Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Application Of Certain Laws Units No Longer In Force

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. UY­GU­LA­MA İMKÂNI KAL­MA­MIŞ BA­ZI KA­NUN­LA­RIN YÜ­RÜR­LÜK­T

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Law No. 5637

Acceptance Date: 26/04/2007
Repealed laws
Article 1 (1) is repealed space laws in the attached list.

Enforcement ARTICLE 2 (1) This Law shall enter into force on the date of publication.

Execution Article 3 (1) This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.


Place of Law Law No. Date Number Code Name

1. 16 Teşrinis new Merakib the Navy from 1329 was Müvelli Besides being used in sites with Steam, Steam Treasury and Motta are the Law on Eden opposition to the Provisional Regulations
2. 21 Sha'ban 1332 dated 10 Safar 1329 Quarries Act to Müzeyyel
3. Medicine in the Judiciary Law 38 10/11/1920
4. Law on 04/06/1924 463 Less Railroad and the port of Zonguldak Rusudan
5. 22.04.1924 506 Law on Purchasing of the Anatolian railways and Müdiriyet The General of the Organization and Vezaif
6. 682 Law on 2/12/1925 All Kinds of Seeds and Saplings and Meccan State for the timing of the introduction of any land vested in the Ministry of Agriculture found the nursery and Administration Hususiye to Bilabedel Teff is
7 688 09.12.1925 domestic law concerning the dress fabric to wear
8 748 22.2.1926 Emval National and Metrukesi or seized from the foundations, the Law on Land and Land can be sold to municipalities with some Müessesat
9. Law on 26/05/1926 859 Silk and Seed Insect Rearing and the inspection and sale of
10. 1065 28.05.1927 The Republic of Turkey within the fulfillment of duty rues Eden Some Foreigners and the Law on Civil Servants be subject to withholding of Muhassasat
11. 06.25.1927 railways in 1147 Transplant Law on Forbidden permissible to transplant the explosion was tecnical field with
12. Exchange of 1217 01/04/1928 Subject to the Law on Population to be given to non-Emval the real estate
05/24/1928 1341 13 Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Bulgaria in the brain 18, 1925 Date Münakit Muhadenet Teşrinievvel appurtenant Protocol treaty Toamasina (C) the provisions of Clause Emval properties with respect to be given to the Bulgarian Law on Emval Abandoning has happened
14. Law on savings banks in 1711 06/10/1930
20/04/1933 2151 15 General Directorate of Border and Coastal Feelings About Maaşat Officers of Tawheed and Teadül on April 14, 1930 date and 1587 numbered Law Law Müzeyyel
16. Determination of the 2270 Law on 06.05.1933 Copy of the township manager

06.09.1934 17. 2502 Bayazid the province of Kars, Erzurum and Coruh Provincial Law on Some Parts of Placing refugees and SIGINT and grounding if Indigenous Farmers
18. The Court of Accounts Law of 2514 16/06/1934

07/05/1934 19. The 2582 Law on Merino Sheep Rearing and Breeding Edilmiş Cotton Seed Production
03/06/1935 2755 20 to be used in the Ankara Central Hygiene Institute Of Foreign Law Specialist
Malaria and Syphilis Drugs Act 2767 for the 21 06/07/1935
10.09.1935 22. 2825 Law on the Organization and Duties of Customs and Monopoly Deputy
21.10.1935 23. Ministry of National Defense in 2832 to be used by the Ministry of Foreign Law on Enterprises in the Connected State subjects to do with the specialist sphere and Masters Association
25/10/1935 2839 24 of the General Law on Veterinary Muvazene from Salary or Wages site they can see is the Local Government and Municipal Affairs vet
12.13.1935 25. 2864 Tourist ship from the pictures received from some of the Law on Amnesty and the
Some Downloads Pier 26 3004 06/08/1936 What the Law on the Administration that had Suretli
27. 3017 09.06.1936 of Ministry of Health and Social Assistance Organisation and Civil Servants Act
01.20.1937 28. Made for 3096 to the Law on Customs Organisation Houses
29. Law on 10/02/1937 3122 Tutorial and Technical Films
11.06.1937 30. Blood Herding Occasion of 3236 Committed Murder and Attempted own Offenses Relating to Transactions Law will be implemented for the perpetrators Hısım
12/15/1937 3282 31 Railways and Harbours with Pertaining to the General Administration Organization and Duties Law No. 1042 on the Amendment of the Law Article 25

Place of Law Law No. Date Number Code Name

32 6/10/1938 3434 and the Law on Gaming Devices picture will be taken by the Municipalities and Rural Administrations Vehicles
33 20/06/1938 3467 Law on Compulsory Service Engineer and Technical Schools graduate of
06/28/1938 34 not be used as the 3517 Law on the written and printed Paper Peeling Paper
35 06/28/1938 3522 will be established by the State Law on Exemption shall have the Iron and Steel Factory
36 22/09/1941 4119 Red Crescent Society and the Disaster and Military Contingent in the future with the government permitted him to work with the Forms of Law on the exemption from the Sanitary and Humanitarian Aid Delegations will Namına Ed Vürut with goods to Customs Duties
37. Law on the Construction of residential Officer 07/18/1944 4626
38 06/25/1945 4768 Law on Institutions Electric Company
08/02/1946 4860 39 General Directorate of State Airports Act on the attempted Temporary Needs for the Next Year Loading
17/05/1946 40 4893 and will be installed for Oriental Rug Rug equivalents and Animal Pelts with the Law on Free Location
41 17/02/1947 5005 Law on the Transfer Costs Parish Manager

01/19/1948 5164 42 United States of the tax exemption of substances to be provided exclusively for Things to Help the Law on National Defense Needs Turkey
06/07/1948 5215 43 Customs Officers of the Military Organization About the tensik by Law No. 1841 Additional Act
06.07.1948 44. 5243 Law on Housing Erzincan be Made
About 45 4/11/1949 5367 Fulfills a wide range Airports and Ports Ministry of Public Works Done with them with the relevant Building and Facilities Act
46 05/31/1949 5408 Grand National Assembly of Turkey Accounts Investigation Commission for Investigation will be submitted for Members to Make Out Ankara Journal of Law on Residence
47 01.18.1950 Swamp Drying of 5516 and the Law on Lands to obtain that
48 01/03/1950 5582 Marshall Plan (European Recovery Program) Assistance will be achieved within the framework of the Budget and Treasury to account on the accompanying Form Transition Act
49 24/03/1950 5660 Law on Industrial Development Bank of Turkey's Treasury will distribute profit Replenishment
28.02.1951 50. 5750 Law on Economic Cooperation Agreement and the Marshall Aid Plan Framework of Assistance Available Inns in Turkish lira equivalent of the Budget Taallûk the Transition shape of the Budget Account Required
51 5775 23/05/1951 Construction of Ports, Expansion, the Law on the rehabilitation and Equipping
52 13/07/1953 6141 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey to Open bail to be matters in this Law on Credit and Guarantee Agreements of the Government implied contractual Graduation ITAR
15.07.1953 Istanbul 53 6165 Law on Construction of the Opera House and the Treasury Replenishment Surrogates Administration
54 1/27/1954 6236 the Government of the Republic of Turkey Cukurova Electric Corporation between Turkey Seyhan Dam Hydroelectric Plant of the Agreement concluded between the parties, as the Law on Approval of the Transfer Mütaallik
About 55 3/11/1954 6409 Tavas Place Replacement of the accident exposed the landslide Castle Law township
56. Grain of Law on 25/03/1955 6529 or by Nam Çıkaranlardan Account to be used in these Transplant with Principal Imported Cereals and All Kinds of the material imported Exemption from Taxes and Fees
57. Reverse DDT Capital Act 6562 05/13/1955
58. 6610 05.20.1955 The town of Lice in the Law on Amending the place of their neighborhoods exposed to the threat of rocks
02/28/1956 6683 59 Gerze the fire, Lüleburgaz and Inece district in the Law on Assistance to be done to help victims of flood

Place of Law Law No. Date Number Code Name

22/06/1956 60 6746 Aydin, Balikesir, Bursa, Edirne, Eskisehir, Kırklareli, Konya and Denizli province in the 1955-1956 year will be made to the Law on the Natural Disaster Damaged Help
14/06/1957 7010 61 Muğla, Denizli, Bolu, Sakarya province of Aydin and Contingencies Incoming Ground Vibration within the Law on Donations Made to Damaged
05/14/1958 7118 62 Turkey Teachers Bank Corporation Charter Act
63 7407 06/01/1960 Libya (Tripoli) Restoration of the Law on Foundations in Turgutreis Poems My Directorate of making reservations
64 9/10/1960 79 National Crime Prevention affine, National Protection Agency, Law on the Elimination of Capital and Funds and Certain Provisions İhda
22.12.1960 1 170 65 Asset Statements in Accordance with the Law and the Law on 3 Invitation to Become a Legitimate Make Copies of proof that those not admit they confiscation of goods
178 26/12/1960 66 of the Law on Procurement of Military Garrison and Potable Water
67 297 20/04/1961 Directorate of State Hydraulic Works My Law on Issuance of Bonds issued Authorization for Use in Sari Contracting to the attempted
05/29/1961 68 307 Highways Act on Granting Authority to Issue Bonds to be used in the attempted to Sari Contracting for Construction
12/26/1962 69 140 Turkish Law on the Regulation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Citizens Petition with the Contacting and Binding decision of the Examining Petitions
70. 203 Law on 02/19/1963 recorder of deeds will be given to the volatile Flight Compensation
71 273 12/07/1963 next year for the construction of prisons to be loaded and the attempted Temporary Contractual Law on Borrowing
72 325 09/05/1963 Belongs to the State Economic Enterprises and Previous Budget Year 1960 Law on the liquidation of a Tax Debt Section
73 475 05/14/1964 Lebanese weapons that the French Government Takes nature of our future Export Sales Amount of Lebanon and France, some of Emre Turkish Land for Missions, Building Purchased the Law on the Separation or making reservations
74 555 31/03/1965 Institutes of Health Training Institutions Act
75 4/20/1965 581 Republic of Turkey and the Government of the United States Government Between the Agricultural Harvesting More Treaties Accordance Imported Owned Agricultural and food products with Bonus Given By American Surplus Material, Law on Tax Exemption of Equipment and Vehicles
01/04/1966 76 708 440 Subject of Law in Developing Health Organization Medical Institutions Employees, the Law on Efforts to resign from the Doctor of Dental and Pharmacy Law No. 224 and 472
77 717 1965 Law on Development, Government of 20/01/1966
78 818 1966 Law on Development, Government of 12.29.1966

79 992 1967 Law on Development, Government of 01/23/1968
80 1100 1968 Law on Development, Government of 02/04/1969
81 1216 1969 Law on Development, Government of 29/01/1970
02/18/1971 1344 82 Applicable to Government, Government Bonds and Interest Rate Determination of Terms of Trade Law on the Bonus segments if necessary Arrangement
06/23/1971 83 1417 Harbin from foreign countries Navy ships, Harbin Law on Weapons and War Ship Ship Equipment and Building Material Purchasing
84 on 07/02/1972 1516 Bosphorus Bridge and Ring Road Project in the Field Act Liquidation of Slum
03/14/1972 85 to be installed in 1573, Atatürk University of Technology and Home Economics Research and Extension Training Institute and fur animals by the Law on the publication Farm Business
About 86 3/20/1975 1870 rosters Provincial Special Administration Belongs to found the library and museum staff from the General Budget Law of Payment of Monthly

Place of Law Law No. Date Number Code Name

22/05/1975 1902 87 municipalities, municipalities Affiliates and businesses, Village Legal Personality of state-owned enterprises and Excise Directorate General Law on Obligations Section One of my Arbitration
01/02/1977 2032 88 of the Law on the Info Services to Rural Voluntary contributions to outside participation fee
89 09/25/1980 2305 No. 6136 on Firearms and Knives and Other Tools 264 of the Turkish Penal Code, the Law on Third Article Location Area Firearms, Explosives Law on Delivery of knives and similar appliances
13/02/1981 2385 90 Ministry of Public Works and Transport of making reservations to the Civil Gas Pipelines and Natural Gas, Law on Plant Tender Main Aide Storage and be distributed
20.03.1981 91. 2431 Law on accelerating the collection
92 04/06/1981 2472 Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, with the Karakaya Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Afshar-Elbistan Lignite Thermal Power Plant Project to be executed in Deve new and Law on Contract Employees
93 of the Law on 07/28/1981 2501 Romanian İndepentant Tanker Permitted to be removed by the Navy in
94 10/22/1981 Tuzla Naval Academy in 2542 Completion of Construction and Related Services Law Opening
30/12/1981 Ziraat Bank in 2569 with 95 of the Law on the Central Bank of Turkey in return with a section of the receivables from the Treasury and Debt Arbitration Some organizations not be
96 2641 03/17/1982 refuge from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Turkey by the Turkish Nobles Immigrant Law on the Acceptance and Settlement

97 03/26/1982 In 2644 Insolvency and found the banker to be applied to these people, with the relevant provisions of the Law on Criminal
98 22/02/1983 2801 Act on collection of some public receivables Special Settlement Road
08.11.1983 99. 2874 Law on the Elimination of Accelerated Liquidation Banker
100 2974 01/31/1984 Some of my Arbitration Law on Public Institutions Debt
101 3191 05/01/1985 Contract Law on Treasury Attorney Starting in Developing Regions
102 25.12.1985 3249 Amnesty Law on Public Officials and Officials of some other Disciplinary
103 04.11.1986 3315 Wheeled Tractors of the Law on the Adoption of the Decree on Granting Deadline for registration
104 3352 04/15/1987 Safety Act on the Repeal of the Criminal Consideration and Measures under the Ministry of General Administration

105 3714 08/05/1991 3, 4, 6, 7, Law on the Repeal of Decree Law No. 10 and 14
15/05/1991 3743 106 19, 47, 89, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 164, Law on the Repeal of Decree 166 and Decree Law No. 167
107 26.02.1992 3776 29, 51, 64, Law on the Repeal of Decree Law No. 172 and 173
108 18.06.1992 3817 Amnesty Law on Civil Servants and other Public Officials Disciplinary
109 of the Law on the Prevention of Terrorism Act 3852 11/26/1992 Savings Made by Article 9 of the Interim
Issuance Cost 110 3992 01/06/1994 Bringing those in his homeland while the Turkish Currency Currency 1567 No. of securities to be applied in Accordance with the Law on the Protection of Criminal Law on Amnesty

Place of Law Law No. Date Number Code Name

22.09.1994 Law on 1996 111 4033 Turkey Europalia Festival
112 27.04.1995 4106 farmers Ziraat Bank, the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Agricultural Enterprises General Directorate, Turkey Agricultural Equipment Institution, Grain on, with the Forest and Village Relations Directorate General Law for the deletion of a section Debt Interest
113. The 4213 Law on Precious Metals and jewelery 11.20.1996 Statement
114 30.07.1997 4300 General Law on Population Census done and updating of voters undressed
115 08.28.1999 4455 Amnesty Law on Civil Servants and other Public Officials Disciplinary
116 03.11.1999 4460 Sports Toto Organization Department of Employment Law on Making More Staff of the Staff Assignments to other Public Institutions

117 4615 12/21/2000 Civil Servants and other Public Officials on Amending Certain Laws about Authorization Act
118 04.03.2003 4837 Law on Additional taxes Taken to Ensure Economic Stability