Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Animal Breeding Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. HAYVAN ISLAHI KANUNU

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.tbmm.gov.tr/kanunlar/k4631.html

Law No. 4631 Date of Admission: 02/28/2001

PART ONE Purpose, Scope, Definitions

Purpose Article 1 - The purpose of this Act; all kinds of animal production and the production of racing with activities to render effective, competition and business purpose of the reclamation work to be done to increase the efficiency of breeding animals, domestic and wild animals in the protection of genetic resources, the increasing and competitiveness that economic animal production activities regarding these matters and the pedigree records kept with the improvement of animal breeding is to ensure succession and protection free from the manufacturer a way to educate the breeding of healthy and hygienic conditions and diseases.
Scope Article 2 - This law; single quotes, double quotes, poultry, aquatic animals, bees and silkworms with the breeding of animals of each species, pets and conservation of wild animal genetic resources, developing artificial insemination carried out by the public sector and the private sector, natural insemination and embryo transfer, genetic to copying and other biotechnological activity, pedigree records kept in the semen of breeding animals, embryos, eggs, fish and other aquatic animals, larvae importation of all kinds made stud breeding with provisions for the issuance of the barn, backgammon, pen, poultry, hatchery, laboratory business unit of livestock belonging to the minimum technical, health and hygiene conditions checked for eligibility, registration and the licensing, includes provisions governing their organizations for the improvement of animal breeders.

Definitions Article 3 - the last phrase of this Act;
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,
provincial organization: Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the other organizations on the issue with the provincial and district offices
pre-pedigree: Mother and father in particular, but not yield records of their parents, members that the temporary registration system will be created for the animals bearing the characteristics of the race,
pedigree: pedigree will be a basis for regulatory information to the database is regularly collected,
Pedigree Pedigree with the studs be recorded in the log, thoroughbreds number, name, origin, race, color , a description, gender, birth date, yield records, breeder and owner of the animal ancestor belonging information and indicating the efficiency of document
Enema-castration to: the removal of male animals of fertility permanently,
Don: body in horses and other mammals covering that dominate the hair or the color in which the joint of the proximal part of the majority of these hairs,
animal: animal husbandry, breeding, care-nutrition, feed production, higher than the animals by regulating issues such as protection from disease and will allow to achieve economic efficiency technologies and practices,
breeder: the country where grown or local races, or type-specific characteristics showing high efficiency, free from disease, breeding license or pure breed certificate in animals,
breeding operation: breeding animals are grown, businesses have been registered by the Ministry
breeding certificate : Mother and father known, but the gang of yield records by the Ministry of unknown breeding or authorized organizations, the document
breeder certificate: pedigree documents with eligibility criteria set out in regulations issued by the Ministry of breeders approved by the Ministry document,
Association: raising operating in livestock issues , animal production, breeding and marketing for established unions,
artificial insemination: proper seeding determined to be on time female animals being transported under hygienic conditions of sperm to the genital tract,
embryo transfer: a healthy and highly productive female embryos obtained from fresh or in frozen appropriate period female animals in the womb to the appropriate technical and transfer in hygienic conditions,
Genetic copying: breeding animals of a genome biotechnological methods, using his entire genotypic properties with a live to be achieved,
Semen: Healthy and taken with certain methods of male animal carrying the stud nature ejaculate of after semen examination made fresh or frozen semen portion of,
fertility control (progeny testing): Precious that index and yield records are kept tidy, adequate technical infrastructure, trained personnel and carried out by organizations with the presence of animals and breeders to choose according to their efficiency of offspring applications, allowing
would testify.


Animal Breeding Breeding work
Article 4 - to be done according to certain principles and procedures for the work on breeding animals of all kinds Ministry is authorized to take measures on the matter.
Breeding, growing and having legal personality with the purpose of marketing, cooperative associations governed by private law qualified to install. These units can be organized in the central union. Unions can work by opening branches where needed.
Union bodies of the General Assembly, consisting of a board of directors and the supervisory board. association founded according to this Law dated 24.04.1969 and 1163 from all kinds of taxes and duties exemptions granted to cooperatives established in accordance with the law, enjoy the same conditions. the Union institutions, functions and operating procedures are regulated by the regulations prepared by the Ministry. Union members who are running the technical and health requirements necessary to carry out their primary task.
Country in animal production and animal breeding to take decisions that will steer the work of the central unity and to strengthen solidarity between the private sector in the rehabilitation activities, animals to engage in guiding the activities of the central union Breeding National Committee is established. Breeding establishment and functioning principles of the National Committee is determined by a regulation issued by the Ministry.
Ministry; technical services to the troops, and provide necessary health services in kind and cash support for education, may request to benefit from the union of personnel and facilities. Union is subject to the supervision and control of the Ministry.
Breeder document
Article 5 - Pedigree entered in the register, pedigree information contained and the Ministry or the Ministry and stud breeders associations of the top agencies of jointly defined criteria breeder document to the appropriate breeding, pedigree records are not, but the main Ministry and provincial organizations father known to the animals animal breeding certificate to the appropriate criteria to be determined by the commission to be established jointly awarded the growers association.
individual for bovine and ovine animals, herd for poultry, bees and silkworm colony, breeding or herd at the individual document for water bred breeding animals or certificate is issued.
Artificial and natural male used in the insemination will be parents to breeding male and breeding are females, fertility control and embryo towards diseases of animals used in the transfer of provincial administrations appropriate examination to the commission by the Ministry prepared regulations to be established and to make the controls are compulsory. Genetically defective or canceled by the Ministry of the disease in terms of breeder documents and are not allowed to be used as breeding stock.

Aim to ban use of non-Article 6 - which breeder's license and registration and pedigree animals used for breeding purposes as long as it continued to be used outside the breeding feature. These animals are purchased by the Ministry to pay the costs if required by means of commissions established in the province.
pedigree records to Article 7 - The pedigree records of the Ministry or the Ministry competent in the case of certain races or species maintained by an organization or authorized by top organizations in each province. Animal breeders who wish to enroll their lineage all the logs, shall apply to institutions conducting pedigree work. animals deemed appropriate criteria set by the Ministry shall be recorded in the genealogy of these institutions. The pedigree of the records of the animals are given a registration number and pedigree pedigree certificate. Information and documents the lineage of animals will not be missing log record. pre-pedigree records are made to open and deemed appropriate by the Ministry. Pedigree breeding is given to the document in accordance with the criteria set from the index registered animals.
However, born mother and father are certain in Turkey, ancestor of production records are not animals, lineage is recorded in the log if the Ministry of provincial organizations and producers associations to carry the characteristics of the race to be the members of the commission decided to be established jointly. Commission decisions are finalized with the approval of the Ministry. These animals, an organization authorized by the Ministry or the Ministry or authorized by top organizations in each province on the basis of race or species if given in accordance with the principles of Article 5 of the breeder certificates issued.

Pedigree breeders to record whether the certificate issued for breeding animals, need the lead; be canceled and pedigree records of the pedigree is understood that they have lost their properties or stud is to be made in the examination committee of experts appointed by the Ministry of breeder documents retrieved. pups will be born from these animals will not be breeding certificate. The owner
animals, dead animals belonging to breeder document to return within two months from the date of death of the animal and change of the pedigree of the recipient party within one month from the date of sale if the sale to another party and is obliged to run the pedigree.
Purebred Arabian and Thoroughbred horses British Ministry rob index records, the records of other horse races held in other organizations authorized by the Ministry or the Ministry of control and pedigrees are given. Pedigree basis for granting keep records and pedigrees of the index and procedures are regulated by a regulation.
Turkey pedigree to registered and pedigril purebred Arab or a British mother and father of the foal having the nature of their racial characteristics in Turkey since birth in three months, which are imported from foreign countries purebred Arabian and Thoroughbred British lineage within two months from the customs entry of horses be recorded in the index, it was applied to the Ministry of provincial or district offices, is essential to deliver the documents to be examined and described in the regulations.
Pregnant as imported thoroughbred mares, issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin showing that a race of his own aygırl inseminated a vaccine certificate is requested. Thoroughbred no horses, castrated stallions pedigree which are not recorded in the log purebred Arabian and English parents born but well developed in the future can not be recorded in its race seems to show the development of the foal with genealogy The Colts obtained from stallions in public without having the conditions to be laid hands on the regulations and their pedigree not allowed.
Pedigree horses given the record whether the pedigree to log when need be seen by the Ministry appointed an expert panel of blood and / or DNA tests their racial characteristics even from morphological aspects Although compliance with the inspection report also considering done they have pedigree in the examination or blood group in terms of parental blood the genealogy of those who were determined to show the records will be canceled and taken back to the pedigree. These animals are not given the pedigree of the foal. Fixing the final decision on the approval of the Ministry.
Pedigree horses registered with the changes in a month, freeze changes to pedigree operated notified to the relevant authorities within twelve months. The pedigree of the dead horses must be returned within two months.
Village breeders
Article 8 - In order to improve animal breeds, highly efficient stallion will be allocated borrow villages in areas identified by the Ministry, bulls, rams and ministries and provincial administrations to the budget for the exhibition and encourage competition with the supply of goat; It can also be placed on adequate budget allocations to provinces to meet the costs of care and feeding of these animals and the local horse racing bonuses. Transfer to the village of Article 9

breeding - stallion given to the village to borrow used for breeding, bull, ram and the goat; a period of one year from the date of delivery care, nutrition and upon request or after determining in accordance with the procedures of use, breeders are transferred to the ownership of the village in a protocol.
Breeding stallion village to borrow given with the purpose of breeding, bull, ram and the goat; care and nutritional neglect, and they died due to missing or they lose their breeding qualification for the same reasons Article 7 of the breeding in case of detection specified by the expert panel, the value will be formed if to be determined by committees fee shall compensate the elders. Compensation is calculated as the sum of the allocation of revenues and registered according to the source used in the procurement of breeding.

Natural Insemination and Embryo Transfer and Fertility Control insemination, artificial insemination and embryo transfer
Article 10 - Necessary areas to undergo artificial insemination, to open specialized courses for this purpose where necessary, artificial insemination laboratory and stops to build, establish, and to take all necessary measures, breeding cattle and buffalo bulls are not suitable for, coaches, goat, horse and donkey stallion and the requirement to push emasculated the Ministry is authorized.
of course, with the aim of breeding animals
race insemination, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, biotechnology activities for progeny testing and training; Field of artificial insemination with permission from the Ministry to make public institutions and organizations are made by individuals and legal persons a fee. of course, it is made by natural and legal persons with the Ministry
seeding is determined by the Ministry artificial insemination and embryo transfer procedures and principles.
Commercial purposes insemination and embryo transfer
Article 11 - real and natural of legal persons insemination, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, making genetic copies and other biotechnology activities, for this purpose semen and embryo production center, laboratory and establish the institution, semen and embryos they produce and sell, possession, bearing, import and to export; free veterinarian of animal health drugs and preparations used in clinical practice and in their possession, subject to transport and sell them permission and control of the Ministry.
Artificial insemination and
embryo transfer premium Article 12 - The Ministry and relevant government agencies and organizations made by artificial insemination or embryo transfer exercises de facto artificial insemination or by embryo transfer, to provide pregnancy on the number and proportions to be determined, each pregnancy to be paid premium not to exceed 60% of the fees collected. However, the annual amount of payments to be made in this way, additional indicators, including the highest civil servant pension six times the gross amount of the priority regions for development, should not exceed four times in other regions. These payments are not subject to any exception of stamp duty and a tax deduction.
Pay premiums to the procedures and principles to be paid for each pregnancy premium amount and region, taking into account differences by the monthly maximum amount of the premium is determined by a regulation to be prepared jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry.

Import and Export, Protection of Genetic Resources, registration of new race
Import and export Article 13 - All kinds of breeding animals, semen, ova, embryos, breeding eggs, larvae, silkworm seed and biological the importation of material and technical conditions to be complied with health conditions to be determined by the Ministry and obtaining inspection certificate is mandatory.
Turkey registered purebred pedigree of the horses, goats Ankara, Turkey, and other specific breeding animals and their export is subject to the approval of the Ministry of semen and embryos other matters related to the issuance determined by the Ministry. Protection of genetic resources
ARTICLE 14 - The Ministry is obliged to take necessary measures in order to protect animal species and breeds of genetic resources. Registration of
New race
Article 15 - that it is improved, discovered or developed a new and different animal breeds, lines and hybrids will be prepared by the Ministry and working conditions to be determined race shall be registered by the Registration Committee.
The registered intellectual property rights of the breed animals, breeding them to natural and legal persons who develop or find or belong to their legal successors.

Penal Provisions
Inspection Avoid to and use undocumented breeding
Article 16 - Natural and artificial used in the insemination and breeding certificate with male stud for, according to the disease and regulations determined by the Ministry in terms of breeding characteristics with those eyes examined using undocumented breeding until two hundred million pounds sixty million pounds punished with heavy fines. tampering
Documents Article 17 - purebred Arabian and Thoroughbred documents falsified that which must be given in accordance with regulations to be registered in the pedigree of Thoroughbred horses, forged documents issuing from 2 No. 765 of the Turkish Penal Code for knowingly used documents forged and falsified the provisions of Article 6 of the sixth book babe apply.
Pedigree with breeding animals entering the index purebred Arabian and reality do not comply with the documents issued by about thoroughbred English horses or uses another animal of documents or making changes on the animal and a description of these documents, one month and six months imprisonment and a hundred million pounds to two hundred and fifty until million pounds punished with heavy fines. In case of conviction records are deleted from the genealogy of the animals in question are taken back by canceling pedigree.
Aim to inform the use of external changes and a description

ARTICLE 18. - Article 6 of acting contrary registered with pedigree breeding of purebred Arabian and Thoroughbred into the death of British horses to return within the period specified in the pedigrees of Article 7 or own and do not report the changes and pedigree in the business of pet owners, sixty million pounds up to a billion pounds it is punishable by heavy fines.
Conviction record will be deleted if the genealogy of these animals will be canceled and taken back to the pedigree.
Unauthorized activity does
ARTICLE 19. - found in artificial insemination and embryo transfer activity without permission from the Ministry or the same purpose semen production center and embryo transfer lab established or semen and embryos selling up to two billion pounds to five hundred million pounds with a heavy fine punished and cease their activities.

ARTICLE 20 - Principles and procedures related to all kinds of animal breeding activities, the pedigree of the retention or attached to enrollment procedures for the registration process, the transfer to the village of breeding, natural and artificial insemination and other matters related to the implementation of this Act and embryo transfer procedures of application from the date of publication of this Law shall be determined by regulations issued by the Ministry within one year.

Removed by applicable laws ARTICLE 21. - No. 904, dated 07.06.1926 Zoo Breeding Breeding Law dated April 11, 1334 issued by the Angora goat and Men of Excluded Duplication was repealed on the island.
Provisional Article 1 - Until the force of regulations to be issued pursuant to this Act, No. 904 of the Rehabilitation Act regulations issued by the zoo shall continue the implementation of the provisions are not contrary to this Law.

Force Article 22 - This Law shall enter into force on the date of publication.

Execution ARTICLE 23 - This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.