The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Youth And Sports General Directorate Of Special Organization And Duties Ka

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. GENÇLİK VE SPOR GENEL MÜDÜRLÜĞÜNÜN TEŞKİLÂT VE GÖREVLERİ HAKKINDA KA

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Law No. 4644:12.4.2001 article 1. – Act No. 3289 dated 21.5.1986 youth and Sports General Directorate of special organization and duties included the following paragraph to article 30 of the Act.
The number of Prime Minister upon the proposal of the Minister responsible for sport will not exceed the Olympic Championship by forty or one of the great Olympic sports are winning the World Championship in the category of more than thirty years of age civil servants Law No. 657 athletes, article 48 (A) of subsection (2), (3) and (6) except in circumstances other terms bent provided that the move can be assigned as a sports consultant. Sports brokers in terms of monthly and personal rights Ministry consultants as applied to the provisions of tâbidirler. Sports brokers assignment, the Minister responsible for sport offer procedures and principles to be run and upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance with the approval of the Council of Ministers Regulation instituted.
Article 2. – 3289 envisaged in annex 3 article has been changed as follows.
Additional item 3. – Have shown superior success in national and international competitions athletes who contributed to this success with and people, institutions and organizations (including the football Branch) shall audit the real estates and/or awards. This General Directorate of youth and sport budget of prizes for this purpose will be opened for use are welcomed from scams. This income in the absence of sufficient amount of missing income envisaged in no. 3418 dated 24.3.1988.
The amount of the award to export, should be principles and to whom, the approval of the Ministry of Finance and the Minister responsible for sport, with the decision of the Council of Ministers Regulation instituted.
General Directorate of youth sport utility and private and legal persons in order to support the activities of the sponsorship. Official sponsors international sports organizations deemed appropriate by the Directorate General with the sports facilities will be for the real estates and/or shall audit expenses with the income tax Act No. 193 5422 numbered according to corporate tax Law goes. Sponsorship-related principles and procedures are determined by the regulation.
Article 3. – Act No. 3289 the following volatile substances have been added.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 7. – Before the date of publication of this Act (within the framework of existing legislation shall audit real estates and/or award-winning athletes) are the Olympic Championship or Olympic sports are big in one category in the world championship-winning athletes a one-time gross of the highest civil servants (additional indicator) is given a reward in the amount of fifty times.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 8. – Annex 3 prizes in accordance with the provisions of article, in 2000, youth and sports activities and success in contributing to the success of the winners.
Article 4. – in the annex to Decree No. 608 (1) and (2) contained in the staff list no. 190 Decree No.190 which has attached (1) was removed from the ruler, General Directorate of youth and Sport Center with this law Teşkilâtında for use with attached (1) having been established positions in the list no. 190 Decree No.190 which has attached (1) added to the section about the ruler.
Article 5. the civil servants Law No. 657 – the first paragraph of article 59 "after State artists" coming "Olympic Championship or Olympic sports one of the largest branches are in the category and choose from more than one world championship winners included sports brokers" indicator will explain possible safety infractions that will be assigned.
Article 6. – This law enters into force the date of promulgation.
Article 7. – This law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.

(1) the GENERAL DIRECTORATE of YOUTH and SPORT, the GUAM LIST establishment:: (1) the title of the RULER KADROLARIN Class NO. PETROSYAN number of number of Total Staff Held free-degree of Staff ACT a total of 40 1 40-40 Sports Consultant