Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Animal Breeding Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. HAYVAN ISLAHI KANUNU

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Kanun No. 4631                                                                       Accepted Date: 28.2.2001      


Purpose, Scope, Tantas


BULLET 1. - The purpose of this Law is to improve the lives of all kinds of animal production and these production-effective activities to increase the productivity of animals that have been successfully used in competition, competition and construction, and pet and wild animals. Protection of resources, economic growth and competitiveness of animal production, activities related to these issues, and the retention of animal records, and animal fire, dripping and hygienic conditions. To be able to be made available to the manufacturers in an official way, and protected from the system.


MADDE 2. - This is the Law; single-quote, double-tread, poultry, poultry, water-lying animals, animal and silk kidney, all kinds of animals, domestic and wild animals, the protection of gene resources, development, public sector and private sector. The production of artificial seeds, natural seeds and transfer of embryos, genetic copying and other biotechnological activities, and the retention of soy-log records, sperm and sperm with sperm, embryo, eggs, ballast and other water. Livestock larvae's alliance, with provisions for export, and its ability to grow. The minimum technical, health and hygienic compliance of the units belonging to the minimum technical, health and hygiene facilities of any type of barn, ceiling, public, poultry, incubator, laboratory, and animal skills will be provided for the health of the animal's abilities. covers the provisions of the intended organization.


MADDE 3. - from statements that pass in this Law;

Ministry: The Ministry of Tarism and Villains,

Takurra installation: The provincial and county directorates of the Ministry of Tarism and Villains, and other topics related to the topic,

Front soy: Main and stale, but temporary registration system for animals that do not have their parents ' yield records, which are the features of the mensup,

Soy file: A regular collection of information that will be based on the editing of Pedigri,

Pedigri: The number, thoroughs number, name, origin, color, color, intensity, gender, natural history, throughput, and ability to be registered with the drizzers that have been registered with the soy file. the document that specifies the information and the data of the animal's rulers and their data,

Enema: To eliminate the ability of the male animal to fertilization,

Don: The color of the horse and other mammals that weave the body, or the color of the nearby part, has been shown to be the color of the body,

Zootechi: Animal ability, health, care-feeding, feed production, protection from the sick, higher and more economical than animals. the technology and applications that will be able to achieve

Damnable: High-efficiency, damper-proof, or pure use of disease-specific features in the country or country that are not available. Animals with a certificate,

Eyedropper execution: Ministerial Registration of Damished Animals,Bakanlýkça

Damnable certificate: Main and western known, but the yield records of their rosters are given by the Ministry of unknown or authorized installations of unknown vessels. the document,

Damnable document: The minister's compliance with the criteria in which documents with the pedigray documents conform to the criteria under which the Ministry is to be removed, as well as the approved document,

Unity: The forces of the animal production, animal production, and marketing for animal production, and for example,


To transfer the sperm to hygienic conditions where the animals determined to be seeded are at the time of the proper seed, to be transplantable in sanitary conditions.

Embryano transfer: Fresh or frozen embryos obtained from highly productive and highly productive people in accordance with the appropriate period of the appropriate time. And hygienic conditions,

Genetic copy: Using biotechnological methods from a genome that belongs to the damnable animals, you get a creature that cares about all of its genotypical properties.

Sperm: After the spermatological examinations of the dragons with specific methods from male animals who are wearing the same and damnable nature, the sperm is fresh or fresh. Portions of frozen sperm,

Spill control: adequate technical infrastructure, expert staff, and installation of animal entities, which are kept regularly by Soy log and throughput records. applications, which are executed by the efficiency of their drovers and their data,

is at work.



Animal Corrections


MADDE 4. - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is authorized to take measures to ensure that all kinds of animals are made based on specific basic and procedural matters.

Correctional, application and marketing purposes and cooperative qualified units of the legal entity may be established. These units can be organized in the center of the Union. Units can be played by opening up places where they are needed.

The organs of the units are made up of the general assembly, the board of directors, and the supervisory board. According to this Law, the units benefit from any kind of tax and levy exemption, which is dated 24.4.1969 and is based on cooperatives established according to the Code of Cooperatives of 1163. The installation, task, and operation of the units are regulated by the Ministries of service. The units play the technical and the right person that they need when they are required to execute their noble tasks.

to make decisions to manage animal production and animal violence in the private sector between central troops and the private sector in the operations of the The Animal Correctional National Committee will be established to strengthen the solidarity, guiding the central troops. The organization of the Animal Correctional National Committee is set up with a regulation that will be played out in the Ministry of Business and Development.

The Ministry of

provides technical services, health services, and services, including technical services, services and services, personnel and facilities of the units. may request for a benefit. The units are subject to the Ministry's surveillance and supervision.

Damnable document

MADDE 5. - The document, which contains pedigri information as well as the criteria determined by the parent organisations of the Ministry or the Ministry and the reactionary unions, is not a pedigrey record, but the main and the father's. It is given to the animals that are eligible for the criteria to determine which commissions will be set up by the Ministry of Taurus installations.

Ferdi for large and small animals, colony for poultry, ari and silk, and a colony for animals that are made available in water or in a whole lot of The stamp certificate or the stamp certificate is issued.

The male vessels used in the presentation of the presentation of the male and natural seeds will be the parent of the male and the animals to be used in the transfer of the embryo, the offspring and the body. It is imperative to examine and control the regulations that are prepared by the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the General and the Ministry of the General Assembly. The damning documents of those who are genetically defective and ill-advised are cancelled and are not allowed to be used as a damper.

Purpose using intent

MADDE 6. - The intended animals are not in use unless the animals that have a stamp document and a file record are still marked as being used for the orphan. These animals are required by the Ministry to pay the fee with the commission's fee established in the provinces.

scroll to Soy file

MADE 7. - The records of the Soy file are held by an organization or parent organization that is authorized in every province, either in the first or kind of terms, if the Minister or the Ministry is authorized. Any individual who wants to move the animals into a soy file is due to the installation that executes the work of the family. The animals that meet the criteria set out by the Ministry are registered in this file for these installations. The animals that are enrolled in the Soy file are given a soy-file record number and a pedigray document. Animals that are missing information and documents are not enrolled in a soy file. The Minister will open the file and make the records for the relevant ones. A stamp sheet is provided to those that meet the criteria specified by the animals registered to the Soy file.

However, the main and pressure specific animals in Turkey are not the yield-registered animals, with the Ministry of Talkra installations and the capabilities of their capabilities. If the rules of the commission are determined by the decision of the commission, they will be enrolled in the file. The decision of the Commission is finalised by the Minister's approval. These animals, A certificate is issued in accordance with the basis of article 5 or article 5 of the organization or parent organisations that are authorized in every province, either in the case of the Minister or the Ministry, or in some kind of state or type of law, in some form.

An expert panel of experts to be enrolled in the

Soy file will be made available to the Ministry of experts to be deployed as a result of unnecessary animals, such as needed. Return documents that are marked by canceling the loss of their non-pureed properties, or losing their stamp properties, are canceled. These animals do not give a damper certificate to their offspring.

The animal owner sold the stamp of the deceased animal within two months of the date of his death and sold it if the animal was sold to a man. It is imperative to address the life and pedification of the current state within one month from the date of the date.

As part of the Arab and thoroughs of the thoroughs, the records of the other horsepower are the other countries that have been authorized by the Ministry or in the Ministry's control. They are held by installations and given pedigras. The essential and procedural regulations for the retention and retention of pedigrets are regulated by the retention of soy files.

itibarenTurkey's soy files have been registered with a pedigrily thoroughs Arab or British mother and father in Turkey, starting from the day of the day. Within three months, the sabbled Arab and thoracical horses imported from foreign countries will be registered in two months from the customs entry, ordered to the Ministry's provincial or district offices, and the paperwork to be specified in the regulation. He's got a delivery and a checkup.

The country's authorities, who were imported as

Gebe, were given a certification by the country's authorities, which showed it was being seeded with a message from its own. prompts. The non-thorny horses, they were castially separated, were naive Arab and British mother and father, but not well-developed, but good news, with the plans to show off in the future, with the tights, which will not show the progress of its own business. In the public hand, the leggings obtained from the devices in the public hand are not registered and they are not pedigrated.

Soy has been registered and pedigrated, as well as a specialist delegation blood group and/or DNA tests that are assigned to the Ministry of the Ministry of Need. If they are not pureed in their examinations, or if their blood type is in compliance with the parent-father blood group, the loss of the bloodline is canceled and the pedigras are not shown. It is restored. These animals are not given pedigri. The Rosary's decision is finalised with the Minister's approval.

The owner of the Soy file is pushed to the relevant authorities within a month, don depositions, and will be pushed to the relevant authorities within the month of twelve months. Repatriation of deceased bygone pedigrets in two months.

Village drifes

MADDE 8. - With the aim of the animal health, the highly efficient device to be allocated as a boost to villages in the Ministry of the Ministry, the Ministry and provincial special administration budgets for exhibition and exhibition events with the supply of bokanese, coaches and tekes; For the maintenance and feeding costs of these animals, there is enough appropriation for provincial private administrative budgets for neighborhood horse bonuses.

Transfer to the villages of the Damnns

MADDE 9. - The device, which is given as a boost to villages to be used in the damper, booms, coaches and tekes; as of the date of the year after the date of the data, the maintenance and use of the maintenance and use were made in case of the claims, The drizzles are put into the property of these villages with a protocol.

The stigmatisation of the purpose of health in the villages is the same stigmatizing, booms, coaches and tekes; the neglect and loss of care and nutrition, or the 7 nci material that they lost due to the same reasons. the cost to be determined by the expert delegation specified by the designated expert delegation will be repaid to the old delegation. The recovered price is marked by the source of the allocation used in the supply of the damnable.



Seeds and Embryo Transferi and Tall Control

Natural seed, sunseed, and embryo transfer

MADDE 10. - To sow seedling in the regions where necessary, to open a residency course where required by this purpose, to plant artificial seeds, to establish a laboratory and pause, to take the course and to take any necessary precautions, non-essential water and mane The Ministry of the Ministry of government officials, coaches, coaches, horses, and mergers and services are authorized to promote and enlarge the devices.

Biotechnological activities for natural planting, seedding, embryo transfer, and tile control and ability to grow, public and public institutions with the purpose of animal health. The fee is made by the actual and legal entities that are permitted by the Ministry to seed the installation with the installation.

The basic and essential transfer of natural seeds, seedlings, and embryo transfer to real and legal entities is determined by the Ministry.

Seedseed and embryo transfer for commercial purpose

MADE 11. - To make natural seeds, sedimentation, embryo transfer, genetic copying and other biotechnological activities of real and legal entities, sperm and embryo production center, laboratory and establishment, sperm and embryo production, and to do so. to manufacture and sell, include, carry out, import and export; free veterinarians 'medications and clinics used in the animal' s practice, and clinics and clinics, as well as the permission of the Ministry of the Ministry of Medicine. is subject to control.

Sunical seed and embryo transfer premium

MADDE 12. - Any pregnancy, pregnancy and disproportionate seedseed or embryo transfer by the Ministry and the relevant public institutions and organizations, to be determined, to be determined, to be determined, to those who will be identified, to be determined, to be determined. For example, a premium can be paid for not to exceed 60% of the received charge. However, the amount of payment to be done in this way will not exceed four times in priority, including the gross amount of the highest State officer, including the additional indicator, in the top of the month's priority. These payments are tax and non-disruptive, except for the stamp tax.

Premium payments will pay for each pregnancy with a premium quantity and a minimum amount to pay for each pregnancy, with a maximum amount of monthly Finance and a number of local Finance Minister and Minister for a number of benefits. is determined by the regulation.



Israel and Israel, Protection of Gen Resources, New RacechithsTescili

Rope and export

MADDE 13. - In the event of all kinds of damnable animals, sperms, ovum, embryo, damper eggs, larvae, silk kidney seed and biological material, the Ministry must comply with the right conditions and technical conditions to be identified and to receive a control certificate.

The Turkish soy files include pureed horses, Ankara goats, Turkey-specific and export-animals, and exports of sperm and embryos were not used. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to be granted permission to issue the issue of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Protection of Gen resources

MADE 14. - The Ministry is responsible for taking the necessary measures to protect the animal species and the animals in order to protect them.

New information facility

MADE 15. - The new and diverse animal, lines, and hybrids, which have been identified, revealed or developed, are registered by the Ministry of Race Registration Committee, which will be set up by the Ministry and will be determined on the basis of the operation.

Animal property rights of which are registered belong to real and legal persons or their successfull legal and legal persons who are or are required to find and develop the animal property.



Penalty Provisions

Do not have an examination and use a document with a document without documents

MADE 16. - Those who do not examine the male stiffness, which are used in the present and natural seedlings, and those who do not examine the characteristics that are specified in the Ministry of the Ministry of Health and the condition of the disease, use the document with no documents, sixty million. Fines of up to two million liras in lira from lira to two million pounds.

Evracta irrigata

MADDE 17. - According to the director, who must be given to the director to register for the bloodline of Arab and thoracic horses, those who know false papers, who knowingly use false and falsified documents, have received 765% of Turkish Punishment. The provisions of the 2nd book of the Code of Law are applied to the provisions of the book.

Those who do not comply with the stamped animals that enter the Soy file and who do not comply with the truth about the Arab and thoroughs English, or use the documents for an animal or use it on the animal's face. The people are punished with fines of up to less than a month in prison and up to fifty million liras from hundreds of millions of liras. In the event of a conviction, any records of those animals are deleted, their pedigras are revoked, and they are deleted.

How to use the goal and do not report the ability toeþkal

MADE 18. - Those who move up to 6 items, and those who are registered with the family name, do not return the pedigres within the seven-point term, or do not report the frost, if the pureed Arab and thoroughspels die. Animal owners who do not work are punished with fines of up to one billion liras ($1 billion) from the bottom line.

If convicted, the following animals are deleted from the soy file, and the pedigres are revoked by cancellation.

Do not engage in public activity

MADE 19. - Those who have been involved in artificial planting and embryo transfer without permission from the Ministry or the mirror production center and the embryo transfer laboratory, or sperm and embryo, will sell more than two billion liras ($1 million). Until then, they are punished with fines and an end to the activities of them.



Government Provisions


MADE 20. - All kinds of animals are used in order and essential to keep or maintain their records, as well as transfer of dries to the villages, natural and sunseed and embryo transfer application procedures. The implementation of the law is determined by the Ministry's regulations within a year from the date of publication of this Law.

Current laws

MADE 21. - Law No. 904, dated 904 and dated April 11, 1334, the Harice Men of Tishtic and Teksiri Justice of the Law of Tighur and the Law of Dignity.

INVALID DATE 1. - Until the regulations to be issued according to this Code are effective, you will continue to apply the provisions of the Code 904 that are not in violation of the laws that are issued according to the Department of Corrections.


MADDE 22. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.


MADE 23. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.