Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Energy Efficiency Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ENER­Jİ VE­RİM­Lİ­Lİ­Ğİ KA­NU­NU

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.tbmm.gov.tr/kanunlar/k5627.html

Law No. 5627

Acceptance Date: 18/04/2007

PART ONE Purpose, Scope and Definitions Article 1

Objective (1) The purpose of this Act; efficient use of energy, prevention of waste, easing the burden of energy costs on the economy of energy resources and to protect the environment and energy use to increase efficiency.

Scope Article 2 (1) of this Act; energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy, industrial enterprises, buildings, power generation plants, transmission and increasing the transport of energy efficiency and distribution networks, and support to the community to improve the overall energy awareness, covers the principles and procedures to be applied for the exploitation of renewable energy sources.
(2) the implementation of measures to increase the energy efficiency of the property or in industrial areas, which will vary unacceptably views conducted business and production activities, which is used as a place of worship, the scheduled expiration of less than two years, in the less widely used than four months, total less than fifty square meters of building areas, buildings or monuments under protection, agricultural buildings and workshops, is beyond the scope of this Act.

Definitions Article 3 (1) the implementation of this Act;
A) The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, the
b) General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration General Directorate,
c) Board: Energy Efficiency Coordination Board,
d) Public sector: public institutions and organizations, professional organizations qualifying as public institutions, universities and local administrations,
d) chambers: Electrical and mechanical engineers rooms,
e) the Company: Headquarters or in the framework of an authorization agreement they made with the authorized institutions, to carry out energy efficiency services for authorization of the energy efficiency consulting companies,
f) Accredited institutions: under edited authorization agreement, education, the General Directorate to carry out the authorization and monitoring activities, professional authorized by the Board for approval of the rooms and universities
g) TEP: tons of equivalent oil,
i) waste: used tires, paint sludge, solvents, plastics, used as fuel by the Ministry of Environment and Forests fats eligible waste and other waste,
h) Building owner: Building maliki redeemed if right holder, both or building owners such as saving of
i) industrial enterprises: total annual energy consumption other than the licensee entities engaged in electricity generation activities that thousand TEP and more, trade and industry chambers of commerce, depending on the room or chamber of industry as operating in and all kinds of goods engaged in the production enterprises,
i) energy identification: Minimum as the building's energy needs and energy consumption classification, insulation properties and the heating and / or document containing information about the efficiency of the cooling system
j ) energy efficiency: the building in the standard of living and quality of service, the quality and quantity of production of industrial enterprises to reduce the energy consumption without causing the decline,

K) Studies: for uncovering the opportunities for improving energy efficiency and data collection, measurement, evaluation and operation, consisting of the reporting stage,
l) energy efficiency services: consulting on energy efficiency, education, study and application services,
m) energy density: a unit of the amount of energy consumed to produce the product,
n) energy manager and certificate: the person with the responsibility and energy manager certificate to fulfill industrial enterprises and energy management in building-related activities within the scope of this Law General Directorate, authorized agencies or certificate issued for energy managers by energy efficiency consulting company,
o) energy management: training conducted to ensure the use of energy resources and energy efficiency, studies, measurement, monitoring, planning and implementation activities,
d) repayment period: the period enables industrial enterprises to be prepared in order to increase the energy efficiency of existing systems or the need for capital expenditures on projects that prepare the company recovered the savings envisaged in the project
p) Cogeneration: heat and electrical and / or simultaneously in the same facility of mechanical energy in production,
r) implementation agreement: the agreement made by the company in order to realize the implementation of the measures set out in the study work is
s) Incinerator: Fuel is on the ground with these places connected parts and waste facilities used to generate heat which is included in the gas fittings,
v) authorization: under Regulation authorization agreements, training to universities and professional associations, by authorizing the General Directorate for approval of the Board to carry out their monitoring activities, and the company training, studies, General Directorate to carry out consulting and implementation activities, trade or document issued by the university refers

Assembly and Authorizations

Energy Efficiency Coordination Board Article 4 (1) Energy efficiency efforts across the country before the effective conduct of all relevant organizations, monitoring and coordination purposes Energy Efficiency Coordination Board of the results generated. secretarial services, monitoring and implementation of the decisions taken by the Board shall be conducted by the General Directorate.
(2) the Board; In the vice presidential undersecretary of the Ministry's General Directorate interested, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Environment and Forestry Ministry, State Planning Organization, Treasury, Energy Market Regulatory Authority , the Turkish Standards Institute, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Turkey Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architects and consists of a senior representative of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey.
(3) the Board's duties and responsibilities include:

A) energy efficiency strategies at the national level, to prepare plans and programs and evaluate their effectiveness, to be revised when necessary, coordinate the implementation and adoption of new measures.
B) the dissemination of the General Directorate of the work carried out by directing energy efficiency and energy efficiency services to chambers to approve the authorization certificates issued by the Directorate General and the university.
C) Article 8 of the first paragraph of subparagraph (a) and Article 9 of the first paragraph (a) made by industrial enterprises wishing to take advantage of the application under item or company applications projects they prepare, Article 8 of the first paragraph (b) To approve the voluntary agreement under subparagraph and to monitor the results of the application.
D) Where the Board the scope of tasks and necessary, expenses to be covered by the Directorate General of Budget, relevant public institutions, universities, create temporary specialized committees with the participation of the private sector and civil society organizations.
D) Accredited institutions, companies, to determine the public institutions of professional organizations in the nature of civil society every year with the participation of the organization in November will be organized by the General Directorate advisory board meeting agendas and meeting to join organizations, meeting to approve the results of the evaluation and action proposals.
E) authorization in January each year and to determine and publish the energy manager certificate fee.
(4) The Board each year in March, June, September and December, including convenes four times as common. In addition, if deemed necessary by the Chairman of the Board, exceptional as it is collected on the call. two-thirds majority is sought for a quorum and decisions are taken by majority vote of those attending the meeting. In case of equality of votes the President's vote is counted as two votes.
(5) to be covered by the Directorate General of Budget, for each day of the meeting, Chairman of the Board and its members annually to the public office Uhde and not more than four (2.000), Uhde without any public office (3000) civil servant salary coefficient of index figures the amount of the honorarium will be paid as a result of the multiplication.

Authorizations Article 5 (1), authorizations and activities in this context for the implementation of energy efficiency services are performed in accordance with the following principles.
A) Authorization and procedures for the authorization are as follows:
1) universities and chambers of commerce and companies practical training can be given authorization by the Board with the approval of the General Directorate in order to authorize. These documents this Law and related regulations in determining the principles and procedures are contrary to a state unless the transactions related to the authorization given yenilenir.yet the certificate renewed institutions to company documents every five years, the time is carried out by the General Directorate until filled.

2) Corporate training, studies, consulting and implementation of the General Directorate to carry out activities and / or authorization given by authorized institutions. These documents are renewed every three years, unless a case contrary to the principles and procedures specified in this Law and related regulations. Company pays the entire cost of the authorization and energy manager certificate cost of their organizations so the authorization agreement, part determined by the Board provided that not more than ten or organization.
B) Accredited institutions and corporations, announced to the public by the Directorate General.
C) General Directorate, authorized institutions and corporations with officials acting on their behalf, they obtained during the study related to energy efficiency and the customer will damage trade relations trade secrets are obliged to keep secret. These are the secrets that are obliged to keep secret, that secret, even though they have left the task can not use their own interests and in favor of others.
D) Headquarters and activities to be carried out by authorized institutions are:
1) General Directorate or authorized agency gives authorization to the company, the energy manager conducts training and certification activities.
2) Accredited institutions and monitors the activities of the companies they give authorization, this Act and to be issued by the Ministry for the implementation of this law provisions of the regulations constitute a violation points will report to the Directorate General within thirty days.
3) General Directorate, television and education programs aimed at raising awareness and information to be broadcast on radio stations, competitions, short films and / or prepares or be drawn cartoons.
4) Accredited institutions provide annual reports to the General Directorate of each year.
D) the duties of the company are:
1) training, certification, industrial businesses, building owners or management in accordance with the service agreement between them, carry out studies and consultancy activities.
2) Energy efficiency measures were determined by preliminary study to prepare for the implementation of the project.
3) application to perform the renovation projects in accordance with the agreement and to guarantee the amount of energy savings.
4) organization received authorization to provide annual reports every year.
E) the amount of energy saving regarding the implementations agreement within the scope of the commitments that guarantee, before and after the industrial business with measurements to be made, and the company could not prove the presence of the representatives of the institution is authorized, will be announced by institutions that are authorized via the internet. Fail to meet its commitments under the agreement up to three applications of the company's mandate will be canceled in order to be renewed after one year.
F) implementation agreements that prove the scope of measuring the amount of savings, the Company is authorized by the institutions they are advertised on the internet.

(2) to give the mandate, authority institutions and companies to the qualifications, authorization and energy manager certificate for authorization under this article with matters concerning procedures related to the activities and tasks and principles of the regulations to be issued by the Ministry. PART THREE

Education, Awareness and Practice Education and awareness

Article 6 (1) In the context of the following principles in order to increase the effectiveness of energy efficiency services and energy and awareness activities are performed.
A) defined in the regulations to be issued by the Ministry within the framework of principles and procedures;
1) Company Headquarters and / or institutions authorized by the General Directorate for energy managers, authorized agencies and theoretical and practical training programs organized by the company.
2) General Directorate or authorized organizations, their corporate authorization agreement provides support for training programs for laboratory use.
B) Energy and the basic concepts related to energy efficiency, Turkey's general energy situation, energy resources, energy production techniques, the importance of energy efficiency in the protection of the climate change and the environment and the efficient use of energy in everyday life matters to be given theoretical and practical knowledge, by the Ministry of National Defense, the military high schools with privates training centers and training programs are carried out; in formal and non-formal education curricula by the Ministry of Education, made the necessary arrangements by the concerned institutions and in-service training of public institutions.
C) The activities to be conducted to raise public awareness for the dissemination of energy efficient use include:
1) national and / or regional broadcast television and radio channels, the General Directorate prepared or prepared by energy education programs regarding efficient use, contests, short films and / or cartoons, the scope of 04.13.1994 dated and 3984 Radio and Television Enterprises and the Law on publication of Article 31 in accordance with awareness and informational educational programs, not less than the minimum thirty minutes total air time per month 07: publications from 00 to 23:00.
2) Licenses under the electric and / or natural gas sales which legal persons the amount of consumption of the previous fiscal year and the information on a monthly basis containing the amount corresponding to the consumption price offers knowledge of the customer on the Internet.
3) Manufacturers and importers of Industry and identified by the Ministry of Commerce and the declared use of the Turkish and promote guidance and have to be sold to energy-consuming goods in the user guide, with information on the efficient use of the goods in terms of energy consumption data in a separate section. The implementation of this provision is supervised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

4) Ministry of National Education, Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, chambers and Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association of Energy Efficiency in the second week of January every year by the General Directorate in cooperation with regulated Week activities. nature of the activity in the scope determined by the Board.

Applications Article 7 (1) The following applications are performed in order to increase energy efficiency.
A) activities to be carried out in relation to energy management are:
1) Industrial enterprises, appoint an energy manager among employees. Organized industrial zones, located less energy consumption than a thousand kicks in the area of ​​energy management unit is established to serve the industrial enterprises.
2) The total construction area of ​​at least twenty thousand square meters, or the annual energy consumption of five hundred TEP and commercial buildings over the management of the service buildings and public buildings, in the absence of the administration building owners, energy manager is appointed or receives services from the energy manager.
3) of the fifty-one remaining outside the public sector and total annual energy consumption in industrial enterprises with TEP and the energy manager's responsibility to install the energy management unit. industrial enterprises with quality management unit in the organization, it can assign these units as energy management unit.
4) The principles and procedures relating to the energy management unit with energy managers duties and responsibilities specified in the regulation to be issued by the Ministry. In the schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education principles and procedures relating to the appointment of energy managers, regulated by a regulation to be issued by the Ministry of Education jointly prepared by the Ministry.
B) Monitoring, analysis and projections in order to work carried out the following activities:
1) throughout the country, in the development of energy efficiency in industrial enterprises and buildings and industry projections for some of the revealing inventory and future by the General Directorate in cooperation with authorized institutions and the annual report containing its findings and evaluations regarding the public sector is prepared and published by the Directorate General.
2) Industrial enterprises and energy managers run obliged with building owners and / or management of the requested information, the institutions and organizations which are responsible for running energy managers in the public sector format of energy consumption information determined by the General Directorate and reports with their own determination of March every year data until the end of the General Directorate. Industrial businesses, allowing for examination by the Directorate General of place.
C) in buildings with central heating system, the system that enables the sharing of heating costs, depending on the amount of heat used by the central or local heating or temperature control devices are used. Prepared in contravention of the project will be approved by the relevant authorities.

D) The total construction area of ​​the building used for domestic purposes specified in the regulations, to be implemented in commercial buildings and service building, architectural design, heating, cooling, heat insulation, hot water, electrical installation and norms in lighting, standards, minimum performance criteria, information gathering and control procedures covering the principles and procedures relating to the energy performance of buildings, the Turkish Standards Institute and prepared jointly by the Directorate General for Public Works and Housing Ministry will put into effect a regulation. In the event of violation of the provisions of the Regulation is not allowed to use the structure by the relevant authorities.
D) by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, prepared according to regulations to be issued under the identification of energy projects are organized. the building's energy needs in the energy identification, isolation facilities, heating and / or information about the efficiency of the cooling system and the building's energy consumption is considered as a minimum classification. The renewal of the certificate must be taken with other information in the document and procedures relating to the application, including existing buildings and procedures, prepared jointly with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing Ministry is determined by regulations to be put into effect. The total construction area outside the adjacent area and the identification of energy for buildings with less than a thousand square meters, is not mandatory.
E) electricity generation facilities and transmission and to improve the energy efficiency of distribution networks, demand side management, power plants use waste heat from outdoor area lighting, principles and procedures for promoting the use of alternative fuels such as biofuels and hydrogen, in a regulation to be issued by the Ministry determines.
F) regarding the improvement of energy efficiency in transport; homeland of vehicles produced in unit fuel consumption to be reduced, vehicles, raising efficiency standards, public transportation dissemination, principles and procedures for the establishment of advanced traffic signal systems, jointly prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade by the Transport Ministry regulation to be put into effect.
G) During the preliminary study carried out in industrial enterprises and buildings, calibrated by an accredited national or international organizations and must be labeled for use of the device.
I) the boiler is located in the incineration plant, the burner of the floor heating and jointly prepared by the General Directorate of the boiler industry and specified in the regulations to be issued by the Ministry of Commerce are not allowed to sell those providing minimum efficiency values.
H) of electric motors, air conditioners, procedures for the classification of electrical household appliances and light bulbs, and the determination of the minimum yield and procedures jointly prepared by the Directorate General of Industry and the regulations to be issued by the Ministry of Commerce and are not allowed to sell those to provide minimum limits. PART FOUR

Support and Other Applications Support

Article 8 (1) to support the implementation of energy efficiency projects to reduce energy intensity, application-related research and development projects are carried out according to the following principles and procedures.
A) Energy efficiency demonstration projects are supported by the following principles:
1) presented to the General Directorate by industrial enterprises, the Directorate General approved by the Board with the approval of the repayment period of up to five years and identified the project costs up to five hundred thousand Turks applications pound project supported a maximum rate of twenty percent of the cost.
2) Efficiency-enhancing projects supported entities, these projects are implemented within two years of business. This time exceeding or applications made before and after desteklenmez.uygul different from project implementation reports containing information and images sent to the General Directorate. Implementation of the results are checked on site by the General Directorate.
3) the principles and procedures related to project implementation support for enhancing energy efficiency regulation to be enacted by the Ministry.
B) The following applications are performed to reduce the energy intensity:
1) fulfilling the making voluntary agreement with the General Directorate committed to reduce at least ten percent on average in the energy density of three years for any industrial operation and commitment actual or legal entities of the industrial enterprises, to be taken into account and grant opportunities to exceed one hundred thousand Turkish Liras, twenty percent of the energy costs for the year are covered by the agreement is signed.
2) This sub-paragraph (1) of article in the fulfillment of commitments under industrial enterprises, increase the energy density can do more next year for the second time to deal with natural or legal persons Headquarters.
3) Voluntary agreements with natural or legal persons that consume energy in industrial enterprises; waste incineration modern techniques with heat and electrical energy into the facility, Article 9 of the first paragraph (a) as defined in paragraph cogeneration manufactured domestically facilities or hydraulic, wind, geothermal, produced using solar and biomass sources of energy, not including energy density.
4) changes in industrial energy intensity in real or legal persons that do business with multiple industrial enterprises of voluntary agreements on site, also examined by the Directorate General.
5) Voluntary agreements qualifications to be sought for industrial enterprises will be made, the energy density calculation methods and force majeure other principles to be included in a voluntary agreement, including the Ministry of the regulation to be implemented.
C) for the reduction of supporting the implementation of energy efficiency projects and energy density applications General Directorate for the necessary appropriations to the budget. allocated and used to support grants supported projects, voluntary agreements, reduce energy intensity and increase industrial enterprises, education and awareness-raising activities will be announced on the website of the Directorate General.

D) The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, by increasing the energy efficiency primarily supports research and development projects for the utilization of new and renewable energy sources; In directing this project and take the opinion of the General Directorate for the evaluation.
Other applications
Article 9 (1) the following practices to increase energy efficiency is accomplished:
a) Industrial enterprises prepared for the improvement of energy efficiency in the existing system, approved by the Board and the minimum investment size of Ministers of the amount determined by the Board depending on the type of fuel and technology used by the project will be put into effect by the Ministry providing an average annual yield values ​​defined in the regulations cogeneration investments, Treasury will benefit from investment incentives.
B) for small and medium-sized enterprises, 12.4.1990 dated and 3624 numbered Small and Medium Industry Development and Support Administration receive training for the operation of energy efficiency as defined in the Law on the Establishment, studies and consultancy services, Small and medium Industry Development and support Administration is supported by the Department. The principles and procedures relating to this application, a regulation to be issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade prepared jointly with the Ministry.
C) the authority of the company founded by the foundation and does not receive any compensation for the energy manager certificate.
Administrative Sanctions and Miscellaneous Provisions
Administrative sanctions and application
Article 10 (1) of this Act, determinations made by those who are authorized to issue administrative fines and / or audit as a result of natural or legal person to apply administrative sanctions on the following basis.
A) requires administrative sanctions are:
1) of Article 5 under the case of acts contrary to the provisions of the Regulations will come into force concerning authorization, in accordance with the principles and procedures defined in the authorization agreement by the General Directorate mandate with the approval of the Board authorized institutions, companies the licenses will be revoked by the institutions they deal. Authorization certificate revoked authorized institutions or companies not authorized certificate with at least five years. Authorization certificate revoked authorized institutions made by companies with an authorization agreement will be reviewed by the General Directorate and not meet the requirements defined in the regulations will be canceled. the agreement of those who possess the necessary conditions to be renewed by the General Directorate.
2) 5 th, 7 th, 8 th and scope of the information required by Article 9 and to be given the opportunity to review the requested information and / or the granting of a permit for thirty days. The eleven case of incorrect or incomplete information be given at the end of the desired period of Turkish lira, not given any information and / or site inspection fifty thousand Turkish Liras in case of recognition of the possibility of an administrative fine.

3) This sub-paragraph (2) of article other than this Act and related regulations under the desired other required information within thirty days, correct, and if not submitted as required five hundred Turkish Liras an administrative fine.
4) the first paragraph of Article 5 (c) to serve in the organizations covered by this Act for the benefit of the users themselves or others prohibited commercial secrets in not less than two years.
5) of Article 5 of the first paragraph (c) of subparagraph (2) under sub-subparagraph of which it was found to have acted in violation of this Law and issued regulations the provisions of this subparagraph the company reported to the General Directorate (1) the number subparagraph shall apply.
6) of the first paragraph of Article 6 (c) of paragraph (1) the number who took about broadcasting to fulfill its obligations as stated in paragraph 3984 Act shall apply.
7) of the first paragraph of Article 6 (c) of paragraph (2) of Sub-clause in case of non-fulfillment of the provisions relating to the five thousand Turkish Lira to the relevant entities of the administrative fine.
8) owners or management of industrial enterprises and buildings, the first paragraph of Article 7 paragraph (a) and, in case of contravention of the provisions of the relevant regulations, be warned to remedy the breach. Contradiction, if not corrected within thirty days; The industrial business, twenty thousand Turkish Lira to the building owner or building management, administrative fines.
9) the first paragraph of Article 7 (g) and (h) contrary to the natural and legal persons to sell me, twenty thousand Turkish Liras by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the administrative fine.
B) of this paragraph (a) of paragraph (9) the number was lower, except for me to administrative fines in case of repetition of the same act within one year following the implementation of administrative fines be increased two-fold.
C) of this paragraph (a) of paragraph (2), (3) and (8) of article pursuant to industrial businesses, building owners or building management, given the amount of penalty, the natural or legal person punished for the previous financial year of the total energy expenditure of twenty percent of the natural or legal person's income Situated in the balance sheet for the previous financial year exceeds five percent, within thirty days after submission of documents related to the balance and energy expenditure, is calculated as the amount of the penalty is lower than the amount calculated according to both borders.
D) According to this law, which is not foreseen to be implemented by another public institution or organization is implemented by the Directorate General of administrative sanctions.
D) The liability of legal persons in administrative fines, No. 6762 dated 29/6/1956 shall be determined in accordance with Article 65 of the Turkish Commercial Code. The powers
Article 11 (1) of outside powers mentioned in another article:
a) Assembly by means of the implementation of its obligations under this Act, directing, monitoring, evaluation, provide planning and coordination in the implementation of measures to be taken.

B) Article 7 of the first paragraph (a) is authorized to increase the paragraph under the energy manager assigned to the energy management unit to reduce to half the numerical limits as defined in relation to the establishment and until doubled.
C) of Article 8 of the first paragraph (a) of paragraph (1) of Sub-amount cost of the project mentioned under item and the rate of support can be given to projects to increase up to reduce to and twice half of article 8 of the first paragraph (b) of paragraph (1 ) rate reduction of energy intensity and the amount listed under the sub-item of the support to reduce to half and is authorized to increase up to twice.
Article 12 (1) of the Turkish Armed Forces, the National Intelligence Organization and the Ministry of Defense and its affiliates, Article 7 of the first paragraph (b) of paragraph (2) of article and paragraph (d) of the provisions it is exempt. The same material (a) the principles and procedures relating to the application under the provisions determined by these institutions.
Article 13 No. 2819, dated 14.06.1935 Electrical Power Resources Survey Administration, Article 2 of the Law Concerning the Establishment is amended as follows.
"Article 2 EIE Administration tasks include:
a) the country's hydro, wind, geothermal, solar, biomass and other renewable energy sources make the measurements for the evaluation of all energy sources as a priority, to prepare feasibility studies and sample application projects; research institutions, local governments and develop pilot systems in cooperation with civil society organizations, carry out promotional and consultancy activities.
B) and on the rational use of energy in the building industry, awareness and training services, universities, professional chambers and legal entities to authorize in order to provide the same services, to supervise and Energy Efficiency execute the Coordination Council secretariat.
C) transportation, electric power generation plants, transmission and energy distribution systems to monitor work carried out by relevant ministries and agencies towards effective and efficient use, evaluate, measure and / or developing project proposals.
D) Energy Efficiency Coordination Board approved the application of energy efficiency projects and to monitor and supervise research and development projects.
D) environmental interests in energy consumption point of hazardous waste and to monitor the development of emissions, evaluate, produce projections and measures to prepare recommendations.
E) in the country and to monitor activities and developments in the field of energy in the world and assess, in accordance with the country's needs and circumstances to determine research and development objectives and priorities, in this direction of research and development activities, to make the study results to provide the public with the economic analysis.
F) of all stakeholders related to energy, you can quickly access accurate and current information; to create a national energy inventory and keep up to date; planning, projection, monitoring and evaluation to establish national energy information management center to support and operate.

G) domestic and develop projections and recommendations for the assessment and improvement of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources.
I) the development of community-wide energy awareness and activities in order to benefit from new energy technologies.
H) public institutions and organizations in relation to energy efficiency, universities, private sector and civil society to ensure coordination for the development of effective and efficient cooperation between organizations.
I) to inform the public on issues related to energy and engaging in activities to raise awareness.
I) To cooperate with similar national and international organizations in other countries and to exchange information.
J) 20.2.2001 dated and 4628 Electricity Market Law and to form an opinion, pursuant to regulations issued by the Ministry in relation to this Law pursuant to issued Electricity Market by the Authority with the application made for the purpose of obtaining a license based on wind power.
E.İ. to. Administration tasks are performed on the following basis:
a) EIE Administration tasks within the scope of any information that it deems necessary is authorized to ask the real and legal persons. Information requested are obliged to provide the information needed for real and legal persons. EIE Administration, information provided by the country's safety, security and economic interests, real and will maintain the confidentiality of information and documents that will damage trade relations between entities.
B) E.İ.E. Administration in matters within the jurisdiction of the Administration's task to prepare the activities of the projects and expertise in seeking jobs, ministries and affiliated and related organizations, universities and other public institutions and projects, and a sufficient number have the qualifications required by the research staff, time and subject of study of a temporary institution to be specified and related consent of the staff and appointed with the approval of the Minister. However, this time the staff assigned to work two years and in any case not exceed the duration of the project. In case of more than two years of the project period, provided that the consent of the relevant institutions and personnel working time can be extended up to a solid approval of the Minister. In this way, on leave from their institutions and staff assigned to assigned personnel salary, allowances and other financial and social rights and raise all kinds of compensation and benefits paid by the institutions.
C) E.İ.E. Administration General Directorate establishes Hidrometrik Measurement Stations perform these tasks, makes operating and drilling. Central in the Strategy Development Department will be established. 5018 The Department of Public Financial Management and execute the tasks specified in Article 60 of the Control Law.
D) EIE with goods belonging to the administration of all kinds dated 26/9/2004 to crimes committed available on against the 5237 Turkish Penal Code No. 247 to 266 provisions contained in Article penalties will be applied. "
Article 14 20.2.2001 dated and 4628 Electricity Market the third paragraph of Article 1 of the Law is added the following subsections.
"51. Cogeneration: heat and electrical and / or simultaneously in the same production facility of mechanical energy,
52. Micro cogeneration plant: Based on the electric power installed capacity of 50 kilowatts and below the cogeneration plant, "
Article 15 of Law No. 4628 to the end of the Article 3 is included in the following paragraphs.

"Only to meet their own needs, cogeneration that yields on the value defined in the regulations to be issued by the Ministry include establishing facts and obtain a license from legal entities and will be exempt from the obligation to establish a company is organized in the relevant regulations.
Only to meet their own needs; based on renewable sources of energy, a maximum of two hundred kilowatts of installed power generation facilities with natural and legal persons who set up micro-cogeneration plant, is exempted from licensing and incorporation.
Authority, or security of existing production licenses and license applications. No deposit receipt and a regulation concerning matters related revenues to be saved. "
634 dated 23.6.1965 Article 16 Ownership of the fourth and fifth paragraphs of Article 42 of the Act has been amended as follows.
"Floor insulation on the request of one of the owners, the heating system fuel conversion and the heating system of the central system to individual system or be converted to the central system of the individual systems is made on their decisions by a majority of the number and land shares of property owners. However, the total construction area of ​​two thousand square meters and be converted into individual heating system in central heating buildings with floor done on their decisions by consensus in numbers and plot the share of owners. this will be implemented in paid according to the rate of land share costs of public works. the procedures for apportioning the heating costs of central heating systems and procedures public works and Settlement a regulation to be issued by the Ministry.
heating system of the individual system or individual system to central system if the decision to revert to a central system, a management plan contrary to this resolution shall be deemed amended. "
ARTICLE 17 10.5.2005 dated 5346 No. Renewable Energy Electricity Generation Purposes Article 6 of the Law on the Use of Resources is amended as follows.
"Article 6 in the electricity generation and trading of electricity from renewable sources under this Act, legal persons holding licenses are subject to the following application guidelines:
a) Retail sales of licensed legal entities, RES producing electricity from renewable energy sources under this Act who have not completed ten years of the operation of the licensed facilities, they buy electricity according to the principles set out in this Article.
B) Information on the amount of RES certified electrical energy available for the application under this Act shall be issued by EMRA every year. Each entity has a retail license, as the previous calendar year in the proportion of the electricity they sell in the country the amount of electricity they sell, they buy from RES certified electrical energy.
C) to be applied for the electricity to be purchased under this Act; For each year of the previous year as determined by EMRA Turkey is the average wholesale electricity price. However, this price is applied to 5 euro cents / kWh less from the Turkish lira, 5.5 Euro Cent / kWh can not exceed the Turkish Lira. However, 5.5 euro cents / kWh license holder legal entities based on renewable energy sources in the free market on the possibility of finding sales benefit from this opportunity.
Application under this Article shall cover plants put into operation before the date of 31/12/2011. However, the application of the Council of Ministers will end date, to be published in the Official Gazette 31.12.2009, provided it can extend for up to 2 years. "
Article 18 Article 8 of Law No. 5346 has been amended as follows.

"Article 8 Forest or the Treasury's private property or state provisions and all kinds under saving immovable property if used for the purposes of electricity generation from renewable energy sources under this Act to be used for transport routes and to the network port on the power transmission line with respect to the land or the Ministry of Environment and Forestry is allowed in exchange for consideration by the Ministry of Finance, renting out, are given permission to use or easement. The year 2011 will be commissioned by the end of the road transport of these facilities and network port until power transmission lines from the permissions of the first ten years of investment and operation periods, rent discounts eighty percent of the easement and the permission to use the price. ORKOY and in forest land is not taken special allowance revenue. "Arranging
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1- (1) The regulations are expected to be enacted in this Act, this is a year from the date of the Law publication, Article 7 of the (d) and (d ) under sub-regulation by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement is expected to be enacted within two years removed. The aforementioned regulations come into force until it is continued implementation of the existing regulations are not contrary to the provisions of this Act.
Validity of existing mandates and energy manager certificate
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 2 (1) the current authorization documents issued by the General Directorate, time will remain valid until it expires. energy available in the date of publication of this law administrator certificate is renewed free of charge within one year. The first information to be given on
Provisional Article 3 (1) All businesses and construction in the prepared application projects or renovations to ten total construction area of ​​the project square meters and the buildings owners or governments that are active in the industrial area, by the General Directorate of the Since the publication date of the information requested by the General Directorate published on the internet page format within two months from the date of publication of this Law shall inform the General Directorate within three months.
General Directorate of the authorization function
Provisional Article 4 (1) Article 5 of the first paragraph (a) of paragraph (2) under sub-subparagraph, the General Directorate of the company authorization activities, two years after the authorized institution from the date of publication of this Law it exceeds the number of ends. The number of authorized institutions do not find him in two years, the General Directorate of the authorization activity will continue until the total number of ten. Education and awareness practices

Provisional Article 5 (1) of the first paragraph of Article 6 (b) arrangements are made by the relevant institutions provided for in paragraph within two years from the date of publication of this Act.
(2) the first paragraph of Article 6 (c) of paragraph (2) and (3) the provisions contained in sub-item shall apply from the end of the first year following the date of publication of this Act.
Existing buildings and industrial enterprises, the ongoing construction of buildings and minimum limits

Provisional Article 6 (1) This is before the date of the Law publication continues to work with the existing building not for building, which is not permission to use the structure of this Law Article 7 of the first paragraph (c) shall be five years from the date of publication of this Law It will be charged for.
(2) of this Act publication date of the existing or construction permits were building on Article 7 of the first paragraph of paragraph (d) The provision does not apply to a period of ten years from the date of publication of this Act.
(3) from the date of publication of this law for three years of the first paragraph of Article 7 (g) and (h) of the third paragraph is not required to provide minimum limits.
Provisional Article 7 (1) the provision in this Law, the Turkish lira, the term practice 28/01/2004 dated and numbered 5083 the Republic of Turkey in circulation in the State of the Currency on the country in accordance with the provisions of Law currency used this phrase as long as the so-called New Turkish Lira .

Enforcement Article 19 (1) of this Act;
A) the first paragraph of Article 10 (a) of paragraph (8), sub-clause after two years from the date of publication,
b) the date of publication Other provisions will enter into force

Execution Article 20 (1) This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.