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Kanun No. 5631


Acceptable Date: 25/4/2007       


MADDE 1- 25 December 2001 "The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the State of the Republic of the Republic of Qatar, are eligible to confirm the" Human Meaning ".

MADDE 2-On the release date of this Law It will take effect.

TICAD 3- Ministers of this Law Executes installed.




















The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the State of Qatar, after that, as "Fuel Parties" They will.

In particular, the yachtworks of a Fuel party are related to yachtwork in the country of the country. , with the desire to increase economic growth in between,

The capital and technology flow and economic flow of technology to the areas of the By accepting that you will be able to take the stand,

Fair and unfair treatment of yachts, an environment that is stable for yachts and economic believing that resources are needed for the most effective use of the resource, and

has decided to call for a notice of the relationship between the hours and protection of the yachts.

to deal with the following:



The purpose of the business, and the common sense is that it is not possible to:

1. "Yacht" term:

(a) the actual people who are citizens according to the applicable legislation, each of the Parties,

(b) of each of the Parties is set up within the framework of the applicable legislation, and the center is company, which refers to companies, firms, associates, or public installations.

2. (a) The term "yacht" includes all kinds of assets and is not a problem, especially when it is not:

diðer(i) bonds or other companies that contribute to the company,

(ii) the damage that is used in the reyacht is the financial value that is associated with the amount of money receivable. rights,

or one

(iii), goods and assets, at the same time, other rights or mortgages, measures, hostages, and the goods In accordance with the laws and nannies of the Skit Party in the country, such rights as appropriate,

(iv) isnai and intellectual property rights, patents, sanni designs, trademarks, pegemac, know-how and other similar rights,

(v) has been issued with law or promise, including privileges related to natural resources. They're privileged.

(b) The term of authority is in accordance with the laws and nannies in the country of the World Party that is made of It refers to all of the current work, and includes all of the yachtworks that are made in the country of a Service prior to or after the action is effective.

3. The term "Hassans" refers to profits, interest, and dividends, as well as the sums obtained from a yacht, and in particular, but not to be left out.

4. The term "country",

-State of Qatar "country", the land country of the State of Qatar; the country of the sea and the state of Qatar It refers to sea areas that include sovereignty and the use of sovereign or judicial rights in accordance with the international law.

The country's "country", the black country of the Republic of Turkey, the maritime country, the same In accordance with the international law, it refers to the areas of the sea where the rights of trial and sovereignty over the purposes of using, using, storing and managing the international resources are in place.


Service and Protection of Entitlies

1. Each of the countries involved in yachts and yachts related to yachts and yachts would not be less likely to demonstrate to the yachts of any third country, in similar cases, to its laws and nannies. It will allow it.

2. Each of the Purchasms is less than that of the treatment of its own yachts or the yachts shown to the yachts of any third country's yachts, in similar circumstances to those of the establishment. is a treatment that is not available.

3. In accordance with the laws and nannies relating to the country's entry, temporary residence and employment;

(a) The citizens of each of the countries, themselves or the individual who employed them the country of the Aper Party to offer advice on how to install, develop, manage, or work with a significant amount of capital or a significant amount of capital commitment to the country. You will be allowed to enter and remove.

(b) Pursuant to the current law and nannies of a Convenience Party, The administrative and technical staff of the yachts, regardless of nationality, will graduate to employment regardless of nationality.

4. The provisions of this Article shall not apply from the maintenance of any of the SIT Parties, as follows:

 (a) is either an existing or future customs union, regional economic or similar international;

olanlar(b) those who are fully or fundamentally taxed


Public public and compensation

1. In accordance with the applicable legislation and the general principles set forth in Article II of this statement, the yachts will not be public benefit and allocate, and understand, sufficient, effective compensation will not be covered in the right, It will not be nationalred or exposed to applications that have similar effects as a direct or indirect effect.

2. The compensation will be in line with the actual market value prior to the public notice or announcement of the expropriated notice of the public. The compensation will be paid for and transferred freely without an unexpected delay.

3. The yachting, fighting, rioting, internal or other similar incidents in the country of the other in the country, were the yachting, the yachting of each of us, the yachting of each other, or any third country in the country by the other. to be less tangible than the treatment applied to the yachters, and which of the actions that will be adopted in relation to such losses will be subject to the treatment of the most current.


ÝadeCountry of Iade and Transfer

1. Each of the Parties shall allow for a free and non-reasonable delay of all transfers related to a yacht in its own country and to allow the construction of the company. Such transfers include the following:

(a) adhors,

Earnings from the sale or liquidate of ayatýrýmýn(b) yacht or from a portion of a portion,

tazminat(c) Indemnity under Article III,

(d) reimbursements and interest payments due to benefits related to yachtwork,

In the country of

(e), a Service party that has received permission to work on a yacht The benefits of their citizens, fees and other payments due to their benefits,

ödemeler(f) payments due to a yacht sleeping.                                               

2. Transfers will be made based on the current exchange rate on the date of the transfer of any conversitous currency or yacht, where the yacht has been made, or at the date of the transfer of the transfer.



1. If Licensee's yacht is insured within a system of non-commercial risks, the insurer will introduce any other claims to the insurance company, which will lead to any benefits that are advanced by the insurance company.

2. The insured will not be authorized to use any rights under the rights to be authorized to use the yacht.

3. The laws of the law, which are insured by a Site Party, are the company's IX, the entity's. The provisions of the matter will be resolved in accordance with the provisions.



This means that they may be more than likely to be involved in other situations or related activities. Subject to an elated treatment,

(a) in each of the Power Parties, the law and the nizamis, administrative practices or procedures, or the administrative or to judicial decisions,

(b) to international legal obligations, or

Any user, including

(c), or any of those involved in the course of the yacht. It will not be separated by the obligations that are claimed by the party.



1. Each of the "Meaningful Efforts" must implement the necessary measures to protect public order and morality, maintain its obligations to maintain or maintain international peace or security, or to use its own It won't stop you from protecting your problems.

2. It will not prevent each of the Parties from ordering special orders related to the establishment of the yachts, with the exception of any of the rights of such action in the process of which they have been advanced.



The parties to resolve any sleep-related information at the request of one of them is , to discuss any problem with the implementation or interpretation of the business, they agree to be consulted immediately.


Between a Party and a Aper Party The Solution of the Sleep (s)Çözümü

1. In the case of one of the lovers of one of the parties, the two sides of a yacht between the other countries will be in good faith between the two countries involved in the conflict.

2. If this was not resolved within a period of time after the date of which the sleeper was written to one or more of the other supporters, the solution was based on the demand and selection of any of the parties involved in the solution. will be presented to someone:

(a) the competent court of the Dealer Party in the country of the yacht; or

(b) if this statement is applicable; with the States in Washington on 18 March 1965. Internationalization Solution Center (ICSID), or

that is set up with the commitment of the Citizens 'Citizens' Yacht Sleep-to-Citizens Solution

(c) by Arbitration Rules of the United Nations International Trade Law Commission, with this intention an arbitral tribunal (UNCITRAL) to be installed.

Any part of the yacht that selects one of the following solution is the one that selects one of the following:, It cannot follow two paths.

3. Arbitration;

a) to the provisions of the following statement,

b) in the country of conflict, including rules related to conflict of laws It will be based on the national law and the nimes.

4. Arbitration will be final and final for all of the Azite Parties that do not fall asleep. Each of them will fulfill the decisions made within the framework of their own laws.

5. The Board of Arbitration will comment on the request of any of the Parties. The arbitration is in the Hague, Netherlands, when it has not been agreed upon by the parties.

6. The non-sleeping part Party received compensation under the scope of an insurance statement containing all or part of the damage or loss or loss of any kind or loss or loss of any kind of warranty or loss of sleep. It can't be put forward as a defense.


Solution to the Sleeping Solders in the World of LoveTaraflar

1. The company will try to resolve any sleep that is due to the implementation or interpretation of the business, in a quick and fair way, in good faith and in spirit of any kind of sleep. In this view, the Akite Parties agree to negotiate and negotiate meaningful negotiations to reach such solutions. If they do not reach an understanding of the method promised within six months from the beginning of the fall, then at the request of any of the Sides Parties may be taken to a three-member arbitration delegation, if they fail to reach an agreement.

2. Each of them will appoint an arbitrator within two months of the request of the request. The two arbitrators will elect a third referee, a third one, who is a third country citizen, both of which are diplomatic relations with each of the Akite Sides.

If one party fails to appoint an arbitrator within the specified time period, the International Service Party (S) will not be It may demand that the Court of Justice make this transfer from the President's office.

3. If two arbitrators cannot agree on the selection of the delegation within two months from their election, the delegation will be elected by the International Court of Justice at the request of one of the Akite Parties.

4. If the President of Justice of the Ederer is taken away from fulfilling his duty, or the citizen of one of these countries, the election will be made by the President's Office, and the President's office is to perform the task of the mother. If it is taken or is a citizen of one of the Members, the election will be made by the most senior Divan member who is not a citizen of one of the Azoves Parties.

5. The Board of Arbitration will be able to agree on procedural rules within one month from the date of the election of the Board of Delegation, which will be consistent with other items of the Union. UNCIRAL rules will be applicable if the Eater Arbitration Delegation fails to appoint procedural rules within a month.

6. Otherwise, within eight months of the election, all statements will be made, all statements will be completed, and the Arbitration Delegation -- whichever comes later -- is two months after the end of the hearing, or after the final statements. It will come to a decision. The Board of Arbitration will be credited with voting for the final and final decision.

7. The Arbitration Delegation will implement the following rules regarding the subject of the sleepland. The Hague will be the Hague, the Netherlands.

8. It will be paid by the company for the expenses of other referees and the expenses associated with the benefit of the benefit. However, the Arbitration Delegation may decide if a higher proportion of the expenses are paid by one of the Azores.

9. It's an easy sleeper, this is the way it is, IX. In accordance with the matter, a nation of nations is presented to the arbitration court, and is still waiting for a resolution, while the same provisions of the same article will not be presented to an international arbitration court. This will not prevent both Sides from establishing the link between them and by means of meaningful visions.


Entering Current

1. This will take effect on the date of the completion of the certification of the approval documents. The agreement will remain in effect for a period of ten years and will remain in effect indefinitely as long as it is not terminated according to the second paragraph of this Article. This statement will also apply to the yachts that have been made or inherited after the current yachts that are available in the current date of entry.

2. The Program may terminate each party at a time of year by year, at the end of the first ten years, or any time thereafter, by the Client's author.

3. A written agreement may be made between the two parties. Any other request will be effective immediately upon the notice of all the internal formalities required by each of us to enter the effective way that the other will be effective.

4. The provisions of all the terms of this agreement are in effect for an additional ten years prior to the end of the term, or in relation to the terms of which the State of the United States of the State is concluded. It will remain.

The full authorized representatives of the Parties will sign them in the presence of their presence.

in Ankara, 25 December 2001, in Turkish, Arabic, and English, all in the same degree valid as applicable.

The English text will be valid if the comment is different.




                             (Israel)                                                                                (English)