Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Energy Efficiency Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ENER­Jİ VE­RİM­Lİ­Lİ­Ğİ KA­NU­NU

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Kanun No. 5627


Acceptable Date: 18/4/2007      




Purpose, Scope, and Tantas


ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is the effective use of energy, Preventing waste, mitigating the burden of energy costs on the economy, and increasing efficiency in the use of energy resources and energy resources for the protection of the environment.


MADDE 2- (1) This Law is the production, transmission, distribution, and in terms of consumption, industrial enterprises, buildings, electrical power generation facilities, transmission and systems of transport and transport and support of energy efficiency in transport, society to improve energy awareness, renewable energy resources across the region Applicable to the intended use of the system.

(2) The feature or the implementation of measures to increase energy efficiency Construction and production activities carried out in industrial areas that will be inadmissible, used as a place of worship, less than two years of planned use of the year, over four months of year less used, total usage area less than 50 square meters, protected building or anitons, tardinal buildings and workshops, the scope of this Law.


ARTICLE 3- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) Ministry: Energy and Natural Resources Ministry,

b) General Directorate: Electrical and Power People General Directorate of Etutis,

c) Board: Coordinating Energy Efficiency Coordinating Board,

ç) Public sector: Public institutions and its organizations, public institutions, and public institutions, universities and local government administrations,

d) Professional rooms: Electrical and machine engineers rooms,

e) Government: Authorization to do with the General Directorate or authorized institutions within the framework of the agreement, the energy efficiency advisory companies that are authorized to execute energy efficiency services,

f) Authorized institutions: within the framework of the agreed authorization agreement, the Vocational rooms and universities authorized by the General Directorate to conduct the authorization and monitoring activities, as well as the Board of Directors approved.

g) TEP: Ton Erekdeer Oil,

on-line) Attic: Used tires, paint fender, solvents, plastics, Environment and Forestry from within, and other than the expected drop-down and other atraction,

h) Building owner: the cost of the trust, if any, the right to the intifa, neither of which is like a mak to the building savings body,

) Industrial processing: licensees of the licensee of the electrical manufacturing activity Total energy consumption, 1000 TEP and above, trade and industry, operating as a trade room or industrial focus, and all kinds of goods produced by the company,

i) Energy identification document: Asgaryarial energy needs and energy consumption, Document containing information about the isolation features and the efficiency of the isolation and/or cooling systems,

j) Energy efficiency: standard of investment in buildings and quality of service, industrial Production quality and reduced energy consumption without causing the quantity to be reduced,

k) Etut: To uncover opportunities for increasing energy efficiency They are intended to be collected from information gathering, measurement, dec, and reporting.

l) Energy efficiency services: consulting, education, and efficiency in energy efficiency. application services,

m) Energy power: The amount of energy consumed to produce a unit of damage,

n) Energy manager and certification: In industrial irons that are covered by this Law, and is responsible for fulfilling activities related to energy management in buildings, and the General Directorate, authorized institutions or energy efficiency with the energy manager certification The document that is edited for energy managers by the advisor's company,

o) Energy management: effective use of energy resources and energy propulsion, etching, measurement, monitoring, planning, and implementation activities,

bc) payback period: Energy efficiency in existing systems of industrial imcompanies the amount of time, in order to increase the amount of time needed on projects that are needed in projects that are needed in the project, or when projects are ready to be ready in preparation for the project.

p) Cogeneration: The same plant as the rest of the energy and electrical and/or mechanical energy at the time production,

r) Application understanding: Implementation of measures determined by the Ept plays Do not understand the construction of the companies in order to make it real,

s) Burn facilities: With near-fuel, this is where the pressure is on the parts and the drop-off gas thermals. the facilities that are acquired, including the

) Proof of Entitlement: Within the framework of the agreed authorization issues, universities and The General Directorate to carry out the activities of the Board of Directors with the approval of the Board to carry out the authorization and monitoring activities and to carry out the activities of the General Directorate and to carry out the activities of the Board of Directors A document issued by directorate, vocational rooms or universities,

refers to.



Board and Authorizations


Energy Efficiency Coordinating Board

MADDE 4- (1) The country for which energy efficiency is played The Energy Efficiency Coordinating Board is established for the purpose of conducting, monitoring and coordination of the results in all relevant organizations throughout the country. The follow-up and secretarial services are carried out by the Directorate General for the implementation of the decisions made by the Board.

(2) The Board of Directors is concerned by the Secretary-General's business. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of National Ecommerce, the Ministry of Public Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Environment, Environment and Forests, Ministry of National Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Economy and Trade Undersecretary, Treasury, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Turkish Institute of Standards, Turkey Scientific and The Technological Research Council is a senior representative of the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Turkey's Engineer and Mimar Chambers, and one of the Union of Turkey Municipalities.

(3) The task, entitlement, and responsibilities of the board are:

a) To prepare energy efficiency strategies, plans, and programs at the national level, To encourage the event to be revised, to coordinate the new measures and to coordinate the implementation of the new measures.

b) to direct the energy efficiency plays conducted by the Directorate General and to approve the energy efficiency services and to approve the authorial documentation given to the chambers and universities by the Directorate General.

c) was the first of the fifth item (a) and the first receipt of the 9th Article (a) Application projects for industrial construction or construction projects that want to take advantage of applications in the scope of the 1st section of article 8 (b). to approve voluntary understanding and to monitor the results of the application.

) The General Directorate for expenses, as part of the tasks that are provided with the setup, and the required to create temporary residency commissions with the contribution of relevant public institutions and installations, universities, private sector and civil society installations.

d) Authorized institutions, companies, public institutions, and other organizations identify the agenda of the civil society's installations and the agenda of the meeting, which will be held by the Directorate General in every year, to determine the agenda of the meeting, and to set up meetings To approve results and to approve measures.

e) To determine the proof of entitlement and energy manager certification in January every year And disseminate.

 (4) The board has four times each year, including March, June, September, and December. meeting. It also convenes upon the work of the Board if it considers necessary. A two-thirds majority will be searched for enough of the meeting, and the decisions are taken with the majority of votes for the meeting. If the votes are in order, the President's vote counts two votes.

(5) for each meeting day, including the General Directorate budget, the Board of the Board and members of the public office (2,000), not more than four per year, and those who did not have any public office in the uhdede, and (3,000), the number of indicators (3,000) were hit by the officer ' s monthly contribution. The amount of peace will be paid.


MADDE 5- (1) Energy efficiency services The authorizations to execute and the activities in this scope are implemented in the framework of the following guidelines.

a) Authorizations and authorizations to the entitlement document are:

1) To be able to apply and apply applications to universities and vocational rooms The approval of the Board of Directors and the General Directorate is authorized to authorize the authorization of the Board of Directors. These documents are renewed every single year as they are not the same as those specified in this Law and related regulations. The proof of entitlement is their authority to the companies that do not renew. The relevant iframes are executed by the Directorate General until their duration is filled.

2) General to conduct distribution, etching, consulting, and implementation activities A certificate of authority is issued by the directorate and/or the authorized institutions. These documents are renewed every three years, as long as this Law and its related regulations do not have a situation that is set to be determined. Companies have agreed to authorize the portion of the authorization certificate, including not more than ten per cent of the price of entitlement, and energy manager certification. It will pay for institution or installation.

b) Delegated institutions and companies are made public by the Directorate General.

c) The General Directorate is acting on behalf of authorized institutions and companies. They are obligated to keep the trade secrets that they obtain at the time of their work on the energy efficiency and to keep the trade secrets that would harm their trade. Those who are responsible for keeping these secrets are not able to use these secrets in favor of their interests and their own, even if they are separated from their duties.

ç) Activities to be carried out by the Directorate-General and authorized institutions:

1) General Directorate or authorized institutions provide proof of entitlement to companies, energy Executes the operations of the manager and the certification.

2) Delegated institutions monitor the activities of the companies in which they provide proof of entitlement, this It informs the General Directorate within thirty days of the law and the implementation of this Code to the provisions of the regulations that will be used by the Ministry.

3) awareness and awareness for publication in the general Directorate, television and radio stations Information for informational purposes, competitions, short-term films and/or cartoons are ready or ready.

4) Authorized institutions present each year's report of activity to the General Directorate.

d) The tasks of the companies are:

1) With EI, certification, industrial action, building owners or administrations  To conduct business and consultancy activities within the framework of the service agreement between them.

2) For implementation of measures determined by energy efficient Ettort to prepare the project.

3) To actuate the applications covered by the application process To guarantee energy savings.

4) To submit every year of activity to the organization of the entitlements.

e) Warranty for an implementation of energy savings The company, which cannot be proven before the representatives of the organization and the representatives of the institution that it is authorized to, will not be able to prove its commitment, pre-implementation and post-implementation, and the institutions that are authorized. It is advertised on the Internet. The proof of entitlement that fails to meet a commitment to three applications is cancelled after one year and is due to be renewed.

f) Savings on measures by means of application understanding of companies The quantities are declared on the internet by the institutions in which they are authorized.

(2) will be searched for the issuance of a PoE, the institutions to authorize, and the company The qualifications, proof of entitlement, and energy manager certification, as well as authorizations, activities, and tasks in this matter scope, are effective and essential to the Ministry of It is regulated by the regulation.


Egitim, Consciousness, and Applications

Egitisation and awareness

ARTICLE 6- (1) The effectiveness of energy efficiency services And the activities of raising awareness and awareness within the framework of the goal of increasing energy awareness are actually being put into reality.

a) The principles and guidelines defined in the regulation to be taken by the Ministry ;

1) By the General Directorate and/or authorized institutions for the company, energy The General Directorate is organized by the General Directorate, entitled institutions and companies, and the theoretical and application education programs are organized.

2) General Directorate or authorized institutions, authorization to understand The lab has the support of the lab for the program's education.

b) Basic concepts related to energy and energy efficiency, general energy status of Turkey, Energy resources, energy production techniques, efficient use of energy in daily life and theoretical and practical information on the importance of energy efficiency in the protection of environment and environment In order to be given, the Ministry of National Defense provides courses and education programs for military high schools and er-erbatim education centers. execution; required by the Ministry of National Eu in the curriculum of örgün and publishing institutions and the relevant institutions and organizations in the service of public institutions and organizations in the service of The edits are made.

TagPreserver,p,0,139c) to raise public awareness in order to improve energy efficient use Activities to be done:

1) Television and radio stations broadcasting national and/or regional publications, by the General Directorate Efficient use of energy-related programs, assistance, ksa-periodical film and/or line films, 13/4/1994 dated and 3984, Radio and Television's Board of Installation and Publications is intended to raise awareness and informational purposes only when the 31st of the Law is required. The total release time is between 07:00 to 23:00 hours per month, not less than 30 minutes per month for the total release.

2) Legal entities that sell electricity and/or natural gas in the scope of licenses are the previous financial the amount of consumption that is owned by the year, and the monthly consumption of information that includes the cost of consumption that is available in the internet environment.

3) Manufacturers and importers, The use of energy consumption, which has to be sold by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and to be sold with the declared Turkish and Turkish manual, in the process of energy consumption of goods. provides a part in an efficient use of information about efficient use. The implementation of this provision is controlled by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

4), the Ministry of National Information, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, the chambers of the profession and Energy Efficiency Week activities are held in the second week of January each year by the General Directorate with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. The qualifications of the activities in this scope are determined by the Board.


MADDE 7- (1) Energy efficiency is increased The applications that are in place are actually real.

a) The activities to be carried out in relation to the energy management are:

1) Industrial contact appoints the energy manager from among the people who are playing. In the organized industrial zones, the energy management unit is established to serve industrial icompanies with less energy consumption than a thousand TEPs in the region.

2) The total land area is at least twenty thousand square meters or more of the year energy consumption, TEP and above management of commercial buildings, service buildings and public sector buildings, building owners, energy managers, or energy managers in the areas where management is not available. Get it.

3) The total energy consumed by the public sector, and the TEP and above of the total energy consumption In industrial enterprises, energy management is established in charge of energy manager. Industrial companies with quality management units in their organization can also assign these units to the energy management unit.

4) Energy managers and energy management units are engaged in the duties and responsibilities of the and the guidelines are determined by the ordinances that will be taken by the Ministry. The National Ministry of National Education has appointed an energy executive to be appointed as a member of the Ministry of National Education, where the Ministry of National Education is expected to be held. is regulated by regulation.

b) The following activities are carried out for execution, analysis, and projection of the projection:

1) Energy efficiency in industrial icompanies and buildings across the country The inventory and future projections for the region and the sector are authorized by the General Directorate, which is authorized by the General Directorate, to determine its own and the public sector. The annual reports that include their deeming are prepared and published by the Directorate General.

2) The building owners who are responsible for industrial construction and energy manager and/or whose management is required information, the institutions and organizations responsible for stealing the energy manager in the public sector, and the energy consumption information determined by the General Directorate of the format and The reports containing their identification will return to the General Directorate by the end of March. Industrial action, Identifies the inspection at the location of the General Manager.

c) Control of decentralized buildings, centrally or localized, or control Systems are used to share costs with the amount of use of the equipment and the cost of the execution. The projects that are prepared to do so are not approved by the relevant mercioth.

) In the buildings used for the purpose of the total land area regulation, trade is The norms, standards, performance criteria and norms of architectural design, heating, water, electrical wiring and lighting, including the implementation of buildings and service buildings, are the norms, standards, and the standard performance criteria of the installation. Energy performance in buildings covering information gathering and control procedures, energy performance, usûl and principles, Turkish It is regulated by the Institute of Standards and the General Directorate, and is regulated by a regulation that will be held by the Minister of State and the Minister of Israel. Administrative provisions are not permitted by the relevant administration to act upon the violation of the provisions.

d), according to the director and the director of the Department of Israel, who is preparing to The energy identity document is organized within the scope of the projects. In the energy identity document, information about the energy needs, isolation features, efficiency and/or the efficiency of the cooling systems and the energy consumption of the building are considered to be asgarciated. Other information contained in the document and the renewal of the document and the implementation, including any existing buildings, were prepared with the Ministry and the Ministry of Public and Human Readiness. It is determined by the regulation that will be effective when the minister is to be taken. It is mandatory to regulate energy identity documents for buildings that are left in the Mucacair area and are less than 1,000 square meters of total land.

e) Energy in transmission and systems of transmission and transmission with electrical power generation facilities Increased efficiency, increased demand management, thermal power plants, increased space, bioburn and hydrogen alternative proximity to the region. The principles and principles of the wanking are determined by the regulation that will be taken by the Ministry.

f) About the increase in energy efficiency in the country; the tools produced domessially power-on-unit consumption, increase efficiency standards in vehicles, promote mass-tailing, install of advanced traffic signaling systems The people and the essentials, It is regulated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and with the regulations to be used by the Ministry of Economy.

g) In industrial action and buildings, they are accredited, as well as in the buildings They are calibrated by national or international setups and are required to use the labeled devices.

is the General Manager for the Yakima), from the gains, brides, floor radiator and combide. It is not permitted to sell the asgarial efficiency deans specified in the regulation to be effective by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in preparation with the directorate.

h) Electrical motors, air conditioners, electrical household appliances, and light bulbs are to be left out. and the principles of determining the asgarial efficiency are regulated by the General Directorate and are regulated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and are regulated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Selling of non-repurchases is not allowed.


Support and Digit Applications


MADDE 8- (1) Energy efficiency implementation projects supporting the applications related to the reduction of energy, research and development projects on the basis of current and essential applications.

a) Energy efficient application projects are supported based on the following esports:

1) The appropriate view of the General Directorate, which is presented to the General Manager by industrial companies The number of implementation projects, which are approved by the Board, are the maximum number of free years and the maximum number of Turkish liras in the project, at maximum 20 percent of the cost of the application projects. is supported.

2) Efficiency boost projects supported legal entities in their execution of these projects It applies in two years. Applications made aware of this duration or from the project are not supported. Application reports are sent to the General Manager prior to application and after the application. The results of the application are checked in place by the General Directorate.

3) About the support of energy efficient application projects. The principles are regulated by the Ministry of the Council of directors.

b) The following applications to reduce energy power are being actualized:

1) Average energy growth in three years for any industrial push The relevant industrial construction of real or legal entities, which make voluntary and commitment to the General Directorate by committing to reducing at least ten per cent, are able to be paid for by the General Directorate. 20 per cent of the energy expense of the deal is made, with the record being taken into account and not passing the 100,000 Turkish Lirado.

2) This is an industrial where commitments are met under the lower part of the name (1). Real or legal entities that increased their energy in later years may not be able to make a second understanding with the General Directorate.

3) voluntary actual or legal entities are consumed in industrial action. from energy; to modern burning techniques, and in the facilities that are turning to electrical energy, the first phase of the 9th Article (a) cogeneration that has been defined in the self and is built domestively. energy, energy, energy and wind, wind, geothermal, daylight, and biomass resources. the account is not included in the account.

4) to volunteer for real or legal entities with more than one industrial action Energy-algae depositions in industrial companies are examined separately from the General Directorate.

5) Qualifications, energy algae to be searched for in industrial action to be voluntary The calculation methods and the other principles that must be made in voluntary understanding, including those of the most important cause, are determined by the regulation to be taken by the Ministry of the United States.

c) Support of energy efficiency implementation projects and reduce energy growth The General Directorate budget will be put into practice for applications. Support reserved and used funds, supported projects, voluntary understanding, reducing energy, and increasing industrial action, promotion and awareness activities for support. It is advertised on the Internet page of the director.

ç) The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey says energy efficiency is increasing. supports research and development projects to leverage new and renewable energy resources primarily; we are the General Manager in the direction and direction of these projects He'll take it.

Digit applications

MADDE 9- (1) Energy efficiency is increased The following applications are being actualized:

a) To increase energy efficiency in existing systems of industrial imcompanies The number of projects and technologies that have been approved by the Board and are used by the Council on projects that are above the amount determined by the Council of Ministers. As a result, the ministry said the average yield on average throughput is not enough to be used by the Ministry. They're cogeneration yachtmen, The Treasury will benefit from the rest of the yachtworks.

b) For small and medium-sized enterprises, dated 12/4/1990 and numbered 3624, Midrange Industrial Development and Support Efforts To Establish the Law on Energy Efficiency, eft and consultant services, Small and Medium Business Medium-sized Industrial Development and Support is supported by the State of the United States. The principles and principles related to this application are regulated by the Ministry and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which will be held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

c) Certificate of entitlement and energy manager certification from the companies installed by the Foundation There's no price to pay.


Government Provisions and Government Provisions

Human configurations and application

MADDE 10- (1) In the scope of this Law, to punish administrative fines As a result of the detection and/or controls made by the authorized ones, administrative sanctions are applied in the framework of real or legal entities.

a) People who are required to do an Israeli construction are:

1) The regulations to take effect on authorisation under 5th clause In the event of a violation of the provisions of the authorisation, authorized institutions by the General Directorate, by the General Directorate, in accordance with the authorisation of the authorisation of the authorisation. The authority documents are canceled by the organization. The authorization document is not authorized for at least a minimum of five years to authorized institutions or companies that have been revoked. Authorized by authorized institutions, the Poe is subject to review by the Office of the General Directorate for authorization, and will not be identified in the regulation. The non-stop. The meanings of the necessary things are renewed by the Directorate General.

2) conduct requested information and review in the scope of items 5, 7, 8 and 9 30-day time for the requested information and/or permission to be given if the impossible is not given. If the requested information is provided at the end of the given period, the Turkish Liras will not be given any information, and/or if you do not have the opportunity to review it in place of Turkish Lirasr. The sentence is given.

3) This is the part (2) that is required under this Law and related regulations in the lower bendi If the information is not given within thirty days of the required information, and not in the necessary way, the Turkish Liras will be given a penalty of money.

4) The commercials of the first fiscals (c) of the fifth item are their own or Use of the benefits of the business is prohibited from two years of service in the scope of this Law.

5) this Law and its subname (2) of the first fir (c) of the 5th is the The provisions of this benefit (1) are applied to the companies that are reported to the General Directorate by determining the violation of the provisions of the regulations.

6) The release of the first of the six items (c) of the item (1) subconscious of the first For those who do not fulfill the obligation, the provisions of the Law of 3984 are applied.

7) The provisions of the first fissor (c) of the 6-ncu clause in relation to the lower part of the body If it is not fulfilled, the relevant legal entities are given a Turkish-Turkish lira penalty.

8) Industrial relays and buildings owners or their administrations are the first of the 7 nci The firecrr (a) and the corresponding ordinance provisions are acted upon in the event that they are relieved of the separation of the separation. If not resolved within thirty days, the industrial action, building owner or building administration is given a monetary penalty of twenty thousand Turkish liras.

9) is the actual and the number of items that have been sold separately to the (s) and (h) of the 7 nci items. The legal entity, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, is given a monetary penalty of twenty thousand Turkish Liras.

b) The administration fines, except for the lower part of (a) of the person (9) of this fir If the same verb is repeated within a year following the implementation of the same verb, the administrative fines are doubled.

c) Industrial when this fan (a) has subbenders (2), (3), and (8) Fines or legal entities that are given to the building owner or to the building management are either real or legal, or 20 percent of the total energy expenditures of the previous fiscal year. the balance sheet within thirty days, if the previous financial year's revenues exceed the percentage of their revenues in the balance sheet. For example, the amount of penalties that are calculated from the amounts calculated by both results are calculated as the amount of penalties that are calculated according to both of the energy expenditures.

According to this Law, an unforeseen administration not to be implemented by a public institution or organization. The sanctions are implemented by the General Directorate.

d) The liability of legal entities in fines, dated 29/6/1956, and 6762% of Turkish According to article 65 of the Commercial Code, you are appointed.

Authority for the Ministry

ARTICLE 11- (1) Ministry, counted in other items In the following days:

,a) The implementation of the obligations under the scope of this Law, the direction of the Board, Coordination of monitoring, planning, planning, and implementation of measures to be taken.

b) to assign energy managers to the extent of the first receipt (a) of the 7 nci. And the energy management unit is authorized to reduce and increase the number of figures that are defined by the establishment until tomorrow.

c) the first number of the first fikrainian (a) of the 8th item (1) is specified in the sub-bendi scope specified to reduce the amount of project cost and the supporting ratio that can be given to the projects by half and increase up to twice as well as the number one (b) of the first interest (1) of the 8th item to reduce the amount of energy algae reduction as specified in the scope of the reduction and the amount of support up to half and up to twice the amount of authority.


MADDE 12- (1) Turkish Armed Forces, national defense The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Undersecretary of National Organization for International Education are exempt from the provisions of the first fir (b) of the 7th clause (b) and the (d) part of the (b) number of the article. The implementation of the provisions of the same clause (a) in the part of the bendi is determined by these institutions.

TagPreserver,p,0,139MADDE 13- 14/6/1935, and 2819 Electrical People Etubated The 2nd Amendment of the Law on Intensity has been reported in the form of article 2.

" MADDE 2-The tasks of the E.İ.E. Department of the Workplace are:

a) The country's hydraulics, wind, geothermal, day-long, biomass and digital renewable energy To make measurements for all energy resources, including priority resources, to prepare feasibility and sample implementation projects; research institutions, local governments and civil services. with community installations to develop and promote pilot systems, and conduct business and consultancy activities.

b) Awareness and awareness of the rational use of energy in industry and buildings. To provide education services, to authorize universities, vocational rooms and legal entities to provide the same services, and to administer the Energy Efficiency Coordinating Board. to execute.

c) Energy in electrical power generation facilities, transmission and systems of energy to monitor, depress, prevent, and/or project recommendations conducted by the relevant ministries and organizations in order to use effective and efficient use.

c) implement energy efficiency approved by the Energy Efficiency Coordinating Board to monitor and oversee projects and development projects.

d) Energy consumption at energy consumption points and emissions of harmful emissions and emissions To watch, to see, to produce projections, and to prepare measures for precautions.

to monitor and monitor the energy plays and development in the country and in the world, to determine the goals and priorities of the country's needs and development in accordance with the needs and conditions of the country, to conduct research and development of the country, to make, to do, the results of the work to make it public, along with their analysis.

f) to allow all energy-related paydays to be able to access the right and current information. to create and maintain national energy inventory and to build and process the national energy information management center to support planning, projection, monitoring, and disinveering.

g) Defying domestic and renewable energy resources and energy efficiency coming up with projections and suggestions for increasing increases.

) to improve energy awareness and new energy technologies across the community Engaging in action to make use of it.

h) Public institutions and installations, universities, private sector related to energy efficiency and to coordinate the development of effective and efficient business among civil society organisations.

) To inform and raise awareness of public opinion on energy-related issues Engaging in activities.

i) Doing business and information with similar national and international installations in other countries To be present.

j) dated 20/2/2001, and 4628 Electrical Power Market Law and the Electrical Power Market Act. According to the market's license management, wind energy is to be seen by the Ministry as part of the regulatory framework for the purpose of taking a license to license energy.

The tasks of theTagPreserver,p,0,139E.U.E. Department are fulfilled in the framework of the following guidelines:

a) The real and legal entity of all kinds of information that is required by the E.A.E. Department of tasks He is authorized to ask the people of the people. The real and legal entities that are requested information are obliged to provide the necessary information. The E.A.E. Department of Information provides the information and documents of the country's safety, trust and economic output, which will harm real and legal entities ' privacy, from the information that is provided.

b) The preparation activities of the projects in the E.A.E. Department and the task area of the People sufficient to require projects and research from the ministries, universities, and other public institutions and organizations, and others, who want to be experts. Personnel, duration, and execution of the personnel, temporarily, and related personnel are mudfathadaland/ The Minister can be tasked with the approval. However, the hours of operation of the personnel deployed in this way are two years old and may not be able to take the project duration. In case of two years of the project period, the term of the relevant institution and staff to work with the muvasfail registration can be extended to a level with the Minister's approval. The personnel who are deployed in this way are paid and paid for the separation, payment, all kinds of raises and compensation of the personnel who are assigned, and the financial and social rights and benefits of the institutions are paid.

c) The General Manager of the E.A.E. Department of Hydrometric Measures in fulfilling these tasks It installs, works, and it makes drilling. It's called a strategy development in the center. This Department executes the number of tasks counted in the 5018-year-old Public Goods Management and Control Law ' s 60 counts.

), dated 26/9/2004 for crimes belonging to E.O. E. Israel and each other and sentences of 247 to 266 ncu of the Turkish Penal Code are applied. "

MADDE 14- dated 20/2/2001 and 4628 Electrical The specks of the third act of the 1st Amendment of the law are the addition of the plug.

" 51. Cogeneration: The production of the waste and electricity and/or mechanical energy at the same facility as a time of time,

52. Micro-cogeneration plant: the power of electricity generation is 50 kilowatts and its cogeneration facility, which is under the water, "

MADDE 15- End 3 of the Code 4628 The following is added to the following.

" In order to meet its own needs, the Ministry will be held by the Ministry. The actual and legal entities that established a cogeneration facility with data on the device defined in the regulation, are exempt from the obligation to establish a license and to establish a company, are arranged in the relevant regulation.

To address its own needs, renewable energy sources are diminish, installed power is on Real and legal entities that set up a micro-cogeneration facility with a two hundred kilowatylk production facility are exempt from the obligation to obtain a license and to establish a company.

Agency requests collateral in existing production licenses and license applications. It is regulated by the applicable regulations for retrieving the collateral and the registration of the irate. "

MADDE 16- 23/6/1965, and 634-number of Floor Property The fourth and fifth of the rule of law, of the 42nd amendment, is to be reported.

" Returned on the request of one of the floor's floor, the incinerating system of the fire system and The central system on which the application system is to be returned from the central system to the central system or from the system to the central system, with the number of floor's and the number of land-sharing multiplexes. The total construction site, however, decided to return to the ferdi system in buildings with two thousand square meters and above, with the return of the floor property and the carving of land. It will be done. The number of common people to be done on this issue is paid by the amount of land. Centring systems and regulations are regulated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Israel and the Department of Human Affairs.

The central system for the

Isling system from the central system to the central system or from the ferdi system to If a decision is made to be returned, the management plan will have the provisions of the violation of this decision. "

YenilenebilirMADDE 17- dated 10/5/2005 and Renewable Energy 5346 Resources are intended to be used for the production of electric power, as well as the 6 items in the law.

" MADDE 6-In the production and trade of electric power from renewable energy sources covered by this Law, license-holder legal entities, which are:

a) Retail licensee legal entities from renewable energy sources covered by this Law They have completed the ten years of the operation of the YEK-documented facilities that generate electrical energy, and they will be able to sell electrical energy according to the basis of this material.

b) Information about the amount of YEK-documented electrical energy that may benefit from the applications covered by this Law It is published by the EPDK. Each of the retail-licensed legal entities receive up to YEK-certified electrical energy by the ratio of the amount of electric power sold in the country to the total amount of electric power sold in the country's previous calendar year.

c) The price to be applied for the electrical energy that will be sold under this Law; for each year, the EPDK has specified the average electricity wholesale price of Turkey from the previous year was the price of the wholesale. However, the price will not be more than 5 Euro Cent/kWh Turkish liras, 5.5 Euro Cent /kWh cannot be more than Turkish lira. But renewable energy sources that have found the opportunity to sell on the free market above the 5.5 Euro Cent /kWh will take advantage of this image.

The applications covered by this clause cover the facilities that have entered the process prior to 31/12/2011. However, the date of termination of the Council of Ministers may extend to a maximum of 2 years in the Official Gazette by 31/12/2009. "

ARTICLE 18-  5346 of the number 8 Code of Law It has been reported in the same way.

" ARTICLE 8-In the private ownership of the Forest or Treasury or under the provision and savings of the State If any of the facilities were used to generate electrical energy from the renewable energy sources covered by this Law, the facility will be able to reach the location and location. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, or the Ministry of Finance, to be used for the energy transfer line to be used for the energy transfer line. At the cost of the cost, the lease is made, the right of the race is established or permitted to use it. Access to and from these facilities to be deployed by the end of 2011 will be the right to permit, rent, and race in the first ten years of transportation and transportation of power lines to the city. A discount of eighty per cent is applied to the cost of the use of the permit. In the forest land, ORKöy and Aðıklandrma do not receive Special Allowance Revenues. "

Editing the regulations

INVALID ARTICLE 1- (1) This code is not to be used in the current The stipulated regulations are the regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Law and (d) as of the date of the release of this Law one year, 7 nci (c) and (d) of the Act. It'll be out in two years. Provisions of the current regulations do not apply to the implementation of the current regulations until further regulations are entered.

Existing authorization documents and energy manager certificates currentTagPreserver,b,15,20

MADDE 2- (1) given by the General Directorate existing authorization documents retain their validity until their time is filled. The energy manager certificates available on the release date of this Law are renewed for free within a year.

Providing initial information on obligations

INVALIDATE MADDE 3- (1) All operating in the industrial area The owners or administrations of the buildings that have a total construction site in the construction projects or the construction projects in the construction projects or the construction projects of the buildings, The information requested in the format published on the General Directorate's internet page within two months from the date of publication of this Law is three months from the date of release of this Law. report to the General Manager.

Authorization task of the General Manager

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4- (1) The first of the fifth clause (a) Under the number of mine (2), the General Manager's delegation of companies is authorized to authorize the authorization activity, two years after the release of this Law, if the number of authorized institutions is to take care of it. It ends. If the number of authorized institutions in the first year does not find it, the authorization activity of the General Manager will continue until the total number of them is ten.

Application and awareness practices

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 5- (1) 6 ncu of the first of the matter (b) The necessary regulations stipulate in itself are done by relevant institutions within two years of the date of publication of this Law.

 (2) the first of the six (c) part of the item is (2) and (3) is in the lower part of the the provisions are applied from the end of the first year following the release date of this Law.

Existing buildings and industrial push-outs, continuing Buildings and asgarial linesTagPreserver,b,42,47

INVALID ARTICLE 6- (1) Before the publication date of this Law for buildings that are already available and have permission to use it yet, the first fir (c) of this Law ' s 7 nci was for five years from the date of publication.  does not apply.

(2) 7 nci of current or unlicensed buildings in the history of this Law The self-provision of the first financial (d) clause of the material is not applied for a period of ten years from the date of publication of this Law.

(3) The first receipt of a 7 nci for three years from the date of release of this Law (s) , and (h) no asgarciating conditions are searched for the rest of the asgaryarial.

INVALIDATE 7- (1) The Turkish Lirasate clause in this Law The money that is being treated in the country as the New Turkish Liras in the country after the provisions of the Law on the Currency of the Republic of Turkey dated 28/01/2004 and the currency of the state of the Republic of Turkey, dated 28/01/2004, was said to be the new Turkish lira. This clause is used for the process.


MADDE 19- (1) This Law;

a) the first receipt of the 10th item (a) from the publication date of the name (8) of the Two years later,

b) on the release of the provisions of the Dianer,

enters the current process.


MADDE 20- (1) Council of Ministers of this Law It executes.