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Kanun No. 4638                                                                  Acceptance Date: 6.4.2001


MADE 1. - The 55th numbered article, dated 4.6.1937 and number 3201, of the Law of Police, is the current state of the article, along with the substance of the substance.

Promotion and assignment

Article 55.-Police officers, rank of rank officer, commissioner, superintendent, police chief, 4th Chief Police Officer, 3rd Chief Police Officer, 2nd Chief Police Officer, 1st Officer, Police Chief, And Head Of Police.

The promotions to these ranks are made according to the party and the merit, to remain hidden in this material, as well as to keep the product from being hidden.

The identification of the site is based on the date of promotion promotion to the current rank. Among those who have been promoted at the same date, the highest number of record and appreciation of the record and appreciation of the record grades is high in the number of awards and commendations, and the smaller ones are entitled to the smaller ones, according to their diestations.

The Department of Competence is announced collectively every year in March, when the General Manager of the Police Department is located.

Terps and assignments are collectively made in June every year in the legal requirement.

To rise to the top rank,

has replaced the ranks of Commissar, Commissar and Bafcommissioners ' merit. The General Directorate's Central Designing Board is set up to recommend promotions by ranking the top-ranked number of top-ranked quadrupters. This Board, the Chief Executive Officer responsible for personnel work at the Police Headquarters, said the Department of Investigation Planning and Coordination, the Chief of Personnel Office, the 1st Legal Counsel and the General Manager are the two agencies that will see the appropriate two apartments. His father and the Teftik Board are teething from one of the Badmen's.

To rise to the top rank,

has replaced the ranks of Police officers and the 4th, 3rd and 2nd Police Department. The General Directorate is High to identify and recommend the personnel to determine the merit conditions of their managers, snarrating their promotions and assigning them to job titles in the second profession, according to the amount of high staffing in the top rank. The Devitation Board is being created. This Board will be available from the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Secretary of the Board of Police, Police Academy President and Chief Security Officer APK, as well as the three first professional law enforcement officers to be elected.

The boards are collected each year at the time of the Mayors, and decisions are received by a vote-party.

The mandatory waiting times in the ranks of

are at the end of a top rank in order to be promoted to a top rank, and positive for the number of years in the waiting period to be received. However, in order to be promoted from the Chief Commissioner to the Police Department and the 3rd Chief Police Officer, he will be held in accordance with the director of the Police Academy and the Police Academy will be held in accordance with the director's office. It will start completing an administrator's in-service email to be edited.

The Police Academy graduates of the

Police Department are recruiting officers with a graduate of the Police Academy and the General Manager. At least four years of faculty and high schools in the Police Academy (A) form the group B, which is finished with the sergeant help course.

The other qualifications specified in the regulation, including the 37-year-old nature that filled out the de facto gold in the profession The commissioner's rank is assigned to the officer who finished with the sergeant's performance, which will be opened according to the provisions of the regulation, and to be finished with less than nine months, according to the regulations.

is shown at minimum required wait times in rank and voc degrees.


                                                                            Profession Minimum Wait Times

Rank Grades (A) (B)

Sergeant Helpful 9 4 6

Commissioner 8 4 6

Superintendent 7 3 Yat Haddi

Police Chief 6 4

4th Süngüf Police Chief 5 3

3rd Süngf Police Chief 4 3

2 Nci Chief Police Officer 3 3

1st Chief Police Officer 2 3

1st Chief Security Officer 1 Yat Haddi

Anti-Top Security Manager Top Haddi


The number of police supervisors in the promotion of a rank is based on the actual duration of the actual execution of this rank.

Any specialist, master, PhD, and lawyer who is required to be deemed in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. The internship is not to be made in the rank of rank. However, after becoming a police officer, the service and treatment of the military service, the service of the dormitory, the duration of the dormitory course and the cause of other tasks, and the rest of the treatment and the rest of the treatment are demoted.

Prison sentences, except for criminal offenses, if they are translated or isolated to money, are long and longer than the time period. from the profession and to the civil servants, the sentences of the duration of the sentence will be as high as penalty times. Each negative record delays the demotion of rank by one year.

(B) group of police supervisors to a group of at least four years of higher education (A) group The following are the following:

a) In the rank of captain (A), the group is about as low as the minimum wait for police supervisors.

b) the rank of Chief of Police to the rank of Chief of Police will be reserved for this group in the top of the table and in-profession To be a part of management.

C) to be promoted to the rank of Chief of Police with the decision of the Devitation Board.

The number of supervisors who will move from the

(B) group to (A) is promoted from that year's (A) group to the rank of Commissioner of Police. It cannot exceed 10% of the number of people.

is based on a snav rating at the time of the promotion of this year.

rank promotions and results with in-business management training courses with date and time The basis and procedures for the work of the boards of this Law are regulated within three months from the date of release of this Law.

MADDE 2. - 3201 is an additional 11 th of the Law, which is also known in the province of appendix.

Attachment Article 11. -They can't be a member of the Police Department and the founder and member of the neighborhood watch. They can, however, be members of sports associations, they can be employed in the management and control boards of associations with the purpose of sports within the Police Department.

The members of the Police Department and the neighborhood watchmen are able to take part in the governing bodies, with the fact that they can be the founder of the foundation of the Turkish Law Office, dated 17.2.1926 and 743. The Chief Executive's offer is provided by the Secretary of State's permission.

The disciplinary penalties that are specified in the statute are given to those who move the month to the fans in the region.

MADDE 3. - To come after the clause of the 3201 "overplay fee" for the additional 21, "Ayrıca said," The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has committed to large-scale corruption, terrorism and similar activities in the country's nationwide operations. " to pay an additional payment of the rates shown in line with the personnel who provide them with administrative, technical, logistical and sair support services, to pay for this payment; the task and duration of the task, the degree of difficulty and risk of the task, the status of the incumbent, and different amounts or proportions, taking into account the other factors It is authorized to determine the basis for which it is essential. " It is added.

MADDE 4. - Additional materials are added to the Law 3201.

ADDITIONAL ITEM 23. -To be seen by the Supreme Deposition Board of three times by completing the mandatory waiting period, 2 ci Police chiefs who failed to be promoted to a top rank, to be the other people who are related to retirement in accordance with the state of the staff The recommendation of the High Devitation Board and the approval of the Secretary of State will be retired with the registration of the High School Board of People.

The 1st Chief Operating Officer who filled out the actual business in vocational degrees is the recommendation of the High Designing Board and the search for a close call with the record of being the other people related to retirement according to staffing status. It can be shipped to retirement with the approval of the Ministry of the United States.

The cause of the staff is to be employed in a mission, including the Security Services Department, again with the reason that they were retired. from the month of the month following the date that they were shipped to retirement and the rank of rank from the ranks of the ranks of the ranks of the ranks of the ranks (including the additional indictmaking), 1 of the 1st Sünf Police Department 60% of those who are in the second profession, 50%, 2 nci. Law enforcement officials pay a mandatory retirement pension of 40%.

The retired Sandman will collect this sum in three-month circuits and collect it from the Treasury on the invoice. These payments, except for the stamp tax, are not subject to any taxes, and do not fall to the heirs of those who died before the law.

The number of people in the rank of 500, 2nd Chief Executive Officer, of the rank ofEmniyet1st Chief Executive Officer, is the number of It is not possible to take 800.

MADDE 5. - The temporary materials that are in place of the 3201 count are added.

INVALID 19. -The number of 1st and 2nd Police Chief Constable is brought to the number of the additional 23 items within a year from the date of this Law. For this purpose, the High Devitation Board can make a sufficient number of meetings.

He will be promoted to a top rank, with the 55-pearl clause of the Code, the Superintendent and the 3rd. Any personnel written by the Chief Constable will be applied to the personnel who will be promoted after 1.1.2002.

IS NOT VALID 20. -Prior to the effective date of this Law, I graduated from four years of higher education institutions with those who graduated from four years of higher education in the rank of four-year-old institutions and passed the group to the group (A) group. The supervisors are specified in the group (A).

MADDE 6. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADE 7. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.