Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Ministry Of National Defence And Fuel Supply Nato Pol Operating

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. MİLLÎ SAVUNMA BAKANLIĞI AKARYAKIT İKMAL VE NATO POL TESİSLERİ İŞLETM

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(The National Defense Department is Involved In the Law and Acceptance Of The Ordinance And Acceptance Of The NATO POL Facilities And Its Tasks. Law and Law on General Staff and Procedural Ordinance, Law on General Staff and Procedure, Law on Rulers Of Decree.)


Kanun No. 4636                                                                             Accepted Date: 5.4.2001



General Provisions

Purpose and scope

MADE 1. - The purpose of this Law is to preserve the stockpiles of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Armed Forces and the current reinforcements, and to transport them to military units with the pipeline or other shipping vehicles. The Ministry of National Defence, including the Turkish national defence ministry, haiz, private budget national defense minister Akarışıt İkmal and NATO POL Facilities, to ensure the construction, maintenance and operation of fuel facilities with the Turkish NATO pipeline will be kept. The main and procedural of the establishment and operation of the President. to be selected.

This Law, the Department of National Defense Fuel and NATO POL Facilities, includes; installation, contact, staff, duty, authority, revenue, expense, goods and rights, It covers the fundamental and procedural issues of the administration and the personnel's self-esteem and social rights.


MADDE 2. - through this Law;

Ministry: Ministry of National Defence,

Minister: Ministry of National Defense,

President: Ministry of National Defence Ankarakıt Police and NATO POL Facilities are involved in the operation,

President: National Defense Minister Ankarakıt Office and NATO POL Facilities Human Beings,

Feb: Petrol Ofisi Anonim Corporation (POAIRs),

NATO: The North Atlantic Andallamam Organisation,

POL: Oil, fire, and oil,

is at work.

Tasks and entitlements

MADDE 3. -belirtilmiþThese tasks are fulfilled within the decisions of the Board of Directors.

a) The Turkish Cylinder of pipelines with fuel and fuel facilities to be used for military needs or for military needs are required for Turkish Infection. To force their forces to respond to the need for fuel.

to conduct all services for maintenance, repair and protection of pipelines, and to establish needed facilities, or to establish needed facilities, and to maintain any necessary services. to install it.

c) Hazada and the need for Turkish Security Forces at a time, and with the Ministry's protocol and commitment to the Ministry or the Ministry of the Ministry of Turkey. To store and store the assigned fuel and coins by receiving them from the locations specified in the statement or protocol.

d) To provide services and to provide services related to the tasks in which the capacity of the attack is intended to benefit the country's economy.

e) To have information about the activities to be done or planned to be planned, or to provide information with the relevant institutions and organizations.

f) Tecker fleets or civilian shipping and oil installations, including the pipeline to the pipeline, where it is expected to transport the fuel flow. To buy or rent a marine tanker for shipments.

g) To ensure the execution and execution of the communications system for the POL facilities.

h) To conduct any administrative, social, and material handling of the personnel who are working at the command of the Bafükluk.

) To make maintenance and maintenance services available for installation through a pipeline push through a network of other streams.

i) possession and maintenance of maintenance, possession, supply, mineral, and derivatives of all kinds of vehicles, equipment, equipment, fixtures, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, to buy, rent, store, and impose a spare part from domestic and domestic resources, while maintaining the protection of the facilities of the Bağankluk premises with the Ministry of allocated resources.

j) The building and infrastructure required by the service for projects that are unlikely to be provided by NATO authorities, including the infrastructure or construction of a sub-building or construction site. To build, rent or sell, to build, maintain, and remove the same rights.

k) To determine the prices of the goods and services that are available.

l) to perform other tasks that are provided to them by the Minister.



Tasks and Tasks


MADDE 4. - The president is a member of the Ministry of National Defence, a private budget, with a special budget. The company is now in the process of central contact. The number of time shown is shown on the E-1 count.

The subunits of the volumes included in thecetveldeE-1 count are determined by the decision of the Board of Directors and the approval of the Minister.

Central policy and tasks

MADDE 5. - The central part of the suspect is Ankaran.

Central policy; Board of Directors and this Institution, President of the President, Chief Legal, Defence Specialist, Teftik Board of the Board of Directors, agency and agency. They're from their directorate.

The tasks of the Central policy are noted in the following:

a) Execute, maintain, maintain, and execute projects for the construction and maintenance of NATO pipelines.

b) coordinate and conduct NATO standardisation and documentation.

c) The supply and lubricates, protocols, or other items that are associated with the Ministry or are provided by the Ministry with the provision of the company to be stocked within a specific program, and to make all kinds of applications and applications for delivery and delivery within a particular program, by delivering them.

d) To make internal and dandled alds that need to be started.

e) to lease the NATO pipeline system and save revenue to the budget of revenues from here.

f) To make promises and protocols required by the activities of the company.

g) To execute budget, balance sheet, and financing.

h) The application of the plan, program, and budget approved by the Board of Directors.

) to propose to the Board of Directors for matters that require the decision of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors, duties, and entitlements

MADDE 6. - The board of directors of the Ministry of National Defence and the Chief of the General Staff of the Joint Chiefs of General Staff are working with the State Department of General Staff, the National Defence Minister said. A member of the Ministry of National Defence will be elected by the Ministry of National Defence for a two-year term.

The Board of Directors convenes at least once per month upon the invitation of the President. The meeting is enough, and the number of decisions is three. The Board of Directors is the most senior member of the meeting, the most senior member of the state. The management of the Board of Directors is fulfilled by the President of the United States.

to the members of the Board of Directors, in the amount of half of the amount specified by the High Pluneration Board for members of the public servant members of the Board of Public Charges are paid for the month.

The management of the Board of Directors is regulated by regulations and guidelines.

TheYönetimBoard of Directors has been instructed to do so:

to approve the plan, program, and budget of the country's annual plan.

b) install, remove and merge central and base units, with the determination of the allocation and the identification of areas of authority. The proposals are to submit the bids, to the approval of the Minister, and to ensure that the approval of the approval is approved.

c) To determine the prices of the goods and services that are being started.

d) To make decisions that are necessary for the administration, financial, and technical, effective, and technical, effective, effective, effective activity.

E) The report and financial report of the June operating report.

Taşaqra tasks and tasks

MADE 7. - The order has been made up of regional directory.*

Regional directorates are also tasked with making all kinds of fuel replenting, pushing pipelines, maintenance, and wishful housing in any part of the world.



Financial Provisions

The revenue and expenses of the company

MADDE 8. - A) is stated in the following revenue:

A) lease revenues to be obtained from leasing of NATO fuel facilities to allied countries for military purposes with domestic oil companies.

b) The supply and service costs of the need for the military forces of the allied countries that will be taken to the shelter and the war in Turkey.

c) The cost of service and maintenance of the mine and mine service is the price that will be received from the benefits of Turkish Cylinder forces.

d) The cost of service and maintenance services that are made available to Akarakıt-related installations.

Revenue is recorded in Turkish Liras and foreign currency accounts that have been opened in government banks. Spending from these accounts is made real with the payment instruction that the President will pay to these banks.

B) The following charges are stated:

a) Staff charges.

b) Any maintenance expenses and maintenance expenses of NATO fuel facilities, including parts of the replacement part, are expenses of service with maintenance costs.

c) Freight expenses.

d) Expends with goods and services.

e) All kinds of administration.

belongs to the Revenue and expenses, expenses, and retention of accounting records, and the responsibility of the housing.

According to the provisions of these Laws, the 1050 Number of Accountants ' Code of Dignity, 832, is related to the registration of the Law. provisions and the provisions of the 2886 numbered State Dignity Law are not applied.

All kinds of activities and revenues are not available; except for the value-added tax, the Treasury, the value-added administration, municipalities and any special administration. Exempt from tax, levy, levy, fund, raise, and fee.

Using other attachments

MADDE 9. - The Ministry of Finance, accounting for 1050 and numbered 1050 in all types of fuel and coins, including the chemical and mineral materials used in oil and mineral oil and oil and mineral oil. The provisions of the nci clause apply.



Personnel-Related Provisions

Personnel regime

MADDE 10. - The company's services are carried out by government officials, verbal personnel, and workers at 657 State Officers ' Law. Managers at every level of the President and across the region can delegate a part of their entitlements to their subordinate, as they are described as writing and writing their statements. Delegation does not eliminate the responsibility of the delegated delegation.

President and Chief Executive, with the proposal and approval of the Board of Directors, and other personnel are appointed by the Board decision upon the proposal of the President.

Başkan and the Department of Başkan are called for a higher education in the appointment of agency managers, regional managers, officials, and director of execution. The other qualifications that will be assigned to these cadres are determined by the regulation.

At the time of the conflict, a dedicated staff can be played on matters that require special information and residency. The main and procedural charges of the operation of the personnel in the process are determined by the Council of Ministers. Those that will be stolen according to the provisions of this fikra are concerned with the Pension of the Republic of Turkey, or the Social Insurance Institution, from the social security.

President, Chief Executive, Department of the Department and Regional Director staff are to be shown, and 657 are State Officers ' Law and other Employee personnel may be stolen, regardless of the provisions of the law to be used by the law. The basic and procedural charges that will be used by this process are identified by the Council of Ministers.

Government officers are charged for the cost of $2155 and more than 2155 on the basis of the Code.


Court and its executive offices ruled in favor of the President and imposed a number of 657 State Officers ' Laws on the other hand of the charge of attorney-to-court fees. They apply the relevant provisions.

personnel stolen in the country of the United States have been told by the officer in Article 279 of the Turkish Penal Code and that staff will be The provisions of the Turkish Penal Code apply to the Third Book Third Book of the Turkish Penal Code, including the crimes they have made.

The protection service of the owned facilities is dated 22.7.1981, and the Protection and Security Protection and Security of 2495 is the Right to Protect and Safety. The provisions are fulfilled.

Staff identification, negligence and cancellation and cadre of staff to the provisions of the Code of Law on General Staff and Procedural Rights 190 It is organized.



Government Provisions


MADE 11. - Administrative, financial, and any other forms of the state are under the control of the Ministry of National Defence. This control is fulfilled by the Board of Audits, which is selected by the Minister for at least two years, and which has been deplying from the five. Members of the Board of Directors are paid a fee of the Board of Directors.


MADDE 12. - Following the date of the publication of this Law, the activities of the administration, financial, financial, and budget and control of the administration, the accounting procedures, the management of the Board of Directors, and the implementation of this Law, are followed by the operating areas of the country. It is regulated under a directive from the Ministry within the six months of the month.

Estate and real estate

MADDE 13. - Turkey is the property of the NATO Military Pipeline and fuel facilities (warehouses, marine terminals, tanker and car filling facilities, pump stations and all other elements of which they are involved) are owned by the Ministry.

crimes against the property and any of its available charges will be used against the State property. In the case of these actions, the provisions of the Turkish Criminal Code apply. It is not possible to foreclose the right and financial assets of their goods.

Deciding provisions

MADE 14. - dated 14.7.1965 and the State Officers Act of 657;

a) to come after the "Joint Provisions" section (A) of the 36 ncu clause is the first of the" Ministerial Planning Expert Benefits " clause. "The Ministry of National Defence's Military and NATO POL Facilities Department of Excellence" is the phrase, "

b) After the 213 clause, "Zam and Tazminates" were the "Insurance Excellence and Insurance Reward Benefits" of the part II of the second part (A) of the additional part of the additional matter. "the Ministry of National Defence's Office of the Military and NATO POL Facilities Department of Excellence and Reward Benefits" clause after its clause,

c) The "I-General Workplace Services Department" section (d) of the attached I-count additional indicator is about to come after the "Turkish Patent Institute" clause. "The Ministry of National Defence's Casualty and NATO POL Facilities" will be followed by the "Department of Social Insurers Insurance", "the Ministry of National Defence Affairs and NATO POL" to come after the "Social Insurances Institution", " the Ministry of National Defence Affairs said. Facilities for the People's Occupation " clause,

D) The "2-Yard Founders, Balance and Relevant Founders" section of theekD) "Ataturk Cultural Center" in addition to "2-Yard Installs, Balance and Related Founders" "The Ministry of National Defense Ankcost And NATO POL Facilities for the Occupation" clause after the clause is 


e) The end of the number of Eyli IV compensation rosters (3) is "National Defence Minister Ankcost And NATO POL Facilities of Israel" clause, the ruler (8) of the third party (c) of the same ruler (c), with the phrase "National Defence Minister Akarakıt replenik and NATO POL Facilities İşışkan Yardımcı", to come after the "Board of Directors of the Republic of Turkey." Number one (a) bendine, "The Ministry of Labour and Social Security" "The Ministry of National Defence's Military and NATO POL Facilities for the People's Office", to come after the execution of "the Ministry of National Defence", is the main event.

Is Added.

INVALID DATE 1. - A) The Etimesgut depot, which has been dislocated by the Company on the real estate of the Ministry and has completed its economic life, is transferred to the Ministry without fee.

B) If there are 15,970 square meters of land installed by the Ministry of Merzifon facilities, the cost of this Law through the cost of the property is derailed by the property of the cost. It is transferred to the Ministry within three months of the date of the current date.


Any vehicles, materials, lojmans, buildings and all railings used in the military supply and NATO Facilities services are located in the company's office;

a) For those who have been paid for by the Ministry for the price of a ton/per-kilometer (s), the fee is not,

b) By paying the balance to a portion of the balance, the balance of the costs under the name of a ton/km. is paid by the Ministry,

is transferred to the Ministry to be used in common, and requires the necessary scents in public institutions.

INVALID DATE 3. - A) In the execution of military-owned and NATO Facilities services, the workers who work within the framework of the framework are transferred, along with their staff and positions, and the transplanted staff and positions are issued according to the general provisions. Any fees, bonuses, and other benefits of the transplanted workers continue until the new commitment is signed.

The entire amount paid for all personnel stolen in the country is at the latest in a month from the date of the current date. Transfers from the company to the company.

B) The promised personnel involved in the execution of Military Human and NATO Facilities services within the structure of the company are transferred to the President. Any increase, compensation, and non-promises of the transferred non-verbal personnel are kept confidential until they are assigned to the new staff or duties that qualify for their titles. The requests of public institutions and installations related to those who want to transfer to other public institutions and installations within a month of this staff are given to the requests of public institutions and organizations.

However, any payments will be made available to them as long as they remain in the new lineup, as long as they have received the most recent months in their former staff. If there is less than the net amount of the salary or commitment charges, the difference will be paid as compensation for any interruption.

NOT VALID ARTICLE 4. - The 657 State Officers Act of the Ministry of National Defense has revoked 1405 from the staff of the State Department. What title and degree of your invercated cadres would be, It is identified by the Ministry of National Defence and is reported to the Minister of Finance and the Chief Minister of State Staff.

The lists included in the attached lists were issued by the Ministry of National Defence, with respect to the provision of 190 Global Staff and Ordinance Provision in Rule of Law. Fuel and NATO POL Facilities are added as part of the Israeli " division.

INVALID MADDE 5. - A year after the release date of the law, the Board of Directors of the Ministry of National Defense has been under the The Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the head of the National Defence Ministry, the Department of Law Enforcement, NATO's Department of Infectious Affairs, Chief of the Treasury, Office of the Treasury and the Department of Law Enforcement and the Office of the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Ministry of Health Occurrence.

The Board of Directors of

convenes at least once a month upon the invitation of the Board of Directors. The meeting is enough, and the number of decisions is four. The Board of Directors is the most senior member of the meeting, the most senior member of the state. The management of the Board of Directors is fulfilled by the President of the United States.

to the members of the Board of Directors, in the amount of half of the amount specified by the High Planning Board for public servant members of the Board of Public Israeli Private. Charges are paid for the month.


MADE 15. - This Code takes effect on October 4, 2000 and is effective on the release date.


MADE 16. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.









The Board Of Directors Of

Is At The Office Of The President       Central Taşra                 

The Board ANT. That's good, ANT. It's Yrd. 1. Execution and Single-1.ANT.Bat

                                                                                                    nik Department Regional Directorate

Start 2. ANT. Doku

2. Department of Israeli and Regional Directorate

Office of Government

Based On

3. Legal Counsel

4. Defense Specialist

5. Tamper Board

Based On






                         MANAGEMENT OF THE PROCESS





                                                                   Staff Free Staff

Title of

                                             Degree of Degree

GIH President                                                  1 1

GIH Head-of-State                                 1 1

GÝHGIH Circle Head                                        1 2

GYH Legal Counsel                                     1 1

GISH Teffik Installed                             1 1

GISH Muftidat                                                 1 4

Director of GISH                                        1 7

GISH Defence Specialist                                   1 1

GISH Civil Defence Specialist                            1 1

GIH Expert                                                   1 7

GÝHGISH Analyzer                                           3 1

GIH Programcis                                              3 2

GISH Mütercim                                               3 1

GIH Veznedar                                               5 1

GIH Tahsildar                                               5 1

GISH                                                        4 18

GISH Officer                                                  5 38

GIH Computer Human                                3 1

GIH Data Hazling and Control       5 4

GUS Secretary                                                5 3

GYH Santral Officer                                     5 2

TH Chief Engineer                                         2 10

TH Engineer                                              3 14

AH Lawyer                                                  1 1



          TOTAL 123












                                                                   Staff Free Staff

Title of

                                             Degree of Degree

GYH Regional Manager                                       1 2

Director of GISH                                        1 10

GIH Director of Business                                     1 12

GISH Warehouse Manager                                        2 3

GISH Civil Defence Specialist                            2 2

GIH Programcis                                              3 2

GISH                                                        4 44

GIH Veznedar                                               5 17

GUS Secretary                                                5 2

GIH Computer Human                                3 2

GIH Data Hazling and Control       5 27

GYH Santral Officer                                     5 2

GISH Officer                                                  5 80

GIH Protection and Security                       4 85

GISH Protection and Safety Officer                5 941

TH Engineer                                              2 27

AH Lawyer                                                  1 2


          1 260 TOTAL