The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. The Government Of The Republic Of Turkey And The International Telecom

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜR­Kİ­YE CUM­HU­Rİ­YE­Tİ HÜ­KÜ­ME­Tİ İLE ULUS­LA­RA­RA­SI TELEKOM

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Law No. 5619:28/3/2007 article 1-5 June 2006 in Geneva, signed "Between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the International Telecommunication Union Plenipotentiary Delegates Conference 2006 organization, realization and Financing Agreement" to be approved.
Article 2-this law comes into force the date of promulgation.
Article 3-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.

The GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY, REPRESENTED by the PRESIDENT of the BOARD of TELECOMMUNICATIONS with the SECRETARY GENERAL REPRESENTED the INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION UNION PLENIPOTENTIARY DELEGATES CONFERENCE of 2006 BETWEEN the Organization, REALIZATION and FINANCING AGREEMENT (Antalya, 2006) INPUT A Solution Decision No. 77 (revised, Marrakesh, 2002), the next ITU Plenipotentiary Conference of Delegates will be performed in the second half of 2006, B the Government of the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter referred to as the "Government"), the International Telecommunication Union ("ITU") 2006 Plenipotentiary Conference of Delegates, (hereinafter referred to as the "Conference" referred to as), 6-24 November 2006 in Antalya, regulating the POWs have been found;
C the Council's next ordinary Plenipotentiary Conference of Delegates to the Union Member States, in accordance with Decision No. 526 for the majority of the image at the specified location and dates agreed about was staying;
D Turkey Republic (hereinafter referred to as Turkey) in this context, the Organization Act and Agreement of ITU (Geneva, 1992) and the subsequent modified his lectures or Fully Authorized (Kyoto, 1994, Minneapolis, 1998 and Marrakech, 2002) (hereinafter referred to as respectively "the Enterprise Act" and referred to as the "agreement") and on the General Rules of conferences, the General Assembly and Meetings of the Union (hereinafter referred to as the General rules) and the judgment and decision of the Council with the Conference solution to comply with in particular;
1. Plenipotentiary Delegates Conferences relating to the Agreement accept 23. File Manager;
2. when a Government Plenipotentiary Delegates who invited Conferences General Rules regarding an invitation to section;
3. arranging a conference outside Geneva, the invitation of the Government of the host country towards the Conference organized outside Geneva in case of additional costs resulting from üstlenmemesi 5-numbered about Solution acceptance Decision (Kyoto, 1944);
4. Organization of conferences and meetings of the Union, financing and 83 for the liquidation of accounts (revised) Council Resolution Decision;
5. Sixteen Member States of the Union delegations of the Conference and meetings of the Council Decision No. 304 regarding participation;
6. the privileges, exemptions and facilities related to the activities of the Union concerning Council Resolution 1004 Decision;
7. Act No. 99 concerning the status of Palestine in ITU Resolution decision (Minneapolis); and 8. Participation in ITU meetings liberation organisations regulate the conditions for the 6 numbered Solution Decision (Kyoto, 1994) and aims to comply with Council Resolution No. 741 Decision, they shall inform the telecommunications Board considering represented the Government and the Secretary General are represented by ITU (hereinafter referred to as the "parties") accepts the following: article I Definitions 1.1 in accordance with this agreement, the term "Conference participant to Conference delegates, delegations, or be a member of the Government or the Secretary General (see Agreement 23. And general rules chapter one) by inviting 99 numbered Solution Decision (Minneapolis, 1998), 6 numbered Solution Decision (Kyoto, 1994) and the Council's Decision No. 741 Solution unless observers and Radio Regulations Board's President and Vice President (see l41A section of the agreement).
1.2 in accordance with this agreement, "lTU officer" refers to the elected officials, Conference participants lTU allocated ITU officials or staff or lTU by especially for the Conference officially assigned will be understood.
ARTICLE II of the Conference Location and dates 2.1 Conference, Turkey, Antalya, Sungate Port Royal Hotel/Vega Convention Centre will be carried out in.
2.2 the official opening of the Conference, to be held on Monday 6 November 2006, and in principle the work will complete on Friday, November 24, 2006.
ARTICLE III of the Invitations and accept the agreement when a Government inviting 3.1 and the provisions relating to reservations in the Conference invited the General Rules without giving effect will be applied.
3.2 the Conference invited to attend on behalf of the Government and letters to Member States of ITU by the Secretary General. Secretary General, to participate in the Conference as observers to organizations and legal persons will forward letters of invite.
3.3 Government, the host Government, the Conference participants and Conference introduction to all ITU personnel on duty to make Turkey and all jobs covered by the Conference to remain in the country until the necessary operations will organize. These processes will include the spouse and children of the participants.
3. In this context, the Government, all participants and ITU officials quickly and free of charge to grant the necessary visas and entry permits will take every precaution to provide. Visa and entry permissions not found in the Turkish Embassy or Consulate to get the countries participants introduction to points in Turkey for visas and entry permits issued to ensure that necessary arrangements will be made, too.
ARTICLE IV privileges and Exemptions in accordance with the Act No. 166 item Rules 4.1 General Government as far as possible, Telegraph, telephone services (including faxes) and telex services will provide conveniences and with terms that will be provided as a convenience and Conference contacts prior to the opening of this privilege and special terms for convenience will be informed about.

4.2 this agreement and within the framework of the application requirements, the Government; Since August 22, 1950 in Turkey is a party and by the United Nations General Assembly adopted on 13 February 1946 "United Nations privileges and Exemptions Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "1946 agreement") will apply by way of analogy to the provisions of the Conference. (The Council's previous Decision No. 193 1004 confirming UNSC). In particular, Conference delegates and the delegation members, when applicable, spouses and small children during the Conference, including the Conference with ten (10) days preceding the Conference the next five (5) to include the day of the 1946 agreement IV. The article did not, however, exemptions and facilities located under. In addition, the ITU officials during the Conference including spouses and small children, with ten (10) days preceding Conference Conference the next five (5) to include the day of the 1946 agreement, V, and VII. Items under the privileges, exemptions and facilities.
4.3 Radio Regulations Board President and Vice President, once the necessary changes in carrying out their tasks during the Conference if necessary 1946 Convention on the privileges and exemptions under Article V.
2.7 United Nations observers 1946 agreement, V, and VII. Under the privilege and exemption items.
4.5 Specialty organizations and International Atomic Energy Agency observers required after changes have been made on the 1946 agreement, V, and VII. Under the privilege and exemption items.
4.6 other observers referred to in Item 1.1 the Conference with regard to the participation of their speeches or writings, and they perform the activities are exempt from legal processes.
4.7 this agreement VI and VII of the Annex with 2 Items. The scope of the Conference to make mission Department of the Government by ITU Secretary General's staff provided to management and control. Government, such a Conference linked tasks of the personnel in accordance with the ITU applications to independent circumstances statement will take all the necessary measures.
4.8 ITU, goods and entities who were, especially if you're provided by the expression other than the exemptions waiving any legal process. Waiver does not apply to the Executive for measures. in accordance with the 1946 Convention, of this agreement, II. The item referred to in the sense of the Conference buildings 1946 Agreement 3 section considered and the ITU building so entries are allowed and are subject to the control of ITU. During the Conference, including the preparation and closing stages of the buildings be violated. ITU is provided by who goods and assets, you're provided, administrative, administrative, research, forensic or legal ways to claim, Lien, kamulaştırrna and other types of intervention. It also belongs to the ITU or by the provided all documents are inviolable.
4.9 the ITU and the Government; This agreement with the conveniences offered privileges and exemption of the use of any form of abuse prevention, implementation of laws and regulations and the relevant provision of the Turkish order, Justice will collaborate at every turn.

ARTICLE V Financial Arrangements 5.1 Plenipotentiary Delegates Conference (Kyoto, 1994), in accordance with the decision of the Conference, the solution no. 5 in extra expenses resulting from Antalya (see annex I) shall be borne by the Government. These types of expenses, the following VII. without prejudice to the provisions of article, consists of the following elements in particular:-ITU Staff Regulations and Staff rules and complementary services in connection with these instructions in accordance with the provisions of the ITU officials about to be paid a daily allowance;
-Radio Regulations Board (RRB) President and Vice President will be paid a daily allowance;
-Staff Regulations and Staff rules and ITU as complementary service instructions thereon in accordance with the provisions of the ITU officials about travel (including any insurance premiums) and the terminal (if necessary visas included) costs;
-Radio Regulations Board (RRB) President and Vice President's travel (including any insurance premiums) and the terminal (if necessary visas included) costs;
-The Conference Secretariat to work properly with the necessary equipment and transporting of documents where applicable, to the extent that the costs for hiring its equivalent materials.
The Conference's Budget Control Committee, in accordance with the instructions issued by these costs; responsible for the administration of the funds is to be maintained by the ITU General Secretariat will be kept in special accounts. These accounts will be maintained as Switzerland Francs.
5.2 5.1. implementation of paragraph purposes, ITU by one of Geneva and the other two in Antalya will open special accounts. The Government; The Conference was done in Antalya as a result calculated by the ITU and annex l "Extra Costs" estimated additional costs shown under the title ninety percent (90%) of the amount corresponding to the ITU by a special bank account in a bank in Geneva will be opened no later than August 15, 2006, until Switzerland Franc-denominated in a brick. The remaining sums amounting to ten percent (10%) by the ITU in Antalya will be launched in the new Turkish Lira in a Bank and Switzerland Franc or U.s. dollar that can be translated to a special bank account will be credited up to the date of October 25, 2006.
5.3 Government, as on the occasion of the Conference and the Conference will be held in the Turkish authorities about receptions and other activities, will cover the costs.
3.4 the Conference officers with their tasks, salaries of staff lTU during heavy defects and deliberate neglect due to the Conference scene, materials and all other individuals, including their damage costs will be met by the Government, will not be compensated and ITU.
3.4 3.4. except as provided in article, ITU; Damage to the Conference scene, material and people will not be held responsible.

5.6 ITU; After the close of the Conference as soon as possible and no later than six (6) months later, Government by the amount paid on behalf of ITU and the ITU or the cost of facilities and services that must be met by the Government for an account statement showing payments made by the ITU. According to this account leaves give whom, this time after notice to the Government or not later than by the ITU three (3) months will be paid to the other side in Switzerland Francs. The Government, on the grounds of any amount in the notification request and be eligible to receive.
ARTICLE VI safety precautions in a safe and quiet atmosphere of the Conference, the Government of 6.1 any intervention to ensure the effective functioning of away from free provides appropriate security measures as well. ITU buildings is under the control of security and safety within the ITU. However, the provision of appropriate security in Government Conference building and the necessary security for safety/safety staff and equipment is lTU will provide to. It is the responsibility of the Government outside the Conference building security. The two security zones during the transfer to the surrounding buildings ITU ITU and explicitly by the Government will be defined.
6.2 the opening date as soon as possible and at least 4 months ago, the Government will identify a person responsible for security and safety. This person has an extensive security and safety plan and to be coordinated properly in the ITU security and Safety Coordinator will work closely with.
ARTICLE VII the Government Provided Buildings, Staff, Facilities and Services 7.1 Government; in the annex to this agreement (annex 2) specified buildings, staff, facilities and services, but also the Additional-3 ' information and communication technologies infrastructure, equipment and services demand money, will guarantee to provide timely to ITU. Annexes of the agreement (annex 2 and annex 3) specifically specified and any material provided by the Government, as the regular functioning of hardware and equipment Conference negative affects upon acceptance by the parties, the Government, at the request of the ITU, if appropriate, in order to find a solution to the problem, including the need to provide will take every precaution. This agreement, XI. Unlike an agreement in accordance with article varılma (see especially Annex 2 referred to in the "Requirements Table"); basic network infrastructure (see annex 3 of this Agreement) on October 23, 2006 the first ITU personnel before the arrival will be ready with the understanding, the Conference buildings, from October 23 until November 26, 2006 at ITU is available 24 hours a day.
7. Conference participants, the ITU officials and Government by the provisions of this agreement and provided personnel to ITU annex-2 3. Division of weekends and official holidays in Turkey, including any time (day or night) Conference building will be able to. ITU and the Turkish authorities in the framework of the preliminary deal to be made between entries of this kind are also be other parties. If necessary, Parties, special terms that can be applied to entries of this type on the anlaşacaklardır.
4.5 need for carrying out assessments of the Conference belongs to ITU materials, equipment and relevant documents; any customs, duties, restriction or prohibition will be imported to Turkey without. The Government, in the shortest possible time, to importing and exporting required permissions for ITU.
ARTICLE VIII Travel and Transport Arrangements For the Secretary-General; ITU Staff Regulations and rules of the relevant provisions in accordance with the decisions of the Council related matters, Conference Secretariat, effectively making all the materials required for the task to ensure the Conference is tasked with moving the Conference to the scene of the ITU staff will make all the necessary arrangements for travel.
ARTICLE IX Media Relations related to the Regulations 9.1 the Conference preparations, development and results-related media (radio and television, electronic media, newspapers and other publications, etc.) with all official relations and at the same time all official communications activities for the Conference appointed by the Government in cooperation with the authorities, the Secretary General or a representative will be the responsibility of the empowered.
9.2 This responsibility, to authorize the Secretary General or by the representative of ITU other conferences, meetings of the General Assembly or yapılageldiği way.
5.8 Media dealings with, the Government is entirely the responsibility of the ITU Conference structure or contents based on issues involved acknowledge.
5.8 Conference duly accredited media representatives. in order to prevent any harmful enterferansın, transmission equipment and coordinate with the Government of frequency plans, provided they brought their own photography, radio and television equipment as temporary customs duty on imports will qualify automatically. Members of the media you want to use this type of exemption; the sole responsibility of the equipment imported before, team/photographer where audio-visual equipment and transmission equipment in the event that their satellite and communications in order to ensure that a detailed list of the features of the frequency.
ARTICLE X the Conference's Cancellation, Postponement and Changing your place as a result of a decision of the ITU Conference 10.1 cancellation, postponement or modification of the place concerned, ITU's obligation against the Government; has been taken under contract obligations or made in connection with the Organization of the Conference preparations and spending-until then expenditure, cannot be made to carry the main qualities and indispensable or discount provided that, in such a way that any useful purpose will be limited if not-.

6.3 the Conference before or during the Conference, hosted by the Government because you don't get distracted, or allow the planned location, change the case of a claim against the Government's obligation to the ITU; This is going to be born of the expenses paid by the ITU in connection, in particular Conference or payment with all referenced committing expenditure-expenditure until that day, carrying the main qualities and indispensable or discount cannot be provided, cannot serve any useful purpose will be limited if-. Of this agreement, II. In a place different from the place specified in the item needs to be done will be done by ITU for rental expenses in the same way when it occurs or the possibility of the formation of Conference due to force majeure reason 10.3 cancellation, postponement, stopping or changing the location of the event that causes; such a practical, compelling reason for compromise on financial and legal consequences of such an event, to provide Parties with effect from the date of receipt in writing when any five (5) days the parties will begin negotiations. Unless the parties agree otherwise in writing, the work of the reconciliation talks to predict since seven (7) days following XV. Provisions will be prosecuted accordingly. In case of dispute, the parties could reach a solution following the XII. Will be resolved within the framework of the provisions of the article.
ARTICLE XI of the agreement this Agreement shall be applied for the implementation of regulations, or authorized representative of the Secretary General to the Government with the relevant authorities or accredited liaison officer will be decided between.
ARTICLE XII the following dispute resolution 12.1 12.5. subject to the paragraph, between the parties in connection with this agreement or resulting from this agreement, and the negotiations between the parties or through other dispute reached mutual agreement is declared within six (6) months after the date in the form of friendly any disagreement which cannot be resolved, a Board consisting of three (3) arbitrator (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") shall be a money order. One of the judges will be appointed by the Secretary General, the other Government. In this way, two appointed referee, a third referee will appoint as Chairman of the Board. The name of the other party's arbitrator granted by one of the declare within one (1) month from the referee occurs or the two Parties appointed the arbitrator, the second referee to be notified of the name of two (2) months President occurs; no ref (or where appropriate, President), will be appointed by the President of the International Court of Justice.
7.6 If the place of Arbitration shall be Geneva, English language.
7.6 unless otherwise specified in writing by the parties, the Board; identifies the procedures that must be followed and arbitration costs between the parties will be free to share.
7.7 this agreement, the parties, the Board's decision will be final and binding and judgment on an appeal to the Court or any national başvurulmayacağı concur.
7.8 February 5, 1946 Agreement applies to any dispute concerning a Contract in question 30. the specified section will be subject to the order.
ARTICLE XIII Obligations 8.1 Government, ITU or any of the reasons specified below, against persons of a complaint, request or göğüslemekle shall be responsible for the reaction: a) 5.4 in accordance with the provisions of ITU is responsible for damages, except those provided by the Government or specified in article II and the Government Conference Centre, located in the parties control the injury or loss of or damage to the goods;
b) referred to in annex 2 of the transport activities or during these activities, loss of goods or injury to individuals or damage;
c in accordance with this agreement to the Conference by the Government) indigenous personnel to be employed and their reaction and complaints in any way.
8.2 the Government react in this way, the ITU and personnel, complaints and other inquiries will prevent damage and losses of.
ARTICLE XIV Names, Abbreviations, Titles, Logos, and the name, abbreviation, the ITU Use Flags 14.1 logo and flag; exclusively to be used by the ITU and will authorize the Secretary General or representative, where applicable, to the extent that, without the prior written consent of the Government, the Conference Organizing Committee, will be used by the partners and official suppliers.
8.8 the following 8.9. subject to the paragraph, to authorize the Secretary General or delegate cannot be used without the prior written permission of the Conference name, abbreviation, title and all intellectual property rights associated with the logo of ITU will belong to.
8.9 the ITU approved a commercial job, will not give the impression that the use of a product or service provided, the Government, the Conference's name, acronym and logo in the header, will be allowed to use your personal data for the following purposes: a) an information brochure for the Conference and, to this end, the Government created an Internet web page;
b) Text previously approved by the ITU Publications c) local or international publication intended in the media, including the ITU approved in advance by the suppliers and prospective attendees Conference logistics arrangements and other related matters aimed at promotional materials to provide information;
d) may be needed during preparations for the Conference of the Conference about the press conferences and other events.
8.9 the Government; 8.9. in the context of paragraph name, abbreviation, title and with regard to any and all usage of the logo of ITU will inform on a regular basis. The Government; unauthorized third party Conference name, abbreviation, title and logo shall be responsible for fraudulent Muse afterwards.
Changing and Termination of the agreement ARTICLE XV annex I, Appendix 2 and Appendix 3 's an inseparable part of this agreement; The Government and the Secretary General, cannot change or unless written agreement between signify your irrevocable acceptance. There's an integral part of any changes to this agreement will be considered.
ARTICLE XVI entry into force and duration of agreement 16.1 this agreement, Government, General Secretary of the national procedures required has been completed, the Convention shall enter into force on the date of reporting. This agreement officially effective date will be the date of receipt by the ITU of this statement.

16.2 the provisions of this agreement, the terms and conditions laid down here in accordance with all of the Conference organization, financial and other matters between the parties will remain in effect until the final showdown.
IT is WITNESSED, the undersigned duly authorized representatives, two (2) original English version of this agreement sign as well.

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Turkey, on behalf of the International Telecommunications Union Dr. Tayfun ACARER Yoshio UTSUMI, Chairman of the Board of telecommunications Secretary General in Geneva: location: Geneva date: 5 June 2006 date: 5 June 2006 annex 2 will be provided by the Government of Turkey for the Conference spaces, facilities, services and local Government staff, ITU Conference in an orderly manner to the extent that it considers sufficient to guarantee the execution of necessary and following me blood, allowing local personnel, and services will provide free of charge to ITU: 1. Places 1.1 fifteen hundred (1500) Meeting a)-person settlement (one (1) table, and (2) two row seats) will be given a way following the main Conference Hall will be issued together with the equipment.
. Lectern desk, twelve (12) sanda and second-row chairs behind them. The color scheme of the Conference and the camera (TV or fixed camera) can be arranged in stage décor, décor design is subject to approval by the ITU.
. A large table for spelling Committee, three (3) chairs (3) headset. One (1) chair the mobile microphone speech. Six (6) languages for simultaneous interpreter cabins (four (4) two (2) people in the cabin and two (2) cabin three (3) persons with) and related equipment (ISO standards), plus two extra cabin and equipment if needed. Lectern desk including a headset for all participants.
. Lectern desk both including (2) a participant (1) microphone. To be on the podium control display electronic case tracking system mentioned (System + control display). Meetings are an opportunity to triple record: two (2) copies of the spoken language, one (1) copy will be made and the English Channel record speaker will be kept the diary.
. 800 users have wireless network capacity. Participants in both laptops belonging to (2) a person who (1) electrical connection. The lounge and on the podium where all participants can easily see one (1) or more big-screen. Projector to be used for one (1) PC or laptop, English keyboard (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint with the floppy and CD-ROM drive installed USB ports.). One XGA/SVGA data projection device will be connected directly to the computer. Screens in the room to the Hall is appropriate for the speaker to reflect an image of an audio/video system (including cameras and personnel). Sound and image over the web in 6 languages (French/English/Spanish/Arabic/Chinese/Russian) and in the language spoken in the living room for a total of seven (7) the publication from the channel. Audio and video feed audio-visual server by webcast will be the Centre and will be here each feed is parsed. Seven will be held from the channel feed over internet end-to-end of Geneva in order from the channel allocated to the bandwidth needed for will be provided by the Government.
b) Approximately seven hundred (700) settlement (a two row table and chairs) to provide a way (1) the following equipment shall be issued with a conference room.
. Lectern desk, eight (8) to ten (10) seats and behind the second-row chairs. The color scheme of the Conference and the camera (TV or fixed camera) can be arranged in stage décor, décor design is subject to approval by the ITU.
. Six (6) languages for simultaneous interpretation cabins (four (4) two (2) people in the cabin and two (2) cabin three (3) persons with) and related equipment (ISO standards), plus two extra cabin and equipment if needed. Lectern desk including a headset for all participants. Lectern desk both including (2) participant a microphone. Meetings are opportunities for dual enrollment: one (1) copy of the spoken language, one (1) copy will be made and the English Channel record speaker will be kept the diary.
. user capacity 350 wireless network. Participants in both laptops belonging to (2) a person who (1) electrical connection. The lounge and on the podium where all participants can easily see one (1) or more big-screen. Projector to be used for one (1) PC or laptop, English keyboard (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint with the floppy and CD-ROM drive installed USB ports.). One (1) XGA/SVGA data projection device will be connected directly to the computer. Your voice is six (6) over the web languages (French/English/Spanish/Arabic/Chinese/Russian) and in the language spoken in the living room for a total of seven (7) the publication from the channel.
c) Approx. 400 (400) people will be given a desk placement opportunities (1) the following equipment shall be issued with a conference room.
. Lectern desk, eight (8) Chair. The color scheme of the Conference and the camera (TV or fixed camera) can be arranged in stage décor, décor design is subject to approval by the ITU.
. Six (6) languages for simultaneous interpretation cabins (four (4) two (2) people in the cabin and two (2) cabin three (3) persons with) and related equipment (ISO standards). Lectern desk including a headset for all participants. Lectern desk both participants, including a microphone. Meetings are opportunities for dual enrollment: one (1) copy of the spoken language, one (1) copy will be made and the English Channel record speaker will be kept the diary.
. 200 user capacity wireless network. Participants in both laptops belonging to (2) a person who (1) electrical connection. The lounge and on the podium where all participants can easily see one (1) or more big-screen. Projector to be used for one (1) PC or laptop, English keyboard (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint with the floppy and CD-ROM drive installed USB ports.). One XGA/SVGA data projection device will be connected directly to the computer. Your voice is six (6) over the web languages (French/English/Spanish/Arabic/Chinese/Russian) and in the language spoken in the living room for a total of seven (7) the publication from the channel.

d) is about two hundred (200) persons will be given a desk placement opportunities (1) the following equipment shall be issued with a conference room.
. Lectern desk, six (6) Chair. Six (6) languages for simultaneous interpretation cabins (four (4) two (2) people in the cabin and two (2) cabin three (3) persons with) and related equipment (ISO standards). Lectern desk including a headset for all participants. Lectern desk each participant, including a microphone. 100 user capacity wireless network. Participants in both laptops belonging to (2) a person who (1) electrical connection. The lounge and on the podium where all participants can easily see one (1) or more big-screen. Projector to be used for one (1) PC or laptop, English keyboard (Microsoft Word and Powerpoint with the floppy and CD-ROM drive installed USB ports.). One XGA/SVGA data projection device will be connected directly to the computer to each of one hundred (100) personality) about desk placement will allow three way (3) will be issued with the following equipment Conference-halls.
. Lectern desk, six (6) Chair. Lectern desk both including (2) participant a microphone f) Approximately seventy (70) persons will be given a desk placement opportunities (1) the following equipment shall be issued with a conference room.
. Lectern desk, six (6) Chair. Lectern desk both participants, including a microphone. Three (3) languages for simultaneous interpretation cabins (three (3) pieces of cabin two (2) persons and related equipment (ISO standards). press conferences (one meeting one day before the opening of the closing day is thought to be made meetings) for audio/video system means (camera and personnel), and webcast Press Conference Conference Center outside option are reachable from journalists to a teleconference. Teleconference equipment must be connected to a system of simultaneous translation will come questions from outside the Conference Center so that simultaneous translation cabins located in the Hall through the transmitted to the participants, the speakers will be given answers, regardless of the language must be passed only through simultaneous translation in English.
. The décor of the room is to be determined by ITU, üretilmek will be forwarded to the Government.
g) table for Approximately fifty (50) will provide settlement opportunities per two (2) will be issued with the following equipment, meeting rooms.
. Lectern desk, six (6) Chair. Lectern desk both including (2) a participant (1) microphone h) Writing to the Committee each approximately thirty (30) and two (2) pieces-person capacity meeting room. One of this room one (1) mobile microphone and microphone will have video projection with the opportunities of the foot. Secretariat, translators and for additional three (3) rooms.
All conference rooms Conference participants will be equipped with table for (order type). Each lectern on his desk at the entrance of each Hall and translation cabins decanter with water glasses.
All conference rooms as of November 4, 2006 at 10:00 on Saturday will become active.
Secretaries of the Conference President, heads of Committees and 1.2 Offices, ITU selected administrators and Secretaries will be used for offices for the Secretariat staff and local office with ITU and workspaces to be used as the seventy-one (71) Office.
The offices often have to be deployed near the water coolers will be provided.
Different offices/fields for the requested furniture and equipment represents a list will be presented later.
All offices will be transmitted later Needs the active specified in the table.
1.3 the participants welcome and registration Fields a) b) for servers and network equipment (adequate ventilation with the possibilities) technical area and PC preparation area c) mailboxes with distribution of documents d) adequate ventilation and equipment production documents-minimum 150 ppm has a top speed of six (6) pieces of machine-automatic disconnection and punching-one (1) binding machine (adopted at the end of the Conference outcome document)-perforated paper or two large electric punch machine e) Cyber-cafe (see Annex 3 for details) f) laptops/personal locked cabinets for the stuff found in the cloakroom. (~ 400) g) morning and noon the next days will operate between noon with seats found in the pay services in the cafeteria (with normal commercial price) with the hours 08.00-19.00 p.m. and, if necessary, in the case of evening/night sessions during these sessions will operate coffee islets h) empty boxes and metal pots (ITU shipment) for storage.
All these fields (except g item) then will be delivered to the specified in the table which Needs active.
2. Facilities/Services * a) defined above to the twenty (20) the temperature degrees centigrade will keep a constant air conditioning (or heating) system, lighting, water and ensuring the cleanliness of the Conference venues.
first aid facilities in the Conference Center b); Government hospital for emergency services immediate transportation and must guarantee the issue of patient acceptance.
c) in order to Announce the overall sound system d) ITU officials made changes to allow for booking hotel reservation service. This service also must be presented with reasonable commercial price to Conference attendees. This service is what will bring the Government any obligation to ITU.
e) to confirm, contains functions such as Routing and don't sell plane tickets in a way that a travel agent by setting up a temporary office in the Conference Center.
f) Conference Centre providing information services for Conference participants g) Conference participants and ITU officials will be set up at airports in İstanbul and Antalya to welcome desks h) selected five departure to arrival at the airport of ITU administrator of time drivers and car allocation.
with the arrival from the airport to the hotel I) ITU personnel and transportation to the airport from the hotel at the end of the Conference.
j) Participants upon arrival at 3-5 November 2006, at the end of the Conference official hotels and the airport in November 25, 2006 will be provided from the airport transfers. The Conference officially designated hotels during the Conference Center will provide services on a regular basis between arrival and his departure will be organized.

with regard to the region around Antalya and k) contains useful information and will be prepared in the six official languages of English or a brochure to all Conference participants and a sufficient number of replicated and distributed to the ITU 3. Local Government Staff, agreed by the parties according to the domestic personnel specified in the table of staff regulations, ITU will provide free of charge during the Conference to.

Appendix 3 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS to the Government instead of all major activities, representations and ITU ITU headquarters the same functionality and performance in order to provide the Conference Centre; As for following the proper order of the Conference of the ITU predicted by the information technology infrastructure, equipment and services should provide free of charge.
The following will use all resources and ITU personnel offices, the first ITU Conference support team (the venue to set up the necessary infrastructure will advance and the Government information systems personnel will work together with staff does not cover.) the venue should be ready in 2 days prior to the operational. Voice and data network Conference after at least one full day must be in working order.
Both sides of information systems personnel, on the establishment of the necessary infrastructure and services should prepare a timeline together.
1. Local area network Requirements 1.1. General Requirements should be two separate local network: ITU for operations "Purple LAN" a içağ and a wireless network with internet café delegates will use and also contains a link to "LAN" is an external network. These two must be able to connect the Internet network, too.
Government local network connections, both internal and external ' ("Purple", "Orange") for all the necessary equipment (e.g., hub, router, etc.) will provide and the cabling.
Local networks to be established should be based on the capacity of Max.
Good quality good quality cables and cabling infrastructure local area network ports must be with; copper cables category 5 or higher must be the standard. Depending on the point of the end offset of multiple fibers 2 or single-mode.
24, more than double of the connection, the border with multiplexer preferably use "gigabit Ethernet", 1 çoklayıcılı on the load balancer needs to be 2 different centres. HSRP and VRRP capacity abundance, appropriate technology, such as the propagation tree protocol/use should be increased, in total up to 48 per device and boundary multiplexer multiplexer will fall to 4 per computer/printer.
Backup of the configuration and equipment must be kept ready in space is attempted border multiplexer.
When prompted for all computers and servers over the local internet service provider can be connected to the Internet must be installed in such a way. Purple-the Internet access computers on the LAN can connect through "proxy server", Orange-computers on the LAN must be able to connect directly to the Internet.
Prepared multiplexers "Configuring VLANs and 802 .1Q trunking" must support the Protocol.
Depending on the local network abnormalities and physical locations of local networks to be detected environmental to provide quick, local area network monitoring and security management tools give you a warning.
All local network and operation procedure for preparation of detailed and up-to-date local area team.
UR1.2.ITU "special" Purple-LAN "which are defined in ITU local içağ (hereinafter referred to as the Purple-LAN) must support all the work of the Conference. Computers, printers and server connections established for this local area network cable 10/100 Mbps Ethernet segment must be in the property.
Purple-LAN Center in Geneva ITU 2 leased lines (see definition below) and Orange-LAN is connected through router, firewall, or access control list should be filtered.
Purple-LAN must be defined within the following virtual Networks (VLAN), access control to a VLAN other than VLAN with permission should not be able to access.
a virtual networks and local offices) ITU network services: I) VLAN "PSTAFFITU";
b) 1 virtual network "PREG" delegates and press registration for operations c) 1 virtual network "PRMS" room management system (to be viewable, if necessary, the rooms distinguish Orange-can also be used for LAN) d) 1 virtual network "PMGMT" local network equipment for 1.3. The delegation, which also includes a wireless link for "Orange-LAN", an internet café, delegates Delegates handheld computers (wired, wireless) through the Internet and connecting to the Web publishing service has been defined for the local network equipment and cabling defined in 1.2 is different from the second is a local area network (hereinafter referred to as the Orange-LAN).
Orange-LAN must be connected to the Internet through a local internet service provider firewall. (See define Below)
Orange-LAN must be defined within the following virtual Networks (VLAN), access control to another VLAN a VLAN with dan and unauthorized access to other computers on the VLAN, IT should not be possible.
a) 1 VLAN "ODELEGATE" internet café;
b) 1 VLAN "OWIRELESS" for a wireless connection;
c) 1 VLAN "owebcast" Web publishing service;
d) 1 VLAN "OSERVERS" local network services;
e) 1 VLAN "OMGMT" management of equipment for the local area network.
Participating in the Conference in the Conference venue for the delegates to designated locations (meeting rooms, internet café, offices, press centre, etc.) must have a sufficient number of wireless access point.
a) wireless network 802.11 b, g and Wi-Fi must be compatible; In addition, 802 .11A support is also required.
b) encryption (WEP, WPA) must be prevented.
c) wireless hotspot should not exceed 50 max per connection.
d) wireless hotspot and connect to the connection between bandwidth 5.5 mbps and handheld computers should be over.
e) should be reduced to minimize overlap in the same frequency range.
as stated above, f), wireless connection points; meeting rooms and additional-2, defined and required workspaces, capacity of the wireless connection in 50%, and all open spaces must be accessible in the Conference venue, with up to 300 simultaneous connections must be provided.
ITU and the Government's information technology support team to conclude that the local network will work with the design.
2. ITU is defined for the gidericili and load 2 different auto Rent International issues shared-mode connected to the router, the ITU Geneva headquarters Purple-LAN to connect to two different terrestrial 2 Mbps should be international lines. The lines between Geneva and Antalya should not exceed 100 ms latency, speed.
3. Internet connection

International internet exchange capacity duplex must be at least 8 Mbps 2 internet connection.
DNS and SMTP services to the local internet service provider, you must provide a routable IP address to at least 64.
That must be accessible in internet connection protocols: http, https, ftp, sftp, pptp, pna, rtsp and other protocols or tcp/utp ports when prompted.
Link to Web research and Orange-Lan from a common virtual network should allow user connections.
A Purple-connection LAN proxy and Purple-LAN and Geneva-ITU site-to-site Ipsec between virtual network should allow to make Web through research.
User-based and virtual network and remote desktop user connection should be provided.
Purple-Orange-LAN and LAN internet access possible to protect from unauthorized and switch between Orange-Purple-LAN and LAN for the control of capacity should be the Firewall configuration mode.
MRTG (Multi router traffic grafikleyici) can be web-based monitor internet traffic such as 1 page (s) must be accessible to operational and ITU technical personnel.
4. user Virtual network connections must be Microsoft PPTP virtual network technology-based ITU. Only 128-bit encryption must be possible. If you installed any of the firewall must allow the following IP protocols, traffic.
IP protocol for TCP 1723 port a) (control channel);
b) IP protocol GRE (data channel);
d) Ipsec;
e details of the Conference will be prepared at a time near the beginning) the additional protocols 5. A local system and local network security to protect network infrastructure from unauthorized access should be taken the appropriate security measures.
Users can also access control lists the child prepared local area networks and firewall must be protected by using technologies like.
Monitoring of suspicious activity should be forced to access detection system.
Information technology infrastructure must be based on security monitoring, warning, and reporting tools.
Local area network equipment and installations must be made of the latest version of computers made patches.
Downloads made to all computers (including those in siberkafe) is a good virus protection program, daily updated virus database is required for updating of the business plan must be installed.
Just do your research purpose computers from the internet (e.g. siberkafe), saving users from installing any program, or must be set to prevent shutting down the machine.
Users of computers used for writing also must be granted administrator rights.
It's going to be a part of the ITU work-related documents will prepare additional information.
6. Phones and faxes the local fixed-line telephone sets accessible and others as international access should be prepared. All the staff at the ITU Geneva ITU Center should be able to. When you search the ITU Geneva Center in abbreviated PABX calls: a) local access to local and Central Government definition: Conference will provide in addition to mobile phone numbers and the remaining in Geneva the ITU staff should be able to fixed and mobile phones.
n.) fixed phones and faxes: + 41 22 730 5xxx and + 41 22 730 6xxx (PABX switchboard);
II) Mobile phones: + 41 79 249 48xx and + 41 79 217 35xx, iii) ITU main fax number: + 41 22 733 7256;
b in addition to the local International access: access) all countries must have unrestricted access to phone system Voip or TDM-based and must contain the following functions.
a Call to voicemail access b)) all transfer c) Electronic phone book (optional);
d) seeking and seeing the last called number (optional) Key ITU staff of eighty (80) local in-line mobile telephone will be provided. These phones should be defined in ITU's request in an enclosed space. In addition, international access SIM cards and prepaid phone cards, will be available in the Conference Center.
Interpreters must have Office equipment and machines in different locations with voice mail in their fax machines for analog phone lines.
Fax machines must be local and international access group 3. Press the fax machines in the room to be used by prepaid cards must be available.
List of local access phone number specified by the Conference's opening of at least 3 weeks ago and the press centre are 4 weeks in advance should be granted to ITU.
The exact number of phone and fax machines (computers, printers, and others), the Government will be listed in the "table of Requirements" document to be prepared.
7. Webcast 7.1 Equipment and infrastructure will be provided with the following equipment and infrastructure for Web publication service: a) Only for audio encoder PCs (ITI, will support the video coders 10 number of capacity will provide software and hardware necessary for increasing);
b) will be webcast Center mounted Kodlayıcıların, real time is assigned to are the Conference room audio and video signal transmission of (spoken language + F/E/S/R/C/A);
c) BETACAM SP and VHS format VCR and it's compatible, through manual coding for image cassettes monitor;
d is required for each room of the Webcast) control monitor;
e) Headphones.
Voice recording trio of meetings should be taken into consideration: 2 of the spoken language, and 1 of them is not part of the web publication is explained in annex 2, English audio feed is the requirement.
Encoders and webyayını servers; up to 10 minutes of power outages, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected to the power outputs fed by.
7.2 the Network Requirements for a Web publication) Orange-LAN can be routed IP addresses are open Webcast on the server and all the encoders.
b) Purple-Orange-Webcast on the LAN Server and LAN traffic over the fire wall between the web server permission.
c) to the administrator PCs, Orange-4 additional IP address on the LAN.
d) dedicated to the internet bandwidth to be validated; each audio feed to 16 kbps or 152 kbps for audio and video feed.
8. Siberkafe Conference participants; wireless network, 50 PC and place more internet access will be provided to the extent that would allow laptop connection; 10 printer, 2 modem and a copy machine equipped with a siberkafe. Laptop computers to charge European and American standards will be a sufficient number of suitable power supply point. Toner and power adapters will be eligible service desk.
Approximately 6 staff (ITU personnel and local staff); at least 16 network port, will allow the service desk space a sufficient number of PC and printer.
9. The ITU Stand/book point of sale

ITU, ITU Publications from their work and to help sell a an area of 90 square meters, or book sales point. To do this, the following equipment will be required: 9.1 the General area the ITU Stand-CD/DVD-ROM reader, keyboard and mouse; back at the Office, that has a connection to a network printer is equipped with two PC-two flat-screen monitor (17 ").
5.7 back Office-CD/DVD-ROM reader, a PC keyboard and mouse.
-One laserjet printer.
-Two Purple-LAN network connection.
-Telephone set in conjunction with a PCs international phone line.
5.8 sales area (General area)-CD/DVD-ROM reader, a PC keyboard and mouse.
-One flat-screen monitor (17 ").
-One laserjet printer.
-International telephone lines, and telephone set.
-One for ISDN BRI line Credit card validation.
-One for IDD analog Fax line and a fax machine.
Other requirements; mobile phones, fuse box and wiring, power sockets, sales desk, shelving and lockable drawers, display racks, sales room and carpet to 90 square meters surface.
10. The requirement for Local Server file, print, mail and internet service to provide Windows with base IP network environment; the following servers will be required.
6.3. ITU that must be managed by Servers (hanger field, planning for power and cooling requirements) a) Windows Active Directory, WINS, DHCP, DNS, and Purple-LAN has plenty of configuration mode, such as print server for servers.
b) has plenty of configuration mode on the Purple-LAN file servers.
c a local internet Pcs on the LAN) Purple-links to access Internet through Proxy servers.
d) Purple-LAN on the software distribution and update server.
e) room management system (Rooms Management System) for servers.
f) Delegates and members of the press to register servers.
g) Conference internet, Purple and Orange have to publish on the LAN configuration modes Webcast servers.
6.3. The Government By Windows Active Directory Servers that must be a), WINS, DHCP, DNS, and Purple-LAN has plenty of configuration mode, such as print server for two servers.
b) ITU mirror site at PP-06 document web-hosting has servers for configuration mode.
c) wall of fire that is provided by Government web-proxy-capable.
d) "ITU By the servers that must be provided under the heading" mentioned and performed by ITU for use in case of problems during the currently two backup servers.
ITU should be the information on how to configure the servers.
11. Pcs, Servers, Scanners and other equipment 11.1 General meeting rooms, room management system, siberkafe, record, webcast, counting the votes and the staff at the ITU and local staff as a backup is necessary for PC, printer, scanner-like device to learn the number of "Requirements Table entitled" see doc.
11.2. Pcs (Minimum requirements) a) CPU-Pentium 2 GHz 1024 MB RAM-b) c) HDD-80 GB d) OS and applications-Windows XP, Office 2003, Powerpoint, virus scanner, Winzip, RealPlayer, Acrobat Reader, NetMeeting I) All software will be in English.
II) Front Page, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe PDF writer, NetMeeting software, it may be necessary on some machines, you're going to have to be notified in full later the number of copies;
e) Screen-17 "CRT or flat-screen;
f) NIC-100 Mb/s;
g) Real Player is multimedia;
h) language support: I) 6 official UN language dictionary contained in Pcs;
some Usefull to Local Turkish personnel II);
n.) US international keyboard;
j) Some Usefull Turkish keyboard;
k) CD and floppy disk drive;
l) USB ports;
m) Some usefull to webcams.
Note: the Government, the Conference is required for PClere when, this was two PCs, will not exceed the date of June 30, 2006 will be sent to ITU to. The ITU, for various PC configurations needed master images on Cds. CDs and Pcs will be sent to the Government later, so it is necessary for the local team PCleri kopyalayabilecektir. (eg. From Symantec, Norton Ghost use).
11.3. Windows servers (Minimum requirements) a) INTEL Servers 3 GHz or higher.
b) RAM, 1 Gbyte.
c) Abundant (Redundant) power supply.
d) at least 300 GB RAID controller with available space.
e) CD and floppy disk drives.
f) USB ports.
g) virus scanner found on English Windows 2003 operating system.
h) list of applications and services will be provided later.
7.1 Printers (Minimum requirements) a.) at least 16 pages/min, black & white network laser printers.
b) of at least 8 pages/min, color network laser printers.
c) ITU six official language supports printer driver.
7.1 Browsers (Minimum requirements) a flat-bed scanner and USB interface) ~ 16 pages/min automatic data feeder of browsers.
b) where the device driver, scanning and OCR software.
c) scan to e-mail, scan to PDF in color White and Black &.
7.2 Plasma screens (Minimum requirements) a) screen size: 42 ".
b) resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels or more.
c) VGA interface.
7.3. additional requirements "Needs Table" in addition to the documents listed in the title, the following are also required: a) the ITU to be provided by the server: 8 (estimate).
b) to be provided by the Government server: 6 (estimate).
c) External DVD burner: 4 (estimate).
d) Headphones (Webcast encoder PCleri and shared offices): 20.
e) Image recorder (for web edition): 2.12. Audiovisual Requirements PP-06 the purpose of use, plasma TV screens and the Conference website on the talks and planned to be released as Government programs to live should provide the following equipment and services: approximately 96 sq ft (12 m x 8 m) should be split in two by a lockable safe way Studio,: a) approximately 80 square meters open to everyone (10 m x 8 m) furnished, floodlight, arkafonlu and rhubarb Studio. This field will be furnishing and equipping in the following manner: I) Carpet, ii) Two rail hanger Studio spot (optional), iii) is equipped with two A0 format (to be printed by the Government, to be designed by ITU) arkafonu and 1 hanger PP-06 TV banner iv) furniture: 1 piece seat and 1 single chair (Executive Office-type), 1 piece square table, 4 chairs (Executive Office-type), and 1 oval table , 2 piece high stool (uses photographer) v) 3 piece long plant vi) 1 x plasma screen vii) 4 PCs socket open to everyone and not include 1 or 2 arkafonun can hang covered in blue (Pantone 292U reference) must be on the wall.
b) exclusive 16-square-foot (2 m x 8 m)-fiction room and office space to be used as a workspace. This field will be furnishing and equipping as follows: n.) 3 piece table and Chair ii.) 1 number of lockers, iii.) 1 round table and 2 chairs, iv.) Lighting,

v.) high speed internet access and a telephone connection, vi.) 4 piece socket exclusive area for ventilation without roof and locked gate must be divided by a wall of 2.5 m high. In addition, the Studio also must meet the following: according to the location of the screen can be adjusted at least 6 separate speaker sound plasma screen should be provided. Each plasma screen video cable (75 ohm) must be connected to a video distributor located in Studio. Are bound to the control room, Studio video distributor, 1 input (camera) and plasma screens and Web publishing server must have many points to.
Control room 1 for video monitor should be provided.
Live programs include previously recorded material will be published. The material on the DVD; the Distributor must be connected to the plasma screen over.
Each tripodlu, head, wide-angle lens, lapel mics x 2, xlr cable, monitor, battery powered and Cordless 2 piece camera (sony dvcam full-size model) must be provided.
13. Rooms and Facilities a) local network and server equipment, a 25-square-meter room b locked for ventilated) locked to cabin Patch panels or wire closet and other local network equipment for c) local area network equipment and servers just in the 10 minutes interruption to power the equipment Standard 19 "rack capacity UPS, d) located in the center of the decoder Web publishing and Web publishing server are also supported with UPS.
If the UPS is not working, service, personnel e) uyarılabilmesi should be preferably to SNMP-managed UPS.
f) Computers, laptop connections (network cables), printers, Office equipment, and power outlets, meeting rooms and internet cafes and in annex 2 as "Requirements table" documents will be provided.
g) paper and printer toner.
h.) and Llow, wiring should be provided with 24 x 7 access to information technology personnel lockers.
14. On-site support 8.8. Establishment of local Personnel Information communication technology infrastructure and operations to provide support to the end user with: Property Number Working Period lCT Coordinator 1 3 April 06-30 November 6 local area network Engineer 1 3 April 06-26 November 6 1 3 Unix systems engineer Windows & April 06-26 Nov 06 it technicians 4 16 October 6-November 26 6 4 16 Local Network Technician October 06-26 Nov 06 Web Publishing Support 2 1 November 06-Nov 25 06 Phone Engineer 1 1 September 06-Nov 25 06 Phone Technician 1 1 September 06-25 Nov 06 the above job descriptions all local staff job definitions will be a separate specially crafted document.
14.2. Service providers decided local government or international service provider. ITU will be eligible to take part in this selection phase. In any case, contact details of the service provider must be provided to ITU.
Service provider support 24 x 7 basis for critical situations.
15. Documentation will be provided with the following information to ITU in preparation of the Conference.
9.4 the first a) floor plan.
b) key management and IT personnel titles, along with tasks and phone number list.
c those physical and logical network to which Existing plan detailed) documentation.
9.4 Medium a) other it staff and service provider contacts titles, along with tasks and phone number list.
the hardware specifications for Selected b): Pcs, printers, scanners, plasma displays, servers, UPS, etc) the Conference network physical and logical plan is detailed documentation: I) cabling;
II) network equipment;
III) connectivity;
IV) VLANlar;
v) IP addresses;
vi) network equipment configuration files.
d) wireless network infrastructure and space.
e) telephone numbering plan.
f) reference numbers and rental application of the line chart.
9.5 Last a) local staff's curriculum vitae.
b) Escalation process (24 x 7 coverage).
If you are interested in the last process documentation and c) configuration files.