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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. KA­MU­DA GE­Çİ­Cİ İŞ PO­ZİS­YON­LA­RIN­DA ÇA­LI­ŞAN­LA­RIN SÜ­REK­

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Kanun No. 5620


Acceptable Date: 4/4/2007      


MADDE 1- (1) This Law;

a) Public administration in the scope of the overall budget, dated 10/12/2003 and numbered 5018, Public Goods Management and social security institutions with the number of special budget governments and (IV) on the scale of the Control Code (II) with respect to the number of other social security institutions, the funds established by the law, and bail sandwiches, established with special laws, and the transfer of services to the general budget In public institutions and installations by taking help from their tertitypes,

b) Public economic and other associates (except for the business), dated 24/11/1994, and More than 50% of the capital's capital, or 50% of the capital's capital, dated 4/2/1924, and 406% of the time in which the program is in the Act of Property with the number of Telgraf and Telephone Law and the entire capital of the board of the Treasury,

c) All privately-owned administrations, municipalities, their established or member-of-the-party administration in the establishment and execution of municipalities (except for the companies that have been established according to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code) and the municipalities of the municipalities,

DuringTagPreserver,p,0,1392006, a total of 6 months in temporary compliance with the government or the temporary workers who have been stolen for more time. Others who remained in love with their business problems due to health problems documented in 2005 or 2006, including the military, the right or the sale of the health board, were also covered by the storm. It will be done.

Interim workers must have recurring staff or commitments staff statusTagPreserver,b,40,44

MADDE 2- (1) Temporary workers included in the scope;

a) The factory, the workshop, the workshop, the workshop, the 1st of the Code (a) of this Law In places where the farm, land, land-like employment, workers must be seen by the workers, the workers are constantly on the job, and the temporary workers who are left behind are the requests. In the case of 14/7/1965 and the provisions of the 4th Amendment (B) of the Code of State Officers of 657, the provisions of the Fükrün must be spoken. staff positions,

b) Those who are involved in the institutions and installations of the 1st article (b) of this Code to continuously working staff,

c) In the institutions and installations specified in the form of the 1st (c) of this Code from the people of the people, dated 3/7/2005 and the 49th count of 5393 in the duties specified in the third party of the Municipal Code, as well as in accordance with the duties of the norm in the framework of the norm. Those who are required to be able to be assigned to the titles of those who have been required should be asked in accordance with the same fikra provisions. for non-compliance staff to the status of staff, non-compliance with the people who are required to be assigned to the status of staff in the norm frame, and to the permanent staff,

TagPreserver,p,0,139will be migrated. (c) have the same dial title based on the name of the person, and the status of the staff More than the number of people who need to be passed away; they will be granted staff status, their temporary status, their status, their status, their residency status. and service needs together with provincial general councils, municipal councils or the administrative board of the state. They are to be identified by the unity of the Union.

(2) The administration, institutions and installations covered by the 1st of this Code are temporary As of the date of this Law ' s release date, the reputation of the social security institution, or those that have been eligible for retirement, has a reputation of 56 in women's history. those with 58 of the men, who are not constantly being put on their staff or verbal staff status, will not be able to do so. All legal rights are terminated by payment of all legal rights.

(3) Verbal personnel, as a result of determinations of related administration, institutions, and organizations The decisions of the administration, institutions and installations of the temporary workers, which are foreseen to be passed to the status of their status, are described. The statement made by the Tblioği temporary entity, based on its current status of being passed on or in its current status, is the administration of the relevant administration within 15 days of the date of the default. or set to install. Decisions of the relevant administration, institutions, and installations are applied for temporary workers who do not report their preference within the period of time.

(4) from the date of release of this Law, the 1st of this Law; (a) and (b) in their Within 120 days of the administration, institutions and installations of the administration, institutions and organizations, within 120 days of the administration of the institutions and the organizations that are to be granted permanent staff status or to the status of their staff. The position they are in, the total number of stolen times in this institution, the total number of stolen hours, the social security institutions, the dates, operational times, and bids for the last year's de facto execution times and their bids for the proposed staff or position titles; 1 item (a) identified by the Heads of State Staff and the Ministry of Finance (b), the Undersecretary of the Treasury (for those who receive the property) and the State Department of Finance, and the State Department. Personnel are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finance by the institutions specified in (c).

 (5) persistent staff, institutions, and organizations of the related administration, institutions and organizations Provisional officials, who were offered the status of the Ministry of Finance on the visit of the State Staff in the administration of the 1st article (a) of this Law. (b) the Undersecretary of Treasury (s) under the bendi, staff or employee status status. with the permission of the State Staff and the permanent staff members (c) and the United States and the United States and the United States and their employees in the The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Finance will be granted the status of the staff and the staff status or the permanent staff.

(6) temporary workers who will be put into permanent staff or verbal personnel status The relevant administration, agency, and organization's interim business positions, as a priority, must address the current level of current business staff or verbal personnel positions specified in the interim. Those who are the norm staff are the ones who are based on the need for staff to be stolen. Permanent staff or non-verbal personnel positions for these repositions within the framework of the provisions of the relevant legislation, while the permanent staff or position is not sufficient. . The number of continuous workers in the institutions and installations of the 1st (c) section of the 1st article (c), due to the migration of the second warning, has been the result of the ongoing number of permanent staff in the norm staff. It has been added to the number of permanent staff members in the norm of the number of permanent staff. However, the number of continuous workers in these institutions and installations with the Council Resolution of 3/4/2006 and the Council of Ministers of 2006/10265 has been made with Norm Staff Staff and Standards Essentials. The Municipal and Residential Installation and Neighborhood Occupation Units until the end of the number specified in the regulation of the Norm Staff and Standards of Standards are under way when the Ministry of Health was to be held. It is the first time that the staff has been cancelled.

(7) Turkey's business administration, related administration, organization, and organization of continuous It is imperative to the institution to make its testalations. To ensure that the workers will be registered as a player in the relevant administration, institutions and installations for a total of 6 months in a total of 6 months and more times during the year 2006. , in accordance with Article 79 of the Social Insurances Act of 17/7/1964 and the 79th of the Code of Social Insurances under the Law of 506, the documentation of formal approval of the Aylük Prim and Service Documents reported to the Institution of Social Insurances is mandatory. Those who have not been registered by the Turkish Turkish National Agency are not constantly being passed on to the staff. No expense is paid to the Turkish Business Agency for the action to be done in this series of warnings.

(8) transients from temporary workers to permanent staff status or to become a business of staff Operations are completed within six months from the date of publication of this Code.

(9) This is a permanent site with temporary, temporary positions that have already been issued with the release date of this Law. Any temporary positions that will be run due to the current status of staff or non-verbal personnel status are canceled.

 (10) Any compensation according to the legislation for those who have been granted a non-verbal personnel status is not paid. The total service times, which are based on severance compensation, except for the prior severance payment of these personnel, are eligible for end-of-end compensation set forth in the fund 4 of the Code 657. It is considered in the win and in the account.

(11) Continuous repositions from temporary positions, according to the first fikra provisions They would not be able to increase the cost of these workers at their current cost levels and on their social and social rights, and will not be able to make a salary-rate. These workers are only applied for general wage increases to be determined by 2007 and subsequent years of mass repromises.

(12) Temporary workers in temporary positions held in municipalities under this Law the eighth of the 49th Amendment of the Municipal Law of 5393, due to continued push staff or non-verbal personnel status. It does not apply to the previoezers that are projected in the pherkraum.

Workaround in temporary job positions

MADDE 3- (1) 1 Pearl from the date of this Law Administrative, enterprise, and installations are not able to play in temporary positions in the scope of the article.

(2) is a property in the forest fire fighting services, with seasonal and campaign push-ins. In temporary, temporary positions to be issued for less than 6 months, the workers can be played. Every property for the workers to be played in this way;

a) by the Ministry of Finance, by the administration of article 1 (a) of the

b) Undersecretary (s) of the Treasury (s) of 1 th Article (b) of the If the State Staff has been approved for the approval of the Privatisation Message for those who receive it from the Program,

c) in the establishment and execution of the municipalities with the municipalities (according to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code) excluding the companies that have been established, and in the framework of the 24th clause of the Directorate of Municipal and Religious Troops with the Mayoral Troops to the Norm Staff and the Standards of the Neighbourhood Administration. from its authorized parliaments,

TagPreserver,p,0,139is required to receive a temporary job visa. The temporary application cannot be stolen and no payment can be made if the visa process is made. It is very important that they are able to work with their private administrations in the establishment and execution (except for the companies that have been established according to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code), according to the provisions of this fikra. The guidelines are based on the Ministry of Business.

Conflict provisions

MADDE 4- (1) dated 14/7/1965 and 657-number of State Officers Your Law;

A) The second paragraph of the 4th item (B) is in effect, the third paragraph is in effect field ", the basis of the Council of Ministers and the" General Command of the Gendarmerie "with the Ministry of National Defence," the Ministry of National Defence and the General Commando of the Gendarmerie " in the same paragraph that will be identified by the Council of Ministers. "at the end of the current decision," the end of the process of personnel should be applied to the end of the " The exception is the amount of end compensation, which will be provided with the exceptions of the fees that may be paid to them, the permissions to be used, and the basis of those based on those of the Council of Ministers. "

b) The first sentence of the 4th item (D) is to be reported in the same way.

TagPreserver,p,0,120" (A), (B), (C), and (C), the ongoing and relevant legislation that is required It has been temporary, with persistent workers involved in its staff, and temporary work in seasonal or campaign jobs or related legislation in the forest fire fighting services. Temporary workers who are less than six months old in their positions. "

TagPreserver,p,0,139(2) dated 25/6/2001 and the 3rd clause of 4688 Public Workers ' Union Law (a) the "perpetual perpetual" clause in the self-contained position is "in a position of spoken personnel".

TagPreserver,p,0,139(3) Arranging from 22/1/1990 and 399-numbered Public Competence of Personnel Regime And the 233 is the first in line with the First Amendment of the decree of the Code of Law on the Rule of Law on the Rule of Law of the Code.

" Base charge amounts, title, level, business requirements, office, and business requirements of the staff It is identified by the police and the partners by considering the development of the people. "

Continuous employee status or non-verbal personnel status Non-stop personnel

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1- (1) As specified in the 1st of this Law Temporary workers who fail to engage in permanent staff or verbal personnel status and do not enter under the 3rd article of this Code, the relevant administration, the institution and the It is a temporary application for a period of less than 6 months for installation and a temporary visa will be made according to the government of this Law. Continue to be played on job positions.

(2) Those who do not agree to a Glossary of Glossary personnel, 2006 In order to not take their time, they will continue to be employed in temporary, temporary positions that will be made in accordance with the usûlé specified in this Law's 3rd item.

(3) However, the first and second feats of this matter are found to be related to the All legal rights are terminated by paying all legal rights when they are eligible for retirement or retirement from the security institution.

 (4) Any of the temporary temporary positions that have been issued for temporary workers under this clause For some reason, these positions will be cancelled.

Feesy of business promiseTagPreserver,b,213,217

MADDE 2- (1) dated 28/5/1986 and 3291 count 1211 The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, the Law of 3182 and Banks of Banks, 2985 and the Law on the Protection of Public Yachtions, The Law Of The Central Bank Of The Republic Of 2985, The Law Of The Central Bank Of Turkey, The Law Of The Consolidated Bank Of China, The Law Of The Federal Reserve, The Law Of The Federal Reserve, The Law Of The Federal Reserve, The Law Of The Federal Reserve, The Law Of The Federal Reserve, The Law Of The Federal Reserve, The Law Of The Federal Dated 7/11/1985 and 3238 Cyanide Code, 2499 Capital Markets Law and $1177 Tobacco. And, as a result of the Repeal Of Certain Provisions of the Tobacco monopoly Act and the Privatization of Public Monopoly Laws, The Law Against The Law Is 4046, And The Privatisation Of The Privatisation Is. as a result of the provisions of the Code of Law on the provisions of the Code of Law, as a result of the implementation of the privatized privatized practices between 1/1/1992 and 20/10/2004 for the other installation (except for the dates). (excluding the scope personnel), in the 1st Amendment of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Ministers of 3/5/2004 and the number 2004/7898, published in the Official Gazette dated 20/10/2004 as specified, any social work by the public or private sector within thirty days following the release date of this Law, 1/1/1992, or any social status as of the historical reputation of the public or private sector. If they are not eligible to receive retirement or pension from the security institution, the Special Feature will be asked for the documentation that will be requested from the date of release of this Law in the sixty-day period They are employed within the framework of the provisions set forth in the Esasas if they are to surrender the property to the State of the Property.

INVALID ARTICLE 3- (1) Entering and entering the occupation with special assistance. to be appointed as a result of a special competency after a certain period of time in the form of a special competency statement, and in the provision of the decree (1) of the Code of Law (1), the name of the individual, or the title of the title of the due to the transfer actions of the Code 4046, the provisions of the Law, which were made or done Prior to 21/7/2005, they were assigned to the cadre and are still transferred to the ranks of the staff, who are currently being transferred, provided they are asked to provide 22 nci of the Code 4046 through the agency they were playing within 30 days. It is reported to the State Personnel to be assigned to the personnel who are under the matter. In this way, the rights to a new staff, including the right of a right and/or a variance compensation, continue to the right of the bottom 22 items of the Code 22 of the Law. However, if the assignment of this matter is relevant, the compensation for the prior staff and positions based on the determinants of the rights and compensation is increased or the right to benefit from the right. the number of times that the duration of the time period is not redone.

NOT VALID ARTICLE 4- (1) The implementation of the law does not apply the details of section 24 and 25 of the 2007 Central Administrative Budget Act of 2007, 26/12/2006, and numbered 5565, of which the Law is held.


ARTICLE 5-  (1) enters the release date of this Law.


MADDE 6- (1) The Council of Ministers of this Law It executes.