Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Ministry Of National Defence And Fuel Supply Nato Pol Operating

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. MİLLÎ SAVUNMA BAKANLIĞI AKARYAKIT İKMAL VE NATO POL TESİSLERİ İŞLETM

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Law No. 4636 Date of Admission: 05/04/2001

General Provisions Article 1. Purpose and scope
- The purpose of this Act; peace and war, the Turkish Armed Forces and external reinforcements of fuel and maintaining lube oil stocks and their fuel pipeline or other means of transport and to bring the troops and Turkey business of gas stations with NATO pipeline maintenance and Ministry of National Defense to ensure that kept in operation depending on the public legal entity, a special budget of the Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities to determine the principles and procedures for the operation and the establishment of the Presidential Property.
This Act, the Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities Enterprise; organization, organization, staff, duties, income, expenses, assets and rights, covers the principles and procedures for the staff's personal and social rights and controls.
Definitions Article 2 - For the purposes of this Act;
Ministry: The Ministry of National Defense,
Minister: Minister of National Defense, the Presidential
: Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities Business Council, President
: The Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities Enterprise the President
Company: Petrol Ofisi Inc. (POAŞ), expand
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the
POL: Oil, fuel and lubricants for,
would testify. Duties and powers

Article 3 - The duties of the Presidency is set out below, these tasks are fulfilled within the framework of management decisions taken by the Board.
A) to operate in accordance with the NATO infrastructure and programs or the military budget, which will be built for the needs or fuel pipelines and facilities to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces fuel.
B) any maintenance of pipelines and fuel systems, repair and carry out all the services for the protection, to build additional facilities required or plate.
C) Caspian and time in the Turkish Armed with the requirements of the Force and the Ministry protocol and by providing that or the Presidency by the Ministry contractual appointed as fuel and lubricants, agreement or protocol storing taking delivery of the specified location and ensure their distribution.
D) evaluation of idle capacity to provide services for the benefit of the national economy and provide income for their duties.
E) to be related to the fuel system or has exchanged information with the relevant institutions and organizations on actions to be planned.
F) Establishment or civilian shipping and tanker fleet that will ensure that the fuel oil transported through the pipeline outside organizations, needed to buy sea tankers for sea transport or hire excess.
G) provide POL facilities to business and the maintenance of communication systems.
H) President's disposal for administrative personnel to carry out all kinds of social and financial operations.
I) the organizations dealing with other fuel pipeline operation and maintenance services to sell.
I) Operation and maintenance of maintenance to keep Presidency is ready to war situations; fuel, lube oil and derivatives with all necessary equipment, tools, equipment, inventory, materials, spare parts for domestic and overseas buying from sources, to hire, to store and distribute, Chairman facilities protect the Ministry allocated to ensure the weapons.
J) provision Permissions supplies from NATO authorities for the services required for possible unseen project premises and to have the infrastructure construction accordingly or refurbishment works, rent or buy, real rights to property, move and remove.
K) to determine the price of the Presidency of the goods and services.
L) perform other duties assigned to him by the Minister.
CHAPTER TWO Organization

Organization and Duties of Article 4 - the Presidency, attached to the Ministry of National Defense, legal personality, is an organization with a specific budget. The Presidency consists of the central organization of the regional offices. The organization of the Presidency, the schedule shown in Annex-1.
Annex-1 subunit of the schedule where the unit is determined by the decision of the Board of Directors upon the proposal of the Presidency and approved by the Minister.

Central organization and tasks Article 5 - the center is in Ankara's Presidency.
The central organization of
; Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board attached, Vice President, General Counsel, Defense Expertise, Inspection Board is composed of departments and branch offices.
The central organization of the mission are as follows:
a) to make the operation and maintenance of NATO pipelines in operation taken to provide and execute projects.
B) coordinate on NATO standardization and documentation and perform the work.
C) Ministry protocol and is tasked with providing that or the Presidency by the Ministry contractual fuel and lubricants are taking delivery of the places specified in the protocol or contract, storing within a certain program and all for the distribution and delivery to the needs of office tasks and applications.
D) the needs of the Presidency of the interior and exterior to make purchases.
E) to rent the NATO pipeline system and record revenue in the budget revenues derived therefrom.
F) The contract requires the Department's activities and make protocols.
G) budget, balance sheet and financing carry trades.
H) Board of Directors approved plans, programs, and ensure the implementation of the budget.
I) the decision of the Board of Directors in matters that require make proposals to the Board of Directors.
duties and powers of Article 6 - Board of Directors; It is determined by the Minister of National Defense headed by Deputy Undersecretary; Ministry of National Defense NATO Infrastructure Department Head of Finance and Head of the General Staff Logistics Department by the Chief of General Staff Presidency composed of one member from the Ministry of National Defense by the Defense Minister will be elected for a two year period.
The Board of Directors meets at least once a month at the invitation of the President. Decision to hold a meeting, and the number is three. unable to attend the meeting of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, chaired by the most senior members. Board secretariat services are fulfilled by the Presidency.
members of the Board of Public Economic Enterprises Management Master Planning Board will be paid a monthly fee in the amount specified amount for half the members of the Board of public officials.
other matters with the Board's working procedures and principles of the regulation.
Board's duties and powers are as follows:
a) The Presidency of the annual plan, to approve the program and budget.
B) Head of the center and the establishment of provincial units, lifted merging, separation and proposals for changes in the organizational structure with the determination of jurisdiction, submit to the Minister for approval and the approval of the following, to ensure implementation.
C) to determine the price of the Presidency of the goods and services.
D) The Chairman of the administrative, financial and technical aspects of the regular, efficient and take the necessary decisions in order to find effective activity.
E) to connect activity report and financial report prepared in consultation with the decision.

Provincial Ministry and duties Article 7 - The provincial Ministry is composed of the regional offices.
Regional directorates; In the area of ​​responsibility to do all kinds of fuel supply to operate the pipeline, they are responsible for providing care and graciously housing.

Financial Provisions of income and expenses
Presidency Article 8 - A) The income of the Presidency are as follows:
a) NATO fuel plant of domestic oil companies and military purposes, the lease will be obtained from the rented to allied countries income.
B) as a result of the provision of the needs of the military forces of allied countries that will be transferred in peace and in war, Turkey received fuel and service charges.
C) the distribution system of fuels and lubricants business services or care allowances of money to be received from the Turkish Armed Forces price.
D) the price obtained from the sale of provision of operation and maintenance services made to other relevant organizations with the fuel.
Presidency's income, the Turkish lira opened in the state banks carried out and recorded in the foreign currency accounts. Offered to make an expenditure from these accounts is carried out by the President of the payment instructions will be given to the bank.
B) expenses of the Presidency are as follows:
a) Personnel costs.
B), including the purchase of spare parts, all kinds of investment costs for the services required with maintenance and repair expenses of NATO fuel plants.
C) freight expenses.
D) expenses related to the purchase of goods and services.
E) All administrative expenses.

Record of revenues and expenditures, making and keeping of accounting records related to these costs and maintain the responsibility belongs to the Presidency.
All kinds of transactions to be made according to the provisions of this Act; No. 1050 for the presidency of the Public Accounting Act, No. 832 the provisions relating to registration of the Law Court and the State Tender Law No. 2886 shall not apply.
all kinds of activities and income of the Presidency; except for value added tax to the Treasury, supplementary budget administrations, all kinds of municipalities and special administrative duties, taxes, fees, funds are exempt from the hike and storage fee. Using

Allowance Article 9 - in need of the Ministry; including oil and mineral preparations and chemical additives used in oil production, all kinds of fuel and lube oil purchases in 1050 dated 26/5/1927 accounting provisions of Article 50 of the General Law applies.

SECTION FOUR Provisions Regarding Personnel regime

Article 10 - Presidency services, subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 657 civil servants will be carried out by contract staff and workers. President and executive at every level of the Presidency, the limits provided in writing to clearly define and may delegate some of its authority to subordinates. Devolution of authority does not eliminate the liability of the transferor.
President and Vice President, with the approval of the Minister and the proposal of the Board; other staff, Board, upon the proposal of the Chairman is appointed by the Council.
Vice President and Head, department heads, regional managers, branch managers and must have received higher education in the appointment of business managers sought. other qualifications to be sought for those to be appointed to these positions is determined by regulation.
The Presidency; issues that require special knowledge and expertise executable contract personnel. principles and procedures for the execution of the contract staff remuneration determined by the Council of Ministers. which will be executed according to the provisions of this paragraph, the Republic of Turkey Pension Fund in terms of social security or social insurance is regarded Authority.
The Presidency; President, Vice President, Regional Director of the condition to be displayed corresponds with the Head of Department staff, 657 of the Civil Servants Act and other laws of contract staff without regard to the provisions on the run, the executable contract personnel. In this way, who will run the contract with the principles and procedures of the charges, the Council of Ministers are determined.
Presidential running government officials, Law No. 2155, dated 22.06.1978 paid mainly by the cost of rations.
Court in favor of the presidential executive office and hükmedilip, the distribution of the power of attorney fees from the other party shall be charged, 657 officers applied the relevant provisions of the Act.
Presidency of the employees and operated as contract staff, considered the written clerk in the 279 th article of the Turkish Penal Code and the staff of the rights due to the rising crime of the tasks they have performed the Turkish Penal Code Second Book apply the provisions of the Third and Sixth Babe.
Presidency of facilities protection service, dated 07.22.1981 No. 2495 and the provisions of the Law on Provision of Certain Institutions for the Protection and Security Institutions are fulfilled in accordance with.
Presidential Determination of staff, with the introduction of any other matters relating to staff and cancellation of General Staff and No. 190 arranged according to the Decree Law on the Procedure.
SECTION FIVE Miscellaneous Provisions

Control Article 11 - Head of the administrative, financial and other kinds of operations are subject to the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense. These audits, selected by the Minister for at least two years and be carried out by the Supervisory Board consisting of five people. Supervisory Board members are paid fees received by board members.
Article 12 - Administrative and Operational activities of the Presidency, financial, budget and conduct of the audit process, accounting procedures, work rules and procedures of the Board of Directors and other matters related to the implementation of this Act, from the date of publication of this Law to be issued within six months of a regulation by the Ministry.
Securities and property Article 13 - Turkey, NATO Military Pipeline and Fuel Facilities (warehouses, marine terminals, tankers and wagons full of plants, pumping stations and all other elements that their premises), are the property of the Ministry.

Presidency of the goods and all kinds of crimes against the current, against the State property is considered finished. About this action, the Turkish Penal Code shall apply. moved by the Presidency and confiscated other real rights to immovable property and financial assets.
Amended Provisions Article 14 - The Civil Servants Law No. 657 dated 14.7.1965;
A) Article 36 of the "Common Provisions" section (A) in the eleventh paragraph of me, "the Interior Ministry Planning Specialist Assistant" to come after the words "Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities Enterprise Directorate Assistant Inspectors" will,
b) after 213 article from "time and Compensation titled" additional Article II nd part of clause (a) of paragraph (g) of "Insurance Inspectors and Insurance Assistant Inspectors" to come after the words "Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities Enterprise Presidency inspectors and Assistant inspectors are ",
c) attached I of the additional indicators ruler" I-General Administrative Services Class "section of paragraph (d) to the" President of the Turkish Patent Institute "to come after the words" Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL the same section with plants Business President "shall paragraph (g) of" Social Insurance Agency Insurance Inspectors "to come after the words" Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL facilities Enterprise Investigators are ",
d) of the attached annex II display table "2. Judicial Institutions, connected and Higher Education Institutions and Related Organizations" section of the "Atatürk Cultural Centre Vice" to come after the words "Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities Vice President for Business" will,
e) the attached IV No. authorities pay the ruler (3) of the end of the queue "Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities Enterprise President" will be of the same scale (5) numbered as of paragraph (c) the "Financial Crimes Investigation Board Vice President" to come before the words "National Defense Ministry of Fuel supply and NATO POL Facilities Vice President Business "ruler referred to the phrase (8), as of paragraph (a) the" Labor and Social Security Ministry of Labour Inspectors "to come after the words" Ministry of National Defense Fuel supply and NATO POL Facilities Enterprise Inspectors "phrase,
been added.
Provisional Article 1 - A) on the property which belongs to the Ministry has completed its useful life and is built by the company Sincan store, will be transferred to the Ministry.
B) installation of 15 970 square meters of land on which the facility conducted by the Ministry Merzifon by Maliki, the Company from the date of entry into force of this Act at fair value are transferred to the Ministry within three months.
Provisional Article 2 - the availability of the company affirmed all types of vehicles used in military and NATO Supply Facility services, supplies, housing, building and fixtures from all;
A) by the Ministry tons / km. fees paid under the name of the Company, which are free of charge,
b) by the Ministry tons / km. A portion of the debt by payment to the company, the balance of the fee paid to the company under the name transferred to the Ministry of the Presidency and made to be used by
required filings filed with public agencies.
Provisional Article 3 - A) and the NATO Military Supply Plant workers within the company for the execution of services, staff and positions are transferred to the Presidency with a visa and be in accordance with the general provisions of the posted positions and positions. all kinds of transplanted workers wages, bonuses and other employee rights, will continue until a new contract is signed.
Presidential running full amount paid as severance pay provision for all staff, from the date when this law enters into force within one month will be transferred to the Presidency by the Company.
B) of the Company of Military Supply contract employees and NATO facilities for the execution of the service staff is transferred to the Presidency. The transplanted raise all kinds of contract staff, compensation and costs arising from the contract, with bonuses other personal rights, titles are reserved, depending on the parties until it is assigned according to a new team or task. The staff of public institutions and organizations concerned with the wishes of those who want to live assignments to other public institutions and organizations within one month, given the Presidency consent.

However, their net amount of salary, including claims any payments as long as they remain in the new positions they were assigned, if the salaries they received last month from former staff or contract fees is less than the net amount, in this case the difference until it is resolved, subject to the involvement of compensation without any deductions It is paid.
Provisional Article 4 - Ministry of National Defense to the Civil Servants Law No. 657 was canceled 1405 units subject to a civil servant of the staff. Which title will be canceled and the degree to which the team is determined by the Minister of National Defense and the Ministry of Finance reported to the Prime Ministry State Personnel Department.
Attached have been created for staff taking part in the list, No. 190 General Staff and Procedure About addition of the Decree Law No. III ruler "Ministry of National Defense Fuel Supply and NATO POL Facilities Enterprise" section has been added as.
Provisional Article 5 - Management for one year from the date of publication of the Law Committee; The president of the National Defense Ministry Undersecretary, Chief of Staff Logistics Department Director, Ministry of National Defense Laws and Decisions Office of President of the NATO Infrastructure Department Head, Internal Procurement Department Head, Head of the Department of Finance and the General Counsel and Litigation consists of the Office of the President.
The Board of Directors meets at least once a month at the invitation of the Chairman. Quorum and decision-four. unable to attend the meeting of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, chaired by the most senior members. Board secretariat services are fulfilled by the Presidency.
members of the Board of Public Economic Enterprises monthly fees paid half the amount of the amount determined by the Supreme Planning Council for members of the Board of Directors of public officials.

Entry into Force Article 15 - the date of publication to be effective from the date of such Articles 4 October 2000, entered into force.

Execution Article 16 - This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.



Provincial Chairman of the Board Vice Chairman of the Central Board of ANT. Chairman of ANT. Vice Chairman. 1. Business and the Single-1.ant.bat
nike Affairs Regional Office
2. ANTI Presidency. East
2. Administrative Affairs and Regional Directorate
Supply Agency
3. Legal Counsel
4. Defense Expertise
5. Supervisory Board



ORGANIZATION: CENTRAL for allocation of cadres

Squad Squad Free
Class Number Title Rating 1 1

President GPP GPP GPP Vice President Head of Department 1 2 1 1

GPP GPP Legal Counsel Head of Internal Audit 1 1 1 1 1
GPP Inspector 4
GPP Branch Manager 1 7

GPP GPP Civil Defense Expert Defense Expert 1 1 1 1 1 7 Expert GPP

GPP GPP Programmer Analyst 3 1 3 2 3 1 Interpretation

GPP GPP Treasurer 5 1 5 1

Collector GPP GPP GPP Chief Officer 5 38 4 18

3 1 GPP GPP Computer Operator Data Preparation and Control Business Secretary GPP 5 3 5 4
| ||
tHE GPP Plant Chief Engineer Officer 5 2 2 10 3 14

tHE Engineer AH Lawyer 1 1



Allocation of cadres and

Squad Squad Free
Class Title Rating Number

GPP GPP Regional Manager, Branch Manager 1 2 1 10 1 12

GPP GPP Warehouse Operations Manager Director of Civil Defense Specialist 2 2 2 3

GPP GPP Programmer

GPP GPP Chief Treasurer 3 2 4 44 5 17 5 2

Secretary GPP GPP GPP
Computer Operator Data Preparation and Control Operator 3 2 5 5 2 27
GPP central Officer

GPP GPP Protection and Security Chief Officer 5 80 4 85
tHE GPP Protection and Security Guard AH Lawyer Engineer 2 27 1 2

TOTAL 1260