Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Application Of Certain Laws Units No Longer In Force

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. UY­GU­LA­MA İMKÂNI KAL­MA­MIŞ BA­ZI KA­NUN­LA­RIN YÜ­RÜR­LÜK­T

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Kanun No. 5637


Acceptable Date: 26/4/2007      

Current laws

MADDE 1- (1) Laws that are included in the list Current status is removed.


MADDE 2- (1) on the release date of this Law It will take effect.


MADDE 3- (1) Ministers of this Law Executes installed.

































The Law of the Law of the SiraTagPreserver,p,224,228

# Date                The Name Of The Number Is                 



1.      16 Telrinisani 1329 The Reservoir Of Steam Used In Maada Neighborhoods, Steam Treasuries, Steam Treasuries, and Motors Nizamalamaje the Law of the Opposition.

2.         21 President 1332 10 February 1329 In The Law Of Nizamolae, The Law Of The Murethas.

3.           11/10/1920 38 Tababeti Adliye Law

4.           6/4/1924 463 Zonguldak Outlaw and Law on Tenzili of the Port Rüsumu

5.           4/22/1924 506 Law on the Prospects and Vezaizine of the Prospects and Prospects of Anatolian Railways.

6.           2/12/1925 682 Every Nevi Fidan and Tohfever in Meccanen Tevzi and the State of the State Uhdehyde Land of the Farmhouse Ziraat Vekaletine and the Husushires of Israel. Right of Law

7.           9/12/1925 688 Law on Wearing Clothes From Native Fabric

8.           22/2/1926 748 Emgovernor Milliye and Metrukeden or Mazbut Foundation, Bazım Muesselat and the Law on Land and Armada that can be Sold to Municipalities.

9.           26/5/1926 859 Code of Pesticides and Tohsumi and Law on Examination and Satance

10.           28/5/1927 1065 In The Republic Of Turkey, The Bazisi Of The Republic Of Turkey, The Basilica Of Ecnebi, Is The Law Of The Rüesa And The Officers Of The Republic Of Turkey.

11.           25/6/1927 1147 The Law on the Transference of the Mevaddi Imphyseur with the Memnu of Transification in the Violent Civil Rights

12.           1/4/1928 1217 The Law on the Estate of the Estate to Be Granted To The Estate Of The House Of The World.

13.           24/5/1928 1341 The Republic of Turkey with the Republic of Turkey 18 Telring to the Isolated Correspondent of the Republic of Turkey in 1925 Merbut's Protocol (C). Nazaran's Real Estate In Bulgaria Is The Law To Be Given To Those Who Have Left Them In Bulgaria.

14.           10/6/1930 1711 Law on Savings Sandrars

15.           20/4/1933 2151 Hudut and Savills Sıhhat Ucandi Directorate of Officers ' Tevhit and Tequila Museum in the Hakkadu Hakkıyel Law on April 14, 1930, and the Law of Music 1587 to the Law of Museyel Law.

16.           5/6/1933 Law on Tayini Surge of Nahiye Directors of Nahiye Directors


17.           9/6/1934 2502 Kars Vilayit in Bayazit, Erzurum and Stochatic Parts of the Multinational Cities and the Placement of the Domestic Farmers and the Local Right of Law

18.           6/16/1934 2514 Code of Divanant MuhasebatTagPreserver,p,69,73

19.           5/7/1934 2582 Merinos Sheep To Be Made Up and Illah Passive Cotton Seed Produced by Law

20.           3/6/1935 2755 The Law of Foreigner Experts to Be used in Ankara Centre Hffizzishha Muessesesep

21.           7/6/1935 2767 Sistema and Syphilis Kanun Kanun

22.           9/10/1935 2825 Law on the Right to Regents and Mps of Customs and Customs.

23.           21/10/1935 2832 The National Müdafaa Velaseti and the Law of Foreigners Who Will Be Made With The Masters From The Foreign State To Be Used In This Veil Of Custody

24.           25/10/1935 2839 The Law of Mayoral Salaries or Tuition Fees for Mayoral Wage And Municipal Baytars, and the Law of Municipal Baytarlus.

25.           13/12/1935 2864 Law on the Forgiveness of Some Of The Pictures From The Tourist Ships, And The Law Of The Basis.

26.           8/6/1936 3004 The Law On How To Deal With The Walls

27.           9/6/1936 3017 Sıhhat and the Law of Extortion Muaveal and the Law of Memurin

28.           20/1/1937 3096 Laws of Customs Service to be made available to the customs office

29.           10/2/1937 3122 Law on Appropriations and Technical Filipants

30.           11/6/1937 3236 Blood Spout Caused By Manslaughter, And The Law Of Treatment To Be Exercise On The Rights Of The Fugitive Buses, Or The Law

31.           15/12/1937 3282 Laws of the 25th Amendment of the Law No. 1042, which is the Ministry of State Railways and Limans of Hope, and Article 25 of the Law of 1042.



The Law of the Law of the SiraTagPreserver,p,224,228

# Date Name Of The Law


32.           10/6/1938 3434 Law on Painting from the Games of the Game Allet and Vasaria by the Municipalities and the Law of the Village.

33.           20/6/1938 3467 High Engineer and Technical Schools Law on the Services of Mecburi Services

34.           28/6/1938 3517, Law on How to Use the Print and Basis of the Basque Cabinet

35.           28/6/1938 3522 Laws of Iron and Steel Factories To Be Established From The State Of Law

36.           22/9/1941 4119 Kırılay Society and Harp and Disaster Vukunda to Play with Him, Will Arrive With The Government's Permission To Praise The Government's Delegations Of The Sarishi And British Yard.                                                                                                                                 

Law On The Exemption From Customs Duty

37.           18/7/1944 4626 Law on Officer Torture Service

38.           25/6/1945 4768 Law on Electrical Power Occupation of Electricity

39.           8/2/1946 4860 State Airlines General Manager Rights to be Entered Into Temporary Downloads For Future Years

40.           17/5/1946 4893 The Law of the People and Locals of the People and the Locals and the Law on the Free Place to Be Established

41.           17/2/1947, Law on the Transfer Costs of Buyerve Managers

42.           19/1/1948 5164 United States State of the United States, the United States of the United States, and the United States, the United States, and the Law on Tax Exemptions of the Articles of Defense of the Appropriate National Defense.

43.           7/6/1948 5215 Customs Protection Officers of 1841 Law on the Tender of Customs by Military Service

44.           6/7/1948 5243 In Erzincan, Law on the Messens of the Cannabis

45.           11/4/1949 5367 Bilumum Air Square and Ports Related to Building and Facilities Ministry of Public Affairs and Facilities Law

46.           31/5/1949 5408 Turkish Grand National Assembly Accounts Committee Members to Establish What They Will Do In Ankara, Law On The Ability To Give.

47.           18/1/1950 5516 The Law of the Bakers and the Law on the Land to Be Acquired From It

48.           1/3/1950 5582 Marshall Plan (European Shield Program) Framework, Budget and Treasury Accounts within the European Bank of America (European Law) Framework, and the Computational Law

49.           24/3/1950 5660 The Law on Readiness To Leave The Bank Of Turkey, Up And Down The Bank.

50.           28/2/1951 5750 European Economic Cooperation And Marshall Yard Framework Framework Agreement On Budget Of Those Necessary To Budget From Turkish Lira. Law and Law on Computational Violence

51.           23/5/1951 5775 Limits, Tevsi, Ismah, And Equipment For The Limans Of The Limans

52.           13/7/1953 6141 Milletarasi Bail and Wake Up Bank Bail on Loan to the Bank of Turkey Lifted Bail and Acceptance Of Guarantee in this Hususta Government Law on Graduation

53.           15/19,1953 6165 Istanbul Opera House Israeli Treasury and Sureti Rights in Law.

54.           27/1/1954 6236 The Government of the Republic of Turkey and Çukurova Electricity Turkish Association of Seyhan Barıkılım Aktaallik on the transfer of the Seyhan dam hydroelectric facilities The Law Of The Law Is The Law Of The Law.

55.           11/3/1954 6409 Law on Defying the Site of the Accidental Exposure to the Tavas Crash Site

56.           25/3/1955 6529 Territorial Prisoners to be used by the Office of Territorial Prisoners, or by the People of Nam and His Account, with the Everyday Goods of Every Nevi Material to be used in the transportation of the Buns of Buns Law on Exempt From Images and Allowance (s)

57.           13/5/1955 6562 D. D. T. T. Defiant Capital Law

58.           20/5/1955 Law on the Defying of Neighborhoods Exposed To The Threat Of Rocks In $6610 Lice Enclosure

59.           From 28/2/1956 6683 Gerze Fire in Lüleburgaz and Human Rights to Those Harmed by Water Basis in the United States







The Law of the Law of the SiraTagPreserver,p,224,228

# Date Name Of The Law


60.           22/6/1956 6746 Aydün, Baluşir, Bilecik, Edirne, Eskişehir, Kirklari, Konya and Denizli Province, 1955-About the Help of Harmful Disasters in 1955-1956 Law

61.           14/6/1957 7010 Mugla, Denizli, Bolu, Aydün and Sakarya Vialas, Law on the Relief To Those Who Are Harmed In The Displacement Of The Vukua.

62.           14/5/1958 7118 The Turkish President's Law on the Law of the President of the Bank of Turkey.

63.           6/1/1960 7407 The Foundation of the Turgutreis Manzumumam Restoration in Libya (Tripoli) is the Law on Restoration Of The Foundation.

64.           10/9/1960 79 National Protection of Protection Crimes, National Protection, Capital and Fund of Accounts, and Bazıs Law on Sovereign Justice

65.           On 22/12/1960 170 1 and 3, the Law is Entitled To The Declaration Of Goods When They Are Invited To The Goods Statement, And The Law Is Available To You.

66.           26/12/1960 178 The Law on the Dignity And Use Water of Military Garnizons.

67.           4/20/1961 297 State Water Issues Are Law To Authorize Bono To Be Used In Yellow Commitment To Be Used When It Is Hoped To Be

68.           29/5/1961 307 Carpaths to authorize Bono Jurisdiction to be used in the Yellow Commits to be entered into.

69.           26/12/1962 140 Turkish Citizens ' Law on the Petition of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Arrangement of the Dileming of Dilemons, Law

70.           19/2/1963 203 Tapu and Kadastral General Manager on the Right to Fly Compensation for Flying Law                                                                                                                                              

71.           12/7/1963 273 Prisons for the Provisional Loading of Prisons Next Year, and the Law on Rebellion of Turkey.

72.           5/9/1963 325 Law on the liquidation of a KM Tax Debts from the 1960 and Previous Budget Expectations of the Public Israeli Budgets.

73.           14/5/1964 475 In Lebanon and France, some of the sums it gave to the Fransz government, some of the sums it gave to the Fransiz government, and the construction of Turkish missions in France, the building on the property.  or by Mirroring

74.           31/3/1965 555-Salim Egitim Institutes Established Law

75.           By 20/1965 581 The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the United States of the United States of the United States of the United States of America and the Government of the United States of America and the United States of the Republic of America were able to provide the agricultural and agricultural American Hazardous Material, Equipment, and Vastareis Tax Exemption for a Cost of Hazardous Substances (GUS)TagPreserver,p,163,167

76.           On 4/1/1966 708 440, Of Course, The Number Of People Who Were Loyal To The Law Was The Subject Of The Medical Examiner, The Dive Medical And The Eczas, As Well As From The Law Of 224 And 472. Law

77.           20/1/1966 717 1965 Law on Leaving The Wake of a Law

78.           29/12/1966 818 1966 Law on the Right to Lift Up

79.           23/1/1968 992 1967 Law on the Raid of the Rave

80.           4/2/1969 1100 1968 Law on the Urinine of the Lifted Up

81.           29/1/1970 1216 1969 Law on the Urinine of the Death

82.           18/1971 1344 State of the State of the Interest in Circulation Bonds, and the Justification For The Promotion Of Interest, As Well As The Interest In The Interest Of The Interest In The Interest Of The Interest In The Cooperation.

83.           6/23/1971 1417 Naval Forces From Foreign Lands to Harb ships, Harb Ship Device and Weapons of Arms and Cargo Ships, Law on the Service of the Sea.

84.           7/2/1972 1516 Istanbul Bridge and the Environment Road Project in Law on the Liquidation Of Squatars in the Sahashi

85.           14/3/1972 1573 Institution of Technology and Home Economics to be established at Ataturk University and Law on Abortion And Propagation of Fur Animals with the Institute of Law

86.           20/3/1975 Law on the General Budget of the Library and Museum Staff of the Staff of the 1870 Staff Special to the General Budget of the Rituals









The Law of the Law of the SiraTagPreserver,p,224,228

# Date Name Of The Law


87. 22/5/1975 1902 Municipalities of Municipalities, Municipalities and Offices, Village Legal Cooperation, Public 1917, And Monopoly of the General Directorate of Tekel. The Law On Arbitration For My Department Of Debt Is                                                                                                                                              

88.           1/2/1977 2032 Law on Voluntary Contributions From Services Taken To The Village

89.           25/9/1980 2305 6136-Atheist Weapons, Explosive Devices, Explosions, Blighters, and Dignity Appliances with Atheist Weapons and Rifles, and Other Items on the Turkish Penal Code. Law on the Delivery of Similar Tools

90.           13/2/1981 2385 Ministry of Civil Demolition and Doðal Gas to be Involved With Pipelines, Depository, and Reservoir Facilities for Construction, Depositing and Depository. Related Law

91.           20/3/1981 2431 Law on the Evacuation of the Evacuation

92.           4/6/1981 2472 Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Karaya Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant in the After-Elbia Linyites Developed and Thermal Plant Projects Law on Promised Staff to be stolen

93.           28/7/1981 2501 Romanian Israeli Law to be Heard From The Commander Of A Naval Force In Romanian British Command.

94.           22/10/1981 2542 Tuzla Deniz Harb School of Business Completion and Opening of the Service, Related Law

95.           30/12/1981 2569 T.C. Ziraat Bank's Debt to the Bank of the Republic of Turkey, a Debt Debt to the Central Bank of Turkey, from Treasury and Bazızızımınü Right of Law

96.           17/3/1982 2641 Afghanistan's Pakkriana Paistanan Turkey's Admission to Turkey and the Law of the Republic of Turkey.

97.           26/1982 2644 Payment of Penal provisions for Bankers and Relevant Criminal Provisions in the Law of Settlement Strengthening

98.           22/2/1983 2801 Baze of Public Payee on Special Settlement Road with the Law on the Evacuation of the Board of Law

99. 11/8/1983 2874 Law on the Extortion of Liquidators of Bankers in the liquidation state

100.           31/1/1984 2974 Bazaar Law on the Arbitration of the Board of Public Institution and Board of Installations

101.           1/5/1985 3191 Law on Leaving A Promised Treasury Lawyer in Priority Competencies

102.           25/12/1985 3249 Officers and Disciplinary Officers with Disciplinary Punishment for Disciplinary Punishment

103.           4/11/1986 3315 Law On The Acceptance Of The Ordinance In The Provision Of Time For The Duration Of The Registration Of Rubber Wheelers

104.           15/4/1987 3352 The Law on Lifting Penalties and Measures in the Custody Of The Hope Of The Hope Of The Hope Of The Hope Of The Hope Of 3352.


105.           8/5/1991 3714 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, and 14 Are Law on Ruling Rulings in Law

106.           15/5/1991 3743 19, 47, 89, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 164, 166, and 167 Laws The Law On How To Repeal The Ordinance

107.           26/2/1992 3776 29, 51, 64, 172, and 173 of the Law on Ruling Rulings in Law Rule

108.           18/6/1992 3817 Officers and Law on Disciplinary Punishment of Diker Public Officers

109.           26/11/1992 3852 Law On Savings Made According To The Provisional 9th Article Of The Anti-Terror Law

110.           1/6/1994 3992 Amnesty Fees For Those Who Do Not Bring Their Remittances To The Dorms In Order To Protect The Property Of The 1567 And The Law That Will Be Applied When The Law Is Taken To Protect The Precious Law








The Law of the Law of the SiraTagPreserver,p,224,228

# Date Name Of The Law


111.           9/22/1994 4033 1996 Turkish Euroshop Festival Kannin Kannuleu

112.           27/4/1995 4106 Farmers In T.C. Ziraat Bank, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Agricultural Equipment General Manager, Turkish Agricultural Equipment Office, Land Crops Office, Law on the Erasure of a Department of Debt Interest to the General Manager of the Forest and Village Affairs

113.           20/11/1996 4213 Law on Precious Maden and Ziynet Statement

114.           30/7/1997 4300 General Population Testing and the Law on Update of Voter Files

115.           28/8/1999 4455 Officers And Other Public Officials ' Law On The Disciplinary Punishment of Disciplinary Punishment

116.           3/11/1999 4460 Sports-Toto is the Law of the Director of Transparent Phase Staff to Appoint Members Of Public Institutions And Organizations.

117.           21/12/2000 4615 Officers and the Law of Entitlement for Devidity in Some Laws About Public Officials

118.           3/4/2003 4837 Economic Reticence Sells Law on Additional Taxes