Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Central Bank Of The Republic Of Turkey Law Amendments D

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYET MERKEZ BANKASI KANUNUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASINA D

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Kanun No. 4651     


Accepted Date: 25.4.2001      


ARTICLE 1.- dated 14.1.1970 and 1211 is the 4th article of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, which is the 4th of the Law.

Article 4.-The underlying purpose of the bank is to maintain price stability. The bank itself determines the monetary policy and the monetary policy tools that are used to ensure price stability.

The Bank supports government's growth and employment policies with the registration of non-steel, with the aim of maintaining price stability.

The bank's key tasks and entitlements are:

I-Bankanin base tasks;

a) Making open market business actions,

b) To take the necessary measures to protect the domestic and the outside of the Turkish Liras with the government, and to identify its counterpart in the country with foreign money. to determine the currency of the Quran, To make the Turkish Lirasn and the Turkish Liras of remittances and remittances with the maturity and maturity of the foreign exchange and the effects of the determination of the Turkish Liras in the foreign currency.

c) the principles and principles of the banks and the Bank based on the obligations of the other financial institutions to be considered, which are required by the Bank and the to determine

d) Reeskort and advance operations,

e) Managing country gold and foreign currency reserves,

f) To regulate the volume and treatment of Turkish Liras, to establish payment and transfer of securities and reconciliation systems, to the establishment of systems to be established and to be established determine the methods and tools to use, including electronic media for payments, to make arrangements for control and control, and to make sure that they are used.

g) Stability in the financial system and take regulatory measures related to money and foreign exchange markets,

izlemekh) Watch the financial markets,

) To determine the maturity and types of deposits in banks, and the accounts of the folding accounts in private financial institutions.

temelII-Base entitlements of the bank:

a) The concession for the issuance of banknoes in Turkey belongs to the Bank alone.      

b) The Bank, together with the Government, identifies the inflation target, which in accordance with the monetary policy. The Bank is the sole authority and responsible for the implementation of monetary policy.

c) The Bank will use the monetary policy tools specified in this Code to ensure price stability, and other monetary policy tools that are appropriate to use. It is authorized to identify and apply through the application.

d) The Bank will not be able to determine the resources of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund if it is not, and the basis for which it is determined is based on this Fund. It is authorized.

e) The bank executes loans to banks as the ultimate credit mercii.

f) The Bank wants banks to ask banks based on their interest rates and principles that they will impose on lending and acceptance of deposits. authority.

g) The Bank provides the necessary information from the banks and other financial institutions and agencies to monitor and audit the financial markets. He is authorized to ask for information and to collect statistical information.

III-Bankanese urethalic tasks:

a) The Bank is the financial and economic company, financial agent and Treasurer of the government. The Government of the Bankanin, It is sold through the Başaşkan appliance.

b) The Bank provides the Government with respect to the financial system.

denetlemec) Organizer and supervise these institutions and organizations with the Bank, banks and the appropriate relative financial institutions and their organization and their determinations to be authorized to install.

The Bank is subject to the regulations and practices of this Law and the applicable authorities and regulations, subject to these regulations, and to the application of It is the authority and authority to verify that the installations are acted appropriately and the information that is sent to it is correct.

The Bank fuls and uses the duties and powers granted to him by this Law as a sole responsibility under its own responsibility.

The bank is insolvable for the amount and interest of the bank, the business or the institution that the money policy tool uses, if it is insolvent. It is used to receive the privilege.

The Bank may only be indemniated for compensation cases than members of the Bank. Your bank's dream is about to be saved.

MADDE 2. - 1211 is the 13th Amendment of the Law, as well as in the province of the United States.    


Article 13. -The bank's organs are:

a) General Assembly.

b) Bank Assembly.

c) Money Policy Board.

d) Supervisory Board.

e) Batikluk (Guverneveness).

f) Management Committee.

MADDE 3. - The number of part (II) of the number 12 (II) of 1211 is the "Bank's Assembly and Monetary Policy Board", and the 22nd of its article 22 is the current state.

Article 22. -Bank Assembly;

A) The monetary policy strategy and the monetary policy that can be implemented in the monetary policy and the monetary policy that can be used when the inflation target is met,

b) Organizing and making decisions on how to remove, cure, and destroy the banknotes in the treatment of treatment,

c) Reflex and advance interest rates, reescent and advance interest rates, forced profitability and public interest rates, reescent and advance operations, and reescent interest rates. Do not make necessary arrangements for the development of the country, the country's gold and foreign currency reserves, and the management of foreign currency and foreign currency reserves, the regulations and regulations,disponibiliteye

d) Decision-on (s) of 40 articles of matter (I) and (III), as well as the decision to make decisions,

) Payment and transfer of securities and reconciliation systems to increase reliability and effectiveness, payment of a settlement methods, determining the principles and guidelines of the tools, the surveillance and control of the interchange rooms,

f) To request information, to collect risk and statistical information, to determine the basis and the principles of this,

to create a statement, provide a reporter, establish representation and office, and to organize and make decisions on matters related to the Banknot Matbaasina,

h) Provision and requirements are subject to decision-making, subject to warranty of the next balance due to decision-making.

) The preparation of the Bank's budget, annual report, balance sheet, profit and damage accounts, and General Assembly agenda,     

j) Do not recommend increasing the Service and recommending it to the Essas Mukavede, General Setup,

to approve regulations, services, and services of the Bank, and their personnel,hazýrlanan

l) sell or sell real estate for the bank's needs, selling, trampa, and selling the cost of the property. Decision not to make any decisions,

m) Decide on the amount of entitlements that are provided to the bank's other organs, and the decisions of the most precious, sulh, ibra, waiver, and thernit.

n) Not to approve the bank's personnel personnel,

) Decisions on the decision of the Money Policy Board in this Law is the decision of the Başanalık (Guvernesian) review and the rights to be submitted for approval. How to remove and edit,

is a business agent and authority.

ARTICLE 4.- The 1211 count is added to the Law No. 22 /A after the 22 nci clause is attached.

Money Policy Board

MADDE 22/A.-Money Policy Board, President (Guvernor), a member of the Bank's Assembly members, and a member of the Bank's Assembly. The president has a proposal to make a decision on the suggestion of the President. The Undersecretary of the Treasury or the Undersecretary of State may bear the right to vote for the Undersecretary of the House. It is also due to the membership of the Monetary Policy Board of the President (Guverneg), President of the President (Guvernator), and the member of the Bank's Assembly.

to decide on the monetary policy of the member to be appointed, and the academic title in one of the economy, business, banking and finance. owner must have at least ten years of experience, sufficient knowledge and experience in the field related to his/her mission. The task duration of this member has been expired.

The ban on item

19 also applies to the assigned member. However, the tasks that will be taken in the universities will be under this provision. The appointed member has the same financial and social rights as the members of the Bank Assembly.

The second and third feats of the

21st clause are also applied for the meeting of the Monetary Policy Board.

Money Policy Board;

a) Determining monetary policy policies and strategies with the purpose of maintaining price stability,    

belirlenmesib) Setting the inflation target with the Government within the framework of monetary policy strategy,

kamuoyununc) The public opinion on the government and its set of principles by preparing reports of monetary policy objectives and practices with respect to certain periods of time. information,

d) identified the government as necessary measures to protect its domestic and foreign currency and its counterpart in the gold with foreign money. Determine the currency of the currency regime,

is a business agent and authority.


Monetary Policy Board determines the declared considerations and the declared value of those. When the monetary policy is set up, it is declared that they will be asked to be declared in the Official Gazette without delay.

The decisions of the Monetary Policy Board are carried out by the President (Guvernator) and presented to the knowledge of the Bank Assembly.

MADDE 5. - The number 29 of the Code 1211 is to be located in the same way.

Article 29. -The assistant (Guvernator) is assigned a four-based assistant (Guvernator). Assistant (Guvernator) Yard, finance, economics, business, banking and finance in one of the fields of undergraduate or graduate studies, have sufficient knowledge and experience, and at least ten years of experience in relation to their profession. They are appointed by the President on a proposal of the President for a further five years. Users of the President may be reassign at the end of this time. The chief (Guvernator) benefits also apply the first of the 27 articles and the second phase of the 28.

MADDE 6.- 1211 The number of ncis (b) of the Code 1211 has been reported in the form of the following.

b) The Bank is authorized to export banknotes as well as in articles 45, 52, and 53.

MADDE 7.- 1211 The number of 40 items of the Code is to be installed in the province.

Article 40.-I-a) The bank has temporary liquidity issues and financial markets active that could cause disruptions in the payment system with the final credit mercii receipt. The system may provide intraday or end-of-day credit to the system to troubleshoot technical resources that might prevent the way it works.

b) The Bank is in compliance with the receipt of article 15 (5) of the 4389-numbered Banks Code (b), in terms of which, in terms of the following, the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund is this Fund is authorized to advance on the request of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in the event that the resources are not needed. The amount of the advance, the amount, the amount of interest, and the interest rate to be applied with the refunds, and the other considerations are determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency to be determined by the Bank.     

c), in the case of uncertainty and distrust in the banking system and the risk of funding withdrawals, the banks of uncertainty and distrust are being made to the banks, A number of credit may be given to fund withdrawals to be agreed to by the Bank. If this provision comes to bankruptcy, the Bank is charged with the amount of credit that is granted to the bankruptcy desk for the amount and interest of the loan, which is given to the bank.

II-Banks, private financial institutions, and other financial institutions that will be considered available to the Bank, including the installation of electronic payment instruments Under the obligation of their obligations, the rate of mandatory ants to be established in an account to be opened in a bank is due to the extent of mandatory obligations, and the duration of the facility is to be paid on the basis of the required disbursaries for these obligations. interest rates and withdrawalations from deposits or folding accounts Any application for the application, including the action to be done, is determined by the Bank.

It is identified by the Bank if it requires the qualification and proportion of the hope that they will have commitments made to the above mentioned installation.

Required cardinalities cannot be used for financing any purpose and subject matter, and cannot be added to, and cannot be foreclosed.

The bank has determined that it is not able to establish or provide any of the facilities that are required to drive the mandatory profitability and the public at the time of the missing part, the Bank said. It will make the criminal interest accenseate. They will receive a fine of interest, and 6183 will be collected when the provisions of the Law on the Evacuation Order are required to take place. The revenue is recorded in the Collected Penalty interest Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.

III-a) Banks, lending and deposits within the framework of authorizations granted to the Bank in order to execute the Bank's basic duties and entitlements They are informed by the Bank that the interest rates will be determined on the basis of their acceptance.

b) The Bank sets the maturity of the deposit accounts in the banks and private financial institutions with the types of deposits.

ARTICLE 8.- 1211 The number of 1211 is installed in the same way as the 42 nci clause is in place.

Custom control and public attention

Article 42.-The Chief Minister can check the Bank's business and accounts. The minister may ask the Bank for any information on this matter.

The bank can administer the balance sheet, profit and damage accounts to the administrative installations.


(Guvernator), A report to the Council of Ministers in April and October of each year of the monetary policy that is implemented and implemented by the Bank's activities is presented. The Bank informs the Turkish Grand National Assembly Plan and Budget Commission twice a year, as a result of its activities.      

The Bank prepares and publicives periodic reports of monetary policy objectives and practices. The periods in which the reports are prepared, include, and the extent of which are determined by the Bank. If the Bank does not reveal or should not be able to deliver or receive the specified objectives, the Bank will notify the Government of the Government if it is unlikely to be able to deliver the reasons and the measures that are necessary for the public.

MADDE 9. - 1211 is the 43rd item of the Law, as well as the number of other items.

Article 43.-All banks operating in Turkey, private financial institutions and other financial institutions to be considered in accordance with the Bank's balance sheets and profit and losses accounts, administration and auditor reports. together, from the date of the meeting of the general assembly; the audit reports to be prepared at the time of the audit are required by the Bank within a month of the date of the date of the date of the assembly.

The Bank provides any information and information from the institutions and organizations specified in the first phase in order to perform the duties granted to it by this Law and legislation. is authorized to request the document within the framework of the rules and principles. The agency and the organizations that are specified in the first phase are obliged to provide the requested information within the time that the Bank designates. The Bank may discontinue or discontinue the information that is specified in the first fund that does not provide the information that should be given to him, as well as the institutions and organizations that are identified in the first phase that does not provide the information.

The bank, the agency and the agency that is tasked with organizing and auditing the agency and its organizations that are identified in the first phase regarding matters entering the field of authority and duty. can request information from installations. The Bank has the authority to regulate and audit the institutions and organizations specified in the first phase, and the Bank and the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and the other institutions and organizations that are authorized to edit and control these institutions and organizations. To install it.

Bank, public institutions and its setups, the Undersecretary of the Treasury, the State Institute of Government, the statistical information of other countries in the collection of statistical information. It can do business with authorities and international organizations. With all statistical information about the financial system, banks will be required to monitor the progress in the economy and balance of payments, banks, banks, other financial institutions and others to request and collect from the end of the world. is authorized. They are asked to provide the information in accordance with the rules and principles that the Bank determines. The Bank is authorized to inspect and control information and request additional information and documentation for information about whether or not this information is correct.

The bank may disseminate statistical information that is required. However, the bank may not publish, open, or publish any of the statistical information that is collected from the information that is collected. He cannot give official or special authorities to any official or private authorities in the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. This information cannot be used for statistical purposes and as an ispathic tool.

MADDE 10. - The number 45 of the Code 1211 is to be reported in the province of the following.

Article 45. -The bank can accept the minimum three signatures and maximum of twenty-twenty days ' stay in its valleys, as well as the commercial senescences and vesicles to be issued by the banks within the guidelines of its own. The types of commercialized senet and other conditions that will be accepted in Reesconta are determined by the Bank. The maximum amount of credits to be given when this item is required is determined by the Bank by considering the limits of the monetary policy, according to the credit types.

The bank may also provide an advance in the rejections, which may be accepted by the bank.

MADE 11. - 1211 is the number 52 of the Code, which is not known in the United States.

Article 52. -In the framework of the objectives of the monetary policy, the Bank's final purchase of the securities and the return of the securities and the return of the securities, with the aim of effectively regulating the liquidity of the money supply and the liquidity of the economy, in an effective way. It can make and travel to such actions as the borrowing of the securities and the issuing of the Turkish Lirassal warehouse and its issuing. With the open market positions to be used in the bank, the principles and principles associated with these actions have high liquidity, which will be the subject of open market operations, and few risky vehicles are identified in the Bank.

The bank may export liquidity in the secondary market, which does not address the ninety-on-one day of its own nam and account, within the framework of its open market business. However, it is possible to avoid the fact that the liquidity bonds are blocked by the fact that they are a continuation of an alternative yacht, and their exports will only increase the effectiveness of the open market business. The return of the bank with the return promise and the resale promise and the terms of the lines of the Turkish Liraid warehouse are not able to take ninety days, but the time period is the current date of the business.

The Bank provides agency and installation related to the applications covered by this item, including the banks and the 2499 Capital Markets Act. It is authorized to determine the privacy of the action.

Open market operations are only executed for the purposes of monetary policy and cannot be done with credit to the Treasury, public institutions and installations, and to organizations and organizations.

MADDE 12. - 1211 is the 53rd Act of the Law, as well as in the province's office.

Article 53. -a) The Bank, under its monetary policy, to determine the number of foreign currencies of the Turkish Liras, with the maturity and maturity of the foreign exchange and effects and the Turkish Lirasas of the remittances by predetermined the terms of the terms of the It can make things and other kinds of things.

b) The Bank manages the country's gold and foreign currency reserves within the framework of monetary policy objectives and practices. To this end, the Bank considers safe yachts, liquidity and yield priorities to take into account and based on the principles of domestic and domestic markets, foreign exchange, securities, derivative product purchase, debt and debt. can be found in all the banking activities that include lending practices.

MADDE 13. - The number of 1211 is said to be in the form of 56 ncis.

Article 56.-The Bank cannot advance public institutions and installations with the Treasury and cannot open credit, provide Treasury and public institutions and installations. It is not able to buy the borrowing tools that export it from the primary market.

The Bank cannot advance and credit the authorizers for which this Code is authorized, and provide no credit, credit, and open credit, or credit. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

MADE 14. - 1211 is the 1st of the Code, which is the 1st of the Code.

Article 61. -Due to the current issue of Turkish Lirasants, the actualized income or expenses are monitored in a temporary account as a result of the redeemings of the Bank's active and palatable gold and matterings. If these revenue and expenses are to be real, the real amounts will be transferred to the profit and damage account, and the amount of time that is calculated from this account is retained.

MADE 15. - The number 68 of the Code 1211 has been installed, along with its current state of the law.

Penalty provisions

Article 68.-I-This Law;

In the framework of the authorizations given in Article 52 of the 4th article of the 4th Amendment, and in accordance with Article 52 of the open market operations, the Bank Non-compliance with the regulations made by the number of 40 items (II), which do not establish or are missing out-of-plant banks, private financial institutions, and are missing out of the proportion of the rate identified by the number of numbers (II). A billion people of other financial institutions and their officials. Fines up to two billion liras ($1 billion),

b) does not provide information and documents identified in article 44 with the first and second fiends of the 43rd item, or to the fact that it is not The banks, private financial institutions and other financial institutions that provide information and documents that are preventing the audit of the fourth section of the 4th article are in prison and two billion lira from one year to the right of the agency and the other financial institutions. for up to four billion liras in fines,

Is Applied.

To prosecute the crimes specified in this fund, the Banking Regulation and the Bank if the Kanuna is reported to Notifying the Supervisory Agency is being notified by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency to the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Bank. In this case, the relevant provisions of Article 24 of the Code of Banks of 4389 are applied.      

II-a) For members of the Bank, who are moving to the first and second fiends of this Code, three years from a year It faces up to four billion lira in prison and two billion liras ($2 billion).

TheSýrlarýlines are about three years from three years to the Bank, which is opening up to benefit them or their own. imprisonment, and no less than five billion liras ($1 billion).

b) The Bank, which has its own or its protection, controls, or responsibilities, to which they have been made available Members of the Bank, who embezzled money or property, are sentenced to death, as they will be sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. This is the crime shown on the bench, which will deceive the Banka and open the verb. To engage in any kind of fraudulent activity that will keep you from getting out of your way. The damages, including not being less than twelve years old, are given up to three times the amount of damage that is caused by the perpetrator. If you do not pay damages, you will be required to pay the court to the court. A third of the sentence is reduced if the damages were completed before the charges were made; a third is reduced if the payment is before the settlement.

Crimes identified in this fund and the Bank's personnel in the performance of the duties specified in the Law The fact that the Bank Assembly is to be fired on the other members of the Bank's Assembly by appointment and elections, the president's office is expected to address the president's office.

III-a) intentionally caused or deliberately caused damage to the bank's reputation or damage to its wealth or fortune. For those who know and disseminate news, they are sentenced to up to two years in prison and two billion liras in fines of up to four billion liras.

b) are responsible for actual individuals and legal entities that do not provide information and documents in the fourth section of this Law on the basis of the information and documents in the fourth section of the Code. It will be fined for up to one billion liras ($1 billion).

To prosecute the crimes specified in this fund, the state of the Republic of America (Guverneuron) has been written to the It will be found in the storm.

MADE 16. - Articles 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, and 54th of the Code 1211 are invalidate.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1.- The provision of this Law on the 29th of the Code 1211, which is the 5th of the Law, is the first of this Law. is not applied to the current (Guvernator) Benefits of the task at the time of the current entry.

INVALID ARTICLE 2.- The amount accumulated in the advance account specified in article 50 of the Code 1211, which is in effect with the 16 articles of this Code, Treasury According to the basis of the Undersecretary and the Bank, the loans given to the public institutions and organizations under the article 51 are liquidated to be repaid with the increases they are given.    

The Bank may, with a period of six months from the current date of this Law, may also receive a purchase from the primary market for the non-export borrowing tools of the Treasury.

MADDE 17. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADE 18. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.