to the ITU's Security and Safety Coordinator to coordinate and properly coordinate security and safety plans.


Government-side Buildings, Staff, Governments, and Services

7.1 Government; buildings, personnel, facilities, and resources specified in the section of the business (Ek-2) services, at the same time, the information and transmission technologies infrastructure in the E-3 will guarantee the sale of equipment and services to ITU at the time, without the demand for money. Any material, hardware, and equipment that is specified specific in the meanings (E-2 and minus 3) affect the regular operation of the hardware and equipment conference. If agreed upon by the parties, the Government will take all necessary precaution, including, at the request of the ITU, to find a solution to the problem, if appropriate, to address the problem. This is the idea of a starting XI. As opposed to the substance, as opposed to an expression (see) the "Table of Abilities", specifically the "Table of Abilities" that is referenced in the E-2 (see), the base of the base (see Ek-3) The first ITU staff will be ready before arrival on October 23, 2006. Conference buildings are in the savings of ITU 24 hours a day from October 23 until 26 November 2006. will be done.

7.2 Conference factors, ITU officers and personnel loyal to ITU are The provisions of the deal and the 3 of the E-2's. will be able to enter the Conference building at any time (night or day), including weekends and official holidays in Turkey, and between ITU and Turkish officials In the framework of the preliminary agreement, such entries may also be applied to other people. If necessary, the Parties will agree on special reports that may be applied to such entries.

7.3 The material for the ITU, which is required for the release of the conference in a way, as a The equipment and documents shall be imported into Turkey, without any customs duties, fees, clashing or restraining order. The government shall provide the necessary imported and export permits to the ITU within the maximum period of time it is possible.


Travel and Business ArrangementsTagPreserver,b,221,225

Secretary; the relevant provisions of the ITU Staff Directions and Rules and the relevant provisions of the Council When it comes to decisions in the state, To ensure that all materials required to act in an effective way to act in an effective way are required for the travel of ITU staff at the Conference with the conference call. They will make edits.


Media Business Interditions

9.1 The media (radio and television) related to the preparations, development, and results of the Conference with electronic media, newspapers and other publications, etc.) all official relations and all the official reporting for the Conference, all official reporting activities with the authorities. In its business, it will be the Secretary-General or the responsibility of a representative.

9.2 This responsibility Any of the ITU's other conferences, general assembly or meetings will be met by the Secretary General or the representative representative.

WithTagPreserver,p,0,1389.3 Media, the Government is fully responsible for ITU's responsibility. or is not subject to the topics that contain the content.

All media representatives who are duly accredited to the

9.4 Conference; any Radio, radio and television equipment that they bring in, to help prevent harmful interference, coordinate the frequency plans of transmission equipment, and coordinate with the government. will automatically be eligible for temporary push as exempt from customs duty. Members of the media, who want to take advantage of such exemption, should have transcription equipment with audio-visual equipment before they arrive at the team/photostore where the imported equipment is responsible for. are required to provide a detailed list of the features of the satellite and communications frequencies.


Review, Defer, and Site Conferences

Conference cancellation, postponement, or location as a result of a decision by

10.1 ITU At the end of the discussion, the ITU is responsible for the Government; under contract obligations or Conference preparations and the expenses associated with the organization -- it is not. spending up to a day, with the ability to change the basic nature and not to give up or discount any If it cannot serve the benefit of the benefit-it will be deleted.

Failure to assume the government's conference call before or after the

10.2 Conference the government's obligation to the ITU if it is in a state to allow the construction or relocation of planned dates, and the expenses incurred, in particular With all expenses paid or paid by ITU as a result of the conference, the conference will be expenses, basic qualification, and if they are not indispensable or discount, if any benefit is not intended to serve the purpose-it will be fine. This is what you're talking about. The ITU lease costs for making the item different from the location specified in the item, in the same way that it is done

10.3 The cancellation, postponement, or cancellation of the possibility of a reason or reason for a reason for a Mülnibation if such an event is stopped by any of the parties involved in stopping or relocating; for example, the practical, financial and legal consequences of such an individual reason. The parties will start negotiations within five days of the date of the date of the written notice. As the sides do not foresee the contrary, the extension of the reconciliation process has occurred within seven (7) days of the beginning of the negotiations. It will be concluded in accordance with the provisions of the matter. If a solution cannot be resolved, it is not understood, it is the XII. It will be resolved within the framework of the provisions.


Implementation of the Meaning

Regulations for the implementation of the operation, The Secretary-General or the representative of the authority and the relevant authorities or authorized liaison officers of the Government will be agreed to.


Resolutable Solution

Subject to the 125th paragraph onTagPreserver,p,0,13812.1, the Parties may have the right to (6) month (6) months after the date of the notice arising out of or out of the negotiations between the parties and the parties arising out of the negotiations or by the negotiations. Any other non-resolution, three (3) peer-reviewed Install (s) as a "Board" It will be called } in the air. One of the arbitrators shall be appointed by the Secretary General, the government of the other. The two arbitrators appointed in this case shall appoint a third referee as the Chairman of the Board. One of the parties will not be able to determine its own arbitrators within one (1) month after the other party's notice, or the name of the second referee, two of the arbitrators appointed by the Parties. if two (2) months of notice of failure to be reported, the arbitrator (or, to the extent appropriate) is appointed by the International Court of Justice.


12.2 The rights language will be English, and the location will be Geneva.

12.3 Unless otherwise indicated by the parties, the Board will be followed by the is set to be set up and will be free to share the arbitration expense among the Parties.

12.4 The following are the final and final judgment and decision of the Board's decision. They will be mutabled to any national court or appeal.

12.5 The implementation of the 1946 Pseudo is a matter of all kinds of things. It's 30. is subject to the same procedure as specified in the section.



13.1 Government, ITU or staff for any reason arising from will be responsible for burnout a complaint, demand or response:

a) The provisions of the ITU in accordance with the provisions of the 5.4 are in Article II, which remain loss of, or damage to, the Conference centre, which is specified by the Government or controlled by the Government; or to damage the property;

b) indirectly, or in any case, of activities specified in the E-2. damage or damage to or damage to goods;

c) Employment of domestic staff for the Conference by Government And these are the reactions and complaints of any kind of people.

13.2 The government, ITU, and its personnel suffer from response, business, and other claims in this company. They will prevent them from seeing the damage.


People, Klingons, People, Logos, and Flags Use

14.1 ITU's name, library, logo, and flag will be used by the individual ITU and To the extent applicable, the Government, Conference organization committee, partners or official suppliers, to the extent that the Secretary-General or the representative of the authority may not be permitted to be used in advance. It will not be used.

TagPreserver,p,0,13814.2, subject to the 14.3 paragraph, either the Secretary General or the the name of the Conference, which will not be used without the pre-print permission of the representative, will belong to ITU for all intellectual property rights related to the application of the conference.

A commercial, product, or service that is approved by

14.3 ITU will not give the impression of a The Government will be allowed to use the conference's name, inversion, clout, and logo for the purposes of the following purposes:

a) An information brochure for the conference, and for this purpose, the Government will be Internet web page;

b) Text previously approved text by ITU

c) The content that is intended to be published in the local or international media is pre-issued by the ITU included the tanning materials that are approved and intended to provide information on logistic arrangements and related other matters related to the Conference of the prospective exponent;

d) Conference on the conference that may be needed during the preparations for the conference meeting, and other activities.

14.4 Government, under paragraph 14.3, use of all kinds of names, aggression, pressure, and logo It will notify ITU regularly as a person. The government may not be responsible for the fraudulent use of a third-party Conference by the name, inversion, clout, and logo of the third party.


Devising and FeshiTagPreserver,b,215,219

Ad-I, Ek-2, and Ek-3 are part of an unallocated part of the state; the Government and the Secretary is not able to be defunnated or annulled as a result of the article in the search. Any further details will be taken as an unallocated part of this business.


Enter and Duration of the Date

16.1 Human Means General Secretary to the General Secretary for the completion of required national procedures It will be effective at the time it is reported. The current date of entry will be the date that this notice received by the ITU.

16.2 The provisions of the business are in accordance with the current laws and principles that are set up here. The conference will remain in effect until the final calculation is made between the Parties on the financial and other topics.

IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, full authorized representatives of the company, are original Two (2) are signed in English as a nusha.


      Government of Republic of Turkey                               International Telecommunication Unit


               Dr. Tayfun ACARER Yoshio UTSUMI

   Telecommunications Secretary General

                     Location: Geneva Place: Geneva

              Date: June 5 2006 Date: June 5, 2006


EK 2

For a Conference by the Government of Turkey Places to sell, resources,

domestic staff with services

Government says ITU will conduct a regular conference call The local staff, the local staff, the opportunity and the services will be free of charge to ITU, which is deemed necessary to ensure that they are adequately qualified to secure:

1. Sites

1.1 Meeting Salons

a) close to 1500 (1) table space and (2) the second half chair) will be recognized with the equipment of a master conference room that will be considered.

. Sphere table, twelve (12) sandals and second left in the rear of them chairs

. The color scheme is in accordance with the Conference and the camera (TV or hard camera) The design of the stage is subject to the approval of ITU, the design of the design.

. A large desk for the Committee of Yazism, three (3) chairs and (3) earbuds kit

. One (1) conversation paddle with a mobile microphone

. Cabinets for alsulane translators in gold (6) language (four (4) cabinet two (2) Two additional cabins and equipment (in accordance with ISO standards) and related equipment (in accordance with ISO standards), two (in accordance with ISO standards), and two (2) cabinets are required separately

. One for all the factors, including the bench. Earwig set.

. one (1) of both (2) factors, including the bench of the sphere microphone

. Electronic promise monitoring in the sphere of control screen system (system + control screen)

. The trilateral register of the meetings is possible: two (2) copies of the language, one (1) The copy will be registered with the English channel, and will be the guest day.

. A wireless device with 800 users

. Both (2) people for the laptops belonging to the Qatari (1) electrically printed

is a place where all the layers are easily visible on the hall and on the podium. Big screen in (1) or more

. One (1) PC or laptop to be used for projection purposes the computer will contain the English keyboard (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint-loaded floppy disk and CD-ROM drive with USB ports.)

. One XGA/SVGA data projection device is computable to the computer It will beTagPreserver,p,21,25

. The screens in the hall will fit the layout of the room a audio/video system (including cameras and personnel) to reflect the location of the guest

. Audio and video in 6 languages through the web A total of seven (7) channels, including French (French/English/Spanish/Spanish/Chinese), and in the living room, are not published. The audio and video feed will be forwarded to the webcast center by the audio-icentric server, and each feed will be left here. Seven-channel feed will be provided by the band-wide government, which is needed to make it through the channel for the end of the internet, which is the channel for which it is built.

b) Near-top (700) locations (a desk and two at one time) A (1) conference room will be recognized with the equipment on the front of the box office).

TagPreserver,p,0,169. Sphere table, eight (8) to ten (10) chairs and behind them second-line chairs

. The color scheme will be available to the Conference and the camera (TV or hard camera) The design of the stage is subject to the approval of the design of ITU.

. cabinets for alsultane translation in gold (6) languages (four (4) cabinets are two (2) Two additional cabins and equipment (in accordance with ISO standards) and related equipment (in accordance with ISO standards), two (in accordance with ISO standards), and two (2) cabinets are required separately

. An earwig for all the layers, including the bench desk. kit

, including a bench of the sphere, both (2) microphone

. The binary record of the meetings is possible: One (1) copy is the subject language, one (1) The copy will be registered with the English channel, and will be the guest day.

with a capacity of 350 users with a capacity of 350

. Both (2) people for the laptops belonging to the Qatari (1) electrically printed

is a place where all the layers are easily visible on the hall and on the podium. Big screen in (1) or more

. One (1) PC or laptop to be used for projection purposes the computer will contain the English keyboard (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint-loaded floppy disk and CD-ROM drive with USB ports.)

. One (1) XGA/SVGA data projection device is computable to the computer It will beTagPreserver,p,21,25

. Sound over the web (6) A total of seven (7) channels, including French (French/English/Spanish/Arabic/Russian), and in the living room, are not published.

c) Near-four (400) table space will be available for opportunity will be identified with the equipment in one (1) conference room.

. Sphere desk, eight (8) seats

. The color scheme is in accordance with the Conference and the camera (TV or hard camera) The design of the stage is subject to the approval of ITU, the design of the design.

. cabinets for alsultane translation in gold (6) languages (four (4) cabinets are two (2) vanity and two (2) of the cabin three (3) matches) and their respective equipment (in accordance with ISO standards)

. A set of earbuds for all the factors, including the bench desk

. A microphone on both layers, including the bench panel

. The binary record of the meetings is possible: One (1) copy is the subject language, one (1) The copy will be registered with the English channel, and will be the guest day.

. A wireless device with a capacity of 200 users

. Both (2) people for the laptops belonging to the Qatari (1) electrically printed

is a place where all the layers are easily visible on the hall and on the podium. Big screen in (1) or more

. One (1) PC or laptop to be used for projection purposes the computer will contain the English keyboard (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint-loaded floppy disk and CD-ROM drive with USB ports.)

. One XGA/SVGA data projection device is computable to the computer It will beTagPreserver,p,21,25

. Sound over the web (6) A total of seven (7) channels, including French (French/English/Spanish/Arabic/Russian), and in the living room, are not published.

d) A near-two (200) kit will allow you to place a table (1) The conference room will be identified with the equipment in the area.

. Sphere desk, bottom (6) chair

. cabinets for alsultane translation in gold (6) languages (four (4) cabinets are two (2) vanity and two (2) of the cabin three (3) matches) and their respective equipment (in accordance with ISO standards)

. One for all the factors, including the bench. earwig set

. A microphone to each level, including the bench.

. A wireless device with a capacity of 100 uses

. Both (2) people for the laptops belonging to the Qatari (1) electrically printed

is a place where all the layers are easily visible on the hall and on the podium. Big screen in (1) or more

. One (1) PC or laptop to be used for projection purposes the computer will contain the English keyboard (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint-loaded floppy disk and CD-ROM drive with USB ports.)

. One XGA/SVGA data projection device is computable to the computer It will beTagPreserver,p,21,25

e) Each time a hundred (100) tables of locations are available for The three (3) conference halls will be recognized with the equipment at the time of the conference.

. Sphere desk, bottom (6) chair

, including a bench of the sphere, both (2) microphone

f) Near seventy (70) table space will be available to my location will be identified with the equipment in one (1) conference room.

. Sphere desk, bottom (6) chair

. A microphone on both layers, including the bench panel

. Cabinets for alsulane translation in three (3) languages (three (3) cabinet two (2) job and related equipment (ISO standards are in accordance with)

TagPreserver,p,0,170. raid meetings (one day before the opening day of the meeting) together with audio/video system facilities (including cameras and staff) and select webcasts for the meetings.

Journalists from the conference center for the meeting of

A teleconference that would make it possible to get it. The teleconference equipment has been set to translate into a symulane translation system so that questions from the conference center will pass through the symulane translation booths to the living in the living room. In addition, the answers should be transmitted in English only by translating a symultane translation into the language of the speech.

. The design of the room will be determined by the ITU to be produced Forwarded to the government.

g) Two-to-fifty (50) locations will be available for two locations (2) The menstrum hall will be identified with the equipment at the time of the meeting.

. Sphere desk, bottom (6) chair

. one (1) of both (2) factors, including the bench of the sphere microphone

h) For the Yazim Committee, each is 30 (30) capacity capacity Two (2) meeting rooms with each other. One of these halls will have a video projection facilities with one (1) mobile microphone and microphone foot. Additional three (3) rooms for the secretaries, translators and operators.

All conference rooms are with tables for conference tiers (sonce) type) will be frozen. Each sphere will have water cups on the table, in the entry of each hall, and in the translation booths with the leeches.

All lecture halls 4 November 2006 Saturday at 10.00 pm It will become active.

1.2 Offices

Conference President, President and Secretaries of the Committees, ITU to use for elected administrators and secretaries, as well as an ITU staff and a seventy-one (71) office to use as office and working spaces for the ITU staff and the domestic secretaries.

Provide the water sebiles to be placed near the offices


A list of furniture and equipment requested for different offices (s) the list will be presented later.

All offices are in the Communications Table, which will be forwarded later will be active on the specified dates.

1.3 Fields

a) Contribution and record

b) For servers and auning equipment (with sufficient ventilation) technical area and PC preparation area

c) The details of documents with mailboxes

d) How to make documentation manufactured with adequate ventilation and equipment

-a minimum of 150 pages per minute (6) machine (6)

-automatic separation and zumbation

-one (1) cilantation machine (Result adopted at the end of the Conference) For a document)

-hole-hole or two large electrical drilling machines

e) Cyber-cafe (see details in Attachment 3)

f) Locked cabinets for laptops/personal computers Vestiyer. (~ 400)

g) operates in the morning and the days after the death with pay-to-pay cafeteria services (normal commercial prices), between 8pm and 19.00 hours, and during the course of the evening session if necessary Coffee ischers to operate as well

h) Storage space for boxes and metal containers (ITU shipping).

All these fields (except for the g clause) will be forwarded at a later time It will become active on the dates specified in the table.

2. Things/Services *

a) Twenty (20) of the conference center that is defined in the socket An air conditioning (or instillation) system, which will hold a stable degree of degrees Celsius, is to be cleaned up, water and conference locations clean.

b) First aid in conference center; for emergency services The government has assured the hospital that it will be able to secure the issue of patient admissions.

c) General sound system, which makes an Anthem statement

d) Debit on reservations for ITU officers Hotel rooms reservation service to allow it to be done. This service is also offered at a reasonable rate of commercial prices to the Conference tiers. This service will not bring any liability to the ITU nor to the Government.

e) functions such as Teyid, routing, and selling plane tickets A temporary office is set up in the conference center by a travel agency that will be able to take the residency.

f) Information for conference factors in the conference center delivery of services

g) Istanbul for conference factors and ITU officers Airports to be installed at airports in Antalya

h) From arrival at the airport to the selected ITU manager Manufacturer and auto board during the period of time to the time of their separation.

i) Airport and conference from the airport with the arrival of ITU staff It's finally from the hotel to the airport.

j) on November 3-5, 2006 in the arrival of the Katellus from the airport to official hotels and from their hotels to the airport at the end of the conference will be sold to the airport from their hotels. The hotels, which are officially designated in the conference call, will be regularly scheduled for the conference center, and services will be organized.

k) Information about the region in Antalya and the surrounding area includes all conference platforms and ITU officials, including a large number of English or gold-official languages to be prepared

3. Local Personnel

The government specified in the personnel table by the parties that remain mutabank According to the regulations, domestic personnel will be available to ITU for free during the conference.


EK -3


The government will be able to fulfill all important activities to ITU and With the aim of providing the same and performance at the conference center in the ITU central building, ITU is free of charge of its infrastructure, equipment, and services in the event of a conference in which the conference is intended to properly address the conference.

All resources and offices available for ITU personnel, first 2 days from the arrival of the ITU Conference Support kit (which will not cover the required infrastructure for the venue, and the government's Information Systems personnel to work with the personnel to be taken) It is operational before it is operational. Audio and data are at least one full day in the post-Conference call.

The information systems personnel on both sides, the required infrastructure and A combination of the services will be set up together.

1. Local Area Requirements

1.1. General Requirements

Two-month local aunes: "Purple LAN" for ITU operations an external event called "Orange LAN", which includes the use of delegates and delegates, and the internet cafe and wireless network. The two of them should be able to connect to the Internet.

The government has received both internal and external local authorities ' ("Purple LAN", "Orange") LAN ") all the necessary equipment (e.g. multiplexer, router, etc.), and will be able to cable.

The foundation of the capacity of the installed local area It is to be retrieved.

Cabling infrastructure with good quality cables and good quality local waste They must be with points; the copper cables are not category 5 or higher. Fibers can be either in multiple or single mode, depending on the distance from the 2-end point.

More than2424-port number-multiplexers are in dual-media, preference "gigabit Ethernet", 1 load balancer needs to be 2 different center multiplexers. Increased use of appropriate technologies, such as capacity bolus, VRRP/HSRP, and open protocol, up to 48 devices and multiplexes of up to 48 per multiplexed. The computer/printer is currently being installed.

Redundant equipment and configuration multiplexers It will be kept in place.

Lokal internet service when all computers and servers are requested It may have been uploaded on the internet in a way that was posted online. When computers on Purple-LAN can be connected to the internet through the "proxy server", computers on Orange-LAN should be able to connect directly to the Internet.

The following are the "VLANs and 802.1q trunking" protocol. supported by the server.

The physical and environmental anomalies of the local area. To ensure that the location of the location is quickly detected, the local area monitor and alert security management tools are available.

Details of all local waste and operation procedure, and current local waste. The kit is required.

1.2. Custom "Purple-LAN" to ITU

The local area that has been defined to

ITU (hereinafter, as a Purple-LAN) ) must support all of the conferences of the conference. A cable that is installed for computers, printers, and server media is available in a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet segment feature.

Purple-LAN at ITU's headquarters in Geneva via 2 Kiralat (see above) and the Orange-LAN has the firewall or access control list filtered through the filter router.

TagPreserver,p,0,170Purple-LAN-to-network Virtual Network (VLAN) defined, It is not possible to access a VLAN without permission from a VLAN, with access control.

a) VMs for ITU offices and local aproto services:




b) 1 virtual waste "PREG" for delegates and other record operations

c) 1 virtual appliance "PRMS" room management system (rooms that are reserved may also be used for Orange-LAN, if necessary.)

d) 1 virtual aunu "PMGMT" for local aeden equipment

1.3. "Orange-LAN", including wireless for delegates,

Delegates internet cafe, delegate hand-held computers (wired, wireless), which is connected to the internet and to the webcast service via wireless, and a second local area that is different from cabling and cabling of 1.2 local waste equipment and cabling (heralds Orange-LAN) ).

Orange-LAN online via firewall-local internet service It's not going to happen. (You are looking at the description above)

TagPreserver,p,0,170Orange-How to get familiar Virtual Network (VLAN) in the LAN, Access control is not possible without access to a VLAN from a VLAN and the other computers on the VLAN.

a) 1 VLAN "ODELEGATE" for internet cafe;

b) 1 VLAN "OWNERSHIP" for wireless media;

c) 1 VLAN "owebcast" for webout service;

d) 1 VLAN "OSERVERS" for local aits services;

e) 1 VLAN "OMGMT" for the management of local aora equipment.

in the conference venue for the number of delegates that have been contributed to the conference There are not enough wireless access points in the designated places (such as meeting halls, internet cafes, offices, and the center of the press).

a) Wireless axing 802.11b, g and Wi-Fi compatible; support for 802.11a is also required.

b) Do not defray (such as WEP, WPA).

c) The max wireless point is max. 50

d) Wireless media point and hand computers to be installed the link between the media and above is 5.5 Mbps and above.

e) At the same frequency range, it must be reduced to a maximum biname.

f) The over-the-top spots, as specified in the socket; at 50% of the capacity of the meeting rooms and the A-2, as well as on 50% of the capacity of the required operating areas, and all open spaces in the conference venue, up to 300 There are also alchemy media.

TagPreserver,p,0,169The ITU and Government's Information Technology support kit is on the design of the local It will be played together to result in.

2. Defined Kit Lines for ITU

2 different auto-problem-reliever and load-sharing mode There are two 2 Mbps different terrestrial lines to the ITU Geneva headquarters, which will be Purple-LAN to the general center. The delay rate for lines between Geneva and Antalya should not exceed 100 ms.

3. Internet Babyage

at least 8 Mbps at least 8 Mbps in the international internet device capacity Internet media is not available.

Local internet service vendor DNS and SMTP services, at least 64 The routing IP address is not available.

ÞuThe following protocols are accessible in internet media: Tcp/utp ports in http, https, ftp, sftp, pptp, pna, rtsp, and other protocols, or desired.

to search from the website and create virtual from Orange-Lan. users should allow the use of the user.

The proxy and Purple-LAN on the Purple-LAN interface between the Cenevre-ITU site-to-site IPSec must allow running from the website through the virtual aperon.

User-based virtual waste and remote desktop use It will not be available.

Protecting the potential of

Purple-LAN and Orange-LAN from possible unauthorized internet access and the Purple-LAN and Orange-LAN interchange with the capacity configuration mode of Firewall.

Internet, such as

MRTG (Multirouter traffic graphing) The web-based operational and ITU technical staff that the traffic can be on to monitor traffic is not accessible.

4. Using Virtual AclansTagPreserver,b,39,43


ITU virtual network Microsoft PPTP technology has been installed. Only 128-bit reshaping is possible. Any company loaded must allow the traffic of IP protocols in place.

a) IP protocol TCP (control channel) for the 1723 port;

b) IP protocol GRE (data channel);


d) IPSec;

e) Details will be prepared at a time of the conference call additional protocols

5. System and Local Aseam Trust

Appropriate security protection from unauthorised access to the local area of the local area. measures.

Child local issues that are available for users are also access control lists and it is protected by using technologies such as firewalls.

Force access detection system for monitoring of the activities of February It is not possible.

Security monitoring, warning, and monitoring of information technology infrastructure Reporting tools.

End local equipment and downloads to installed computers. Version patches have been made.

Downloads on all of the computers (in the cybercafe) included) a good virus protection program needs to be installed to update the daily virus database to be loaded.

Only computers that are intended to run online (e.g. cybercafes) are set to prevent users from downloading, saving, or closing any programs.

Also use the computers used to write software. administrator rights have not been granted.

Additional information that will be part of

ITU related documents It will be ready.

6. Phones and Faxes

Fixed phone sets, a kid localized, and diaries The international community has been set up to be interred. All ITU staff should be able to call the Geneva ITU center. While searching for the Geneva ITU center, the PABX-based searches:

a) description of the local meltdown: In the conference center, in-life and The government should be able to search for mobile phone numbers and the fixed and mobile phones of the remaining ITU personnel in Geneva.

     i) Constant phones and faxes: +41 22 730 5xxx and +41 22 730 6xxx (PABX) from the plant);

     ii) Mobile telephones: +41 79 249 48xx and +41 79 217 35xx,

     iii) The main fax number for ITU is +41 22 733 7256;

b) The definition of international meltdown: to all countries in addition to local meltdown My accessTagPreserver,p,18,22

Phone system is either VoIP or TDM tabale, and is functions are available.

a) Voice message to all access

b) Transfer effort

c) Electronic telephone directory (see request);

d) See the last caller and searched numbers (see request)

TagPreserver,p,0,170Key ITU staff eighty (80) localized mobile phones It will be. These phones have been described in the location of the ITU. In addition, the international access SIM cards and pre-paid phone cards will be available at the Conference centre.

Telemastical machines in the offices of the

Translator and the current analog telephone lines are available for fax machines in places.

Fax machines are localized and the international group is non-accessible Group 3. The fax machines in the room that will be used by the press are available for use with the prepaid card.

Specifically the specified localized telephone list conference At least 3 weeks before the start, and those in the center of the press must be given to ITU for 4 weeks in advance.

The exact number of telephone and fax machines (computers, printers, and ) will be listed in the "Table of Readiness" document, which will be drafted into the government.

7. Webcast

7.1 Equipment and Substructure

For the

Web broadcast service, the following equipment and infrastructure will be installed:

a) Only PC PCs (ITI will support video) for audio required software and hardware to increase the capacity of 10 adders of encoders);

b) Webcast to the web publishing center where encodings are mounted transmission of audio and video images from the assigned meeting rooms to ensure that they are done (language + F/E/R/C/A);

c) VCR in BETACAM SP and VHS format, and compatible, cassettes image monitor for manual coding;

d) the control monitor for each room where Webcast is required;

e) Headphones.

Meetings have been ignored by a triple-audio record: 2 of them are guests for language, and 1 is the requirement for English audio feed, which is described in the E-2, which is not a part of the web.

Encoders and webpublisher servers; energy up to 10 minutes cuts, power issues that are fed by the uninterruptable power boil (UPS) will be installed.

7.2 Web Release Requirements

a) Web with open routable IP addresses on an Orange-LAN the publisher server and all of the encoders.

b) Web-release server on a Purple-LAN and on an Orange-LAN A traffic permit through a wall of fire within the web server.

c) Four additional IP addresses on an Orange-LAN for administrator PCs.

d) The dedicated internet band to be installed; for every sound feed 152 kbps for 16 kbps or audio and video feed.

8. Cybercafe

ForTagPreserver,p,0,170Conference times, allow wireless, 50 PC, and space. Laptop computer system, which will provide more internet access; 10 printers, 2 modems, and a cybercafe equipped with a photocopy machine. In order to turn laptops around, there will be enough power to boil down to European and American standards. Toner and power adaptors will be able to fit the service desk.

approach to 6 personnel (ITU personnel and local personnel), at least 16 The service desk space is the point of view, which will provide PC and printer enough.

9. ITU Stand/Book Sat.TagPreserver,b,35,39

ITU is 90% in order to promote sound and sell ITU publications. A stand or a book line is set up in a square meter area. For this, the equipment will be required:

9.1 ITU Stindian General Area

-CD/DVD-ROM reader, keyboard, and mouse; printer in back office Two PCs with media

-Two flat screen monitor (17 ").

9.2 Back Office

-A PC with a CD/DVD-ROM reader, keyboard, and mouse.

-Write one laserjet.

-Two Purple-LANs are on the way.

-A telephone line with a telephone set.

9.3 Area Area (General Area)

-A PC with a CD/DVD-ROM reader, keyboard, and mouse.

-One flat screen monitor (17 ").

-Write one laserjet.

-One international telephone line and telephone set.

-One ISDN BRI line for credit card fraud.

-One IDD analog line and one fax machine for the fax.

Digits; mobile phones, fuse box and cabling, power socket, selling desk, rack and lockable drawers, screen hangers, sold room, and 90 square feet for the surface.

10. Server Requirement

Local file, printer, mail, and Windows base with internet services In order to provide an IP address environment, you will need to use the following servers.

10.1 .ITU Side-to-Sell Required Servers (for planning for the sling area, power, and cooling requirements)

TagPreserver,p,0,170a) Print server for Windows Active Directory, WINS, DHCP, DNS, and Purple-LAN servers with plenty of configuration modes.

b) File with plenty of configuration mode on Purple-LAN servers.

c) Pics on Purple-LAN through local internet links Proxy servers for internet access.

d) Print-LAN and update server on the Purple-LAN.

e) Servers for the Rooms Management System.

f) Servers for registration of Delegate and members of the press.

g) Conferencing internet, Web publisher servers with configuration modes to broadcast on Purple and Orange LAN.

10.2. Government-to-Government Servers

TagPreserver,p,0,170a) Print server for Windows Active Directory, WINS, DHCP, DNS, and Purple-LAN Two servers with a large amount of configuration mode.

b) for web-hostessing of PP-06 documents on ITU's mirror site servers with configuration mode.

c) On the web-proxy of the firewall, which is being sold by the government the owner of the system.

d) under "Servers Required by ITU" Two redundant servers in order to be used in case of a problem with the ITU realisation that is mentioned and is being reallocated by the ITU.

Information on how the

ITU servers should be configured It will be done.

11. PCs, Servers, Browsers, and Digit Equipment

11.1 General

Meeting rooms, room management system, cybercafe, registry, web release, vote count, plus the PC, print, browser, which is required for ITU staff and local staff to fully respect the exact number of devices that are available for the local staff.

11.2. PCs (Minimum Requirements)

a) CPU-Pentium 2 GHz

b) RAM-1024 MB

c) HDD-80 GB

d) OS and Applications-Windows XP, Office 2003, Powerpoint, Virus Browser, Winzip, RealPlayer, Acrobat Reader, NetMeeting

     i) All of the software will be in English.

     ii) Front Page, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe PDF writer, NetMeeting software may be required on some machines, the number of copies you will need will be fully reported later;

e) Screen-17 " CRT or Flat Screen;

f) NIC-100 Mb/s;

g) Multi-media with Real Player;

h) Language Support:

     i) 6 formal UN-language dictionaries, PCler;

     ii) For local personnel, some of the PCs are Turkish;

i) US international keyboard;

TagPreserver,p,0,170j) A Turkish keyboard in the Bazis PCs;

k) CD and diskette drive;

l) USB ports;

m) A webcam on the Bazis PCs.

Note: When the government has decided on the PCs required for the conference, this Two of the PCs are 30. It will be sent to ITU for not passing the June 2006 date. The ITU will prepare master images on CDs for the steel-based PC configurations needed. The CDler and PCler will then be sent to the Government, so that the local team will be able to copy the required PCs. (e.g. Using Norton Ghost from Symantec).

11.3. Windows Servers (Minimum Requirements)

a) INTEL SERVERS 3 GHz or higher.

b) RAM 1 Gbyte.

c) Bol (Redundant) Power Loc.

d) RAID controller with a minimum available space of 300 GB.

e) CD and diskette drives.

f) USB ports.

g) The English-English Windows 2003 operating system with virus scanning.

h) The list of applications and services will be available later.

11.4 Printers (Minimum Requirements)

a) A minimum of 16 syf/dk, black and white, laser printers.

b) At least 8 syf/dk are laser printers with colored aunds.

c) A printer driver that supports the bottom official language of the ITU.

11.5 Tarays (Minimum Requirements)

a) USB interface flat-bed scans and ~ 16 syf/dk.lisk automatic data They are the feeders that are feeders.

b) The device driver, scan, and OCR was written where needed.

c) To scan for email, Black & White, and Color to PDF scan.

11.6 Plasma screens (Minimum Requirements)

a) Screen Size: 42 ".

b) Resolution: 1024x768 pixels or more.

c) VGA interface.

11.7. Additional Requirements

ekin addition to the documents listed in the "Table of Abilities" document, The following are required:

a) Server to be sold by ITU: 8 (forecast).

b) Server to be sold by government: 6 (forecast).

c) External DVD printer: 4 (estimated).

d) Headphones (web publishing encoder PCs and shared offices) for): 20.

e) Image recorder (for web release): 2.

12. Visual-Israel Requirements

With the purpose of using

PP-06 TV, the plasma screens and the conference Government equipment and services are available to help spread visions and planned programs from the website as a live:

Near 96 sq m (12m x 8m) safe can be locked studio, split into two:

a) furnished 80 sq m (10m x 8m) in front of everyone, The studio, the back and the back, the studio, the backboard and the finished studio. This field will be inspected and teed in the following:

     i) Hali,

     ii) The two rail-hanger studio spotu (from the front),

     iii) Arkadam and 1 hanger PP-06 TV banner, which will be designed by ITU, to be designed by ITU.

     iv) Furniture: 1 seat and 1 single seat chair (manager) office type), 1 square table, 4 chairs (manager office type) and 1 oval table, 2 high stools (use of camera)

     v) 3 tall plants

     vi) 1 plasma screen

     vii) 4 receptacles

Open a 1 or 2 backspace between sites that are open to everyone the blue door (the Pantone 292U reference can be a reference) wall was not available.

b) A 16 square meter (2m x 8m) editing room and office space field to be used as a field. This field will be inspected and teed in the following:

     i.) 3 tables and chairs

     ii.) 1 locked cabinet,

     iii.) 1 round table and 2 chairs,

     iv.) Don't start,

     v.) High-speed internet media and telephone media,

     vi.) 4 outlets

Does not open to everyone, and it is locked and locked for air. with a wall at a height of 2.5 m, it is not divided. They can also be met by:


In addition to the studio, the location of the screen can be adjusted At least 6 plasma screens with a separate speaker are not installed. A video store in the studio with each plasma screen video cable (75 ohm) has been set to be taken. The studio's control room has a video device, 1 entry (camera), and plasma screens, and a lot of output from the webside server.

The control room has 1 video monitors.

TagPreserver,p,0,170Pre-recorded materials in the range of Candi programs It will be published. The material on the DVD; plasma screens over the other side of the DVD are not connected.

Herone tripod, head, gentil lens, lapel mics x2, xlr cable, 2 cameras (sony dvcam full-size model) with the monitor, battery, and the computer are not.

13. Rooms and Business

a) Locally locked for local waste and server equipment 25 square meteroda

b) Locked cabinet or wire cabinet and other local aperes for the Patch panels Ventilation for equipment

c) On outages that are available for local waste equipment and servers in 10 minutes power-up UPS, standard 19 " equipment rack

d) Solvents and webins in the Webden release center The server will also be supported with UPS.

e) Service personnel can be alerted if UPS is not stolen For example, the SNMP-managed UPS is not available for use.

f) Computers, laptop computers (inc cables) ), print offices, office equipment and power supplies, meeting rooms and internet cafe EK-2, as well as in the "Requirements Table" document.

g) The line and print toner are to be sold.

TagPreserver,p,0,170h) Information Technologies to spaces, rooms, and cabling cabinets There are 7x24 access to personnel.

14. On-site Support

14.1. Local Staff

Set up and process

Information Technology infrastructure To support the end-user:

< property Count Played Period

lCT Coordinator                                             April 3, 06-30 November 06

Local Ahigh Engineer                                          1 3 April 06-26 November 06

Windows & Unix System Engineer 1 3 April 06-26 Kahm 06

IT Technician                                                   October 4, 16, 06-26 November 06

Local Aits Technician                                         October 4, 16, 06-26 November 06

TagPreserver,p,0,176Webthrough Release Support                                    2 1 November 06-25 Km 06

Telephone Engineer                                           September 1, 06-25 November 06

Telephone Technician                                           September 1, 06-25 November 06

The top tanks in the top are all local staff It will be found in a special custom document.

14.2. Service Sailors

Government support for local or international service He can decide to do it. It would be appropriate for the ITU to take part in the election. In each case, the transmission details of the service to the ITU are not available.

Service-on-critical support for 7x24 It will not.

15. Documentation

Information about ITU at the preparation of the

Conference at It will be.

15.1 Hc

a) The floor plan.

b) The titles, tasks, and titles of key management and IT staff list of telephone numbers.

c) Expex of existing ffix and mantristics plan documentation.

 15.2 Medium

a) Contact the other IT staff and service-vendor contacts list of titles, tasks, and telephone numbers.

b) The specifications of the selected hardware: PCler, printers, scans, plasma screens, servers, UPS, etc.

c) Detail of the physical and logical plan of the conference area documentation:

i) cabling;

ii) equipment;

iii) connectivity;

iv) VLANlar;

v) IP addresses;

vi) the application files of the equipment are installed.

d) The infrastructure for wireless infrastructure and its coverage.

e) Phone number plan.

f) Apply reference numbers and line-up lines table.

15.3 End

a) The resumes of local personnel.

b) Eskalation action (24x7 coverage).

c) Documentation and configuration related to the final push-ins files.