Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Set Out The Kingdom Of Morocco And The Government Of The Republic Of Turkey

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜR­Kİ­YE CUM­HU­Rİ­YE­Tİ HÜ­KÜ­ME­Tİ İLE FAS KRAL­LI­ĞI HÜ­KÜ­

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Kanun No. 5639


Acceptable Date: 2/5/2007      

MADDE 1- 30/3/2005 "Between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Morocco, the Government of the Republic of Morocco and the Government of the Republic of Turkey to Understand the Technical and Scientific Cooperation of the Government of the Republic of Turkey in the history of the Republic of Turkey" is appropriate.

MADDE 2- This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.

MADDE 3- This Law The Council of Ministers executes its provisions.



















To be specified as two sides from this, Turkey Government of the Republic of the Republic and the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco,

-Related to the delivery of the roads with the awareness that they will be able to increase the benefits that they expect to increase,

-The method used by the Highway industry and where tools are actively requested,

-Human issues related to the infrastructures With the desire to increase the transfer of information about resources and roads, with the desire to increase the business,

-Technical and scientific medias between both Parties believing that this understanding is being generated periodically, which will contribute to a productive life in a productive way,

has accepted the following:

PART I Essential Objectives

Article -1 Areas

This Means that both of us are on the Roads Infrastructure It is related to its technical and scientific purpose.

has started the technical area in a second;

-Highway Technologies

Both of the Party's road infrastructure and road users The quality of the service offering is the most basic part of the technology. Both parties are only interested in the international efforts to comply with the infrastructure standard, the construction and construction of roads, and especially in the areas of the land. It is known that you will be using the financing resources.

-Caraways Gelifying the platform

Both Party roads are on the way It is widely expected that the development of the road's demands are to be met, and the road infrastructure has been informed.

-Carpathon of Highway

For the maintenance of both Party roads, enterprise and It is known that the development of financial expertise requires reinforcing the duties of their tasks.

SECTION II Business Program

Clause- 2 Caraways Technologies

On both sides of the road, the road infrastructure is especially in the area of the support technology transfer in relation to landslides, as well as;

-Development of any of the parties to be adopted and used to respond to the needs of the technology and information about the infrastructure and to respond to the needs of the other side,

-Landslides on the roads supporting information to help improve the skills of experts.

Clause- 3-Time-to-end platform infrastructure

To improve the recovery of both Party Highway will transfer applications for this topic, and take action to transfer the appropriate features and experiences.

Clause- 4 Caraways View

Do not increase the road trust between both sides and committed to the execution of applications that aim to optimize the maintenance of roads in the maintenance of roads.

These applications;

-Balance and recovery of captions,

-How to increase the security of the route

PARTITION III Organization, Deoding, Tools

Article-5 Joint Technical Tracking Committee

The Joint Technical Tracking Committee is from the experts of both Parties It will be generated.

Instead of the Common Technical Follow Up Committee bring it in;

-recommending a business-to-play area,

-Review and result in activities Deorializing,

-How to prepare for periodic program updating,

-People who are working in a business handling challenges, resolving problems.

herrepresentatives of each Enterprise in the Joint Technical Tracking Committee It will be managed by the General Manager or by the current one, appointed in its place.

Joint Technical Tracking Committee at least once in every country It will be collected as part of its return.

Joint Technical Follow Up Committee is in need of a significant can create one or more subcommittees and groups of execution, with the objective of working on a task or technical issue.

Article-6 Devitation

TagPreserver,p,0,180In the middle and end of the program term It will be done.

Article-7 Tools

The tools in which to implement this statement to be used;

-a duration of experts within the framework of the Business assignments,

-Tasks, residency, education, research, and service for Sessions,

-Transfer of information and documents to the system,

-Do original research and etus.

An expert, engineer, on both sides of the Party and on a business trip and will apply the current financing conditions to one another in technical labor.

Homeowner, expert, engineer, expert on company trips and technical staff will cover the costs of worship and return, expenses of courses and courses. The travel expenses will not be reported by the landlord.

Your applications in this expression frame For realising, tools are required;

-Own budget resources of both Institutions,

-specifically funding original projects resources,

A Project Balance and an Assistant for each original project. It will be assigned from the relevant Institutions.

The original projects in the scope of the business are in the Project Badars will be executed and will be scanned.


Article-8 Fragframes

The current expression is to play for both sides.

Current Roads Infrastructure Technical and Scientific Business Any understanding that will occur with respect to the implementation will be resolved with the public view of each party.

This Caraways Infrastructure Technical and Scientific Responsible for the implementation of the understanding:

in the name of the Republic of Turkey: The Ministry of Public and Human The General Manager of Caraways,

is the Kingdom of Morocco: the Ministry of Administration and Equipment, There will be roads and road traffic management.

so that each of these parties will perform their national tasks and will make it easier for them to fulfill their international commitments.

Technical and Scientific related to these Caraways Infrastructure The provisions of the Department of Business will not affect their rights and obligations to the parties that are party to or will not be party to the other.

Technical and Scientific related to these Caraways Infrastructure The provisions of the Union do not encompass the obligations under international law.














Article-9 Time and entry entered

This is the diplomatic route by which the Parties have been approved. it will be effective at the time the notice of the note is complete and will be in effect for a period of time (3).

This information can be refreshed and refreshed for the same time. It can always be removed if the side is mutabled. Any party may terminate it by giving notice of three (3) months of notice period.

in Turkish, English and Arabic on 30 March 2005 in Rabat The original two in their language, each one is signed in the validity of the original. If the comment is different, the English text will be valid.




                                 Ali COOK KUN Karim GHELLAB

                              Industries and Trading Equipment and Service

                                      Minister's Office